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To be real here. Team Fortress 2 took nine years of development to become a somewhat buggy yet widely enjoyable game. Half like 2 took from 1999 to 2004 to fully happen. Portal 2 took four years and a massive team. And Valve is a moderately big company, who had their (unknown but probably couple hundred only) strong team working full force on these projects. Hiveswap has had some of the worst luck of any "first game" by a company ever. I'm sad it's not here but wtf are you gonna do right

Yeah! Like, I don’t like hearing people complain uselessly about certain stuff regarding Hiveswap, but I at least understand part of the letdown of January 2017 or that some people might just express their impatience by being dicks online. But when they’re like “IT’S ABOUT FUCKING TIME YOU RELEASE THIS, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN FINISHED YEARS AGO”, it’s like. What game are you taking into consideration exactly…? Call of Duty? Come on. 3-4, and even Five Years is a completely reasonable amount of time to develop a videogame, and we don’t even know exactly how much of that is actually development time with the making of WhatPumpkin and switching to 2D. The more money doesn’t mean they finish a game earlier. I don’t know what Game Dev Tycoon showed people in the Hiveswap Tag, but throwing bucks aimlessly at the screen won’t speed up the process of game making. If anything, having that much money meant the scope of the game was bigger and it would take longer.