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hi! so i've been forcing my sister to watch spn for the past few months and she just finished the s12 finale tonight. every time a super heavy destiel moment has happened i get so excited despite having seen them a bunch, but somehow my sister has watched 12 seasons (w/ me explaining all the meta/parallels/etc) and she still thinks Cas and Dean's relationship is platonic/fraternal. i thought for sure after s12 she would see it, and the only reason i wanted her to watch was to discuss it. :(

I mean, loads of people still don’t see it, more do since season 12 than before but there are still a lot who don’t so don’t be too upset because you do and she doesn’t, she’s not alone…

This is why season 13 is most probably going to be a romantic festival of blatant upping the game - precisely for people like her, so as you have seen it already you can just enjoy it when it comes!

I think a lot of people through season 13 are gonna be like…

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I mean - spot the difference! This was a MASSIVE clue for us supposed to be noticing what Mary is noticing…that’s how most of these things work, putting the audience in the position of the other person in the room, seeing it from their POV, as we have done in the past with Sam, but it’s still a bit too subtextual for a lot of people so… they do really need to make it more blatant. Hmm I wonder how? 

Maybe by making Dean tear down his facade at the end of season 12, start to face his own feelings and accept the side of himself that he represses which a large part of why he doesn’t pursue Cas, then have Cas perhaps get separated from him in a shocking and devastating manner to really make it hit home how much he really does love him and realises what he has lost…


I mean aside from this there’s also a reason why I wrote a long post about how Mary was written and portrayed as Cas’ mother in law all season ;)

Basically yeah, it was more obvious in the text this season and in the way we see others interact with them and see them, Mary is my favourite though as she is brand new to their dynamic and immediately starts treating Cas like a son in law, it’s fantastic. Next season needs to go up a notch though from heavy subtext to text as you say, some people are still oblivious, which I find amazingly blinkered but fine, that’s the way of the world I guess, but yeah, they are definitely off from a good starting point :D

Bad Post Incoming

So I was thinking a bit, and I came to a disturbing conclusion. 

We all love Merle Highchurch, yeah? He’s fuckin great. 

You know who most people don’t like? Torbjorn, from Overwatch. Don’t get ahead of me now.

Actually, you’re probably already there, so I’ll just say it: Merle and Torbjorn are so fucking similar. Mannerisms and shit are different, but lemme highlight some things:

  • Let’s get the Elephant out of the room: They’re both short af because of dwarfism or being a dwarf
  • They both have a fucking ton of kids. “Wait!” I hear you say, “Merle only has a few kids!” But what else do we call those men of the cloth? Father. So yeah, Merle just fuckin adopts anyone he can and so has a fuckin barrel of kids. This part is more fannon/popular headcanon stuff (albeit with a lot of evidence), so …
  • Both of them endeavour for peace. Torb is trying to collect all the weapons he made back when, yeah? Because he doesn’t want them to be part of the violence anymore. By the same token Merle goes about proselytizing for Pan because he wants for people to experience the same sort of peace he does. Continuing on …
  • We have Della Reese and Torbjorn’s turrets. Need I say more here?
  • The arms. Both of their fucking arms. I’m pretty sure they’re the same ones too? The left one. I know Torb’s is on the left. No, they’re different but all the same.

God, I could make some other trivial comparisons, but when you get down to it, Torbjorn is something like a high-tech version of Merle. They serve the same combat rolls, have similar bodily augmentations, and have similar life goals (and if you consider that Merle had to have made a Relic, you have another part of common history). 

I just can’t believe Torbjorn, who is infamous and hated amongst ow players, is basically Merle, who most everyone adores to heck? what the fuck man