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*Sherlock and John arguing in middle of a case*

John : You are rude to everyone !

Sherlock : Well you are impatient!

John : You never buy milk !

Sherlock : You never make tea !

John : You are an arsehole !

Sherlock : You have a big penis !

Lestrade :  (⊙_⊙)

The whole yard :  (¬‿¬)

Killer :  (ಠ _ ಠ)

Dead body :  (ʘ‿ಠ)

John :  (ಥ ‿ ಥ)

Sherlock : What? i thought we were just stating facts….


Q: You’re promoting as an idol member like you’ve always dreamed of, is there a fun moment that you found out?
DH: There is someone who wrote “Dahyun-ah, I gain energy because of you” in a fan letter. I’m touched while reading it. During trainee days, I just imagine myself standing on stage and I’ve never thought that I’ll receive this type of reaction. I’m thankful to know that there is someone who lives everyday and gain energy through TWICE.

#HappyDahyunDay ♡ You are the source of my happiness: the one who warms up my heart and always puts a smile on my face with everything you do. It is beyond me to tell you how much I love and admire you to pieces.

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april im so stressed and ik i shouldnt be after that soulmate shit they gave us but... bellamy thinks clarke is dead. and its been 6 YEARS so don't you think he moved on? and probably w raven bc they showed us them having a 'connection' and idk. im just sad about this whole thing. i hate to be negative but i had hope abt them until the end and i cant spend 9 months feeling like this :(

No, I don’t think Bellamy has truly moved on and I think we’ll see that in their reunion. Clarke thinks Bellamy is dead and she hasn’t moved on and a sexual relationship, or indeed another relationship period in no way interferes with the possibility of Bellarke. 

I think a lot of people see the “You with me?”/”Always.” conversation as a setup for potential Br/ven but like…that conversation was about….Clarke. It makes no sense to pick and choose which parts of a conversation you are going to consider when dissecting it for evidence:

Raven: “You think we can do this without her (Clarke)?”

Bellamy: “If we don’t, she (Clarke) died in vain and I’m not going to let that happen.” (He will not let Clarke’s sacrifice be for nothing or be forgotten, he is going to ensure that the 7 of them on the Ring survive because Clarke gave her life for them.)

We see Raven’s face, she is crying. She is crying because she thinks her friend is dead. She is crying because she thinks her friend has died sacrificing her life for them. This is not a romantic moment. 

Bellamy: “You with me?” (Considering Bellamy had the lines directly before this, it stands to reason he’s asking Raven if she’s with him in ensuring that Clarke’s legacy continues.)

Raven: “Always.” (Raven has is promising to work towards keeping Clarke alive through them here.)

Bellamy and Raven are grieving right now neither of them are thinking about anything but Clarke here and to take a moment that is so clearly about grief and turn it into a romantic segue isn’t cool. If Bellamy and Raven are going to be a thing at some point, it will happen over the course of next Season, but I seriously doubt it. 

And the ending shot?

There’s literally a person sized space between them, because Clarke has always been there:

You can also compare this to how closely Bellamy and Clarke stand next to one another:

And then compare that to how close Bellamy and Raven typically stand next to one another:

Bellamy, Raven and Clarke are a team, especially last Season, when there was no real conflict between Bellamy and Clarke so they used Raven to provide it. 

Let’s also not forget that in 4x12, the episode before this, Bellamy was literally willing to leave Raven to die, alone on Science Island, with no regrets, but when he realized that they left Clarke to die, all alone, on Earth, his response was:

“I left her. I left her and we die, anyway.”

Clarke is Bellamy’s person. And when he realizes that she’s alive…oh boy.