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You Go, I Go (Steve Roger x Reader x Bucky Barnes)

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AN: Time skip with saucy shit

Every day the sun rises in the East, and sets in the West - without fail. Each day seemed to get a bit easier adjusting to living in the 21st century, and living with the burden of being out of place from another time. Luckily, this burden was also shared with Steve. Four years had passed, and Steve Rogers continued with the Avengers as Captain America, also known as Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. You, on the other hand, served most of your time in Washington, D.C. running the HQ HUB (courtesy of Director Fury) and would make fun of Steve for that.

“Who would’ve thought you’d be labeled as one of the “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes”?”

“Funny, (Y/N).”

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kazenoken  asked:

( meta meme ); childhood life in silesia/silesse?

[ Meta Questions ]

ooc;; some of this is definitely playing off of the unofficial designer’s notes, since they shed the most light into what exactly went on supposedly between his birth and his first appearance in fe4 (there may be more information present in the two manga adaptations, but i have yet to read either in full). also, hooray mentions of gender things got to love that judgral sexism amirite! :’D

arthur’s childhood can really be divided into two halves – pre- and post-kidnapping of his mother a sister. unfortunately, he doesn’t have the clearest memories of his childhood pre-kidnapping, but he remembers aspects about his mother the clearest. they’re not exactly clear cut memories or scenes, but rather sensations – the warmth of her embrace, the softness her smile, the lilt of her voice. he remembers playing with his sister though, in the time they’d spent in hiding in the silessean countryside (he never fully realized they were in hiding at the time). what he doesn’t have any memories of is his father – although his mother continued to speak highly of him, he doesn’t remember his face, or even a sensation about him, with the only reminder that he existed being, he figures, his looks (even if he clearly takes much more after the freege side of his family).

i imagine tailtiu’s a pretty liberal parent in terms of style and expected social roles, so arthur rarely received much chiding for his boisterous behavior as a child (he’s always been just a rough and tumble of a go-getter, and she too was an energetic child), despite being the child of nobility. these expectations sat a little more heavily on his shoulders during his time raised by the kind older woman in the village post-kidnapping, and despite acknowledging that she was who made his life possible, he can’t help but resent her at least slightly for all of the well-intentioned commentary of “such dress is unbecoming isn’t it” “a child like you should put those behaviors behind you by now" “you should pursue something more fitting alongside your magic, like embroidery, or cooking – both are valuable skills in life” “revenge is such an ugly emotion for someone like as pretty as you dear” he had to put up with. this is definitely one of the reasons he left the village as soon as he felt he was ready, and set off on his way to find tine and his mother. although she raised him for longer than his own mother had, he never really saw her as a mother figure, just more of a caretaker.

arthur probably made a few friends in the village during his childhood, but post-kidnapping he definitely closed himself off from most people, becoming single-mindedly focused on getting stronger and taking back his family. however, his social circle shrank and shrank due to social pressures becoming more and more important – and his own conduct becoming more and more at odds with it – that by the time he left to find his sister, he didn’t have anyone to rely on but himself. arthur had to grow up quickly, mostly by his own hand, and it tends to show in how he conducts himself now as an adult. he’s quite mature in some aspects, but very immature or delayed in others – especially when it comes to his personal emotional maturity. were his childhood to have been different – if tine and tailtiu not been kidnapped, if his father had returned to them – it’s hard to say if arthur really would be arthur anymore. he’d probably be a lot less happy than he is now (if he’s really happy now), considering how his life would have been expected to play out.

if you were to ask arthur about his childhood, he’d say it was pretty unextraordinary, save for the kidnapping, and he does’t consider it a particularly terrible childhood, especially compared to tine’s. he wishes he got to spend more time with his mother, but knows that unfortunately, you can’t turn back the hands of time.

So yesterday I had linguistics classes with the guy who used to be my BA thesis supervisor. The guy’s basically a dinosaur and while it’s not the most important part of the story, it’s relevant.

During this class we have activities which are quite interesting. You get a set of similar sentences in a given language and their English translation. Your job is to find common points and figure out the meaning of the words. It’s fun, makes you think. We’ve done this with Swahili, Zulu, Latvian, and so on. The professor is not proficient in those languages, we just do the things he found in the articles or that were done during the conferences.

Yesterday it was Japanese.

I was the only person in the room that had any kind of knowledge on Japanese. I have the damn certificate after all. So it was piece of cake. Probability, causative, passive voice, past tense, conditionals, I found most of them.

It’s just that I started to argue with the professor that there were no “she” or “her” in that sentences and that without the context these sentences could mean anybody. His outdated Russian (sic) article said differently, therefore I was in the wrong. He kept underlining particles I’ve never seen in my life and labeled them as the past tense and so on. And I kept arguing.

He started making biting remarks which all translated to “how dare you question me, you’re just a stupid student.” I was so pissed off I ignored the rest of the class.

I was not disrespective. I did not correct him to make him look bad or question his knowledge. It’s just that he was relying on an article, I was relying on my knowledge. He told us he does not speak Japanese at all.

The older professors think that lecturers are saint and everything they say is THE truth. Younger lecturers are able to accept the fact that sometimes we’re right too. They reflect upon it and pass the new knowledge on.

After consulting a friend who got MA in Japanese, she told us he had showed us the classical Japanese, not really used nowadays. Talking about “modern” linguistics, huh…

100 Royai Drabbles (11)

This is quite possibly the most fun I’ve had writing a little fic. It’s not often that I write about Maes and it’s happy, so this was a good laugh.

11. Liar

Roy grinned at the pretty brunette after he left her giggling at the bar. He didn’t need to look back at her to know that she was sneaking glances at him in between talking with her friends. That was just enough to keep him damn near swaggering as he returned to his table with Maes.

His friend was already shaking his head by the time Roy set his beer down on the table. “One of these days, Roy, your flirting will go a little too far and you won’t know what to do with yourself.”

“I’m not like you, Maes,” Roy pointed out as he sat down on a stool.

“The settling down and having a family type?”

Roy tipped his glass in Maes’ direction. “The having a relationship type.”
Maes sighed and took a swig of his drink. The Flame Alchemist could only be described as impossible and befuddling at best, according to Maes, but Roy waved it off every time things like this were brought up. “At this rate, you’re going to run out of pretty women to date.”

“There’s always a beautiful lady when I’m about,” Roy replied with a laugh.

He meant it as a joke, of course, nothing to it, but Maes wore something of a contemplative look for a second that Roy didn’t particularly like. When that contemplative look took on a sneaky gleam in his eyes, Roy really didn’t like it, not the way a smile spread onto his friend’s face or the way the bar light reflected off of his glasses in that spooky way seemingly whenever he got an idea in his head.

“So how is First Lieutenant Hawkeye doing?” Maes asked in a suspiciously disinterested tone. For a man that was working in intelligence, he really needed to stop being so transparent when he was trying to get information or beat around the bush.

“She’s doing fine, as far as I know,” Roy responded, a little more tersely than he’d intended. “Working me ragged. I’d forgotten how little she tolerated procrastination.” At that, Roy almost winced. He and his adjutant very rarely brought up their past history together, especially when in the company of others, to the point where few, if any, knew just how close they had been. “She likes Eastern well enough, I suppose.”

“Is she seeing anyone?”

At that, Roy actually choked on his beer and had to set his glass down again. There was still that disinterested look on Maes’ face, but Roy could see the amused look in the man’s eyes. “You know, I don’t know. I try not to pry into my subordinates’ personal lives.” Well, that wasn’t exactly true. Havoc talked about his dating life as if it were a daytime talk show sometimes and it didn’t help that they’d dated a few of the same women. The Flame Alchemist was just too irresistible.

“Well, if she’s not – she and Gracia actually have lunch every now and then – Gracia has really been wanting to set her up with a friend of ours. He’s a banker – a really nice gentleman.”

If he’s so nice, then why isn’t he taken already? The words popped into his head before he could even think about it, nearly coming out of his already open mouth. He just barely kept them in his head. That had sounded dangerously close to bitter and irritated.

Instead, Roy swirled his beer around and looked down into the glass, trying to appear completely unconcerned with the route this conversation had taken him. “I doubt she has time to date anyways,” he said. Damnit, he sounded so tense. This shouldn’t be bothering him at all. Maybe Riza did want to date someone. She never brought it up at work, though he could never see her bringing up something so personal. Wait. What if she was already dating someone and he didn’t know? He should really know that about the woman that was supposed to guarding his back, right? “All she seems to have time for is work and her dog. She’s more career-oriented. She doesn’t do much of anything else.”

“You sure you’re not the one working her ragged so she doesn’t have time to date?”

If Roy had been able to force any of his beer down, he probably would’ve spewed it all over the other man at this point. “What? What exactly are you trying to imply?” Holy hell, had his voice ever been so high pitched? He really needed to learn how to control himself. But what was Maes trying to insinuate? That he didn’t want Riza to date anyone? She could date if she wanted to; she just never seemed interested in anyone. Not that he’d know because he didn’t ask… Maybe he should ask.

Maes smiled, but it looked more like a predator’s smile when its prey was caught in a trap. Roy narrowed his eyes at the man. He was not anyone’s prey, least of all the prey of an idiot that swooned any time someone even mentioned anything close to the subject of his wife.

“I’m not implying anything,” Maes said in an insufferably earnest tone. “I’m merely making an observation. You refuse to go on a third date with anyone, even if the girl is seemingly perfect. The Lieutenant doesn’t seem to be interested in anyone but yourself. Then there’s the looks you give her when you think no one is looking.” This man… Roy was going to murder him. Where were his gloves? “Both of you are so touchy about one another.”

That stopped Roy cold. “Both…of us?”

“Oh, man, you should see how red Lieutenant Hawkeye turns whenever Gracia brings you up! Gracia seems to believe that you two are stuck in some sort of tragic love story. I’ve tried telling her – Roy Mustang and love do not mix – but from what she says, anyone could get the impression that you and your lieutenant have denied yourselves each other’s love in order to complete your goals for the future and atone for your sins.” Maes sniffed. The man actually sniffed as if he was close to crying. He was so melodramatic when it came to love, as if the very idea of some ill-fated love story was enough to bring him to tears. “It’s all quite sad, really.”

“That’s…” Roy didn’t know what to say. Did Maes and Gracia actually talk about this? Had Gracia actually talked to Riza about him? And she blushed at the thought of him? Roy could barely remember the last time he’d seen her blush, not since they were teenagers and that had been so long ago that it couldn’t… She couldn’t… He forced himself to drain the rest of his beer to sooth his dry mouth. “That’s preposterous.”

“I don’t know,” Maes said. The sniffing was gone. In its place was an all-too-knowing smile. “I kind of think you’re lying, myself.”

“Lying? Lying? About my heartbreaking and undying love for my adjutant? That I sabotage any relationship I might have because I’m in love with her but can’t be with her? That she selflessly focuses on her job and our work because…because it’s the right thing to do but not what her heart wants? That we both love each other but can’t admit it because we think we don’t deserve a happy ending?”

Maes said nothing, which was as well seeing as how Roy was doing all the talking. He clamped his mouth shut, staring at his friend and his smile, a smile that said he’d gotten exactly what he wanted. Roy slumped down in his seat, feeling like he’d just run a race, except his brain was still firing in a whole new direction. He couldn’t believe that he’d just blurted all of that out loud. He’d only had two beers. How drunk could he be?

“This is ridiculous, stupid. I don’t…” Roy pushed himself away from the table so that he could stand up. Despite only two beers, he felt a bit dizzy. How had that all come out of his mouth? Or had he been thinking it all along and just needed the push to get it out in the open even for himself? Had he really been lying to himself like that, to her? “I need another drink.”

This time, when he went to the bar, Roy didn’t even look in the direction of the pretty brunette trying to get his attention. Damn Maes Hughes. Maybe he was a lot better at getting information than Roy had originally thought.

so I should probably do a quick little update in the event that these are tumblr’s final hours as many folks are suggesting. I had a ton of fun maintaining this thing over the years and have always appreciated the support that the blog has received from the western JoJo fandom and beyond. I watched the fandom grow from something small, to something large enough to get the attention of it’s creators and publishers to bring the franchise over to the west and I am very proud for whatever minor role this blog may have had in that process. More than that, I’m proud to have brought entertainment to your dashboards, even if it was done mostly as a middleman. 

That said, I most likely will not be continuing this blog in the event that tumblr closes down. I don’t exactly have a replacement site set up and I don’t really do facebook. If someone else wants to take the reigns, it’s all theirs and I wish them the best of luck. However, if Yahoo decides to pull their heads out of their asses and keep the site around, i’ll still be here, still accepting submissions. 23,649 followers and more to come will still have their outofcontextjojo stuff.

One Wild Ride

The response to this fic has been completely overwhelming omg. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH YOU’RE FAB. Anyway, here’s the second part  of the band au which I don’t think is quite as good as the first part but I hope it’s good nonetheless.

chapter 1 | ffnet

Chapter 2

And we’re back!

Welcome, folks, to the much anticipated second instalment of this exclusive tell all with everyone’s two favourites, The Marauders and Lily Evans. Their world tours have officially kicked off, with The Marauders starting with a literal bang in Paris- fireworks were all the rage during the finale, but what really took the cake while sending fingers to Twitter was the five minute outage that occurred right after Black stepped off stage for a breather. Something exploded. Sparks happened to fly. I’m not saying the boys had anything to do with it, but the boys probably had something to do with it.

(My suspicions are later confirmed when this tweet is sent out after the show.)

[PotterJamesPotter: It’s been a blast Paris! Literally! #sorryabouttheamp #Siriuswillreplaceit]

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world for her largest world tour to date, Evans lit up New York with some impressive pyrotechnics, and even more impressive outfits: her signature ripped jeans, oversized flannels and impeccable shoe choices were all the rage, but what really caught our attention was that sparkly little number she chose for the final song- the ever lively ‘Experimenting With Trouble’ with an intense guitar solo at the bridge. The full set list can be found on Evans’ official website as well as images from her various performances over the past few weeks.

(For a more behind the scenes glimpse, check out the star’s Instagram; though it’s about 75% Perseus getting into her costumes.)

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Somewhere In Neverland | 07

 Two chapters in one day, and this one is probably the longest and possibly most emotional one so far? This is gonna end up being a favorite chapter of mine, so I hope it’s likeddd~ 

“We’ll talk about how your parents separated and, how you don’t wanna make the same mistakes as them.” 

           Hanbin made the decision later that day that the whole gang should hang out and have a fun night together, and you sensed it had something to do with the slight tension between you and Bobby. It was weird, and you didn’t recall doing or saying anything in the last 24 hours that set him off, but clearly you must’ve done something to make him behave the way he was now.

           It didn’t really matter, you shook it off and stayed on the couch right in the front of the TV for about an hour before Junhoe knocked on the door and later joined you, and the other boys soon followed.

           “How are the universities looking?” you asked Donghyuk when he stepped into the apartment.

           You noticed he didn’t look so excited after he heard your question, and the only thing you received as an answer was a slight shrug of the shoulders and a low mumble you didn’t completely hear.

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