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Hailey Dawson’s favorite thing to do is throw out the first pitch at a baseball game, and thanks to a majority of all the MLB teams, she’s going to be doing quite a bit of that in the future.

The first pitch seven-year-old Hailey threw out was at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Rebels game. The UNLV engineering department had made it possible.

At the request of Hailey’s mother, Yong, a group of researchers and students took on the challenge to create a 3D printed prosthetic hand for Hailey. As a result of being born with Poland syndrome, which leaves a pectoral muscle and other parts of the affected side underdeveloped, Hailey was born with a right palm, but not all of her fingers on that hand. The prosthetic hand the university created allows her to grasp objects, like a baseball.

Using A Robotic Hand, She Wants To Throw Out The First Pitch For All 30 MLB Teams

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Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care (Pt 2)

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Author: Bohoartist

Rating: Mature

Author’s Notes: Written for @xfficchallenges dialogue challenge! Mad props to @piecesofscully for planting this crazy seed in my brain and for making my shit sound good. @leiascully



“Teena! How are you? We missed you and those delicious lemon bars this afternoon.”

“Hello, Beverly, I always hate to miss the game, how did it go?”

“Oh, it went. I’m telling you, Teena, I know I am being a selfish ninny, but I absolutely dread your monthly lunch dates with Fox.”

“Oh, Bev, quit being so dramatic, it’s not becoming. And besides, Susan can’t possibly be as bad as you let on.”

“You have no idea. Susan Thomas is by far the absolute worst bridge partner I have ever had! And you heard about her son didn’t you?”

“Beverly, I don’t think–”

“I mean, the secretary? How cliche. I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news. And his wife! Oh, I just don’t understand how he could do that to her. She is absolutely gorgeous and you know she comes from old money. She’s good breeding, that one. But you know those Thomases, never happy with anything. Oh, and those poor kids.”

“Beverly, I really–”

“You know his wife is the one that found them, right? Walked right in on that secretary on her knees in the center of his corner office. The little slut didn’t even have the decency to stop suck–”


“Teena, my God! What’s gotten into you?”

“Nothing. It’s nothing, I just don’t find this topic to be appropriate for conversation, that’s all.”

“Since when? Teena? Teena, are you there?”

“Yes. I’m here.”

“Since when do we not discuss the goings on of this island? And don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about.”

“Look, I don’t want to spend anymore time discussing the sexual exploits of people’s children. Hello? Beverly?”

“…Teena…what happened today?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“What happened when you went to see Fox today?”

“I– Well, I should have called. I’m really the one at fault here. I assumed Fox remembered that I was coming over and he apparently forgot, so really, it’s my fault and I have no reason to be upset. I’m not. I’m not upset. He’s an adult, he can do as he pleases, I just…I never thought I would have to witness…that.”

“My God, what did you see?”

“Beverly, I would thank you to keep the blatant enthusiasm out of your voice.”

“I’m sorry, Teena, I don’t mean–I’m not looking for gossip, I swear.”

“I’m sorry. I just–That’s my son. My child. And no mother should ever have to see their son in bed with someone.”

“Oh, Teena, I’m so sorry! Was it horribly awkward?”

“Well, yes, at least for me. I think Fox thinks he got away with something.”

“How do you mean?”

“I had let myself into his apartment when he didn’t answer my knock. I figured he was just in the shower. I was putting my things on the coffee table when I heard it.”

“Heard what? …Teena?”

“A moan. I thought he had hurt himself so I made my way to his bedroom. He must have heard me approaching because when I arrived at his door, he was in bed, seemingly alone, although there was a large mound under the covers. I suppose he thought I would think they were pillows, but I knew better.”

“But, Teena, are you sure? I mean maybe we was, you know, alone when you heard that moan.”

“Oh, Beverly, honestly.”

“What? Grown men do it too, especially single ones.”

‘Well, I know he wasn’t alone and I even know who he was with.”

“What? How? Who?”

“Well, I wasn’t going to go into detail because I didn’t want to be tacky, but before he could pull the covers up I saw… I saw-”


“I could have sworn I saw red hair, bobbing away like a little harlot in his lap!”

“No! You don’t mean–”

“Yes! That horrible little red-headed vixen! I always knew that partner of his had a thing for Fox. It was a matter of time before she got her hooks in him.”

“Oh, Teena, I am sorry you had to see that!”

“Oh Beverly, you have no idea. Fox clearly thinks I didn’t see anything and I certainly don’t plan on changing that. I just wish he would come to his senses. You know who I miss? Who I wish he would see again?”

“Who’s that, dear?”

“Diana. Do you remember her?”

“Oh yes, Diana Fowley! You know she comes from old money too. Good breeding, that one.”

Many of you may see yourselves as civilized men. Sane men in an increasingly insane, vulgar and barbaric world.

But you’re wrong! You are the new barbarians.

The official message will continue to be that:

• If you believe that all men are not created equal

• If you believe that free men should have access to firearms

• If you believe the government cannot be trusted to regulate every aspect of your life

• If you believe that race means blood and heritage — not just “skin color”

• If you see that men and women are different and believe they should have different roles

• If you believe that men should act like men

• If you believe that gay pride parades and gay marriage are ridiculous

• If you believe in some “old time religion”

If you believe any or all of those things, then, according to the State and corporations, the Academia and the media, you are a stupid, psycho, hillibilly, Neo-Nazi, woman-hating, wife-beating, homophobic throwback, reactionary Neanderthal.

You know it. Dance to it. Make it a techno remix. Because make no mistake: you are dangerous, traitorous and quite possibly seditious.

Well, I’m reminded of the [eloquent] words of rapper Eminem:

I am whatever you say I am

If I wasn’t then why would I say I am

In the paper, the news, every day I am

Radio won’t even play my jam

It doesn’t matter what you think you are. You are whatever they say you are. They control the message. No matter how reasonable you think your message is, the radio is not going to play your jam. No matter what you think you are, to them, you are the barbarians. So own it… be it. And, if you’re going to be the barbarians, then start thinking like barbarians.

—  Jack Donovan, Becoming the New Barbarians 

Title: The Problem With Being Fictional
Pairing: Phan (Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil)
Words: 2.9k+
Genre: Angst, fluff
Warnings: Self-harm, homophobic slurs, a brief mention of smut (Not Phan) 
A/N: This took me forever! I’m not sure how much I like it, but hey, at least it’s done!

Everyone has been there at one time or another. Being hopelessly in love with someone who would never love you back. Perhaps it was a friend that you had a super gay crush on, and they were completely straight. Maybe it was your English teacher who was just old enough to be out of your reach. But most well known and most frustrating is having a crush on a fictional character who will never be with you. But what most people don’t know, or don’t realize, is that storybook characters do in fact have feelings for their readers. At least Phil Lester, a character from ‘the definition of sunshine’ did.Every time he met a new reader, he fell profoundly in love with them. The way the read, their facial expressions, it was captivating. But out of all the readers Phil had ever had fallen in love with, Dan Howell was the most memorable, and the most captivating. ~“Happy birthday Dan!” The family of brunettes chorus. Phil sighs from beneath his wrapper. Of course, it was another birthday present. Probably to a 10 to 12-year-old boy who was the brightest in his class. “Oh! What’s this!” The boy exclaims before beginning to tear off the wrap covering the book excited as to what was underneath. Phil sighs with discontent wanting the squealing to be over, but as soon as Phil catches sight of the boy he gasps. The boy, no older than 11, had warm chocolate eyes that sparkled with wisdom as though they belonged to a much older man. His face was smoothed and tan and on the top was a head of curly hair made to match his eyes. He was stunning. The boy squeals with delight as he hugs the book to his chest, and Phil finds that he doesn’t particularly care about the squealing or the noise, as long as this boy kept him in his hand. 


 A few years pass and the once 11-year-old boy was all grown up and 16. Phil and Dan had many great years with each other. Whenever something bad happened to Dan, Phil would be there waiting to cheer him up.
But no words Phil could have ever uttered would help Dan through what was about to happen. “Daniel honey, can we talk to you?” Mrs. Lester asks softly opening the door to Dan’s room, Mr. Lester following closely behind.
Dan frowns closing the book he had received about 6 years ago. He didn’t bother saving his spot, he already knew what would happen as he had re-read this book to many times to count.“Sure” he sighs forcing a smile on his face.Phil knew that today hadn’t been the best of days for the 17-year-old. His friends had ditched him, and as soon as Dan got over that pain, he found his boyfriend of 3 years cheating on him. With a girl. As Dan places the book (or Phil) on the desk, Phil begs to any God or Goddess listening, that Mr. And Mrs. Howell had good news for the boy he was quite smitten with, but based on the look upon both their faces, Phil was sure his prayers would not be answered.
“Dan, you know we love you and we want to give you the best life possible.” Mr. Lester begins, glancing over at his wife, foot tapping nervously.
“Yeah…” Dan trails. He was sure he knew where this was going. All the fights. All the yelling. It would take an idiot to not know.
“Dan, Darling. Your father and I…” She trails off eyes darting to the floor.
“Just say it,” Dan growls angry tears beginning to form in the corners of his eyes.
Phil purses his lips straining to hear their words, as they were muffled by the covers and pages of his book.
“Alright, alright… your dad and I are getting a divorce.”
Dan sucks in a breath but nods anyways. “I-I figured” He mumbles before standing up and opening the door for his parents. “I just-uhm-need to be alone”
Mr. And Mrs. Howell nod glancing at each other worriedly. “Okay, darling. We’ll be downstairs if you need us.”
Phil couldn’t see Dan through the cover of his book, but he could very well imagine him nodding numbly to his parents before the door was closed.
Dan sighs softly, picking up the book and opening it, planning to read again.
As the book is opened, Phil gasps softly. He had never seen Dan look so down.
His eyes were red and puffy, with tear streaks down his face, but he wasn’t done crying. There were still crystal-like tears falling softly off of his lashes and all Phil wanted to do was wipe them away.
In his opinion, this beautiful boy did not deserve to look, nor feel like this. Ever.
Dan struggles to read the book, Phil can tell. Usually, it only took around two or three minutes before he flipped the page, and now he was stuck on the same page for about 10 minutes. He eventually gives up and with a strangled cry, he chucks the book half way across the room, landing with a hard thud on the carpeted rug before it falls open again. Phil winces in slight pain as he hits the floor but quickly recovers and gazes solemnly up at the boy who had fallen to his knees, arms wrapped tightly around his torso as if shielding himself from the world. Soon, though, he manages to pick himself up and Phil sighs in relief. Perhaps this boy wasn’t too broken. Phil watches as Dan walks towards his book, before quickly scooping it off the floor and placing it on the desk before promptly flinging the drawer open. Phil watches curiously. ‘What in the world could Dan be looking for there?’ He wonders inching closer to the edge of the book. His question is soon answered as the brunette swiftly pulls out a razor. Phil gasps watching the boy lower the blade meant for cutting the hairs on his chin towards his wrist and swiftly tearing it across the skin. ‘Stop!’ Phil tries to scream, but no words come out, just as he had thought. But that didn’t mean he stopped trying. He balled his hands into fists, banging them on the pages of his book yelling and screaming for the boy that he had somehow fallen for to just stop. Dan swipes 5 more times, leaving 6 bright red slashes across his wrists, bleeding profusely. He curses under his breath holding the hem of his shirt to his bleeding arms before dashing out of the room to clean it up, Phil assumed. He gulps wiping his tear streaked cheeks before turning towards his pages. He was going to do something he was told never to do. He was changing the story. 


Dan’s walk to school in the morning was slightly different from his previous ones. Then again, he, himself was slightly different from most mornings.
True, he still had his book he received at age 11 clutched in his hand, but his attitude or walk wasn’t the same. Any other day, he would nearly be skipping to school, a large smile planted on his face as he waved to every car he saw, but today, not so much. The hand that wasn’t clutching the book tightly was stuffed in his hoodie pocket, his head was bowed, hood over his head, instead of smiling, there was a large frown etched on his face and his wrists were stinging quite badly. “Morning Daniel.” One of his favorite teachers chirps cheerily. “How are you?” Dan sighs forcing a large, fake smile on his face. “I’m just dandy” he lies grinning almost maniacally at her. Fake it until you make it right?The teacher flashes a smile. “How wonderful!” She cheers before strolling down the hall to say hi to some other students. Dan sighs softly watching her go before sitting on a bench near to his old friends. As he opens his book, words like knives pierce into the back of his head. ‘fag’ they whisper. ‘Mistake of god’ they hiss. It was painful.
Who knew his best friends turned out to be so homophobic.He forces his gaze away from the group and opens his book reading the words he had practically burned into his head. But as he scanned through the words scattered on the pages, he notices something was very wrong.
This isn’t the story he read. True it still had the same basic plot, but the words were changed, and the characters actions were different.
Frowning he closes the book staring intently at the cover that held the protagonist. He was a very handsome, pale skinned man, with midnight black hair sweeping low over his forehead, nearly touching his eye. Dan would be lying if he said he didn’t imagine what it would be like to have him run his fingers through his hair or feel him whisper sweet things in his ear.
Maybe this is why he didn’t have any friends. Because he spent far too much time fantasizing over fictional characters.He shakes his head opening the book again and reading the words that lay on the page. It was still very weird, but hey, now he has something a little different to read for once. He’d question it later, but for now, he’d simply enjoy the story. 

“Phil… Can I admit something to you?” Jonathan sighs looking up at the dark haired male. Phil nods distractedly as he watches the TV in front of him assuming whatever his friend had to say wasn’t important. It never was. Usually, it was something stupid like ‘I actually really like My Little Pony’ he would say before bursting into a fit of giggles. “I-i- I think I may be depressed” A moment of silence passes, Phil was no longer paying attention to show that somehow seemed very stupid now. “Wh-why do you say that?” He asks turning to his friend and cursing himself for stuttering.“Nothing feels the same anymore, day after retched day I wake up dreading what lay ahead, I’m never genuinely happy, it’s always fake. A-and, I-uhm- I did this,” Jonathan reaches up and yanks his sleeve up revealing dozens of cuts up and down his arm. Phil gasps hands flying to his mouth. “A-and it felt better than the pain inside” Phil rips his gaze from Jonathan’s arms, towards his solemn face. Slowly Phil lifts his arms, outstretching them towards the broken boy sitting in front of him. Jonathan takes the invitation falling into the pale skinned boy’s arms tears beginning to fall down his face. “Shh,” Phil soothes rubbing Jonathan’s back softly. “I promise you…. Everything will get better. I’ll be sure of it. Remember all those times I was there in the pass, this time will not be any different “

Dan jumps as the bell rings loudly throughout the school. He was so invested in the story he had forgotten where he was. Sighing he closes the book, stuffing it into his backpack and heading to his first class head still reeling about what had happened in the book. It almost felt as if Phil was talking to him. He cuts his thought off by shaking his head furiously. There was no way he was talking to him personally. Right?


“So…. You take this book with you everywhere Dan?” The psychologist asks softly flipping through the pagePhil'sbook. Dan gives a minuscule nod, frowning down at his hands.A few months after the divorce Dans parents noticed something was very wrong with their son and decided that he should start in therapy. So far, it hadn’t worked.But what had worked was Phil. Anytime Dan was feeling sad or upset, Phil always had something different to say. Even though it was always directed towards Jonathan, Dan really felt like it was for him. “Dan, I’m pretty worried about that. Your obsession with this book seems rather…. unhealthy” she admits leaning forward, staring intently at the boy donned in all black, who was constantly tugging his sleeves down over his wrists. Dan rolls his eyes irritability. “There are many kids who always read the same books and carry them around everywhere” He fumes eyebrows furrowed as he glares at the therapist. She sighs scribbling something down on her clipboard. She always carried that clipboard. Dan was sure if he was ever to run into her anywhere outside of this office, she would have this very clipboard clutched in her hand, scribbling away about what everyone did. “Yes there are Dan,” she admits shifting slightly in her chair. “But have you ever realized that these kids have depression?” Dan rolls his eyes but doesn’t respond. It was true. He had noticed it, but he put it to the back of his mind. “Dan. I think it would be best if I held onto this book for a while.” She suggests placing the brightly colored book on the side table.Dans eyes widen, but he quickly regains his composure. “You can’t. Not unless my mom says it’s ok” he shrugs leaning back in his chair and staring at the therapist challengingly. “Well Dan,” she begins, raising an eyebrow at the boy. “Your mom told me that I was allowed to do anything that would help you improve, and this, I am sure will help you a great deal” Dan raises his eyebrows slightly, leaning forward on his elbows. “Taking that book away from me, will only cause more self destruction on my part. That book helps me alot, and without it I may not be able to cope” he shrugs. “Unless that sounds like improvement to you, then I suggest you give me my book back” The therapist opens her mouth to argue, but seemingly can’t come up with anything as she quickly closes is and putting the book back into Dan’s outstretched hand.“If I’m not mistaken,” he sighs standing up, “that is the end of the hour and I shall be on my way” he states before sweeping out of the room, book clutched successfully in his hand. He finally sighs softly  as he strides down the hallway and out of the building towards his car. When he arrives at his small flat that he shared with his mother and her boyfriend (who he hated) he quickly dashes up the stairs, landing on his bed with a small smile as he opens up his book.

There was a light knock on the door and Jonathan stands to answer it. Phil. Honestly, as much as Jonathan loved his best friend, sometimes his bright smile was a little too blinding.
“Hey!” Phil exclaims walking into the house. “How’d therapy go?”
Jonathan purses his lips closing the door silently behind Phil. “It was… ok” He mumbles sitting on the couch and making room for his friend.
“Still hate it?” Phil asks sympathetically turning his body towards Jonathan.
Jonathan purses his lips before nodding quickly. “It’s horrible! She doesn’t understand me! She’s just doing it for the paycheck!” He exclaims, pouting at his best friend. “Why do I have to go?”
Phil just shrugs pulling the boy into a tight hug. “You know your parents want you to go”, He says into the other boys ear as he clings tightly holding back tears. “And believe me, it’ll be good for you”
Jonathan sniffles softly. “Y-Yeah, I guess” He mumbles softly. “Thanks Phil.”
Phil smiles softly. “It’s always my pleasure.


Many years passed, and still, Phil never left nor got bored of the boy who ended up growing into such a handsome and happy young man.
But no story is complete without a heart break.
Phil will never forget about it. He had thought that even though Dan had become so happy now, he still would never leave Phil. No matter what.
It was that way for awhile until one evening he saw Dan getting ready to go out, and Phil was excited. He always was when Dan took him out.
Then there was a knock on the door and Dan went to answer it, grinning from ear to ear.
“You ready to go?” A deep, baritone voice asked from the door. Dan nodded. “Great, let’s get on our way” Dan giggles and the door shuts behind him, the bang resonating throughout the room. Phil was in shock. Dan never left him!
He waited. 1 hour passed, then 2, then 3, and still no Dan. Phil’s eyes flickered to the clock constantly, hoping with all his might that Dan would come home (without the mysterious man) curl up with Phil in hand, have a good few minutes of pleasant reading time, and then go to bed.
Finally 2am rolled around and Phil heard the wonderful click of the door being unlocked, but his hopes would not become a reality.
Dan stumbled into the lounge drunk out of his mind, and a handsome, dark haired male looming above him.
“Where’s your room?” He slurs sultrily, holding Dan by the waist. Phil gasps understanding what was about to happen.
“Not room.” Dan mumbles grinning up at the man with heavy lidded eyes. “Couch”
The man nods and Phil is disgusted. Not the couch Dan and Phil had spent many great reading sessions on, not the couch Phil watched Dan get better.
In a flurry of clothes and hands, the two boys clothes are quickly discarded and Phil turns away, tears streaming down his face as he presses his hands against his ears, blocking out the groans of the two men behind him.
He should have known better than to fall for the wonderful, beautiful, man like Dan. That was the problem of being fictional. No matter how much you fight it, you will always get your heart broken in the end. 

anonymous asked:

Do you happen to know how long it's been between Ike's death and the children arriving at Josephine's? I haven't read the books in years and Netflix implies it was quite recently (like just before the fire recent it would seem.)

Oi gevalt, that’s actually a difficult question. According to Mr Poe’s, Ike’s death happened shortly before the Baudelaire orphans arrived at her house:

“She’s frightened of anything to do with Lake Lachrymose ,” Mr. Poe said, “but she didn’t say why. Perhaps it has to do with her husband’s death. Your Aunt Josephine-she’s not really your aunt, of course; she’s your second cousin’s sister-in-law, but asked that you call her Aunt Josephine-your Aunt Josephine lost her husband recently, and it may be possible that he drowned or died in a boat accident. It didn’t seem polite to ask how she became a dowager.
[The Wide Window, Chapter One]

What supports this, in my opinion, is that Damocles Dock’s taximan is unaware that she’s deadly afraid of Lake Lachrymose. In the un-Authorized Autobiography, her old friend the Duchess of Winnipeg asks Kit to bring Jerome’s wedding photos to Ike. Given that Jerome’s wedding probably happened after “The Wide Window” and before “The Miserable Mill”, it seems the news of Ike’s death haven’t reached R. yet. So it would have to be quite recent indeed. It’s difficult to tell whether that happened before or after the Baudelaire fire, but during the same year would probably be a safe bet.

anonymous asked:

Were you alive when the Night Stalker crimes were being publicised by media? Like, do you remember some instances where you saw a news report on him on TV? If so, did it instantly fascinate you or did you just see it as any other news report and didn't pay much attention to it until much later?

Yes, I was alive and old enough to watch the news in tv. But… I’m from Germany, to be accurate from East Germany, which was still the GDR in 1985. In the GDR we had only 2 state-owned tv channels. We were able to watch 3 tv channels from West Germany, one of them a local channel. There were no private tv channels (?) (commercial broadcasting) yet, neither in West Germany. Commercial broadcasting startet only in the late 80s in Germany and at the beginning there were only 2 channels and they were quite experimental. It’s possible that in the news was mentioned that there was a serial killer captured in LA, but for sure it didn’t make big headlines. I don’t remember any news report about the Night Stalker from 1985.

And in 1989, at the time of the trial and conviction we all were busy with the fall of the Berlin wall and the German reunification. Nobody was interested in a US serial killer. 

I do remember that some day, probably in the 90s or early 2000s I saw a documentary about the Night Stalker (most likely in German) and that I thought that it was frightening to know that so. raped and killed people in their own houses, the place where everyone feels safe and should be safe. . (Although I never felt safe at home when I was a child/juvenile.. I was aware, that at every time so. could break a window and come in. I knew that before I heard of the Night Stalker. Although I lived in a small town in which crime practically didn’t exist. At least not that kind of crime.) But I absolutely didn’t notice Richard. He was just another US serial killer for me, far, far away and nothing special. 

Maybe it was this documentary:

I became fascinated (then it was instantly) only when I watched his interview by Watkiss. But that was only 2-3 years ago. And the second thing I learned about Richard, was that he died in 2013. :(

themorbidmedic  asked:

After reading all of your wonderful deductions and was wondering what you thought of the scene when Sherlock makes a deal with Magnussen. The first time I watched the episode I thought it was in Sherlock's mindpalace because I did not think he would eat in public in a hospital gown and with a IV. I am still bit confused as to what actually happened and hope you can clear this up

First of all, thank you SO much for being so patient with me. I’ve been sitting on this question for awhile because this scene really, really throws me off. Very curious to hear what everyone else thinks.

As always, transcript credit goes to Ariane DeVere.

So yeah, the “canteen.” It’s so bizarre. Just look at this…the restaurant is not only empty, but all the tables are neat and clean, as if Sherlock has been the only person here for awhile. There’s just the one bartender in the back. It does look kind of mind palacey…but whose MP would it be? And how is that even possible? Cam and Sherlock did have this actual conversation, in which Sherlock offers up his brother. 

Also…Sherlock is eating??!! Okay, look – I know the food/sex metaphor can only go so far. Dude’s gotta eat sometime, especially when he’s recovering from such major trauma. It’s just that they so rarely show it, and it’s so unnecessary to have him eating in a scene where the point is to show us him making a deal with Cam. Plus, it’s not just that Sherlock doesn’t eat often, it’s that he doesn’t eat while on a case. And here he is, making his move on this episode’s villain. He is on the case. So…yeah, the food trips me up a lot.

And another thing – this is literally the only glimpse we get into those months between the Watson Domestic and Christmas. It frustrates me beyond reason that there’s so little context. When exactly is this? How could Sherlock sneak out of the hospital and cross the street (at least, maybe further) in a hospital gown wheeling his IV/morphine drip? He sure as shit didn’t bail out the window this time. 

MAGNUSSEN: Shouldn’t you be in hospital?

SHERLOCK (still not looking up): I am in hospital. This is the canteen.


SHERLOCK: In my opinion, yes.

Okay, this I get. It’s Sherlock’s way of asserting dominance over the situation by playing Cam’s game. He’s doing what Cam did near the beginning of the episode when he came to 221B. 

“I understood we were meeting at your office.”

“This is my office.”

He’s playing the game. Still, breaking out of a hospital when you’ve been shot in the chest just to fuck with a guy…poor decision-making, to say the least.

SHERLOCK: Have a seat.

MAGNUSSEN: Thank you.

(Sherlock lays his fork down on the plate and watches as he sits down opposite him.)

SHERLOCK: I’ve been thinking about you.

MAGNUSSEN: I’ve been thinking about you.


This is…weirdly flirtatious? I mean, this could easily be Sherlock-Jim dialogue. I’m still confused.And after Sherlock says “really,” we get a long, heavy pause, and the camera focus on him increasing his morphine.

SHERLOCK: I want to see Appledore, where you keep all the secrets, all the files, everything you’ve got on everyone. I want you to invite me.

Okay STOP, hang on. “Everything you’ve got on EVERYONE?” When Sherlock goes to Appledore later, he’s extremely specific about the trade being for Mary Morstan’s files. He’s not asking for a tour, he doesn’t just want to see it, he wants whatever Cam’s got on Mary, period.

Judging by the state of him, all hooked up, in obvious pain, and still in hospital, it’s probably a safe assumption that this scene takes place not too long after the Watson Domestic, and well before Christmas. And of course, Christmas is when Sherlock does go to Appledore. So what changed between this scene and the end?

Because here’s the thing: Cam saw Mary shoot Sherlock. He heard Sherlock offer to help her. He knows that whatever Sherlock wants from him, it has to do with Mary. So why does Sherlock say this instead? 

I want you to invite me. What the fuck is that? His wording here is so bizarre. Why doesn’t he just offer the Mycroft-for-Mary trade right now?

Sigh. Onward, because it gets weirder.

MAGNUSSEN: What makes you think I’d be so careless?

SHERLOCK (softly, intensely): Oh, I think you’re a lot more ‘careless’ than you let on.

MAGNUSSEN (softly, leaning forward): Am I?

SHERLOCK: It’s the dead-eye stare that gives it away. Except it’s not dead-eyed, is it?

SHERLOCK: You’re reading.

(Smiling slightly, he draws the glasses towards himself and looks down at them.)

SHERLOCK: Portable Appledore. (He snorts slightly, then looks across to Magnussen.) How does it work? Built-in flash drive? (He lifts the glasses towards his own face.) 4G wireless?

Ok, back the train up. So Sherlock showed up to this meeting believing that Appledore was stored in Cam’s glasses. That makes the first part of this conversation even stranger. Why did he ask Cam to “invite him” to Appledore if he knew (or thought he knew) it was the glasses? He doesn’t wait for an invitation, he just takes them off Cam’s face, no “invitation.” He thought he’d put them on and get that tour of Appledore anyway. But he couldn’t have gotten Mary’s files. Even if he could view them on the glasses, he’d need to delete the digital files somehow. So I repeat – if getting Mary’s files was Sherlock’s goal, why didn’t he say so in the first place?

SHERLOCK: They’re just ordinary spectacles.

MAGNUSSEN: Yes – they are.

Sherlock grimaces slightly, still looking down at the glasses. Magnussen looks at him.

(A thought: they’re really driving home the morphine thing in this scene. It’s not exactly news to us that Sherlock’s addicted – that’s been heavily emphasized for more than half the episode already. If we’re seeing this scene from Sherlock’s POV, is it possible the weird vibe of the whole thing is simply due to the fact that he’s super drugged up?)

Anyway, so here we see that Cam IS reading, just not off his glasses. Sherlock doesn’t see this, of course. But he knows Cam “reads” people. He must remember, back in 221B, Cam smiling at him and murmuring “Redbeard,” and then “forgive me…there’s quite a lot.”

Even if Sherlock doesn’t figure it out right this second, he’s got months to ponder his mistake before Christmas at Appledore. Why did he arrive there expecting to see actual, physical vaults? Again – is the fact that he’s morphined out of his mind supposed to come into play here?

Back to Cam being all gross and eating food off Sherlock’s plate (I’m so not even going there with the sex metaphor).

MAGNUSSEN: You underestimate me, Mr Holmes.

SHERLOCK (quietly): Impress me, then. Show me Appledore.

Same question again. Why “show me Appledore?” Why just SHOW it? What about Mary? 

MAGNUSSEN (chewing on the olive): Everything’s available for a price.

(Sherlock lifts his eyes to his.)

MAGNUSSEN: Are you making me an offer?

SHERLOCK: A Christmas present.

MAGNUSSEN: And what are you giving me for Christmas, Mr Holmes?

SHERLOCK: My brother.

Mary’s name isn’t even mentioned here. Sherlock asks again for nothing more than a tour of Appledore, which as of ten seconds ago, he was convinced was entirely digital

Oh and for fuck’s sake…they mention Christmas. Hang on. So IS this meeting closer to Christmas than it is the Watson Domestic? But Sherlock’s still on an IV and in hospital in the canteen. He looks considerably better on Christmas day. Yes, his mother says “Sherlock’s home from hospital” but she doesn’t imply how recently the actual discharge was. And he’s not just off the IV and morphine, he’s moving around almost normally.

I’m combing through the entire Christmas scene and I’m embarrassed to say this is the first time I’ve caught this:

Well. Shit. I’m so unobservant.

First of all – poor Lady Smallwood! My goodness, that makes her “hardly merciful, Mr. Holmes” line near the end so very sad.

Second of all – I was looking for something, anything that could have happened between the Watson Domestic and Christmas, something that would make Sherlock go from requesting an Appledore tour to asking for Mary’s files. Could this be it?

I’m not sure how, exactly, his suicide plays in. Clearly it has to do with Cam’s blackmail material about the fifteen-year-old girl. Cam’s blackmailing drove this man to suicide. (Horrible.) At any rate, here is an Important Event that happened in those lost months, so that’s something. 

And it’s headline news, which means it happened very recently. Maybe on Christmas Eve. Could it have possibly changed Sherlock’s plans somehow? He looks quite pensive as he reads. We’re being shown this for a reason.

Then Mycroft pointedly tells us that a laptop “upon which depends the security of the free world” is sitting under a pile of potatoes.

Are the writers morphined up?

Seriously, so much of this scene is so bizarre. Between this laptop thing, and Mycroft’s “maybe there was something in the punch;” “clearly, go and have some more” exchange with Sherlock, I’m 100% positive Mycroft knew exactly what Sherlock was up to, and was (once again) acting the part of his confidante. I suspect that, much like Mary’s hard drive, that laptop doesn’t have shit on it.

After this comes Mrs. Holmes’s ominous line: 

Someone’s put a bullet in my boy and if I ever find out who I shall turn absolutely monstrous…ah, this was for Mary.

As she says that last bit, we see this:

Counting down the time until the drugs in the punch kick in. But this lines up with Mrs. Holmes’s statement for a reason. Time’s running out for Mary. 

Someone pass the morphine, I’m in pain.

Seriously, between the fact that several months of time are missing here, and the episode skips around in the timeline, it’s incredibly difficult to figure out what’s going on. But to get back to the original question:

1. I don’t think the “canteen” is an MP, but

2. I think it’s possible the reason the scene seems so dreamlike and odd is Sherlock’s doped up state of mind, which means

3. It’s plausible not everything we see or hear in that one scene is entirely reliable. Also:

4. Smallwood’s suicide happened after the canteen scene, and they make a point of showing us, which could be a sign that Sherlock altered his plans as a result, and

5. He didn’t mention Mary at all in the canteen, but her files are ALL he wants at Christmas, so that is at least part of the alteration in his plans.

Seriously, this has all broken my brain. What am I missing? What am I misinterpreting? I’d really love to hear everyone and anyone’s opinion on this.

Just rewatched Godzilla '98...

It’s no small secret that Godzilla (1998), otherwise known as G.I.N.O. (Godzilla In Name Only), will perhaps FOREVER be recognized as “that first American remake”…or even “that piece of CRAP American remake.”
I can’t speak for the fandom at large, but I’ve had a strange sense of…well, it’s as though I’m finally at peace.
I’ve railed against the ‘98 movie, I’ve blasted it viciously, I’ve even defended it and called for my fellow G-fans to “just let it go.”

But should it be buried? Forgotten?

Maybe not so much.

At the encouragement of a handful of friends (and my lovely fiance’, who personally enjoyed the film as a child), we threw caution to the wind and tossed the thing onscreen.
It was something of a thought experiment. With a new major release on the way, what sort of feelings would the film elicit? Would I be enraged? Could I finally distance myself enough to enjoy it for what it is?

The verdict is…“Man this movie is stupid.”

Now, “stupid” doesn’t necessarily mean “bad.” I’ve always been of the opinion that the worst thing a movie can do is be BORING. And G'98 certainly isn’t that, at least not for me. In fact, it’s pretty darn fast-paced, and has some genuinely enjoyable bits sprinkled throughout, ranging from earnestly watchable to eye-rolling irony. “Oh 1998, you so cray-cray.”

I’ll shorten this with handy-dandy bullet points!

Good(zilla) -
- Despite the increasingly dated CGI, there’s some impressive miniature work, models,, explosions, and even suitmation (despite all the raving against such things by the cats in charge). Overall it’s damn good LOOKING.
- The editing is quick and relatively smart, making sure things don’t bog down…well, not TOO much.
- The action sequences are well-shot, with an overall feeling of kinetic action, not unlike a roller coaster.
- There’s a handful of characters that are pretty amusing and genuinely fun. Jean Reno flip-flops between hammy and stiff, but he’s always got a memorable line or look. Sergeant O'Neill is a side character whom I wish the entire MOVIE was about. Hank Azaria and the other character actors on board are doing their damndest to salvage the plot from the extremely tepid main characters.
- The whole opening sequence, dumbass shots of lizards aside, is pretty good, especially with the music. And the part on the Japanese fishing boat? It’s almost like I’m watching a Godzilla movie!
- With its wimpering cries, the monster’s death is actually pretty heart-wrenching, despite the film being so dryly hateful towards the animal (nobody wants Godzilla preserved or studied, a missed opportunity).

Bad(zilla) -
- Yes, the CGI is quickly dating itself as time marches on. Even Jurassic Park’s elegantly reserved CG is better by comparison.
- Matthew Broderick….ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….well, I like him in Ferris Bueller!
- Maria Pitillo is relatively ok, but so painfully dull-faced for most of the movie…and the otherwise serviceable soundtrack craps out this AWFUL cornball romantic-theme whenever she gets goo-goo-eyed over Broderick. Oh, and people don’t sound like that when they cry.
- Yeah. We get it. They’re FRENCH.
- Yeah. We get it. It’s NEW YORK.
- The entire cab-chase sequence, despite being somewhat exciting on a superficial level, is just so damn stupid that I keep getting thrown out of the movie every time the monster lightly nudges it with his (her) snout. It’s supposed to be ANGRY, right? So why doesn’t it just annihilate the cab instead of playing with it?!
- Science is flogged mercilessly throughout the film. Yeah, it’s a monster movie, but there has to be SOME logic to what’s happening so the audience isn’t so badly pandered to. “Theropoda allosaurus” isn’t a thing. If the pregnancy test wasn’t designed for non-human creatures, how did it register as “pregnant”? Etc. etc. etc.
- If the monster was SO COLD that the missiles couldn’t lock on, then it would be DEAD (basically, that’s not how being exothermic works).
- There are too many damn characters in this, like many of Emmerich’s films, and most of them are shoved aside by the 20 minute mark…so why were they introduced in the first place?
- The whole pregnancy and giant eggs thing…how did they even know it was male to start? Is it just called male as a default state? If it’s asexual…then doesn’t that make it closer to a female genetically in order to reproduce? Geneticists, sound off!
- If they hit it with the torpedoes…wouldn’t that have exploded it what good? How did it survive the torpedoes but not the tomahawk missiles?
- Why does the creature even assume that the puny humans had anything to do with killing the babies?
- The creature is supposed to be radioactive…enough to contaminate the old man from the fishing boat. So why is radiation poisoning never a concern for the rest of the film?

Okay, so as you can see, it sort of devolves into shouting questions at the screen, clawing at your head with all the plot contrivances. Ultimately, this is something of an exercise for me.

Basically, I was able to watch the film, and almost never find myself comparing it back against Godzilla. Almost. The shifting of the blame from America to the French for the nuclear tests feels disingenuous on the part of the filmmakers. Not that the French weren’t conducting their own tests, but America tested WAY MORE, and it didn’t NEED to be French Polynesia…it feels like that was chosen specifically because, in the late 90’s, we weren’t quite ready to admit that the US can be just as terrible as everyone else.

They don’t even call the creature “Godzilla” very often. Specifically, it’s only named 4 times (as I recall, could be off by one) -
1. By the old Japanese fisherman.
2. By Charles Caiman on the news.
3. By O'Neill towards the end.
4. By the news station at the finale (“Godzilla Defeated!”)

So, yeah, therapeutic and cathartic! I think I’m ready for the new film with as little baggage as possible :D

Unless they make a Rifftrax. Then I’m ALL OVER that shit.

anonymous asked:

a hypothetical: sherlock is the firstborn child. what changes? what doesn't change? is mycroft still "the smart one"?

Interesting! This is a monster of a question because there are so many variables to take into account.

What doesn’t change?

I’ll approach this with the view that there are certain traits they both have that are uniquely theirs and not a product of their age difference (although some of these traits are no doubt amplified by it). For example Mycroft’s laziness, calmness, solitude and being ‘the smart one’; Sherlock’s recklessness, fondness for experiments, danger and running around after criminals, etc etc – I think those aspects of their personalities will be there no matter the older/younger brother dynamic. The degree to which some of those traits are caused or influenced by their respective ages is very much up for debate, though.

What changes?

I think the most fundamental and obvious change would be to Sherlock. I think him being the eldest could go one of two ways. Without Mycroft The Elder being around to watch out for him and clean up after his mistakes he could either turn out to be a) more responsible and risk-averse than he is as the younger sibling or b) more off the rails than he is/has been in canon. 

Why? Because Sherlock seems to have a natural sentimental streak. Most of his “ew emotions and people, I don’t care” routine seems to come from listening to Mycroft. Mycroft the older brother has told Sherlock that “caring is not an advantage” for years because he believes it to be true based on observation. Mycroft thinks that telling Sherlock this is going to protect him from the heartbreak and misery of life – and why would it not? Emotional relationships are messy and painful: FACT. Avoiding them is therefore a legitimate strategy: FACT. This is how Mycroft works: facts and ruthless pragmatism.

If you remove this influence from Sherlock you’re arguably left with a more emotional version of his current self. Initially I thought dear god, imagine the mess but actually I think it wouldn’t necessarily be a one way trip to excessive drug use and instability. The reason being that I think Sherlock’s sentimental side (much like Mycroft’s) would possibly kick in if he had a younger brother to think of. Either that or he’d just view baby Mycroft as yet another experiment, time how long he cries and plot it against a chart of Mummy’s stress levels, who knows.

So, Sherlock having young Mycroft to think about/play with/annoy the living daylights out of may be a good thing for him. It could just as equally be bad news depending on how he takes the whole thing. If 7 year old Sherlock doesn’t warm to the idea of a new baby in the family he could quite easily become resentful, more withdrawn and potentially more volatile later in life (especially if the boring baby turns out to be more of a genius than he is – yikes).

As for Mycroft, I find it harder to picture what he’d be like. I personally feel that a lot of his core personality traits are quite closely linked to him being older and “in charge” all the time. I think the absolute key things that would not change are his solitude and his intelligence. Of the two, the solitude is the most interesting one to think about because I think that he’d actually be way more of a lone wolf than he is now. 

The age gap between him and Sherlock is sufficient enough to mean that by the time younger Mycroft can start having some sort of meaningful interaction with his older brother, Sherlock (given his personality) might just find the whole process of interacting with a small child unbelievably tedious. That would leave a completely rudderless Mycroft. Too smart and different for other kids, too boring for his brother. 

As they got older I can only imagine the gap between them would get even worse. If Mycroft remains the smart one of the two, Sherlock would have next to nothing to teach him. Mycroft would probably end up throwing himself into academic pursuits, and I think potentially he’d even end up going down a different career path. Maybe he’d spend his life engrossed in maths like Mummy. But depending on how isolated he ultimately becomes he could turn out to be a much colder, harsher and crueller version of what we see in the show.

Basically sort of like ACD Moriarty then, OK

Anyway TL;DR: it’s complicated and depends on so many factors that all I can do is generalise. Who knows.

anonymous asked:

Why is KnucklesJunior-Sidekick homophobic? :S

I mean this is kind of old news now but HEY HERE WE GO. How knucklesjunior-sidekick is homophobic:

She says “I just don’t agree with same sex marriage” and “It’s nasty” 

But OH WAIT she has gay friends and doesn’t fear gay people so she couldn’t POSSIBLY be a homophobe, right? Yeah, no. Doesn’t quite work like that. 

Even wikipedia has a concise definition of homophobia - “Homophobia encompasses a range of negative attitudes and feelings toward homosexuality, or people who are identified or perceived as being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender (LGBT).”

Note the “negative attitudes and feelings”. Any negativity towards someone for not being heterosexual is homophobia. Her saying that she doesn’t agree with gay marriage and that it is nasty is negativity, therefore it is homophobia.

In addition, I find it really disgusting that she has the balls to say this stuff when apparently she has gay friends. Screw that, she clearly doesn’t accept those friends for who they are if she doesn’t think they deserve the same rights as her. 

This isn’t just a harmless opinion, or a matter of likes or dislikes. This is a matter of prejudice and hatred. She hates gay people because she doesn’t think they deserve the same rights as her, and that’s the end of it. She can try to cover it up and disguise it all she likes, but she’s a homophobe and what she says is harmful and disgusting.

I would also like to shake some sense into everyone who thinks it’s okay for anyone to say these things. Supporting someone like this is just as bad as being homophobic yourself.

My thoughts (not that anyone asked for them, but…)

I think the boys did the best they could with the material they were given to work with. Obviously there are some things they cannot say which limits them a lot, and their other alternative would have been to just have awkward silence following every question (which they actually did a couple times).  

Clearly this was MM/HJPR’s big attempt to deny everything and try to undo the whole last week. They failed. The boys managed to deflect almost all of it, and the gains they made last week stand.

Also nearly everything Ben asked is old news; there wasn’t anything I heard in that interview that’s remotely newsworthy which quite possibly means there won’t be articles about it which means the current stories in the press (Harry’s comment and Louis wearing the supportive Apple logo) will likely (maybe? possibly?) be the ones that stay in the press.

A couple of individual things:

Harry and Niall fist-bumping and laughing through the girlfriend question was great - it makes me think they’ve reached a point where, though still not their favorite topic, questions about it don’t bother them as much - they’ve turned it into a joke.

Zayn talks lower than the others, and I had a hard time hearing him through my speakers, but he handled questions well I thought.

Liam really took a few for the team and carried a lot of the worst questions. 

Niall really seemed to be trying to keep Harry (and the whole interview) in a lighter mood.

Harry did a great job of deflecting when necessary and holding his own. It was crystal clear that he knows how to work an interview and give the answer he wants to give. Further proof (as though it was really needed at this point) that his comment during ODE wasn’t a throwaway joke. He said what he meant to say. I’m also pretty sure he said there are some rumors he quite likes. Just sayin’.

Louis - I felt so bad for him. Ben just kept pushing and pushing. Someone else mentioned it was like an interrogation, and that is completely accurate. He kept control, but that interview was NOT fun for him. Honestly I think his “we have some great girls” may have been him trying to just get that over with, but Ben just kept on with rumors and fanfic and all those loaded topics. If I were Louis I’d have beaten him with a mic stand.

Ben - all I have to say about Ben is that he sucks even more than I thought (which I would have said was impossible). He’s a talentless sellout, and I hope he goes when Modest does.


So, remember how some merchandise for DGS finally gave us a transliteration of the prosecutor’s name a while back? It’s been updated in an apparent fix along with some design tweaks, and now gives his name as Barok van Zieks, rather than Baroque Bangieks.  Presumably this is a more correct version.  (It also gives a possible translation of his nickname - “The Death Bringer of Old Bailey” - though that’s not quite as important.)

Name issues aside, hit up the source link for a look at some pins and clear files featuring the DGS main characters.

⋅ This app (Looksery) is just too much fun.

⋅ So I started a second job this week. It’s basically entry level part time work, so I can’t quit my other, shitty, job but it’s supplemental income for now. They almost didn’t hire me because I was so over-qualified but apparently I can’t get jobs that I am qualified for either so at least they took a chance on me.

⋅ Heating guy said new filter and breaking some rust loose did the trick. Should get a couple more years out of the old furnace. This was probably the best news possible.

⋅ Overall, I’m still a bit overwhelmed but I know things will turn around soon. I’m patient.

⋅ Still focusing on the color purple. In case you were wondering. And I know you were.

I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don’t notice it.


Look who I brought home this morning :) Little brown dog is back… very tired & quite weak but OK! Currently cuddled up next to me on the bed.

The good news: he hasn’t had to have surgery. It seems his infection was far more serious than suspected & he went into shock when his temperature spiked.

The bad news: he might have a funky bladder… or possibly it’s his prostate… or something! The vet is rather puzzled. Basically, from the ultrasound scan, it sort of looks a bit like Flynn has a weird prostate. Flynn was castrated before I had him, when he was 5 months old & neutering is supposed to lower the risk of prostate issues*, regardless, any infections etc would be very rare in a young dog. It’s possible that what looks slightly like the prostate glands is a weird anatomical thing with his bladder… almost like “pockets” & these might be harbouring infection. 

Flynn’s on anti-inflammatories & antibiotics for a week & then we’ll go back to the vets for another ultrasound scan, to see if anything has changed. Longer term, he’ll probably either need opening up & some exploratory work done, or he may have to be sent to a urologist at Bristol University! At the moment, I’m just glad he’s home :) Thanks again for all the support!

*Although I’ve been doing a tiny bit of reading & it maybe looks like this is being disputed?! Eh, not sure.

Stranger's Always You - Chapter 1

co-written by kbvibes, of course.  <3


Summary: Before Broadway dreams and New York City lights, is the inevitability of day jobs, old lovers, and friends back in the wicked little town of LA.

Notes: Surprise! This is a collection of prompt-based one-shots looking back at Chris and Darren’s interactions before the events in Follow My Voice. You should probably read that one first, although this is chronologically first. We’ll also be posting another collection of prompt-based one-shots looking at Chris and Darren’s relationship that takes place after the events of Follow My Voice. I guess we kind of wrote the middle first. Not sorry. Warning for casual drug use in this chapter.

“So…” Darren looks around him like there’s anything else in the tiny box of a set that could possibly hold his attention apart from the gorgeous creature standing three feet away. “How’ve you been? We haven’t really-”

It takes Chris a minute to look back up to Darren from his phone. “Hmm? Oh, fine. More and more of the usual… you?”

Keep reading