this is probably the dumbest thing i've ever posted


he’s doing a mating dance to attract mattsun is it working put your pants back on you drunk creampuff

Group Chat
  • Kirishima: Hewwo Bakugow
  • Bakugou: holy fuck
  • Kirishima: I guess you can say I'm....
  • Kirishima: Kirishima eijiowo
  • Bakugou: Blocked and Reported
  • Kirishima: Bwocked and Repworted
  • Ashido: OwO what's this?
  • Bakugou: Ashidowo?
  • Bakugou:
  • Kirishima:
  • Ashido:
  • Bakugou: I'll block myself
Founding Fathers as the type of people who tend to blog about them
  • George Washington: the 30 year olds who already teaching US History. They try to be the cool teacher and they succeed mostly because their student appreciate the effort.
  • John Adams: they're quiet but also surprisingly kinky
  • Thomas Jefferson: Usually just the Other Founding Father bloggers that don't really talk about him except to laugh at his fuck ups.
  • James Madison: small and angry fact checkers. If they reblogged your post it's probably to add their own facts. They're annoying but they're your small angry friend so. Tend to use caps lock.
  • Alexander Hamilton: just like the James Madison ones but there are more of them and they have more power in the History Fandom... Plus they're probably tall.
  • Benjamin Franklin: the kinky fun ones. They're trying to sell the James Madison bloggers weed and dildos over tumblr.

I nominate this

for Takeru’s next dumb hat.