this is probably what jane thought of

Honestly though every time John talks about how “oh I guess we’re meant to be together” Hussie makes a point of him being noticeably uncomfortable and unsure about it. So all I’m sayin is that John probably never actually wanted to be with Rose or ever thought of her in that way, he was just pulling a normal John and assuming karkat knew what he was talking about against his better judgements. Maybe less so with Roxy but tbh I can’t see him being anything but super happy for her and somewhat relieved when he finds out she’s with Callie and Jane. Idk I always saw John as very aromantic (and probs ace) and I think there’s a good amount of in-canon evidence for it. I can definitely relate to his feelings of thinking he’s supposed to be in love with someone cause of their situation regardless of his actual feelings.


Lisbon undoubtedly knew the answer to the question Jane implied back then. And Jane must have hoped it was something in him that flipped her switch, even if he knew she’d most probably never tell him. It was such a personal comment, revealing Jane’s thoughts more than he was used to showing. And they both were oppressed by the understanding of how impossible whatever they imagined about being together was. And it’s so good to see how their getting together is making up for every moment like this, when they were left with nothing but guessing about what the other felt, how they open up more and more and how they get to know each other’s switches.

Here’s The Catch

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As my Yours Sincerely update is still in developmental hell, I will appease you with some other Dirkjohn content and hope it pleases you. John’s POV, no actual Dirk but a lot of talking about him, and a lot of Crockerbert bonding!

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Here’s how this goes.

It’s 4:13am.

Dirk Strider just proposed to you over snap chat and didn’t even give you the full ten seconds to process it.

Jane is beating down your door because you told her you were up for early morning hijinks to welcome in your joint birthday but then got derailed by some asshole proposing to you.

It’s dawning on you that you got distracted half way through dressing so are wearing a backwards shirt and half a pair of pants in this moment of deep internal crisis.

Here’s the catch.

Jane’s phone is the phone in your hand, because your hijinks were going to involve fucking with her contact list and sending Roxy some snap chats of dogs with tag lines about them being the superior pet.

You just got to see Dirk warming up to propose to you.

Dirk’s going to propose to you.

What the ever loving actual fuck do you do with this information???

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Thoughts on ‘MJ’ in Homecoming


So I’ve been writing my reviews for Homecoming since Saturday and have attempted to avoid other people’s thoughts on it as much as possible in order to not compromise my own judgement.

As such I’m probably gonna catch up and repost what everyone thought about the movie and specific parts of it in the near future.

But I felt I had to comment upon ‘MJ’s’ role in Homecoming.


It was one of the weakest parts of the movie.

Frankly it was a cringey ‘joke’ and I fear for where this will lead us in the future.

Yes, yes Feige has said Michelle isn’t Mary Jane. But the question is will she placed in MJ’s role and given traits of MJ to the point where she is to all intents and purposes she is the MCU’s take on Mary Jane?

After all they’re already dropping hints that she’s smart like USM Mary Jane and might know his secret like MJ did in Parallel Lives.

And if that is what they will be doing then…no….just no.

You don’t so colossally change Spider-Man’s biggest love interest and most important supporting character like that.

This isn’t the MJ we deserve nor the one we should have.

And frankly I didn’t even feel Michelle unto herself was all that great regardless in the movie. She was just…there. She didn’t do anything.

Which is frustrating because of how heavily Zendaya was pushed in the promotion of the movie even being on the poster.

Meanwhile poor Laura Harrier who had a much bigger role in the movie, was more important to the plot and who did a great job wasn’t mentioned half as much as Zendaya was. 

a little light in the dark (jane/kurt drabble)

series: what i never knew i always wanted

a little light in the dark

“Kurt…Kurt…Kurt, wake up,” she whispered.

He felt her hand on his shoulder, nudging him gently, but urgently. He immediately scrambled to sit up, blindly reaching over to his nightstand to turn on the lamp.

“What, what is it? What’s wrong? Are you OK?” he asked, looking her up and down as his eyes adjusted to the light. He spotted the clock over her shoulder on her nightstand, squinting to see it read 3:43 a.m.

She was perched on her knees beside him, she’d undone the buttons on the shirt of his that she’d worn to bed, and had her hands resting on either side of her belly. She stared back at him, her eyes wide.

“The baby’s kicking,” she whispered, her lips curving up in a smile as she said it.

He stared back at her as his brain processed her words before looking down at her stomach, his smile growing to match hers.

“Really?” he whispered.

She reached for his hand and pressed it against the spot where she’d had hers, resting her hand on top of his.

He held his breath as he waited, his heart pounding so fast, he thought it was going to jump out of his chest. After what felt like an eternity but was probably only seconds, he tore his eyes away from her stomach to look up at her.

“I don’t–”

“Just wait,” she cut him off, giving his hand a squeeze.

Seconds later, his eyes flew back up to her face.

“Oh my god…” he whispered, bringing his other hand up to her stomach as he leaned down to get closer. “Our baby’s kicking.”

Jane laughed, feeling her eyes fill with tears as she watched Kurt spread his palms across her belly, as if he wanted to touch every inch of it.

“Yeah,” she nodded, brushing her hand against his cheek. “Our baby’s kicking.”

They sat there together, waiting and reacting to their baby’s every movement, the baby they’d wanted for so long and weren’t sure they would ever have.

Eventually, Jane leaned back against her pillow and Kurt curled up beside her, keeping one hand on her stomach and resting his head right beside her.

Jane ran her fingers through his hair before resting her hand on the back of his neck, watching as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to her belly.

“Hi baby,” he whispered, his lips brushing against her skin as he spoke. “It’s daddy. We can’t wait to meet you.”

Jane bit her lip to try to prevent her tears from spilling over but it was no use.

“We already love you so much,” Kurt pressed another kiss to her stomach before sitting up and pressing his lips to Jane’s, keeping his hand protectively over her belly.

“This is really happening,” Jane whispered as they pulled apart, resting her forehead against Kurt’s.

He nodded, bringing his other hand up to cup her cheek, brushing her tears away with his thumb.

“It’s really happening.”

February 13, 1542: Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn are Executed

On February 13th, in 1542, at a little after 7 o’clock in the morning, Katherine Howard and Jane Boleyn were executed.  
When the long night of waiting for their executions finally turned to day, both Katherine and Jane began to prepare themselves to face the world for the last time and their imminent execution in their separate chambers, which were comfortable enough, but in no way comforting.  It is doubtful that either woman got any sleep the night before.  Both women began to don the clothing that they had painstakingly picked out for their executions.  One can only imagine the thoughts that were passing through their minds, but Jane was probably recalling the executions of her husband and sister-in-law less than six years before; Katherine probably thought of it too, and perhaps she thought of Culpeper.  Both women knew what to expect, they both came from families that had an intimate knowledge of death by decapitation for treason.  And they both knew how to die well, how to die honorably, how to hide the terror they no doubt felt, and how to accept their fate as tradition demanded, in a gruesome ritual that required the victims to willingly go to their deaths, without a fight or some other “unseemly” spectacle.  

The four ladies that had accompanied Katherine to the Tower helped her get ready.  Her nightgown was removed and replaced with a silk chemise, silk stockings and shoes were put on her tiny feet, and then her underskirts were put on, in order to give her gown the fashionable shape that she liked, followed by a velvet kirtle*, a velvet gown, separate embroidered sleeves, a French hood with gold edging, with leather gloves and a mantle* finishing her ensemble.  The mantle was to protect her from the cold and frost of the early February morning, since the Tower Green was located outside, with little-to-no protection from the elements.  Jane was also assisted in getting dressed, since as the daughter of Lord Morley, she would expect nothing less, and even though she was a convicted traitor, she was still a Viscountess and could not be treated as an ordinary prisoner.  Her black damask nightgown was removed, a chemise was slipped over her head, followed by a kirtle, then plain stockings and leather shoes were put on her feet.  Then she was dressed in a black velvet gown, which was what she had normally worn as a lady of the bedchamber, followed by leather gloves.  She likely would have been wrapped in a mantle as well.  
Sir John Gage, the Constable of the Tower*, was also very busy that morning, since the execution of a Queen was not an everyday occurrence, and there could be no mistakes made.  Because it was so important that everything went smoothly, Gage decided that he could not leave the preparations solely to Sir Edmund Walsingham, who would normally have been in charge of the execution preparations.  But Gage and Walsingham were fortunate in the fact that they had the precedent of Queen Anne Boleyn’s execution to follow, so there was no need for constant communication with the Council.  It also helped that Walsingham had been lieutenant of the Tower at the time of Queen Anne’s execution.  The men made sure that the scaffold was properly prepared; it was about three or four feet high, draped in black, and covered with straw to soak up the two women’s life-blood.  Upon it rested the block, which Katherine had used the night before to practice how to position herself on it gracefully.  The headsman had arrived, with his axe; there would be no expert Calais swordsmen for the two condemned women as there had been for Queen Anne.  The Tower guards were prepared; all that needed to be done was for the King’s councilors and the small group of Londoners who were to watch the administering of the King’s justice, to arrive, since the executions could not take place without an audience.
The councilors had spent the night before the executions at Westminster, and when it began to get light out, they boarded the barges that were to take them along the Thames to the Tower, which was about 2 ½ miles downriver.  The Duke of Suffolk was not present, since, according to Chapuys, he was ill.  The Duke of Norfolk was also not present, although the reason why is not known.  Perhaps he was ill too, or pretending to be, so that he did not have to watch yet another niece be executed, perhaps watching Katherine’s execution would have been too difficult, even for him, or perhaps he just wanted to distance himself from the whole sordid affair.  But both Norfolk and Suffolk were well enough to attend a council session the next day.  As for the other councilors, they had no choice but to attend; although for some, like Sir Richard Rich, overseeing the administration of the King’s justice was simply a job to be done, with little feeling.  For others, like Sir John Russell, with whom Jane had stayed for a brief time while she was recovering her sanity, the next few hours would be extremely difficult to witness.  Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey, was also present, and it is possible that the executions were difficult for him as well, since Katherine was his cousin.
Once the Council and “various lords and gentlemen” arrived at the Tower, the executions could proceed.  And while the remaining official’s identities are unknown, they would have all been at least acquainted with Queen Katherine and Lady Rochford.  And they all no doubt hoped that what they were about to witness would be over quickly.  Gage led the men from their barges, through a security cordon, and to the stands that had been erected next to the scaffold, likely the same wooden stands that had been used for Queen Anne’s execution.  Around the same time the officials arrived by barge, a group of select Londoners walked to the Tower, where they arrived at the western gate, which, while normally guarded, was open so that witnesses could enter the Tower precincts via the Bulwark Gate, which crossed the wide, deep moat.  But the group still had to pass through three more security gates and pass the Bloody Tower before they entered the Inner Ward.  From there, they saw the huge, square walls of the White Tower to their right, and the Beauchamp Tower on their left.  They walked along the west side of the White Tower, turned the corner, and saw it: their destination, the scaffold that would soon be soaked with the blood of a young Queen and one of her ladies.  Allegedly, even more people had come to witness Katherine and Jane’s executions than had for Anne Boleyn’s, probably about 7 to 8,000 people, but that is likely not true.  Probably less than 1,000 people were to witness these executions.  
Now it was time for Gage to fetch the first of the prisoners, Katherine, who would die first due to her higher rank.  Gage headed to the Queen’s lodgings, which were located to the southeast of the White Tower and a few hundred yards away from the scaffold.  He entered the palace area through Cole Harbor gate and climbed the stairs to Katherine’s rooms, where he respectfully knocked on the door before entering.  Katherine was ready and waiting for him, wrapped in her mantle against the cold.  She quietly followed him out the door and down the stairs, followed by her ladies, walked through the gate and around the White Tower, to where the scaffold waited for her.  That short walk to the scaffold must have seemed to take a lifetime, and yet, at the same time, no time at all.  Katherine looked at the assembled group of witnesses, and steadily climbed the stairs, although it should be noted that some sources  say that Katherine was so weak with fear that she needed assistance climbing the stairs and could hardly speak because of her terror.  I am inclined to be skeptical of Weir’s claim, since Ottwell Johnson’s eyewitness account says nothing of the sort and he mentions Katherine’s bravery.  Before Katherine made her final speech, her executioner knelt before her and asked her forgiveness for what he was about to do, which she gave him with her payment, and then she knelt in prayer.  Once she had prayed, she stood and, in a clear voice, addressed the crowd that had gathered to watch the executions.  
An eyewitness named Ottwell Johnson, who was a merchant, recorded the following in a letter he wrote on the 15th to his brother about the executions:
And for the news from hence; know ye, that, even according to my writing on Sunday last, I see the Queen and the lady Retcheford [Rochford] suffer within the Tower, the day following; whose souls (I doubt not) be with God, for they made the most godly and Christians’ end that ever was heard tell of (I think) since the world’s creation, uttering their lively faith in the blood of Christ only, with wonderful patience and constancy to the death, and, with goodly words and steadfast countenance, they desired all Christian people to take regard unto their worthy and just punishment with death, for their offences against God heinously from their youth upward, in breaking of all his commandments, and also against the King’s royal Majesty very dangerously; wherefore they, being justly condemned (as they said) by the Laws of the realm and Parliament, to die, required the people (I say) to take example at them for amendment of their ungodly lives, and gladly obey the King in all things, for whose preservation they did heartily pray, and willed all people to do so, commending their souls to God and earnestly calling for mercy upon Him, whom I beseech to give us grace with such faith, hope, and charity, at out departing out of this miserable world, to come to the fruition of his Godhead in joy everlasting.  Amen.”
Marillac, the French Ambassador, gives a much different account of Katherine’s actions at her execution, and he states that the execution took place closer to 9a.m., but since he was not actually present, it is very unlikely that there is any truth in his words.  He said that “The Queen was so weak that she could hardly speak, but confessed in few words that she had merited a hundred deaths for so offending the King who had so graciously treated her.”
The Spanish Chronicle also gives yet another contradictory report on the events of the execution, but since that was the Tudor equivalent of the tabloid, it is highly unlikely that it is true.  Although it is rather romantic what they have Katherine’s final words being: “I die a Queen, but I would rather die the wife of Culpeper.
Once a pale, but composed Katherine had finished speaking, her ladies stepped forward to remove her mantle and place a linen cap on her head.  Then a blindfold was placed over her eyes and she gracefully knelt down at the block, a movement that she had carefully rehearsed the previous night, laid her head on the block, and waited for the executioner to strike.  He did so swiftly, and her head was removed with a single blow.  One witness report says that the young, teenage girl, who must have been terrified beyond belief, “died well”.  The executioner then picked up Katherine’s head and displayed it to the crowd, to show what befell traitors to the King.
Now it was time for Jane Boleyn, Lady Rochford’s, turn to be executed for committing high treason by helping Katherine allegedly commit adultery.  Before she was brought out, the scaffold was washed down with some water and covered with fresh straw, so that Jane would not slip on the blood.  Gage then walked back to the royal apartments to fetch Jane, who was most likely lodged in the King’s or Queen’s apartments, due to the shortage of suitable accommodations for the sudden influx of illustrious prisoners, mostly ones who had been caught up in the Katherine/Culpeper affair.  Jane had not been able to see the execution from her chambers, but she must have heard the spectator’s cries and gasps when Katherine’s head was cut off and held up.  Undoubtedly, the wait for Gage to come fetch her, while in reality only took a few moments, must have seemed like forever.  Gage knocked on Jane’s door, brought her out, led her down the stairs, and past the White Tower to where her fate waited.  Gage treated her with civility and compassion while he escorted her, and by the time they reached the scaffold, there was very little evidence of what had just occurred.  Katherine’s head had been carefully wrapped in a white cloth, and her body had been lain in a black cloak, before her bloody remains where carried to the chapel.  Jane then calmly climbed up onto the scaffold, forgave the executioner, and turned to face the crowd, which would have contained several faces that she knew.  According to Chapuys:
Then Lady Rochford was brought, who had shown symptoms of madness till they told her she must die.  Neither she nor the Queen spoke much on the scaffold; they only confessed their guilt and prayed for the King’s welfare.”  
But Marillac reported that, “The lady of Rochefort said as much in a long discourse of several faults which she had committed in her life.
Ottwell Johnson wrote of how Jane faced her death with composure, bravery, and dignity. Julia Fox , writes of how there is no transcript of Jane Boleyn’s speech, but says that Johnson record’s give us enough information to reconstruct it. According to Fox, Jane said the following:
“She began by declaring her complete faith and trust in God. ‘I have,’ she said, ‘committed many sins against God from my youth upwards and have offended the king’s royal Majesty very dangerously, so my punishment is just and deserved. I am justly condemned by the laws of this realm and by Parliament. All of you who watch me die should learn from my example and change your own lives. You must gladly obey the king in all things, for he us a just and godly prince. I pray for his preservation and beseech you all to do the same. I now entrust my soul to God and pray for his mercy.’”
But Jane, Lady Rochford, never once confessed to giving false testimony against her sister-in-law, Queen Anne Boleyn, or her husband, George Boleyn, Lord Rochford, nor did she speak of the offenses for which she was being executed.  The eyewitness accounts of Chapuys and Ottwell Johnson do not mention any such confession, and you can be sure that that would not be something they would have left out.  The source behind the myth that Jane made these confessions is most likely Gregorio Leti, a man who was famous for making up stories and inventing false sources to support his stories.
Once Jane had made her short, final speech, she removed her cloak, had her hair bound up out of the way, prayed, was blindfolded, and then she knelt and placed her head on the blood-soaked block that had held Katherine’s head moments before, and her head was taken off with one swift blow of the axe.  Both women made good and dignified ends.  
After the Executions
Once both women had been executed, the spectators dispersed; they had acted as witnesses and seen the King’s justice performed.  Gage and Walsingham were left to supervise the cleaning up. They had the scaffold washed down again, and then dismantled.  They made sure that the executioner was given his fee and the victim’s outer clothes as payment, then sent him on his way.  The guards were dismissed to their quarters.
After Katherine and Jane’s executions, their bodies were stripped and wrapped in cere-cloth, then their bodies and heads were buried in the chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, which was located within the Tower.  Katherine was laid to rest next to her cousin, Anne Boleyn, as was Jane, who was finally reunited with her husband, George Boleyn.  And ordinary life resumed for everyone but the dead: a young Queen who, while guilty of making mistakes and loving the wrong person, did not deserve death, and her older, more experienced lady-in-waiting, whose legacy would be one of jealousy, foolishness, shrewish behavior, complicity in the murder of her husband and sister-in-law, and as “that bawd, the Lady Rochford.”  Neither deserved to die, and Jane’s legacy is one that is completely undeserved, at least according to Julia Fox , whose book, Jane Boleyn: The True Story of the Infamous Lady Rochford, is one that I highly recommend reading.
*Kirtle – A long gown or dress worn by women.
*Mantle –A loose, sleeveless garment worn over other clothes; a cloak or cape.
*Constable of the Tower – Gage’s offices of constable were more of an honorary position rather than one of carrying out every day responsibilities.  Those were the job of the lieutenant, Sir Edmund Walsingham.  At Queen Anne’s execution, however, Kingston, the then constable, was very much involved, so it is likely that Gage was with Katherine and Jane’s executions.

At the end of the day

Blindspot fanfic.

Loosely based on my prognostications and the promotional stills for the finale. A little angsty optimism, which kind of sums up my mood at the lack of a season three renewal announcement. 

Here’s hoping tonight’s episode and the season finale don’t kill us. 

“Come in, Jane.” Weller waved her into a chair in front of his desk.

She entered his office and perched awkwardly on the edge of the seat. Such formality seemed so foreign after all they been through today. After the passionate kiss they’d shared when they thought they’d lost, when they believed there was nothing left to save them from Shepherd’s wrath. Nothing but…

“There’s no sign of Roman,” Weller said quietly. “He’s gone.”

She nodded. She already knew that. She’d known the minute he saved them that she’d already lost him. The look in his eye had told her that. He’d barely glanced at her, just stared at Weller for a minute, raised his chin for a minute in a slight nod, and then took off.

“We’ll keep looking.”

She sighed. “It won’t do any good. He knows how not to be found.” And he didn’t want to be found, not by the FBI and definitely not by her.

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Apple of My Eye

requested by @gelattuan:  “ Hyungwon with the quote “In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.”. :)” <3

ship: Hyungwon x [y/n]

word count: 2112

a/n: hi! i hope you guys like it and im sorry if it took me a long time to write this ^^’’ i apologize for any grammatical error and credits to the owner for this gif! 


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You were just merely a hat maker, working under your Mother’s wing. Every single day there was this customer of yours who couldn’t take his eyes off of you. It’s not like it bothered you or anything but the thought of him staring at you made you wonder. You were just some plain ‘ol jane making hats for people and if compared to the other girls out there, you were just probably on the eight or ninth scale of the beauty chart… well that’s what you thought. 

The young man’s family has been one of your Mother’s long-time customer and it was amazing to hear that he was the first third-generation of their family to continue their footsteps in having their hats made at your Mother’s shop. He was tall and slender like his father. His eyes and lips reminded you of his beautiful mother, who would always have her hat made by you. Overall, he was a beauty made by such beautiful couple. 

Young ladies who would see him would swoon over his good looks and his slender figure. And you, yourself, are guilty of swooning over him when you first saw him but now that you always see him, you’re still guilty. It’s not that you’re used to seeing his face every other day, but the fact of him staring at you would always make your heart beat run wild.

And in fact, today’s the day when that young man visits the shop again at exactly two in the afternoon. The hands of your co-workers moved gracefully, fingers tightly holding onto the needles as they touch up some unwanted flaws on the hats before handing them to you.

Carefully observing the different ornaments right in front of you, you picked up a pale orange ribbon and checked whether it suited the tan fedora hat. Unsatisfied of the color combination, you angrily push away the ribbon from your sight and let out a groan. It has been hours since you’ve been working on that damned hat.

“Urgh! I think I need to go and ask Mother about this.” you grumbled and picked the hat off your table, carefully holding it to prevent any dents or folds. You were too preoccupied to notice the young lad, who just entered the room with such grace, staring at you. His gentle yet tired eyes followed you until you entered your Mother’s workplace.

“Good afternoon, Sir! Please, take a seat.” Lily, your Mother’s secretary, ushers and immediately prepares some tea for the young man. “It’s my first time to see [y/n] enter her Mother’s workplace. Is something bothering her?” The young man asked out of curiosity after receiving his tea. He then hands her his coat and hat which she immediately hangs on the coat rack beside the door.

“She’s been working on this tan fedora hat since this morning and I think she finally exploded.” Lily quickly gave out the information, making the young man nod his head in amusement before standing up. “Please excuse me, I think I’ll go see Mrs. [y/m/n].” 

([y/m/n] - your mother’s name)

Lily instinctively took the tea from the young man’s hand and flashed him a smile, “Alright, Hyungwon. You know her workplace so I’ll just be here at the counter if ever you need anything.” The young man named Hyungwon nods his head and proceeds to your Mother’s workplace.

Hyungwon carefully stops right in front of your Mother’s workplace upon seeing you almost out of your wits when your Mother hands you a cranberry ribbon and the shop’s stamp. A knowing smile slowly crept up on Hyungwon’s lips when your Mother took notice of his presence. “Hyungwon-ah, come in. Honey, [y/n], can you stay for awhile?”

Nodding your head, you obediently sat right back down on your seat and watched Hyungwon sat down on the chair right in front of you. “Now, I have two tickets here with me and I want the two of you to spend the whole afternoon at the carnival.”

Carnival? The two of us? you mentally asked yourself as you narrowed your eyes at your Mother. You couldn’t help but ponder on the words that came out from your mother’s mouth. Does she believe that someone as beautiful as Hyungwon would hang out with her own son? Glancing towards Hyungwon’s direction, he didn’t seem unfazed at the sudden invitation and he even looked like he was in for it.

Looking back at your mother, you couldn’t help but think that she was right in believing that someone like Hyungwon would hang out with you. 

“Here is your pocket money and Hyungwon, you can bring my daughter back before ten in the evening. Your parents and I would just hang around back at our place, alright? Now, carry on!” 

Before you knew it your mother has already pushed the two of you out of the shop. The weather was great, the breeze wasn’t too hot nor too cold for the two of you to die. The streets were buzzing with gentlemen and ladies of different families and here you were, standing side by side by the well-known Chae.

“Shall we go?” Hyungwon asks with a smile as he offered you his arm. Stammering at such gentle gestures, you let out soft ‘yes’ before linking your arms with his. The two of you walked in sync and there was not a second when people didn’t turn to look at the two of you.

Hyungwon was someone who’d be gradient as light while you were just someone who’d only be seen at the shop making hats. Whispers of those passersby buzzed like bees and it was slowly getting to you. You hated the attention and the stares that they gave you.

You unconsciously tightened your grip on Hyungwon’s arm as you looked down on the ground. Glancing around his surrounding, Hyungwon was quick to catch on that you were becoming uncomfortable with the attention. Without hesitation, Hyungwon pulled you to another route where there were fewer people. 

“You okay?” He casually asked as soon as the two of you were away from the crowd. With his sudden gesture, you couldn’t help but feel the heat rising up from your neck up to your cheeks, turning it into an embarrassing reddish hue which Hyungwon saw right away. “Y-yeah, I’m okay.” you stammered while trying to get your beating heart to calm down.

Smiling at the sight, Hyungwon lets out a soft chuckle before transferring his gaze back into the road, only to see the carnival just meters away. “We’re almost there.”

The place was filled with various booths with various games and decorations. Visitors from different places came, may it be children, or elders. The bright and vivid colors gave life to every single booth and you couldn’t help but admire the people who made this carnival a success.

Looking around, you spotted a poster that said there was a magic show currently going on, which you immediately tugged onto Hyungwon’s sleeve before nodding towards the small tent. Your footing became lively and a big smile was plastered on your face when the two of you got in the tent. 

The sight of the magician pulling out a rabbit out of his hat was the only thing that made you hold into Hyungwon’s hands before pulling him down to take a seat beside you. Your hands never left his and this was something that made Hyungwon warm on the inside. Your eyes twinkled in fascination and throughout the whole show, Hyungwon just couldn’t take his eyes off of you.

Every time you break into a big smile, Hyungwon wished that time would just stop and have this moment last forever. Feeling Hyungwon’s stare, you turned your head towards him and flashed him a smile. “What’s wrong?” In response to your question, Hyungwon just shakes his head and looks at the magician, only to be notified that the show has finally ended. 

“Oh, it’s finished already?” Hyungwon aks as he glances down on his watch. Time flew by so quickly that it was already five in the evening. “Was the show that long, [y/n]?” Hyungwon asked as soon as the two of you left the tent.

“Yeah! The show was really amazing though. Like, I wondered where those things came from and how it fitted that small hat of his.” You blabbered while looking straight ahead. Hyungwon just nods his head as his eyes trails down to your hand, which was long gone from holding onto his.

“Do you want to eat some corndog?” You casually asked as you looked back at Hyungwon, who had his hands stuffed into his pockets. “A corn dog sounds nice right now.” 

Stopping right in front of a food stall, you ordered two corn dogs and was about to pay when Hyungwon immediately hands the man the payment. “It’s alright, my treat since it’s our first time hanging out after twelve years.” 

“Twelve years?” You furrowed your eyebrows at him. It seemed like he knew something that you didn’t know. “What do you mean twelve years?” You asked once again to which you only received a look from Hyungwon.

“You don’t remember?” He asked with confusion written all over his face. You shook your head and received the corn dog from the man and handed him his share. Grabbing the ketchup, you squirted some out from the bottle and into the corndog. 

What was Hyungwon talking about? After twelve years?” Was there something that you’ve forgotten about? Staring at Hyungwon with anticipating eyes, he places the ketchup back into the tray and links his arms around yours. “You’re quite forgetful, munchkin.” 

Munchkin? you gawked at Hyungwon. Who in the world uses the word munchkin as a tease? But then suddenly, it somewhat ringed a bell. There was always that older kid who’d call you a munchkin when you were young. He somewhat had an uncanny resemblance with Hyungwon until you’ve finally realized that it was him all along.

“You were that kid who used to come at our shop every single day?!” You gasped and pointed your corndog at him. “Yeah, you seriously have forgotten about me aye?” 

Flushed by his remark, you give him a light pinch on the arm, making him burst out laughing at your reaction. “N-no, I did not! You just…. changed into someone who’s very… handsome..” your voice trailed off at the end, making him look at you with a teasing look.

“What was that?” 

“Nothing! Now, c’mon and let’s go ride the ferris wheel.” You quickly changed the subject and pulled Hyungwon towards the ferris wheel and immediately got in without any problem.

“Man, it’s been a long time since I’ve taken a break.” you heaved out as you looked at Hyungwon who sat right across you. “When Mrs. [y/m/n] offered you some days off, you turned her down and now she’s given you tickets to this carnival, you only realized it now that you haven’t taken a break from making hats.”

“Well, I didn’t know that it was fun to hang out with someone whom I’ve spent my childhood with. And why didn’t you tell me at the shop that we’re childhood friends instead of staring at me the whole time?”

Hyungwon shrugs his shoulder before looking out at the view where the lights looked bokeh in his eyes. “And it’s not like I’m that beautiful for you to stare for I don’t know…. two hours?” 

Looking at you with a surprised look, Hyungwon scoffs before flashing you a smile. “ In a room full of art, I’d still stare at you.” Gawking at his sudden confession, you immediately looked away and tried to hide your blushing cheeks. “W-what the heck, Hyungwon….”

“It’s true. I’d rather stare at you since you’re someone whom I consider as beautiful.” He pauses as he slowly takes your hand into his, making you look at him. 

“And I’d also stare at someone who’s gotten my heart beat like crazy ever since we were still little.”

Badump, badump, badump….

It felt like everything stopped for a second. Your heart was pounding so loudly against your chest that you were scared that he might hear you. His eyes was filled with admiration that you didn’t realize that his face was inching closer and closer until both of your lips touched. It was just a quick peck but it already meant something for the two of you. 

Flushed at the sudden skinship, you couldn’t help but let out a groan, making Hyungwon laugh.

“Seriously, Chae Hyungwon?! Don’t do stuff like that!!”

“I love you~”

“….. Urgh….. fine…. I love you too….”

stubborn love (jane/kurt fanfic)

Summary: Jane and Kurt try to bridge the gap between them. Set a few months into season 2.

A/N: No idea where this came from, it’s been about a million years since I’ve written any kind of fic. But Jeller woke my muse, hope you enjoy.

Stubborn Love

He almost didn’t recognize her when he saw her. Curled up in a leather armchair, her raven hair tucked under a knit cap, it was only the wingtips of her mockingbird tattoo, peeking out above the collar of her plaid shirt that gave her away.

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emmy-belle  asked:

Let's say Charlie finds out what Bella and the Cullens really are, the Volturi step in and enforce that Charlie either must be killed or turned into a vampire. How do you think Charlie would be as a vampire? He's so human, so regular, so normal, that it would be extremely interesting to see him change into one. What are your thoughts?

He’d probably have some weaker form of Bella’s gift, in that Edward had said that Charlie was hard to read but not impossible.  Extrapolating that outward, like Bella could do, is a little harder, but maybe he’s like mental “static” or something? He can’t block people completely but he can make it harder for mental powers to affect those around him? Like Jane could still zap you, but the ‘signal’ gets weakened as it goes through Charlie’s static, so it’s not as bad?

As for how he would take to being a vampire… I sort of imagine he’d be practical about it like, well, it is what it is, and get on with his unlife as best he could. Probably wouldn’t bother him too much to hunt animals, since he was kind of an outdoorsy sportman in his human life (would the fish be afraid of him, though? Like, could he not go fishing anymore? That might be the source of his vamp!pain right there). 

Rosalie & Esme: I long for children!
Edward: My soooooul!
Charlie: I miss fishing :( :( :( 

It might complicate things with his friendships with the Quileutes, even more so than Bella. I mean Bella they sort of knew from her Charlie visits and her year and half of living in Forks, but Charlie they’ve known forever, he grew up with Billy, etc. There’s a stronger bond there that would be tested by vamp!Charlie although I think he’d sort of take this Seth approach like, this is dumb why can’t we just get along, “this enemies stuff is melodramatic nonsense. You wanna watch the game later?”

Oh he’d miss the beer, too. :( 

He’d be totally unimpressed with his beauty and strength and speed and just try to keep living his life as much like the one he was living before. He’s in a rut but he’s comfortable there. Maybe he gets into some international sports that air late at night because of time zone differences? 

flintlocktrash  asked:

Well here's a terrible question. Have you ever met the "Crocker" version of yourself?

TT: Well I can already see every other weird paradoxical version of myself, Er kind of…

TT: You see it’s this thing about splintering my “heart”.

TT: Every splinter is myself in some shape or form from dream self to some asshole in another dimension.

TT: Who knows, I’ve probably experienced life as a crocker at some point and didn’t even put too much thought into it-

GG: What in the blazes!?!

TT: …

GG: …

TT: …

GG: …

TT: God damn it…

anonymous asked:

i'm not sure if you've ever talked about austenland, but i was wondering what your thoughts were on it?

It is super-fun and it looks like everyone making it had a great time dicking around. It’s a sweet combination of homage to and send-up of Jane Austen in the way that the Very Potter Musicals pay tribute to Harry Potter.

(Though for a Very Austen Musical you’d probably be closer to the mark with an Austentatious show, which I very much recommend to anyone who has a chance to go to it.)

Taming the rage

TITLE: Taming the Rage

AUTHOR: lokilover9

Original Imagine: Imagine Odin tells Loki that he has to marry and it’s you. You’ve hated him for years. Every time he sees you in the palace he smirks knowing all the duties you’ll have to perform as his princess, making you cringe. He isn’t exactly fond of you either, but can’t help looking forward to the challenge.


Before Loki left that morning, he made Erika promise she would not spend one night alone in their chambers while he was gone.

“I mean it Erika. If you need to come retrieve something, that’s fine, but no staying here alone.”

“I promise.”

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hannahhhhhh123-deactivated20170  asked:

ALSO - i just rewetted episode 13. The Hannah Doll showing up AGAIN (after s7ep1) is making me think - do you think that the first girl in the grave was actually a DOLL. The Hannah doll had REAL blood and in s7ep1 it LOOKED real... SO maybe all those years ago in the grave - it was a doll?

Actually, I thought I’d hate this. I read this the first time and was like nah this would be the worst because it’s unrealistic. But i gave it more thought and I kind of love it?? I probably sound like a broken record now but I’m a firm believer that it does not matter who is in the grave (if Bethany is alive). What does matter, is why Ali’s medical records were applied to Bethany. Who was doing that dirty work? THAT is what matters. And, rather than having a random Jane Doe - why not have a doll!? I know it’s super unrealistic but this is Rosewood. Marion was alive when Toby was a teenager but dead when Charlotte was like 10. It would be kind of iconic wouldn’t it? The death that started this whole entire show - revolves around a doll - which AD is obsessed with. I kind of love this idea, wow!!

Why Does This Always Happen to Us, Jane?

“Ugh, this isn’t accurate at all,” Darcy whined.

Jane gave her some epic side-eye while adjusting a dial on the machine, but said nothing. The I told you so rang clearly between them without ever passing Jane’s lips.

“It’s supposed to be sunny in California. And warm! Why is it so dang windy? I can no longer feel my toes, Jane, and it is July.” They were setting up on a lawn at the edge of the Bay, too, so “windy” was sort of an understatement.

“It’s San Francisco, Darce. It’s always like this in July.”

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‘And you felt self-satisfied with the result of your ardent labors?’

‘Far from it. I was tormented by the contrast between my idea and my handiwork: in each case I had imagined something which I was quite powerless to realize.’

‘Not quite: you have secured the shadow of your thought; but no more, probably. You had not enough of the artist’s skill and science to give it full being: yet the drawings are, for a schoolgirl, peculiar. As to the thoughts, they are elfish. These eyes in the Evening Star you must have seen in a dream. How could you make them look so clear, and yet not at all brilliant? for the planet above quells their rays. And what meaning is that in their solemn depth? And who taught you to paint wind? There is a high gale in that sky, and on this hilltop.’
—  jane eyre, charlotte brontë
Personal Headcanon-ish

So I was talking with @cinnamonteaandbiscuits the other night and there was a conversation…

Me: >_>  So I was wondering what OTHER kind of AUs they could do like in Fangs of Sorrow and I got to wondering…‘superheroes’  

Her: YES!

The following are the superpowers she and I came up for each of them.

Originally posted by cartoonsondrugs

Sherlock Holmes:

Sherlock gets Psychometry.  The power to read anyone or anything’s past.  Basically what he already does now, but in superhero form.  Think Hellboy’s Abe Sapien.  He is still a great detective, but now there is no room for any doubt that what Sherlock says is true.

John Watson:

John has injury transference.  He is able to heal someone of an injury, only with the option of inflicting it on someone else.  He can only hold onto an injury for 24 hours.  If I were to write this as an interesting superhero story I would have to give John the weakness of either transferring it within the first 24 hours or taking the injury on himself, course that would be plenty of time to get to a hospital.

James Moriarty:

*cue jingle* ~trust the midas touch~ Except from James Moriarty.  He wears these golden gloves now as whatever his hands come into contact with turn gold, however that gives the beautiful moment of him gently caressing MC’s cheek promising that either his lips would be touching her and she’d be his.  Or his hands would and she’d be his forever.

Mycroft Holmes:

I would just like to say I am not playing favorites by giving him my favorite power of all - TECHNOPATHY.  The ability to control and manipulate electronics with his mind.  Now when he pulls out his phone(which he technically wouldn’t even need to do anymore, probably does it out of habit) there are more reasons to be afraid of him. 

Jack Stillman:

This-this might be considered a cheat, but an increase of ability to temporarily mind control someone.  But only within 3 hours and/or half a mile of him, and never something they wouldn’t do ever.  Can’t ask John or Sherlock to kill each other.  (Inspired by his hypnotism)

Sebastian Moran:

I cannot deny this man the ability to shapeshift into felines.  I just… I’m not heartless.

Jeremy Cassel Lupin:

Jeremy doesn’t have any powers, but Lupin has shadow manipulation.  What else would a phantom thief need really?  He would be able to travel through them and use the shadows to cover up his presence.  

Hercule Poirot:

No superhero story would be complete without someone with telepathy. Course, in light of recent headcanon adjustments for this guy and his touch starved nature (that he keeps behind closed doors), probably don’t need this guy to know what someone is into.

George Lestrade:

Sadly George was an after thought when we were discussing these powers.. and the only thing that came up was…
Sherlock sighed, “even with super-speed you’re still the last one to the right conclusion.”

MC/Jane Marple:

PINK FOAM OF DOOM!  Well, kinda.  I see MC being able to create pink foam from her hands and being able to adjust it’s density from either slowly down a run away train or creating a shield.  However it is not air tight.  So it does not protect from poisonous gases nor allow someone to sink into deep water.  

Not sure what I’ll do with this information, but it might come in handy

murasakiironosakura-deactivated  asked:

IronWidow please! Natasha being slightly overprotective and she hates it but can't help it because someone's gotta protect Tony from this cruel world. -"Are you alright?" "Always."

Combined with

Prompt? Natasha & Tony are very close and very protective and have a very special sibling bond (go out to eat, snuggling, go shopping) and Natasha getting jealous of Tony’s new lover for taking her big brother away (No pepperony)

There will be a part 2.

Natasha didn’t know how she had come to be so compromised. One moment she was doing her job being the best undercover spy and then she somehow found herself here, beside Tony Stark. Somehow of the course of six years, he had gone from being an assignment, to being her little brother (yes he was taller and older than her but Tony was always going to be her baby brother).

But they had gotten very close over time. So when the world threw stones at them, they came together to lick each other’s wounds and then got back out there to keep on fighting. Natasha had let her masks drop around him, letting Tony in to see past Natasha Romanov the Black Widow, to Natalia the lost orphan.

In return Tony let his walls come down so that she could see passed the ‘genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist’ to Tony, the smart kid that wanted to do right by the world. Today they were the best of friends, almost always together. Went looking for Tony, Natasha was there, couldn’t seem to find Natasha, Tony knew where she was and when she was coming back.

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