this is probably the best cosplay photo ever

Alpha 5 cosplay by yours truly!

I had such a time making this. My motivation was up and down to the point I didn’t start the bulk of it until the week prior. It was my first time working with so much foam and I was a panic. A panic I tell you. But I wanted this specifically for the retro theme and if I didn’t finish it for this Anime Boston I probably wasn’t going to ever finish. My friends siblings were super encouraging and wouldn’t let me give up, and seeing the new Power Rangers movie definitely kept me from throwing in the towel. Overall, super glad I finished. I had the best con I’ve had in years!

I think the Assassin’s Creed fandom is the best. Everyone is so caring.

Too bad not many people I know in real life aren’t as crazy as I am about it. Sure, there’s the occasional fan, but they’ll never understand how much AC means so much to me. It helps me escape reality and keeps my imagination alive.



So I cosplayed W.D. Gaster at a convention in town and met these two really incredible guys that unfortunately didn’t get the high quality photo they deserved for their amazingness.

The first thing they did when they saw me was yell, “DAD?!” across the room and walk towards me with open arms. We had a huge group hug as Papyrus began to weep quite loudly into my ear and I’ll say it was probably my best experience ever at any convention :) Never have I ever felt more welcomed.



Some awesome shots of ME. ON STAGE. WITH KEPI GHOULIE. WOW. WOWOWOWOW. I was brought up as the Easter Bunny’s helper, chased by the chupacabra and throwing eggs, and then Kepi kept us up there the rest of his set! He officially dubbed me Real Eaglebones, Jr., or REJ, and I got to throw balloons and streamers and christmas presents and clif bars and I shared a stage with Ricky Fitness for a few seconds??????? It was amazing and it’s probably going to top Warped Tour as Best Day Ever. Photos by bumblingb


Cosplaying Princess Bubblegum to Fan Expo this weekend was one of the best cosplay experiences I’ve ever had; I had a bit of a crash course through ‘Being a Disney Princess’ after I realized how popular I was with little kids. I probably posed for like 30 photos with kids alone, quite a number of them dressed as Finn and Fionna.

Proper photos to follow, after-con selfie for now.

PS I started the dress on Friday night after the con and wore it on Saturday because I have terrible time management skills.


Shingeki no Kyojin: Hanji & Levi THE WORLD CUP WINNER TEAM VERSION

So the best thing ever happened and we’re not in Germany to party with everyone T__T At least, we’re in China and it’s actually stunning just how many people supported the German team over here, that’s probably the number one favourite team in China. Anyway, we were guests at a con in Harbin and decided to celebrate the Fourth Star the cosplay way! And how big a coincidence could it be that our hotel is right next to a football arena? So here we are, with photos 



You can see more of our Shingeki cosplay on the tag: