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i love jack a lot but i don't get everyone's excitement about dean eventually adopting him. like why would you want to force him into another parental role with a kid with unstable powers JUST when he's escaping his role with sam? i'm not accusing you or anything i'm just really really frustrated at fandom's mentality

Yeah, there’s some good posts around discussing the various metaphorical and direct representations of the bad family dynamics going on here. I think it’s possible to enjoy and dislike the same thing from different angles. I LOVE Jack choosing Cas as his father and setting his personal compass by Cas. It’s perfect. But for Cas’s sake I’m genuinely skeeved out by it because of the way Jack(’s powers) latched onto him from the womb and that it is basically what I figured all along - that Jack himself is an innocent sweetie pie because he has a soul and he is therefore gifted free will and a blank slate to be what he wants and is at the very least not inherently evil… 

But his powers still did something because of his increased awareness and powers in the womb that I don’t like, which is… convincing… Cas to be his guardian. Cas being forced into the dynamic is one of the metaphorical parallels to the brothers’ issues which I’ve enjoyed the meta about, because of course Cas can still love Jack and all and have meant it because I don’t think he wasn’t acting from the heart in 12x23 because have you met Cas, that was a classic example of his heart on display. And I’m actually hoping they do have a sweet dynamic when Cas gets back. But I still don’t like HOW it happened, in the exact same way I really dig sweet moments between Sam and Dean which don’t have the complicated baggage, but I can still be uncomfortable about romanticising other parts of their relationship, and critical of how Dean was forced to parent Sam… 

So yeah. Anyway, I think the thing with Dean and Jack is that it’s the goal - Sam already likes Jack and wants to give him a chance. Cas has his connection to him already and it’s unlikely he’ll hate Jack on his return :P Dean is not wrong to be upset and critical based on the information he has like @k-vichan‘s post I just recently reblogged was explaining (Sam hasn’t even told him on camera that Jack said that Cas is his father which means until we get past the point of disbelief that he hasn’t said it off-camera that’s still something we might find out later from Dean’s POV to affect how he feels about him. Although I’m usually careful not to get over-attached to what hasn’t been said on camera in case the writers start assuming it’s obvious they shared it and leave an emotional gap… But this is such a big thing it might HAVE to be said on screen or else be a gap.)

Like… Obviously the emotional hook for “coming to like Jack” is something that falls on Dean to have while the others are already seeming to be clear on it. He’s the obstacle - the thing standing between Jack and a happy families thing (so it might be a long haul or Dean is just starting to warm up when things go bad either with Cas’s return or something that happens with Jack for what will be a frankly bizarre season if they don’t tease him ~going dark~ to test him at some point). It’s like a will they won’t they on Dean liking Jack :P 

And I think that in this case it’s not forcing anything on Dean when he comes to NATURALLY adopt random youngins and other hapless friends (like Garth, tbh :P) but that he has to want to do it and it is something he does instinctively because he’s a nurturer and has a caring soul. Maybe because of the Sam stuff but it’s not weird when he does it to, like, Krissy or something. It’s one of his softer traits but in this case it has mytharc relevance, since Jack is, WE can tell, really sweet, but Dean is in no position to see him for what he is, which may compromise them looking after him, and even if Jack is sweet and squishy right now, he has cosmic powers and intentionally or not he’s going to be dangerous on a huge level even if it’s just for drawing attention. I think Dean coming to like him will play a big part in reconciling this whole situation just because he’s the one who instinctively doesn’t like Jack already. And that’s something where he’s messed up with grief and hasn’t seen anything to convince him Jack isn’t a problem, so it’s set up to be a bigger struggle for him.

And that probably also plays into Dean as the emotional centre of the show - that Sam is usually dealing with the plot stuff head on, while Dean is the filter we struggle with it through. I think Dean not trusting Jack is another way of drawing out uncertainty and tension about Jack in the narrative. Is Sam wrong to trust him? Is there still something hinky between Jack and Cas? Will Jack turn bad? Even if it’s seeming quite clear that Jack is not as bad as Dean thinks by far, and Sam’s made the right call here, to go with his confidence in leadership and standing up for himself arc, playing the reconciliation to Jack’s presence in their lives through Dean is giving us (or, well, the surface level read of the show, which I pay as much attention to as I can out of curiosity as a writer about stringing appearances and cheap drama out of more complex stories and I watch the episodes from the POV of “what is the show trying to tell us” before “what can I read into this”) a more drawn out exploration of who and what Jack is and the conclusion on what his character can be. 

And I think that means Dean will be challenging Jack too, and always probably be more on the side of checking if he really is what he seems or second-guessing his actions etc. It will give Jack something to grow and fight against, especially since people HATE letting Dean down and Dean is the moral centre of the show when it comes to love, humanity, what is the right thing to do, the free will choice, just generally a beacon of these themes. If Jack has to win Dean’s approval, it’s going to be a complex and satisfying story and a good way of proving we can definitively trust him. Not because Sam makes bad choices or because Jack doesn’t already seem like a good guy, but just because Dean has Standards which are so high you can define and navigate the story by them. Like Cas rebelling in 4x22. Or on the flip side, 6x20.

This is all kinda wishy washy stuff for later in the season that what we already have, though, and I don’t know how thoroughly others have thought it through or if I am missing some really obvious lines of thought here myself, but I don’t think the instinctive reaction that people are wishing Dean adopts Jack is all just forcing a new child on him, or that people think Dean shouldn’t come to that choice himself, and approve of Jack for real reasons. One of the short posts out there about it that I like is a line of spec that Dean will start to like Jack after he does a Benny - does something to save or help Cas that Dean can’t deny Jack is good any more after seeing. That’s not just wishing another child to look after on Dean, that’s a complicated series of Dean recognising Jack’s potential to be good and understanding him better or now having a motivation to reach out to him. 

And I do personally find it kind of creepy to be super gung ho about Jack as any of their children - Cas for the reasons I already said although I like it for Jack and would be open to Cas being cool with it :P But Sam and Dean as well because I think there’s a lot of point scoring going on with who gets to parent Jack like it’s a token or trophy for them, unlocking a whole bunch of parent headcanons and also, and I know it’s weird to say about a 1 day old baby, infantilising Jack. I think he’s already starting to get an idea of the more complex stuff and a lot of his literal born yesterday mannerisms will disappear as he gets older, since he has an adult intellect to deal with the world, so I’m very curious about his character growth. 

I think it’s just a fandom thing to be eager for the main characters you care about to have fun relationships and the idea of just giving them a kid can be appealing to some people, but it kinda weirds me out. I saw a gifset of the father reveal to Sam captioned with “Sam realises he’s an uncle” and I like that a lot more because it emphasises his brother relationship to Cas, and puts Jack in that context to him. I think since Jack said Cas is his father, “parenting” just means “we are responsible for guiding this young soul” not “I will be his father” and Sam and Dean are basically his uncles, not surrogate fathers, and I’m pretty much just gonna treat it that way, personally, since it’s less skeevy to me. That’s a YMMV thing, though, so I’m not saying you can’t enjoy the dad TFW stuff, I just don’t wanna :P 

(The Claire stuff was different since they didn’t have a whole bunch of responsibility over her and the episodes she was in never made it weird, and it was a side storyline… With this it’s all such high tension it sort of feels to me like I need to draw much stronger lines, especially since with all the fatherhood parallels some/all of TFW are going to be examined through being John at some point or another… There is a LOT more going on with Jack that makes it complicated and fraught :P)

So… uh… tl;dr… I have no idea if I’m even answering your original thought any more :P Idk about the wider fandom of crack posts and cracky art, but I think the meta folks I follow are not being too weird about it or will at least entertain all the posts being critical or introspective about these dynamics and I think some crack posts are just made in the spirit of fun, though it doesn’t help NOT give the impression everyone’s gaga for dad TFW and not being very considerate of the deep dark meta stuff and character angst going on… :P 

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Really loved your last few headcanons, and I'm so glad to see that requests are opened again :) How do you think the RFA would react to a naturally overly busty MC? Or if you only want to write one, how would Jumin react to the pajamas he bought MC being too small for her? Can't wait to see your take on this! Hope everything is going well for you!

Th-these are both good! Time to combine!

- Admittedly, at the party, he didn’t notice right away. He was so focused in finding you, showing that he was okay, showing that he was finally mature. He just wanted to see you after all of that hell.
- And so after your lips met for the first time, your lips tasting vaguely like chapstick, he finally noticed the pressure against his chest
- And could. Not. Look. Away.
- Granted, some of the painkillers he was on for his eye might have drained some common sense away from him, so you didn’t say much, but Zen surely gave him a small thwump on his shoulder to pull him out of it
- He sheepishly apologized, and tried focusing on your face, but he was pretty tired….and they looked really soft…
- Futher into the relationship, he would desperately want to rest his head on them, leave lewd marks all over, but it would take him a while to admit that. In the mean time, he’d love when you two were cuddling and he felt them against him.

- He was a gentleman!!! A gentleman!! But oh my god
- Were you testing him?
- The whole time you were over, helping him cheer up about his leg, he was sweating bullets. He wanted to be romantic, suave, caring, but god damnit if you bent over one more time and they wibbled like that again–!!!
- It was hard. He avoided skin contact, thankful he was concious enough to only risk glances when you weren’t looking. He just desperately wanted to stuff his face right in—- Nope, nope, time to calm down, Zen!
- When he was finally opening up about himself, and the two of you held hands, and he got to feel how soft and warm your skin was- Well, now there was a very good reason to send you home early.
- In the future he would love groping them, squeezing and teasing- Don’t even get him started on how they bounced when you rode him

- Oh my…
- She was so flustered every time she talked to you. Granted, hers were a decent size themselves, but seeing that on another woman…
- She was trying to mentally cool off during the whole RFA party.
- Wasn’t it a bit weird to be staring at another woman’s breasts??
- If you were wondering why she was drinking a bit too much at the party, well… there’s the answer.
- Once the two of you were in a relationship, she’d love playing with your nipples so much. Tweaking them, pinching, pulling a bit- They were so fun and she felt so filthy for getting so turned on by them!

- At first, he didn’t notice. He knew it was rude to stare at a woman’s chest, so in trying to be polite, he made sure he didn’t gaze at your body for too long.
- But when you came out trying to wear one of his button-ups to bed, it was so hard not to stare. In fact, he was sure he was being pretty obvious about it.
- He coughed a bit, clearing his throat, before promptly forcing you to turn around and directing you to where his robes were. He wasn’t used to such urges springing forth so suddenly, and he was hellbent on holding the both of you back.
- (the image did keep him awake much longer that night, though)
- Later on in the relationship, he would love biting/pinching them, kissing trails right over the curve of one and refusing to touch your nipples to make you whine. They were very useful to tease, because it made you beg for him quicker.

- No shame
- Okay, maybe a little. At first he thought your pictures may have been photoshopped, but when he sees you in person, it’s so, so, hard not to stare.
- In fact, for a good thirty seconds that’s exactly what he does, before realizing with a bright flush what exactly he’s doing.
- Probably added a bit more into a reason of pushing you away from him for the next few days
- But oh my god later on he would be teasing you so much. Making silly jokes, whining to use them as pillows- Everything silly (as long as it didn’t upset you)
- In the bedroom, however, his mouth and hands would hardly stray from them until you were begging for his cock. He loves teasing, possibly even putting clamps on your nipples, and don’t even get him started on when you use them to help give him head. One hit K-O!!

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I really love your writing and I'm so glad that you're accepting requests again :"> how about the RFA react to MC who had a weakness for sweet treats, like MC can be very upset or angry whatsoever but as fast as she receive sweet, she turns fluffy and forget everything.

Oh, I hope this is >>sweet<< enough for you! :p

RFA with a MC who has a weak for candy


  • “Why do you need candy, babe, when you have the ultimate eye candy right in front of you?”
  • “Tempting. But can I please get my chocolate right now?” you glared at him, and he passed the bar to you.
  • You would usually laugh of his flirty jokes, but not when chocolate was the subject. Oh hell no! Chocolate is a serious matter here.
  • He doesn’t like when you get too serious, and since he doesn’t really care for sweet, he doesn’t really get it why do you get so serious about candy.
  • But he thinks it’s so funny, so he likes to tease you and hide the candy sometimes, and that’s why you’re glaring at him right now.
  • As soon as you finally have your chocolate, you smile playfully at him, and we know what these looks mean
  • “I guess I have plenty room for desert.” He says, dragging you to the bedroom.


  • You barely saw each other today, both of you were busy with college and work.
  • And when you two finally made it home, you were both grumpy.
  • You barely said hello to each other, any word now would lead to a completely useless fight over something really stupid.
  • You grabbed the whipped cream can, he grabbed the M&Ms package and you both sat on the couch.
  • “Okay, so was your day?” he asks, you chug some whipped cream and answer him. “Ugh, don’t even get me started!”
  • For outsiders, maybe this could be really weird, but the candy therapy has been going on for a while after long days, turns out that this need for candy is another thing you have in common.
  • You end up with some whipped cream in your cheek, which he licks promptly, you both blush, but it doesn’t last long. You both bolt to the bedroom immediately.


  • While she’s usually in charge of the coffee, you’re in charge of the baking.
  • That is not only about the café, it’s how it works in home too.
  • And you take baking very seriously, as serious as she takes coffee. So she’s used to you getting all grumpy when one recipe is not working out.
  • She tastes a little of the frosting cake you’re trying to do. “Hmmm, this is good, MC!” “NO, DON’T TASTE THAT YET! IT’S NOT READY AND IT’S BAD!”
  • You two look at each other, scared. You immediately regret for overreacting like this, she just shrugs and tells you not to be so hard on yourself. Ugh, she’s a saint…
  • “I mean… maybe I am tasting this wrong. Here, have some more.” You offer her and quickly steal a kiss from her. “Hum, yeah, you were right, this is good…”
  • The cake you were baking ended up burnt, but neither of you cared, you were too busy in the bedroom.


  • “I’m pretty sure they all taste the same, my love. Just pick one.”
  • You look at him offended. , then just roll you eyes. Uh oh… he forgets you’re very sensitive concerning candy.
  • “Why would you even say that, Jumin? This one is made of mirtillo, this one is strawberry, and this one is banana!” you’re pointing to all the toffees in the candy store that you’ve been stuck for half an hour trying to pick the flavors.
  • “MC, the flavor is artificial, they probably use the same ingredients in all of them and just change the colorings and…” “Huh! They have pineapple too!”
  • He sighs, you’re not hearing any of this, are you? But he must say, you getting all excited over candy it’s so cute, he can’t even…
  • “Jumin, hurry and help me choose it!” that’s his cue. He grabs your shoulders and makes you look at him.
  • “I already chose the sweetest thing here.” He kisses you, you don’t even know what flavor you picked, you just needed to head out of that store immediately.


  • Why are the lines on amusement park’s rides so damn long?
  • You could have waited patiently if you have eaten something before, but now you’re starting to get a little bad mood…
  • Saeyoung is goofing off to kill some time, but you aren’t having it at all. You need to eat something, doesn’t matter what! Though you’re super down to some candy, since it’s usually you go-to snack
  • Then he sees the solution. “Oh, MC!~ Look what I bought for you!” he shows you the cotton candy and your face immediately lightens up.
  • You rush to grab it, but he pulls away. “Uh-uh, you’ve got to earn it~” then he takes a piece and places up his mouth like a mustache.
  • He looks at you with a teasing smirk, almost like he’s daring you to do something with these much people around, but you’re hungry! For the cotton candy and… for him.
  • He’s a blushing mess when you lean closer and takes the cotton candy, chuckling. “You took my mustache, lady! I must have it back!” he pulls you closer for a kiss, yeah, forget that ride, this is amusing enough for both of you.

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Oohhh. A new blog. Nice~ Can I ask for romantic headcanons about TFP Megatron, Starscream, Soundwave, Knockout and Breakdown ? P.S. Good luck with your blog. I'm rooting for you ;)

Yay, thank you for rooting for me, sweet anon! I’ll do my best.

I think it’s not very romantic. I think I overdid it. OH MY, SORRY, I TALK TOO MUCH  ><

And my grammar still sucks sometimes, yeah


  • He forgot how to love someone properly
  • Maybe once he was a poet or writer, or orator, but now? Boy, he is bad with words
  • Do not expect good compliments
  • Ok, technically he can make up some compliments, but not like “you look stunning today” or anything. It will be more like “Your battle skills are rather admirable” or “Today your voice is not as bothersome as it was yesterday”
  • No one will notice, maybe even you, but he is so much softer towards you
  • Actually, it’s funny: when he is angry and yells at someone if he shouts something like “EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE USELESS PILES OF SLAG” he will always add “…except for Y/N, they are the only worthwhile decepticon/human on this ship”, even if he is in real rage, even if you two were fighting not so long ago
  • He needs love, ok? Just like any other decepticon in the times of war, sometimes he needs as much love as he can get. He has these days when even he is exhausted and just wants to talk to you all day. Just you and him. 
  • And these days? Trust me, they worth it. To have thousands of problems in this relationship - it’s worth it.


  • This bird needs love
  • There are two sides of Starscream: smug and tsundere-grump
  • Smug will shower you with affection, tsundere-grump needs it himself, but will never admit it
  • He won’t bring you too many gifts, but he loves long walks with you. Or, erm, flies, because he is a seeker. 
  • He wasn’t sure if he really has this affection towards you. Is it love? Not just some strange feeling, like, lust or short passion
  • One night, something will happen. Random thing. Battle with autobots or a long fly alone. And though you technically are already in a relationship, he will suddenly realize for the first time that he really loves you. You are the most important thing in the universe for him. 
  • He still wants to be a leader and everything, but… not without you, Never without you. 
  • For a second - it scares him. He is scared because now he can’t imagine his life without you. How did it come to this..?
  • In the middle of the night, he’ll come to you, breathless and dumbfounded
  • And the first thing he’ll tell you as soon as he sees you will be: “I love you
  • Calm him down, please, because he is so shocked with himself. Probably he will be his grumpy self the next day, but now he is almost adorable in his shock. He just. Loves you so much. He doesn’t know what to do with it.


  • This boy is so cute
  • He is pretty good with relationship
  • He is silent but deadly so affectionate
  • Cuddles is his life. He is also very careful with you, whether you are human or cybertronian.
  • He doesn’t like to talk, but he just loves to listen to you. Talking, singing, muttering something - doesn’t matter what you’ll do, he’ll listen to everything
  • This boy loves bringing you gifts. A lot of small things that can make you smile
  • Cassettes adores you. And that’s cute, but also a problem, because sometimes Daddy-Soundwave and Cassettes-Kids start fighting over you. Everyone wants your attention! 
  • He loves you. He really does. Everything in you. Even those things you don’t like yourself - he loves them.
  • Maybe he can be a little creepy with his love. For example, he stares at you when you’re sleeping
  • One day he will approach you and drag you away from all your work and important matters. Even if you are confused or angry with him
  • In his hab-suite you’ll find yourself sitting on a berth. He is silent - as always - it almost scares you. He won’t answer on any of your questions. He will just stare
  • It looks creepy, but in a reality - he is just nervous. Really nervous. 
  • He almost sighs - it sounds like it - and the next moment… He takes the mask off. 
  • While you are in shock, he will actually tell you “I love you”.
  • He is weird and creepy sometimes, but can you blame him when he loves you so much?


  • Doesn’t matter how stoic you are - he will make you blush. Because he thinks you are adorable when flustered
  • He’s an asshole. Smug and incredibly hot asshole
  • He loves dates! What do you mean taking s/o on race is not a date
  • Actually can skip some of his work (not something serious tho) to be with you
  • He is an egoist. But with you? It’s like, all he wants to do - is praise you and shower you with affection
  • Somehow, now he talks not only about himself but also about you. It’s almost like he wants everyone to know how great you are
  • He is a fragging tease
  • Cuddles is not often, but kisses - oh kisses…
  • He is the only one who can simply tell you “I love you” every day
  • But inside he’s afraid that you would think he is not serious
  • He is. And he will prove it. He loves you and it’s not just a game for him, even if he acts like it is sometimes


  • How can someone so big and intimidating suddenly be so loving and romantic?
  • He is funny, even if his jokes a bit too tough sometimes
  • Oh, he loves all sorts of affection. Kisses, cuddles, compliments, dates, gifts…
  • He is so sweet. He is bad with words sometimes and often can’t find right things to say, but he’ll never say something upsetting
  • Teddy bear, honestly. Tough and strong teddy bear
  • With him, you’ll never be upset for too long. He’ll do anything to keep you happy
  • He just??? Loves you so much??? He thinks he has fallen too hard for you??? But he likes it???
  • “You know how cool Y/N is? They are smart, pretty, fun..” - aaand he can talk about you whole day long. Not because he wants everyone to know how cool you are, just because he thinks you are awesome and how can he not talk about you? It’s impossible!
  • He is so happy with you. Like. Very happy, everyone notices that. You are the most precious thing for him, he will love you and protect you forever. and ever and ever.

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heyo- so i have a weird request as in its not like a fic request. im a slytherin and my friends all aren't and they don't seem to get that slytherins aren't inherently bad. I'm shite at explaining it out and youre just so eloquent that I was hoping you could explain why slytherins are great cause the ARE lol

Ok kiddos, buckle up because I’m going to explain to you why Slytherins are great people.

Versatility/Cunning: You could throw a Slytherin into any situation, even at a disadvantage, and they’ll make it work. They change with circumstances, adopt a chameleon personality because they identify what people like and dislike, and therefore shape who they are around them. Now some could interpret this as manipulation or being “fake” but it’s actually a very great tactic for avoiding confrontation or disagreements. An example of how this amazing trait is deployed can be seen in the example of Margaery Tyrell. For those of you who don’t watch GOT, basically Margaery is wed off to a total of 3 people throughout the series, and she changes her personality around each to appease them, therefore being able to have some control over them. 

Neutrality: Slytherins like to hold the middle ground, and are often pragmatic centrists. Many people see this as a weak standpoint, since they are hesitant to pick sides. An example I’ll give for this is video game related (lol soz). Have you ever played an RPG where you had the option of siding with factions? And once you chose, the other became instantly hostile towards you, providing more difficulty to your play-through? Imagine if you (and in some games you can) chose the option to play them both, be friendly with all the sides yet reap the rewards from quests they send you out on. Slytherins simply chose to be smart, only turning on people when they’ve gotten everything that they can get out of them. The best video game play-through would be one that ended with the character playing a moderator between all factions, then choosing their favoured one at the last moment, bringing that faction all the information they had gathered from the other and providing yourself, and your chosen allies, with a major advantage. 

Charisma and Uniqueness: Slytherins, as mentioned above, have Chameleon personalities. They charm the socks off teachers and peers, and can appear to be the wolf in the chicken’s pen. However, if you surpass this initial impression, deep down you’ll find that no two Slytherins are exactly alike. Each has their own passions, their own motives, their own beliefs. Some procure an evil reputation, while others can be extremely kind and empathetic. Just because a few choose to be bad by no means condemns the rest to this fate. Slytherins can use their skills for helpful endeavours, not all of them manipulate others to gain power, some do it just to be able to fit in.

Intelligence/Talent: It is widely known that Slytherins are resourceful, and this even applies to academic endeavours. Sometimes even as smart as Ravenclaws, Slytherins have the ambitious drive that gives them the motivation to seek information, and strive to learn. Albeit sometimes this drive is through competitive attitudes, and sometimes showcases a Slytherin’s proud nature, it certainly isn’t something to underestimate. They can often be seen as being good at everything, and for the most part this inherent talent comes from their over-analytical nature, where they can understand things much quicker and easier than others. Even those Slytherins who don’t appear smart are probably hiding it up their sleeve, in one way or another. Finally, linking this back to resourcefulness, Slytherins are creative when finding solutions, using their wits to solve problems in easy ways. This may make some seem lazy, but in reality they have just found the easiest way to get stuff done. 

Loyalty: Once a Slytherin deems you their friend, you’d have to do something really stupid to lose that friendship. They’re just a fiercely loyal as Gryffindors, and although they may not be as brave, they’ll risk everything for their loved ones. Slytherins can be selfless in this aspect, putting those they care about before even their own ideals and morals. A Slytherin would definitely be the one to call if you need help hiding a body, even though they might not fully agree with the action. 

Leadership: Finally, Slytherins make the best leaders. Gryffindors are great too, but they too heavily rely on moral superiority. Slytherins are commonly utilitarians. They understand sacrifice, and the need to do things for the greater good. An example I like to use for this is one I learnt in my political science class. So, I’ll spare you the minor details but the story goes like this: A man is powering a football stadium holding a 100,000 people. To do so, he has to hold up an electrical lever while standing in water. This electrocutes him, causing great pain, but the people watching are all happy. A Slytherin understands that the main priority of a leader is to maximise happiness and minimise sadness. They will leave the man to suffer, because it means a 100,000 more will be content. A Gryffindor for example, being very noble and kind, will think “what the hell?” and obviously get that man out of there, leaving the football stadium in darkness. Because saving one man won’t affect the others, right? They’re not in pain, so they’ll be fine, a little upset, but fine. But the 100,000 people can’t see in the dark, some will stumble and fall, hurting themselves. Others will take to the streets and riot, after all their day was ruined! The Gryffindor’s choice will lead to say, five thousand people injured and two hundred local businesses ransacked. The electrician will be fine, but at this expense a lot more are hurt. Slytherins see the big picture, the future outcome, whereas others are more focused on the now. They understand that, sadly, others will suffer for the benefit of the majority. It’s nice to think that we can save everyone from pain and suffering, but that’s just not the reality of the world, as Slytherins have come to understand.

Overall, I’d like to summarise with this. Slytherins are seen as evil because they do what is NECESSARY. They are selfish because they know that this world is a harsh place, they are selfless for the same reasons. They know that no one can be 100% bad or good, the world is not that black and white. And if you just take a moment to try to understand, you’ll see that the world needs more people like that. People who really see the truth of things, people who understand: Slytherins

My Lover Smells Like Fish (4)

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Matthew’s looking between the two of them like a peeved parent.

“I don’t mind being a designated driver,” Alfred’s brother tells them, “but I don’t see the point when you’re already home.”

Alfred knows his brother well and he can see pretty clearly, despite the alcohol in his system, that Matthew’s obviously upset that they’re drunk at all. It’s going on seven now, so there are clear implications about when they started

“Sweetheart, you gotta help us,” Gilbert says, taking Matthew’s hand, seemingly not caring if this makes a scene in the parking lot. “We have to save Arthur’s balls—you don’t wanna see a good guy lose his nuts, do you?”

Matthew’s expression is one of perplexed disgust and he’s openly not buying into the needy ramblings of a man who reeks of beer.

“C'mon, honey, it’s important—,”

And then there’s some stuff Alfred doesn’t want to see, so he averts his eyes and just waits until they finish their negotiations. Looking into the back of the truck, he notes that it’s pretty filthy and coated with wood chippings.

“Get in, loser, we’re going shopping!” Gilbert hollers at him, now half-hanging out of the truck.

Alfred follows after him, pulling himself up and in on the passenger’s side. “Shopping?”

“We’re gonna get us a fish, dude,” he informs him.

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When You’re Sad
  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr is no fool. He’d know something was wrong right away. He knows you too well to let that pass right by him without being overanalyzed, but… approaching it with you would be another thing. Altaïr is mostly clueless when it comes to talking about feelings. Of course, he knows about them, but the poor man can’t seem to verbalize his thoughts. Altaïr would probably keep an eye on you, slipping off of his duties here and there to spend more time with you. He wouldn’t mention it, but would make a few gestures — holding your hands and caressing them with his thumb, place a few kisses on the top of your head or walk more closely — so you know he cares. He’d try to pamper you with presents too — books, necklaces, head ornaments, blades (?). Anything that would make you feel better. Altaïr is a silent and fumbling guy, but one thing is sure: he loves and cares about you.

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anonymous asked:

Severus walking in on his love interest sleeping naked, her bare back peeking out from under the covers because it's too damn hot to function. "Urgh, I'm so hot." her voice is exhusted and she doesn't move in order to not make herself feel any warmer. "Yes I know you are, but the meeting literally starts in five minutes." -- I'm too aware he'd probably never do this unless he's very comfotable with the person, but I can still fantasize right?!

“Too…warm…” Hermione mumbled, half-asleep.

“Oh no you don’t,” Severus said, “You were the one who wanted to co-run the early-morning meeting on cursed wounds and charmed potions. If it were up to me, we wouldn’t have done such a ridiculous thing.”

“Yeah,” Hermione mumbled, her head still halfway under a pillow, “if it were up to you, you wouldn’t even be here.”

Severus glared at her, his indignation neatly obscuring the fact that her long, tangled hair was obscuring her bare back.  She kicked a leg out of the bottom of the duvet.

“Just go on without me, I’ll be right there,” she grumbled, turning on her side and grumbling about the heat.  Unfortunately for her, accommodations in the Wizarding World didn’t exactly tend to come with air conditioning.

“I know exactly what will happen if I leave you in here, Hermione,” Severus growled, “and it will be you sleeping and me sitting in front of a podium looking embarrassed.”

“You? Embarrassed? Never happens,” Hermione said dismissively.

“For your information, just because you’ve never seen it, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t happen!” Severus replied with a sniff. “Come on, then, up you get!”

He grabbed the duvet and pulled it up a bit like a child with a parachute in gym class, only to hear Hermione suddenly shriek “OH FUCK-DON’T-!”

But it was too late.  There, underneath the duvet, was a slightly sweaty, very naked adult witch looking up at him with horrified embarrassment.

“Oh,” Severus said, freezing up.  He always did under horrible situations- most of the danger he’d been in his entire life generally hinged on whether he could remain stationary and blank-faced for long enough for whatever monster to leave him alone or go evil-monologuing all over the place, which was the same thing, really.  The duvet hung limply in his hands and Hermione, in her haste to cover her nudity, grabbed at it far too harshly.  Suddenly, Severus was tipping forward, his face still blank, though all the blankness in the world wouldn’t be able to stop the burning flush from filling his face. There were some awkward flailing as they both finally realized what was happening, and this only served to make things worse- when they finally stilled in their struggle, they were practically tied together.  Severus was panting, one arm splayed over Hermione’s chest, He pulled away with a curse and an apology, but didn’t get far- the duvet was wrapped around both of their arms.

“Well, this is awkward,” Hermione said, looking away as his eyes began to roam a bit too far south of their own accord.

“Understatement of the year, Hermione!” Severus replied angrily, more furious at himself for looking at…her…NO MUST NOT-

He turned his head and the movement upset his balance, sending his cheek crashing into something very soft and warm….

“Do you mind not nuzzling my breasts?” Hermione said stiffly. “I’m finding it hard to avoid impure thoughts.”

Severus was about to bite back a scathing reply when he froze. “Did you just say-”

“I’m naked, in bed with the man who I’ve been working tirelessly to cure all poisons with after saving his life.  Sure, you’re aloof and acerbic, and I would never, in a million years have expected to wake up in this situation-”

Severus opened his mouth to argue, but she shushed him.

“Let me finish, Severus! In fact, I had to pinch myself just to prove that you would come into my room of your own accord without it being some weird lucid dream!”

“So…what you’re saying…” Severus was aware of his breath hitching and growing hurried. He was practically panting over her as he looked into her eyes, searching for any signs of duplicity.

“I…I’m only disappointed that I’m the only naked one in this situation,” Hermione finished. “See? I told you; impure as they come.”

“If those are impure thoughts,” Severus replied, his voice throaty and whispery with the long-held desire he’d choked down for all those months in his official capacity as fellow research professional, “then mine are downright wicked.”

“Oh, really?” Hermione whispered, her pupils wide and open as she unconsciously licked her lips.

“I could show you if you really…really…wanted to.” His lips were whispering against her cheek and she shuddered, her voice catching with a single word.


He was undone by the way she said his name and pressed kisses against her until he was sure that he would be struck dead by the cruel fates that had set out to make his life pure misery.  He couldn’t believe that he was deserving of such pleasure, such happiness-  And yet, she wanted him- she had opened her heart- he could feel it in the way her magic thrummed against his skin everywhere they touched. 

In the end, he magicked his clothing and the duvet off of the both of them and the thought of the heat and early-morning symposiums were the farthest things from their minds.  Everything fell to the floor, neatly folded. It was a fine bit of wandless magic, and even Hermione seemed impressed with it.  But, more than that, she seemed…impressed with him.

“You brilliant, brilliant man,” she whispered, as they lay sweaty and spent together, afterwards.

“Oh? And what was so brilliant? The brilliant way that I tripped and tied us in knots or the brilliant way that I made us both miss a meeting that we were supposed to lead together?” Severus replied sardonically.

“Well, if you put it that way, it sounds rather terrible,” Hermione admitted, “but if the outcome is this-” she entwined her fingers in his and rolled on top of him, bending down to kiss his nose “-then the entire world can sod off for all I care!”

Severus blushed, his lips pulling up involuntarily into a poorly practiced smile that he quickly tried to hide behind his hand.

“Oh no you don’t,” Hermione said, pulling his hand away, “I want to see it.”

“My teeth are crooked and yellow,” Severus complained. “It looks creepy.”

“I’ll be the judge of that, you lovely man,” Hermione said, kissing him right on the teeth.

“You daft woman,” Severus spluttered, “who even does that?”

“Me. I do that.” Hermione said with a devilish grin, kissing his teeth again as he smiled even wider. “I’ll keep doing it too, because I like when you smile.”

“I like your smile better,” Severus said, kissing her lips. 

“Well, obviously,” Hermione said with a cheeky smirk, “my parents are dentists.  Anything less than perfection would have meant exile from the Granger household.”

“I love your smile. And your scent. And your goddamn bossiness. And all of you, actually. I-” Severus looked away, embarrassed at having rambled for so long.

“I love you, Severus,” Hermione said, poking his nose gently. “and I’ll be late to a thousand symposiums if it means I get to say it to you every day.”

“A thousand is a bit much,” Severus remarked, which gave them both the case of the giggles. “I should think you’d stop being invited by the hundredth one.”

“Git!” Hermione squeaked with laughter. “I know, I shall kiss the gittiness out of you!”

“Oh no, whatever shall I do?” Severus replied, deadpan, “I shall have to lie here and allow the very sexy minx in my bed to ravage me! The things I do for Queen and country!”

Five seconds later, Hermione learned that Severus was horribly ticklish, and decided to use that to her advantage.

Five seconds after that, Severus had rolled her underneath him and pinned her down with kisses.

Ten seconds after that, they both found that their bodies had more than kissing in mind and lost themselves to desire.

In the end, they never did end up leaving the room, but neither much cared.

They already had everything they needed, after all.

Fireworks Have Been Claimed By The Gays

Anon asked: PICTURE THIS! (trumpet sound!) Michael Mell and the gang go to a firework show nearby. The fireworks weren’t the only thing Michael was gazing at though. *An AU where Michael and Jeremy meet at a fireworks show* I just got back from a firework show and this idea popped up in my mind. Your stories give me LIFE! Keep it up!

1) no YOU give me life, random citizen
2) this is really fucking cute whhhhat the hell i…fuuuK
3) I know I have other stuff to write I’m sorry if yours has been sitting but I’m writing this because the 4th was recent and *sets off popper* America

Michael nodded proudly to himself as he stared at his very expert packing. Inside the cooler in front of him were cans of Mountain Dew, Dr Pepper, Coke, and various fruit juices. Right on top of the cooler was a beach bag, it’s handle looped with the coolers long one. Inside were ghost pepper balls, swedish fish, oreo dippers, and Cheetos Puffcorn. He could not wait to get this party started, he had been invited by a group of really cool kids to go to the boardwalk and watch the fireworks. He brought a towel and bathing suit with him, but in all honesty he probably would just sit on the sand and watch everyone fuck around.

As he shoved his towel into the snack nag he realized that he had no idea how he got invited to this. For a bit he had been kinda friends with Rich after the shorter of the two randomly apologized to him for being a huge dick the past few years. Then from there Rich forced him to be friends with Jake and he kept getting swallowed up into forced friendships. He didn’t mind though, just a year ago he had no friends and now six? Shit he was living on air.

He got a message from Rich, he swiveled around on his heels and danced to the beat of music playing loudly in his room, picking up the phone in the middle of the dance.

‘u still pickin me up?’

'Yah dude I’ll be there soon ❤!’


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Young!Sirius Black imagine - I'm in love?, part 2

‘I’m i-what?’ Y/N asked her best friend.

‘You’re in love’ lily replied, ‘how did you not know?’

'I guess the thought never really came to my mind’ Y/N whispered, still shocked at the new information brought to her by her best friend.

'Come on, it’s dinner’ said lily, walking out of her dorm room.

'Coming’ Y/N replied, following her best friend out of the dorm and to the dining hall. (Is that what it’s called?¿)


Y/N sat down in her usual place by lily and the marauders. She was facing Remus and Sirius with lily and peter at her side.

She was sitting in her seat, wide eyed and still in shock, Remus had noticed and asked her a couple times, so had peter, if she was OK. Y/N barely replied each time, thought if Sirius flooding her mind. She stood up, rather abruptly and urged Remus to follow her, she had to talk to someone and lily was too busy 'hating’ Potter.

'What’s wrong?’ Remus asked.

'Imsortakindainlovewithyourbestfriend’ she replied, talking quick.

'What?’ Remus asked, giving Y/N a confused look.

'I’m in love with Sirius’ she said.

But you hate him’

'Hated. I hated him, until lily told me the reason I was upset that I saw Sirius with another girl was because I’m in love with him.’

'Wow, that’s erm I-I have no idea how to respond to that.’ He replied honestly.

'You don’t have to, tell the others that I went to the library to study or something’

Remus nodded and headed back inside, as Y/N walked down to the library. Thoughts of Sirius clouded her brain, tackling her every thought. She tried to not think about him, but failed rather miserably as her mind constantly made its way back to Sirius.

Y/N sat in the library using her time to study, in order to take her mind off a certain someone. She got up to take some books back to the shelves, however, she dropped one on her foot. Cursing under her breath, she bent down to pick up the book. Y/N shot up when she heard the door to the library open.

Looking around, Y/N walked back to her seat after putting away the books. Walking back, she tripped on a book that must have been left out, pushing her hands out she braced for impact with the hard floor, but instead came into contact with a hard chest and a strong pair of arms.

'You have got to stop bumping into me’ laughed Sirius, helping her steady herself.

'I’m not in the mood black’ Y/N muttered, not expecting him to care, which explains why she was taken back when she heard him reply in a rather sincere tone.

'What’s wrong love?’


She shivered upon hearing the nickname he used for her.

'Nothing’s wrong Sirius, why don’t you go snog Marlene or some other girl’ She snapped.

'Woah what’s got your knickers in a twist’ he chuckled.

'Sirius, leave me alone’ she barked (aye see what I did there)

'I don’t want to’ he said, smirking at the Y/H/C haired girl.

'I’m serious’ (see what I did there ;)

'No you’re Y/N, I’m Sirius’ he laughed.

'Oh my merlin, will you leave me alone’ she shouted.

'Shhhhh’ hissed madam prince.

Y/N collected her stuff and walked out the library, Sirius following her like a lost puppy (I’m sorry I really am ill stop).

'Why are you shouting at me?!’ Sirius asked





At this point tears were building up in Y/N’s eyes, threatening to escape. Y/N blinked and decided shouting was not the way to go about this.

'You have snogged every girl in our year’ Y/N said, closing her eyes for a second.

'That’s not true, I haven’t snogged you or lily’ he barked (didn’t I say I would stop? Oops)

'That isn’t the point sirius’ she sighed.

'Ok then, why would me snogging someone make you upset’ he asked, raising his arms in exasperation.

'Because it just does’ Y/N said, clutching on to her books.

'That makes no sense’ he replied, cocking an eyebrow, ’ at least tell me why it makes you upset’

Y/N sighed loudly, clearly annoyed by his obliviousness. ~I may as well tell him, she thought, then I could avoid him and these stupid feelings will go away.~ (sorry italics won’t work for me)

'Because is in love with you’ she shouted, running her free hand through her hair.

'Y-you’re what?’ Sirius asked, dumbfounded by her confession.

'I’m in love with you, and it hurts to see you with a different girl everyday, and it sucks. I never knew that I felt this way, I always thought I hated you, but I don’t. I love you and you know what the worst thing about falling in love with you is? I actually thought I might have a chance, but you would never give me a chance.’ She cried, not caring about the tears, she’d already lost her dignity and broke her heart, what’s a few tears compared to that?

'Y-Y/N, I-’ Sirius stammered.

'Please spare me the 'I only like you as a friend’ speech, you’ll never like me back, I know that. So please just leave me alone’ she shouted, tears falling from her cheeks, turning on her heal, she ran. As far away from Sirius as she could.


A/N: you’re probably thinking 'I hate this writer, why dOES SHE DO THIS?’ Because I sure am. I don’t know why I left it on a cliffhanger but I’ll post part 3 tomorrow and yeah. Also what was with the Sirius jokes? I’m weird but that’s OK.

-Erin /*

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you accept requests for the others dr games too or just for V3? I'm wondering since I saw a scenario with Gundham... If you take requests for other games, can you do the sdr2 guy's reactions if their crush (the reader) ask them on a date? Thanks.

Yes, actually, I do the other games too. Sorry for the confusing title of the blog! I don’t even know why haven’t I changed it yet… Cause I’m fucking lazy that’s why

So I will gladly fulfil your request! Hope I don’t forget anyone…

Hajime Hinata

  • Huh? You want to go out with a scrub like him? But why??
  • Well he won’t turn you down of course.
  • He will blush quite a lot, and will ask you if you’re sure about it like a hundred times.
  • Once he’s assured, he will be super excited, because he never thought someone like you would be willing to go on a date.
  • He is somewhat nervous cause he doesn’t really know what he should wear for the date.
  • Since you invited him, you’ve obviously prepared some plans, so he’s glad at least that is taken care of, since otherwise he’d be too nervous about taking you somewhere that you will consider boring.
  • He’s also nervous that he won’t be fun to talk to, but decides to just act himself and see how it goes.
  • He asks for some advice, but doesn’t depend on it too much. He’s quite a self-sufficient man after all.
  • He is quite smooth throughout the date, since he is a pretty neutral person and can work with anything his s/o will throw at him.
  • If he brings a gift it will be just one flower, because he believes simple and humble gifts are better.

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blvckarya  asked:

I'm torn between being in Ravenclaw and in Slytherin, as some of their characteristics are really close. could you explain the main differences between them and help me?

As I often say, it’s difficult to sort one out without knowing them and interact a lot but I sure can try to explain how ~I~ picture both houses !

The first trait that comes up when thinking about Slytherin and Ravenclaw is individualism/independence. Doesn’t mean Slytherin and Ravenclaw are horrible selfish scumbags who can’t make friends but I think they’re most likely to enjoy some time alone, as opposed to Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors, that I picture more as the “team spirit” houses. Now that individuality tends to express itself differently.

For a Ravenclaw I think individualism will manifest itself more in the sense of freedom of mind and originality. The Ravenclaw is not a person who refuses to take people in, but rather that follows their own path, and sometimes that means most people won’t be able to keep in their tracks. Think Luna- she doesn’t hate people, far from it, in fact she’s got a heart of gold, but she’s so completely original and true to herself that most people don’t understand her and she can sometimes appear as a loner. I think the Ravenclaw won’t bother trying to fit in and be content with enjoying the things they’re passionate about, because what’s the point if you have to live passionless? They’re very oriented inwards, not in a selfish way, but in a passionate way.

A Slytherin on the other hand is more likely to focus on a close-knit group of like-minded people and form really strong but sometimes exclusive bond. “I don’t care about the rest of the world as long as I have you” is a very Slytherin saying imo. But it’s also true that they generally tend to care more about their reputation, so while they won’t bother reach out for people they find uninteresting, as opposed to a Ravenclaw that will be more open and curious, they probably won’t do anything to upset them or to appear disturbing/strange/weird, that’s why they’re said to be superficial- while I prefer to describe it as a practical behaviour (that’s funny though because as Slytherin as I am I reckon that I couldn’t care less about what people think of me >>> so you see nothing is absolute and no one fits in completely).

While the Ravenclaw will be like “People don’t like me; I can see why, and I’m sorry, but I won’t change who I am and hopefully they change their minds once they’ve matured”, the Slytherin will react more like “If they knew me, these people would probably not like me, so I’d better tone this or that down when I’m around them because it isn’t worth the trouble”. They will also probably take things more personal and get offended more quickly, should their little act prove inefficient, while the Ravenclaw would shrug it off and let time take care of it. Also the very cunning kind of Slytherin will probably see a good reputation as a useful tool for manipulation, but again, that’s not really my field so I won’t go much into that^^ If we take it to the extremes, I think Slytherin is more likely to be a control-freak with something like a temper underneath (a temper few know about though, because of how much they value their reputation) than Ravenclaw, who will appear more careless and quiet, not indifferent, but almost. The Slytherin will also probably be messed around less than the Ravenclaw (Snape VS Luna >>> Snape was jerks-bully-material but I think apart from James and his gang no one dared torment him, while Luna gets picked on all the goddamn time, give this girl a break, not that she appears to give a fuck). Though you’d be really stupid to a) make yourself a Slytherin ennemy because they wrath and grudge are endless or b) waste your time bullying a Ravenclaw because they have such inner strength they will probably never let you see that it affects them.

Which makes me think that Slytherins are probably people with a much more convoluted train of thought than Ravenclaw. Agaaaain, that doesn’t mean that Ravenclaws are one-tracked and can’t feel anxiety, but I think overworrying is more of a Slytherin thing, because they care about what people think of them (be it because they see it as emotionally nurturing or for more utilitarian reasons). Ravenclaw will be more logical and straight-forward maybe, while Slytherin will spend a little bit too much time on “what ifs”. Though that can be an asset too, especially when they’re crafting one of their plans- a Slytherin with something in their mind is unstoppable. Really. They. Will. Do. Everything. Including getting their hands dirty. BUT. As long as it doesn’t transgress a very clearly defined limit they set up themselves- the Slytherin has an ethic, despite what most people seem to think. It’s just really really personal and sometimes difficult to adjust to morality, but it’s there. Think Narcissa and how she finds the guts to lie to Voldemort and throw away pure-blood domination for the sake of her son. It’s not about getting something at all costs, but rather analysing beforehand how much you’re ready to sacrifice to get what you want. Ravenclaw on the other hand will be less obsessed and will let go more easily, probably because they are very open to new ideas and new goals and new concepts so they know that if they don’t get the thing they want right now, something maybe as interesting as that and more “affordable” will come later. That’s why I think they’re more comfortable with the idea of letting a project unfinished (they can very well pick it up later after all) while a Slytherin will be more efficient and perfectionist and won’t stop until it’s 100% done and mastered and done greatly. Yet again, you can see how the Slytherin is more inclined to put pressure on their own shoulders. That’s because Slytherin can’t function without a goal. What is pointless is a waste of time and capacities and that, that can be really hard to deal with. Whereas the Ravenclaw will worry less about the great scale and do things just for the experience/the knowledge/the heck of it. Which can also mean they’re more dilettante. To keep it short, the motivation of the Slytherin is the result, while Ravenclaw’s is the interest.

What else… I think a Slytherin will be more tied to the concept of loyalty than a Ravenclaw. Or at least will make this loyalty more visible on a daily basis. The Ravenclaw friend is free in the core of their bone; they may disappear for a while, loose contact, but when they come back they’re as cool as ever. I think they will probably cherish their freedom above all and get stressed more easily by exclusive/needing relationship. While the Slytherin friend is the ultimate guardian angel, will threaten to destroy people’s faces for your sake, while also being more demanding than Ravenclaw, both on a daily basis (they need contact) and on a moral ground. They will do anything for you, but that loyalty is something you earn and that you ought to live up to. Once again, what exactly is the criteria that makes you a great friend in the eyes of a Slytherin will depend on the individuals- maybe they expect loyalty, or fairness, or faithfulness to tradition, or honesty, I don’t know. But once they feel betrayed by you, it’s really hard to win their trust and –even harder– their esteem back.

It’s getting really long so I think I’m going to stop there but here you have what I think are the most visible differences between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. But you’re right, they do have a lot in common – independence, wits and sass, reluctance to share their problems and to deal with their emotions outward, probably an aesthetical vibe and a thirst for the beautiful, out-of-the-box thinking, etc. Once again this bit of a meta is really personal so it’s possible some other blog would give you a complete opposite description of both houses. Sorry to have taken so long to answer, I had to think on it quite much – I myself hesitated long before finding my true house, most people I know put me in Ravenclaw for a long time. Please tell me how you feel about it!! Thank you for your ask dear ♥

anonymous asked:

I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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thedisadvantagesofbeinganellie  asked:

I'm quite new to this blog so I'm unsure whether or not you've answered an ask like this, but i'll send it just in case you haven't and would like to answer as I read the other entries on the blog! ^_^ So.. what would jealousy among the members be like over MC showing favor towards someone who's not them respectively..? + Saeran (I can't picture V being a jealous person at all but him too if you personally can!)

Hi!!! Welcome!!!

No problem! I have not written anything like this before! Sorry this took me a while!


  • He doesn’t really get jealous too easily, but he has abandonment issues after what happened with Rika and worries that he’s not good enough and that the people he cares about, MC, are going to leave him because he’s inadequate 
  • He’s normally pretty childish when it comes to being jealous 
  • For the most part it just shows itself in him being a little more clingy or maybe texting them a bit more often 
  • It also tends to show itself in him being extra caring he’ll cook them a nice dinner and would put on a movie and would clean their apartment 


  • She doesn’t really get too jealous
  • If they’re at the shop, she’ll be a little more clingy (and by this I mean, like, maybe touch their hand since she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to show PDA in the workplace) 
  • She’d cuddle with them at home a lot, especially when she’s really jealous about something. 
  • Honestly though I feel like she’d probably just try and talk it out. 
  • She’s really reasonable about this kind of thing.  


  • He flirts so much more than he normally does
  • PDA goes up, he’s constantly holding hands or hugging or has an arm wrapped around their waist or something to show that they’re together and to leave them alone
  • He’d probably end up glaring at anyone who might flirt with them. 
  • “Men are wolves MC”
  • “Actually let me correct that…all people are wolves, I must protect you.” 


  • He gets really anxious, because MC is the best thing thing to ever happen to him and he can’t lose that. 
  • I think he’d react the same way he did in his route
  • He’d probably try and keep MC at home or spend time with them because he’s so afraid of losing them
  • I do feel like he would have gotten better with handling his anxieties about MC leaving him, but it would still make him nervous. 


  • Passive aggressive. 
  • He’s jealous and upset at the thought of MC liking someone more than him, but he doesn’t want to appear needy or clingy or annoying, so he just bottles up all his emotions 
  • Like normal when he bottles up his feelings, he’d put on the ‘707′ persona that everything’s perfectly fine
  • Still he’d probably pull away from them because he genuinely feels like he’s not good enough for them and that his life is too dangerous and that they could be so much happier with someone else. 


  • The second passive aggressive twin. 
  • He’s similar to his brother when it comes to avoiding MC, but that’s mostly because he’s never really had feelings for anyone before and he doesn’t want to be weird about it and he knows how much MC has already done for him and that already feels like too much
  • He doesn’t feel like he deserves to be jealous when they do so much to help him so he just keeps to himself
  • He has major abandonment issues and is terrified that they’ll leave him
  • He’d probably avoid them until they fell asleep and then would come and cuddle with them. 
  • If MC fell asleep on a couch then he’d carry them to bed and would just cuddle with them like that because it comforts him to be close to them. Normally he’d fall asleep and MC would wake up to Saeran being all snuggled up with them
  • He’d probably be reluctant for either of them to get up the next morning. He’d just want to cuddle and to feel loved by MC 

anonymous asked:

I'm still salty about Rhys's comment that Cassian would sleep with Feyre if she wanted to though, that's like the last thing Cassian would do :(

I totally get you nonnie, because there are some weird ways that the Inner Circle talks about Cassian re: sex. I don’t think that Rhys actually believed it though? He wasn’t being literal. We have to look at the context of the discussion and who Rhys is, what we know about how he interacts with Feyre (especially at this time since they are still… figuring things out), what he and Feyre were doing at the time. Here is the comment:

“Cassian tried to convince me last night not to take you. I thought he might even punch me.”
“Why?” I barely knew him.
“Who knows? With Cassian, he’s probably more interested in fucking you than protecting you.”
“You’re a pig.”
“You could, you know,” Rhys said, holding up the branch of a scrawny beech for me to slip under. “If you needed to move on in a physical sense, I’m sure Cassian would be more than happy to oblige.”
It felt like a test in itself. And it pissed me off enough that I crooned, “Then tell him to come to my room tonight.”

This scene is when they are going to the Weaver, and Rhys has a history of… goading Feyre, when she is upset for various reasons. He distracts her by annoying her, by pushing her buttons. I don’t think that his comment should be taken literally in any way. I mean… Rhys is clearly in love with Feyre, why would he actually suggest that??? And she recognizes what he is doing, moments later:

“A dangerous line—one Rhys was forcing me to walk to keep me from thinking about what I was about to face, about what a wreck I was inside.

Anger, this … flirtation, annoyance … He knew those were my crutches.

What I was about to encounter, then, must be truly harrowing if he wanted me going in there mad—thinking about sex, about anything but the Weaver of the Wood.”

However, there is a history of people making jokes about Cassian, but in this scene he gives shit back to Amren just as easily:

“No one warming your bed right now, Cassian? It must be so hard to be an Illyrian and have no thoughts in your head save for those about your favorite part.”
“You know I’m always happy to tangle in the sheets with you, Amren,” Cassian said, utterly unfazed by the silver eyes, the power radiating from her every pore. “I know how much you enjoy Illyrian—”

There was another comment on that post (I’m assuming your ask is a response to that) that explained how Cassian would have actually reacted to that situation of Feyre coming to him, and yeah, he is not actually up for sex with whoever the hell Rhys sends his way. And if we were to look at this from a different perspective, if Cassian were female, then we would definitely be looking at this as a sort-of taking away of his bodily autonomy, basically?

But this quote here is what makes me think that he is willing to play this role in particular circumstances, for the benefit of his friends, in a way:

“We’d just appeared in the mud outside the little house when Cassian drawled from behind us, “Well, it’s about time.”
The savage, wild snarl that ripped out of Rhys was like nothing I’d heard, and I gripped his arm as he whirled on Cassian.
Cassian looked at him and laughed.
But the Illyrian warriors in the camp began shooting into the sky, hauling women and children with them.
“Hard ride?” Cassian tied back his dark hair with a worn strap of leather.
Preternatural quiet now leaked from Rhys where the snarl had erupted a moment before. And rather than see him turn the camp to rubble I said, “When he bashes your teeth in, Cassian, don’t come crying to me.”
Cassian crossed his arms. “Mating bond chafing a bit, Rhys?”
Rhys said nothing.
Cassian snickered. “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride—”
Rhys exploded.”

TBH, the way that Cassian is acting here is so like Mor - pretending to think this is funny, while also preparing himself for what he knows is coming, what he has baited Rhys into. It was necessary. He doesn’t literally think that Feyre will have sex with him. Just like Rhys never literally intended for her to approach Cassian. So… if you look at the context, think about what we know about the characters, I don’t see this as being such a problem as some others seem to.

If there is more evidence I would love to see it, if it challenges my ideas or not, because I honestly haven’t really spent any time thinking about this in too much detail - mostly because I don’t think that the Inner Circle is dysfunctional or that Cassian in any way is somehow… the victim of their disregard or disrespect. I almost didn’t even want to go into this aspect of Cassian’s character because… fandom history. I’d like to explore more of his character, either way. So that he isn’t just seen as a trope or a stereotype of himself. BUT, I think that if you look at his character’s parallels with Mor, the way that he is basically… subtly taking care of various needs? We get a lot deeper.

Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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Finally, Someone New: Modern!Jefferson x reader
@justcallmecinammon A/N: GUESS WHO PROCRASTINATED SUPER BADLY ON THIS REQUEST??? ME. Oh jeez, this took forever to write, and it’s long and probably not that good. Agh. I am so sorry. But hey, it’s finished! It’s like half past midnight for me haha. I can’t believe I finished! I was almost convinced I never would. Enjoy this terrible thing. (Also it’s worth pointing out… I’m so sorry, this request was supposed to have a Gwash cameo, but I didn’t remember that until I was like two sentences away from being finished. So I just kinda thought, ‘screw it. This is fine.’ :( Again, I’m sorry. I ended up changing some stuff in your request.)


7:30 on a Saturday morning was the perfect time for you. It was quiet, meaning good study time (and time to chat with your friends). Hardly anyone but you and a few pals were awake. And the weather was always decent a 7:30 this time of year. Never too cold or too hot.

Today, however, it was hard to drag yourself out of bed. You would have slept in if it weren’t for the fact that you promised Angelica and Eliza that you would meet them at the library to “study.” (It was almost a joke. Classes hadn’t even started yet. But you wanted to look ahead so you’d know what you were doing later.)

“Morning, (y/n)!” Eliza said cheerfully as you sat down with them.

Angelica grinned at you over her coffee. “Late night?”

“Yeah,” you replied. “Don’t worry, though, I’m fine!” You opened your book, skimmed over the page, and sighed. “Except I totally do not want to study right now.”

“I understand that,” Eliza said. “I was wondering… are you okay? Normally you don’t stay up so late that you’re this tired……”

“Yeah. I’m fine.”

The sisters exchanged glances. “Are you sure? I know that today… it’s been a year since….”

“Yeah. I know. And you know what? It doesn’t matter. I’m over it.”

“Okay….” Angelica set her coffee down. “Obviously we’re not gonna be studying. So why don’t we walk to the bakery or something?”

You closed the book. “Sounds great! The one across the street?”


The three of you started packing up your books, and you let your mind wander. Though it wasn’t a big deal, they were right. There was, in fact, something on your mind. It was exactly a year ago that you ended the longest relationship you had ever been in, because the jerk wouldn’t accept “no” for an answer.

Normally you barely even thought of him. But maybe it was because the one year mark had come that you WERE thinking about it. You didn’t regret leaving him at all, but still. It made you mad to think about him.

“Hey, (y/n)? You passed it.”

You snapped out of your daze and noticed that you had in fact missed the bakery entirely. Your friends were standing about 20 feet away from you. Eliza was giggling. You looked down at your feet.


“Don’t worry,” Eliza said sweetly. She led you inside the warm building, where the smell of bread and vanilla filled the air.

It was fairly empty, except for a group of three boys sitting at a corner table. You recognized two of them: Aaron Burr and James Madison. The third, a taller guy with very wild curls and a deep purple button-up, caught your eye and winked.

“Mmm…. Angelica?”

Angelica, who had been busy inspecting the pastries in the glass case, looked up briefly. “Yes?”

You glanced at the one who had winked at you. He was now talking to his friends again. “Who is he? The one in the purple?”

“Oh. HIM. Thomas Jefferson.” Angelica wrinkled her nose. “Stay away from that one. He considers himself a real ladies man, but he most definitely is not. Kind of a creep if you ask me.” She went back to inspecting the pastries. “Lemon Poppy Seed, maybe…. Eliza will want chocolate…. (y/n)? What do you want?”

“I’ll have (breakfast pastry of your choice), please!” You said. You reached into your pocket for money, but Angelica stopped you.

“Don’t worry. Eliza and I have got you.”

“Are you sure? I don’t mind paying for mine.”

“Of course were sure,” Eliza said. “Anything for you!”

You smiled and looked up at Aaron, James, and this “Thomas.” Both Aaron and James waved when they saw you; you were friends with them and were going to be seeing the both of them in your classes. Thoman just smirked and gave a very cocky wave.

You left the bakery with the two Schuyler sisters. Eliza was mentioning how she wished Peggy could have come along, but was still asleep.

“If she wanted to, she would have woken up,” Angelica said. “But you’re right, we had ought to include her more….. hey, (y/n), are you okay? Something on your mind?”

Yes, there was something. A few somethings, in fact. One year without that jerk. Upcoming classes. And, for some reason, the guy with the curly hair. Thomas.

“Yes… But it doesn’t matter. Shall we just sit down somewhere?”

Angelica shrugged. “All the same to me.”

As the three of you walked away from the bakery, you let your mind wander a bit. You still remembered how it went down exactly a year ago…..

“Come on, please? Don’t you love me?”

“I’ve told you before, the answer is NO.”

Your boyfriend of two years was pressuring you to do something you didn’t want. And though at first he seemed understanding, he seemed to constantly ask to take you to bed. Nothing you said seemed to get him off your back.

“If you loved me,” he said angrily, “you’d let me.”

“If you loved me, you wouldn’t pressure me into doing this,” was all you said. And when he still didnt stop, you left him.

You had zero regrets. But if that was the case…

…then why was it on your mind so much?


Classes started a week later. You were especially excited for English- that was what you were majoring in. This class also had some of your friends- Alexander Hamilton, John Laurens, Aaron Burr, and James Madison. You took a seat with Aaron and James and started up a conversation with them.

“Hey, (y/n),” Aaron greeted. “Saw you the other day, why didn’t you come over and say hi?”

“Ah, I dunno,” you said. “You guys seemed deep in conversation. I didn’t want to bother you.”

“You wouldn’t have,” James insisted. “We like talking to you, you know that.”

“Yeah, but didn’t you have a friend with you? Someone new?”

“Yeah,” James said. “Thomas. He’d been in France, and now he’s starting here.”

As if he had read their minds, the tall boy, ‘Thomas,’ sauntered through the door and sat down right next to you. “Aaron. James. Hey, what did I miss?”

“Nothing,” Aaron said. “Have you met (Y/N)?”

Thomas grinned. “I do recognize her. Saw her a few days ago, didn’t I? I wouldn’t forget such a pretty face.”

“I… uh….”

He chuckled. “Aww, look, she’s cute when she’s flustered.

You looked up at him in surprise, and were about to respond when the professor called the class to attention. Thomas faced forward and slid a piece of paper into your palm. “We can talk later.”

You quietly unfolded it. It was a phone number. His.

No one had ever flirted with you that much before. It was weird, but not entirely unwelcome. But still, you didn’t know him. You promised yourself that you would be careful, and tucked the paper deep into your pocket and turned your attention to the professor.

But you weren’t able to concentrate. You kept glancing over at Thomas. Once he caught you and gave a cocky half smile, and you looked away, cheeks burning. There was no way you were going to be able to pay attention at this rate, which really disappointed you. You were determined to do well in this class.

After class, you had hoped to get away, but he decided to walk with you.

“So, (y/n),” he said, “Did you get our firat assignment?”

“Yes, of course I did,” you said, a little too quickly.

“Really?” He raised one eyebrow. “Good, because I completely missed it.”

You looked down in shame. “No, I’m sorry. I actually didn’t.”

He laughed. “I know. I could tell by the way you couldn’t stop concentrating on me.”


“Hey, no worries,” he said. “We’ll get it from Alex. He probably paid attention.”

“I would have paid attention!” You said. “I’m a good student! It’s just….” you didn’t finish.

“Yeah… you know what, it’s okay. I’m sorry I was teasing you before. I know I was flirting, but….” he hesitated. “I am gonna need help with this class. James and Aaron said that they’re both gonna help me, but James is always sick and Aaron has other stuff on his mind.”

“So… you want me to text you? When you get the assignment?”

“That would be fantastic.” He smiled, and it was different from his sexy, flirty smile. “Or maybe I should call you. Can I, uh….”

“Sure.” You grinned, took a sharpie out of your bag, gently grabbed his arm, and wrote your number down.“

He smiled. "That’s going to take a while to wash off.”

“You won’t forget it or lose it, this way.”

“You are smart, (y/n). Thanks so much.”

“No problem, Thomas.” You shook his hand and headed for your next class, feeling strangely light and giddy.


“So let me get this straight…. you’ve been talking to Thomas Jefferson? And he’s been flirting with you? He gave you his number?”

Angelica sat on the floor of your dorm, looking mildly concerned. You had told her everything, leaving out the light and happy feeling you had after talking to Thomas… You didn’t really want to talk to her about your feelings yet. For all you knew, you’d forget about him by next Tuesday. And judging by her facial expression, she didn’t like Thomas all that much.

“Yeah,” you said. “Why do you seem so upset? He isn’t that bad. He seems kinda sweet, actually.”

“Hah!” Angelica snorted. “If you say so.” Then, after a pause, she said, “maybe he is. But I also know that he can be a bit of a player. I’m pretty sure he had around 10 different girlfriends up in France.”

“You’re making that up! Where’d you here that?”

“I heard him bragging about it to Aaron and James.” She saw the look on your face. “You can… like him if you want. But be careful, okay? I don’t want you getting hurt.”

“I wo-” you started, but we’re cut off by the sound of your phone buzzing. Thomas.

Angelica saw it too, and sighed. “You’d better take that.” She shook her head as she left the room, but then she smiled. “Maybe he isn’t that bad.”

You picked up the phone. “Hey, Thomas. Did you get the assignment?”

“Hey, (y/n), I- what? No, that’s not what I’m calling for. I mean I did, but I have something else.”

“Oh. What are we supposed to read?”

“First 50 pages of the textbook. But that isn’t important.” You heard him take a deep breath over the phone, like he was preparing himself for something. “We should go out. Together.”

“Like…. on a date?” You smiled. “Are you asking me out on a date?”

“I, uh…. yes?”

It was weird, hearing him be so awkward. He had seemed so confident yesterday.

“Oh, Thomas… I really, really would like to….”


“But I don’t think so.” You sighed. “I barely know you. We met yesterday, and… I feel like it would be weird to date if we aren’t friends first. Maybe that’s just me….”

“No, no, that makes sense….” he tried to hide his disappointment. “Okay. That’s fine, we can still be friends.” The confidence returned. “You’re gonna still help me out, aren’t you?”

“Of course!”

“Good. Tomorrow?”

You laughed. “Sure. Don’t sound so eager.”

“Actually,” he said, “I’m waiting at least 12 hours to spend time with my new FRIEND.” He emphasized the word. “That’s a long time.”

“Okay…” you smiled. “I’m gonna go. I’ll see you tomorrow. I promise. And we’ll study. Alright?”

“Perfect.” He hung up abruptly, and you grinned. Such a weird guy, you thought. But you liked him.


So as planned, the two of you worked together on the reading. As classes went on, you spent even more time together, 'studying.’ Only you usually spent to much time talking and laughing to really get any work done. A month passed, and then two, then more, and suddenly you were closer than you had thought possible.

Without you realizing it, you had been spending every minute you could with Thomas. Something about his cocky and confident manner drew you to him. Sometimes, it led you to bail on Angelica and Eliza. And though being good friends with Thomas meant that you got to see James and Aaron a lot, eventually, Thomas would abandon them to spend time with you.

“I hope you know what you’re doing, Thomas,” you heard James sigh. 

“Of course I know what I’m doing,” Thomas had said, somewhat defensively. “I’ll talk to you guys later.”

Hearing James say that made you think; “Do I know what I’m doing?” You wondered. Thomas was your friend, but he was consuming every part of you. You were always with him, and when you weren’t, you thought about him.

For a moment you forgot where you were and what you were doing. After you remembered yourself, you turned to Thomas. “Study?”

“Actually,” he said, with a cocky grin, “I was thinking that maybe we should do something more fun. Maybe we should just watch a movie or something.”

“That does sound fun,” you agreed. “I don’t know, maybe we should get work done….” You shook your head. “Nah. We have all week. Let’s take a break.”

“Great. Your place?”


At your dorm, you briefly looked through your decent sized collection of old movies and then held one up. Thomas nodded his agreement, and you both settled on the couch.

A few minutes in Thomas slid his arm around you and you smiled.

'This is nice,’ you thought. 'I’m glad we’re such good friends, this is great.’

And as you thought that, Thomas looked at you with an almost shy look in his eye and said, “I love you, (y/n).”

For a moment you barely processed it and just looked straight ahead at the movie. He did too. But after a bit, you managed to mumble, “I love you too…”

His confident smile returned. “I’m sorry, I didn’t hear that. Say it again?”

Instead of saying it again for him, you thought, 'ah, what the hell. Why not?’ And leaned over and kissed him. Not a soft kiss, either; a passionate kiss, letting him know how much you loved him.

His surprise only lasted for a minute. He returned the kiss, running his rough fingers through your hair.

“(Y/n),” he said when you pulled apart, “You’re so beautiful. I should have told you sooner.”

“I should have too. I guess I was just…” You sighed. “Suppressing my feelings.”

“If you don’t mind me asking… why? We could have been together sooner. Although maybe it’s my fault too. I could have spoken up.”

“It's because… I wasn’t sure about being in a relationship again. My last one ended really badly. I didn’t want to repeat it…”

“Shh, don’t worry,” he said, stroking your hair. You rested your head on his shoulder. “I’m not gonna treat you bad, I promise you that.”

You smiled. “Finally. Someone new. Someone decent.”

“What, never met a decent guy before me?”

“Maybe not,” you said with a laugh. The film was still going on in front of you, but you weren’t really interested at all any more.

“I’ll be good for you,” he promised. “You won’t be disappointed.”

“I hope not,” you teased. “Are you gonna prove that?”

He cleared his throat. “Well, maybe I already demonstrated this, but…. I’m a pretty good kisser.”

anonymous asked:

Shino Aburame scenario please? He's a favourite character of mine that feels so unloved

I did a modern high school AU scenario draft if that’s cool bc I just love those AUs and it seemed to work so like???? Scenario drafts work well with modern AUs idk why. And I assumed you wanted it with a s/o but I started this as a reader insert my bad? Hopes this is okay

Shino scenario draft

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[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - Jungkook Thanks To

My one and only family under the sky
Mom, dad, hyung
Forgive me if I normally act nonchalant, I’m not like that insideㅋㅋ
I’ll call often and send lots of photos. Even if I don’t listen to you, I’m still mom and dad’s son
Thank you for always give me strength, I love you
And Jeon Sergeant… Nah you can just sufferㅋㅋㅋ
I’m kidding, you’ll be discharged soon. Before you’re discharged, go out and think about what you’ll do
I hope we can have a meal together soon

Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, I’m really happy to have such cool concept this time as well! I’ll promote diligently! Thank you!
Vice-president Yoojung, sometimes you would listen to our concerns and silently support us, that give us a lot of strength. Thank you!
Director Seokjoon, thank you for telling us plenty of things and teaching us whenever we perform! I won’t miss important stuffs and will work harder.
Director Shinkyu, seems like I didn’t get to see you a lot these days. I hope I can see you more often while promoting! Let’s go eat something tasty again!
Director Lee Hyuk, every time you greet us with your warm voice, all my worries seem to vanish awayㅋㅋ Let’s meet again soon!
Director Chaeeun, I can’t see you frequently but your pose is no joke, you gave me bread too. I ate that one deliciously! Thank you! ㅋㅋ

Manager hyungs who join us everyday. Chief Hobeom who looks remarkably tired lately, you have to gather with 7 of us Bangtan and have a meal!
Reliable Sejinie-hyung who’s becoming even more reliable! Thank you so much for staying beside us like this!
Jungilie-hyungnim who’s flying around lately ㅋㅋ Hyung’s really funny and interesting, and drive well tooㅋㅋ
Thank you for staying beside us! Let’s continue to go together
Yoonjae-hyung who would sometimes pop up and calm us down with his friendly voice just like Flying Merry ㅋㅋ
Minhyukie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Soonhakie-hyung, the hyungnims who work really hard, who say they would wait for us even until late night, you went through a lot. Thank you!
Assistant manager Sungseok, although I don’t get to see you a lot, thank you for working so diligently! It’s been hard for you!
Team leader Hyukki, chief Jaehoon, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung from Management Support team, thank you for teaching me one by one even though there are still many things I don’t know. It looks like you have a lot going on your minds, you all worked hard!
Woojung-noona, Surin-noona who sometimes stay behind until late to work and are constanly having more work, it’s a good thing but my tears are all welling up. Noona, hwaiting!
Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona who stick around until very late. Seems like it’s like that almost every day, aren’t you working too hard? You’re the best.
Sunghyunie-hyung, hyungnim~ Thank you for dressing us up with cool outfits this time too. I’m not interested in clothes so I don’t know that well but anyway, they look cool ㅋㅋ!
Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona who worked hard even till the dawn! Thank you so much, really! Let’s play Anipang some time soon. I’ll let you win.
Gabriel-hyung, the hyungnim who has such artistic slosh hairㅋㅋ You worked hard too, I want to try that hair once before I die.
Seulie-noona, the link between us and ARMY, who work hard and readily, you’re the best!
Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona, the two people I always run into whenever I’m at the company! Thank you for doing many things for us!!!
Team leader Heesun… Although normally I don’t see you around much..! I know you’re working really hard for us and the company! Fighting!
Hayan-noona, Hayan-noona who work so hard to the point her dark circles droop down to the chin! You went through a lot, but please quickly teach me English and Japanese!ㅋㅋ
Jinah-nim, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, I don’t know you guys that well but I know you’re working hard for the company and us! Hwaiting!

Seolhee-noona, I don’t see you much lately! If we get busier I’ll see you a lot right?! ㅋㅋ Noona worked hard too!
Sunjung-noona, every time I see you, my memories back from the trainee days come back. It was tough but come to think of it now, they’re good memories! It’s been hard for you.
Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim, we don’t meet much these days..! You’ve suffered a lot to guide us little guys to the right path. Please take care of us in the future as well!
Changwonie-hyung, the hyungnim who stayed up late to mix songs for us! Thank you for the blueberries, Gunnuts and lemons! You’re the best ㅋㅋ
Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, the hyungnims who go back and forth and work so hard! Please take care of our songs in the future too..!
Team leader Jedong, yes! Leader! You’ve worked hard! Take strength from us and cheer up even more! Fighting!
Teacher Sungdeuk, the best choreographer! I’m looking forward to see which cool choreography will come out next! Please create lots of cool choreography in the future too!
Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Yeonhwa-nim, noonas had gone through a lot..! Thank you for staying with us even until the dawn.
I hope we will continue with each other in the future too. I have something to say, noonas are tired enough so please don’t take the luggage when I’m carrying them.
I can at least help you that much.
Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, makeup artists!!! Thank you for making our eyes, noses, lips look this cool! It’d be great if we can continue to work together in the future too!
Seems like the two of you are Anipang masters. Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoung-nim, hair masters!!! Thank you for styling every strand of our hair with all your hearts!!! I hope we’ll continue to work with each other in the future as well!
Director Lumpens, director Hyunwoo!! You went through a lot! It seems like you have to think a lot and your shoulders, arms hurt as well, but it is really awesome!
Thank you so much, I think directors and us have become destiny now ㅋㅋ
Head of Department Rinyong, thank you for taking beautiful pictures for us this time! I saw how much you put your passion into them! Thank you so much! You’ve worked hard!

I don’t know if hyungs would read this. But I’ll write it anyway. I feel really good that we’ve come together to this position. There are still many mountains to climb in the future
I hope we can help each other and together reach that peak. I think that our bodies may be 7, but our minds are one (although thinking of this, it seems weird). If we each look at different directions, our bodies wouldn’t know how to act
So in the future, let’s all look at one place and continue to go up for as long as we can
We will all know where that place is

Your existence is something I’m so grateful for, to the point it’s such a pity and an upset, that there isn’t any word in this world to show how grateful I am other than “thank you”!
Can human’s heart even be this tough?
You give me so much love that I probably won’t even able to receive any more in my next life
This may sound like an exaggeration but how do you guys feel about thisㅎ
I say this all the time but really, without you, there won’t be us, or something like that
I want to be someone’s great man, I want to be your eternal singer
So I can’t lose you guys
If you go further away, I’ll pull you closer. I don’t know how to do it, or if it works or not, but I’ll try to not let go of you
Again, thank you and I love you.

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anonymous asked:

So I went on ur blog this morning cause I'm probably on other side of the world and I enjoy ur discussions and I wanted to stalk u (in a nice way) and I saw that anon about musical fans and I was upset for the rest of the morning because I'm an emotional mess lol. (This is not directed to u cause I appreciated ur answer) but I just want to enjoy things without ppl jumping down my throat and I know I'm too emotional but I really love the musical even with all it's inaccuracies

I mean, jumping down people’s throats for not knowing obscure information about my specific interest area isn’t going to make people want to interact with it or me. That being said, I’m fully-willing to jump down someone’s throat for jumping down other people’s throats…

But, don’t wait for someone to defend what you like. Just like it anyway. 
People get annoyed with the musical fans for things that are just weird or stupid, but it’s usually not directed at individuals and a lot of it is just like… why?? y’know. it’s more just general awe and confusion at things like Hamilton/Seabury shippers or Laurens with the turtles or Jefferson’s macaroni or Heathers crossovers. It’s just shit that isn’t inherently bad (just sometimes stupid), and gets recycled until it’s unbearable. That’s the way fandom works and people always hate that. 

But let them.

the Hamilton fandom’s passed its honeymoon phase for a lot of people and it’s breeding backlash. But, a stranger on the internet who doesn’t like the same thing as you doesn’t get to decide you can’t like the thing. They can tell you that you shouldn’t, they can make good and compelling arguments about why that thing is really flawed or backwards or regressive, but like…so what?  
You probably know right from wrong, so enjoy the thing anyway. let it be flawed, acknowledge the flaws if you feel you need to, give counter-arguments if you feel you need to. but, just like it anyway. it’s not hurting anybody.