this is probably what jane thought of

Honestly though every time John talks about how “oh I guess we’re meant to be together” Hussie makes a point of him being noticeably uncomfortable and unsure about it. So all I’m sayin is that John probably never actually wanted to be with Rose or ever thought of her in that way, he was just pulling a normal John and assuming karkat knew what he was talking about against his better judgements. Maybe less so with Roxy but tbh I can’t see him being anything but super happy for her and somewhat relieved when he finds out she’s with Callie and Jane. Idk I always saw John as very aromantic (and probs ace) and I think there’s a good amount of in-canon evidence for it. I can definitely relate to his feelings of thinking he’s supposed to be in love with someone cause of their situation regardless of his actual feelings.

ROTG Month Day Four: Constellation

“And so Emily Jane traveled far from her home and far from her sorrow, until she came to an unexpectedly safe place– the Constellation called Typhan…  He summoned up a breeze that took Emily Jane and her Star Fish to a moon near the stars of his right ear.  The travelers were exhausted, and resting was very welcome.  As they landed among the powdery craters, Typhan spoke once more. 
“Child,” he said.  “You are not alone.”  Those words were like a shield to Emily Jane.  She felt safer, and even hopeful.  And as she fell into a long, weary sleep, she thought over and over: Somehow, my father will find me.” The Sandman and the War of Dreams

‘What happened?’  You are saying.  It’s Constellation day and Evie didn’t draw Tsar and Tsarina Lunanoff?  I… I don’t know.  I had planned to draw them, and when I sat down this is what happened.  I’m probably just too upset they died to actually draw them as a Constellation anymore, and having a roleplay blog which features the return of MiM’s parents has not helped in this regard.  So have some Emily Jane because I love her, you all, I love her so much.  She is the reason I ever read the novels!  I had only read the picture books, but then I found out Pitch had a daughter, and it seemed impossible.  So I started with book 4 and worked backwards because it was Emily Jane that mattered the most to me.

oh no I just had a thought

According to Terezi: Remem8er, if you die AT ALL in the game, you turn into a ghost. It doesn’t matter if it’s your dream self or if you revive from a kiss or anything. If you die, that’s it.

Jake English’s dreamself was killed immediately in the alpha session. Do you know what that means?

There is a version of Jake somewhere in the dreambubble void who has been more alone than anyone in the world. He probably woke up and got really scared that none of his friends were there. He never got the chance to develop stronger relationships with his friends after the mishaps of their session and never met Jade or John (two people he was most looking forward to seeing) and never got a happy ending. He’s just probably broken hearted and distraught in the void surrounded by alien trolls who could care less about him and probably ignore him and he’s the most alone English of them all.

Poor Jake. He could even be double dead from Lord English too…

On the bright side Dirk, Jane, and Roxy have also died in Synchronize and Unite so maybe they found him…?

But ya are drunk, Blanche!

Hello, darlings! Welcome to Vintage Cinema, my classic film drinking game blog.  It has been eons since we last drank together, hasn’t it?  I thought it was time to get back on the wagon (or fall off, whichever you all would prefer) and once again continue a life filled with celluloid and libations.

Many of you are probably aware of a new little television show called Feud: Bette and Joan, which details a not-so-little feud between two queens of Hollywood’s Golden Age.  In the spirit of Feud (which is an amazing, by the way), I thought only one movie would be appropriate at a time like this. 

The film of the evening is the camp horror classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? (1962).  The film stars Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as sisters Jane and Blanche Hudson.  Jane “Baby Jane” Hudson (Davis) is a former Vaudeville child star who peaked at 8 years old and proceeded to disappear into obscurity. Blanche (Crawford), once overshadowed by her sister Jane, eventually rose to fame as a movie star while Jane’s career faded.  Blanche was on top of the world, that is, until a mysterious accident (hmmmmm…) involving both sisters left Blanche crippled and in a wheel chair.  The film takes place many years after the incident when the sisters are in their 50s or 60s and living together in their Hollywood mansion. Jane, now fairly off her rocker and a raging alcoholic, is left to take care of her sister.  After realizing that Blanche plans to sell their home and have Jane committed to a mental institution, Jane snaps and begins to torture her sister while also attempting to revive her old Vaudeville act.

The film was an unexpected hit and has since become a camp classic.  Promotion for the film was partly based on the real-life feud between Bette and Joan, who absolutely hated each other for both personal and professional reasons.  Ultimately, Bette Davis was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actress… and none for Joan Crawford. But Joan would have her revenge.  Bette did not win, and when Anne Bancroft could not attend the Academy Awards ceremony to accept the award for Best Actress, who else would offer to accept the Oscar on her behalf but Joan Crawford herself?  I would have killed to watch all of that drama go down in person.

Drink of the Evening

Well first, you must decide where your loyalties lie.  Team Bette will be drinking scotch, while Team Joan will be drinking vodka.  I’m a die-hard Bette Davis disciple, so it will be scotch for me. 


Take a sip whenever

1. Jane mentions the fact that she’s THE Baby Jane Hudson, as if that’s still a big deal for some reason.

2. Jane beats, slaps, or kicks Blanche.

3. Jane imitates Blanche.

4. Jane, at any point in time, sings “I’ve Written a Letter to Daddy.” (BONUS if you pay attention to the film score and hear variations of the song throughout the film.)

Take TWO sips when

1. Jane serves Blanche a bad meal.

2. Jane goes berserk.

3. Blanche goes berserk too.

FINISH YOUR DRINK at famous lines


2. “You mean, all this time we could’ve been friends?”


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If you watch Jane the Virgin, what are your thoughts on what's going on with Rafael and Petra?

I think that it’s a smart plot device to deviate from the Jane/Raf storyline and helps stall that inevitable reunion. Plus Petra and Raf have all this unresolved tension between them, that it probably needs to be explored/exhausted before he and Jane can reunite. 

moonrisedreams  asked:

asks about literally anything: do you have any pets / if you could have any superpower what would it be / is ruby by any chance your favorite gem from su (and if not Who) / favorite book / favorite color / favorite animal / favorite thing to wear / silliest pet peeve / favorite planet / if you could rename any one thing in the entire universe, what would you rename and what would its new name be (no need to answer them all i just thought you might like some variety)

1) yes i have 3 pets: a dog, a cat, a hedgehog

2) if i could have any superpower it’d probably be to shapeshift like to look like anything/anyone….so useful….

3) my favorite gem from su is garnet, actually. but ruby is a close second bc i relate to her and love her so much

4) my favorite book is? probably jane eyre…..and i hate romance…..idk its so good

5) favorite color is a tie b/w pink, teal, and black

6) my favorite animal is frogs……….i love me some frogs… fact im kin to frogs…..i love those special boys

7) my favorite thing to wear is a blue jacket i wear like 24/7 (im wearing it right now) because it reminds me of A Certain Comfort Character Of Mine. Wow. Whoever Could It Be.

8) my weirdest pet peeve is like?? when my stuffed animals arent in the correct place…i get very upset and i cannot sleep until i fix them

9) i dont have a favorite planet but jupiter’s pretty cool, hes got some sick moons

10) i would rename all frogs to Special Boys. no one could refer to them as anything different. They Are Special.

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I love your commentary on the post-transformation beast and belle gifset, but I do have to ask where "she was the first to recognize him and to love what she saw" appeared in Jane Eyre? I have that novel practically memorized and I have NEVER heard that quote. If it isn't from Jane Eyre, I'd love to know where it's actually from. A Google search didn't turn up anything.

Hi thank you so much! 

You know, I’m probably crazy (heh, reference intended?). For some reason, I thought this quote came straight from Charlotte Bronte, but I am likely mistaken, considering it’s been ages since I read the novel myself. What I do recall is this quote being in the 2006 Jane Eyre BBC adaptation. And in that version, Jane is the one speaking in reference to Rochester, that he was the first to recognize her, etc. 

Sorry for the confusion! Thank you for messaging me :D

Tinder Meet Up

A/N: Small blurb… Tinder Meet up gone right. 

“I’m telling you, Jane. He’s real. And you’re gonna sit here and watch as I get swept away by this hot piece of ass,” You said smugly as you sipped your glass of whiskey, scanning the dive bar for the man you were scheduled to meet up with.

“Y/N, this is tinder. He’s probably a 50 year old man who thought your ass looked good in that swimsuit picture you’re using as a profile,” Your bestfriend rolled her eyes at you as he eagerly awaited for Dean. Dean Winchester was what his name was according to his Tinder profile. You weren’t one to normally use dating/hook-up apps but after a year long dry spell you were more than eager to get back out there and needed a boost of confidence which was what Tinder was. And Dean Winchester was more than willing to be the man to help you out, and from the one picture he had, he was incredibly handsome. The kind that made you a blushing and stuttering mess.

“Whatever you say, babe. Just you wait,” 10 minutes went by and still no sign of Dean. Your mood was heading south fast, especially since Jane felt the need to brag that she was right.

“Excuse me, Y/N?” A deep rough voice broke you out of your haze, you quickly turned to find just the man you were waiting for. A smug smile graced his features as you forced yourself to keep it together. Dean was… wow.

“Holy shit, you’re real. I mean – wow. Fuck,” You couldn’t help yourself. Dean was sex. That was as simple as you could put it. With heavenly green eyes that watched you with amusement, a cocky smirk. A leather jacket draped over his broad shoulders and the strength and pure manliness that radiated off of him made you weak. You quickly knocked back the rest of your drink, face scrunching at the taste of the hard liquor.

“You’re real too. I was afraid those pictures were just a way to lure men in and you were going to be some 50 year old woman… I got lucky,” He chuckled, ordering his own glass of whiskey before taking the seat next to you. He winked at Jane teasingly before turning his full attention to you. Oh you were so fucking screwed. He turned towards a tall man and waved him away, you assumed he was his brother or something. The tall man merely grinned and rolled his eyes before heading out of the bar. “So why don’t we get to know each other, I’ve got all night long, sweetheart,” He suggested, brushing a few strands of hair away from you face and tucked it gently behind your ear.

“Ditto, Winchester. Make it worth my time,”  

“Oh I will,”

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how would your folks feel about you dating a jewish black woman?

     ❝  I don’t know, they’ve been dead for decades.  ❞  It’s a simple matter of fact, spoken with little emotion.  ❝  Now, my grandparents… well, unfortunately, this is Cheyenne, it’s not exactly known as a progressive utopia.  ❞  A gross reality but a true one, anti-Jane Fonda bumper stickers and all.  ❝  I don’t live my life up to my grandfather’s standard anymore, I don’t care what they would have thought.  ❞  HA! Nice one.

( @reliqucry )


The finale never fails to give food for thought. This little smile of discomfort that Lisbon smiles probably trying to figure out how to break the news about her brothers coming to their wedding to Jane (and inventing an explanation that would make it less painful for her introverted fiancé) tells him enough to be able to understand something is up and guess immediately. He knows her so well that one tiny facial expression is enough for him to understand what she’s thinking about. I also love this fact because it demonstrates just how really close they are. But he didn’t know he should have practiced his mentalist skills more to get to know her main secret that was still to be told.

After Jane learnt they were going to have a baby...

I just thought with what feeling Jane put his arms around Teresa on the night of their wedding when she’d fallen asleep. I’m sure he stayed awake for a long time, looking at her in the dark, smelling her hair and secretly touching her tummy probably whispering something to his baby, crying tears of the purest joy and gratitude.

A succinct Blindspot jeller recap in 5 points:

  1. First episode back and starring front and centre, Mr Heart Eyes Weller. Welcome back. You’ve been missed
  2. I could write an academic thesis about the look on Kurt’s face after Jane says, “make it back” <insert internal scream>. They’re practically about to be gunned down at Heart Eyes Weller has time for some caszh smug.
  3. Hand holding in a plummeting vessel and I’m dead, literally going down with this ship aeroplane
  4. And just like that Zapata and Reade know what’s up. Kurt honey, you’re not even tryyyinnggg
  5. Kurt. Alone. Waiting
My Favourite Things About Rizzoli & Isles Season 6 Episode 18

Well. Here we are. The finale. (My money is on Kiki getting shot). I might binge re-watch the entire season to get a better feel for how I think the season went. I thought it was pretty good. Some people will probably think that’s lame for me to say that…. But… meh. It’s not the greatest show ever, it has never professed to be that. It is what it is. Entertainment TELEVISION…. with two ridiculously good looking leading ladies.

1. Damn it Jane! Look up, open your eyes and SEE how much this woman loves you!

2. Bitch did you not hear her? Maura is the BEST

3. Jane with gun feat. tricep flex (I love the predictability of this show!)

4. Not sure why, I just like this angle.

5. Jughead. Ha. More like Dickhead.

6. She was jealous of your success? Yeah……… ok. (More like a scorned ex  who wants revenge)

7. *sigh*

8. Their height difference… asdlkfjsadihfosidhfosjdf

9. How DID you get so lucky, Vince? 

10. Damn it Jane…. Ask her to dance!

11. Hot girlfriend, fried chicken and booze… Looks like Jane’s kind of party! (And mine too!)

12. Who knew goofballs could dance? Fucking ADORABLE!

13. Tipsy Rizzles! (Now go home together and make out……..)

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and this thought crosses my mind. I know, I’m not an actress – I’ve never acted in my life, I’m probably not the person the camera would ‘love’. But sometimes, I just realize how I would be the perfect female version of James Bond and sometimes I want to pitch my idea to a writer to make me a movie. How does Jane Bond sound? The young and hot cousin of James Bond who kicks ass. Sounds awesome, right? I’d be perfect for it. What about you, any character you think would be perfect for you? 


I’ve always wondered if Jane really meant it back in S5 or if he said it just to say and he knew it was about the Volker case. And if he did mean it, being hopeless of having a life together with Lisbon one day and thinking he’d never be free from his fears, having no idea of his life after RJ (if he ever thought about that at all), whether he realized, saying that, what kind of dreadful effect it would produce on him. That it could bring his life to a halt (like it threatened to do in S6) if Lisbon did get into a relationship with someone, to say nothing of the possibility of her actually falling in love with someone else. I wonder if Jane was convinced he was in control of his reactions.

Naturally, back then he did everything to concentrate on his RJ hunt and probably he thought that he’d have enough strength to see Lisbon go. I don’t think he said it because he was sure that would never actually happen, that was a real possibility. And even if he didn’t think being together would ever become a reality for them, it was bound to affect him, Lisbon’s slipping away would have destroyed him. I wonder how he’d have reacted if he got to hear her say, “Yes, I am in love.”

Just a little story that contains my thoughts about their future. I hope you like it.

They were lying in bed together with Jane’s hand on her belly and her hand covering his. She was exhausted after another day at the office. The boredom was driving her crazy, but she wouldn’t risk her child’s life just so she could get rid of the boredom. Not that Jane or Cho would allow her to go into the field anyway. Jane didn’t return, he was busy building their home, but he made sure to call her almost every hour, asking how she is. She pretended to be annoyed, but he knew that she secretly loved it. Now that she thought about it, the boredom probably had more to do with Jane not being there all the time than with not being able to go into the field. 

She was brought back to reality when she felt Jane kissing her shoulder. “What is it, Teresa? What’s keeping you awake?” he whispered and she shivered when she felt his breath against her neck. She turned in his arms so she was facing him and said “Nothing. Just thinking.”. “You know… I could call you more often if it’s that boring at the office.” he said and grinned. “How do-“ she started but Jane put a finger against her lips and said “Didn’t you want to stop asking that question now that we’re married?”. She smiled at him. It’s been almost two months and sometimes she still couldn’t believe they were actually married. She raised her hand and looked at her ring. It was really gorgeous, but a part of her still thought it was too much. He loved to spoil her and she could only imagine what he would do with their kid. She chuckled. 

“Now would you like to share your thoughts with me, honey?” he said. “I was just thinking about all the stuff you will probably buy for our child.” she said and chuckled again. “You know I love to spoil people I love.” he said and kissed her. “And about the boredom, it’s only a few more months. You can do it.” he teased, but she frowned. “Yes only a few more months and what then? I don’t know what to do afterwards.” she said, looking upset. Jane pulled her closer to him, so that he could still look at her. “Then you will take some time off and we will take care of our baby together.” he said and smiled, thinking about it. “But what about money?” she asked and he just chuckled. “Money won’t be a problem. We will have enough, but maybe I could offer my help on a case once in a while.” he suggested and she just nodded. 

When he saw that she was probably thinking about what will happen after that. He said “And then you can go back to your old job.”. He really didn’t like the idea of her going back into the field, but he knew she loves her job. He couldn’t keep her from doing what she loved. “No. I can’t.” she said and when she saw his confusion she continued “It’s too dangerous. You were right. You were kidnapped and a serial killer wanted to ruin our wedding because I was too stubborn to give up my job. Besides.. I don’t want our child to grow up without a mother.”. Tears were threatening to fall and he cupped her cheek and kissed her to calm her down. “It’s okay.” he said reassuringly and kept stroking her cheek. They were lying in silence for a while. “I can’t be a housewife, Patrick. I will go nuts. But I also don’t want to give my child away during the day at the age of 1 already.” she said and he could see how desperate she was. 

To lighten the mood and because he seriously had thought about this possibility he said “I’ll be the housewife.”. She giggled, imagining him as housewife. “And what about your “mental stimulation”?” she asked, teasing. He grinned at how her mood was back to happy again. “Like I said, I could offer my help to the FBI. And you could teach the rookies at the FBI. You know… Show them how it’s done without actually going back into the field.” he said and was glad to see her bright smile. “That sounds like a plan.” she said, still smiling, and kissed him. 

“Thank you. You always know how to comfort me.” She said and then added a little hesitantly “You will be a good father to our child.”. He just smiled and said “And you will be a good mom. But maybe you should let me sing the lullabies to our child.”. He chuckled and she slapped his chest, but had to chuckle too. “I love you.” he said more serious and placed his hand on her belly again. “I love you, too.” she answered and soon they both fell into a deep sleep. Both dreaming about their future as a family.


Hey guys, to everyone who mentioned what they thought about my artwork I just wanted to say thank you. Here are some quick sketches that I made of your muses when I was out and about.

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Now with hindsight it’s so rewarding to think that even in the darkest times Jane had a dream, perhaps in the most remote corner of his consciousness, flickering like a lantern and masked by his irony which was his armor and without which he would have been left unprotected. There was a hope that one day he’d probably be happy (this recurring “what if” ringing at the back of his mind) and Teresa would return his love. Of course, when RJ was the one who dictated the rules, he felt trapped and too afraid to make a step towards her knowing that their closeness might mean the end of her life, and he didn’t allow himself to dream but deep down there was this hope living in his damaged heart, a heart that started to feel – something that he never expected it to do anymore.
And when they get together, we still see him uncertain, perhaps still fearing that it might end abruptly. He thus makes small tentative steps towards what he feels he needs, accompanied by the woman he loves. And it gives me so much joy to see how he learns to be happy again, moving towards his dream. It’s amazing to see how he struggles to be the best one for Teresa, he wants to be frank with her, and she welcomes that being very careful with his feelings. He apologizes to her more often than he’d ever done before, and she is trying to be as understanding as possible. He dares to dream, and it makes me think that his “I don’t have a plan” is caused by his vulnerability and fears that don’t let him dive into it or rush the events but rather make him take slow steps and secure the things that he and Teresa achieve together so that they don’t lose them and do everything right. For me, it feels like he’s constantly asking himself if what he’s living is real, if he deserves it, as if he looks at Lisbon and wonders if he’s making her happy, if he’s worthy of her. It’s so beautiful that step by step he gets everything he must have been dreaming about and even more. Probably, at the very start of their relationship, he feels he can’t wish for more – he ached for Teresa for so long making himself feel content with just seeing her every day and not demanding anything at all, because he was used to so little in the past – both materially and emotionally. But as time goes by, he plunges into the feeling of security that Teresa gives him showing him that she’s there to stay, and he’s not afraid anymore, he finally allows himself to live his dream. And the steps he makes become more confident and what he wants to accomplish gets bigger and bigger every time. And, symbolically, his wish to run away and travel around the world, to escape gives in to his wish of a stable life and a permanent home that will replace the Airstream, and where his family with Teresa will be able to take root and flourish.