this is probably so inaccurate im so sorry

So, this is a bit of a stupid thing to complain about, but I’m gonna do it anyway

So, I’ve noticed a little trend going around Tumblr recently, people complaining about how fanfiction writers tend to write bilingual characters ‘slipping’ between their native language and second language unconsciously. People complain about how “unrealistic” it is, and how ‘literally no one does this, stop writing it’. 

However, I have a counter argument. 

Sure, some(or most) bi or multilingual people don’t slip between languages on a regular basis, and only really do it once every blue moon. But to say “literally no one does this” would be completely inaccurate. How do I know this? Because I am a bilingual person, and I actually do it quite often. 

I speak English as my first language, and French as my second, which I learned(and am still learning) in school. I have, on multiple occasions, said some variation on this sentence when speaking to a friend in French: “Quelle est- a damn, I can’t remember. Quelle est (insert word in English) en Francais?” And they would respond in the exact same manor. I do it. My friends do it. People do it.

Hell, I can’t even say the alphabet properly any more without slipping at ‘P’. In either language. Embarrassing, I know. 

So, yeah, I’m a bit bitter about people saying things that are completely inaccurate. Sure, it could be because I’m only young(15), but I have several older bilingual cousins who ‘slip’ too, so probably not. 

Thank you for your attention. You may go back to scrolling through Tumblr now.