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Jun saw it coming, but it’s gonna bite back someday, Wonwoo. Took an entire year for him to take revenge on Dino though.

Zircon Fic sort of thing

(I don’t know how to tittle)

Summary: Both the Zircon are being stuck in a room after the Trial, learning that they’ll be shattered. They argue then there’s a bit of fluff at the end

Warning: this is gonna be bad (aka its my first time writing ever (plus its not in my first language) so it’s probably a bit repetitve and ooc)

(its all bellow the cut)

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Pic-Lit 4

It was late.  Maker, really late.  Probably too late but he was only a few paces from her door, and there was no turning back now.  Cullen could see the glow of a lamp around the door so he figured he would knock anyway.  Kia… the Herald, was leaving for Redcliffe in the morning.  He knew that she would need these reports before they set out.

Cullen knocked gently on the door and listening, he heard talking, not words exactly but talking.  Cullen pushed opens the door slowly and slipped inside.  His eyes where immediately drawn to the redhead curled up on the bed.  The Herald had apparently fallen asleep while reviewing paperwork, a lot of which had fallen to the floor when she had slumped on the pillow.  Kiaya had her knees hugged to her chest, she looked so small.  Her face was peaceful and she had a small smile but she still looked tired.  Her flaming hair spread around her face highlighting how pale she was and even in sleep he could see shadows under her eyes.  Cullen blinked and then smiled when Kiaya started mumbling, not words, but the sounds just before words.  Kiaya shifted, and rolled over, pushing more paperwork on to the floor.  Without thinking he crossed the room and knelt down next to the bed.  He bundled up the papers and placed them on the table, a book had flopped over under the bed.  As he picked it up he turned it over and froze.  Next to the sketch where the words “Every time he smiles my heart stops. Maker I’m in trouble.”

Part 1 - Varric; Here

Part 2 - Cassandra;  Here

Part 3 - Bull; Here

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Dan and Phil x Harry Potter x Life is Strange Crossover

[Part 2 here]

A Concept: You play as Daniel Howell, a young half-blood wizard who mysteriously receives time-rewinding powers at the beginning of his first year at Hogwarts. He realizes his powers do not adhere to the same spatiotemporal constraints as time turners: they do not obey the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle, and can only rewind up to five minutes at a time.  Unbeknownst to Dan, his powers are finite - the rate of depletion is available only to you, the player, in a meter on the right of the screen. For the first half of his time at Hogwarts, you use Dan’s powers to remake decisions to make life easier for him and his Muggle-born best friend Phil. Then, in his fourth year, Harry Freakin’ Potter returns from the maze with a dead body and life for Dan gets really dark really quickly. You realize too late you should probably have conserved your powers for the war.

There are four fixed events in the game: Befriending Phil, Cedric’s death, Dumbledore’s death, and Dan’s powers running out sometime during the Battle of Hogwarts.


@lesbianalluraweek Day 2: Coming out/Telling the team


They say it’s your birthday 

It’s my birthday too, yeah

We’re gonna have a good time

Lance’s bday soon!!!

Klance week 2017 - Day Seven: Free Day


“There will always be a door to the light!

  • Ravenclaw: *running* Oh no, I'm late!
  • Gryffindor: The class has already ended.
  • Ravenclaw: So... am I really late for this class, or really early for the next one?
  • Gryffindor: What?

so for the longest time I’ve enjoyed the way ngozi has given smh significant numbers for their jerseys. like how we all love that holster and ransom are 4-11 respectively because they quite literally give us the 411 on hockey shit in bitty’s first year.

but I only JUST noticed that shitty’s number is 42, which for all you non hitchiker fans out there, is the answer to the question “what is the meaning of life?”

this could either refer to the fact that shitty is a little existential (though he’s no johnson), and likes to answer questions about the world in a way smh giggles through with good-hearted amusement. or it could refer to the fact that shitty is one of jack’s few real friends, and certainly one of his first ones at samwell. he was responsible for getting jack a little more out of his shell, aggressively befriending him and making his life worthwhile again. so alternatively, the meaning of life is shitty - is friendship.

When I was in high school, i used to think that i loved fan fiction because i was making up for some kind of romantic deficit by living vicariously through the characters, but now I’m 23 and have been in a healthy, loving relationship for years, and I still stay up too late reading fanfiction, so probably I’m just trash.
—  Me, unfortunately

manbroo  asked:

Have you ever drawn Ushijima or Semi

 i have now!!