this is rc paper

Tamiko NISHIMURA (1948 - Tokyo)
“John Silver, continued” (Nov. 1968-Jan. 1969) (8)
1968-69 (printed 2010)
Gelatin Silver Print / RC paper

Her works are mostly taken in Hokkaido and Tohoku (North east region of Japan’s mainland), but there are also works of Kanto (Tokyo and surrounding region), Hokuriku (North Japan facing Sea of Japan) and Kansai (Osaka and surrounding region). Since 1990s, she begun to photograph places abroad such as Europe, Cuba and Vietnam.

Thanks to Bernie Wong for confirming that a presoak is not necessary when developing black and white film and paper. It’s a big difference between my previous attempt and this one. You should go check out his blog. You’ll get fat just looking at it!

Attempt #2 at alt process photography.

With: Rolleiflex.

On: Ilford multigrade IV RC Deluxe paper.

Hand processed in Kodak D-67 stock.