this is pushing all of my buttons



yup, well, he’s a total dummy who accidentally pushes peoples buttons, steps off on the wrong foot with almost everybody, and trips over himself all day. how does anybody HANDLE HIM??? :^/ 
despite that, he’s real dorky and sweet… loves dogs and sleeping and prefers to sneak away from fights while his companion handles it :^) 



The movie is being portrayed on here (tumblr) as though it is making people with DID as terrifying and harmful. This is why so many people are boycotting the movie. Now you can hold this belief but I do not believe it.

If you actually see the movie, you will see that it is not about a man who is consumed by evil and wants to kill people. It is about a man with 23 personalities that has certain parts of him that have harmful beliefs but he tries so hard to convince them that they are incorrect and the harmful parts of him only feel this way because they are tired of being ignored and treated like they’re crazy. (Even in the end, after he goes crazy, Dennis and Hedwig (2 of his main personalities) are talking and Hedwig says that this incident means that people have to realize they all exist.) The film highlights the struggle between his different personalities and how they all came about and why they hold the beliefs they do. It also highlights how ignored the illness is in society and even in mental health communities. For this reason, I can say that the movie is not “corrupting society to believe that people with disorders are frightening.” The movie trailers show it the way they do to attract people who want to see horror movies but when you actually see the movie, it is so much more than that.

The film also highlights abuse/trauma victims and not in a way that makes them weak. The main character is beautiful and strong and doesn’t rely on anyone else to save her. She, herself, runs, fights, and helps herself. At the end, she gets herself help for the abuse situation she has been in for a long time, the only help coming from the police officer that she turns to. For this reason, I can say that the movie did not portray abuse victims in a bad way.



Why build a tiny house instead of buying existing small house or trailer?

The biggest reason for me is creative empowerment.

There are so many things we aren’t in control over. But one of them, if you have some money put aside, is your shelter. There’s something incredibly validating about building my own shelter.

If you think about it, how many things do you create on a daily basis, vs consume? How much of your individualized potential is being expressed in your daily life, vs molded by others?

So many of us wake up in beds designed for the masses, wearing one size fits all PJs, grabbing our push-button coffee out the door on the way to our increasingly commoditized jobs in the car with the “best reviews”.

Best not become unemployed or you’ll lose access to your pharmaceutically manufactured pills. That would make the CEOs very angry.

I sleepwalked through 3 years of consumption before I finally realized I’m not even participating in my own life!

In my house, everything is exactly how I want. And if it’s not, I’ll have intimate knowledge how to change it.

Solar power, heated floors, loft speakers, enclosed shower, four-burner range… Hell a garden in my living room if I so desire. I can have it all in 150 sq ft. for about $30,000. And go anywhere with all that too. And no one can evict me or foreclose on it.

How to write a firefighter AU - from the POV of someone who’s father has been a firefighter for the past 30+ years

- Shifts are usually 24 hours long, occasionally 48. The district where my dad works has banned 72s, but I believe they still happen in some districts. 

- It is a union job. There is the IAFF, the International Association of Fire Fighters, which is the overarching labor union for the United States and Canada, and I’m fairly certain each fire district has its own local. 

- Typically, as a firefighter, you work about 9 days a month. There is. A LOT. of free time. 

- At least in our district, you can’t have beards or neck/face/hand tattoos but most of the guys have a fuck ton of tattoos everywhere else

- In order to get a job as a firefighter, you pretty much have to be a (unpaid) volunteer firefighter, then get accepted to the fire academy, then when you’ve graduated the fire academy, you have the badge ceremony, and then you end up in the interview process for different districts which is grueling and long and awful. It is not really something you do unless that is your life plan (it’s not a part time job or sideline to going to get your bachelors degree. I have heard of people working on their masters’ because, y’know, free time, but certainly not anything as structured as an undergraduate degree (24 hour shifts that YOU DON”T PICK yourself because someone else would be more than happy to take your job)) 

- A majority of the calls firefighters go on are aid calls. I don’t know if it’s “all” or “most” but firefighters tend to be EMTs at a minimum. 

- Station life: there are sleeping bunks, with loud bright alarms that go off when dispatch calls. there is a kitchen, there is a work out room which might be part of the garage, there is the Captain/shift-leader’s office, there are meeting rooms. Districts have a personal trainer, and the crew typically have to be in charge of cleaning and fuelling their own rigs. 

- The fire department will burn things down for you if you have the appropriate authorisation. I have been in a burning house before that they were taking down. it was fun.

- Locals will occasionally show up and leave food for the firefighters and sometimes (rarely) unwanted babies. That’s really, actually a thing. 

- it is shockingly unlikely that any fire department would hire a nutritionist to come cook for their firefighters. They have to cook for themselves like grown ups (and/or order pizza). 

- idk, I can’t think of anything else, but if you have any questions about what’s up with a Generic Medium Sized Town Fire Department (like the kind one might find in Samwell, MA) hmu

It’s been months and I still flinch at the mention of your name. You still haunt me like a plague. But this is not about you, this is about me; about a girl who’s always pointing at the button on her chest titled “self destruct” for people to push, people like you, people who are as destroyed as me, people who thought love could fix it all when it’s clearly the exact opposite. From the start this was never about you. This is about destroying all things breakable before its destruction could surprise me. This is about breaking my own heart. I won’t blame you for pushing the button. I won’t blame you for leaving. But damn some times at the middle of the night I think and I think and I wish you didn’t.
—  hazyaffection // this was never about you
Characters collapsing is my [organic premium blueberry] jam

So characters collapsing = I love this with an unholy passion and it will always push all my buttons <3

- [Character] has been getting paler and paler all day. He’s uncharacteristically trembly and clumsy, all of his usual grace gone. He catches his foot on an uneven bit of ground and just pitches forward bonelessly, making no effort to recover or even break his fall. He hits the ground like a ton of bricks - he was out before he connected.

- [Character] is rambling about ridiculous things and his teammates are half laughing and half exasperated because they’re in the middle of something that’s dangerous and needs all their attention until someone eventually says “Shut up, [Character],” and [Character] does and everyone’s so relieved until they realize that [Character] is so quiet because he’s slumped, unconscious, across his desk.

- [Character] is badly injured and teetering on the edge of unconsciousness - but they are the only one who knows the way out. Without them leading the group, they’re all going to die. [Character] tries all manner of things to stay operational, including pouring a bottle of water on their head, slapping themselves, sticking a pin through their hand (Bladerunner style) to maybe even injecting themselves with adrenaline. But the moment the exit is in sight they crash hard and completely, leaving their team to do the clean up without them.

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Had these 2 kids in my store just pushing the 'push for an associates help' buttons all over the store, undoing all the green ribbon rolls, and trying to open candy. Their mom was appalled when I told her to tell them to clean it up. The brats did :)

DAY 3284(i) Jalsa, Mumbai                  Mar 25,  2017                  Sat 11:44 am This is what I express in the early hours of my waking .. waking to discover the absence of the Blog for universal exhibition .. the absence of pushing the right buttons due to sleep induced, tablet incurred medication .. and on reading what has gone out as some utter rubbish .. !! It is embarrassing .. it is regrettable .. it is filled with hand folded apology .. and a desire to perhaps make amends by thei (i) posting to compensate for the utter not conscious bilge that you all have been subjected to .. including those pictures .. Actually, it was late .. which is nothing strange or new .. it is a natural phenomena with your Blogmaester .. blogmaester .. ha .. a new expression .. wonder what it means .. just came out .. hang on need to check with Googlistan  ..!! “Maesters, formally known as the Order of Maesters, are an order of scholars, healers, and learned men in the Seven Kingdoms. Due to their scientific and intellectual pursuits, they are sometimes referred to as "the knights of the mind". Maesters are scholars who act as physicians, tutors, and advisors to the noble houses of Westeros. Upon completion of his training, a Maester swears to serve the castle he is assigned to, whoever may hold the castle. Maester resembles the English word master in both form and meaning. The original meaning of the English word is "a male teacher or tutor," and one of the primary duties of a maester is to teach the children of the house.” And this explanation is bearing even greater embarrassment ..NO .. I am none of the above .. delete it from your minds .. remove .. just let it be .. was never even discussed or portrayed  .. Back to sanity .. So yes I won an award for the most stylish Star of the Millennium given by the HT organisation .. HT, Hindustan Times, the vast media empire owned by the Birla family, one of the respected strains of the Birla maester, Shri GD Birla, founder of this great business world, and managed and run by his grand daughter, Shobhana Bhartia, daughter of KK Birla, the son of GD Birla .. and dear family friends from the time of their association with Babuji, my Father .. the families also being very closely associated with cultural activities of the nation, with literature and poetry and the fine arts .. and their respect towards my Father and his works .. SO .. the award of the Millennium .. which is slightly incongruous .. a millennium is a 1000 years .. and the film industry is a 20th century phenomena .. for some one to have been a style candidate for this award would have had to be living for over a millennium, a 1000 years .. !! Now that is serious living .. and one that shall ever elude all of us .. ! So ha cum ..?? Well it is over and done .. thank you HT and thank you for the life you give me of a 1000 years .. and thank you mostly for giving me the utmost pleasure and joy of meeting and being in the company of the other members of the fraternity .. a rarity these days .. I mean , how often does one sit in close proximity with - Ajay Devgn, Kaajol, Rishi Kapoor, Neetu Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Siddharth Malhotra, Karan Johar, Sushant Singh Rajput, Randhir Kapoor, Jeetendra, Ramesh Sippy, Parineeti Chopra, Varun Dhawan, John Abraham, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Taapsee Pannu, Rani Mukherji Chopra, Asha Parekh, Manoj Bajpai, Jackie Shroff .. and I hope I have not missed any out .. a host of many more .. and within 10 feet of each other .. !! that is miraculous .. !! and a huge privilege .. !! And that is quit a hand full ... Amitabh Bachchan
The Rest of Their Lives

Early last week, a nonnie sent me a prompt asking me to write about Emma finding the engagement ring in Killian’s sea chest.  It took me all week, but I was determined to get it finished before tonight’s episode.  Look at that!  Nearly 5 minutes to spare!  Here you go, nonnie!  Hope you like it!

Emma transferred an arm-full of clean, wet clothes into the dryer, turned the dial, and pushed the start button.  Then, reaching for the basket of dry clothes, she headed up to her bedroom.

Her and Killian’s bedroom.

At the thought love and joy bubbled up again, and she smiled with abandon as she pulled a bath towel from the basket and set about folding it.  Seemed like the giddy smile never left her face anymore.  She was happy, really, really happy.  She was pretty sure she’d never been this happy, this in love before in her life, and it was almost overwhelming sometimes.

She’d always made fun of musicals—people walking around and just randomly breaking into song—but in the last few weeks they suddenly seemed much more realistic than before. Whenever she thought of what her life was like now she wanted to sing.  Must be her fairy tale heritage coming out.

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okay sorry but can I just make a post to tell you guys what a sweetie Hugh Jackman is? 

usually when I go to a red carpet event I take a video instead of just a normal seflie (and then use the snapshot button to take a pic while filming so I never get a blurred picture), and usually actors don’t even notice it or simply don’t really care but then there’s Hugh. I asked for a picture and he got ready, then noticed I was filming, said something along the lines “oh hey sweetie, you are filming”, took my phone, turned of the video, swapped to photo mode and then took a selfie. and meanwhile there where a lot of people screaming and pushing behind us… but he took all that time because he thought I made a mistake this was just the sweetest omg what a babe <3

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what's an inner joke you have with your friends?

That me and my coworker, Tom, are sleeping together. We’re both gay. But we were stacking recliners in the back once and we were struggling to get it up and I was wearing a headset at the time. During the process of this the headset speak button was held down while pushing it up. So all the other coworkers could hear was grunting and me swearing. The others were all up front and talking to each other when this happened. And the manager was like “are know…in the back?” And another one said “really?! Tom and Andrea? The gay man and the lesbian?” So now it’s kind of a joke that me and him are sleeping together

Hey all! So, some exciting news… I reached 10,000 followers last weekend!!

It’s so amazing to think that over ten thousand people have pushed the follow button on my blog. Such an energizing feeling. Most of all, it’s just been a big dream of me to reach this goal, and I did it!!

You all are seriously the best, and you bring a smile to my face every single day, even the days when work is crummy or life is overwhelming.. thank you all so much for supporting my hobby and giving me the motivation to put out all this fun stuff into the world!

It’s hard to describe just how much it means to take the time to make things and then to get an instant warm embrace of complements and reactions when making it public… as I get close to turning 30, this kind of space gets harder and harder to find and hold on to. I count my lucky stars that I have been able to carve a space out for myself and you to enjoy pixel art, and photos of pretty stuff from japan. Really, truly, thank you.

So, I’ve put together a lil celebratory bundle of merch on my Etsy, limited to 10 orders only– please have a look see, it’s quite the deal :)

Also at some point when my desk job calms down and I have the energy to organize my room, I’m planning a sailor moon toy giveaway, so look out for that sometime this summer.

Anyways, many hugs and kisses from me to all of you. I hope you’re all having amazing days, and if not, I am crossing my fingers that some amazing days are coming your way, just as you deserve.

Steter Fic Recs

Look, I don’t known how this happened. I’ve spent the last two years basically blacklisting the whole Teen Wolf fandom and then suddenly I’m binge reading everything in the Stiles/Peter tag on AO3. I didn’t even like this ship when I was actively watching the show, but apparently it pushes all my buttons.

At least it’s not Sterek?

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So I saw a post earlier that said “destroy the idea that Akaashi finds Bokuto’s presence annoying” 

I 100% agree with this, but not because Bokuto isn’t annoying. Like let’s be honest, the guy is loud and energetic and god has to be so exhausting to keep up with, esp if you’re an introvert. But being occasionally annoyed by someone’s traits and finding their presence annoying are very different things. I knew a guy in my undergrad studies that literally being in the same room with him made my blood boil. I found his presence annoying, even when all he did was sit there. 

On the other hand, my best friend is an obnoxious ass. He’s an extrovert and likes to push people’s buttons and sometimes he goes too far in his jokes or his actions and it annoys me. But being around him doesn’t annoy me. I have embraced the fact that he’s obnoxious as a part of who he is and I love everything about him. I think Akaashi feels the same way about Bokuto. Yes, sometimes that giant owl boy is a bit too much to handle, but at the end of the day Akaashi knows that Bokuto is the way he is because he is a passionate and happy human being and he embraces that as a part of who Bokuto is. 

Because I don't live with Daddy
  • <p> <b></b> (actually happened)<p/><b></b> *getting ready to take me back to where I live with my parents*<p/><b>Me:</b> *sitting at the edge of the bed*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Are you ready to go bubby?<p/><b>Me:</b> *sits in silence because I want to ask something that I haven't before*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> Bubby?<p/><b>Me:</b> Um... can you dress me? *proceeds to blush as hides behind hands*<p/><b>Daddy:</b> of course bubby *smiles and says in his happy daddy voice* *proceeds to get off the bed, put on my socks, shoes and two cardigans, including buttoning them up, all how a person would dress a toddler pushing arms through holes etc*<p/><b>Me:</b> *proceeds to feel extremely happy and little*<p/></p>