this is probably the most quoted line

French Quotes about life

These are basically some of the quotes on life that I’ve read and loved!

1. Je pense, donc je suis- I think, therfore I am. This is the French version of the Latin phrase Cogito ergo sum.

2. Le temps est un grand maître, dit-on. Le malheur est qui’il tue ses éléves- We say that time is a great teacher. Too bad it kills all its students.

3. L’enfer, c’est les autres- Hell is other people.

4. Qui vivra verra- He/she who lives, shall see. I think this the French version of Time will tell.

5. Et d’abord, ne pas nuire- First, do no harm.

6. Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a- When one doesn’t have what he/she loves, he/she must love what they do have.

7. La vie ce n’est pas d’attendre que les orages passent, c’est d’apprendre a danser sous la pluie- Probably the most cliched line on the list, it means- Life isn’t about waiting for the storms to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.

8. Le bonheur est parfois caché dans l’inconnu- Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown.

9. Vouloir, c’est pouvoir- Wishing is power. The French version of where there is a will, there is a way.

10. Savoir, penser, rêver. Tout est là- To know, to think, to dream. That is everything.

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Part 3

Quotes about love.


Gotta make you understand

There’s an actual explanation behind this: I quoted a line from a fic where Viktor suggested this song for Phichit to use in a program as a joke. Then my friend @kiazareni pointed out that this could actually work for Viktor for real. And then there was the realization of just how much this fits with @kazliin ‘s famous fic and I haven’t been the same person ever since, and I’m truly sorry.

anonymous asked:

bsd really got me into learning about the rl authors, but ive been having trouble finding stuff about the japanese authors. do you have any recommendations for where i could start?

Ahhhh, I’m flattered you came to ask here for suggestions!  I don’t think I’m the best person to ask, honestly, but I’ll do my best to help! Since you said it was BSD that got you interested, most of my recommendations will be from the Japanese authors featured in the series~

Short Stories

This is only to get you started, a bit of a sampler for what some of the literary greats have to offer.

Rashomon & In a Grove by Akutagawa Ryuunosuke

– Akutagawa is the master of short stories, so there can be no better starter when it comes to dipping your toes in when it comes to Japanese literature. Most of Akutagawa’s works deal with exposing the egotism of man and the flaws of the human spirit. His writing may be elegant and refined, but to others it comes off as unfeeling and cerebral; you’ll have to find out for yourself where you stand.

Beneath the Cherry Trees by Kajii Motojirou

– “There are bodies buried beneath the cherry trees!” This line from one of Kajii’s most famous works is often quoted, probably because it associates the ephemeral sakura with the grotesque. Sakaguchi Ango also wrote a story with the same title, but I find Kajii’s to be the more memorable one between the two.

Separate Ways by Higuchi Ichiyou

– BSD may have you fooled, but Higuchi is actually an extremely popular literary figure in Japan, due to both the quality of her work and her all too short life. “Separate Ways” is quite a short read, but it has a heartbreaking realism most stories twice its length can’t even hope to touch.

The Human Chair by Edogawa Ranpo

– And now, we enter the surreal. Though more known for being the originator of modern mystery stories in Japan, Edogawa was also considered a master of gothic horror. Be warned, this story can be disturbing so skip this if you have a faint heart! (As an aside, Ito Junji put a spin on the tale and published a oneshot inspired by “The Human Chair“ a few years back.)

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Pages from my Moleskine 2017 Bullet Journal: Finally got around to starting my bullet journal for the upcoming year and I have to say, this is probably by far my most favorite starting page that I’ve ever made. I’m still getting the hang of using brush pens but I’m extremely satisfied with how it looks in here. 

For those trying to figure out how they want their journal to look or just want some inspo: here’s a few designing tips for you guys 

  • Have a color scheme: For the most part I’m probably gonna stay along the lines of blue and rose gold (love me some rose gold always) but you can always go to websites and search for pretty color schemes to use
  • Tumblr is one of the hugest databases and has so many beautiful inspirational quotes and pictures. Take advantage of them!! Print them out, stick some tape, and smack it into your journal. 
  • Put some memories in there: receipts, movie tickets, polaroids, little notes from friends, anything that will make you smile. 
  • Washi tape. Enough said. 

Finally, I’m probably going to start a bullet journal series for this upcoming year so that you guys can see how I set up my journal and what layout it has. I’ll be tagging them with #myplanner. I hope you enjoy!!

-Lily <3 

B99 + Tinder AU: in which Jake and Amy match on Tinder. 
→ set pre-show/early season onewritten after I impulsively downloaded Tinder instead of working on my other AU in progress

In a moment of insanity and slight tipsiness, she lets Kylie download Tinder on her phone. (”Amy, what do you want your Bio to say?” “Ooh, how about how I’m in a nationally-ranked trivia team?” “Nope, none of that.”)

In a moment of four-drink-drunkenness, she swipes right on Jake Peralta. 

She wakes up on Saturday morning with her mouth dry and her head pounding. Groaning, Amy lifts one hand to shield her eyes from the way-too-bright light streaming in through the curtains. With her other hand, she gropes blindly for her phone on the bedside table. When she doesn’t find it immediately, she drags herself out of bed and makes her way toward the kitchen. 

She gets herself a glass of water and fishes her phone out of her purse, which was on the floor just a few paces away from the messy heap of fabric that was her coat and scarf. 

She opens her phone, and her eyebrows scrunch together at the notification on the screen: “Congratulations! You have a new match!

Her eyes flicker to the icon accompanying the message. The small red flame brings back hazy memories of the night before - Kylie taking her phone hostage and downloading the app, Kylie setting up her profile, the two of them cracking up while swiping left and right for an hour. 

She sips from her glass and pulls up the app with a sigh. She taps the screen a few times to check her matches and messages, bracing herself for anything inappropriate and praying she didn’t send out anything too terrible herself. (She doesn’t recall doing any messaging of her own, but she also doesn’t recall getting home and throwing her jacket on the floor, so.) 

She chuckles at a few of the messages and grimaces at others, but her heart nearly stops, and she almost drops her glass when she scrolls down and sees a very familiar name.

In his tiny profile picture, he’s looking somewhere off camera and has a single eyebrow raised. His lips are drawn into a somewhat half smirk, half smile. For some reason, she can just hear Gina’s voice, giving him directions on how to pose. (”Okay, Jake. Remember, we’re going for sexy, but not like we’re trying too hard. Like, sure, we’re trying, but it’s almost effortless.”) 

There’s a blue star on his photo, and Amy vaguely recalls Kylie telling her this means he swiped up to “Super Like” her. Her ears burn at the idea Jake would ever actually super like her. 

After setting her glass down on her coffee table and taking a seat on her couch (to avoid breaking glassware, falling over, or other potential consequences), she takes a deep breath and opens up his messages. 

santiago’s on tinder?! whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!!! were the magic themed singles nights not working out for you? :o

gotta say i’m supes flattered you swiped right

but fyi i’m totally going to bring this up at briefing on monday

the whole world has to know i matched with amy santiago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She rolls her eyebrows but continues reading. 


unless you don’t want me to?? 


k you’re not replying

that tells me you either passed out in shock after matching with me (tbh i get it, nbd) 

or you and kylie are having the craziest night of your life :P 

There’s a new timestamp before the next message, and when she checks, she finds he sent it over half an hour after the prior one.

look i’m only saying this cause you swiped right first but if this wasn’t a joke and you were actually interested, i’d be up for dinner or whatever 

It’s the last of his messages, and it sends her reeling. 

Heart racing and hands shaking, she fumbles with her phone to call her best friend. She figures the woman who got her in this mess should help her out of it.

“H-hello?” Kylie’s voice is hoarse and weak, and this makes Amy feel a teensy bit better about her own hangover. Except she’s still freaking out. 


There’s a laugh on the other line. “Honey, you grabbed your phone from me to swipe right the second his face came on the screen and then yelled at it when he hadn’t responded within 30 seconds. You didn’t even bother reading his bio - although I checked, and it was just full of Die Hard quotes and emojis… Not the best or most creative. Like what does that even mean dating-wise? What does that tell you about him as a potential lover? Nothing, Amy, nothing. The only thing it says is that his ideal date is probably a Die Hard marathon and make out session.“

“Oh, God, can we not analyze Peralta’s Tinder profile right now?” 

You asked about him! Anyway, what’s up, boo? Did your smoking hot partner actually match with you?” 

“Smoking hot?”

“Your words, not mine.” 

Her cheeks flare up at that, and she groans. She combs her free hand through her hair. “He might have… sent me a bunch of messages and said he was up for dinner or whatever if I was actually interested.”

Kylie makes a high-pitched squeal, and Amy has to bring her phone away from her ear for a second. When she brings it back, her best friend’s talking a mile a minute. “So you are going out with him, right? There is no way in hell you are passing this up, Amy. You’ve been into him forever! You know what, I’m ending this call right now. You need to message him back or text him or call him or something. Text me updates ASAP!” 

The line goes silent after that, and Amy’s left with a bigger headache than the one she woke up with. 

After staring at the ceiling for another minute or hour (she can’t tell), she goes back into the app and pulls up his message. Throwing all caution to the wind, she sends: Hey! :) Are you free tonight?

His reply comes almost instantaneously, which is good because she otherwise would have gone insane.

ya! what do you want to do?? i’m up for anything ;)

ps that winky face wasn’t meant to be sexual or anything, we could literally just sit and talk and eat

or something

no pressure 

An increasingly familiar swell of affection rises in her chest. She pauses to consider her response. Die Hard and takeout at my place?

noice. i’ll be there @ 6

can’t wait, ames!!!!!!! ♥

A series of knocks sounding vaguely like the Imperial March announces his arrival later. Amy tucks her hair behind her ears, takes a deep breath, and gets the door. 

Jake has a boyish grin on his face and a spark of amusement in his eyes. “Y’know, Amy, Tinder’s Safety Tips page says you’re always meant to meet someone in public. I hope you don’t invite all your matches to your apartment for movie night. What would Holt say if you got murdered? How would we explain your death to your parents?”

She chuckles and rolls her eyes. Just like that, all the nervousness she felt dissipates. “Come in, Jake.” 

The night ends up going on both of their good date lists. - They order Chinese and fight over the last egg roll. Jake recites half the lines of the movie. (Only half because Amy shushes him at some point). They make out on her couch as the end credits roll over the screen. 

They also delete their Tinder accounts. 


Reaction: GF Being 150-155 cm Tall (hyung line)


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He would not mind it at all, I think that he would really find it cute that you’re short and would…admire it. but we can’t forget he’ll also share your pain cause he is the shortest in hyung line.


Originally posted by nctepdnim

He wouldn’t mind you height as all, though he probably will view you as a smol being and protect you more, even if you slip, cause you are precious. He gonna catch all them jokes about your height and throw them back at ‘em.


Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

Seriously though, I think Johnny is the type to go up to you and be like, “Damn girl you short,” so most likely he would make fun of it because it’s you(also cause he a tall as person). Or come up to you like"hey shorty" with a smirk every time you guys meet, then act all precious afterward.


Originally posted by chantenyongs

He probably can’t help but smile when you talk about your shortness and your struggle, especially when you seem serious but your short so it makes it funny.


Originally posted by nakamotens

Will be like Johnny but maybe too playful about it leading to small unnecessary arguments, and the thing it, he probably never stop doing it unless you do truly feel hurt about it.


Originally posted by chanhees

If your ever feeling insecure about your shortness, Kun will take care of that, I feel like he’s the cliche type of person in a drama that constantly take care and compliments an individual and that is you. where my baby at though, he long gone ;-;


Originally posted by nctinfo

He’ll make fun of you just like Johnny but will immediately apologize because he feel bad for it like, “Hey shorty, Im sorry, I can’t help it.” and then just few second of awkward silence then his awkwardness has risen again.


Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

Probably won’t understand why you might feel insecure about your shortness, but he’ll assure you that you great just the way you are, although he will still laugh.


Originally posted by why-jaehyun

He would absolutely just love watching you with your struggles, but he is a kind person so in the end, he is mostly likely to help you even though internally, he’s laughing his ass off and is actually enjoying it. an evil sweetheart.


Originally posted by blackgirlslovebts

I don’t think he’ll talk about your height a lot since he’ll most likely only care for you as a whole.

- Admin Casper REQUEST OPEN

I am back!!!! It’s okay everyone who it of that height, I am too, and i had all these feeling before ;-;, i love tall people too but lowkey hate them XD and heres Maknae Line

Okay gather round mermaids and mermen, lets have a little chat. Nothing pisses me off more when I’m working on something and someone runs to go make it, cause then I feel like I’m wasting my damn time. Which leads to me most likely just not finishing it all together. It’s one of the reasons I don’t like showing wips. I also don’t like showing images of unfinished work, but I do it because I know you guys want to see something, and I do like getting constructive feedback. Constructive criticism, the key word “constructive” helps to make better quality content.


Like let me finish my shit dammit, this ain’t a mother fucking race my dude. This is not Americas Next top CC Creator, we ain’t competing. I like to take time on my stuff, so it can be good. I’m about that quality over quantity life. There are a million ideas in the universe, go snatch another one, or at least wait till I’m done with the one I’m working on. Cause you know damn well you wasn’t thinking bout making the shit till you saw someone making it. stop lying.

Also, before somebody try to twist my words, I have no problem with people creating similar things. I completely understand seeing something you like, and wanting to create it, that is not what I am talking about. Being inspired by something is not what I’m ranting about. I’m talking about those of you who are only making something because you want to be the first, or the most popular, most unique…whatever, you will run a make something just because you want to fill those roles so bad. By doing that you are completely disregarding other creators time and effort.

Sometimes there are instances where creators will be making something popular, and both people will make it, that is also not what I am talking about. Everybody knows where those ideas are coming from, so we know they are not “copying” each other, its obvious they are drawing their inspiration from the same subject. Ya’ll be getting on leahlillith about this and I’m like you do know that second life creators usually get their ideas from real life items right ??? Like I can find so many receipts, because I have so many inspo folders that usually have those items from real life in them lmao. Ya’ll be putting sl on a pedestal so damn high, they high-fiving with God. Same thing for imvu, most of their stuff is inspired from things in real life. Guess what? With those real life people, they were probably inspired by something as well. So whoop there it is, its a big ole’ creative loop 

Again, make what you like and want. What I don’t like is people trying to act brand new off someone else’s “idea.” I put idea in quotes, because most ideas are inspired by something else any ways, its just how the creative process works. You know 100% what I am talking about. But being Inspired and copying something is a very thin line that I think a lot of people in this community have a hard time distinguishing between and I’m just calling it to attention. 

And since I’m on a rant roll. Can we talk about naming conventions for cc?

(we just gonna get this all out the way)

When you name your files, please consider putting things in the file name that will help people distinguish what the fuck it is. Let me use my trash jeans for an example:

Ripped Jeans 01

Trash Jeans


Those are unacceptable naming conventions…


YOU as the person who created it, will know what that cc item is. ME as downloader has 0 idea what the hell those file names are alluding to other than some jeans (except the last one, I have no idea what that is????) If I’m doing a lookbook or simply just looking for who created the item, I wouldn’t be able to find it, and will most likely just delete it. Ultimately it hurts you as a creator, because its just hard to find and distinguish your items for other creators things.

Please put your

creator name

item name

cc type (jeans, skirt, top, dresser, bed etc…)

version number (if you have one)

This will make everybody lives easier and help people find your stuff, which I know you want that !

Okay rant over. Ive been holding that in for year now lmao, clearly my tolerance level is deteriorating. I ain’t calling any names, because you know your own shoe size. These are just somethings that I personally want to let ya’ll know, take it or leave it, it up to you.

Anyways, so how was your day? Doing good today??

7B review and more thoughts.

I rewatched the episode to note some of my favorite lines and things that stood out in this season opener.

“She probably walked into a closet “Hanna
Lol Hanna always had the most sassy lines involving Jenna

"There was a time you wanted this so badly that it broke us up” - Caleb with the most cringe worthy Wtf line

“I guess we’re both invaluable” - Paige. Ugh what a eye roll worthy line

“She told me I was going to have the baby of a perfect stranger” - sassy Ali

Endgame was the word used to describe blackveil.  I think A.D or Bethany or both if they’re the same person is blackveil.

“Pregnant, stalked, broke, alone, I mean if that’s ok then I’m you’re girl ”- Ali for the biggest damsel in distress

I don’t like Hannas blue and white vertically striped pants. Just..ugh.

Holden looks better this time.

“Alison husband wasn’t a real doctor turns out he was a crook and he took all her money, Noel kidnapped Hanna and she got away. Noel Kahn is now dead and Jenna Marshall shot me,  probably .Toby and Yvonne were in a car crash, you want a glass of wine” ? - Spencer with the best summarization of events lines ever !

Convenient for veronica to ask what Mary told Spencer versus telling Spencer the truth about Mary drake. The truth about her mother may not be the only thing Mary could share with Spencer. Twin!?

“She told me Mary was pregnant and I got this terrible cold feeling in my stomache and she told me it had happened before but this time they knew who the father was because Mary told them. Apparently your father was in a restaurant when Jessica walked in or who he thought was Jessica” - Veronica.

Ugh Peter is despicable.   Veronica couldn’t stand to see Jason but she adopted Spencer..weird. Both fathered by Peter.

“Dad did this to you? He did this to you again” ? - Spencer

“Nicole’s parents called me and they want me back up there. ”- Ezra letting us all know how tough HIS life is.

I bet Nicole’s parents told Nicole about Ezra being engaged or they want Ezra to tell her so she can get a fresh start.

“Who’s Nicole ”?- Holdens most important line

I wish Hanna had asserted herself and said no this is my business…Mona was kind enough to introduce us. Instead of bitching at Mona right away. Mona has to fix everything for her.

“Don’t be modest. Some of us remember what you used to be like. ”- Ali just egging Paige on. Watch Paige get setup for hurting Alison next.

Guilty little liar Spencer chose dare over truth. What are you hiding ???

“None of my memories are real. They’re all lies. ”- Alison. Who made your life all lies Alison? You did ! We still have no idea wtf Ali was up to THAT night or for the years she was missing or her real relationship with Cyrus just to name a few things.

So the game knows Spencer visited Toby and came back home and had the letter from Mary ready to pop out. Damn.

Why did Mary write in that letter that people like the Hastings deserve to be punished ? What was Mary’s gripe with the Hastings?!

You know who could have access to a letter like that, a letter likely sent to the Hastings address ? Melissa! She could have found them in the home at some point.

“Who is she now? The kidnapped girl who never got kidnapped ?  The struggling teacher with the sister in a mental hospital? The poor wife abandoned by her con man husband. You ever notice how she’s always the victim? Always the one who needs to be rescued ? ”- Paige.

Paige finally has something important to tell the audience. The writers are starting to spell it out. It will come full circle. Alison clearly has not changed as much as she tried to convince everyone since her return.

“I behaved like a bastard”- Spencer

Spencer gets some of the best lines ever

You know who’s still childish like A’s childish board game ? Alison, biting at Paige like a child.

The only other witness to Elliot Rollins death and burial was Alison.

Why is Jenna in some black vortex room ?
It’s so weird and almost comical.

Hoy my guys! I’m setting up another commission post. I gotta.

Examples are the £7 waist sketch, £12 waist lines and £13 bust.
Note: More complicated designs will incur a minor increase in price depending on amount of detail. Additional characters are + £6 in most cases

BUST: £4

LINES:                                       BUST: £9
BUST: £6                                   WAIST: £15
WAIST: £12                               FULL BODY: £17
FULL BODY: £15  

BUST: £12
WAIST: £20


Message/Email me for a quote!


  • extreme nsfw (tasteful is fine)
  • excessive gore
  • hatespeech/hate images/ propganda

but anything other than that i’m pretty much game unless stated otherwise and i’ll probably tell you i straight up won’t do it

Please signal boost!!

Let me talk to you about Romeo x Juliet

This is one of the most underrated anime series I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t matter if you like anime, or if you like Romeo and Juliet for that matter. It’s just a damn good show and I’m about to tell you why.

Now, I’m just gonna get this out the way—it’s not at all faithful to the play. It takes a tragedy about two families whose feud costs them their children’s lives and turns it into an epic fantasy about star-crossed lovers caught up in a rebellion against an evil tyrant.

In this version, the Capulets are the rulers of Neo-Verona until Lord Montague stages a blood coup and seizes the throne. Fourteen years later he’s still searching for Juliet, the last surviving member of House Capulet, who’s being groomed to lead a rebellion against him by the Capulet retainers. Think Game of Thrones meets Anastasia.

In any other case, this would instantly suck out all the nuance and make it a boring, cliché good vs. evil affair. But somehow it only *adds* new dimensions to the story.

The change in the Capulet-Montague dynamic creates so much more conflict in the romance. Juliet feels immense pressure to avenge a family she was too young to remember, while grappling with the guilt of loving the son of their murderer, and Romeo has to come to terms with the fact his own father’s a monster who killed an innocent girl’s entire family. Their love isn’t just forbidden because their families don’t know how to let go of petty grudges, but because they should be trying to kill each other on sight.

And all of this is sandwiched between the politics and adventure of the Capulet rebellion and the rising tension in Neo-Verona under Montague’s oppressive rule, with a whole cast of other colourful, well-developed characters.

And while the plot takes a lot of liberties with the source material, it still remains true to the spirit of Shakespeare’s works.

Girls cross-dressing, leading to hilarious homo-erotic interactions with their love interests? Check.

Juliet disguises herself as a boy whilst in public to avoid being found by Montague. You’d swear Romeo was bisexual with how much sexual tension there is between him and “Oden.” Oh, and there are points where “he” is asked to dress as a girl, making this character a girl who dresses as a boy who dresses as a girl, giving it the same meta-humor Shakespeare’s comedies had in Elizabethan times.

Disguises? Check.

On top of having to pretend she’s a boy, Juliet also acts as the masked vigilante “The Red Whirlwind” whenever she sees justice needing served. Romeo has some pretty sweet chemistry with him too. So she’s a girl pretending to be a boy who pretends to be a man, and sometimes dresses as girl while pretending to be a boy. Got it.

Dramatic irony? Check.

This show probably loves taking advantage of what the audience already knows more than Good Ole’ Willie did. Sure, show us Juliet learning she’s the Capulet heir hours after meeting Romeo and then cut straight to his blissfully unaware ass reminiscing about her. It’s not like I have a heart or anything.

Characters having a mental breakdown due to guilt over atrocious acts? Check.

But I’m not spoiling that one.

Shakespeare himself being a character? Check.

“Willy” is wonderfully fourth-wall breaking, quoting his most famous lines and complaining about how no one appreciates his plays, while still managing to be relevant to the plot. I’m sure the real William would have approved.

Iambic pentameter? Check. The English dub uses Shakespearian verse whenever it can, even having certain characters speak only in rhyme.

Even names from other Shakespeare plays get recycled for nameless and original characters, including Portia (Romeo’s mother), Leontes (Prince Montague), Hermione (Romeo’s betrothed), and Ophelia (Resident Living Tree Nun).

Yes, this anime has a tree nun. I told you, it’s a fantasy.

And if that’s not enough to convince you, let me put it this way: this is the one version of Romeo and Juliet where you don’t already know how it’s gonna end. Come on, that’s pretty exciting.


The Beatles rehearsing at The Cavern on 22nd August, 1962 - Part Two.

“There were quite a few drummers around Liverpool and I used to go home and tell Paul about Ringo. I often saw him play with Rory Storm. …With Rory he was a very inventive drummer. He goes around the drums like crazy. He doesn’t just hit them – he invents sounds.”

[Mike McCartney, 1983]

These photos are the first photos of the final Beatles line up, Ringo having joined the band officially only a few days earlier. 

Photos: Bill Connell & Les Chadwick (most, if not all, probably). 

(Part One here). 

red-queen-em-for-a-dream  asked:

Also your book as well as Marie Lu's Young Elites trilogy are just so quotable. Do you //know// when you're writing something that someone could quote? Like are you like "oh hell ya they're gonna make a post about this one for sure"

I love THE YOUNG ELITES trilogy!! No, I do not always know when something is quotable! Most of the quotes people like end up being a sort of pleasant surprise. 

 Every now and then I do have a sense that ‘hmm, this will resonate’. For instance, the most quoted line in EMBER is probably “Life is made of so many moments that mean nothing. Then one day, a single moment comes along to define every second that comes after.”  But that line actually was cut from the ARC and then added back in at my insistence for the final.  I had thought about it and felt like Laia was saying something important there. And so it was then really cool when that line resonated with readers. :) 

Tag Game

i was tagged by the wonderful @greengableslover <333

Rules: Copy, Paste, Answer, and Tag 10 People When You’re Done!

What’s the story behind your username?
it’s from my favourite line of shakespeare and speaks to my existence

What’s your favorite scene or quote from a series/book you’re currently obsessed with?

most recent series is probably mozart in the jungle, and every time he says HAI LAI, no but that entire show is gold

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?
certain birds make nests out of dried and hardened bird saliva, which people then make into a soup called bird’s nest soup

Name 3 of your pet peeves.
things being dirty/not cleaned
ppl who act like they can solve all your problems after thinking about it for 0.2 seconds
the existence of bugs

What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?
green olives, bruschetta tomatoes, red onions, feta, garlic

What are 3 things you like about yourself?
my hair
my sense of humour
my singing voice

Favorite type of dessert or thing to treat yourself with?
gooey cookies

What is your favorite scent?

there is this plant smell i can’t identify that i am crazy about, chai, rain smell, laundry soap, cinnamon, my perfume which is citrusy, books

Which fictional character would you cosplay as?

if i could work cassian’s floofy coat i would, but probably arya stark, rose tyler or alanna of trebond, leeloo from the fifth element, also i’ve always wanted to dress up as emma peel

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?
It only takes an extra second to be courteous
Never be ashamed to ask a stupid question

i took these from due south lmao idc it made an impression on little me

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  • Taeyang: It's true, Hwi, you can probably get by without my advice. But why would you? I'm the smartest and most skilled person in this group.
  • Hwiyoung: Are you stuck in that candy machine?
  • Taeyang: I paid for my candy, I'm getting my candy!
  • Hwiyoung: Mmmhmm. Chani, why aren't you mocking him?
  • Chani, revealing his hand stuck inside a coffee pot: Dropped a coin in here.
nerdy voltron post

hey i love voltron and it is my number one passion/interest/favorite thing to ever exist so if u also love voltron follow my voltron blog @klangst where i post voltron content for all your voltron needs also please message me about it whenever you can cause i love talking about it and hearing other peoples opinions on it and just having a good time while talking about voltron also if you have never watched voltron but want to watch voltron because me talking it up has convinced you let me know and i might make a some time soon and just stream all the episodes for people who dont have netflix cause ive been looking to rewatch anyway so it would be fun for me too