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worst behavior || nursey + jack


He doesn’t answer him, typing away at his keyboard in a way that’s visibly agitated, or at least irritable. What are normally soft, smooth clicks against the mac’s surface are now harsh, broken-sounding; each near-slam of his slim fingers makes a sharp clack in the quiet of the haus’ living room.

“Nursey,” Jack says again.

The continued silence makes it clear that he’s being ignored. Inwardly, he sighs.

“Twenty-eight, your captain is talking to you. Answer, now.”

At this, the typing stops. Nurse looks up at him, slowly, and his face is so uncomfortably nondescript and blank that Jack cringes a little inside of himself.

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shikikira  asked:

Really loved your last few headcanons, and I'm so glad to see that requests are opened again :) How do you think the RFA would react to a naturally overly busty MC? Or if you only want to write one, how would Jumin react to the pajamas he bought MC being too small for her? Can't wait to see your take on this! Hope everything is going well for you!

Th-these are both good! Time to combine!

- Admittedly, at the party, he didn’t notice right away. He was so focused in finding you, showing that he was okay, showing that he was finally mature. He just wanted to see you after all of that hell.
- And so after your lips met for the first time, your lips tasting vaguely like chapstick, he finally noticed the pressure against his chest
- And could. Not. Look. Away.
- Granted, some of the painkillers he was on for his eye might have drained some common sense away from him, so you didn’t say much, but Zen surely gave him a small thwump on his shoulder to pull him out of it
- He sheepishly apologized, and tried focusing on your face, but he was pretty tired….and they looked really soft…
- Futher into the relationship, he would desperately want to rest his head on them, leave lewd marks all over, but it would take him a while to admit that. In the mean time, he’d love when you two were cuddling and he felt them against him.

- He was a gentleman!!! A gentleman!! But oh my god
- Were you testing him?
- The whole time you were over, helping him cheer up about his leg, he was sweating bullets. He wanted to be romantic, suave, caring, but god damnit if you bent over one more time and they wibbled like that again–!!!
- It was hard. He avoided skin contact, thankful he was concious enough to only risk glances when you weren’t looking. He just desperately wanted to stuff his face right in—- Nope, nope, time to calm down, Zen!
- When he was finally opening up about himself, and the two of you held hands, and he got to feel how soft and warm your skin was- Well, now there was a very good reason to send you home early.
- In the future he would love groping them, squeezing and teasing- Don’t even get him started on how they bounced when you rode him

- Oh my…
- She was so flustered every time she talked to you. Granted, hers were a decent size themselves, but seeing that on another woman…
- She was trying to mentally cool off during the whole RFA party.
- Wasn’t it a bit weird to be staring at another woman’s breasts??
- If you were wondering why she was drinking a bit too much at the party, well… there’s the answer.
- Once the two of you were in a relationship, she’d love playing with your nipples so much. Tweaking them, pinching, pulling a bit- They were so fun and she felt so filthy for getting so turned on by them!

- At first, he didn’t notice. He knew it was rude to stare at a woman’s chest, so in trying to be polite, he made sure he didn’t gaze at your body for too long.
- But when you came out trying to wear one of his button-ups to bed, it was so hard not to stare. In fact, he was sure he was being pretty obvious about it.
- He coughed a bit, clearing his throat, before promptly forcing you to turn around and directing you to where his robes were. He wasn’t used to such urges springing forth so suddenly, and he was hellbent on holding the both of you back.
- (the image did keep him awake much longer that night, though)
- Later on in the relationship, he would love biting/pinching them, kissing trails right over the curve of one and refusing to touch your nipples to make you whine. They were very useful to tease, because it made you beg for him quicker.

- No shame
- Okay, maybe a little. At first he thought your pictures may have been photoshopped, but when he sees you in person, it’s so, so, hard not to stare.
- In fact, for a good thirty seconds that’s exactly what he does, before realizing with a bright flush what exactly he’s doing.
- Probably added a bit more into a reason of pushing you away from him for the next few days
- But oh my god later on he would be teasing you so much. Making silly jokes, whining to use them as pillows- Everything silly (as long as it didn’t upset you)
- In the bedroom, however, his mouth and hands would hardly stray from them until you were begging for his cock. He loves teasing, possibly even putting clamps on your nipples, and don’t even get him started on when you use them to help give him head. One hit K-O!!

anonymous asked:

I'm so upset by what happened during Game 3 that I cannot think of anything other than the hit and how Sid should feel. Could you write something cute about how Geno takes care of Sid after Game 3?

Hey Anon, thanks for your patience, I know this took a while. This is…sort of maybe following your prompt?

standing right there next to you

Zhenya isn’t sure what possessed him to follow Sid home. He’s seen Sid hurt before. He’s seen him spit blood and teeth onto the ice.  He’s seen him walk down the tunnel limping. He’s seen him on his knees in front of a toilet, puking his guts out due to post concussion syndrome.

It’s just…something about tonight has snapped the last frayed nerve Zhenya has in regard to watching Sid get hurt. He’d skated over, stomach heavy and sick, as the trainers had gotten Sid up because he couldn’t get up on his own at first. And he’d felt an impotent rage rise up in himself. He’s no stranger to rage, to anger, to the desire to make an entire team pay for the cruelty they mete out on Sid, night after night after night. Just because the of how beautifully and perfectly he plays.  

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My Lover Smells Like Fish (4)

Part 1Part 2Part 3

Matthew’s looking between the two of them like a peeved parent.

“I don’t mind being a designated driver,” Alfred’s brother tells them, “but I don’t see the point when you’re already home.”

Alfred knows his brother well and he can see pretty clearly, despite the alcohol in his system, that Matthew’s obviously upset that they’re drunk at all. It’s going on seven now, so there are clear implications about when they started

“Sweetheart, you gotta help us,” Gilbert says, taking Matthew’s hand, seemingly not caring if this makes a scene in the parking lot. “We have to save Arthur’s balls—you don’t wanna see a good guy lose his nuts, do you?”

Matthew’s expression is one of perplexed disgust and he’s openly not buying into the needy ramblings of a man who reeks of beer.

“C'mon, honey, it’s important—,”

And then there’s some stuff Alfred doesn’t want to see, so he averts his eyes and just waits until they finish their negotiations. Looking into the back of the truck, he notes that it’s pretty filthy and coated with wood chippings.

“Get in, loser, we’re going shopping!” Gilbert hollers at him, now half-hanging out of the truck.

Alfred follows after him, pulling himself up and in on the passenger’s side. “Shopping?”

“We’re gonna get us a fish, dude,” he informs him.

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Young!Sirius Black imagine - I'm in love?, part 2

‘I’m i-what?’ Y/N asked her best friend.

‘You’re in love’ lily replied, ‘how did you not know?’

'I guess the thought never really came to my mind’ Y/N whispered, still shocked at the new information brought to her by her best friend.

'Come on, it’s dinner’ said lily, walking out of her dorm room.

'Coming’ Y/N replied, following her best friend out of the dorm and to the dining hall. (Is that what it’s called?¿)


Y/N sat down in her usual place by lily and the marauders. She was facing Remus and Sirius with lily and peter at her side.

She was sitting in her seat, wide eyed and still in shock, Remus had noticed and asked her a couple times, so had peter, if she was OK. Y/N barely replied each time, thought if Sirius flooding her mind. She stood up, rather abruptly and urged Remus to follow her, she had to talk to someone and lily was too busy 'hating’ Potter.

'What’s wrong?’ Remus asked.

'Imsortakindainlovewithyourbestfriend’ she replied, talking quick.

'What?’ Remus asked, giving Y/N a confused look.

'I’m in love with Sirius’ she said.

But you hate him’

'Hated. I hated him, until lily told me the reason I was upset that I saw Sirius with another girl was because I’m in love with him.’

'Wow, that’s erm I-I have no idea how to respond to that.’ He replied honestly.

'You don’t have to, tell the others that I went to the library to study or something’

Remus nodded and headed back inside, as Y/N walked down to the library. Thoughts of Sirius clouded her brain, tackling her every thought. She tried to not think about him, but failed rather miserably as her mind constantly made its way back to Sirius.

Y/N sat in the library using her time to study, in order to take her mind off a certain someone. She got up to take some books back to the shelves, however, she dropped one on her foot. Cursing under her breath, she bent down to pick up the book. Y/N shot up when she heard the door to the library open.

Looking around, Y/N walked back to her seat after putting away the books. Walking back, she tripped on a book that must have been left out, pushing her hands out she braced for impact with the hard floor, but instead came into contact with a hard chest and a strong pair of arms.

'You have got to stop bumping into me’ laughed Sirius, helping her steady herself.

'I’m not in the mood black’ Y/N muttered, not expecting him to care, which explains why she was taken back when she heard him reply in a rather sincere tone.

'What’s wrong love?’


She shivered upon hearing the nickname he used for her.

'Nothing’s wrong Sirius, why don’t you go snog Marlene or some other girl’ She snapped.

'Woah what’s got your knickers in a twist’ he chuckled.

'Sirius, leave me alone’ she barked (aye see what I did there)

'I don’t want to’ he said, smirking at the Y/H/C haired girl.

'I’m serious’ (see what I did there ;)

'No you’re Y/N, I’m Sirius’ he laughed.

'Oh my merlin, will you leave me alone’ she shouted.

'Shhhhh’ hissed madam prince.

Y/N collected her stuff and walked out the library, Sirius following her like a lost puppy (I’m sorry I really am ill stop).

'Why are you shouting at me?!’ Sirius asked





At this point tears were building up in Y/N’s eyes, threatening to escape. Y/N blinked and decided shouting was not the way to go about this.

'You have snogged every girl in our year’ Y/N said, closing her eyes for a second.

'That’s not true, I haven’t snogged you or lily’ he barked (didn’t I say I would stop? Oops)

'That isn’t the point sirius’ she sighed.

'Ok then, why would me snogging someone make you upset’ he asked, raising his arms in exasperation.

'Because it just does’ Y/N said, clutching on to her books.

'That makes no sense’ he replied, cocking an eyebrow, ’ at least tell me why it makes you upset’

Y/N sighed loudly, clearly annoyed by his obliviousness. ~I may as well tell him, she thought, then I could avoid him and these stupid feelings will go away.~ (sorry italics won’t work for me)

'Because is in love with you’ she shouted, running her free hand through her hair.

'Y-you’re what?’ Sirius asked, dumbfounded by her confession.

'I’m in love with you, and it hurts to see you with a different girl everyday, and it sucks. I never knew that I felt this way, I always thought I hated you, but I don’t. I love you and you know what the worst thing about falling in love with you is? I actually thought I might have a chance, but you would never give me a chance.’ She cried, not caring about the tears, she’d already lost her dignity and broke her heart, what’s a few tears compared to that?

'Y-Y/N, I-’ Sirius stammered.

'Please spare me the 'I only like you as a friend’ speech, you’ll never like me back, I know that. So please just leave me alone’ she shouted, tears falling from her cheeks, turning on her heal, she ran. As far away from Sirius as she could.


A/N: you’re probably thinking 'I hate this writer, why dOES SHE DO THIS?’ Because I sure am. I don’t know why I left it on a cliffhanger but I’ll post part 3 tomorrow and yeah. Also what was with the Sirius jokes? I’m weird but that’s OK.

-Erin /*

thedisadvantagesofbeinganellie  asked:

I'm quite new to this blog so I'm unsure whether or not you've answered an ask like this, but i'll send it just in case you haven't and would like to answer as I read the other entries on the blog! ^_^ So.. what would jealousy among the members be like over MC showing favor towards someone who's not them respectively..? + Saeran (I can't picture V being a jealous person at all but him too if you personally can!)

Hi!!! Welcome!!!

No problem! I have not written anything like this before! Sorry this took me a while!


  • He doesn’t really get jealous too easily, but he has abandonment issues after what happened with Rika and worries that he’s not good enough and that the people he cares about, MC, are going to leave him because he’s inadequate 
  • He’s normally pretty childish when it comes to being jealous 
  • For the most part it just shows itself in him being a little more clingy or maybe texting them a bit more often 
  • It also tends to show itself in him being extra caring he’ll cook them a nice dinner and would put on a movie and would clean their apartment 


  • She doesn’t really get too jealous
  • If they’re at the shop, she’ll be a little more clingy (and by this I mean, like, maybe touch their hand since she doesn’t think it’s appropriate to show PDA in the workplace) 
  • She’d cuddle with them at home a lot, especially when she’s really jealous about something. 
  • Honestly though I feel like she’d probably just try and talk it out. 
  • She’s really reasonable about this kind of thing.  


  • He flirts so much more than he normally does
  • PDA goes up, he’s constantly holding hands or hugging or has an arm wrapped around their waist or something to show that they’re together and to leave them alone
  • He’d probably end up glaring at anyone who might flirt with them. 
  • “Men are wolves MC”
  • “Actually let me correct that…all people are wolves, I must protect you.” 


  • He gets really anxious, because MC is the best thing thing to ever happen to him and he can’t lose that. 
  • I think he’d react the same way he did in his route
  • He’d probably try and keep MC at home or spend time with them because he’s so afraid of losing them
  • I do feel like he would have gotten better with handling his anxieties about MC leaving him, but it would still make him nervous. 


  • Passive aggressive. 
  • He’s jealous and upset at the thought of MC liking someone more than him, but he doesn’t want to appear needy or clingy or annoying, so he just bottles up all his emotions 
  • Like normal when he bottles up his feelings, he’d put on the ‘707′ persona that everything’s perfectly fine
  • Still he’d probably pull away from them because he genuinely feels like he’s not good enough for them and that his life is too dangerous and that they could be so much happier with someone else. 


  • The second passive aggressive twin. 
  • He’s similar to his brother when it comes to avoiding MC, but that’s mostly because he’s never really had feelings for anyone before and he doesn’t want to be weird about it and he knows how much MC has already done for him and that already feels like too much
  • He doesn’t feel like he deserves to be jealous when they do so much to help him so he just keeps to himself
  • He has major abandonment issues and is terrified that they’ll leave him
  • He’d probably avoid them until they fell asleep and then would come and cuddle with them. 
  • If MC fell asleep on a couch then he’d carry them to bed and would just cuddle with them like that because it comforts him to be close to them. Normally he’d fall asleep and MC would wake up to Saeran being all snuggled up with them
  • He’d probably be reluctant for either of them to get up the next morning. He’d just want to cuddle and to feel loved by MC 

anonymous asked:

I'm still salty about Rhys's comment that Cassian would sleep with Feyre if she wanted to though, that's like the last thing Cassian would do :(

I totally get you nonnie, because there are some weird ways that the Inner Circle talks about Cassian re: sex. I don’t think that Rhys actually believed it though? He wasn’t being literal. We have to look at the context of the discussion and who Rhys is, what we know about how he interacts with Feyre (especially at this time since they are still… figuring things out), what he and Feyre were doing at the time. Here is the comment:

“Cassian tried to convince me last night not to take you. I thought he might even punch me.”
“Why?” I barely knew him.
“Who knows? With Cassian, he’s probably more interested in fucking you than protecting you.”
“You’re a pig.”
“You could, you know,” Rhys said, holding up the branch of a scrawny beech for me to slip under. “If you needed to move on in a physical sense, I’m sure Cassian would be more than happy to oblige.”
It felt like a test in itself. And it pissed me off enough that I crooned, “Then tell him to come to my room tonight.”

This scene is when they are going to the Weaver, and Rhys has a history of… goading Feyre, when she is upset for various reasons. He distracts her by annoying her, by pushing her buttons. I don’t think that his comment should be taken literally in any way. I mean… Rhys is clearly in love with Feyre, why would he actually suggest that??? And she recognizes what he is doing, moments later:

“A dangerous line—one Rhys was forcing me to walk to keep me from thinking about what I was about to face, about what a wreck I was inside.

Anger, this … flirtation, annoyance … He knew those were my crutches.

What I was about to encounter, then, must be truly harrowing if he wanted me going in there mad—thinking about sex, about anything but the Weaver of the Wood.”

However, there is a history of people making jokes about Cassian, but in this scene he gives shit back to Amren just as easily:

“No one warming your bed right now, Cassian? It must be so hard to be an Illyrian and have no thoughts in your head save for those about your favorite part.”
“You know I’m always happy to tangle in the sheets with you, Amren,” Cassian said, utterly unfazed by the silver eyes, the power radiating from her every pore. “I know how much you enjoy Illyrian—”

There was another comment on that post (I’m assuming your ask is a response to that) that explained how Cassian would have actually reacted to that situation of Feyre coming to him, and yeah, he is not actually up for sex with whoever the hell Rhys sends his way. And if we were to look at this from a different perspective, if Cassian were female, then we would definitely be looking at this as a sort-of taking away of his bodily autonomy, basically?

But this quote here is what makes me think that he is willing to play this role in particular circumstances, for the benefit of his friends, in a way:

“We’d just appeared in the mud outside the little house when Cassian drawled from behind us, “Well, it’s about time.”
The savage, wild snarl that ripped out of Rhys was like nothing I’d heard, and I gripped his arm as he whirled on Cassian.
Cassian looked at him and laughed.
But the Illyrian warriors in the camp began shooting into the sky, hauling women and children with them.
“Hard ride?” Cassian tied back his dark hair with a worn strap of leather.
Preternatural quiet now leaked from Rhys where the snarl had erupted a moment before. And rather than see him turn the camp to rubble I said, “When he bashes your teeth in, Cassian, don’t come crying to me.”
Cassian crossed his arms. “Mating bond chafing a bit, Rhys?”
Rhys said nothing.
Cassian snickered. “Feyre doesn’t look too tired. Maybe she could give me a ride—”
Rhys exploded.”

TBH, the way that Cassian is acting here is so like Mor - pretending to think this is funny, while also preparing himself for what he knows is coming, what he has baited Rhys into. It was necessary. He doesn’t literally think that Feyre will have sex with him. Just like Rhys never literally intended for her to approach Cassian. So… if you look at the context, think about what we know about the characters, I don’t see this as being such a problem as some others seem to.

If there is more evidence I would love to see it, if it challenges my ideas or not, because I honestly haven’t really spent any time thinking about this in too much detail - mostly because I don’t think that the Inner Circle is dysfunctional or that Cassian in any way is somehow… the victim of their disregard or disrespect. I almost didn’t even want to go into this aspect of Cassian’s character because… fandom history. I’d like to explore more of his character, either way. So that he isn’t just seen as a trope or a stereotype of himself. BUT, I think that if you look at his character’s parallels with Mor, the way that he is basically… subtly taking care of various needs? We get a lot deeper.

blvckarya  asked:

I'm torn between being in Ravenclaw and in Slytherin, as some of their characteristics are really close. could you explain the main differences between them and help me?

As I often say, it’s difficult to sort one out without knowing them and interact a lot but I sure can try to explain how ~I~ picture both houses !

The first trait that comes up when thinking about Slytherin and Ravenclaw is individualism/independence. Doesn’t mean Slytherin and Ravenclaw are horrible selfish scumbags who can’t make friends but I think they’re most likely to enjoy some time alone, as opposed to Hufflepuffs and Gryffindors, that I picture more as the “team spirit” houses. Now that individuality tends to express itself differently.

For a Ravenclaw I think individualism will manifest itself more in the sense of freedom of mind and originality. The Ravenclaw is not a person who refuses to take people in, but rather that follows their own path, and sometimes that means most people won’t be able to keep in their tracks. Think Luna- she doesn’t hate people, far from it, in fact she’s got a heart of gold, but she’s so completely original and true to herself that most people don’t understand her and she can sometimes appear as a loner. I think the Ravenclaw won’t bother trying to fit in and be content with enjoying the things they’re passionate about, because what’s the point if you have to live passionless? They’re very oriented inwards, not in a selfish way, but in a passionate way.

A Slytherin on the other hand is more likely to focus on a close-knit group of like-minded people and form really strong but sometimes exclusive bond. “I don’t care about the rest of the world as long as I have you” is a very Slytherin saying imo. But it’s also true that they generally tend to care more about their reputation, so while they won’t bother reach out for people they find uninteresting, as opposed to a Ravenclaw that will be more open and curious, they probably won’t do anything to upset them or to appear disturbing/strange/weird, that’s why they’re said to be superficial- while I prefer to describe it as a practical behaviour (that’s funny though because as Slytherin as I am I reckon that I couldn’t care less about what people think of me >>> so you see nothing is absolute and no one fits in completely).

While the Ravenclaw will be like “People don’t like me; I can see why, and I’m sorry, but I won’t change who I am and hopefully they change their minds once they’ve matured”, the Slytherin will react more like “If they knew me, these people would probably not like me, so I’d better tone this or that down when I’m around them because it isn’t worth the trouble”. They will also probably take things more personal and get offended more quickly, should their little act prove inefficient, while the Ravenclaw would shrug it off and let time take care of it. Also the very cunning kind of Slytherin will probably see a good reputation as a useful tool for manipulation, but again, that’s not really my field so I won’t go much into that^^ If we take it to the extremes, I think Slytherin is more likely to be a control-freak with something like a temper underneath (a temper few know about though, because of how much they value their reputation) than Ravenclaw, who will appear more careless and quiet, not indifferent, but almost. The Slytherin will also probably be messed around less than the Ravenclaw (Snape VS Luna >>> Snape was jerks-bully-material but I think apart from James and his gang no one dared torment him, while Luna gets picked on all the goddamn time, give this girl a break, not that she appears to give a fuck). Though you’d be really stupid to a) make yourself a Slytherin ennemy because they wrath and grudge are endless or b) waste your time bullying a Ravenclaw because they have such inner strength they will probably never let you see that it affects them.

Which makes me think that Slytherins are probably people with a much more convoluted train of thought than Ravenclaw. Agaaaain, that doesn’t mean that Ravenclaws are one-tracked and can’t feel anxiety, but I think overworrying is more of a Slytherin thing, because they care about what people think of them (be it because they see it as emotionally nurturing or for more utilitarian reasons). Ravenclaw will be more logical and straight-forward maybe, while Slytherin will spend a little bit too much time on “what ifs”. Though that can be an asset too, especially when they’re crafting one of their plans- a Slytherin with something in their mind is unstoppable. Really. They. Will. Do. Everything. Including getting their hands dirty. BUT. As long as it doesn’t transgress a very clearly defined limit they set up themselves- the Slytherin has an ethic, despite what most people seem to think. It’s just really really personal and sometimes difficult to adjust to morality, but it’s there. Think Narcissa and how she finds the guts to lie to Voldemort and throw away pure-blood domination for the sake of her son. It’s not about getting something at all costs, but rather analysing beforehand how much you’re ready to sacrifice to get what you want. Ravenclaw on the other hand will be less obsessed and will let go more easily, probably because they are very open to new ideas and new goals and new concepts so they know that if they don’t get the thing they want right now, something maybe as interesting as that and more “affordable” will come later. That’s why I think they’re more comfortable with the idea of letting a project unfinished (they can very well pick it up later after all) while a Slytherin will be more efficient and perfectionist and won’t stop until it’s 100% done and mastered and done greatly. Yet again, you can see how the Slytherin is more inclined to put pressure on their own shoulders. That’s because Slytherin can’t function without a goal. What is pointless is a waste of time and capacities and that, that can be really hard to deal with. Whereas the Ravenclaw will worry less about the great scale and do things just for the experience/the knowledge/the heck of it. Which can also mean they’re more dilettante. To keep it short, the motivation of the Slytherin is the result, while Ravenclaw’s is the interest.

What else… I think a Slytherin will be more tied to the concept of loyalty than a Ravenclaw. Or at least will make this loyalty more visible on a daily basis. The Ravenclaw friend is free in the core of their bone; they may disappear for a while, loose contact, but when they come back they’re as cool as ever. I think they will probably cherish their freedom above all and get stressed more easily by exclusive/needing relationship. While the Slytherin friend is the ultimate guardian angel, will threaten to destroy people’s faces for your sake, while also being more demanding than Ravenclaw, both on a daily basis (they need contact) and on a moral ground. They will do anything for you, but that loyalty is something you earn and that you ought to live up to. Once again, what exactly is the criteria that makes you a great friend in the eyes of a Slytherin will depend on the individuals- maybe they expect loyalty, or fairness, or faithfulness to tradition, or honesty, I don’t know. But once they feel betrayed by you, it’s really hard to win their trust and –even harder– their esteem back.

It’s getting really long so I think I’m going to stop there but here you have what I think are the most visible differences between Ravenclaw and Slytherin. But you’re right, they do have a lot in common – independence, wits and sass, reluctance to share their problems and to deal with their emotions outward, probably an aesthetical vibe and a thirst for the beautiful, out-of-the-box thinking, etc. Once again this bit of a meta is really personal so it’s possible some other blog would give you a complete opposite description of both houses. Sorry to have taken so long to answer, I had to think on it quite much – I myself hesitated long before finding my true house, most people I know put me in Ravenclaw for a long time. Please tell me how you feel about it!! Thank you for your ask dear ♥

Familiar freckles

Pairing: John Laurens x Reader (pretty platonic tho.)
Word count: 1570
Summary: You go grocery shopping with your little brother and meet John. NAILED IT
Warnings: Uhm. Non. I think. Bad writing
Notes: This is pretty lame. It might be cute tho. I should probably right a sequel to that. Ive also only written this to finally have a laurens fic.

“Can I have chocolate?”, a squeaky voice demanded, and you sighed, looking down to your little brother. “Will you stop bothering me after I buy you chocolate?”, you questioned with your eyebrows raised, while taking an egg carton from the shelf and placing it carefully in the shopping cart. “Yes! I promise!” With a cry of joy, he was already racing through the supermarket, and before you could even notice, he disappeared behind one of the refrigerator counters. You didn’t put too much thought to this, you were sure he would come back soon enough, so you continued your shopping. 

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any head cannons for when Elide leaves Marion alone with Lorcan for a day, or a weekend perhaps (to visit aelin or lysandra perhaps idk) and like, it's the first time it's been just the two of them (Marions still pretty young) like what would they get up to ? (I'm trash for daddy lorcan - no not in that way 😉) tysm xxx

Right up my alley y’all

So Marion is still relatively small as in she’s not even a year old yet but she can crawl around and understands what her parents say to her. They are both in Orynth and Elide goes with Aelin and Lysandra for a girl’s day out where they buy pretty things and go to small cafes. It’s not that big of a deal since she and Lorcan have equal responsibility of taking care of her and Lorcan has the day free so it just seemed logical.

Elide uses a breast pump to prepare a few bottles for the day before Marion wakes up and leaves Lorcan with a quick kiss that turns into a not so quick kiss but she does leave when Marion is asleep.

Marion wakes up and is really groggy so Lorcan does her usual routine with a morning bath and brushing her hair and putting all the baby lotions on, they giggle and have fun with bubbles and she is as usual enchanted by the colourful bottles with her things. Lorcan then brings her to the rocking chair and proceeds to feed her a bottle of milk and it’s around this time that she starts to realize…where’s mommy?

She pushes the bottle away and cranes her neck here and there since they’re in the main living room, Lorcan pays no heed to this and starts feeding her. Marion accepts the bottle with the thought that oh ok mommy’s in her bedroom then. Lorcan always loves feeding her bc she has this habit of reaching up with her hands and trying to grab at whatever she finds whether its his shirt or buttons or hair. And her big black eyes stare at him throughout and its a thing he always cherishes. 

He then sets her on the ground to do her thing since he has some reports to go through and she crawls around having fun, finding her toy box and having a ball. After about an hour of this she remembers her search for mummy and promptly sets off towards the bedroom. Lorcan looks up and gives a tiny warning growl since he’s busy and she might get up to unsupervised mischief in the bedroom (that sounds so wrong omg sorry) but Marion persists onwards since she doesn’t understand what he’s going on about (she knows that she’s not allowed to wander off without someone but mommy’s inside right?) Lorcan sighs and walks up to where she’s trying to push open the closed door. “You might hurt yourself love” he admonishes and sets her down near her toys again. As he turns around Marion starts towards the bedroom again and is halfway there until he realizes what’s going and on and again sets her back to her original place.

Marion then starts to get upset since daddy is being mean when she wants mommy and makes these discontented noises, Lorcan is confused bc what does she want man did she leave a toy there last night so he picks her up and they go into the bedroom. Lorcan puts her down in the middle of the room to decide what she wants and Marion looks around, absolutely perplexed as to where mommy could be? The room doesn’t have much furniture so there’s not much to conceal a person so Marion raises her hands up to Lorcan to pick her up bc she needs an aerial view of her surroundings, Lorcan then starts to understand what she’s looking for as he picks her up and she has a good look around and mommy’s not there so she just bursts into tears since she can’t find Elide anywhere. Lorcan can tell she misses her so he shushes his daughter and sits her down and tells her how momma and her friends are outside and they’ll be back in time for dinner and they’ll probably bring clothes and toys back for her and it’ll be fun etc and Marion doesn’t understand any of it but listening to her dad’s calm voice and seeing him treat this situation normally with no fuss helps her understand that its ok.

Once she has calmed down then Lorcan realizes that he can’t keep her in the room all day because she will forget what he just said and freak out again so he takes her and her fav stuffed animal (a cat) in one hand and the reports in the other anf finds a way to keep her pre-occupied.

He goes to Rowan’s room where Nehemia has also been left in the care of only her father and she’s on her own in her little playpen with her toys. So he talks a bit to Rowan and sets Marion down with Nehemia.

They proceed to have great fun and both fathers are happy to hear excited squealing and cute baby laughs from the other side of them room. When it comes to naptime Marion and Nehemia lie down together in Nehemia’s Big Girl Bed with loads of pillows, Marion has another bottle and promptly falls asleep. Nehemia takes more convincing but she too goes to sleep after watching Marion.

When they both wake up it’s the usual baby-wants-to-be-held-for-like-15-mins-no-matter-what and Marion again starts to miss Elide bc this is the 3rd bottle of the day and dammit where are the boobies, so Lorcan wraps her up nice and cosy and takes some food from the kitchens so that he and the girls can have fun outside. This time he definitely monitors which flowers Nehemia brings and Nehemia in turn, is v careful. They have some cake on the picnic table and Marion gets to have a weird frosting and cake crumble mix thing that makes her v v happy. It’s around this time that Aelin and the others come back home and as they are making their way towards the castle Nehemia sees them and races up to Aelin to give her a big bear hug. Lorcan and Marion follow slowly after her and once Marion spies Elide she goes ballistic and insistently tugs on daddy to put her down. Lorcan does so and she speed-crawls to where Elide is waiting for her with her arms wide open and it’s a v cute and happy reunion and you’d think Elide was gone for more than a week by the way she hugs her kid. 

Lorcan picks up their bags and parcels and kisses Elide on the head, telling her all that happened during the day and all of them make it inside to have a huge family dinner. Marion gets to cuddle mommy and finally have some quality breastfeeding time and they both laugh at her neediness. 

And that’s the end! Hope you liked it :D

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Hi! Do you accept requests for the others dr games too or just for V3? I'm wondering since I saw a scenario with Gundham... If you take requests for other games, can you do the sdr2 guy's reactions if their crush (the reader) ask them on a date? Thanks.

Yes, actually, I do the other games too. Sorry for the confusing title of the blog! I don’t even know why haven’t I changed it yet… Cause I’m fucking lazy that’s why

So I will gladly fulfil your request! Hope I don’t forget anyone…

Hajime Hinata

  • Huh? You want to go out with a scrub like him? But why??
  • Well he won’t turn you down of course.
  • He will blush quite a lot, and will ask you if you’re sure about it like a hundred times.
  • Once he’s assured, he will be super excited, because he never thought someone like you would be willing to go on a date.
  • He is somewhat nervous cause he doesn’t really know what he should wear for the date.
  • Since you invited him, you’ve obviously prepared some plans, so he’s glad at least that is taken care of, since otherwise he’d be too nervous about taking you somewhere that you will consider boring.
  • He’s also nervous that he won’t be fun to talk to, but decides to just act himself and see how it goes.
  • He asks for some advice, but doesn’t depend on it too much. He’s quite a self-sufficient man after all.
  • He is quite smooth throughout the date, since he is a pretty neutral person and can work with anything his s/o will throw at him.
  • If he brings a gift it will be just one flower, because he believes simple and humble gifts are better.

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When You’re Sad
  • Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad

Altaïr is no fool. He’d know something was wrong right away. He knows you too well to let that pass right by him without being overanalyzed, but… approaching it with you would be another thing. Altaïr is mostly clueless when it comes to talking about feelings. Of course, he knows about them, but the poor man can’t seem to verbalize his thoughts. Altaïr would probably keep an eye on you, slipping off of his duties here and there to spend more time with you. He wouldn’t mention it, but would make a few gestures — holding your hands and caressing them with his thumb, place a few kisses on the top of your head or walk more closely — so you know he cares. He’d try to pamper you with presents too — books, necklaces, head ornaments, blades (?). Anything that would make you feel better. Altaïr is a silent and fumbling guy, but one thing is sure: he loves and cares about you.

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[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - Jungkook Thanks To

My one and only family under the sky
Mom, dad, hyung
Forgive me if I normally act nonchalant, I’m not like that insideㅋㅋ
I’ll call often and send lots of photos. Even if I don’t listen to you, I’m still mom and dad’s son
Thank you for always give me strength, I love you
And Jeon Sergeant… Nah you can just sufferㅋㅋㅋ
I’m kidding, you’ll be discharged soon. Before you’re discharged, go out and think about what you’ll do
I hope we can have a meal together soon

Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, I’m really happy to have such cool concept this time as well! I’ll promote diligently! Thank you!
Vice-president Yoojung, sometimes you would listen to our concerns and silently support us, that give us a lot of strength. Thank you!
Director Seokjoon, thank you for telling us plenty of things and teaching us whenever we perform! I won’t miss important stuffs and will work harder.
Director Shinkyu, seems like I didn’t get to see you a lot these days. I hope I can see you more often while promoting! Let’s go eat something tasty again!
Director Lee Hyuk, every time you greet us with your warm voice, all my worries seem to vanish awayㅋㅋ Let’s meet again soon!
Director Chaeeun, I can’t see you frequently but your pose is no joke, you gave me bread too. I ate that one deliciously! Thank you! ㅋㅋ

Manager hyungs who join us everyday. Chief Hobeom who looks remarkably tired lately, you have to gather with 7 of us Bangtan and have a meal!
Reliable Sejinie-hyung who’s becoming even more reliable! Thank you so much for staying beside us like this!
Jungilie-hyungnim who’s flying around lately ㅋㅋ Hyung’s really funny and interesting, and drive well tooㅋㅋ
Thank you for staying beside us! Let’s continue to go together
Yoonjae-hyung who would sometimes pop up and calm us down with his friendly voice just like Flying Merry ㅋㅋ
Minhyukie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung, Soonhakie-hyung, the hyungnims who work really hard, who say they would wait for us even until late night, you went through a lot. Thank you!
Assistant manager Sungseok, although I don’t get to see you a lot, thank you for working so diligently! It’s been hard for you!
Team leader Hyukki, chief Jaehoon, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung from Management Support team, thank you for teaching me one by one even though there are still many things I don’t know. It looks like you have a lot going on your minds, you all worked hard!
Woojung-noona, Surin-noona who sometimes stay behind until late to work and are constanly having more work, it’s a good thing but my tears are all welling up. Noona, hwaiting!
Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona who stick around until very late. Seems like it’s like that almost every day, aren’t you working too hard? You’re the best.
Sunghyunie-hyung, hyungnim~ Thank you for dressing us up with cool outfits this time too. I’m not interested in clothes so I don’t know that well but anyway, they look cool ㅋㅋ!
Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona who worked hard even till the dawn! Thank you so much, really! Let’s play Anipang some time soon. I’ll let you win.
Gabriel-hyung, the hyungnim who has such artistic slosh hairㅋㅋ You worked hard too, I want to try that hair once before I die.
Seulie-noona, the link between us and ARMY, who work hard and readily, you’re the best!
Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona, the two people I always run into whenever I’m at the company! Thank you for doing many things for us!!!
Team leader Heesun… Although normally I don’t see you around much..! I know you’re working really hard for us and the company! Fighting!
Hayan-noona, Hayan-noona who work so hard to the point her dark circles droop down to the chin! You went through a lot, but please quickly teach me English and Japanese!ㅋㅋ
Jinah-nim, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim, I don’t know you guys that well but I know you’re working hard for the company and us! Hwaiting!

Seolhee-noona, I don’t see you much lately! If we get busier I’ll see you a lot right?! ㅋㅋ Noona worked hard too!
Sunjung-noona, every time I see you, my memories back from the trainee days come back. It was tough but come to think of it now, they’re good memories! It’s been hard for you.
Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim, we don’t meet much these days..! You’ve suffered a lot to guide us little guys to the right path. Please take care of us in the future as well!
Changwonie-hyung, the hyungnim who stayed up late to mix songs for us! Thank you for the blueberries, Gunnuts and lemons! You’re the best ㅋㅋ
Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoungie-hyung, the hyungnims who go back and forth and work so hard! Please take care of our songs in the future too..!
Team leader Jedong, yes! Leader! You’ve worked hard! Take strength from us and cheer up even more! Fighting!
Teacher Sungdeuk, the best choreographer! I’m looking forward to see which cool choreography will come out next! Please create lots of cool choreography in the future too!
Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Yeonhwa-nim, noonas had gone through a lot..! Thank you for staying with us even until the dawn.
I hope we will continue with each other in the future too. I have something to say, noonas are tired enough so please don’t take the luggage when I’m carrying them.
I can at least help you that much.
Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Seolji-nim, makeup artists!!! Thank you for making our eyes, noses, lips look this cool! It’d be great if we can continue to work together in the future too!
Seems like the two of you are Anipang masters. Head of Department Naejoo, Head of Department Jihye, Jinyoung-nim, hair masters!!! Thank you for styling every strand of our hair with all your hearts!!! I hope we’ll continue to work with each other in the future as well!
Director Lumpens, director Hyunwoo!! You went through a lot! It seems like you have to think a lot and your shoulders, arms hurt as well, but it is really awesome!
Thank you so much, I think directors and us have become destiny now ㅋㅋ
Head of Department Rinyong, thank you for taking beautiful pictures for us this time! I saw how much you put your passion into them! Thank you so much! You’ve worked hard!

I don’t know if hyungs would read this. But I’ll write it anyway. I feel really good that we’ve come together to this position. There are still many mountains to climb in the future
I hope we can help each other and together reach that peak. I think that our bodies may be 7, but our minds are one (although thinking of this, it seems weird). If we each look at different directions, our bodies wouldn’t know how to act
So in the future, let’s all look at one place and continue to go up for as long as we can
We will all know where that place is

Your existence is something I’m so grateful for, to the point it’s such a pity and an upset, that there isn’t any word in this world to show how grateful I am other than “thank you”!
Can human’s heart even be this tough?
You give me so much love that I probably won’t even able to receive any more in my next life
This may sound like an exaggeration but how do you guys feel about thisㅎ
I say this all the time but really, without you, there won’t be us, or something like that
I want to be someone’s great man, I want to be your eternal singer
So I can’t lose you guys
If you go further away, I’ll pull you closer. I don’t know how to do it, or if it works or not, but I’ll try to not let go of you
Again, thank you and I love you.

Jin | Suga | J-hope | Rap Monster | Jimin | V

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Hi,i've been fangirling,blushing and smiling all the day bc ur writing. OMG so gooooood💕💕💕. And i've been thinking how RFA+V+Saeran reactions if MC had an affair... well i'm curious. Hehe

ah thank you so much!!! 

a small authors note in the end  


  • he would be heart broken 
  • he would lock himself in his room and skip classes, it would be nearly impossible to reach him 
  • He just doesn’t understand why MC would do this?
  • were they not happy with him? is he too short? too annoying? not smart enough? not handsome enough? 
  • he gets so insecure thinking too much about it 
  • but he can’t help but think too much about it 
  • the rest of the RFA try to cheer him up from this but it’s hard 
  • it’s gonna be a really long time until he gets better from this 


  • He found out from a gossip magazine 
  • it was on the cover 
  • He couldn’t believe it when he saw it, I mean gossip magazines were often full of lies 
  • but there was a picture of MC with someone else 
  • maybe it was a misunderstanding? just a weird angle with the picture 
  • it can’t be true 
  • He ends up asking MC about it and MC tries to avoid answering but eventually confesses 
  • He can feel his heart sink when they say it 
  • He can’t believe MC would do this 
  • he gets really depressed
  • He doesn’t act for a while and he barely goes outside 
  • every time he goes outside he either gets photographed or sees papers talking about this 
  • He just cries so much over this, even the smallest things that remind him of MC makes him cry 


  • She thought she was so lucky to have MC 
  • she’s pretty insecure so she didn’t understand how someone as amazing like MC could love someone like her? 
  • now she understands
  • MC didn’t love her 
  • Or maybe they did? 
  • She’s really conflicted with cheating doesn’t necessarily make MC a terrible person, doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love her. But at the same time why would MC do this if they love her 
  • She loves MC so much 
  • she tries to show up to work but has to leave because she can’t stop crying at random moments 


  • He can’t believe this 
  • he was right romance is useless 
  • he should have been more careful, he shouldn’t have let MC meet these people 
  • his trust issues get way worse 
  • He considers giving MC a second chance but then they wouldn’t be able to meet anyone with out him being there, or maybe he should just keep them inside and only the security guards are allowed to talk to MC, But what if MC has an affair with the security guard? MC would then instead have to be in his sight always 
  • Maybe it’s better if he doesn’t since he wont be able to trust them again 
  • or anyone 
  • this man doesn’t cry often but this breaks him 


  • Of course this happened 
  • why would anyone as amazing as MC ever want to do something with someone as pathetic as him 
  • He shouldn’t even have hoped that he could actually be with someone he loves
  • nice things don’t happen to him 
  • He will never love anyone again 
  • but he can’t be with MC after this, He’d be too scared that something like this would happen again and he wants to be in a relationship built on trust not lies and paranoia 
  • He locks himself away and doesn’t talk to anyone in the RFA for days 
  • He tries to be the super cheerful 707 in the chat when he logs on but the rest of them know he’s upset 
  • and every time someone tries to talk to him about it he just logs off 


  • He understands why this would happen 
  • Why would MC want to be with him anyway? 
  • He’s not interesting, He’s not fun MC deserves better 
  • He just accepts that this happened right away 
  • Doesn’t mean hes calm about it 
  • He’s crying on and off for days 
  • shit even Yoosung feels sorry for him
  • He accepts he can never be happy 
  • He shouldn’t even dream of it 
  • it’s just false hope 


  • How could he do this
  • how could he ever trust someone 
  • how could he let someone get this close to him to just rip out his heart and step on it 
  • He will probably not respond to MC if they try to contact him after this 
  • they will probably end up hurting him more 
  • He will never let anyone get close to him again 
  • He closes off emotionally for so long 
  • Seven and the other members try so hard to cheer him up but nothing works 
  • He probably wont be with someone else ever again after this 
  • he cant trust anyone to not hurt him 

A/N: This hurt so much to write I love all too much  ;; I hope you like it though! 

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Hello, I was wondering if you could explain the relationships between Bruce, Dick, Jason, Tim and Damian? You don't have to do paragraphs of anything but I really want to know more about their relationships and it's kind of confusing when I read some things that contradict other things haha I know Tim and Damian basically hate each other and Dick and Damian are suppose to be close? I'm not sure if that just for fics though.. Thank you! (:

Hello! I would be more than happy to explain but I must put out a warning first. Canon is very wibbly wobbly, it can vary dramatically between authors so there’s no one ‘correct’ interpretation of any character. I try and find the traits/relationships that are most consistent/in-character and tend to disregard the crappy writers. Also it’s good to separate fanon, which is often way over exaggerated and often wrong, from canon.

Okay so i ended up going a bit overboard but I believe this is a pretty fair description of the relationships as I know them, based on my own comics collection. I’m not saying it’s fact, there’s a canon story where Jason becomes a tenticle monster. So my advice? Read the stories you like, find the canons interpretaions you think suit the characters. And not all fanon is bad, I enjoy and headcanon a bit myself but some views (Dick is 500% a sunshine cutie, Dami is a sniffly tiny baby) just don’t have any support.

Dick and Bruce- As sad as it is to say, Bruce probably has a stronger relationship with Dick than the other kids. It’s been stated over and over how much Bruce truly cares for, admires and trusts his first son. That’s not to say Bruce isn’t above manipulating Dick’s good nature / love of Bruce for the mission and they’ve gone through a few periods of intense fighting / not speaking. On the whole, I’d say the relationship is mostly good. Bruce admits that Dick coming into his life saved him from a dark path and Dick isn’t shy about telling Bruce he loves him.

Dick and Jason- Dick and Jay have a difficult relationship to pin down, so here’s how I see it. Jay was adopted while Dick and Bruce were fighting. While Jason was Robin, Dick was a bit stand-offish feeling that Bruce had up and replaced him. He helped Jay out on a few cases, and wasn’t mean to him or anything, but he wasn’t very involved either. But when Jason died he was just as upset as Bruce was. Since Jay’s resurrection, it’s been shown Dick makes an active effort to bridge the gap and help out Jason. Jay, for the most part, usually ignores him but I always get the sense that he, like the other batboys, really look up to Dick.

Dick and Tim- I think of all the bat siblings, Dick and Tim have the most normal brotherly relationship. From the start, Dick was more involved with Timmy, helping him out both in and out of costume. I think he learned his mistake in not bonding with Jason and wants to prevent the same thing from happening to Tim. Time and again, Dick has been looking out for Tim and Tim cares for and admires Nightwing so much. They refer to each other as brothers the easiest as well. Honestly it’s a decently healthy relationship for superheroes in Gotham City.

Dick and Damian-  To me, it’s much more of a paternal relationship as compared to a fraternal one. Dick basically gave Damian the tools to redeem himself. Bruce was dead  and so Dick stepped up to the plate as Batman and Dami’s pseudo-parent. He struggled and worked at it but he made Dami realize he was loved. This show of care is really I believe what turned Damian onto a better path. Bruce came back and finally started to bond with his kid now that he was more manageable. In my mind, Dick/Dami are much closer than Dami/Bruce if only bc Dick invested so much. Dami, likewise, loves the hell out of Dick and always defends him.

Jason and Bruce- I hope I don’t need to elaborate too much when I say it is bitter and complicated. Jason isn’t mad that Bruce didn’t save him, he understands that. He’s mad Batman didn’t avenge his murder,  it felt like Jay meant nothing to Bruce and was easily replaced. But Jay can’t completely hate Bruce because he still remembers the good ole days when Bruce saved him from the streets. He’s slowly, excruciatingly slowly, merging back into the batfam but he and Bruce have a long way to go if they want to repair the relationship. Honestly? I don’t know if either of them has it in them to really let go and accept what’s happened.

Jason and Tim- Again, this is a hard relationship to describe as it changes constantly. Initially Jason hated Tim for replacing him as Robin. He made several attempts on Tim’s life and Timmy outright avoided anything with Jay. They’ve since become a bit closer. Jason realizes that Tim has nothing to do with him and Bruce while Tim acknowledges that Jay went through some tough times. I personally don’t like interpretations where they’re super buddies, but I do like that they’ve been able to work together and understand one another. They can act like brothers but still a bit distant.

Jason and Damian- This one I’m a bit iffy on, from my experience, Jay and Dami don’t have a terrible amount of significant interaction. It’s mostly during fights or those weird bantering moments in the cave. The two will sass each other and provide an assassins perspective but that’s it as far as I know. We know they care as Jason demanded to be part of the group to resurrect Damian. Fanon likes to have Dami and Jason bonding over being killers in a nonviolent family and also having been resurrected. I’m not saying that can’t happen (I like to believe this) I’m just saying I don’t think it’s strictly canon .

Tim and Bruce- Unlike the other boys who became part of the family first then became Robin, Tim was the opposite. Bruce treated Tim like an apprentice rather than a son at first making clear distinctions btw Tim and say Jay and Dick. He, of course, grew to care for Tim and thus when Jack Drake was killed, he became a Wayne. To me, Tim is the most like Bruce and I think Bruce feels this as well. He’s more likely to leave Tim on his own, thinking the boy is tough enough to handle it. But he often misses Tim’s emotional needs, like being lonely and needing assurance and attention so he doesn’t work himself to death. This falls mostly to Dick.

Tim and Damian- These two have never and probably will never get along. They’re too stubborn and too certain the other is wrong. Luckily, Dami has moved past his desire to kill Timmy every five minutes but their relationship is mostly antagonistic but in a less violent way. I find it sadly ironic that both Damian and Tim have expressed to feeling removed from the family, that the other is more of an ‘actual’ son. I feel they could get along better if they made an effort but too much has happened and they’ve settled into their roles. But again, they do care enough that they will save each other and Tim was pretty sad when Damian was killed.

Damian and Bruce- Dami and Bruce got off to a very rocky start. Dami was a spoiled murderous snot and though Bruce *ahem* “tried” to help his son, he wasn’t going about it the right way. Then Bruce died and when he came back, Damian was Robin and much calmer thanks to Dick. Bruce took back the Batsuit but kept Damian on as Robin and here is where father and son really forged a  connection as Bruce continued to help guide Damian. Bruce was beside himself with grief when Damian died and did some crazy stuff to bring him back. The two aren’t 100% and I still feel Dick/Dami get on better but now Bruce is actually helping Damian and the boy appreciates it.

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OP of the Christmas post here, and I'm down for them being together or apart, but Len is definitely still Captain Cold. Possibly he doesn't pull heists over Christmas, because he's too busy planning everything out to the second. Possibly Lisa and Mick pull more jobs to get away from Len's Christmas-mania.

This……totally got out of hand okay but here me out friend because I can dig this.

Len is super into Christmas. Lisa is positive only kids get this excited and even then, not to this extent.

And yeah, Lisa and Mick totally find it annoying but they can’t help but join in.

But this is how it goes down.

November 1st, Len rents a truck. He likes to buy his Christmas stuff early so he makes sure to get a truck big enough so that he doesn’t have to make double/triple trips.

I want the Rogues to be all buddy-buddy so they’re all pretty much spending Christmas together in one of the larger safe houses. Makes them all help out in some way.

Somewhere around the end of November and the beginning of December is when shit starts getting real.

Len goes to the grocery stores with Mick. They’re the ones who’ll be cooking mainly because they don’t trust anyone else to do it.

Barry totally runs into them a few times (being on grocery duty himself), and is totally suspicious. But also confused as to why Mick and Len are damn near buying out the entire grocery store. It starts getting weird when Len doesn’t utter a single pun the entire time. Barely even acknowledges the speedster’s existence. Too focused on throwing things in the cart and rushing for the last bag of Jet-Puffed marshmallows before the poor old lady next to him. He’s in the freakin zone.

Barry decides they can’t really be planning anything nefarious with marshmallows, so he lets it go. Getting a friendly nod from Heatwave on his way out. Friendly. From Heatwave. Barry gets outta there before the planet explodes or something equally terrifying.

You said you don’t care if Len is still a criminal or not so I’m gonna say he is, but it’s still somewhere after Family of Rogues. Cold is out of prison, maybe he’s help Barry out with a few metas. They’ve built up this relationship where there’s obviously a mutual respect there. They don’t try to hurt/kill each other. Mostly just Len stealing this and Barry stopping him. Almost fun for them, especially since innocent bystanders aren’t getting hurt. So they aren’t exactly friends, but they’re something.

But back to the Rogues. Len assigns Lisa, Shawna, and Hartley to decoration duty. He refuses to be the least festive house on block okay he’s not losing to Mrs. Wilson again. There’s lights outside. A fake waving Santa. Blow up Frosty. He even tells Mark to make it snow over the safe house whenever she walks her dog so he can rub it in her face. He’s super competitive and it really comes out during the holidays. Just wait til the get to the games.

Eventually the Rogues sneak out and plan random heists. It’s only the 10th of December and Len is killing them with all the Christmas stuff. Hell, they even start reading to kids in hospitals, volunteering at shelters, finding any activity they can just so they have an excuse not to step back into that safehouse.

Which totally upsets Len, but he wouldn’t dare tell anyone or let it show. Lisa used to love Christmas just as much as him. He finally has a family –because yeah he doesn’t say it often but that’s basically what they are – to share it with, and they don’t even want to take part in it.

He starts toning it down. Instead of hunting down gifts, searching for the perfect tree, or looking for which safehouse he stored their grandfather’s Christmas ornaments in, he ends up curled up on the sofa watching the same Christmas movies over and over. There isn’t much of a selection when the channel is on abc family and the remote is at the other end of the couch.

He sees maybe one or two Rogues every once and a while but it’s obvious they’re avoiding him.

He even decides to go visit his grandfathers grave. Which he and Lisa usually do together, but he hadn’t been able to find her anywhere.

He probably finishes talking to his grandfather, when he looks up and sees none other than Barry Allen. He’s on the other side of the cemetery towards the bigger tombstones.

He’s got his back to Len but Barry can tell the kid is upset. Shoulders hunched over, arms crossed. Len should probably walk away and give him privacy but his feet seem to have a different opinion, since he makes his way over to Barry anyway.

It’s obvious Barry knows he’s there by the way his shoulders go stiff. Len doesn’t say anything. Just puts his left hand on Barry’s should and uses his other to rub Barry’s back in a (hopefully) soothing manner.

Eventually, Len convinces Barry to let him buy the kid a coffee.

Imagine them sitting in a coffee shop decorated in Christmas lights and tinsel and soft Christmas music playing from the speakers. They pick a quiet table in the back and end up sitting there for hours. Going on about Christmas, their families, pleasant memories, mostly. Barry is surprised to hear that Len is spending his Christmas with the Rogues. He hadn’t realized they were so close.

And Len doesn’t mean to, really. He’s been keeping it bottled up and he isn’t a big fan of spilling his guts but…its Barry. Who looks so sincere and genuinely confused as to why Len is here with him and not back at his safehouse, spending time with his “Merry Band of Misfits” (as Barry so helpful referred to them as earlier). So Len tells him. About how amazing their grandfather was and how he made sure every Christmas they had was special. Each one better than the last. Plenty of food, games, and gifts. Len was old enough to realize how much their grandfather sacrificed to give them all that, and so he’s always been grateful. Made sure he did the same with Lisa. Made sure her Christmas’ and birthdays were amazing, even after their grandfather passed.

So he went all out this year. Trying to make it as extreme and outrageous as it was when they were kids. How he even tried including the rest of the Rogues, but no one seemed to want to join in. That maybe, they should just buy a turkey, exchange gifts, and call it a night like Mark suggested.

(Barry looked scandalized at the prospect of anyone willing spending Christmas that way.)

And Barry’s face can’t decide between a huge grin or a slightly pitying look. Len obviously loved his grandpa and inherited his love for Christmas and all things festive. It was a shame none of the other Rogues wanted to share that too.

Which is when Barry decides that it is his sole purpose in life to get Len back into the Christmas spirit.

They go gift shopping for the Rogues and team Flash. Start finishing up Len’s grocery list. Len helps Barry pick out a Christmas sweater. They sing along to the ridiculous Christmas songs playing on the radio in Len’s truck. Finally pick a Christmas tree (Barry insists on the one with fake snow and Len can’t say ‘no’). Laugh and joke and have way more fun than a hero and his nemesis should probably have.

When they reach the safehouse (which is only one of many, so Len has no problem with Barry knowing where it is), no one is there. Not surprising at this point, seeing as the Rogues are probably still avoiding him.

Barry takes his mind off of that by turning on the music and helping set up the tree they just picked out.

Just imagine them getting the tree set up and talking and laughing while hanging up ornaments. Barry totally spiked the eggnog so Len’s a bit tipsy but his smile is getting brighter and his laughs louder, so Barry doesn’t feel too bad about it. They end up sprawled across the couch, singing along to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” (for the fourth time since they arrived), when the front door opens and the Rogues pile in with at least six bags each.

“Lenny? You home?”

In which Barry freaks out for a good two seconds before realizing that Lisa and the rest of the Rogues don’t know his identity.

“Well, who’s this?” Lisa smirks, handing over her bags to Shawna who drags them up the stairs.

Len just rolls his eyes and ignores her question, offering to walk Barry out.

They’re outside on the porch and it’s extremely awkward because neither of them really know what to say. But before Barry can make up some lame excuse to leave, Len takes two steps closer. Invading his personal space. Barry doesn’t step back, just stares as Len brings both his hands up to cup Barry’s face. He takes his time studying Barry’s face. Signs that he doesn’t want this. The opportunity to step away. But it’s a hundred and twenty seven seconds and there’s no movement. Just Barry bringing his own arms up to wrap around Len’s waist and pull him closer.

Len moves one of his hands so that his thumb can brush against Barry’s lips. Across the bottom one and watching intently as Barry’s tongue darts out to trace over the same path. It’s cold enough that they can see their breaths mingle together as their lips inch closer and closer.

Len takes the same hand and runs it through Barry’s hair. Tilting his head back until Barry’s lips are right up against his. At this point, Len’s lost track of time. He knows they’ve only been at this for a few minutes, but it feels like hours. Days. Like he’s being doing this forever and would have no qualms about continuing it for several lifetimes.

Barry gets impatient because he raises his arms to wrap around Len’s neck and pull him closer and he’s so, so close but then-

“Are you guys going to kiss or what? We don’t have all night. Lisa wants to start the games and this is probably the second hottest thing I’ve ever seen. So get a move on.”

“What the hell, Shawna?” Hartley hisses, pulling her back and standing in the doorway. “Don’t mind her, just pretend we aren’t here.”

Len has to resist the urge to throttle the two. Barry’s face is beet red as he waves a lame goodnight at Len and hurries his way home.

Of course, any anger he had previously completely disappears when he steps into the house. There are games spread across the coffee table. A couple wrapped presents under the tree. Whatever Mick is cooking in the kitchen has filled the entire house and Lisa is smiling up at him in a way that’s all too familiar. It’s like a flashback to memories he thought he’d never have again after their grandfather passed. The smell of a home cooked meal. His sister begging him to play one more round of whatever game she was intent on winning. The same 5 songs on repeat, but different artists every time. It was all too familiar.

Then he looked around. Noticed the rest of the Rogues. The rest of his… family. Smiling and joking and…

Len refused to tear up. Damn Barry for letting him drink.

It’s only a week until Christmas, but no one seems to care. They’re playing the most intense game of drunk charades ever and no one can stop laughing long enough to even finish the game. They take turns choosing movies (which they end up talking through anyway). When no one is paying attention, Hartley sneaks a peak at one of his gifts under the tree, which only earns him a slap across the head from Shawna. Mick’s had more drinks than anyone so he ends up being the first one to pass out. Next is Hartley. Then Shawna, who’s carried up to bed by Mark.

The only ones left are Len and Lisa who sit quietly next to the tree, hot cocoa in hand, talking about their grandfather. About their favorite memories with him and laughing about all the silly traditions he made them participate in as kids.

Eventually, Lisa opens up about the last month. About how much it hurt trying to do everything their grandfather loved without him. But then she saw Len’s face and how upset he was when Lisa wasn’t as into it as he was.

But she couldn’t let him do this alone. They have their own family now, as ragtag as it is, but she loves it. And can’t imagine sharing their grandfather’s special brand of “Christmas Crazy” with anyone else.

They don’t cry. They don’t hug it out. But they definitely come to an understanding and intend on making this Christmas as amazing as it was when they were kids.

Over the next week, Len and Mick start cooking. Preparing most of the meals so that all they have to do is throw it in the oven. They don’t trust anyone else in the kitchen, so everyone is pretty much banned from that area.

Lisa and Shawna are locked upstairs, wrapping all the gifts. Hartley’s good at wrapping too, but they don’t trust him after the other night. So he and Mark are pretty much wandering aimlessly without anything to do. They probably end up going out, seeing what’s going on around town.

This goes on for a couple of days. Eventually, it’s the 23rd and they’ve done pretty much everything. Everything is prepared to be thrown in the oven. The gifts are wrapped and piled under the tree. Mark and Hartley have seen everything there is to see.

Lisa suggests ice skating. Which…isn’t really a suggestion. It’s pretty much mandatory.

While everyone gets ready, Lisa insists Len invite that kid who was there the other day. Obviously, Len cares about him enough to bring him back to their safe house and decorate a Christmas tree with him. Len calls Barry (who’s number he saved in his phone the other day), who immediately agrees to ice skating. Between the West family and Iris and Eddie being all lovey dovey, Barry thinks he’s gonna lose it any moment. He agrees to meet them there.

We need more Barry having fun with the Rogues. Spending time with them and finding out that they’re actually pretty decent people. Mark isn’t his biggest fan, but he gets over it quickly. They’re all pretty good skaters except Hartley. Who doesn’t mind getting made fun of when the cute instructor comes over to help him.

Barry and Lisa end up racing which Len secretly finds hilarious because Barry might be the fastest man alive, but Lisa is probably the best ice skater in Central City. They’re pretty much neck and neck (seeing as Barry is unable to noticeably use his speed) every race but it’s all in good fun.

Eventually Len and Barry end up skating off by themselves after the flood of people start to disappear.

Len ends up thanking him for the other day. Taking time out his probably hectic schedule to help Len out. Even bringing up his conversation with Lisa that same night and man he has got to stop spilling his guts to this kid.

But Barry is obviously happy to hear it. Smiling at Len, he grips the wall next to them. Pushing off of it to skate closer to Len. This time, they don’t waste any time. The kiss is everything Len imagined it’d be. Neither of them can stop smiling into the kiss, even after they hear a camera go off and a flash from their peripheral vision.

“Awwww.” Lisa coos, skating away quickly before Len could even think about catching her.

(Barry and Len totally end up making out in the bathroom while everyone else is still out on the ice.)

Finally, it’s Christmas Eve morning. Approximately 5:09 AM and Len is currently trying to wake up the sleeping rock that is Mick Rory. It’s like no matter how much noise he makes, it doesn’t affect the bigger man at all. He just rolls over and keeps snoring.

After a few more attempts (that may or may not have contained ice), Mick is finally up and ready to go.

By 2, everything is done. The mac and cheese is coming out of the oven, the turkey is taken out of the fryer, all the vegetables have been seasoned, casseroles and dips are set up along the island on the other side of the kitchen, potato salad has been in the refrigerator all morning, rolls are in the oven, drinks have been set out, and the sides have been set out along the table. Everything is just about perfect when the rest of the Rogues pile in in their nicest clothes. Which, shouldn’t be such a big deal. But they never get to dress up so why not?

Hartley looks amazing, of course. One of his best suits tailored to fit him perfectly. Shawna and Lisa both went with red dresses. Different, but similar in the way that they both hugged the women’s bodies perfectly. Mark went with simple slacks and a button down. He’s here to eat okay? Mick is pretty much the same, not wanting to risk anything getting messed up by the food.

Len? We all know Len looks the best. That he went all out with his navy blue three piece suit, even if the only people who were gonna see it were the Rogues. He’s a show off, so what?

Before Len lets them touch anything, he demands they take a group picture. As corny as it seems, Lisa and Len always did this with grandpa Snart. Might as well continue the tradition.

Now. What ends up happening is this.

They fill their plates up. With literally everything they can. Mick and Len’s cooking is amazing and eventually the Rogues are slouching in their seats, unable to move. Hartley is the first to unbutton his suit, sprawl across the couch, and slower enter a food coma. Everyone else seems to think that’s a wonderful idea because they follow his lead and pass out of the couch. Len doesn’t bother putting anything away because he knows they’ll be up in a couple of hours for round two. Then three. So he gets started on dessert. (He totally doesn’t take pictures of them sprawled across the couch nope they have no proof).

He takes off his suit jacket and rolls up his shirt sleeves when there’s a knock at the door. Obviously no one else is going to get it so he straightens his vest and makes sure he looks good before opening the door.

Of course, it’s Barry. In the /ugliest/ Christmas sweater Len has ever set eyes on in all his 40+ years of life.

Len can’t even ask him what he’s doing here because he’s so distracted by the ugliness. It takes him a minute to realize that this isn’t the sweater he helped pick out. It’s a different one. A worse one. It has one of those “press me!” buttons that Len is not at all tempted to press, least the horrendous thing lights up. Or worse, sings a song.

Barry notices what he’s staring at and laughs before saying “Ugly sweater contest. As you can see, I won first place.”

He smiles proudly.

Len has no idea why he’s proud.

“Uh…anyway. Merry Christmas Eve! I was gonna wait until tomorrow but I have a feeling I won’t be able to sneak off that easy. So uhh…here.”

Barry shoves a nicely wrapped gift in his hand and scratches his neck awkwardly when Len just stares down at it.

“Don’t open it now, though. I want you to open it up with Lisa tomorrow. I guess it’s kinda for the both of you. Well… all of you really but… anyway you’re not saying anything so I’m just going to walk away before I change my mind and-”

And of course that’s when Len snaps out of it because Barry really got him a gift? He doesn’t really have anything to give him in return so he does the only thing he can.

“You want to come in? There’s plenty of food.”

Apparently the Wests haven’t finished cooking yet and Barry’s been starved. There’s only so much food he can steal without revealing his secret or getting his hand slapped by Joe’s mother. Again.

So they end up sitting down at the long table, plates full (Barry’s piled much higher than Len’s), and talking about their day. Plans for tomorrow.

And it’s all just too easy. Talking to Barry. Opening up. Inviting him into (one of) his home and feeding him and laughing and talking and…Len just doesn’t get it.

They aren’t exactly friends. Though, isn’t that what you call this? Hanging out? Talking? Feeling so comfortable around a person, that he feels no need to hide or cover things up? Then again, he doesn’t exactly kiss his friends. Or make out with them in bathrooms. So maybe “friends” isn’t the word he’s looking for. But they’re definitely something, judging by the look Barry is sending him from across the table.

So Len decides to stop questioning it. He doesn’t question it when Barry kisses his goodbye. Doesn’t question why he gives Barry left overs to go. Or why he texts him the rest of the evening. Or calls him Christmas morning.

He doesn’t question it when the Rogues have opened all their gifts and Len purposely saves Barry’s for last.

He lets Lisa open it. It’s a simple photo album. Sticky note attached that says something about “To new memories”. He doesn’t understand why she gasps and then tears up when she opens up the first page until he comes up behind her.

It’s an old photograph. Actually, there are several old photographs. The first Christmas they celebrated with their grandfather and every picture they’ve taken with him until his death. The edges are a bit rough, but you can still clearly see their faces. Their genuine smiles, which were pretty rare during those times. Len thought he’d lost those photos, but how?

In that moment, Len is pretty sure he can fall completely in love with this kid. Just…utterly and foolishly in love and it might be complicated and they might argue and Len might even fuck this up but damn if it’s not worth it. This kid could possibly be the best thing to ever happen to him and the thing that made him finally realize it was this damn photo album.

The Rogues practically push him out the door, demanding he go talk to the kid.


I might have mentioned this before, but when I was a little girl, my mother was a chemical engineer who worked for a major manufacturing company, and she worked on a line of very popular menstrual products. So, I mean, menstrual products were a very casual thing when I was a kid. I think I already told the story about me thinking pads were just particularly soft stickers and putting them all over things when I was a toddler, but also I mean we just always had boxes of them around, and my mom would do things like cut pads open and show me how the polymer foam inside worked.

(Side note, this is also how I know that a lot of those jars of “instant snow” you can get this time of year are the same kind of stuff that’s inside pads/diapers/etc. You’re welcome.)

So I have to admit, it was kind of weird for me when I got older and realized that you basically are not allowed to talk about menstrual products in polite company. (Look at that! “Menstrual products” is such a stiff way to put it.) Like forget discussing your period in frank terms, you can’t even talk about the random products you use to deal with it. Can you imagine if it was considered so inappropriate to talk about toilet paper or baby diapers? Bodies are gross, messes happen, but periods are treated differently.

I mean, just watch a pad commercial? They’re not even allowed to use the color red in case it grosses people out. They pour some blue water on a pad, like that’s helpful at all in knowing whether a pad will actually work. And that’s if they even show a pad at all! Usually it’s just like flowers and horseback riding or working out and doing martial arts if it’s a more feminist ad. They’re not allowed to actually talk about the product or how it works, they just use vague-ass language to remind us that their product exists. Like we can forget with our uteruses throwing a giant fit once a month.

So I have to have like this secret network of menstrual product reviews amongst my uterus-having friends, like “oh this pad works a dream but the wings are weird” or “I could probably empty my aorta into this pad and it would be fine” or “I don’t like pads, I only use tampons and this brand has an applicator that should be outlawed by the Hague”. Because once in high school I pulled a pad out of my purse to clean up a soda spill (BECAUSE THEY’RE FUCKING ABSORBENT, THAT’S THEIR JOB) and all the boys looked at me like frightened rabbits.

And I mean, it’s kind of funny to watch the blood drain out of their faces just like it is draining out of my vagina, but it’s also pretty upsetting. Because people who have periods are being taught that their particular brand of excretion (and one that, lbr, is strongly associated with women and misogyny) is grosser than any other kind that comes out of the human body. Their monthly cycle makes them “unclean” in a way that vomiting or urinating doesn’t. It’s so horrible that no one even talks about it. And because no one talks about it, we have problems like people being heavily taxed for tampons, and legislators not knowing how periods work (but still being happy to make decisions about what medications are okay to use to regulate them), and homeless shelters rarely getting menstrual products in donations of other toiletries. People don’t talk about periods or menstrual products, so people don’t know about them.

Even going beyond the widespread political ramifications of this willful ignorance, it makes a normal part of life pretty scary for preteens (or teens) getting their first period. It makes it so they don’t know what isn’t normal. It makes it so people don’t know to go to the doctor for symptoms that are warning signs of severe illnesses, and some doctors don’t even know how to deal with them. It makes it so people suffer needlessly. Even if they aren’t in horrible pain, like a lot of people are, it makes it so they may not know what kind of product is right for them, whether it be a cup, pad, tampon, menstrual underwear, whatever. They may not even know there ARE options. They may not know what kind of painkiller works best for them, or what to try next.

And the fact that there’s this huge blank spot in the way we talk about sexual/reproductive health that even rampant capitalism can’t seem to fully overcome is mind-blowing to me?? Like is a bit of blood really that scary? Really? In a world where action and horror and art house movies with fountains of gore are a dime a dozen? Periods aren’t pleasant, I’m the first person to admit that, but they’re a lot less pleasant when you can’t even ask for help to make them better – at least not in a loud voice. It’s like this bizarre open secret we can only talk about in whispers among women (side note, this makes it even rougher for trans folks to get help) like it’s some kind of arcane secret or curse hanging out inside our uteruses, and if it’s openly acknowledged, it’ll devour humanity.

Anyway, I still keep pads in my purse, and I still use them to clean up the messes that a paper towel won’t touch, no matter who’s watching. I still keep a large stack of them in my bathroom next to the extra roll of toilet paper and the hand towels. I will happily teach little boys and little girls about them, because everyone should know how a basic human function works and is taken care of. Even if you don’t have a uterus, I will be shocked if you never find someone else who has one that you love, whether it’s a partner, family member, or friend. And you should be able to help them, and to give them a place where they can talk about their own body without worrying about being “gross” or “unclean”.

LIKE SERIOUSLY, just talk about periods! You never know when the person next to you might have a great tip for getting blood out of – well, everything.

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I love your blog!!!!! it's absolutely perfect and the reactions are on point!! Ok can you do a bts reaction to them finding out you were cheating on them?? I know that's weird but I'm so curious x) Thanks again!!

Jin - He would be crushed, knowing that you were cheating on him. He has quite a little temper, so I think he would allow this to get the better of him (because he has every right to) but he would also be emotional wounded that part way through yelling, he would start crying. He would be so hurt, that he could hardly look you in the face. Of course, these actions would dictate that the relationship is over (obviously), and he wouldn’t want you to contact him any further. He would be quite upset for a while, and you would see it in his face when he does things. He wouldn’t be able to sing love songs as enthusiastically, and maybe even write his own song about betrayal and heartbreak. Poor deflated puppy.

Suga - He would be livid, and so hurt. I see it taking a while for him to fully trust some one to have a relationship with them, so to spend so much time and emotional energy on some one only to have them turn around and cheat on you… wow. Let’s just say that he will never trust you again. He would be angry, but silent, which would make things even more frightening. He would tell you that if that is how you really felt then why not just break up with him instead of causing all this drama. He would never speak to you again, wanting to erase you from his life. Let’s be honest though, he would be incredibly hurt and upset about this. He would probably write a lot of music about these feelings, and maybe talk to Rap Monster about it a little, just get some of it off his chest. He might even cry a little in private, sleep a little more to try and numb the emotions. 

J-Hope - The members say that he is so optimistic, understanding, and patient with people, that if you were to really upset or anger him, then you are truly a bad person. Cheating on him would make you this person. He has had a break up in the past, so it’s not like this is his first time, but the method in which it happened would be extremely emotional for him. He would be so angry at first that all he can do is blindly yell at you about how you betrayed and hurt him, and which would then slowly die down to little chokes of him saying that things are over and he never wants to see you again. He would try and get this all out before he starts crying, because the last thing he wants you to see are his tears. All the way back to the dorm, he would be quietly crying, but let me tell you this… you should be careful. He is not the easiest person to upset, but when he gets back to the dorm and tells Suga or Rap Monster what happened, then Bangtan will be coming after you in one way or another. No one messes with their Hobi without facing the consequences.

Rap Monster - He would be very silent about this. He would look at you with dead eyes, but deep down you know he is tearing apart. He would be very level-headed in telling you that he is sorry he wasn’t good enough to keep your attention, or give you the type of relationship you were looking to have. He would tell you to never contact him again and be on his way. He would be stony and silent all the way home, and then cry about it then when he can get some personal time. He would talk about it with Suga, and then both of them would write songs about how it feels to be betrayed and hurting because of some you thought you could trust. He would be quite serious and straight forward in everything he does for while, but he will have to be careful so that no one outside the dorm will know. It would take him some time to regroup from this, and even then he would reconsider having a relationship at all with his career choice. 

Jimin - Oh man, he would be so upset. His mind would be buzzing in all directions, trying to think of what to do, but ultimately there is one answer. He would very quietly tell you he’s sorry, and not to contact him any longer. He would go back to the dorm and tell his hyungs what happened, before having himself a nice long cry. He would take a long bath to try and soothe his body, but his heart would be aching so bad. He would just want to mope around and listen to sad songs, but he still has a job to do. He wouldn’t be his usual hyper, smiley self when on programs and stuff, and people would be able to tell. If it really became too much for him, then he might drown himself in his work to try and get the whole thing off his mind. He would dance for hours on end, practically living in the practice room, and would exercise in every moment in between. Making himself physically exhausted would force him to sleep the pain away. 

V  - He would be a lot like Rap Monster in this situation, keeping his head and apologizing to you for not being a better boyfriend. He would end the relationship and be on his way He would be the type to recede into his mind for a long while, thinking about all the things he should have done, and maybe when the signs started to show that you were cheating. He would talk to Rap Monster about everything that happened, and all the members would be there for him if he needed them to listen or just to hang out. He would probably lock himself up with some anime every once in a while, and maybe cry a little here or there, but he would just most likely be in emotional turmoil. He would try his best to focus on his work, but people would clearly be able to see the hurt in his face. Expect a cover of a break up song some time after that, because it will be one of his ways of getting the emotions off his chest. 

Jungkook - He would be extremely hurt, but he would just kind of brush you off. I see him as the kind of person that would hardly talk to you once he finds out, merely making clear that the relationship is over, and then giving you the extreme cold shoulder. He would be so pissed and hurt by what you did, it’s completely unforgivable in his eyes. He would mope around angrily a lot, and maybe cry when he is away from every one else. He would definitely be into metal and sad songs for a while, trying to express his emotions through music and dance. This would also give him time to focus more on his studies, put all his extra effort and time into that. But just like Hobi, beware of the others, because hurting the maknae is an unforgivable crime to them. Jin says he is very close with Jungkook, and once he finds out what went on, you might get a call from your mother asking why you broke the heart of one of the best guys to ever come into your life (yes, he would pull the mommy card and call you mother!). The other members would be very protective of him, and maybe even hostile towards you if you ever tried to get in touch with him again. 

☼ As one last side note, the members have said in interviews that they would feel extremely sorry to the person they end up dating or loving, because they know their job will take them away a lot, and they will feel like they aren’t able to do their job as a boyfriend. So if you go behind their back and cheat (which I;m sure none of you would do that anyway because A.R.M.Y’s are better than that) they would be extremely upset with you, but even more so with themselves. They would see this as a flaw that they caused in the relationship; without them there to properly attend to you as a boyfriend should (what that even freaking means I have no idea) then they would almost expect you to break it off at one point or another. They crave love so much, and want that amount of normalcy, just like any other idol, but they know it won’t come easy. But actions as drastic and hurtful as these really make them rethink what it means to have a relationship while working with BTS. They would feel like maybe a relationship is hopeless, or maybe it’s something they can’t properly achieve until far in the future. Let us just hope that this never happens to them, because it would seriously hurt them, and that is the last thing we want. 

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1p2p Canadas (mentioned past Canada/others) -- bruises on your thighs like my fingerprints

(once upon a time, a dear buddy came to me, asking for rvp. a very good rvp prompt. and now i bring it.)


Any other time–any other time before–Matthew thinks he’d pick up what Gilbert is laying out. He’d always been so cool and confident and then startlingly tender and uncertain in bed, but Matthew had always had fun with him.  He had never said no to Gilbert.

“I’m with Matt now.” Matthew keeps his voice low. He pushes away Gilbert’s hand and looks around, catches Matt’s curious gaze from across the room.

When his expression slips away, that furrow between his brows smoothing out, Matthew aches.

Gilbert sees where he’s looking, his own startled expression evening just as fast. And then he’s smiling, at Matthew, hands in his pocket and leaning back with a laugh.

“I always knew you secretly liked them big.” Gilbert holds up his hands when Matthew scowls at him. Gilbert’s not always an asshole, but when he is at least he recognizes it. “Okay, okay, sorry. But whatever, it was awesome for what it was. But you did let Russia know, right? He takes rejection terribly.”

“Ivan hasn’t come onto me,” Matthew snipes, still hurting a little from the way Matt’s face just blanked. 


Truth be told, Matthew loves Matt. Maybe he’s loved him since Matt came over, hunting down his Alfred.

Matthew knows he falls in love easy, sometimes staying in love longer than he should. But with Matt, it’s easy, easier than breathing. It’s something instinctual, that he just knows Matt, can read him with a glance. Matt can do it, too, so Matthew wonders why Matt hasn’t said anything about Matthew not saying anything.

Instead Matt just brushes his teeth while Matthew turns down the covers. He’s biting his lip, sneaking glances back at Matt. He’s not even being subtle, and Matthew should probably just speak his mind, but it feels wrong, somehow. He wants Matt to permit him, he wants Matt to know that Matthew’s feelings begin and end with him.

With Gilbert, he didn’t feel a shade of that old passion, even if the affection was still there, low and steady. But it’s inaudible compared to what he feels for Matt.

He wants to know Matt’s not jealous, because Matthew knows about jealousy. Isn’t that what ruined that thing with Alfred and then that thing with Arthur?

But Matthew doesn’t read anything like that on Matt’s face.

Matt comes out, hair down and pajama pants too small. He smiles, fondly, at Matthew, presses a warm hand on the small of his back and tips just low enough for a kiss.

Matthew still feels unsure, but Matt just maneuvers him into bed, rolling them both into a cocoon of blankets while Matthew wiggles out a hand to turn off the lamp.

He doesn’t sleep immediately, because he starts to wonder if he really deserves Matt’s warmth at his back, Matt’s understanding without asking.


This time it’s Francis, and it’s probably teasing, but when Francis brings his hand up to his mouth for a kiss, Matthew yanks it away, face flooding with red, when he snaps, “I’m with Matt.”

Matt’s standing right next to him, expression as impenetrable as it usually is, but then he takes Matthew by the hand and leads him away once Francis, a little stunned and bemused, speaks.

“Of course. I know that–”

But Matt and Matthew are out of range soon enough and in another room even faster. And Matthew’s only now feeling something other than the flushed irritation he felt at Francis’s touch. He feels embarrassed, at himself–for himself even. He’s upset, because it seems that Gilbert’s flirting from the other month sparked something in the other nations’ memories and now they all think he’s on the table.

Arthur hit on him in his own awkward way. Ivan actually also came onto him. Belgium spent much of the last meeting teasing him in French, saying it had been so long since he had dessert with her.

(And that had made him blush, because Matthew genuinely still likes her and because he remembers the dessert of that night. 

He did eat it off her, after all.)

South Korea. Egypt. Lithuania and Poland. That weird one night thing with Mexico that apparently does not deserve to be forgotten (and should also be extended to Alfred, too). Cuba—well, okay, maybe Cuba did mean ice cream as friends but Matthew definitely remembers ice cream as friends-with-benefits.

It’s not even temptation. It’s just a reminder. It’s almost hard to swallow because Matt doesn’t know about any of that. He can definitely love more than one person, but how is it fair to anyone else when all he can think about is Matt’s broad hands and Matt’s early morning smiles even when Matthew just wants to throw pillows at him for opening the curtains before 7 am? And as far as Matt knows, Matthew hasn’t fallen as hard and heavy for someone like this before.

(He hasn’t. It’s been close, it’s been close a lot of times, with several people. And Matt doesn’t know.)

Matthew’s maybe spoken aloud, or maybe Matt just knows him that well, that Matt gives him a hard look and says, “Is that what’s been bothering you? I don’t care about who was before me.”

“There were a lot of people before you.” In a quieter voice, Matthew adds, “Sometimes I think I don’t deserve you.”

“I always think I don’t deserve you.” Matt avoids his eye and simply shrugs when Matthew looks up, frowning. “But I want you. And if you want other people and me, I still don’t care so long as I have you, too.”

He’s looking so earnest, keeping his voice low-pitched and a whisper just for Matthew to hear. Matthew almost can’t breathe.

But he manages. “You have me, and I don’t want anyone else. I’m with you.”


“Maybe a little jealous,” Matt murmurs against Matthew’s thighs, looking up at him. 

He’s in the middle of blowing Matthew, his mouth flushed and red, fingertips tapping along Matthew’s inner thigh as Matt just looks down the length of Matthew’s body and right into his eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Matthew murmurs, pushing Matt’s thick hair out of his eyes, wanting to pull him up for a kiss.

“Not your fault. But remind your Belgium that I can speak French, too.”

I'm Just Your Neighbor, Girl [Calum Hood Imagine]

based on Neighbor by Travis Garland


You were sitting in front of your house, enjoying the weather for once.  Normally you were so overwhelmed with work and bills that you couldn’t even enjoy the simple things in life, like sitting on your front porch and enjoying a nice glass of wine. It was nice that you finally found the time to do this since you really enjoyed it. You were relaxing with no worries or interruptions before Calum pulled up.

He’s your next door neighbor and has been for a few years now. The two of you always speak when you see each other and even share a couple of flirty looks every now and then. Okay, he gave you the eye daily and said slick, flirty remarks that you’d only know were flirty because of the smirk or sly smile he’d wear after saying them.

You didn’t mind the flirting, honestly. Calum is very attractive and his looks seem to get better everyday. The thing is, you have a boyfriend, so it wasn’t exactly cool of you to flirt back or act on your attraction. Calum knew this, but he didn’t care. He continued to flirt and make passes at you when your boyfriend wasn’t around and he probably wouldn’t stop until you told him to… but you didn’t want to do that.

“Hey Calum.” you said, once he reached his front door. He had been watching the ground as he walked, seeming to be in a deep thought before he looked up.

“Oh. Hey, y/n.” he replied, immediately going into his house. Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. That wasn’t the reaction you were expecting from him at all. You were hoping he’d flirt with you a little bit since you honestly looked forward to it. He didn’t even smirk or try to form a smile when he spoke to you this time.

Calum’s weird behavior stayed on your mind the whole day. You’ve never seen him in any mood other than his happy, flirty self so now that he wasn’t in that mood it worried you. You were hoping that everything was okay in his life and with his family. The thought of you doing something to make him so upset even crossed your mind, but you had no idea what you could’ve possibly done since you’re always only nice to him.

You walked from your living room, over to your side door that you had left open to feel the night’s breeze through the screen door as you watched tv. A smell of cigarette smoke had lingered into your house and you hated it so you wanted to put a stop to it.

When you got to the screen door, you came to an abrupt stop after seeing a figure on the other side of it. After a closer look you saw it was Calum, standing outside of his own door in a grey shirt and black jeans with brown boots, smoking a cigarette. You were surprised by the sight since you didn’t know he smoked at all. You made the decision to stand there and watch him out of curiosity. Minus the cigarette, he looked good. His grey shirt clung to the muscles on his long body, making him all the more attractive to you.

Every so often after he took a hit, he’d look up at the sky. He seemed to be in deep thought and you couldn’t help but to connect it to his behavior earlier today. You still desperately wanted to know what was bothering him and you knew that now was your chance.

“I didn’t know you smoked.” you said. Calum looked confused until he looked at your door, seeing you through the holes in it.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me, y/n.” he said, looking up at the sky again.

“Want to enlighten me, then?” you asked, opening your door. He looked at you for a few seconds before taking one last hit of his cigarette and throwing it on the ground to crush it under his boot. He followed you inside where you lead him to the kitchen.

“You want anything? Juice, tea?” Sex? you wanted to add.. but you knew how inappropriate and straightforward it’d be. Plus, you really just wanted to talk to him right now.

“No, I’m good… Your boyfriend doesn’t mind me being here so late, does he?” Calum sat down at the island in your kitchen as you stood across from him. He looked at you after he asked his question and you could’ve sworn you saw the tiniest hint of a smirk on his face as he waited for a response.

Your boyfriend didn’t like Calum. He almost hated him. He always took notice of how Calum looked at you and how he always went out of his way to speak to you. It made him a little paranoid, too, since he traveled a lot because of work and was scared of Calum snatching you up because he could be around you more. You wouldn’t say he was completely wrong.

“He’s not here. Out of town on business, as always.” you said, slightly rolling your eyes. “So.. how is everything?” you asked him. He shrugged a little.

“Fine… I guess.”

“Really? I just got the feeling earlier that you were upset about something. Then while you were smoking, you looked like you were in deep thought.” you told him. He looked at you with both elbows on the island and one hand rubbing his chin, the action making his muscles flex under his shirt.

“I’m just tired of seeing something I want belong to someone else.” he told you. You lost your breath at his words, knowing exactly what he was referring to. The way he looked at you only confirmed your thoughts.

“Well… have you tried to get it?” you asked, going along with him.

“I have… I don’t want to just take it, though. I want it to find it’s way to me…” he replied.

“Oh, Really?”

“Yeah… really.” he said. His hand was still on his chin as he looked at you, waiting on your next move. You knew what he was asking you even if he never said it as straightforward as you would like.

“Maybe she’s waiting on you to make a real move and show her you’re more than just a flirt.” you said. He now wore an amused little smile as his eyebrows rose. Before you knew it he was out of his chair and walking around the island. He came as close to you as possible as you turned to face him.

“Like this?” He placed a hand on your neck and one on your waist, pulling you into him. He titled your head up slightly and placed his lips on yours. Your eyes closed instantly as you let your lips melt into sync with his. Your hands grabbed at his waist, lightly tugging on his shirt as the kiss went on.

The kiss seemed to go on a lifetime but it still wasn’t enough. You didn’t know how bad you wanted Calum’s lips on yours until they were and when they were taken away you longed for their contact again. It was always something about Calum that intrigued you. You thought it was just the flirting but now that his hands were on you and the heat from his touch had lit up your entire body, you felt like it might be more.

“I don’t want to complicate things with you and your… boyfriend. I know you’re not fully ready to leave him, which is why I never really made a move.” Calum spoke. His voice was low and gentle, as if him speaking at his normal volume would shatter the moment and ruin it completely. The two of you were in the same position. You looked into his eyes as he spoke, waiting for him to go on.

“But I can’t keep staying away from you knowing how I feel… so, for now, when he asks… I’m just your neighbor. Okay?” You nodded your head and he placed his lips back on yours, falling into the same rhythm of your first kiss. You understood what he said to you and you knew he was right, but you also knew that there’s no way he’d be just your neighbor for too much longer.