this is pure gold apart for the funny for the animations omg

30 reasons to love Brendon Urie

1. His eyes

2. His lips

3. How he looks in glasses

4. He’s adorable and cute…

5. ..but he’s also hella hot I mean

6. His butt

7. His voice is like an angels

8. Omfg his smile could melt butter

9. His ‘funny’ faces

10. He’s apart of Panic! and who doesn’t love them?

11. His dance moves are pure gold

12. He and Sarah are perfect

13. How he looks wearing a hat


15. (I’m sorry) but he and Ryan

16. Jesus Brendon

17. Dayum his body

18. He’s obviously a pro bowler

19. Beardon

20. His tattoos 

21. Foetus Bren

22. He looks like a cutie pie when sleeping


23. His love for Capri-Suns

24. His hair omg

25. A little Less Sixteen Candles (A little more touch me) 

26. He’s a musical GENIUS

27. Brendon at Disney Land

28. His vines

29. Those awkward photos of him and Audrey

30. His friendship with Pete Wentz is adorable