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I Want To See You (Jay Park x OC Fluff)

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Author: @awesomekittycollecter

Summary: Jay gets distracted at practice - because he’s finally found something, someone that he loves more than music. 

(A/N: Guys, I’m feeling for some Jay Park. Not any smut, but actual fluff, so I’m going to write a fluffy scenario! This is written from Jay’s POV. The OC is Indian because we don’t see many fanfics with Indian OCs. And as an Indian, that insults me.  Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! - Div) 

(Admin Note: this is so cute. and I can appreciate a little OC every once and a while cause it’s all I used to write back in the day. and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever expressed this - but I can be such a hoe for Jay Park. the tattoos and the eyebrow piercing really get me. -Tanisha<3)

My eyes fluttered open. The first rays of morning streamed into my eyes and it was blinding. As I looked over my shoulder, I smiled. There she lay - the love of my life - sleeping peacefully.

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Era thing

Choose your fave mcr member from each era

Bullets: Frank because dReAdLoCks (or Gerard because he is SUCH a bean)

Revenge: Ray cause he looks so great in that tie and vest

Black Parade: Mikey cause he’s a lil cutie in that jacket (and also fucking hot)

Danger Days: Gerard because… well does it need explaining?

Why did I do this to myself it was so god damn hard to choose. (I love every single version of them from every era tbh)

Now it’s your turn: @mychemicalchinchilla @gerardstolemycookie @shipsareamazing123 @loonixart @aalmaria @anybody who wants too

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1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?


2. Who is your current bias?

jin & hobi, actual rays of sunshine in my life

3. What is your favourite Bangtan Bomb?

“a guy like me” lip-sync by jk (but also every single halloween dance practice & the one where they introduce their standees)

4. What is your favourite BTS song?

Save Me / Run / Young Forever / Spring Day / Outro: Wings

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

jungkook ;;A;; 

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?

tbh i dont think ive ever dreamed of them :/

7. What is your favourite BTS MV?


8. What is your favourite BTS choreography?

FIRE and Save Me!! 

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to the most often?

I always try to follow along with BST, FIRE and We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2 (and fail miserably)

10. How long have you been an ARMY?

Ever since the FIRE MV came out (so early may 2016 i think)

11. Which album track list is your favourite?

HYYH: Young Forever will always be my favourite album

12. Which album art is your favourite?

HYYH & YNWA cover art looks so nice TT

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?

hobi hobi TT 

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