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If You Ever Find One Of These So Called 'Dead Man's Fingers' In The Woods, Try Not To Panic.
When we go into nature we can see many beautiful sights. But if we are unlucky, we might encounter things that will creep us out. If you ever find one of these things in the woods, try not to panic. These strange pictures show us what they actually are. source These weird looking, creepy things...

Can we talk about Hakuryuu for a second?

This boy once confessed to Morgiana and told her that he would do it once again in the future. Still, after Morgiana declared that she had feelings for another man he didn’t burden her with his own feelings. Instead he accepted her choice and as the omake reveals he went as far as to say to Yamato and the rest that Morgiana is already dedicated to a man so they wouldn’t bother her by hitting on her.

That boy has grown to be a gentleman so let’s take a moment to appreciate him and his development. 


Yuri on ice wallpapers pt.2


Taycion: So then I saw that paper and I just remembered everything you taught me. You broke it down so easily that I couldn’t help but remember all the formula you taught me! 

Aurora: You say it’s me but it’s really you. 

Taycion: Before your guidance I was suffering in the land of misunderstanding. 

Aurora: That’s a theatrical way of putting it. 

Taycion: Well I can be a theatrical person. 

Aurora: Do you like the theatre? 

Taycion: Only if pretty girls, who tutor aka my weakness go with me. 

Aurora: *Giggles* Are you trying to ask me something?

Taycion: Do you want me to ask you? Will you agree? 

Aurora: It depends on if you ask me or not.