this is rambling and probably not very thought out but

To Our Friendship (A Collection of thoughts about Spies Are Forever)

I haven’t written out a post with thoughts in a while, and as Spies Are Forever has come to a close, I have so many thoughts about this particular thing, that I thought I might as well put them down. This will probably be long and rambly, and definitely spoilery.

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yellowbessie  asked:

(idle question, feel free to ignore) How do you think Brax feels about the Watchmaker and his own timelines? I don't have a very good handle on him, but he seems resigned? tired? relieved to have been 'caught'? (On the other hand, it's Brax and a very, very, tiny part of me half expects him to find a loophole.) Just wondering what you thought...

I’d never miss a chance to ramble about Brax! And boy do I ramble in this post.

Spoiler warning: Enemy Lines, Gallifrey IV, Missing Persons, Benny series 11

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anonymous asked:

What would you like to see happen between Shizuo and Izaya endgame (if they do ever meet again)

hmm I can’t really say. One thing I like about Narita is he normally exceeds my expectations in Character development. Naturally what he does always makes sense and is very enjoyable to read but if you had asked me before if I thought some of the things that have happened would happen I’d have probably said no. (Particularly in regards to Mikado)

What happens between Shizuo and Izaya from here on out would depend almost entirely upon Shizuo’s development in Durarara SH in my opinion. At this time it’s clear that Shizuo is  at least ‘wondering’ if what happened between him and Izaya could have gone differently. He’s at least ‘wondering’ if maybe they didn’t have to fight like this for all these years. 

Keep in mind, it’s implied in volume 1 that although Shizuo strongly disliked/hated Izaya all during High School and after it wasn’t until Izaya framed Shizuo for his crimes that Shizuo’s hatred developed into such an unmitigated emotion. In high school Shizuo could still control himself in regards to izaya, he could keep quiet in the library if Izaya was there and if/when Simon made them eat Russia Sushi to make them stop fighting he’d listen/do it. None of those things are possible now with Shizuo and Izaya. Shizuo can’t even be in the same ward as Izaya let alone the same room without getting mad. 

However, in volume 13 it’s pretty safe to say that Shizuo got alot of his emotions out when he was beating Izaya’s face into the dirt. I’m not saying that the feelings/emotions aren’t still there but I feel like Shizuo can now control himself some more if he were to ever see Izaya again and not immediately start ripping street signs out of the ground. 

Which means that their next ‘meeting’ would depend upon A) How much Shizuo has changed since their last meeting and B) Whether or not Izaya is still disabled/in a wheel chair when they meet again.

I don’t think Shizuo would be adverse to beating up a guy in a wheelchair (because Shizuo classifies humans into two categories, those that make him mad and those that don’t and he doesn’t treat people differently beyond that) but I also don’t foresee him seeing Izaya in a position like that, knowing it was his fault, and immediately wanting to beat him up. Because at the end of the day what Shizuo hates to see the most is violence and what his own violence causes. Seeing Izaya in a wheelchair would show Shizuo what a ‘monster’ he is I think. 

That hesitance would then give Izaya the initial chance to initiate conversation. There then we have to take into account that Izaya is ‘traumatized’ by Shizuo and might not want to make him mad. 

So their next meeting, contrary to before, I see as more calm.

The emotions are there, anger, dismay, hatred, fear, 

But neither really would know yet how to act upon them. 

I can probably see Shizuo just warning Izaya that if he finds out he’s back in Ikebukuro to mess with everyone again he will finish what he started.

But this is all very hypothetical. 

If I’m gonna be very honest with you though I don’t foresee Shizuo and Izaya meeting again. It is heavily implied in Izaya’s novel that he is done with Ikebukuro and it’s clear that Narita wants to write Izaya as unrestrained/uninhibited. Remember, Shizuo was MADE to be the force/opposition to Izaya because Narita felt Izaya was too powerful/strong and needed someone who could stand against him in Durarara. Narita has purposefully removed that factor now in an effort to have Izaya savor freedom all the while introducing a new plot line and new characters in Durarara SH! that can essentially take Izaya’s spot/role. (I’ve mentioned many times in regards to people asking me if Izaya would return in SH how I felt that he wouldnt because his ‘role’ is now divided between Kuon and Aoba.)

So, in my opinion, Narita seems to have gone to great lengths to write Izaya out of Ikebukuro. If he were to return I would need to see alot of development happen in both Durarara SH and in Izaya’s novels which would also mean that if/when he did return he’d be essentiially a different person due to the changes his personality would undergo. (Already in the Izaya novel the changes in his personality/thoughts is apparent)

Why I think 'I need you' is more powerful than 'I love you'

Dean Winchester pushes people away like it’s his goddamn job (which it kind of is, if you think about it).  He never admits to needing anything other than family, and even then it’s difficult for him to admit it.  It’s rare that we see a scene where he’s open about his feelings, and when he is open about it, he’s not exactly pleased to be saying it.  He’s guarded even when he’s not. 

When Dean Winchester says ‘I need you’, he’s saying something more than that.  He’s saying that he can’t live without you.  If you think about it, 'Need’ is raw and desperate.  You can love someone without needing them in your life, but you can’t need someone the way Dean needs Cas (or Sam) without loving them.  I think that saying 'I need you’ (not for the first time, mind you) to Cas is Dean’s way of admitting not only to himself, but to Cas as well, that he truly cares about him. 

Maybe Dean doesn’t believe in 'love’ as we know it.  His entire life has been about loss and the absence of people who he cares about.  He’s never really known what love is and he can’t tell people that he loves them because it’s foreign to him, and it sounds wrong coming out of his mouth.

'I need you’ is Dean’s way of saying 'I love you’. 

Here they are - my unasked for thoughts. This is probably going to get rambly and by the time I finish something probably will have happened that changes my opinion, but anyway…

I’ve had it in the back of my mind for a looong time (well over a year) that we might get a coming out at the end of this year, largely because it seemed logical: album promo, done with yet another world tour and could kind of lay low or take a live performance hiatus if needed; MM would, unless they had some freakishly long contract which was very unlikely, be gone or well on the way out.

Part of me still thinks it’s more likely coming later this year.


Given the rate at which things are happening I just don’t see how they stretch seeding out for another 7+ months. I really, really don’t. Like, what’s left? Pretty much just rebuilding their public connection… and we’ve already had Lairport, the same hotel, and photos showing them with the same people even when they weren’t officially seen in the same place together (can’t remember when now, but pretty sure it was Australia and with the same girl). In the last show or two we’ve had Harry damn near falling off the stage leaning forward to see Louis with Liam making it even more obvious that was who Harry was trying to see, talking during the birthday chair thing, and Louis’ “Harry’s got it now” (or something like that) when Harry picked up “I Will Survive” from Liam.  

My initial thoughts were that they’d slowly rebuild their friendship publicly, but those thoughts assumed Eleanor would still be around at least officially even if rarely in person. Since she’s already gone, I don’t know that they can convincingly pull-off friendship. She was the “dam” holding back much of the Larry rumors; with her gone any public interaction between them is going to cause a surge of relationship rumors because that’s what’s already in the back of a lot of people’s minds (even if they don’t want it to be true it’s still in their minds). Now that she’s not in the picture I just don’t think a slow build is possible. 

I also find it very interesting that, of all the rumors and speculation that took off from the official breakup, the only ones their team (probably new team) have clarified were that Louis did not cheat and that the girl was not the WMYB girl. The 4 dressing room thing that strongly implies two of them share and most speculation was that it’s H+L? They not only didn’t rebut it, they gave it to/allowed Billboard to bring it up. People mentioning Harry and James’ kiss? Yeah - People doesn’t print unsanctioned information. 

And most of what has happened (with a few notable exceptions) has happened in less than two months. With that momentum 7+ more months doesn’t seem possible.

At this point I definitely don’t think they will come out before the break (they’re still performing in countries where homosexuality is illegal). As for the break? I’m looking at Louis’ charity footie match as sort of a groundhog day - if Harry isn’t there it doesn’t necessarily mean things are a long way off, just probably nothing immediate, but if Harry is there (and esp if it’s cheerleader Harry and double especially if the other boys aren’t there too) then I think it’s a sign of go-time. 

And that part of me that still thinks it’ll be end of the year? Yeah - that part of me springs from fear, the fear of getting my hopes up only to have them dashed. With every forward step that we’re getting, though, that fear is getting quieter. 

Anyway, that’s my opinion <insert usual disclaimers of being wrong and retaining the right to change my mind at any time here>