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Pages from my Moleskine 2017 Bullet Journal: Finally got around to starting my bullet journal for the upcoming year and I have to say, this is probably by far my most favorite starting page that I’ve ever made. I’m still getting the hang of using brush pens but I’m extremely satisfied with how it looks in here. 

For those trying to figure out how they want their journal to look or just want some inspo: here’s a few designing tips for you guys 

  • Have a color scheme: For the most part I’m probably gonna stay along the lines of blue and rose gold (love me some rose gold always) but you can always go to websites and search for pretty color schemes to use
  • Tumblr is one of the hugest databases and has so many beautiful inspirational quotes and pictures. Take advantage of them!! Print them out, stick some tape, and smack it into your journal. 
  • Put some memories in there: receipts, movie tickets, polaroids, little notes from friends, anything that will make you smile. 
  • Washi tape. Enough said. 

Finally, I’m probably going to start a bullet journal series for this upcoming year so that you guys can see how I set up my journal and what layout it has. I’ll be tagging them with #myplanner. I hope you enjoy!!

-Lily <3 

Analysis of the “Just Friends Song”

Okay so apart from the fact that I’m dead inside after watching “Just Friends” I decided to stop crying for a couple of minutes and provide a detailed analysis of the lyrics of the song in the episode 

 "It was no secret, the way that we feel" 

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This line reflects how strong the bond between Star and Marco is.  After all these two have been through a lot and if you were to pass by them on the street you would probably assume they were dating based  off of how they act.

 "Our love is so pure, our love is so real" 

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Think about all the things Star and Marco have done for each other. Marco spent 16 years of his life trying to get the scissors for Star while Star was willing to sacrifice her wand, the most powerful object in the universe, to save Marco life. If that’s not love then I don’t know what is.

 "You showed me your world, and it felt like a sign" 

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Think about how they met. Star was a princess from another dimension while Marco was just a over cautious, stay inside the box safe kid. Yet despite them being so different they each ended up changing because of the worlds they come from, both physically and mentally.  In Star case she have learned to be a bit more levelheaded and rational thanks to being on Earth and spending time with Marco, a person who loves adventure but like to think things through. In Marco case he have learned how to cut loose, be more confident in himself, and relax thanks to all the adventures he have gone with Star with her also pushing Marco out of his comfort zone.

 "But you acted to slow and you ran out of time. And now we’ll be, just friends. We will be, just friends.“ 

When Star see Jackie and Marco kiss she is obviously hurt.  While Star may not have figured it out yet, the reason she is hurt at this moment is most likely because she never realized the feelings that she had for Marco until he started dating Jackie. Yet she’s confused because she have never dealt with these kind of feelings before.

I didn’t mean to hurt you. You didn’t have a clue. So you went out and got busy and found somebody new” 

Marco apologizes to Star since he probably thought that she was feeling left out and that they all came as friends and Star probably felt like a third wheel when he and Jackie kissing. Unknown to Marco however is that Star have actually had feelings for Marco all this time, but she is slowly now realizing it with Marco not knowing that is what happening with Star. 

Seriously this episode was amazing and heartbreaking.  YEah I love Starco, but I can’t deny that Jarco isn’t adorable. Plus I can’t exactly hate Jackie since she have done nothing for me to hate her.  Seeing Star expression when she saw Marco and Jackie kissed killed me. And while she say she is fine, that final scene show that she is definitely NOT FINE!

Hoy my guys! I’m setting up another commission post. I gotta.

Examples are the £7 waist sketch, £12 waist lines and £13 bust.
Note: More complicated designs will incur a minor increase in price depending on amount of detail. Additional characters are + £6 in most cases

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FULL BODY: £15  

BUST: £12
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  • excessive gore
  • hatespeech/hate images/ propganda

but anything other than that i’m pretty much game unless stated otherwise and i’ll probably tell you i straight up won’t do it

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Budapest, Cairo, Las Vegas, Prague, Milan, Dublin (sorry for the questions, I'm a curious little shit 😂)

  • Budapest: What tattoo do you want?

 aaaaaaa I still don’t quite know what I’d like to get, though I do know that i want a tattoo one day. i think i’d most like a flower though, i don’t know which one yet, but possibly on my ribs. the flower would probably depend on the flower meaning tbh

  • Cairo: Whats your favorite quote?

“Love takes time and love takes work.” - Garnet

  • Las Vegas: Have you ever broken a heart?

I hope I didn’t, but I don’t know

  • Prague: What is your favorite season?

Spring. Spring means new shoots and flowers and sun and rebirth (and pollen allergies sob)

  • Milan: How do you think others describe you?

the way i’m mostly portraying myself atm? probably something along the lines of decently smart, incredulous and slightly self-absorbed. or ‘most likely to be a murderer’, possibly. hopefully polite???

  • Dublin: Do you believe in Soul mates?

there is nothing in this world i want to believe in more, but i don’t know if i do


Just few minutes before the LANVIN Show Spring Summer 2016 in Paris , I captured a very rear moment when you could see Anna Wintour editor-in-chief of American Vogue without her Chanel sunglasses. She was still on her phone, probably posting on Instagram or sending What’s up massages to the army of her assistants. Apparently the most famous fashion cult film: “The Devil Wears Prada” (starring Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly a fashion editor), is believed to be based on Wintour’s career. In 2006. she made a head lines when she arrived at the film’s premiere dressed up in Prada. Probably it was her sense of humour to acknowledge the truthfulness of the movie. Mrs. Wintour was named by Forbes in 2011, 69th world’s most powerful women and she is definitely one of the most powerful lady of the fashion industry.

When asked why she is always wearing sunglasses on the fashion shows her most famous quote is: “I can sit in a show and if I am bored out of my mind, nobody will notice … At this point, my sunglasses become, really, armour.”

Photo above right; Anna Wintour ; portrait i took last year at the Givenchy show.

Although some worrying criticisms against Elvis Presley might hold some merit, racism probably isn’t one of them. Most frequently, people bring up a quote by Elvis from the ‘50s, something along the lines of “The only thing Negroes can do for me is shine my shoes and buy my records.”

We say “something along the lines of” because nobody knows exactly where the quote came from or how it was worded – most likely because it was completely made up by someone spewing bullshit. The furthest anyone can trace it back is to a 1957 article in Sepia Magazine, which apparently got it from an interview with an “anonymous person on the street.”

Elvis himself vehemently denied ever having said anything even remotely like that when he was confronted about it, and his many black friends backed him up on it. And we know what you’re thinking – “Oh yes, the black friends defense, very original.” But honestly, Elvis had many, many black friends. So many that he attended a black church headed by celebrated civil rights activist Rev. W. Herbert Brewster. If the notorious quote was accurate, that philosophy doesn’t seem to have made its way into Elvis’s everyday life at all.

5 Terrible Lies You’ve Been Told About Famous People

This “true fans” want the show canceled is utter bull crap. I’m so sick of seeing it. I’ve been reading/rereading these books since middle school. I quote lines from the books in casual conversation. My friends know me as the person who knows everything there is to know about these books. Magnus is probably the one fictional character I relate to the most. I named my dog after a character from TID. I’ve written fan fiction, drawn fan art, and even created original works inspired by the series. I own multiple copies of each of the books. I cosplay as a shadowhunter. I’ve convinced so many people to read these books and now they each own multiple copies of it, and you’re going to say I’m not a true fan because I find a tv show interesting?

Stop being so damn dramatic. It’s a tv show. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. I hated the vampire diaries show because I felt it butchered the books, so guess what? I stopped watching it. No petitions, no name calling, no hate sent to the actors, writers, etc. Move on. Being rude to people doesn’t make you a better fan, it makes you a shitty person. It gives all the fans, and the series and the writers and anyone else involved with it a bad name. It makes people afraid to like the things they like because they have to worry about people like you attacking them at every turn. It makes being a fan a hassle, and it makes me regret ever picking up a book series that shaped who I am, and that’s just disgusting.

sorry in advance if you ever see ryan and i randomly somewhere and think we’re weird because we are most likely laughing hysterically at nothing that makes sense, being way too touchy feely, making puns or jokes that quote song lyrics, or i am probably jumping on him or we are dancing or we are quoting movie lines in voices or singing rap songs too loud or again just laughing hysterically. or all of the above.

In October of 2014, I got this lovely quote from “Out of the Woods” tattooed. The song itself is probably the song I connect to most on the album, just because of this line. The phrase is something I have to remind myself of all the time because I’m a very insecure person and I have a lot of fears. But the more I understand that my fears are just that, fears and worries, and the more I stop spending time thinking about them and instead live in the moment, the further I get in my journey of self-progress. Thank you, taylorswift.


↳ Day 3 → Favorite quote

“No! We’ll destroy you and prove you wrong! And through our memories, future generations will see that we can overcome anyfear! …We can’t give up now. …We have to fight together. Even if we lose, it doesn’t matter… Our memories will live on inside others. So, even if we are born to die, I’m not afraid. I’m gonna live!

Out of all the wonderful lines in this game, this one is probably one of the most important to all of the game, to the characters and the growth and hardships they’ve gone through, and easily one of the most inspiring to me. Here they are, about to face Necron, who tempts them into a world without fear, but also without life.

And Zidane isn’t having it. None of them are. Zidane may be the one speaking, but he’s speaking for all of them; after all they’ve been through and discovered about themselves and others, after all the destruction and chaos they’ve seen, they don’t want a world of nothing just for a chance to not experience fear. Their will to live has grown even stronger because of everything they’ve been through, and they’re determined to conquer fear and everything else to be able to live, no matter what, because living and enjoying life is the most important thing. It doesn’t matter how short your life is, as long as you make the most of it.

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Hey I was just wondering if you have any favorite quotes from some fanfics? Love your blog!!

Oh man. Most of these are short, and dialogue, because I didn’t want to properly search (eg i probably adore some lines of description, but harder to remember). And it’s not necessarily just this quote that I love, but how they’ve used it, the scene it takes place in, what it means etc. 

“Once you’re in my system, I’m never getting you out.” - OFI

“Purple is my favorite color” - Unwritten 

“He’s given her elephants for their honeymoon” - Banni

“You stayed. “You asked me to” - kairos

“You brought me cupcakes” - jumpin jumpin (plus the whole 2nd chapter which is smut and felt weird quoting

“You. I trust you, and I think I’d like you to… touch me” - Contact

“My mother was murdered” or “Kate I think I’m in love with you” - Vice (sc)

“But I love you so much” - John Doe

“I couldn’t leave without you (…) I love you, I couldn’t leave” - in the end