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‘There were certain scripts in the beginning that had me taking drugs and saying racist lines. I fought not to say them. I wanted to have this kid grow up in a world of racism and drugs - the whole hillbilly-redneck thing - but have a slight chip on his shoulder about it, so he chooses not to say those things and not to take drugs. I wanted him to grow up and hate drugs. If he didn’t, he would have been just like his brother Merle. Instead I’m little brother Daryl, a kid who wants to stand on his own two feet. In terms of the fewer lines, I don’t think more necessarily equals a more popular, interesting character - there are certain people in the show who are the ‘storytellers’ as a result of the lines they speak. For others, their actions speak louder than words. Daryl is a man of few words.’


#jace puts his hand on alec’s shoulder #alec immediately reacts #he shies away #he still feels extremely guilty for what happened at magnus’s #he blames himself and hates himself for what he feels #HE CAN’T EVEN BARE PHYSICAL CONTACT ANYMORE #HE CAN’T EVEN LOOK AT JACE IN THE EYES #jace just stares at him helplessly #he doesn’t recognize him anymore #he’s worried for his parabatai #THIS CAST IS SO GOOD THEY ARE ALL KILLIN ME


*aggressively celebrates Jack’s birthday*

In my defense I rewatched Jack’s no mercy run recently and i had only 2 hours to draw this. My brain gets weird(er) when in hurry….

Anyway!! Happy Birthday Jack! :D Thank you for being who you are and bringing smile to our faces!