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1. have you ever fallen for a movie / tv character? if so, then who?
isaac from teen wolf, which is super embarrassing. also had a huge crush on mike from power rangers samurai when i was little
2. fave disney princess?
my home girl moana! she the best ❤️✨
3. what is your ideal type?
just someone who is nice, genuine (@ all those fake ass bitches who turn into assholes around their friends), has a good sense of humour and is taller than me for optimal hugging compatibility 
4. what was the most recent group you started learning about? what snatched you?
pristin! and their vocals snatched me so hard. i listened to so many of their live performances and i was just sittin there completely bald with no eyebrows 
5. what song do you want to hear live the most? (if this is too hard then top 5 lol)
this is probably cheating but like all the band versions of bts’ songs. and seventeen’s ‘don’t listen in secret’
6. who is climbing your bias list rn? why? 
jin!!!! and this is kinda shame, but that bts run ep where they were like cops and robbers and for some reason jin in the robber’s striped shirt just looked so damn good with his hair parted like that and tellin goofy dad jokes i was like 😍 it has been a slippery descent from there
7. fave rookie from 2016? (there were so many im so sorry they’re all so talented)
they not a thing anymore but i lowkey loved ioi 😥 and blackpink, as well as astro and nct 
8. what was your last dream about?
i don’t usually dream or at least i never remember them, so idk sorry

my questions:
1. what are you looking forward to in the near future?
2. which group/s do you stan that you think more people should?
3. opinion on coleslaw? (if any of ya’ll say it’s nasty i’m coming after you)
4. what are your go to jam out songs?
5. if you had to join any kpop group, who would you join and why? what position would you want?
6. favourite live performance that you keep rewatching?
7. favourite picture of your bias? 
8. favourite girl group? 

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Follow up to the previous question about Gillian best moments: what do you think are her best performances as Scully?

Best Gillian moments as Scully TOP 5, on this very day (it’ll probably change slightly tomorrow, and the next day… so many great acting moments)

HOME AGAIN - This scene. Do I need to say more? Scully’s desperation to forget what just happened because she doesn’t think she can survive it.

  • Special mention: “that we didn’t treat him like trash”. She whispers it like she just said a forbidden word. And it is forbidden because William was never dispensable to her.


BADLAA The way her voice breaks with emotion at “that I’m not capable of”. I wrote a lot about it here.


APOCRYPHA The determination and hatred, followed by the regret of not shooting the man who was with Krycek when her sister died. Or is it the realisation of having to track down yet another man to avenge Melissa. The spectrum of emotions… simply impeccable. 


IRRESISTIBLE When people say Gillian’s outstanding acting happens when she plays with her face, that’s what they are referring to.


PER MANUM 2 scenes. 2 very different hugs: The gratefulness. The heartbreak.

Gif sources: X X X


A few storyboard to final picture comparisons from scenes that I worked on! These are from S4E23, “Tokka vs. the World″

This is easily one of my favorite episodes out of the episodes I worked on. If I counted correctly, I worked on 29 episodes, and this is probably in the top 5.  

Be forewarned, Bishop is one of my favorite characters, so my 423 posts are probably going to be pretty Bishop heavy.

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What is your favorite thing about black women? Externally and internally?

You got a minute?

Black women externally: They are the mothers of us all. They have a glow about them. I love their smiles, hair, lips, and eyes! The bodies of black women are on another level. Doesn’t matter the body type but how they carry themselves in so many different ways. It’s like they all carry love and strength no matter how they look. I love every color they come in because you know black women are like the alpha and omega of this right?? They have the best laughs. Their laughs are infectious. A hug from a black woman probably is like in my top 5 tbh. The smell of a black woman is so blissful. Smell like shea butter and hope lol Black women are art and should be taken care of as such

Black women internally: The sweetness and the familiarity. It’s always like talking to someone you’ve known for years. They’re like home. There’s a joy they have that’s unmatched. Black women deal with everything and still sometimes you could never tell. It’s the joy. I’m not religious but the spirit of black women have to be in tune with God because there’s no way such ethereal beings could just exist. Honestly, they’re so magical i’m sure they actually could. I love how smart and intuitive they are. Like you might as well not lie cause they know already. I love the love they give. To be loved by a black woman is to be loved by the world to me. I’m just saying if you luck up and get to experience the love of a black woman it’ll be one for the books i’m telling you

I don’t follow the storylines anymore (I could elaborate on this, but it’s just that they doesn’t really capture my interest anymore, so the fall of the Comicron was my personal series finale), but I still watch the reviews because they’re so well researched and you learn a lot about storytelling. The Exiles retrospective will probably be his top 5 works at least.

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what are your top 5 favorite songs?

IDKK?!?????? TF????? UM probably 1 all-star by smash mouth 2 believe by cher 3 the entire bee movie soundtrack 4 bet on it by sac efron voiced by drew Seeley and 5??? Toxic by Britney spears ☠️☠️☠️

My thoughts on the new episode per queen

Valentina: amazing. Outstanding. Beautiful. Deserved to win the pageant since she was not criticized once. Clearly top 3 Material

Nina: smart. Funny, im glad that she won as well, super super nice. Maybe middle of the pack

Aja: loved the first look, didn’t love the second one as much. She is SICKENING though, and she will definitely go far. Top 3 material

Kimora: probably one of the fashion queens of the seasons for me. They didn’t like her outfits but I live for them. Probably top 5.

Eureka: her only objectives are to win over Trinity and to send her home. No. Her objectives should be winning the competition. She will go home early.

Trinity: I didn’t feel her in the promos but after that lady Gaga look DAMN that was amazing

Alexis : she slayed this challenge. She is the look queen. Amazing make up, amazing padding, amazing EVERYTHING. Maybe top 7

Sasha: very smart and creative, even though she didn’t deserve her spot in the top three of the week she is still one of my faves, top 5.

Peppermint: my opinions on her are normal. I don’t see her in the top 7 though.

Shea: she is a nice fucking person. And very funny as well, personally she is not in my top 5 but if she were to be there I would not protest.

Charlie: I love her. But this weeks performance was… underwhelming in some way? Her first look was giving me a “mother, has arrived” realness. It was messy… her second look though was good. Hopefully she will get far. I love her.

Farrah: even though she got many many critiques I know she will be a front runner, top three material. Her looks were visually appealing and I loved them

Mimi Imfurst AKA Jaymes Mansfield: she tries so hard. Since the moment she came into the werk room she looked uncomfortable and out of place. She tries so hard to be a character she simply is not. The first look was underwhelming and the second look was just terrible. I gave her the benefit of the doubt, but honestly, she is my pick to the one that goes home first, maybe second.

Cynthia: yas miss cucu. Get ready to be slayed by her. She has grown so much since her season. And she is the first miss congeniality to miss the snatch game, and I want her to do it.

I’m sure someone somewhere must have come up with this already, but can you imagine how Batman must be viewed in the BNHA world?

Izuku mentioned near the beginning of the series that they’ve only recently gotten rid of the rule that Quirkless people in Japan can’t enter UA or become heroes.

So just imagine America, where that rule is probably still in place.

Imagine quirkless little Bruce Wayne whose parents have just been murdered, who wants to help prevent other people from feeling the pain he did, only to find out that that path was closed to him.

Imagine him becoming an illegal hero, a vigilante.

Imagine all the little quirkless kids seeing him on the news, and finally, finally they have someone to look up to. Finally, they have hope that they can still follow their dreams, that they’re not broken.

Imagine Batman becoming on of the most popular heroes in America, and he’d probably be in the top 5, if only the government would get its head out of its ass.

Imagine quirkless representation in the hero industry.

It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Bob Dylan
It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

Hot damn.  There’s a reason why this is probably in my top 5 of favorite Dylan songs.  I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a bad version.  Live from Palaeur (now known as PallaLottomatica)  in Rome, 6/19/84.

@mrsassafrasjeans I had to make myself stop almost as soon as I started because I hadn’t even scratched the surface. Doctor Who goes in almost every category though. And “shows I loved but will never forgive” is probably a very long list. Also I could almost fill a top 5 just with Bryan Fuller shows.

Really I should have a category like, “I watch this every week for punishment”