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My Prince Jinki (27/): Onglasses 

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Day 1: Greetings/Goodbyes

I honestly love how Natsume protected this small spirit even before it was born. He wasn’t sure what was going to be born from that tiny little and yet he tried his best to care for it ^u^

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Monsta X: their crush working at Starship

Shownu:  he’s gonna play it cool and not worry about impressing you- he knows you’ll bump into each other or work together eventually. The members would warn him since they could sense that it’s more than just a crush, and although he won’t listen to them, he’d still keep it professional around you until he gets to know you better…which he totally plans on doing.

Wonho:  he’ll mistake you for being an idol, and quickly apologizes when you ask him where a certain office is in Starship. He’ll take no time introducing himself and chatting it up with you, but he’ll keep it light. He might ask for your number the second time he sees you, and asks if you could spend your lunch time watching him rehearse.

Minhyuk:  when trying to make your way to a meeting, he’ll stop you right there and ask who you are, since he’s pretty friendly with most of the staff and you’re an unfamiliar face. He’ll develop feelings over time and becomes really close to you before finally making a move. He’ll ask for you to work with them during certain projects, and everyone will be able to tell that you are more than friends.

Kihyun:  he won’t approach you at first, he’ll just get used to you being around and seeing what you’re really like. Probably will ask about you a lot, esp if you haven’t shown up to work one day or someone else is in your place. He’ll get the courage to talk to you when you’re working closely with them, and only then is he going to make his feelings obvious.

Hyungwon:  is starstruck from the moment you’re being introduced to them. He’ll have a hard time controlling his beating heart and sweaty palms when he’s around you since you’re always in close proximity, but you could never tell anyway. He’ll probably stay late one night after a long day of practice, and starts chatting it up when he sees you’re also working late.

Jooheon:  ahhh this kid is such a flirt and he won’t be any different after meeting you. He’d make it so obvious that he’s crushing, and won’t be shy at all if you fire back with a remark or a flirty smirk. He’ll bother you during work sometimes, and totally shows off during photoshoots or interviews when you’re there backstage.

I.M:  tries his hardest to not always be around you, in hopes of being annoying or making his feelings known. He’ll keep it a secret from the company and his hyungs, only bc he doesn’t want to get in trouble- whether it’s you or him that gets in trouble. His shell will crack eventually since he really has no choice but to talk to you, and he’ll become more friendly and open before making a move.

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i love everything that you post about hockey and the players and the pens wiki and all of that! Thank you so much for existing and being the patient person that you are:) that said, do you know when you will post something that you've written? i really miss your writing

Thank you very much! This is such a lovely message <3 I’m still pretty busy writing Lightning, Before the Thunder – which probably won’t be finished until late next month at the earliest. In the meantime, here’s a random ficlet for you XDD

When Sidney jerks awake to the sound of Haggy and Horny crooning “You’ve got a friend in me,” to each other, with the baby Pens enthusiastically Ohhh-ing and Ahhh-ing at the appropriate moments, the first thing Sidney says is, “God dammit. Who the fuck pissed off a witch?”

Geno has just enough time to tell him, “Wasn’t witch, was—” before he too is singing:

Would you let me see beneath your bea—” Geno cuts off abruptly, his eyes going wide.

Sidney blinks at him. “A siren,” he guesses, incredulous. “Someone pissed off a siren?”

Geno nods his head. He’s got his hands clamped over his mouth firmly.

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Can you do #115 "Cuddling with him" w/ Frank Castle? She/her pronouns! Thanks!

Warnings: cursing

A/N’s: Ahhh! This is my first request! I hope you like it!

It’s late when you hear Frank get home and you are barely awake when he quietly opens the door to your bedroom. With a great amount of effort and what is probably the last of your energy left for the day, you sit up slightly, leaning on your elbows so that you can greet him. He gives you a small smile and walks over to give you a kiss on the forehead before he goes to clean himself up and change into a pair of sweatpants. You can tell from the way he is limping around your room that he has had a long night, so you pull back the comforter on his side of the bed and motion for him to come lie down beside you as soon as he has finished changing. He groans slightly as he sits on the edge of your bed, clearly sore from his night in Hell’s Kitchen and you rub your hand up and down his back, hoping to get him to relax slightly so that he can get a good night’s sleep for once.

He stretches his neck a little before moving to lay beside you, opening his arms so that you can lie your head on his chest. You let out a happy sigh as you curl up against him, happy to have your boyfriend home and safe with you. Frank chuckles slightly at the sound you make and places another kiss on your forehead.

“How was your day, sweetheart?” He asks you.

You look up at him before answering, “It was alright. Just long. How was yours?”

“Not too bad. Had a couple assholes get a few good hits in tonight, but other than that everything was pretty normal.” He had started to rub his hand up and down your back as he talked and it starts to make you sleepy again. You let out a little hum in response to his answer and lay a kiss on the skin of his chest, which you are currently using as a pillow. Now that each of you knew that the other was doing ok, you were both content to just fall asleep in each other’s arms, so you scoot slightly closer and close your eyes when you feel him tighten his arms around you.

The feeling of you pressed up against him causes Frank to be able to relax enough to start to get tired. After a few minutes, he notices that your breathing has become slow and steady and he looks down to make sure you have truly fallen asleep before he allows himself to close his eyes. It doesn’t take him long to fall asleep after this. Having you in his arms has always made it easier for him.

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Hello I know u guys are excited for the other members and that’s neat!! I’m also fine with you guys asking about them I just :’-) I’m probably taking it the wrong way but I’ve been a delicate weenie lately so pls don’t scream at me agsjsgsj I got more than one of these too so,,,

(If the intent of this was positive yelling I’m sorry for not taking it that way 😭 Ive been tired lately ahhh)

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What dating lay would be like~ btw I'm now obsessed with your blog like imma stalk it all night 💕 oki bye!

ahhh thank you so much! 


  • he would be very shy when he asked you out even though he really liked you
  • and he would be incredibly polite
  • when you said yes he’d grin and quickly tell the other members of EXO
  • your first date would be small, maybe to the aquarium and Yixing would admire you as you looked at all the fish
  • he’d probably buy you a stuffed fish from the gift shop to remember your first date with him by
  • you two would stay up really late texting or talking over the phone and when you reminded him that he had a schedule the next day he’d become incredibly sad
  • so to make him feel better you’d come over to the dorm his next free day with your laptop and some movies and the two of you would have a movie marathon
  • he’d probably fall asleep with his head resting on the top of your head
  • Yixing would love to take pictures of you
  • when you were walking down the street
  • when you were reading something
  • when you were petting dogs
  • and you’d see some of them and think they were so ugly and ask him to delete them and he’d say something cheesy like “why would I want to delete perfection when it is so hard to come by?”
  • honestly he’d always say a lot of cheesy things but they’d always make you blush
  • you were laughing at something while telling him a story and he couldn’t help but blurt out how much he loved you
  • you almost choked on air
  • but of course you told him you loved him as well and he grinned and grabbed your hand across the table and kissed it
  • going grocery shopping with Yixing and him sneaking things into the cart
  • like ice cream, brownie mix, small plants
  • and you’re like “I don’t remember needing any of this???? Did we grab the wrong cart?”
  • and Yixing is just giggling in the back
  • lots and lots of skinship
  • you’re talking to one of the boys with him and he just lays his head on your shoulder
  • or you’re out late at night and he wraps his arms around your shoulders and pulls you closer to him
  • Yixing would always listen to you and be excited about your achievements with you
  • he wouldn’t get jealous easily
  • he’d only get jealous when someone gave you something he couldn’t but it would also make him sad because he really wanted to provide everything for you
  • dating Yixing would be amazing because there would never be a dull moment and he’d always pay attention to you and smile dreamily at you because wow he really loves you and can’t believe you love him just as much as he loves you

Ahhh, finally I can release this! This was so fun to write you guys, I hope you enjoy! 

Chapter 11:

The walk back to E. Bonanza Street is a long and quiet one. But hey, my brain is flooded with preoccupying thoughts so what the hell do I care. I have to think of what I’m going to say when I get back to Cartman’s house. My Mom and her insistent family bonding time can wait and it’s not like she’ll be too bothered by me being late. She’s probably still on her “My adopted Son won a national competition” high. I plug my earbuds into my phone, letting my music pick up the pace of my steps.

It shouldn’t be too hard to think of what to say to Cartman’s parents, really. Whatever might be going on, Cartman is still Liane’s son. She of all people wouldn’t let Cartman freeze to death. I’ve known that since we were young.

Whenever we went on camping trips she made it a point to make sure he really wanted to go. She’d fold every single one of his clothes and neatly pack them into his backpack along with a meal of his choice, even if it took all day to accomplish and kept us waiting. She told him over and over that he should call her if he needed her for anything.

Back then, her coddling always pissed Cartman off, but he probably misses that right about now…

My footsteps slow to a stop when I feel a tiny soft particle land on my face.

…Snow… Right now it’s coming down in gentle sprinkles.

Dammit… I hope Cartman will be alright out here. Hopefully the snow’s only a light layer…

Oh, what am I saying? I can get him home before the night ends.

My steps escalate to a brisk walk, then to a jog. It’s only 11 AM, but the sooner I get this over with the better. The Cartman household is thankfully at the end of the street and comes into view quickly. Whenever I can see my goal I tend to get there faster. I make my way down their extensive walkway and up the doorstep.

All they need to know is Cartman’s being stubborn and needs a little push to apologize. Parents tend to listen to the defense of their kid’s friends better than the kid’s own defense. And when we’re talking about Cartman, he could definitely use the help. I press my finger to the rounded doorbell and let it ring, letting my music play in one earbud while I wait.

Now that I think about it, was anyone home when Cartman broke in this morning? There didn’t seem to be any reaction at all to the glass shattering.

Huh. I wonder if it was too quiet for them to hear from anywhere except the back?

Just then the door opens, and I’m once again greeted by Liane Cartman.

“Oh, hello again Kyle.” She coos. She’s dressed a little more modestly now, wearing a billowy nightgown.

“Morning Mrs. Cart-”

“Reynolds,” She speaks over me.

Bad start already. “Liane will probably be easier for me to remember.” I say.

Her smile widens and she places her hand on her hip. “What can I do for you, sweety?”

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Hheyyy….so……yeah I kinda disappeared for 2 months haha. And I’m posting this summary….the 21st ahh..:’’) but it was important for me to post it.

This is my 200th post, and this blog is now a little bit more than 2 years old, and you’re now more than 5000 to follow it…..!!!!??(..SINCE…WHEN?????)(….I’

I’m not very good with words, but. I just wanted to say thank you, for being so kind to me, for your silent support, or just for taking a look at my drawings..!!

((more nervous-talking + ANSWERING ASKS UNDER THE CUT !!))

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…large obnoxious image is large and obnoxious xD

Anywhoozle! Holy smokes…I’m still like…blown away by that number??? Back in November 2015 I never dreamed I’d hit twenty followers with my marshmallow’s blog, let alone two HUNDRED? Like…where did you all come from, my goodness!

But! You’re not here to hear me talk about that - we’re here with a bias list! In other words, I’m going to ramble about my favorite nerds that have stuck around this blog, whether old or new, that Ryū and I have come to love. Without further adieu…let’s get started! <3

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AHHH TNT My really self indulgent charms have arrived from Acorn Press!! They did such a lovely job on them (even let me know I put shiro’s arm on the wrong arm BLESS THEM LAWL);;

ALSO THEY SENT ME LIGHT UP KEYCHAINS THAT MATCH THEIR PALADIN COLORS!?! /screams Thank you SO much!? You guys really are the best! VnV!! 

I’ll probably open up some orders for them in late nov or early dec..>< These were made for my and a few of my friends so qty is kinda limited. Pricing will be a bit high cause I went all out;; S-Sorry;;; (They will have vintage swarovski star crystals on them L O L. rip m e also i gotta…assemble..them…/lazy) 



I must admit that - lately - I got into Nanatsu no Taizai as some of you probably already noticed :’D~ (everyone should go and read that manga. Seriously!)
And since my fav character Meliodas’ birthday was just a “few” days ago, I simply had to do this! So here I go!

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HEY BDAY TWIN i meant to . draw u something but i Didn't so ill do that Soon probably sjsgfjsdf happy birthday again love u

BDAY TWINNNNNNN!!!! you don’t have to do anything for me ahskglahda but thank you????? that’s so sweet i’m?? thank you!! love you too!! <3 <3

( JEON JUNGKOOK ) — oh, you mean jace hwan, the 20 year-old male? they live in A103 & have been here for two years. that song human by the killers has always kinda reminded me of them, probably because they’re pretty witty but can be impulsive, too. get to know them for yourself!

//Ahhh I’m a little late to the party, I worked till 7pm today and just got off, but heyyo everyone I’m Reed and this is my smol bab Jace and some basic info can be found about him below the cut. If anyone wants to plot feel free to slide into my IMs

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