this is prolly not a good sign


i wrote a fanfic for the first time in months oh my god.
dedicated to @taylor-tut​ because it’s a whumpfic and she’s the one who inspired me to write again
ofc this is gonna be actual garbage because i havent written in forever but like,please enjoy?? i guess LMAO
1.5k words, whump. nongraphic description of injury. written at 3 in the morning. lance is very sarcastic in this but that’s probably because im sarcastic 25/8 and it’s bleeding into my writing. fuck.
fic is under the cut :)

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Signs debating

Aries: Accidentally raises their voice but smarter than expected
Taurus: Makes short speeches that has great points about the topic
Gemini: Gets confused about wether they should defend themselves or thr other team
Cancer: Gets really upset when someone asks a question to them
Leo: Thinks they are good at debating but they are not they are just trying to look smart
Virgo: The most prepared of the zodiac has the best speeches
Libra: Points out the logical ideas that other team has and somehow uses it against them
Scorpio: Is prolly angry at the other team but remains calm while making speeches
Sagittarius: philosophical and questioning while debating
Capricorn: They want to win the debate so much they arrive with so much paperwork
Aquarius: Makes the strangest speeches yet somehow the most meaningful ones
Pisces: Zones out and sometimes stutters while making speeches

*check your Mercury
  • Me: *after watching first few eps of Xfiles:
  • sign me the FUCK up I THINK ❔👀❔👀❔👀❔👀❔👀 weird shit weird❔❔ sHit❔ thats 👽 some weIrD ❔❔shit right❔th ❔ ere❔❔❔ right👽there 👽👽if i do ƽaү so my self 🔼 i say so 🔼 thats what im PROLLY talking about right there right there (chorus: ǝɹǝɥʇ ʇno sı ɥʇnɹʇ ǝɥʇ) mMMMMᎷМ🔼 ❔❔❔НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👽 ❔❔ ❔ 🔼 ❔ 👀 👀 👀 👽👽Weird shit 👀❔❔👀👀

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Hmm, then can you please let us know the other yaoi/bl recs, aside from those 10? Thank you and bless your soul +_+

Omg then~~

All time favorites:

  • Given
  • Hana no Mizo Shiru
  • Honto Yajuu
  • Seven Days
  • Hidamari ga Kikoeru
  • Warui Koto Shitai Series
  • Not Equal
  • Totally Captivated
  • Blue Sky Complex
  • Only the Ring Finger Knows (manga and novel)
  • Ameiro Paradox
  • Yume Musubi, Koi Musubi 
  • Mankai Darling
  • Uragiri wa Boku no Namae o Shitteiru
  • Sleeping Moon
  • Shinkuu Yuusetsu
  • Sorenari ni Shinken Nandesu
  • Kachou Fuugetsu
  • Himegoto Asobi
  • Haikei Niisan-sama
  • Escape Journey
  • Kimi to Parade
  • Yozora no Sumikko de

Sadistic (kind of) / Dominant seme:

  • Joushi Tono Hitoban
  • Katekyo!
  • Mousou Cherry
  • Bi no Isu
  • Leopard Hakusho
  • Sasayaku no wa Sono Yubi
  • Hyakujitsu no Bara
  • Hakui no Shihaisha
  • Ochiru Seija no Seppun
  • Houkago no Love Call
  • Akanai Tobira (Suzuki Tsuta)
  • Kawaisa Amatte Nanika ga Hyakubai (at least the first story)
  • Kichiku Megane
  • Royal Fiance
  • Cherry (Ichijou Lemon) - kinda I guess o v o
  • Kishidou Club
  • Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda
  • Kowarekake no Omocha
  • Saihate no Kimi e
  • Nureru Karada (threesome)
  • Amai Wana de Torokasete (novel / threesome)
  • Katsuai Monster

Tsundere / Cute uke:

  • Koisuru Boukun
  • Abarenbou Kareshi
  • Star-like Words
  • Boku no Ano ko
  • Harete Bokutachi wa -> Doki Doki Renai
  • Calling (Ootsuki Miu)
  • Dekichatta Danshi
  • Kono Ore ga Omae Nanka Suki na Wakenai
  • Soushoku Joushi no Otoshikata
  • Suteneko no Karte
  • Doushiyoumo Nai Keredo
  • Dounimo Naranai
  • Nar Kiss
  • Unlucky Strike
  • Sono Koi ni wa Wake ga Aru
  • Aijin Incubus
  • Green Light (novel)
  • Slow Starter
  • Kuroneko Series (Sakyo Aya)
  • Nekoka Series (Sakyo Aya)
  • Kawaii Akuma
  • Bukiyou na Silent
  • Tightrope (Natsume Isaku)
  • Oni ni Hatsujou
  • G-Senjou no Neko
  • Koi no Shizuku
  • Little Butterfly
  • Toshigoro no Otokonoko to Are
  • Kimi wo Watareba
  • Kiraboshi Dial
  • Lucky Number 13
  • Koishite Daddy
  • Porno Superstar
  • Konbini-kun
  • Love Neco
  • Puchitto Hajiketa
  • Junketsu Drop
  • Nichijousahan Bi - Beautiful Life
  • Sannin Gurashi
  • Ouji no Kikan
  • Rutta to Kodama
  • Otokogokoro Series

Psychological (kind of) manga:

  • In These Words
  • Cut
  • Sora wo Daite Oyasumi
  • Caste Heaven
  • Namida mo Tooku - Aonibi no Nemuri
  • Cold Series (novel)
  • G-Senjou no Neko
  • Hako no Naka (novel)
  • Ai no Kusabi (novel)
  • Boys Love (Tachibana Kaimu)
  • Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai
  • J no Subete
  • Samenai Yume
  • Negai Kanae Tamae
  • Kichiku Megane (manga and bl game)
  • Nanadome no Gomenne (oneshot)
  • S (novel)
  • Under Grand Hotel
  • Tetsu x Rika
  • The End of Youth
  • Sono Kuchibiru ni Yoru no Tsuyu
  • Yuuutsu na Asa
  • The Inheritance of Aroma
  • sweet pool (manga and bl game)


  • Ilegenes (not really categorized as BL but so many BL hints and good story)
  • 07-Ghost (again not really BL but there are BL hints here and there and really good T A T)
  • 1001 Nights (manhwa)
  • Rin!
  • Tenohira no Seiza
  • ZE
  • Tokaido Hisame
  • Kami-sama Shinkaron
  • Akaya Akashiya Ayakashi no (not BL but if you squint hard enough, you might see hints but really good plot- LOVE IT SO MUCH)
  • Monster Petite Panic
  • Soredemo Kamawanai
  • La Esperança
  • Demian Syndrome
  • Vassalord
  • Yami no Matsuei
  • Bloody Mary
  • Sayonara Heron
  • Colorful Line
  • Neon Sign Amber

Recommended authors:

  • Takarai Rihito (of course www)
  • Odagiri Hotaru
  • Tagura Tohru
  • Yuzuya Haruhi
  • Kanai Kei
  • Guilt|Pleasure
  • Abe Miyuki
  • Sugiura Shiho
  • Kizu Natsuki
  • Junko
  • Yoneda Kou
  • Nekota Yonezou
  • Asou Kai
  • Kanda Neko
  • Aoi Aki
  • Ichikawa Kei
  • Nanami
  • Sera
  • Yamamoto Kotetsuko
  • Kiyoi Kiriyu
  • Sakuraga Mei
  • Nekono Mariko
  • Tateishi Ryo
  • Ogura Muku
  • Chiba Ryoko
  • Ogawa Chise
  • Narusaka Rin
  • Natsume Isaku
  • Hino Garasu
  • Hidaka Shoko
  • Umiyuki Lily
  • Kitazawa Kyou
  • Unohana
  • Akiba Touko

I think I missed some titles I like cause I prolly don’t remember the titles but hopefully this will do!!

NCT stans and their biases
  • Taeyong bias: Taeyong protection squad 2k16 "get over it already he apologised so sincerely, he wants his kids to not make the same mistake he's so perfect how does he exist", wants to hug him and tell him they still love him, doesn't care even if he is an asshole bc everyone has flaws ok, stares at his face for too long, eternally getting slayed by his hair, thinks things are "pretty cool haha", crying over his cute sweater paws, how is he the oldest, doesn't know how to react to his flaming eyebrows, can't decide if they think he's the most adorable lil cute munchkin or the manliest oppa with a gaze and jaw bones that can cut diamond, wants him to clean their room for them, physically falls over when he giggles or does aegyo, has a lot of heart and wants to help others and is confused why ppl don't appreciate it and then those ppl complains about how no one cares?
  • Johnny bias: thinks Johnny and them are made for each other, says FUCK YOU JOHNNY in multiple meanings of the phrase, laughs too hard at his jokes, has an obsession with his arms/hair/height, feels like Johnny is their best friend, wants to hang out with him, Wants to listen to Johnny Radio Station, LET JOHNNY DEBUT 2K16, gurgling over the beautiful airport pictures of Johnny, the more terrible the pun the better, wonders what else his piano fingers can do
  • Yuta bias: calls Yuta their prince/husband/love, forever crying because no yuta screen time, taipei imnida, a baby animal is born every time he smiles, had an orgasm when found out he plays footie like a pro, loves Yujae BroTP, trying to forget about Yakisoba hair, gets really defensive when ppl comment on his electric shock hair or "why is he wearing a skirt", had another orgasm at his voice in firetruck, has a lot of questions, fell for him really abruptly and is still not ready for it, watches his pre-debut videos of abnormal summit and cries at how proud they are of their baby, does not know how to describe their love for him bc it's too much
  • Ten bias: either rly rly pure or absolutely filthy , obsessed with his profile, can't believe this boy exists?!?!, sighs when Ten dances bc it's so smooth so fluid, considered learning Thai just to talk to him, his smile lights up their entire existence, AGGRESSIVELY SCREAMING ABOUT TEN ALL DAY ERRY DAY, has a lot of sexual frustration, doesn't know whether to laugh or cry or scream at the second hand embarrassment at his terrible (but cute) pre-debut Thai stuff, wants to protect him and corrupt him at the same time can't decide-- will probably do both, wriggles a lot
  • Hansol bias: sporadically remembering and then screaming about his hips that do not lie, sometimes screams out loud, ppl irl are v concerned, wants to write poetry about the way Hansol walks and spaces out and breaths and exists but too busy using both hands to fan themselves because he's so sexy, "so taallll and handsome as heeellll", gets defensive at the LET JOHNNY DEBUT people bc their bias is also still stuck in the SM dungeon, cries a lot
  • Taeil bias: very chill people, judges people a lot, but also forgives them right after, feels threatened by the screaming and yelling of the other stans, wonders why Taeil's hair is gatorade colored and loves it at the same time, has nothing but nice things to say about their cute stan, forever looking for signs that the kids love this nervous hyung, thinks he'd probably be actually really good in bed, can't believe he can rap and is so into it, wants other people to love him too
  • Jaehyun bias: unexpectedly sassy, so thirsty, secretly the kinkiest, lives to see jaehyun eat snacks, can't get over how he glows, prolly calls him baby jae, can't decide if he is son or DADDY but maybe both, *muffled shrieking*, so proud of their puppy, very happy people, likes cute stationary, aggressive in their love, thinks everyone in the fandom loves jaehyun and can't understand why someone wouldn't, very positive people who are hard working at things they love
  • Doyoung bias: laughs and cries at Doyoung's pain, actually doesn't think vroom vroom talk show was bad, BUNNIES, has a lot of frustrations, probably ships dojae, wants oppa to take care of them, likes people for their soul, has a lot of feelings, is a believer, very keen about discovering themselves and their relationships with other people, will fight you
  • Haechan bias: laughs at his antics and is super proud of his achievements, thinks their stan is perfect and can literally do everything, probably younger than him and wants to call him oppa, not sure how to feel about Mark, still calls him Donghyuk sometimes, thinks of the rest of NCT as their older brothers, squeals when he makes all his hyungs laugh, probably giggles when they laugh, very bright personalities
  • Kun bias: CHINESE MEMBER, thinks he looks hella cute in denim, thank god for Chinese version of Without you, is pretty chill about it, doesn't have a lot of pent up feelings about NCT-- lets them out healthily, thinks he's savage but goes "same", very possessive
  • WinWin bias: aggressively wants to bang him or aggressively wants to cuddle him but most likely both, finds his struggle with Korean literally the most adorable, can identify with said struggle, THAT FLIP THO, on the floor wheezing about his really deep and smooth voice, says too many inappropriate things too much for their age, can't decide if he is their baby or their boyfriend, probably a virgo, will do anything for their stan-- very reckless and dangerous, DONG SICHENG
  • Mark bias: so impressed at his youth and skill, lives for his English rapping, dreams about having conversations with him in English, loves his pre-debut photos where he is a perfect tiny circle, calls him "handsome", ironically thinks he is the manliest even though so young, LONG ASS RIDE, likes his charisma and are charismatic people themselves, creative and excited about people, is the type that puts their hands up and jams to music with a lot of swag by themselves

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NAME: Willow

NICKNAME: Yura… das it


HEIGHT: 5′8″ or 5′9″ ?? Haven’t checked in a while-

ORIENTATION: is it sexual orientation ‘er..? if so I don’t know actually-

RELATIONSHIP STATUS: *the sound of nonexistence*


FAV FRUITS: Strawberry, watermelon


FAV BOOK SERIES: uh, don’t have one-

FAV FLOWER: Don’t make me choose they’re all amazing (prolly rose tho)

FAV COLOURS: Blue, black (not a color but-) Pink

FAV ANIMALS: UM… I love them all

LAST SONG LISTENED TO: I don’t know the name, it was my aunts music-

LAST MOVIE SEEN: Can’t rememberr

COFFEE/TEA/COCOA: Tea and cocoa mmM

AVERAGE SLEEP: 5-10 hours



THREE SHIPS: (oh hecc I can’t choose I love a lot of ships uh-) Bluzu, Zundre, mmmm m can’t name it ;3

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Good Gifts for Xmas
  • *Venus Signs, unless otherwise stated.
  • Aries: Something involving their passion. Maybe a book, likely a manga.
  • Taurus: Something technology-based. You could buy them a calculator and they'd prolly be happy.
  • Gemini: Notebook, with the first page as a sort of "Ily" thing.
  • Cancer: (Check Moon) Blanket / Onesie.
  • Leo: Something that reminds you of them / A mirror / Joke Gift
  • Virgo: 🤑🤑🤑
  • Libra: Art Supplies, something appreciative.
  • Scorpio: Joke Gifts / Art Supplies / "I found this and thought of you."
  • Sagittarius: They don't really want them often but they have that one video game they obsess over... buy them something on there. (Or well, give them the points they need for The Thing they've been wanting)
  • Capricorn: "You don't have to but me anything, I'd feel bad. I have expensive taste."
  • Aquarius: Joke Gifts / "This reminded me of you"
  • Pisces: SOMETHING YOU M A D E, or art supplies

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How would Lucio react if he was in a meetup or his concert or smthng w/ his SO and few of his fans start to yell things at his SO. Stuff like "He deserves better!" "You're not good enough for him!" (Sorry I've been feeling worthless lately)

Ahh I’m sorry you’ve been feeling that way! ;^;)

  • Everyone would be enjoying the evening (prolly evening) as fans came and went fawning over him
  • S/O would be sitting quietly with him, conversing once in awhile when it required them to.
  • They just enjoyed spending time with him, especially seeing him ecstatic about meeting all his fans.
  • That’s when a couple of fans, probably some that couldn’t get into the autograph signing, start yelling things from the side.
  • “How come you get to sit there, (S/O’s name)?!” “Yeah, you’re not good enough for him!” “He deserves BETTER!” “You’re nothing compared to him!”
  • He’d be a little shocked to see such negativity coming from this happy event.
  • Security guards would drag the fans away from the crowd.
  • S/O would silently grin and bear it, not willing to talk about it since they don’t want to bring his mood down even more.
  • Just as he would try to address it with them, another fan would come up to the two.
  • “I am SO sorry about the way they were acting!! That is not what most of us feel, I promise! We’re all happy that you make him happy, and that’s all we could ever ask for. So, please don’t let them upset you? Bitterness and jealousy has blinded them, but I don’t think you should let their darkness ruin your night!”
  • He’d smile brightly, wrapping an arm around his S/O.
  • “She’s right. The happy words are more important than anything else. Besides all that, I still love you, okay?”
  • S/O would give a soft smile, wiping away tears that had slightly formed. “I love you too.”

-Admin Kitty

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Name/nickname: Fatal, Flatal, Lataf, Faefae, various forms of Fatal, basically

Gender: Enby

Star sign: Virgo

Height: 5′3″

Hogwarts House: Uh i’ve never really done the quiz but i’m prolly a Ravenclaw

Favorite animal: cat

Hours of sleep: 9-10, depending if I work the next morning or not

Dogs or cats: cat!

Number of blankets: 1 in the summer and 2-3 in the winter

Dream trip: I wanna go back to the East Coast my body didn’t hurt as much and there was an ocean :(

Dream job: Writer

Time: 8:57p…idk my own timezone on a good day sorry lol

Birthday: August 28th

Favorite Bands: Pentatonix, SUPERFRUIT

Favorite Solo Artists: Panic! At the Disco, Lindsey Stirling, Marina and the Diamonds

Song Stuck In My Head: I’m listening to Killer by The Ready Set rn if that counts

Last Movie I watched: Thor Ragnarok… Good….

Last Show I Watched: I was half watched Supernatural when my dad put it on but the last show I actually paid attention to?? prolly Lucifer

When Did I Create My Blog: shrugg like 3 years ago now i think?? almost exactly cus i remember i made it in the fall

What Do I Post/Reblog: uhhh lot of art, fandom related and otherwise, art ref, writing ref, my own art, my bitching, and just talking about my stories in general

Last Thing I Googled: the oh hellos soldier poet king lyrics

Other Blogs: @writers-all-around and @inspodevils the first is to reblog resources for authors and also their work so it gets more exposure and the second is a personal blog where i reblog cool stuff that i might wanna use in stories or something

Do I Get Asks: uhh yeah occasionally but usually only if i bitch at people to talk to me lol which is a shame cus i love answering asks

Why I Chose My URL: uhh idk i’ve been Fatal_Blow for as long as i can remember and i chose that cus it sounded cool

Following: 92, gotta prune that number a lil

Followers: 506, and i try to block all porn bots so it’s actually p accurate?

Lucky Number: 72

Favorite Instrument: Piano and violin.  I don’t play tho

What Am I Wearing: uhh brown sweats, white socks, my Gay Agenda shirt, and two sweaters, one orange and one grey

Favorite Food: pasta..

Nationality: Canada

Favorite Song: uhh like…idk the songs i’ve been putting on repeat are Guy.exe by SUPERFRUIT and Leave the Light On by Tom Walker (which are two very different songs and tell you a lot about my musical preferences)

Last Book Read: my…own…  if that doesn’t count then i recently read Yellowfang’s Secret and it was awful don’t read it

Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: uhh besides my own? Pokemon,,,, and that’s it the others are too scary

uh i’m supposed to tag people so…mutuals…  @kaligulas @cognitioncorsair @tombstonescreak @g-g-freak @toastyhat uh if i missed you i’m so sorry my memory is shit it doesn’t mean i don’t love you tho <3


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Nicknames: Tiny Bouncing Dot :D TBD for short.  I’m to be determined…  Sounds about right.

Gender: Velociraptor

Star sign: Leo

Height: 5′1 

Time: irrelevant

Birthday: 7-23

Favourite bands: U2, Bring Me The Horizon

Favourite solo artist: Myself. Hahahah! no srsly i’m pretty good 

Song stuck in my head: “Patagonia” by HOME

Last movie I watched: X-Men: First Class.  And Zootopia. :D

Last show I watched: uh prolly Colbert

When did I create this blog: Recently.  I used to be @u2canhappentoanyone.  Just felt like I needed a fresh start… I’m still pretty much the same, though.  The pattern persists, it just now calls itself @sky-bringer

When do I post: whenever

Last thing I googled: “u2 blackout” lol…I was looking for the video! It isn’t even on YouTube -_-

Do I have any other blogs: several.  I just migrate from one to the next.  But @zootechnik is still active every so often.  It’s my cyberpunk alternate universe blog :D

Do I get any asks: no i can’t believe I was even tagged in this, I’m so honored ;_;

Why did you choose your url: I’ve finally found my real name

Following: 36

Followers: 9.  It’s not a hill it’s a mountain…

Favourite colours: Blue and red and colours that have never been seen.  And whichever ones Edge uses to paint with his guitar.

Average hours of sleep: LOL (I’m keeping PJ’s answer here)

Lucky number: 12 was my lucky number for years.  Now I’d say it’s something like 11:11, 12:12, 333, 222… or just 2…when in doubt follow The 2™ :)

Instruments: Reality.  Logic Pro X.  Guitar.  Words.  Love…

What am I wearing: Ridiculous human suit (band t-shirt and jeans.  Shocking!)

How many blankets do I sleep with: Who the fuck cares

Dream job: Bono carrying an American flag umbrella ;)

Dream trip: Where the Streets Have No Name

Favourite food: Bono.  and chocolate.  and melted cheese. and salsa.  and Pad Thai.  And… (this could go on for awhile)

Nationality: Viking

Favourite song right now: Hmm.  Lately…

Indian Wells - In the Streets

Emiliano Secchi - Alone

Trevor Something - Fade Away

Third Eye Blind - Semi-Charmed Life

M83 - You, Appearing

Hebona - Oracle

to name a few! My life has a constant and ever-evolving soundtrack :)

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the signs and writer's block
  • Aries: Will try and try and try and try to keep writing but will ultimately become so sick of trying they will give up until they feel like writing again
  • Taurus: Eats food they like and cozies up with a blanket
  • Gemini: Does something active in the sun and lets loose for a while and then they're fine
  • Cancer: becomes bored and leaves it alone until they stumble upon it again and then they get super pumped to write again its like a cycle
  • Leo: Reminds themselves that they are perfect and the bomb dot com and then their good
  • Virgo: Reads some other stuff, but they prolly don't even get writer's block in the first place tbh
  • Libra: Talks to people and gets a healthy dose of socialization before writing again
  • Scorpio: waits until the dead of night to begin again
  • Sagittarius: listens to music
  • Capricorn: Sleeps on it and then they can write again
  • Aquarius: Cries and starts over again
  • Pisces: Prolly doesn't get writers block because their imagination is so free and they always have ideas
Santa Claus Drives A Grey Lincoln Continental

I grew up in a family of six. 

We were poor.

If it hadn’t been for my great uncle buying the house we lived in, Gods only knows where we would have ended up. 

We knew we were poor.

Every year at Christmas my parents would tell us about Santa having a bad year, and Christmas might not be so great. This was code for ‘don’t expect a lot’ that was used around my baby brother.

We understood. Really we did.

One year was especially bad, and we were just thankful we still had a house to call home, and all that. We knew not to expect much.

Then, one day, while my parents were out playing helper elf we heard a car on the driveway. Maybe I should explain, because I’ve spoken to city folk, and they didn’t understand. We’re rednecks. We lived out in the boonies. Our driveway was ¾’s a mile long. The only people that ever used our driveway were a) lost b) jehovah witnesses, c) family, b) lost jehovah witnesses.. So we learned pretty quick how to identify a car if it’s a family members or not by the sound. IDK, I can’t explain it right. I just learn what my family’s and friends cars sound like, and people think that’s weird. *shrug*

So, anyway, my parents are out playing elf in the city, when we hear a car on the driveway. We looked at each other. It wasn’t family, and it anyone’s that we knew, and it was too danged cold for people to be getting lost and going down weird driveways. (Seriously, now that I think about it, our house was like the kind that you see in scary movies. Like, waaay waaaay out there. Like point of no return.)

So, we did what any inquisitive child does. We ran to the door and peeked out the window (we would hide if it was bill collectors or something). And as the car turned the last corner we got very squinty-eyed.

“I think it’s Sanna.”


“No look guys…”


The car stops, and out steps, Santa Claus.

I start freaking out. “HE’S REAL HE’S REAL!! THEY LIED! WE HAVE TO GO TO BED!!”

But my brothers were a little more skeptical, and they shoved me and lil bit behind them for protection. 

Santa, in full gear (and not some chinsy chaffey mass produced kind. it was soft and warm.) stepped out the car, readjusted his hat and then went to his trunk, and pulled out a massive box.

I started jumping again, “WE HAVE TO GO TO BEEED!" 

This time my brothers stayed quiet as they watched the man approach. As he got closer it became obvious that the beard was not fake. The suit was not fake, the smile wasn’t fake.

Santa Claus drives a Grey Lincoln Continental and no one can tell me otherwise!!

So, Santa made it to the door and we hid a little so he wouldn’t think we were creepers. He knocked and my brothers answered.

"Ho ho ho! MEEEEEEEEEERRRY CHRISTMAS.” I was sitting on the couch with my lil bit having a fucking spaz fit. The ho ho ho wasn’t forced. The Merry Christmas sounded so genuine. “Are  your parents home?”

“Uh.. no, they’re in the city, sir.”  My brother answered.

“Oh, well, I have some gifts here for the Dunn kids…”

I’m not screaming into a pillow, cause there’s no way Santa’s gonna trust us with our own gifts.

“I suppose if you kids wouldn’t mind sitting on the couch and letting an old man enter your house a couple of times, I can put these here gifts under your tree. That is, if you don’t mind.”

By this point my brothers are believers. Santa Claus came to our house, like a WEEK EARLY. My brothers nodded, fastened the door so it would stay open, bundled up with me and lil bit under blankets on the couch, and we watched, intently, as Santa brought in 2 or 3 boxes full of wrapped gifts and arranged the gifts around the tree.


As he finished my brothers lemented to Santa that we lacked Milk and Cookies (this seemed to surprise him a little.) but he said it was okay, that seeing our smiling faces was enough for him.

“Just promise me, that you won’t open these gifts before Christmas, that’s all I ask.”

We were nodding like bobble heads. “We Promise, Mr. Sandy Claus!” I chirped from behind a pillow (if I hadn’t held onto the pillow, I prolly would have tackled him with hugs.)

He laughed, a real genuine Ho Ho Ho, and then waved goodbye.

We ran to the porch, waving to him as he left. He rolled down his window and shouted “Ho Ho Ho! MEEERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL! AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!”

We. About. Died.

We spent the next several hours squeeing over Sandy Claus, and watching the presents. Never touching, just LOOOKING on them from the couch.

That evening when my parents came home, you could prolly imagine their surprise.

“What. The. Hell??”

“Did one of your uncles or aunts show up?”

*Heads shook no in unison*


*Heads shook no in unison*

“Someone from church?”

*Heads shook no in unison*

“Did you lot seriously let some fucking stranger into our house?”

I started vibrating again.




My parents looked at each other. “Did you sign up for this?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing.”

My parents weren’t ones to ask for handouts. They might ask the preacher from church if they could get food from the food pantry, but they never asked anyone for money or GIFTS.

Apparently, people at church thought we needed some help too, because one of the ladies “adopted” us and gave my parents a couple of big bags worth of presents. They didn’t have the heart to tell her that someone else had already done so.

And that christmas morning, what could have been the worst christmas ever, turned into the Year In Which We Had To Dig The Christmas Tree Out From Under The Mountain of Presents.

Afterwards, my parents, each separately asked around to friends, co-workers, parishioners at church, if someone had put their name in some special thing where Santa Claus made a home visit.

We never did figure who he was.

And that’s why I say, He is real, and he drives a Grey Lincoln Continental. 

alright @el-suga, let’s get right into it.

So the passages Namjoon has been reading from in the beginning of BEGIN and LIE is from a book called: Demian by Hermann Hesse. 

here is a post by @letmebacktoreality explaining the synopsis of the book briefly: 

“I read [Demian] about 3 years ago. It’s about a young boy named Sinclair who is between 2 worlds: the good world with his parents and two sisters, the house he lives in and his family, and the evil world which is kinda inside him. He feels connected to the devil throughout the story, he gets more and more familiar with the bad side of the world. He’s very confused and mentally ill which causes nightmares.(1) Then he mets Demian who helps him to understand the world and his way of thinking. He explains the bad and good side of the world. Demian is very important for Sinclair and also kinda his role model.(2) Sinclair also draws him at night when he’s having a nightmare.(3) He often drew birds and he also sent one of his drawings to Demian.(4) He saw an egg in his dreams and as time passed a bird came out of it.
The story of Sinclair describes the problems that young people face while growing up(5) and trying to find out who they are (find their own personality). The bird that comes out of the egg is Sinclair who finally found himself and grew up…”

okay now for some brief explanation: 

1. “mentally ill…nightmares”–we saw Kookie in some rickety bed in the beginning of BEGIN which could have been a hospital bed *shrugs* however we also saw Jimin in a white room in a similar looking bed–although his did resemble a hospital bed more than Kookie’s. Both boys suffered from nightmares/visions thus driving home my theory that they are living in two worlds. (more on that later…) 

2. “role model”–this is more Kookie than Jimin–however a case can be made that Jimin views Hobi as a role model. It’s no secret that Jungkook adores the fuck out of Yoongi and looks up to him a TON. We know that outside of the HYYH mvs but we also see this in RUN when Yoongi breaks down and Kookie tries to comfort him and the heart eyes Kookie always seems to have when he’s around Yoongi. 

3. “Sinclair also draws [Damien] at night…”–

look familiar? 

4. “he often drew birds…[sends] one to Damien”–in the mv we see Kookie slip a sketch of what looks like to be a silhouette of a bird into an envelope. 

5. “…problems that young people face while growing up…”–UM SOUND FAMILIAR???? PRETTY MUCH ALL OF HYYH ERA??? Good grief BigHit! (it’s pretty much a sequel to all that’s happening in the HYYH mvs…or maybe a deeper look…) 

OKAY! Now for more explanation! 

@manqueenoir and I have sorta talking theory and we’re down with this one: 

There are two worlds. Whether there are two ACTUALLY different worlds or one reality and one that’s all in Kookie and Jimin’s head. 

When I was watching BEGIN the first time I saw the creepy drippy painting and I was like “Who is that??? It’s not Yoongi…is it Tae?” but when I watched it with @thedonut-thief310 she was like “Oh is that Jungkook?” when she saw it. 
So, what I believe (and Cara I think as well) is that Good Kookie is the Kookie is the one being shown off, Kookie with the letter, in the white shirt, who is crying. While Bad/Other World Kookie (remember the Bad World Hermann Hesse/Sinclair talks about?) is the painting. ( @manqueenoir and I have actually had this long standing theory–that she started–that Kookie and Jin are the only two aware of these Two Different Worlds out of the 7 boys and they’re kind of tethered between the two) 

While watching LIE we were given these two hints that further drive this theory: 


While this could just be a really pretty camera trick…it doesn’t seem very BigHit lmao–it’s prolly a sign (GOD I SOUND TOO INTO THIS I NEED TO CHILL). 
White shirt Jimin who wakes up on the bed could be seen as the Good Jimin/Real Jimin while Jimin in the patterned shirt could be seen as Bad Jimin/Alternative Reality Jimin 


OKAY!! what @manqueenoir had to say about the above gif was super eerie to me for some reason. here it is: “he swings a pillow at nothing but i think in that space is where hobi should be”
and then I saw this gif: 


Okay so Erika, long story short: 

i have no idea what the fuck is going on

but I’m loving this hell ride


@el-suga​!! earlier today @manqueenoir​ said that the apple Jimin is eating in LIE could be “a fallen from grace metaphor” (you know Adam and Eve eat the apple and are cast out of the garden) but the apple is also a metaphor for desire! 

and I got to thinking once you shared @taexingi‘s post: 

and how I said this makes sense if you see Jimin as Eva! “…at the same time, however, [Eva] is strong and commanding, exhorting him to become more in touch with and confident in his desires.” 

Also if we really wanna stretch it…Eve ate the apple, Eve was the mother of mankind (Eve=Eva)…Jimin as Mom…idk man, I’m tired. Fuck you BigHit

We already know these stories/films are all connected, but I think it’s cool if we go about looking at the new films BigHit has yet to release through the scope that: 

Jungkook is Sinclair
Yoongi is Damien (? maybe? not really confirmed yet!) 
and Jimin is Frau Eva! 

anonymous asked:

Top anon: I don't pretend the flaws aren't there either. I even pointed some out: Hima screwing up on older strips (which thankfully he's starting to correct) and the infamous Korea incident. The problem comes when ppl portray HImapapasensei as perfect when he's not. This is a man who has been through the Japanese schoolsystem and prolly gets his info from JP-lang sources which will be inaccurate for the same reason as textbooks are. Ppl don't realize this and start to make wild accusations.

Wild accusations like he’s an imperialist. There’s no evidence for this outside of the Korea debacle and like I’ve said it prolly wasn’t on purpose; it’s just a result of him not being educated enough bc Japan doesn’t care about educating its citizens about their unsavory past and if Hima only reads internet sources in JP then it’s not gonna be much better. The fact that he’s changing past strips to be more accurate is a good sign and hopefully those imperialist claims will go away.

Hima hasn’t only read internet sources, though. He went to college and began his research while studying in America, and has mentioned multiple times he owns a collection of reference books on history and uniforms. Not to mention he actually visits some of the countries.

Agreed, though. Unless you’re a big fan who has read his blog, this information isn’t readily-known so the accusations are based on ear and mouth telephone-esque passing of information - which is why I don’t bother giving them attention. If the person isn’t going to do their research they’ve lost their argument before it began and I assume they’re just in it because they prefer to hate it. If Hetalia keeps going for years these people might loose their fire, but there will always be some who stay.

The signs as their tumblr stereotypes
  • Aries: Angry. always
  • Taurus: sly and tbh i might eat your grandma like idk tho
  • Gemini: hungry/the worst
  • Cancer: Fairy godmother
  • Leo: Classic neutral good vanilla wafer
  • Virgo: gentle mermaid butterfly birch nymph spirit. Dressed in white
  • Libra: Princess of shade
  • Scorpio: passionate and prolly wanna fuck
  • Sagittarius: the freak of the party
  • Capricorn: angry but in a fuckboy kinda way
  • Aquarius: Abstract
  • Pisces: Boring. No traits but might be sleeping