this is pushing all of my buttons

the fact that so many people are taking a break or deleting their blogs is really saying something about tumblr fandoms.

y’all need to show respect.

cases in point:

1. the anon button is not and never was meant for sending hate comments

2. writers who post their works here should never ever be forced to continue their stories or be pressured to write.

3. people should NEVER EVER be receiving hate in any form, especially for expressing their opinions

4. no one should ever be pushed to do this or that just because they are in a certain fandom.

it just breaks my heart that so many people went on here to have a safe space where they could be able to express their love for their fandoms and themselves, but ended up having to leave because it became more toxic than safe.

the one thing i want you to take out of this post is to PLEASE BE NICE TO PEOPLE. PLEASE RESPECT THEM. WE ARE ALL HUMANS AND HAVE A RIGHT TO BE RESPECTED.

missisjoker  asked:

I am all for evil Lena, but i don't think she is capable of being that good of a villain - she just doesn't know Kara that well (oops). I mean, to push all the right buttons, Lena will need to either know all about Kara's vulnerabilities (and she doesn't), or be an evil mastermind akin to Joker that can set everyone on fire without getting personal (but she is nowhere near that). Actually you know what? I don't want Lena to be evil- I want her to think she is doing something good, helping, but

in reality do something morally wrong/ something that ends up hurting a lot of people including Kara (you know the saying- a road to hell is made up of good intentions). I think it would be much more interesting to see Kara and Lena go head to head about something where Kara is trying to stop Lena and Lena fights back because she thinks Kara simply doesn’t understand that it is “for the greater good”.

Well, I kind of want her to be evil, but in the same time no - because another bad Luthor? Old. What you mentioned sounds cool. OR just her being more gray character, not evil but not good too, balancing on the edge. It would be interesting to see Kara and Lena not agreeing on things, because seriously, Kara needs more people like that to question her choices and morality. That’s why I liked Karamel in s2, because Mon did this a lot.


I pushed the effort™ button a little harder on this one because I got tired of these always looking like hot garbage. I don’t know how much of a trend that will be, but I wanted to make at least one of these that looked half decent, damnit. l< And to all of you who were thinking this whole endeavor was going to end with them making out – guess who’s got two thumbs and is a big fan of the slow burn. ♥

This rambling chain of mchanzo comics specifically

More Overwatch things in general

Hospital Starters
  • [ Requested by Anon about a week ago. Warnings for blood, suicidal thoughts, and medical stuff. Thanks! : ]
  • "Hey, you're awake!"
  • "Where am I?"
  • "You hit your head. There was so much blood that I got scared."
  • "Don't try to get up. You're safe here."
  • "I hate this place..."
  • "How could you do this to yourself?"
  • "The world didn't give me a choice, and now, I'm suffering even more!"
  • "You really came..."
  • "I told you I would be here when you woke up."
  • "How many tests did they do on you?"
  • "If I wasn't drugged up, I could tell you the names of every test they do in this place."
  • "When are they going to let you leave?"
  • "They said that I'll be here for a few days. Maybe a week."
  • "What happened to you? You have so many things sticking out of you."
  • "That's what happens when you're dying."
  • "It's probably time to change those bandages..."
  • "You aren't in pain, are you?"
  • "You were in an accident. You almost didn't make it."
  • "That would explain why I feel terrible."
  • "I thought you were dead..."
  • "I'm not dead, am I?"
  • "I didn't know it was this bad..."
  • "I may not live much longer..."
  • "I'm dying..."
  • "You can't die! There has to be something they can do!"
  • "I'm too far gone for any surgery to fix me."
  • "I want you to know that I'll miss you most."
  • "Don't say that! I don't like it when you talk like this..."
  • "I just want it to happen so I don't have to think about it all the time."
  • "I wanted to say goodbye to you one more time."
  • "If you don't get some sleep, I'm going to hit this button and tell a nurse you're bothering me."
  • "Don't abuse that call button!"
  • "You know that button only works every five seconds, right?"
  • "Maybe if I push it hard enough, more will come out."
  • "I get to come home today."
  • "Did you fill out the release forms yet?"
  • "They hooked me up with a bunch of prescriptions. I'm gonna be high as a kite."


The movie is being portrayed on here (tumblr) as though it is making people with DID as terrifying and harmful. This is why so many people are boycotting the movie. Now you can hold this belief but I do not believe it.

If you actually see the movie, you will see that it is not about a man who is consumed by evil and wants to kill people. It is about a man with 23 personalities that has certain parts of him that have harmful beliefs but he tries so hard to convince them that they are incorrect and the harmful parts of him only feel this way because they are tired of being ignored and treated like they’re crazy. (Even in the end, after he goes crazy, Dennis and Hedwig (2 of his main personalities) are talking and Hedwig says that this incident means that people have to realize they all exist.) The film highlights the struggle between his different personalities and how they all came about and why they hold the beliefs they do. It also highlights how ignored the illness is in society and even in mental health communities. For this reason, I can say that the movie is not “corrupting society to believe that people with disorders are frightening.” The movie trailers show it the way they do to attract people who want to see horror movies but when you actually see the movie, it is so much more than that.

The film also highlights abuse/trauma victims and not in a way that makes them weak. The main character is beautiful and strong and doesn’t rely on anyone else to save her. She, herself, runs, fights, and helps herself. At the end, she gets herself help for the abuse situation she has been in for a long time, the only help coming from the police officer that she turns to. For this reason, I can say that the movie did not portray abuse victims in a bad way.


actuallyamoose  asked:

jeff i'm not going to have internet for 3 weeks pls tell me what hot memes i will miss ty

1. An anime butt. Text: “welcome to mcdonald’s may I take your order please?”
2. Cat looking annoying #27. Text: “you want it WHEN?”
3. animated gif of zombie, dancing
4. Unpopular politician with Humpty Hump nose. Text: “I’m the one who said just grab ‘em in the biscuits”
5. Describing things as being “on crack” will inexplicably come back into style.
6. Boy in bed, crying. Text: “I got it from my mama.”
8. A picture of Duke Nukem with a button below it and when you push the button a fart sound is played.
9. Hall & Oates album covers with Lil Yachty photoshopped over all the faces.
10. Drunk baby sings the alphabet song and poops on photos of celebrities.

Hope this helps!

So I wrote this as a continuous post on hangoverwatch’s post, but I then decided to just rewrite this as my own text so the general public can read it.

Although I enjoy and appreciate the characterization that Jesse Mccree can be a bumbling goof at times (cause I mean, have you seen his outfit?) And how people portray him as a down-to-earth kind of guy that can and will sweep anyone off their feet with his Southern cowboy charm is great all, but I feel like we as a fandom forget that he is an extremely dangerous man.

In canon terms, his bounty is worth a hell of a lot more than Roadhog and Junkrat’s combined. “But Jess, JR and RH’s bounty are in pesos blah blah blah.”  Look, I already did my math, and when RH and JR’s bounties are converted to American currency their amount comes up to $1,371,704.48 each (A total of $2,743,408.96 USD combined) Compare that to Jesse’s whopping $60,000,000 USD bounty, their crimes pale in comparison to Jesse’s. Also, I (for those who need a little more convincing) went ahead and converted Jesse’s bounty to pesos and his came up to a total of $1,093,530,000.00! That’s 2x more than JR and RH’S combined and then some. This guy is a more wanted criminal than them, and they’re known for robbing, bombing, and even killing innocent people. And even if their bounties weren’t in pesos, Jesse’s bounty is still 10,000,000 more than theirs combined.

How he got his reputation to be so notorious is up in the air and will most likely be open to our opinion until we get more history between him, Gabriel, Deadlock, and Blackwatch. (Obviously Deadlock is more of a threat than we may perceive due to them [in the process of] hijacking a government train, and Jack’s voiceline in game saying that Gabriel should have ended Deadlock a long time ago. He of all people should bring up red flags when in comes to gangs considering how he views Los Muertos.)

So knowing that Jesse was part of this group at a young age (in my headcanon he was 15 going on 16) is really terrifying. That gives him a brief time period of a year to get him recruited into Deadlock, figure out his role, steal a lot of government items (successfully might I add), hone his skills as a marksman, and all while making a name for himself. Now, a lot of these things are easy to accomplish at an early age(honing skills, filling a role in a community, and making a name for oneself is all based on dedication.) The thing that’s scary is the fact that more than likely Jesse went on these assault missions and lived while doing the other 3 to the point that he was the only one considered to be taken into OW. Again we don’t know if he was threatened to join or he was offered a spot in OW peacefully. On his bio, it’s said that due to his resourcefulness and expert marksmanship Jesse was given a choice to join or not. So obviously, the person who recruited him (more than likely it was Gabriel) knew about Jesse McCree enough to want him on their team. And as posted by hangoverwatch, OW only has eyes and ears for the best. 

So let’s look at the facts:

Like from earlier in this post, Jesse McCree is a highly skilled man. Skilled enough to:

  • Sit on a train moving at the rate of 640 kpm/h (which is equivalent to 397.678 mp/h. Basically hella fast) with no signs of bodily distress.
  • Able to jump off said moving train with no struggle against wind and gravity while holding himself long enough to break a window.
  • Slaughter an entire Talon operative team BY HIMSELF without killing civilians with pinpoint accuracy even in the dark.
  • Knows he’s capable enough to kill Gabriel–a war hero, super soldier, and the Blackwatch figurehead (his voiceline proves that he feels like he’s the one that should kill Gabriel.)
  • Was able to survive long enough to earn himself a $60,000,000 bounty while still able to somewhat stay in public without being recognized (the event at Hanamura shows that he’s resourceful enough to cover his tracks to where people still don’t know who saved the shop even with his bounty.)

But that’s not it. He’s also the down-to-earth, snarky man that everyone writes/draws him to be

  • While a lethal killing machine can be quite the gentleman (stated by Ana who recalls him being “quite the charmer.”)
  • Has a competitive side (The new summer game line: “I don’t like much losing.”)
  • He’s a cheeky little shithead (ALL of his interactions with Reaper.)
  • He’s a cowboy fanboy (Upon closer examination, Jesse did not get his full cowboy get up until AFTER he left OW. Hinted by the voiceline between him and Reaper. R:You look ridiculous. J:Looked in a mirror lately?) He only had his hat and belt buckle throughout the Golden years. Serape, boots, and spurs came later.

So to everyone that thinks that Jesse McCree is an idiot let me be the one to say that you have never been more wrong. This man is a conniving, calculating, murderous, son-of-a-bitch with a cowboy/vigilante complex. He wouldn’t hesitate to put a bullet in your head if you stood on the wrong end of justice, and the problem is, is that it’s his code of justice. It’s whatever he deems is good or evil. This guy is seriously not a force to be reckoned with. Although he may not be as book smart as Winston, Mei, and Satya, and even Blizzard stated he can be a bit of an irresponsible adult (not being able to schedule appointments on his own) He can and will outsmart you in a game of wits effortlessly while also make you question your own intelligence. Long story short: Jesse McCree is a goofy, knowledgable, badass that won’t hesitate to kick your butt if you pushed the wrong buttons. So basically don’t get on his bad side and we’re all golden.

Tease (M)

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Genre: one shot, angst, fluff and a little bit of smut

Word Count: 3,298

Request: for @shesdreaminginoverdose :  Hi author-nim can I request 33 with Baekhyun fluff and a bit smut (*´艸`*) 

Summary: (33- “Bite me” “If you insist.”) Ever since you moved next door to Baekhyun, you have been the victim of his teasing and you had enough. 

A/N: Hey everyone, this is my first one shot from the prompt list I posted a couple days ago. I will try to post the other requests soon (btw I didn’t proofread so sorry if there are any mistakes). Enjoy!

Part 1, Part 2

You run into school late, your hair everywhere and your breathing rigid. It’s your first time being late, your alarm clock not ringing for some reason.

Thankfully, you get to class before the teacher arrived. You walk into the chaotic classroom full of rowdy students talking, laughing, and throwing things around. You walk to your seat in the front of the classroom, planning on just studying when suddenly a body steps in front of you.

“Hey Y/N,” smirks Baekhyun.

You roll your eyes, not wanting to deal with him so early in the morning. “Move Baekhyun.”

“Aww, not feeling well babe?” He tilts his head to the side, stepping closer to you, so close that you feel his breath on your cheek. “Maybe because your alarm clock didn’t work?” He smirks.

You’re eyes widen. How did he know?

He notices your shock and steps back to laugh.

“How did-”

“How did I know?” He interrupts. “Because it was me, babe.”

Your fists clench in anger. “How did you get in my room? Did you climb through the window or something?”

“Nope. Your mom just let me in. I told her I had something to give you and she let me go in your room when you were at the library.”

You forgot to mention that Baekhyun happens to be your next door neighbor.

You close your eyes and inhale deeply trying to compose yourself. When you open your eyes, Baekhyun was close to you again. You gasp at his proximity, his mouth now by your ear.

“I might have taken something of yours during my visit to your room.”

He leans back to witness your expression. He really gets off of annoying you. You’re his favorite toy, he loves seeing what you can do if he pushes the right buttons.

“What did you take?” you ask through gritted teeth. You’re not giving him the satisfaction of giving in and blowing up. If you keep your composure, maybe he’ll eventually get bored of you and bother someone else.

What did you even do to deserve his ridicule? It all started when you moved in next door to him in the middle of the school year. Your mom got promoted which required for the move. You were depressed for a bit because you missed your friends so your mom decided to introduce you to your next door neighbor. Maybe if you met someone your age, you wouldn’t be so lonely anymore.

Oh god, was she wrong.

When you came over to Baekhyun’s house for the first time for dinner, you weren’t sure what to expect. You were planning on just being on your phone the whole time.

Baekhyun seemed like a nice boy at the time. He bowed to you politely and had a sweet smile on his face. You almost fell for it too until you were alone with him in his room after dinner.

“So do you like it here so far?” He asks from his computer chair by his desk.

“Yeah it’s okay,” you mumble from his bed.

“How were your friends from before?”

A smile formed on your face from the thought of them that you didn’t notice when Baekhyun came to sit next to you on the bed. “They were great. I miss them.”

You turn to him and smile, not thinking much of him next to you.

“What were they like?”

“I didn’t have many. I just had three really close ones. But that’s enough for me. They were all really caring and sweet and funny. Especially Chanyeol.”

“Did you like Chanyeol? Like more than a friend?” He presses.

A blush began to creep onto your cheeks. “Yeah. But nothing ever happened.”

“What would you of wanted to happen?”

You turn to him confused. “What do you mean?”

“Did you want him to ask you out?”


“Did you want him to kiss you?”

Your face reddens. “Yes.”

“Did you want him to fuck you?”

You’re eyes widen at his bluntness. You scoot away from him slowly, uncomfortable by the certain question.

“What’s wrong?” he asks innocently. His cute smile soon turned into a condescending smirk. “Did you not want him to?”

“That’s none of your business,” you say firmly. Who the hell was he to ask you these questions?

He scooted closer to you all while keeping eye contact.

“Did you ever think about him while you touched yourself?” He placed a hand on your thigh and caressed it lightly.

You stand up and walk across the room, far away from him. “What the hell is your problem?” you say with anger.

He puts his hands up in surrender. “I get it. You don’t want it. I respect your decision. But it was worth a try.”

You roll your eyes. At least he understands consent.

“But,” he smirks, “I’m still not going anywhere.”

“What?” you scrunch your eyebrows in confusion.

“If you don’t wanna fuck, that’s cool. But you’re fun to bother. I’m going to have a lot of fun with you.”

“Fuck off.”

“Don’t worry babe. I won’t touch you unless you want me to,” he winks.

“I’m leaving,” you say abruptly.

“Aww, why so soon? We were just getting to know each other,” he pouts. If it wasn’t for his shitty personality you would’ve thought he was cute.

You text your mom to tell her you want to leave but she texts you back with a no. You groan and roll your eyes.

“What? Mommy won’t let you leave? Guess you’re stuck with me,” he smirks.

You look around and spot his window. “No, I’m not.”

“What?” he asks confused.

You walk over to his window and look down for a way out. Luckily, there’s a pipe with grips that can be substituted for steps, making it easier for you to escape.

You begin to step out of the window and step on one of the pipe’s grips.

Baekhyun rushes toward you quickly, grabbing your arms. “Oh my god, what are you doing!? You could fall!”

“It almost sounds like you’re worried,” you smirk.

He doesn’t seem amused at all, fear still on his face. “Of course I’m worried! Get back in here before you get hurt.”

He tries to pull you up but it’s too late, you’re climbing down his window with ease.

Once you reach the ground, you look back up at a relieved Baekhyun. Awww maybe he does have a heart.

You shoot him a wink before heading toward your house.

That was the beginning of his shenanigans.

“Okay class, take your seats,” says your teacher.

“Meet me at my house after school,” Baekhyun says, leaving before you can say anything.

You take your seat and endure the rest of the day.

It’s finally after school and you go to your locker to grab the things needed for homework.

“Hey babe,” says a voice behind your locker. You close it to see a smiling Baekhyun.

“What do you want?” you ask exasperatedly.

“I thought you were going to meet me at home today? You know, to retrieve the panties I took from your room.”

“What?!” you yell, finally exploding. It’s been a long day. “You took what?” you say through gritted teeth while rubbing your temples.

His smile gets bigger as he finally hit a nerve. “Whoops, I accidentally let that slip. It was a surprise.”

You calm your erratic breathing before speaking. “I can’t come straight after school. I have tutoring.”

“Oh, I didn’t know you were stupid enough to need tutoring?”

“I’m the tutor you dumbass.”

You begin walking away to the library to meet with the person you’re tutoring.

Every day, Monday thru Thursday, you tutor Sehun on math in the library. You were asked by your teacher if you could tutor Sehun for extra credit. You were hesitant at first but you never turn down extra credit so you agreed. You expected Sehun to be rude and annoying because he probably didn’t take the class seriously but in reality, he genuinely needed help. He wanted to do his best which is why he was the one who requested for a tutor. That made your job easier which is why you didn’t mind tutoring him.

You enter the library and see Sehun already there, waiting for you. He waves at you and you wave back as you made your way to the seat in front of him.

You didn’t notice Baekhyun had been following you until he pulled up the seat next to you.

You turned to him in confusion. “What are you doing?”

“I’m here for tutoring,” he smiles.

“No, I’m only tutoring Sehun. If you need help then we can schedule a tutoring date some other time.”

“No, it’s fine Y/N,” Sehun says, placing a hand over yours. “You can tutor us both.”

You look down at the hand touching yours and immediately blush. “Uh okay.”

Baekhyun stares at your hands touching and a scowl becomes visible on his face.

“So, let’s get started then,” says Baekhyun loudly, startling you into pulling your hand back.

“Yeah okay,” you mumble.

It started out fine, no interruptions except for the reasonable questions for clarification. It wasn’t until you assigned the problems for them to solve that things got out of hand.

Sehun and Baekhyun were attempting to solve a series of problems you assigned while you did your own homework.

“Y/N? Can you help me with this one? I’m stuck,” says Sehun.

You smile up at him as you make your way around to his side of the table. You crouch down next to him as you look at the problem.

“I can’t seem to get the answer I need to continue,” explains Sehun.

You nod in understanding and look over the problem. Little did you know that Baekhyun was staring angrily at the attention you were giving Sehun. He doesn’t know why he’s feeling this way. He doesn’t think he feels anything for you except for the fact that he likes bothering you. He likes when you give him attention and now that you’re giving it to someone else, he doesn’t like it.

“You forgot to transfer the negative in this step,” you say as you point out the mistake.

Sehun turns to you and smiles. “Thanks, Y/N. I get it now.”

“No problem,” you say as you ruffle Sehun’s hair.

You return to your seat and begin working on your homework again when Baekhyun taps your shoulder. You roll your eyes before turning to him with an annoyed look.

“What?” you snark.

“I just needed help with number six,” he says simply.

You blink confusedly. “Oh, sorry.”

You look over his shoulder and see that he’s stopped midway on the problem.

You turn to look at him, “Do you not get it from here?”

He shakes his head.

You nod and begin explaining the process. As you’re explaining to him the steps to continue, you feel his hand rest on your thigh, causing you to stutter.

You look at him and he gives you an innocent look. You stop explaining the problem and get up to sit next Sehun.

“Do you need any more help?” you ask Sehun sweetly.

“No, I think I’m done. Can you check my answers?”

“Yeah,” you say as you grab his worksheets and begin to correct them.

“You only got these two wrong,” you say, handing him back his hand out. You check the time and see that the two hours are up and it’s time to end the tutoring session.

“Okay Sehun, so these problems should help you with completing the homework but if you need help, you have my number so feel free to call me for anything.”

“Yeah, for sure. Thanks for everything,” he says as he pulls you in for a hug. You hug for a couple seconds before an awkward cough from Baekhyun interrupts the intimate moment.

“Oh, do you need a ride home?” asks Sehun. “Your house is along the way anyways.”

Baekhyun stands quickly and puts an arm around you. “No,” he says a little too quickly. He coughs awkwardly before continuing. “Actually, I was going to take her home. We’re neighbors anyway.”

Sehun looks at both of you awkwardly before nodding and walking away.

You turn to Baekhyun. “I’m not going home with you.”

“Yes, you are cause you still need to come to my house.”

You walk past him, out of the library and down the hall to the entrance of the school. You can hear his footsteps follow you but you don’t turn back. Once you walk out the front door, you stop and sigh as you notice how dark it has gotten.

“Just let me give you a ride,” persuades Baekhyun. “It’s dangerous out at this time. It’s only for a few minutes.”

You sigh before nodding. He places a hand at the small of your back, leading you to his car. You try not to think much of it until you feel his hand slowly slide down toward your butt. You shoot him a warning look before he rolls his eyes and places his hand back up on your back. Once you reach his car, he lets go of you and opens the door for you. You slide into the car and smirk.

“Wow, maybe you do have manners,” you tease.

He smiles back, “you know it, babe.”

He closes the door and slides into the driver’s seat.

The ride home wasn’t as awkward as you thought it would be. It was quiet but a comfortable quiet with the stereo quietly playing in the background as Baekhyun hums along to the song. He has a lovely voice but you’ll never bring yourself to admit that aloud.

Once parked outside of his house, he goes around and opens the door for you. You thank him quietly as he grabs your hand leading you in his house. Before you can object, Baekhyun’s mom has already seen you.

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” she asks happily.

“She’s here to help me with some homework,” Baekhyun adds before you can speak.

“Oh, well that’s very nice of you. Don’t let me get in the way,” she dismisses herself.

Once she’s out of sight, Baekhyun grabs a hold of your hand again and leads you to his room.

It’s deja vu. You sit on his bed waiting for him as he closes the door. He comes toward you to sit on the bed but you stop him before he can.

“Nope. You sit over there,” you say pointing at his desk chair. He groans before dragging himself there, like a little kid who got grounded.

He turns to face you, smirk once again plastered on his face. Gosh, how you wish you could slap that smirk off his face.

“So,” you begin. “Where’s my underwear?”

“Oh, you mean these.” He takes out a pair of black underwear from his pants pocket.

Your eyes widen. “You had them on you the entire time?!”

“Yep, and I thought of you wearing them the entire day,” he smiles cutely.

You rub your temples again, trying to regain your composure. You take a deep breath before speaking again. “Can I have them back, please?”


You clench your fists, your breath becoming rigid. “Why not?” you ask through gritted teeth.

“Not until you answer some of my questions.”

“That wasn’t part of the deal. All I had to do was come here and get them.”

“I didn’t say that’s all you had to do.”

You take a breather before speaking. “Fine. What do you want to know?”

“Hmm, let’s start easy,” he taps his chin jokingly.

“Can you please hurry, Baek? I still have a lot of homework to finish.”

“Oh, I like the nickname. It’s cute.”

Your patience is running out. You’re usually tolerable of others but Baekhyun is another case. You’re not having any of his games anymore.

“Bite me,” you say as you stand up to retrieve your things.

“If you insist,” he says cockily.

Dumbfounded by his response, you didn’t comprehend when he came toward you and slammed his mouth against yours. It took you a while to comprehend what was happening until he tried slipping his tongue in your mouth. You almost moaned and gave in but stopped yourself and pushed him back.

“What the hell, asshole?” you wipe your mouth dramatically.

“What? You said to bite you, so I did.”

“Shut up,” you say as you take a seat on his bed again. “Okay let’s get this over with. What questions do you have?”

“How does Sehun know where you live?” he wastes no time complying.

“What?” you asked confused.

“He said your house is on the way to his when he offered to give you a ride. How does he know where you live?”

“Umm, whenever he needs extra help, he comes to my house to study,” you answered hesitantly.

“So I haven’t been the only guy in your room?”


“Have you fucked him?” he asks angrily.

“Baekhyun,” you warn.

“Answer the question or no panties.”

“No, we haven’t fucked. Are you happy?”

“Yes,” he blurts out before covering his mouth.

You eye him suspiciously, suddenly everything is hitting you. His constant teasing, his want for attention, him asking questions about Sehun. He’s jealous because he likes you.

You begin to smirk as you make your way toward him. He eyes you hesitantly, not knowing what’s going on. You decide that it’s your turn to tease him.

You suddenly sit on his lap, placing one arm around his neck and the other caressing his cheek.

His eyes are wide at your sudden confidence. His body stiff, not knowing what to do.

“Does little Baekhyun have a crush on me?” you begin to say as you caress his cheek.

“N-no,” he turns his head to the side to avoid eye contact.

You forcefully bring his face back to face you, looking at you submissively.

“Tell me the truth,” you say sternly.

His gaze falters as he speaks. “Okay, fine. I do.”

“You what? Say it.”

“I like you. I have since you got here.”

“Aww. So you do have a heart,” you chuckle.

He rolls his eyes but remains stiff.

“Are you jealous of Sehun?”

“Yes,” he says avoiding eye contact.

“Do you want me to touch you?” you ask seductively.

He breathes rigidly before answering, “y-yes.”

Your hand goes from his cheek to down his chest and torso to his growing bulge. This is easier than you thought. You touch his bulge gently and his hips automatically thrust forward. You chuckle at his desperateness.

“Impatient, aren’t we?” you tease.

“Please, Y/N. Please touch me.”

“Of course.” You slowly begin to message him through his pants, eliciting moans from him. You eventually move your hand faster and harder, making him groan into your neck, his hands grasping the arm rests. Soon you feel him twitch through his pants. Once you think he’s about to cum you reach into his pocket and snatch your panties. You get up from his lap and gather your things.

He’s in complete and utter shock of what just happened. You lead him on just to retrieve your underwear.

“See you tomorrow,” you wink at him before exiting his room.

He sits there, still not believing what just happened. He can’t believe you played him like that. You got him to admit that he liked you, you made him hard, and you made him beg for your touch. All while managing to leave him sexually frustrated with a hard on that will be hard to relieve.

He underestimated you and you left him feeling humiliated. He looks across his window and sees you doing your homework as if nothing had happened.

Boy, is he whipped.

A/N: Thank you requesting and please give me feedback. 

teach me

“Have you ever touched yourself?” Harry suddenly asks you.

He was over at your place for a movie night, like he did every friday. The two of you created this tradition years ago, back when you were still kids. Back when Harry wasn’t even famous and back when the two of you were only best friends, and nothing more. You guys would watch movies on netflix, any movie would do just fine; the most important part was cuddling.

Years went on since the tradition started. Soon enough it wasn’t just netflix. It turned into ‘netflix and chill’ and everything under that assortment. You guys were, per say, best friends with benefits. And now, the two of you are together. Boyfriend and girlfriend.

But the thing is, while you and Harry have definitely done stuff on freaky fridays, he’s never ever questioned you about masturbating.

You feel your cheeks heat up, along with the rest of your body. You pretend you didn’t hear Harry and snuggle a bit further under the covers, pretending like you’re actually paying attention to the random movie up on the television.

“I know you heard me, Y/N,” Harry coos out in a teasing voice. He knows just what he’s doing, getting you all worked up.

You respond to him honestly after realizing you can’t avoid the situation, no matter how hard you try. “I mean, I used to,” you divulge.

“Why don’t you anymore?” Harry queries. At first, you thought he was joking around, but he’s completely serious as he says this to you. There’s no mocking glint in his green eyes.

“Because my hands just don’t compare to yours. I mean I’ve tried to and all that but it’s not as good,” you mused. It’s quite crazy to think, but Harry knows your body so much better than you do yourself. He knows just what to do and just what buttons to push.

“Well we’re gonna have to change that, aren’t we,” Harry coaxed, his eyes turning to a darker forest green. That’s how you’ve always been able to tell when he’s in a lustful mood. His pupils will dilate and the colour around them will turn dark, almost black.

“Why?” you ask, not understanding where he’s going with this.

Harry chuckles, marvelling on how you remain so cute and innocent despite no longer being a virgin.

“I’m going away for a week, wanna make sure my girl isn’t feeling too lonely while I’m gone,” Harry smirks.

“Oh,” is the only word you’re able to let out.

“Lay down for me, baby. I’m gonna show you how to do it,” Harry’s suddenly the teacher and you’re the student. You can’t help but abide to his orders. He removes the duvet up from on top of you and once he does, you being to take off the oversized t-shirt of his that you’re wearing. Harry tsks and grabs ahold of your wrist to stop you, “Nope, the key is going slow, babygirl.”

“You have to tease yourself, make yourself want it. Bad,” Harry reveals in a low and raspy voice, “First, I’ll show you how. Then I want you to try, yea? I’ll make sure you’re good to go while I’m gone,”

You nod along to his words, letting him know silently that you’re happy with his plan.

“First, I like to taunt your body a bit. Make sure my hands only ghost atop of you when I’m stripping you down,” Harry explains as he lets his hands wander. He lifts the shirt and brings it up over your arms as you helplessly wait for his next instructions. “Going to want to do some foreplay before getting down to your sweet little pussy,” Harry advises to you.

He unclasps your bra and brings his hands down to your breasts. “Make sure to play a while with your cute little tits. They’re the most sensitive part of you, other than your clit. But we’ll get to that later,”

You let your body relax as his hands massage your tender chest area, getting your nipples hardened, pinching and squeezing wherever he can. Your body responds to his touch, twisting and turning, whining out for as much as it can get.

He continues his way down your body in the same fashion, letting you know what he’s doing each step of the way.

Soon enough, Harry is at your feet and is grinning up at you. “This is my favorite part,” he lets on. His hands trail up your legs, towards your heat. “I’ll normally plant some kisses along the way like so,” Harry illustrates the image out for you as he does it himself, pressing wet kisses up your thighs. “But you can’t kiss yourself, so you’ll probably skip out on that part,” Harry mentions, letting your body feel the vibrations formed by his voice.

“Now this is where I’m gonna let you take the lead, need you to gimme your hand. I’ll help you with the movements,” Harry pulls his face out to grab your wrist that’s extended towards him.

He crawls out of your legs and moves to the side, “Get in my lap, love.”

You do as he says and soon enough you’re settled with your back against his chest, head only reaching where his neck starts to form.

He drags your hand to your rosy bud, “This is what I was telling you about, it’s gonna prove to be very useful, yeah?”

You nod along to his words, not paying full attention to them, but rather the quite hard shaft poking into your butt. That and the rather tight knot forming inside your stomach.

Harry whispers into your ear, telling you how to rub it; sensually and slowly. You get comfortable with him leading the way, dragging your hand up and down against your sensitive bud. He removes it after a bit, hoping that you’d continue with his pace, but instead you whine out. He doesn’t bring his hand back though, so you’re forced to attempt to continue his prophecy, rubbing your thumb against your clit and keeping the fire inside alive and burning.

“There you go baby!” Harry voices his pride, holding you by your waist. Then of course, right when you’re about to pop the bubble he set out for you, he takes ahold of your wrist again and stops you.

“What was that for?” you complain, wanting to know why he’s stopping you from helping yourself like he wanted. “I’m not done teaching you, baby. There’s still one more step,” he explains.

“And what the hell could that be?”

“I think you know what it is love,” he says and forms your fingers into a scissoring position. “Oh god, no, Harry. Don’t need’ta try that,” you quickly try to sway the thought, not wanting to even attempt to probe your fingers in. You knew it wouldn’t be your expertise.

“Fine, at least lemme finish you off then, considering I stopped yeh,” you agree quickly, bobbing your head up and down, knowing that he’d bring you to something greater that you could’ve with your thumb.

His large fingers insert themselves up at your entrance, rings on and all. Despite Harry’s entire ‘go slow’ speech, he wastes no time in diving his index and middle in, curling them up against your spongy walls.

Moans pour out of your mouth almost immediately following his actions. He tries adding a third finger, adding to the pleasure filling up inside of your body.

He twists them around in some weird motion that ignites a forest fire. You approach cloud nine, no, not approach, run towards it. Harry can tell that you’re close and brings his thumb around to twirl it on your clit, finishing off the job.

“Oh god, yes,” you gasp as you cum on his hands.

“Not god, just Harry,” Harry gives a full-blown laugh, his fingers still knuckle deep inside of you. He doesn’t even try to remove them as he continues to laugh.

You giggle despite the situation that you’re in, Harry doesn’t know when to stop with the stupid jokes. Your hand clasps around his free one, squeezing it a bit, to attempt to control the laughter escaping the both of you. It doesn’t work.


A/N - I’m thinking about a part two where Y/N tries and tries to get herself off while Harry’s gone but she can’t so she calls him and they have phone sex? Yay? Nay? Or maybe something where Y/N tries a vibrator while he’s gone? Idk. Also sorry for the horrid ending lol


Contains : bestfriend!jungkook, SMUT !  

Group : BTS  

Member : Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook

Words : + 2,7k

Summary : It started out innocent, little dares here and there to entertain each other. From a young age, you and Jungkook would give each other challenges, in order to see who was the bravest. But things get a little less innocent when your best friend dares you to give him a lap dance for his birthday.

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A/N : “Nae mameul jeoksyeojwo bi naeryeojwo
memareuji anhge apeuji anhge.”, lyrics from Wet by JooYoung, translated in “Wet my heart, make it rain. So it won’t dry, so it won’t hurt.”

Feedback or a request, everything is here ! I didn’t proof read.

The music was still buzzing in your ears, a thin layer of sweat on your forehead from all the dancing, all you wanted to do was to get rid of all your makeup and your dress.

Jungkook signed beside you, he was still amazed by the party and all you organised for his day. Even though he was tired, he had told you he wanted to spend the entire night awake, even if he had to sleep for a whole week after.

“Jungkook, can we go to sleep ?”, you whined, taking your shoes off. A wave of relief taking over your body when your bare foot touched the floor.

“What ? No !”, he said, smacking your shoudler. He bent down to take your shoes.

“But I’m so tired.”, you whined, your finger touching the tip of his nose to get his attention.
“Hey, Y/N, it’s my birthday, we do what I want to do.”, he playfully said, getting up.

You sighed, trying to act annoyed even though Jungkook could see a clear smile on your face.
Your best friend walked towards his bedroom, leaving the lights off in his apartment, and you followed him, curious to know what he had planned for his birthday night.

The apartment was left silente as the two of you started to get comfortable. Jungkook’s place was like a second home to you, and when you stayed to sleep, it was like you lived together, having a specific routine.

The routine included borrowing one of his shirt and his bathroom to take your makeup off while he waited or prepared what he wanted to do.

You quickly got rid of the tight fabric hugging your body, before taking your makeup off.
Carefully rubbing your eye makeup, you sighed when you saw that all you makeup up was gone.

Walking out of his bathroom, you catched your best friend’s attention. He was sitting, still in his white button up and black jean, on his bed.

“You didn’t get changed ?”, you asked, sitting in front of him.
“I’ll get changed after.”, he simply said. He threw his phone somewhere, his head falling in his hand, elbow resting on his knee.

“Thank you for the party.”, he breathed. You smiled, rolling your eyes. “That’s what best friends are for !”, you chuckled.

You streched, your arms above your head. It was a stressful day, the party was a surprise, and you were afraid that something would go wrong. But thankfully, everything was perfect. Jungkook was happy, and it’s all that mattered.

You started to lay down, Jungkook’s shirt riding up, revealing your underwear.
Jungkook’s back leaned agaisnt the headboard, looking at you.

“So, do you have plans on what you want to do ?”, you asked, getting comfortable on his bed.

“I actually do.”, he said, raising an eyebrow.

And you knew this expression, by heart. Whenever Jungkook had an idea, a dare for you, he would raise his eyebrow, a malicious glint in his eyes.
You and Jungkook would give each other dares since the beginning of your friendship, it’s started simple, but sometimes would get one of you in serious trouble.
Like that time when Jungkook stole a lipstick, and almost got caught.

You two were really competitive, neither of you liked to lose. Both of you also hated admiting that you couldn’t do something, and Jungkook knew it.

“I’m all ears.”, you said, getting up on your elbow.

Jungkook sighed, getting up of his bed, “Nevermind, I don’t think you’ll be able to do it.”, he said.
He back was facing you, and you knew he had his stupid little smirk on his face when you jumped up, “Excuse me ?”

He fully got up, rolling his sleeves, “I had an idea, but I think it’s too much for you. I’ll get my computer so we can watch a movie.”

Your mouth dropped, eyebrows raised. He knew how to push your buttons, but you couldn’t help it, grabbing his shirt before he could exit his bedroom.
He turned around, trying to hide his obvious smile under a surprised look.

“Is it a dare ?”, you asked. He looked down at you, lightly biting his lips, nodding. “Bring it on.”, you said confident.

Jungkook chuckled, taking his desk chair, sitting in front of you.
“I wanted to give you this dare last year, since it was my 18th birthday, but I wasn’t there and-”

“Okay Jungkook, just tell me.”, you said, playfully pushing the chair with your foot, but before you knew, Jungkook grabbed your ankle, bringing you closer to him.

The boy started to unbutton the top of his shirt, as you unconsciously pressed your thighs together.

“Give me a lapdance.”, he breathed.

And you stopped breathing for a second, looking at Jungkook’s devilish smile.
So that’s what he wanted, you thought. On one hand, you didn’t know if it was better to refuse, and be the target of his jokes for a week or so. But on the other, you didn’t want to give him this satisfaction, you wanted to erase his smirk. And odly enough, the idea of giving him a lap dance didn’t repulse you, rather, you wanted him to moan and brag about it for weeks.

You snapped when he got up of his chair, he got caught off garde when you pushed him, hand flat on his torso.
His smirk made its way back, streching his lips, his tongue on his canine tooth.

It’s just for the dare, that’s what you were repeating again and again, but you both knew that you wouldn’t do it if you didn’t want to. You placed your knees on each side of his hips, “At least give me some music.”, you whispered, as if you were afraid to talk.

Jungkook nodded, leaning forward to take his phone in his bed. His arm locked behind your back as he was also forcing you to lean backwards. His breath was ghosting over your hair, and somehow, his smirk was already fading.

He quickly unlocked his phone, his arm still around you, starting the music. The song started, and something immediatly changed in the air, you knew the song, the lyrics by heart and all the meaning behind it.
Butterflies in your stomach, you started moving when you heard the voice of the singer.
Your hips started slow movements over Jungkook’s crotch, your breath inching. You were focused on your best friend’s reaction, his eyes following your hips, lower lip caught between his teeth.

Your hands leaned on each side of Jungkook’s head, your head coming closer. Jungkook’s hand grabbed your hips, before you whispered, “I never said you were allowed to touch.”

He whined, fingers grabbing the arm rest. He was craving to feel your skin under his fingers tips, and guide your hips to move lower on his crotch.
Unconsciously, you started humming the song, your lips dangerously close to his own.

Your hips started moving lower and lower, your closed heat lightly rubbing his jean. Your breath quicken as you slowly moved your hips back and forth.
A smirk streching your lips when you saw Jungkook’s expression, digits still tightly grabbing the fabric of the chair, biting his lips, his eyes clouded with lust looking at you through his hair.

“How you feel about that ?”, you breathed, alongside the singer, before softly singing the beginning of the chorus, “Nae mameul jeoksyeojwo bi naeryeojwo memareuji anhge apeuji anhge.*”

Jungkook moaned, his chest falling and rising with every irregular breath. “Take it off.”, he asked, and he sounded wrecked.
Continuing your movements, you grabbed his hands, placing them on your hips.
You were expecting him to immidiatly take your shirt off, but his hands traveled under your shirt, feeling your skin and your following your movements.
His fingers dragging along your side, making goosebumps rise, before he grabbed the end of the fabric.

The shirt was thrown somewhere on the floor, revealing your panties and bra. Jungkook’s hands went back on your hips, running up and down your sides.
You were pressing your heat more and more on the obvious bulge forming underneath the boy’s jean, a shaky breath leaving his lips.

His arms locked behind your back, bringing you closer to his torso, his head dropping in the crook of your neck.
His lips started leaving a trail of kisses on the side of your neck as the second song started. You paused to catch your breath, Jungkook’s head rising to look into your eyes at Jay Park’s first lines.

His hands forced you down, making you fully grind on him, a moan coming from your lips.
One of his hand grabbed the back of your head, lips crashing on yours. His lips were soft, contrasting with how aggresively he was kissing you. His teeth captured your lower lip, tugging at it before letting it snap back. He wanted to beat you at your own game, his lips ghosting over your ear while he sang along, “What I wanna do yeah.”

Your body reacted, hips bucking, a broken moan tumbling from his lips. His hands grabbed the hem of your panties, making you more harder on him, “Just like that.”, he breathed.

Biting your lips, heart pounding, your shaky hands grabbed the buttons of his shirt, hastily opening them. You were craving to feel his skin against your palms, a shaky breath leaving your lips when Jungkook took the fabric off his shoulders.

The music was just a background noise, a blur, alongside everything that wasn’t Jungkook. Your hips were still moving, not following the song anymore, only following the moans of Jungkook, soon interrupted when his lips met yours again.

The song stopped, maybe another one started, but neither of you cared. Without breaking the kiss, Jungkook wrapped his arms in your back, getting up. You whined at the lost of friction, your hand tugging back your best friend’s fringe.

His head dropped back in the crook of your neck as the layed you down on his bed, teeth biting on your skin, making sure to leave a mark for you to remind for the days after.

The wetness between your legs was starting to feel uncomfortable but you punched the thought away, another part of you wanted to do something else.
Jungkook was sucking on the skin of your collarbone, a moan escaping your lips, his body reacted, bucking his hips into yours with a groan.

All his torture and moans were making you dizzy, and you wanted him to feel as wrecked as you, your fingers quickly unbutonning his pants.
Jungkook chuckled, his hand grabbing a jaw to make you look at him.
“What are you doing ?”, he asked, clearly wanting to hear those filthy words coming out of your pretty mouth.
You entered his game, looking at him dead in the eyes, “Let me suck you off.”
He groaned, closing his eyes, before releasing your jaw.

He moved, letting you get up of the bed.

“Fuck, you’re such a good girl for me.”, he breathed, watching you drop on you, getting up on his feets to be in front of you. You whimpered, his words making your head spin, not helping your ruined panties.

You swiftly took off his pants, licking your lips at the sight. The tip was as red as his swollen lips, pre-cum leaking from it. Jungkook’s hand, wrapped around his base, pumping up and down.

His was looking at you through his fringe before his other hand pushed his hair back, lips parted. “Suck.”, he breathed.

Your hand wrapped around his base, as his grabbed your hair. Your lips wrapped around his tip, humming at he salty taste of his pre-cum. A moan tumbled from Jungkook’s lips, trying not to buck his hips. Coating his tip with saliva, sucking on it, you carefully watched as Jungkook threw his head back, his chest falling and rising at an irregular pace.
His throat was exposed, revealing his Adam’s apple, bobbing up and down.

“Take all of it.”, he said through gritted teeth. You obliged, replacing your hand with your mouth.
Breathing through your nose, you started bobbing your head up and down. You focused on Jungkook’s moans, filling the room.

Keeping your tongue flat against your best friend’s dick, you tried to relax your jaw as the boy’s hand left your hair to caress your cheek.
His moans were growing louder as he was getting closer, accidently bucking his hips a few times.

You knew that he was getting closer to his high, and all you wanted to see was his face as he came, but he stopped you when you started moving your head faster.

“Stop, I don’t want to come now.”, he said, helping you get up.

He hand went back to your jaw, his lips crashing once again on yours. Both of you were fighting for dominance, before his hand cupped your closed heat, a gasp leaving your lips.

“Fuck, babygirl, you’re so wet.”, he groaned, tugging at you earlobe. You sighed, arms wrapping around his neck.

“Did I make you that wet ?”, he asked, digits tracing your closed folds.

You nodded, eyes closed, unable to talk.

“Words.”, he said, stopping his movements for a brief moments.

Yes.”, you whimpered, legs trembling.

Jungkook chuckled, an arm supporting you. His lips ghosted over yours, and with a low voice, he asked. “You’re going to let me have my way, aren’t you ?”

You nodded, eyes as dark as his, before he continued, “Get on your hands and knees for me kitten.”
And your breath got caught in your throat, skin burning, heat aching, you got on Jungkook’s bed.
He didn’t move, watching in awe as you waited for him.

“Jungkook.”, you whined, getting his attention. He got behind you, hands grabbing your hips.
“Yes babygirl ?”, he asked, playing with the hem of your panties.

“Do something.”, you begged, and you could hear the boy’s smirk as he spoke, “So impatient.”

His hands caressed your skin, before continuing, “You’ve been such a good girl for me, I guess I want make you beg for this time.”

Finally, he took your panties off, placing himself behind you, you could feel his dick rubbing between your folds.

“So, so wet.”, he whimpered to himself, looking down. You lost the feeling of his skin, hearing him open his drawer to get a condom.

Soon enough, his digits dugged back into the skin of your hips, sucking a breath he asked, “What do you want, say it and I’ll give it to you.”

“Fuck me.”, you said, bluntly, and that’s all he needed, pushing himself into you.
You moaned at the feeling, craving to get your release. On the other hand, Jungkook kept his eyes closed, mind fogged with the feeling of your walls around him.

He started slowly, trying to contain himself, he hips rolling against yours. You needed more, backing against his hips, Jungkook groaned, his fingers probably leaving bruises on the soft skin of your hips.

He chuckled, breathlessly, “So earger.”

You only moaned, your hands giving up when the boy started slamming in and out. Moans filling the room, you had to grip something, taking a fist full of the sheets.
You were moaning into the matress, trying to muffle them, but Jungkook wasn’t having it.

One of hand traveled up your back, fingertips tracing your arched spine, before grabbing your hair.
Pulling you into him, his arm arm wrapped around your stomach, his head droppping in the crook of your neck.

“I want everyone to hear who’s making you feel so good.”, he groaned, his finger drawing fingers on your clint.
Eyes closed, the feeling was overwhelming, taking over all your senses. Mouth agape, you couldn’t care less, letting the moans tumbling from your lips.

Jungkook was a mess, moaning and groaning near your ear, he was getting closer, his breath short and uneven.

“Are you gonna cum for me ?”
he asked, and you moaned, fingers intertwining with his hair. “So close.”, you breathed.

His thrusts grew harder, hitting a particular spot, and soon enough, your body gave up, a loud moan escaping your lips. Closing your eyes, your fingers probably leaving scratch marks in the back of Jungkook’s neck, you came around him.

“I’m gonna cum, so hard.”, he whined.

You knew he was holding himself, and he came in the condom right after, a loud moan filling the room as he fucked you through your orgasm, his breath heavy.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck.”, he cried out, his forehead on your shoulder.
You collapsed on the bed, Jungkook following beside you, a layer of sweat clear on each other’s skin.

“Well, happy birthday.”, you said, making Jungkook chuckle, playfully hiting your arm before hugging you from behind.


Why build a tiny house instead of buying existing small house or trailer?

The biggest reason for me is creative empowerment.

There are so many things we aren’t in control over. But one of them, if you have some money put aside, is your shelter. There’s something incredibly validating about building my own shelter.

If you think about it, how many things do you create on a daily basis, vs consume? How much of your individualized potential is being expressed in your daily life, vs molded by others?

So many of us wake up in beds designed for the masses, wearing one size fits all PJs, grabbing our push-button coffee out the door on the way to our increasingly commoditized jobs in the car with the “best reviews”.

Best not become unemployed or you’ll lose access to your pharmaceutically manufactured pills. That would make the CEOs very angry.

I sleepwalked through 3 years of consumption before I finally realized I’m not even participating in my own life!

In my house, everything is exactly how I want. And if it’s not, I’ll have intimate knowledge how to change it.

Solar power, heated floors, loft speakers, enclosed shower, four-burner range… Hell a garden in my living room if I so desire. I can have it all in 150 sq ft. for about $30,000. And go anywhere with all that too. And no one can evict me or foreclose on it.

Proving her wrong

the reader and Ivar are childhood friends and she finds out what happened between Ivar and Margarethe and proves to him she was wrong plus puts Sigurd in his place about tormenting Ivar  

warning: smut/fluff it gets explicit and VERY light BDSM and some cussing


Ivar x reader

not my gifs found on google


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His Control (M)

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 3,942

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Description: After showing off to his friends what he could do more push-ups than them, you felt like he was going overboard with his competitive side. Ignoring him for a couple weeks, made a new side of him come out.

Warning: Dom!Kook, Thigh Riding, Teasing, Dirty Talk, Daddy Kink and Orgasm Denial

A/N: I made a bet in a group chat that I wouldn’t say anything sexual about Jungkook for a month. I won but during that month, I would type out how a felt about this “unnamed guy” aka Jungkook. So, after the month was up, I decided to change all the ‘He’s to Jungkook. The beginning is kind of based on Episode 12 of Run BTS. I can’t believe I wrote all of this filth. Well, looks like I’m going to hell after this. Also, I didn’t edit it. So, if there’s any mistakes. I’m sorry

Whenever he walked over to you, there would be a huge smile on his face. It would have seemed as if he won the lottery or if he found out something interesting that he was ready to tell you about. Jungkook’s smile made you feel like you were stuck in a trance and everything around you was moving slowly. Whenever you looked into his considerably large eyes, it would feel as if it was only you and him in the world. He had that effect on you and you never knew it. He had his days where he would annoy you to the point where you would ignore him for days on end. Especially on this particular day, he was showing off way too much and you were not having it.

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10 Things I needed after Top Surgery

1. A place to stay and someone to stay with.  Seriously, recovery is not something you can do on your own.  If you know a nurse who is willing to hang out with you it makes life 10X easier because they are used to seeing blood and helping people and cleaning up messes.  My friend even helped me wash my hair over his kitchen sink and changed my dressings for me.  No reaching, no stretching, no bending over, it’s great.

2. Something soft and comforting.  The pain meds made me woozy and a little emotional.  I couldn’t control when I slept, when I was awake, I couldn’t even keep my eyes open sometimes.  I lost track of time, started conversations I didn’t remember, etc.  Having something around that was constant like a specific blanket, a drink you like, a tv show you can binge on that you’ve watched before (you’ll fall asleep and no remember what happened), helped make me feel more stable.  I chose a blanket and pillow that I particularly like.  And have some Arizona tea always around.

3. Bendy Straws.  This is pretty common but they’re really a life saver.  I didn’t have to pick my arms up for anything really. 

4. Something to keep toilet paper closer to the toilet in the bathroom.  Whether this is a cheap toilet paper rack or even a small bucket or stool, I had issues reaching the toilet paper roll because it was either too far in front of me or on the wall behind me.  Consider where the toilet paper is in your bathroom and make adjustments if you need to.  

5. Glass cleaning cloth.  With how much I fell asleep and woke up, my glasses were constantly on and off my face, falling on the floor, and of course I had to pick them up with my toes if I was alone because I couldn’t bend them over.  At some point I was ready to safety pin a cloth to my surgery binder so I didn’t have to keep asking for one when I couldn’t see through all the smudges.  This is also helpful for computer screens and phone screens especially if you aren’t wearing normal clothing like a soft tshirt or jacket.

6. Easy access medications.  If your meds come with child locks on them, you might not be able to open them.  Find a jar or something with a really easy access lid - something that screws off with you having to push buttons or pop anything - and LABEL things according to what you use them for.  Pain meds really clogged my thoughts so seeing words like “OW” and “BLEH” on the top of bottles helped me distinguish which med was for pain and which med was for nausea.  Have fun with this one.

7. A pillow that won’t run away.  If you’re sleeping in a bed, try body pillows around you.  If you’re sleeping on a couch, make sure it’s not a couch that will swallow you between the cushions.  I spent most of my time in a recliner with a travel pillow around my neck.

8. Meditation music or something quiet.  After the first 12-24 hours I found myself holding my shoulders up trying to reduce the pain on my incisions which caused a lot of tension in my back, neck, and shoulders.  At some points they were more painful than the incisions.  Take some time to really meditate and relax your muscles or the tightness will impact everything around you - pain levels, mood, etc.  

9. Easy access snacks.  I love clementines so we found some that were easy to peel.  Chip bags that are small and easy to handle are nice too.  Light plates, bowls, plastic cups, things that don’t require a lot of coordination work well because it’s hard to get situated and then have to reach for a ton of things.  Eat food that only requires one utensil.  Etc.

10. Short Walks.  March in Michigan is cold, so we went to stores to get one or two things, I leaned over a cart and hobbled through.  It made me dizzy and painful, it sucked most of the time, but once I sat down and relaxed I felt so much better than pre-walk.  I wasn’t fidgety anymore, I felt like I could actually sit still and let myself heal rather than getting up every 10 minutes or asking for water or reading a book or scratching or painting my nails.  I slept better after walks, I ate better after walks, and I felt more emotionally stable after walks.  

Okay, those are my top 10 things.  I’m sure there are others depending on your situation.  Some people recommend cough drops for your sore throat after anesthesia, I didn’t experience this.  I also experienced a little more draining than a lot of guys do and thus needed some extra gauze and bandages.  Long phone chargers, comfy slippers, and loose-fitting clothes are often recommended too.  I used my regular 6ft charger, had some slippers but mostly only wore them when my feet were cold, and I wore shorts and my surgery binder for most of the week after because it was easier to regulate my temperature with blankets than take clothes on and off.  

If you have any questions feel free to message me.

The Signs From Leo’s Perspective

Aries: You’re cool peoples, man. I can usually count on you to have fun with me. But sometimes you shut down. I don’t think you ever really let me know what your true feelings are. I wish you would let loose a little more and have fun like we both know you can.

Taurus: You’re too reserved for me sometimes. You never really talk and you can be really selfish sometimes. It would be cool if you actually started up a conversation with me so that I won’t be so insecure and think that you don’t like me.

Gemini: You’re my bestie. I love hanging out with you and going to all the hottest parties. You know how to have a good time the same way I do. But you can be really flaky and you lie to me a lot, which makes me mad. I wish you would be more honest with me.

Cancer: I love you so much and I don’t even know why. You’re clingy and babyish and emotional, which I usually hate, but, for some reason, I can’t even be mad at you. I love how caring you are and how much attention you give me. You love just as hard as I do. I just wish you weren’t so depressed sometimes.

Leo: You’re the bread to my butter and the peanut butter to my jelly. We’re like yin and yang. You are just as fabulous and fun as me and we always have fun for days every time we hang out. The only thing that sucks is we know how to push each other’s buttons which makes us fight a lot. I wish we didn’t have to go through that so much.

Virgo: You get on my nerves so freaking much. At the end of the day I still love you, but we just can’t ever seem to get along. I hate how much you criticize me and tell me I’m not living my life right. I also don’t like to be around you all of the time because it can be kind of depressing.

Libra: I love you so much. You’re super fun to talk to and you always have the latest gossip. You’re really fun and nice and you always try to get along with everyone. The only thing I don’t like is that you can be kind of nosy and get into my business.

Scorpio: You’re cool, but you’re fucking crazy, too. You get a little to hyped on your exes and want to talk about revenge plans, which puts me off. You can find better. You can handle a lot of liquor and fun when you’re not moody, and I like seeing that part of you more.

Sagittarius: You’re the person I can always call when I need a little pick me up. You’re a clown, but in a good way, and you’re really down to earth. I enjoy cracking jokes with you and just chilling and smoking weed together.

Capricorn: You’re the one I call when I need advice and someone to listen to y problems. You always know how to examine both sides of the story and figure out every possible solution. When I come to you for advice, I know I’m leaving with the best answer. The one thing I don’t like is that you never call me…you get so wrapped up in your work that you never reach out unless I reach out first. It makes me feel less important.

Aquarius: You’re pretty out there, and I think that’s why we get along. You accept me for who I am and don’t judge me for anything. You’re always doing something crazy that makes me laugh. Sometimes, you get pulled into your own dimension and I have no idea what you’re thinking about. I don’t like to feel like our relationship is detached.

Pisces: You truly know how to make me feel special and loved. You’re always complimenting me on all of the things that make me insecure deep down inside. You like to talk with me one on one and hear about my problems without anything in return. Then you make me feel better. The only thing that throws me off is how sensitive and emotional you can be. I don’t like to have to bite my tongue in case I might hurt feelings.


Wanna Bet? (M)

Rich Fuckboy!Jimin x Tutor!reader


Word Count: 2,782

Summary: Working as a private tutor at the most prestigious university in the region, you had to put up with a lot of bratty kids. Though none were as bad as Park Jimin. Just as your luck would have it, you’ve been assigned to be his full-time tutor for the year….great. After many failed attempts to get his grades up, Jimin comes up with a bet to raise his marks. What’s the worst that can happen, right?

A/N - This is my fic, just re-posting on my sideblog!

You were grateful for this job, you really were. Some days, it was just really hard to be grateful. You worked at the wealthiest, all boys university this side of the country. You’re a private tutor, working with a maximum of five students a year. Things have been going well for you, you’re known as the best tutor at the school, so parents are flocking to you to help their precious spoiled brats. Hey, at least the money is decent.

Your whole week, scratch that, year has gone downhill the moment you get a call from the Dean.

“Y/n? Yes, hello. We’re going to need you to take on a student full time at the start of the new school year. I know this is a lot, so the pay will be increased, and you won’t have to take any other students. You will be tutoring five days a week for this student. Can you do it?”

“Um, yes, I don’t see why not…” growing a little curious as to why the dean himself is contacting you, you ask, “who is the student, Sir?”

“Park Jimin.” Shit.

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Sirius Black had always traveled to King’s Cross with incredible joy in his heart knowing that he wouldn’t have to return to Grimmauld Place, 12 for several months and that he wouldn’t see his family for a very long time. This was the first time Sirius had trouble getting out of his bed on 1st of September. He didn’t know how to explain it but it felt like a hippogriff was sitting on his chest making it hard to breathe.

“Padfoot,” sighed James. “If you make me miss the train, I will steal all of Remus’ chocolate and blame it on you and he will believe me.”

“Idunwanowunintmmawf,” said Sirius into his pillow. 

“I’m sorry, what?”

“I don’t want to run into my mother,” he replied sitting up realising he didn’t have the strength to deal with James Potter at the moment. 

“We will move quickly and we won’t see even a string of her hair,” smiled James. “That’s a promise, Pads.”

“But she will see us Prongs,” mumbled Sirius looking like a lost puppy. “That bitch has her ways, she always finds me and Regulus in the crowd.”

“Don’t be fucking ridiculous and get out of the bed” ordered James in return as he attempted carrying his trunk down the stairs for a second. “MUUUUUM can I locomotor my trunk dooooownn?”

“NO,” said Euphemia sternly from downstairs. “You’ll carry it down James and so will Sirius.”

“But muuuum-”

“James, dear, you are sixteen years old,” explained his mum like she was talking to a small child to make sure he doesn’t set the house on fire. “Stop acting like you are four or that girl you like so much won’t even look your way let alone like you. Independent women like grown men, not needy children.”

Euphemia Potter had a way with her son, she knew where all of his buttons were and how to push them just right because James Potter and his trunk were downstairs the Muggle way in a minute after the pep talk she had given. 

The breakfast was calmer than usual with Fleamont being at work and Sirius acting like he is half dead. When they were completely ready to floo themselves to the train station, Euphemia put her hand softly on Sirius’ shoulder, a kind of touch he wasn’t still used to after almost two months.

“Sirius,” began Euphemia. “What’s wrong? You know you can talk to me.”

“I just really don’t want to run into my mother,” confessed Sirius. “I’m scared of what she might do to you.”

James shook his head in disbelief, he found it hard to understand the irrational fear Sirius had. He knew Walburga was one disturbed woman but he also knew his mother shouldn’t be underestimated.

“Walburga should be scared of running into me,” said Euphemia half jokingly but James knew what would happen if they were to run into that woman. “I can handle him dear.”

Sirius nodded as convincingly as he could before he grabbed floo powder from the porcelain bowl standing next to the marble fireplace.

“King’s Cross,” he said clearly and he was gone with the green flames in seconds.

It didn’t take long for James and his mum to come with the flames. They hurried towards the Platform 9 ¾ with their trolleys and James ran face first into the wall just to disappear into thin air and then Euphemia and Sirius ran to the other side of the wall as well. 

Hogwarts Express was standing with all it’s crimson glory waiting for the students to get in to take them to Hogwarts. The three of them walked hastily to where the Marauders’ compartment was. They stood in front of the door to say their goodbyes.

“Be good,” said Euphemia. “I don’t want any letters from Minerva this year James.”

“Mum, you know I can’t promise anything.”

“Where did I go wrong while raising you?” she asked curiously. “Don’t answer that.”

“Sirius, write to me whenever you feel like it,” she reminded. “I’ll be expecting you home for Christmas, alright?”

“Yes, mum,” said Sirius and choked on his words almost instantly as a warm smile formed on Euphemia’s lips and James’ eyes lit up like they were fairy lights.

“Tsk tsk, Sirius,” came Walburga’s cold voice behind them. “We shouldn’t call blood traitors who didn’t give birth to us ‘mum’.”

It seemed like Sirius had shrunk in size as Euphemia stepped in front of him protectively.

“Tsk tsk Walburga,” she repeated. “We shouldn’t eavesdrop on conversations that aren’t ours and give opinions that no one asked for. He can call me ‘mum’ whenever he wants to, seeing that his actual mother is not available at the moment.”

Walburga made an attempt to grab Sirius by the wrist but Euphemia was agile for her age and she was holding onto Sirius’ wrist like he would die if she let go.

“You won’t touch my son and I’m not talking about James.”

“I suggest you stay out of this Euphemia, this is none of your business.”

“Oh, you made it my business when this boy showed up in my living room, barely breathing,” shot back Euphemia with all the rage that had been building up in her. Sirius was hiding behind her, careful not to catch Walburga’s piercing eyes.

“You are exaggerating,” she replied. “Nothing wrong with a little tough love.”

“I know an Unforgivable Curse when I see one Walburga,” she hissed just loud enough for people around them to hear, Walburga was turning purple with anger. “If I could, I would take Regulus from you, too, before he ends up dead from your tough love.”

“How dare you speak to me like that?”

“The same way you dare torture your children Walburga,” she said without blinking. “Now let go of my wrist and stay away from my sons.”

Sirius was trembling behind Euphemia who was standing like she was the queen of the universe, she didn’t move until Walburga Black turned around and left. 

“I told you I could handle her,” she said with a reassuring smile and caressed Sirius’ cheek softly. Sirius noticed the marks on Euphemia’s wrist then, burn marks like the long boney fingers of his mother. “As long as you got me, she can never come close to you and know that there’s nothing wrong with you calling me mum. Anyone would be proud to have you as a son and I am, too.”

“I- I can heal that if y-you want m-mum,” said Sirius, his voice shaking with the weight he was feeling on his shoulders. “I’ve- I’ve gotten pretty g-good with h-healing charms.”

“No Sirius, I can fix it. You forget you are not allowed to practice magic outside of Hogwarts,” she reminded and laughed a little. “It’s funny that a woman of her age is unable to control her magic like a toddler.”

Sirius’ eyes were still fixed on Euphemia’s thin wrist, his eyes filling up with the anger and sadness he was feeling. He lifted his eyes just a little to give a guilty look to James and saw his best friend smiling warmly down at him, he didn’t hide his pity but he didn’t have to. James always found it rather unlucky that Sirius ended up in such a messy family and never lied about how he felt about that situation, his pity was because he cared.

“Mum’s a big girl mate,” he said like he knew Sirius was about to spiral down and he needed someone to say something, anything. “She can take care of herself.”

“He is right, love,” nodded Euphemia. “Now, off you go, we don’t want you to miss the train because of something as unimportant and miserable as Walburga.”

“Just call her a bitch, mum.”

“James Fleamont Potter,” began Euphemia as she jokingly flicked her son’s arm. “You kiss me with that mouth and you will stop saying that word, even though some people deserve it, or so help me Merlin I’ll ground you until the end of time.”

“Okay, okay,” surrendered James. “I’ll just call her a goblin.”

“That’s my boy,” she replied and the spark came back to Sirius’ grey eyes. Euphemia hugged both of them and gave them loud kisses before she pushed them towards the train. “Don’t forget to write to me when you get there.”

“Sure, mum,” said Sirius with a grin before he was dragged away by an over eager James.