this is probably one of the cutest scene

Reasons the whole Land Before Time series is incredibly important and awesome

Even if the sequels aren’t grim as hell and don’t leave kids emotionally scarred

  • Teaches kids that we’re all equal and have anti-racism and anti-any kind of discrimination messages
  • Shows that it is usually adults who are the discriminatory ones and kids are fine until their parents teach them otherwise. Also that it is up to kids to make the difference when adults are “set in their own ways”.
  • One of the main characters is canonically neurodivergent. Spike was literally created to appeal to mentally disabed kids.
  • And none of the characters ever try to get him to change or act like them or differentiate them from him. (He doesn’t look like us, he doesn’t eat like us, yes but he still likes to play the way we do~) He’s one of the gang and they love him for who he is. 
  • Even when they find out he can talk they never pressure him into it, Ducky says he can talk when he wants to, and the point is never pushed again. Wow Spike is so important my beautiful autistic non-verbal baby I’m tearing up.
  • Also Spike is happily adopted!! And his mum loves him like the rest of her kids! But sometimes wonders if he should grow up in his own culture and wants what’s best for him and doesn’t stop him when he leaves with the other Spike tails in VIII wow A+ adoption.
  • Single parent families!!
  • Grandparents raising their grandchild and treating them like their own son.
  • Speaking of which the Grandnecks are SO AWESOME do you know how many Sharpteeth these two old people beat up in the series?? It is a lot. They are the most badass couple ever. And also adorable.
  • How Cera develops from “Threehorns are so much better than Longnecks” to “Littlefoot is my FRIEND and if you insult him I WILL FUCK YOU UP”
  • (possibly not in exactly that wording)
  • Teaches kids that parents do not always know what’s best for you and teaches parents that too.
  • “Yelling is no way to teach your child what is right or to show that you care.”
  • Although there is so much of parents (and grandparents) caring for their kids and showing that parents are there to look after you and are incredibly important.
  • But also mixed with the message that adults might claim to know better than you but this isn’t always the case, although it doesn’t make them bad people.
  • And sometimes you have to follow your gut instinct than your parents’ rules. Seriously these films are so important
  • Deals with terminal illness (that is cured by special yellow flowers)
  • In one film there is an orphan who looked after younger orphans until they were all adopted and was essentially aged out of the foster care system. He’s very bitter.
  • (And he ends up happily adopted)
  • PTERANO who is the best anti-villain (or possibly anti-hero) ever
  • He also has PTSD and is so well written
  • Not a lot of unnecessary gendering of the dinos
  • I mean Littlefoot has longer eyelashes than Cera.
  • And a few characters whose genders never get mentioned at all everyone can be trans and it’s so great
  • Mr Threehorn almost always has a good point, he just goes completely the wrong way in getting it across and he’s a fantastic character.
  • SUE who is the biggest sweetie in the universe and incredibly nice and a little shy. And steps on crocodiles for fun.
  • People hate the Yellowbellies but I get a lot of autistic metaphors out of them. I mean they’re not great at looking after themselves in some situations, but Littlefoot discovers they have their own survival techniques that he doesn’t have and their own way of looking at things and there’s nothing wrong with that.
  • The Yellowbelly “wise one” is non-verbal and also makes friends with Spike and it’s the cutest ever.
  • Shorty thinking Cera is awesome. The most fragile ego in the world validating the other most fragile ego in the world.
  • When the kids decided to raise a baby Sharptooth.
  • Tria is an absolutely wonderful step-mother.
  • the
  • best
  • songs
  • in
  • the
  • world
  • That time when six kids and four adult Longnecks had an EPIC FIGHT SCENE with three Sharpteeth.
  • They have so much heart
  • (Also at one point there are aliens)

Request: BTS reaction when they at an variety Show with an female Idol and Start to have a crush her!?

AN: I made this kind of gender neutural. I hope that you’re okay w/ that anom! For this, you’re part of a girl group/boy group/coed group doesn’t matter tbh as long as your in a group and you’re group is on the show with BTS. 

SEOKJIN: Jin would probably try to get as much of your attention as often as possible. During tasks and games where a partner was needed, he’d definitely be the first person at your side asking to pair up. He’d probably be pretty obvious (intentionally), and would playfully flirt without you through the show. There would be so many fan theories after that episode aired, because his crush on you would be so blatant. Most of the scenes with him in it would be him flirting with you, because that’s what he did throughout the whole show; if they cut out every time that he flirted with you, he’d be on screen for maybe two seconds elapsed. That would be one of the cutest episodes of the show in existence because his flirting wouldn’t be gross, unwanted, and/or rude, but polite, playful, friendly, and adorable all in all. Probably makes awkward and horrible funny puns and pickup lines about/for you on the spot.

    “I can give you a lesson on how to perfectly blow the camera a kiss”

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YOONGI: Okay so I had a bit of trouble thinking of how Yoongi would react in this scenario, but I’ve figured it out! I feel like Yoongi would try to show off a lot. Like he’ll try super hard at any task there is; just go full out, and stop at nothing to win. Everytime that he succeeds, wins and/or answers correctly he looks at you like “hell yes I’m amazing”, but on the inside, he’s more like, “did I do good?”. Basically, I think that he would want your approval throughout the show, a bit like a puppy omggggg that's too cute to think about. The only problem with this is that he’s so    o b v i o u s. Unlike Jin, Yoongi thinks that he’s being inconspicuous, about his flirting. In fact, Yoongi doesn’t even know that he’s flirting. He would be showing off intentionally, but the little glance he would do at the end of everything would be out of his control. The show’s editing team would probably point all of this out every now and then, and like edit hearts and stuff, and make funny little comments

                                        *YOONGI ON THE OUTSIDE*

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                                          *YOONGI ON THE INSIDE*

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HOSEOK: Hoseok would probably be really upfront with everything. He would make his crush on you known to you, to your group members, the BTS members, the hosts, everyone! I feel like he’d act as he normally would during the show, albeit maybe a little more excited. Despite not trying to hide his crush, he wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable in any way shape or form, so he wouldn’t try to initiate too much skinship, or talk to you more than he would if he didn’t have a crush on you. Like I said before, he might be a bit more excited than usual during the show; this would mean that he would be visibly more happy (his smile would somehow get brighter. Can the sun even get brighter?). (the gif doesn’t really make sense, but i chose it for the text)

                                   “What would be your ideal type?”


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NAMJOON: To me, Namjoon (as the leader) would be the most diplomatic in this situation. He would want to keep everything professional so he wouldn’t flirt with you or anything do that would indicate him liking you. During his time spent with you, he would probably quickly fall for your natural charm. He would seem a bit distant throughout the show, but that would be because he was thinking about how to ask you out! After you guys finish filming the episode he would probably pull you aside and confess to you about his gigantic little crush on you, and who knows… maybe a relationship would bloom from this episode???!!! (c’mon we all know that if Namjoon asked any of us we would say yes so fast).

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JIMIN: I don’t really know why, but I feel like Jimin would accidentally tell everyone about his crush on you at the beginning of the show. Like he’d be zoning out and one of the hosts will ask him what he’s thinking about, and without thinking he’d respond with, “y’n” and then spend the next twenty minutes trying his best to cover for his slip up. He would be a little mochi the entire show because he’d be so embarrassed. And the other members would tease him so much!!! And your members would tease YOU so much!!! And overall it would be adorable???? He’d probably avoid you f o r e v e r  simply because he’d be so embarrassed (ik i already said that, stfu), so if you want a relationship (i know you do), then you’re going to have to approach him.

“I was just thinking about her smile! I mean how I can smile as nicely as                                                             her! Wait! I mean!”

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TAEHYUNG: Tae would probably be a mix of Jimin and Jin in this scenario. Maybe half way through the show, he would let it slip that he’s interested in you, but he’d probably just laugh it off and continue with his life. THe only thing is, now that you know that he likes you, he’s probably going to flirt SO MUCH omg. Just one hundred percent shameless flirting. He’ll constantly be looking in your direction, and like Jin, Tae’s flirting is playful and not rude. There’s not much to say, except good luck for Taehyung stans.

                                   “Aish we all know you love me too”

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JUNGKOOK: You already know that Jungkook, despite being Jungkook, is very awkward around girls (If you don’t identify as female and are in a boy group, he’s only awkward around you, and if you don’t identify as female and are in a coed group then he’s awkward around the girls in your group and you especially). So Jungkook would probably be an awkward mess around the other girls in your group, but YOU ESPECIALLY. His crush on you would be so obvious, and everyone knew it without him saying anything about it. His hyungs would definitely take the opportunity to tease and taunt him about his crush throughout the whole show. Even the editors would tpoint out his awkwardness around you when editing. 

                          “Jungkook! Smile for your girlfriend/boyfriend!”

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Preference - Cuddles


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     Scott was very protective of you when you guys were sleeping together. Usually you wouldn’t be very comfortable, with his big arms wrapped around you like you were a small bear, but with his presence next to you, you always drifted to sleep pretty fast. Even though you woke up with cramps in the weirdest of places because the awkward positions you were in the night before, you didn’t mind.


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     When you and Stiles cuddled, you would always be the big spoon. Always. Sometimes Stiles tried to get behind you, but it was always more comfortable when you held him from behind. If you weren’t spooning, you’d be facing each other, with your arms and legs wrapped around each other. When the two of you watched movies (usually Star Wars) together, he’d lay down with his head on your lap, and you would run your fingers through his hair. 


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     Liam and you were probably the cutest couple in all of Beacon Hills, which meant the two of you were the cutest cuddles. When watching scary movies with the rest of the pack, at a scary scene, Liam would suddenly jump, and you’d wrap your arms around him, laughing. At night, your arms would be around each other, with one of your legs over his.


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     Isaac was a very big person, and it was hard for you to get your arms or legs all the way around him, so you would stay straight, while Isaac kept his big arms around you. You would just keep one hand on his shoulder, and with the other, trace small patterns on his collarbone.

Author’s Note: Anotha one.

*Season 2 rumours*

- Eren and Historia as a couple. ( What is Ymir? A roach? )

- The Mary sue OC’s that have a tragic past/fanservice/Ackerman replacements/ I Always win types.

-Ditching the entire legendary manga and coming up with a cheap last second crappy story with a positive ending.

-The midget– I mean.. Levi dying.

- Making them all the same age.

- No Eruri, No Eremin, No LeviHan scenes.

- Making Eren and Levi the most heterosexual people in the whole anime.

- Making Hanji a joke.

-Ignoring Mikasa’s Abs, big feet, big nose, bara face, tall af, and musky smell just like they did in season one by making her with wide hips, big ass, titties, pink lips, shorter than Eren, and nicer. Mikasa literally has zero body fat.

-Ignoring Armins light brown hair, being the cutest out of the trio, and other things I could say but that’s because the person who animated Aot bluntly said he didn’t like Armin. Probably because Eremin kept BITCH slapping him. You do know that that scene in S1 episode 2 where Eren was having a bitch fit with Armin and then Mikasa went out of character and punched Eren in the face for calling him a coward. Yeaahh…. That was never canon it’s a false scene because it never happened in the manga. The manga is what’s actually canon. What about that scene where Mikasa pulls Eren out of the titan. Nope. It was actually Armin pulling him out of the titan in the manga. Or the last episode of S1 where Armin is standing nowhere near Eren’s bed but instead there was a Mikasa holding Eren’s hand. Nope. Armin was actually on Eren’s bed sitting very close to him while Mikasa was causally sitting by Eren in the manga.

-These animators are really homophobic. Especially with all those over exaggerated Riverta scenes that weren’t even canon. Just to make Levi seem to like basic Petra.

I could go on for hours but what’s the point if no one actually listens.

On and Off Screen

Author’s note: Eek, I can’t believe I finished this today! And omg it’s super long, too, I literally did not see this coming. //sweatdrop

Summary: AU. Nagisa and Rei are co-starring in a drama series that is about their fictional lives as boyfriends. Unfortunately, there is one scene that ends in a tickle fight in which Rei’s character has the upper hand and Nagisa doesn’t like the look on Rei’s face once they start rehearsing. At all.

Word Count: Almost 4k of pure Reigisa fluff! Hope it’s okay~ ♡

[Bonus: I used their voice actors’ names for their characters, lol
Also, maybe I can go by heart!Anon -if it’s not taken of course- because I’m too chicken? //hides]

Note to author: THIS IS THE CUTEST REIGISA FIC IVE EVER READ AND THIS AU IS SO REALISTIC!! *dies* everyone be prepared, read and die of fluff.

They were about to film the new episode and Nagisa was probably the most flustered person in the whole world because the last scene they had to film was a playful moment with his fellow actor and boyfriend, Ryuugazaki Rei. Usually he’d be jumping up and down at the thought because them playing a lovey-dovey scenes in this series was what made them fall for each other in the first place, but this one scene… Eh.

At first, Rei had been very distant and shy about the whole dating thing and the only reason he’d decided to audition was because he wanted to participate in showing the world that it was totally normal to be in a gay relationship. It was definitely not one of his first roles, which shone through his amazing skills; something that had made Nagisa question himself so many times for the first few months. Rei’s eyes held so many emotions whenever he was looking at him when they were filming and if Nagisa hadn’t pushed himself to take the first step, he wouldn’t have ended up in a real relationship with him.

It was true that Rei had been acting in the beginning, but after their first kiss on camera, Nagisa could definitely tell he was into it and after confronting him, Rei awkwardly admitted that he had indeed developed feelings for him. And so, they started hanging out in between takes and going on dates whenever they could. 

As usual, they received the script for the next episode two weeks in advance and Nagisa had happily been skimming through it until he reached page 28 where it said, “Daisuke playfully tickles Tsubasa… end act 7.”

Nagisa’s face had become bright red and he quickly turned to the next page, looking for his next scene. The butterflies in his stomach stopped him from focusing, though, because oh god, he didn’t want to get tickled by his boyfriend on camera. He’d probably get extremely flustered and make weird noises and ugh.

Slowly but surely, Nagisa let himself slide down the couch at the thought of Rei tickling him in front of twenty other people with at least five cameras pointed at them. Not to mention they were going to be practicing this scene multiple times and had to record it at least another ten times.

As icing on the cake, Nagisa knew that he was beyond ticklish and Rei was probably going to use it against him in the future.

Turned out he was right because they were at the studio now, going through all the lines and Rei was sitting next to him, holding his hand under the table; a habit they had developed in their first week of getting together. Their scene was coming closer and closer and Nagisa tried to shrug it off, but his heart ignored him and continued to ram itself against his chest. Luckily he managed to somewhat stay in character throughout the whole thing for which he patted himself on the shoulder.

Matsuoka Gou, the director, suddenly looked up from her script and clapped her hands. “Everyone, I’d like to take a small break. Good work so far!”

Everyone bowed and got out of their chair to go grab a drink, talking to each other excitedly about the new episode. Nagisa was about to get up, too, but Gou had walked up to him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Can I talk to you and Rei-kun for a sec, Nagisa-kun?”

Blinking, Nagisa let go of Rei’s hand and rose to his feet. “Sure? Everything okay?”

“Oh, it’s nothing,” Gou laughed and looked around to check if everyone had gone. “I just find it important to know what my actors are comfortable with and what they’d rather not do.”

Uh-oh. Nagisa already knew where this was going and resisted the urge to snort nervously. Instead, he nodded to indicate that she could continue.

“Obviously, it’s important that Rei-kun hears this, too. I’m assuming you’ve read the whole script of this week’s episode?” Another nod. “Right, so are you okay with Rei-kun tickling you? I know for a fact that my brother hates being tickled, like, he will seriously hurt you if you even think about trying, so I thought I’d ask to make sure.”

At least he wasn’t the only one feeling awkward, seeing that Rei’s cheekbones had also turned red, which made him feel slightly better.

Of course it was a normal question, asked by a professional on top of that, so Nagisa cleared his throat and put his hands behind his back because he couldn’t stop friggin’ fiddling. “I’m okay with it, yeah.”

“You sure? Because if you’re not, we can just replace it with a kiss and then do a fade out.”

Now she was just making it worse. How was Nagisa supposed to answer that without it sounding wrong. How.

“We can see how it goes and if he gets uncomfortable, we can always replace it with something else,” Rei spoke up and put his arm around Nagisa’s waist, rubbing it reassuringly. “Does that sound like a good idea?”

“Yes, excellent! Thank you for your time. I’ll leave you two alone, then.” Gou practically skipped to the nearest vending machine and Nagisa snickered to himself.

Rei pulled him down onto his lap and slipped his other arm around his torso as well, laying their hands over each other. “So, it’s safe to assume that you don’t dislike being tickled?”

The day had just begun and it was already getting out of hand. Rei sounded a little nervous, yes, but the smile was still evident in his voice.

Nagisa blinked and looked over his shoulder to see Rei looking up at him with a curious yet playful look. That idiot was enjoying this.

“You’re really mean, you know that?”

He shouldn’t have said that because the next thing he knew, he was trapped in a tickle hug. Nagisa squealed in surprise and pulled his knees up to his chest, wiggling around aimlessly in the other’s grip. Rei had strategically crossed his arms over his torso and was squeezing and tweaking his sides repeatedly.

“N-no! Rei-chan! We’re not shooting yehet!” he managed to giggle out and threw his head back against his boyfriend shoulder.

“All right, all right, sorry,” Rei chuckled and adjusted his grip on Nagisa to get more comfortable. “Can I at least know your worst spot?”

“Rei-chan, no.

It was no wonder people kept asking him if he had gotten a sunburn because his face was now permanently red. They went through the scene and Rei teasingly poked Nagisa’s side when they got to the tickling scene, making him jump and squeak and the entire crew laugh and coo. While Nagisa squirmed awkwardly in his seat, Rei patted his knee and whispered a soft apology in his ear, which made him relax again.

He had no idea what was going on anymore. It was common knowledge that most people didn’t really mind being tickled, some even liked it, but in Nagisa’s case that was kind of hard to get a grip on because he didn’t know whether he was just embarrassed or excited. Sure, his high school friends had tickled him a few times during lunch breaks and sometimes during swim practice, but that was about it and left him with little to no answers. He was usually on the other side, knowing fairly well how to tickle someone until they begged for mercy, so he had no idea about his feelings towards the receiving end. Pretty much any kind of psychical contact was fun in his eyes, so maybe he liked tickling as well.  

Nagisa curled up his toes at the thought of him finding out soon enough without having a choice because they would start rehearsing in a few days and before he could even blink, he and Rei were lying in bed, dressed in their own clothes still, cuddling in front of their crew.

Rei threw a crumbled up piece of paper at the trashcan next to the desk and purposely missed.

“Ah, damn it.”

“It’s okay. Not all of us can do simple things,” Nagisa giggled, already mentally preparing for the upcoming tickle attack.

“What did you say?” Rei turned to him oh so calmly and even though they had practiced these lines a few times already, he still felt goosebumps appearing all over his arms and legs. His voice did that thing were it lowered to a certain pitch that sent shivers down his spine and it made his heart flutter excitedly.

“That you can’t throw to save your life?”

Lazily throwing the blankets aside, Rei slung a leg over Nagisa’s waist and smirked down at him, making the other gulp in anticipation.

The next twenty seconds were of Nagisa laughing hysterically, Rei easily pinning him down and tickling him into oblivion. Rei’s fingers were everywhere, squeezing, grabbing, poking, scratching, scribbling, basically testing out different areas and techniques to see what kind of reactions he would get.

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Most likely to laugh during takes?  

Matthew: Honestly, Dom and I are probably the worst.

Dominic: We’re the worst, when we’re in our scenes together.

Matthew: I don’t think I ever laugh with any of the other ones. [c]


brace yourselves, this post is my love letter to x-men: apocalypse
  • i don’t care what the critics have to say, this might be my favorite x-men movie so far. here we go:
  • my fave storm rocks as usual of course, but the fact raven is her idol and she freaking betrayed apocalypse BECAUSE OF HER was my favorite thing. idk i just have too many feels about that one
  • my baby raven is an icon and worshiped by all mutants AND humans. never thought i’d see that and it made me sooo happy
  • kurt is a precious cinnamon roll who must be protected at all costs
  • rip alex :( i loved the scene where he destroyed the cerebro
  • CHARLES. that’s it. i don’t have words to describe my love for him. probably my favorite male character in anything, ever
  • SCOTT AND JEAN ARE LITERALLY THE CUTEST. but i wanted a kiss so bad :(
  • i didn’t even ship charles and moira that much in first class, but now, OH MY. HIM FINALLY GIVING HER HER MEMORIES BACK AND CHOOSING HIS OWN HAPPINESS FOR ONCE. and the fact she has a son that he’s gonna meet now, i can’t even
  • eric having a family was f*cking weird man
  • jean, scott, kurt, and jubilee watching star wars was amazing
  • that slow motion scene with peter was everything
  • jean and kurt AND THEIR LEADER SCOTT saving everyone made me so happy. they’re all so new at this and already so good at everything 
  • the only thing i didn’t like was that creepy af scene between logan and jean though. like, STAY THE F*CK AWAY FROM HER SHE’S A CHILD
  • BEASTIQUE LIVES GUYS. sure, nothing really happened, but it’s so obvious they still have feelings for each other and i’m weak
  • erik actually listening to raven AND betraying apocalypse WHEN HE STARTED TO HURT CHARLES. i was convinced he would do it after hearing peter was his son, but this was SO much better. also, when he put a big X in front of charles to protect him, that was the best. charles/raven will always be my favorite brotp in the movies, but cherik wins this one
  • and of course, MY FAVORITE SCENE OF THE MOVIE: JEAN GREY BECOMING THE PHOENIX. i freaking loved how they made her/a woman the most powerful mutant. idk i just loved that scene so much 
  • AND MY FAVORITE PART: RAVEN BECOMING THEIR TRAINER AND STAYING WITH CHARLES, WHERE SHE ALWAYS BELONGED. i guess she did come home after all. i do wish we got more of them though :(
  • in conclusion, i love everyone, i ship everything, and i CANNOT wait to see this movie again. what an ending to a beautiful trilogy 

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What members of nct would want theor s/o to be more submissive and who would want someone more dominant? (Sexually and non-sexually)

for this, i will be adding hansol, johnny and kun because why not but for obvious reasons, i won’t be writing mark or haechan. putting this under a read more, though, this is hella long-

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Some thoughts on the new ep
  • it was probably the sraightest epizode of the season
  • that first supercorp scene could not be more straight
  • lena looked so damn great the whole epizode
  • jack seemed cool
  • lena trying not to smile is one of the cutest things i’ve seen
  • that scene where karamel joined jack and lena’s dinner was fun to watch
  • that awkward hug between jack and ‘mike’ ♥ 
  • every karamel scene this epizode made me wish that they weren’t in a romantic relationship even more
  • i love them as dorky best friends so freaking much
  • explosive lyra was amazing
  • all scenes between james and winn were sooooo cuutee and i love their friendship
  • lena being badass was all i needed
  • girlfriends saving each other ♥
  • and yes, of course they had to kill jack
  • it’s like there is a rule that says that lena cant be happy more then for a few minutes
  • i really, really hope they wont make lena go evil

sorry for the mistakes, just wanted to share some thoughts

The 5 Best Dolenzmith episodes of The Monkees

- as requested by Anon

This is honestly really really hard!! It doesn’t help that it’s been so long since I sat down to properly watch The Monkees, so I’m probably missing loads of little moments that occur throughout loads of episodes. Mike and Micky getting super close is a really common occurance, which is why it’s hard to sort of whittle them down. Like there are some episodes that are littered with Dolenzmith moments, and other’s that’ll just have one or two really big Dolenzmith scenes.

This is more going by moments, as opposed to full-episodes, if that makes sense. Because I’m having to base it off memory, but I’m hoping these will sort of cover Mike and Micky’s relationship quite well.

In no particular order….

1. The Chaperone

This episode features probably the most iconic Dolenzmith moment, which is their near-“kiss”. Like under no circumstances would two people ever need to be that close unless they were about to bump uglies, you dig?

Originally posted by pippielongstocking

But that isn’t the only moment. The moment when Micky first reveals himself as Mrs Arcadian, Mike certainly looks more shocked than anyone else… shocked because he LOVEs IT

2. Hillbilly Honeymoon

This episode has a few seriously cute M&M moments.

Look at them getting ridiculously close here

And then there’s this whole sequence where they’re basically a man (Mike) and wife (Micky) with a (pig) baby


3. Alias Micky Dolenz

This is an often forgotten Dolenzmithy ep, mainly for the whole beginning sequence. Mike man-handles Micky a fair bit at the start of this episode when he’s trying to get Mick to report his “attack”.

And then there’s the bit in the station where they’re super-close (duh), lots of touching, and the moment when Mike just stares at Micky while Mick describes himself as “handsome”

And then when they recoil in shock and basically hold hands

And then there’s Mike shaking his head when the detective guy suggests Micky impersonates Babyface, telling Micky it’s a bad idea and basically wanting to protect him. And then after that when Mike just randomly decides to pet Micky’s face?????????

There are waaaaay too many examples of M&M being touchy-feely with each other, and it certainly seems like Mike especially can’t keep his hands off Mickles. I don’t blame him because WHAT A CUTIE.

4. Monstrous Monkee Mash

First up you have the moment where Micky freaks the-fuck-out when he thinks that that book wants him to be a vampire, and Mike just stays perfectly calm and explains to Mick that that’s not the case; “it’s not you, it’s everbody.” I like to think this is how they roll: Micky freaks out and Mike remains completely calm and unfazed by Micky’s moment of madness and quietly and calmly reassures him until Micky manages to calm down.

But here they are being rather close while reading the book

Then there’s the bit where they’re left just the two of them and Micky is really scared

I mean are these two even real??????

Here’s them looking like they’re about to make out again

Can they not for like 5 seconds???

Also is it just me who LOVES the way Mike calls Micky’s name? Like there are a few episodes where he calls “Miiick, Miiiick” and I just…I fucking love it bYE

Oh and here’s a bonus pic of Mike touching Micky while Micky appears to be holding his crotch?????

ALSO. Although this scene didn’t make the episode, the “Save the Texas Prairie Chicken” outtake from this ep (that appeared at the end of Monkees on the Wheel) is probably my most favourite Micky and Mike moment;

gifs courtesy of heycarrieanne <3

These two just crack each other up the moment they look at each other and it is the cutest and funniest thing in the world ever, it makes my heart so happy whenever I watch it

5. ???????

Honestly, I’m stuck with the last one, purely because I’m torn between several episodes! So instead I’m going to just sort of do a little compilation of some great Dolenzmith moments…

Son of a Gypsy

This is a prime example how well these two work together and bounce off of each other - and their chemistry is just undeniable, and some of the greatest highlights of The Monkees is when Micky and Mike work together like this! And again…not only is it funny and cute and charming, but they’re SUPER TOUCHY FEELY and once again decide to hold hands. Blessss.

The Case of the Missing Monkee

If this doesn’t prove that Mike can’t keep his hands off Micky, I don’t know what does. He does give Davy a helping hand up the ladder too, but not by grabbing Davy’s arse?! If you watch this scene closely it looks like Mike hesitates for a milisecond before thinking “bugger it” and then just copping a major feel of Micky’s backside. Again, I ain’t judging. Micky has a good bum.

Monkees on the Wheel

To be fair, both Peter and Davy are touching Micky here, comforting him as he’s upset that he doesn’t have “magic fingers”. Mike, however, is the only one who pets Micky’s head/face.

Don’t Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Because this is normal behaviour, isn’t it?????

(gif by alternate-title)

Micky is doing his werewolf impression (as you do), and Mike is not only completely unfazed by it, but he salts his hand so Micky can eat it ???????? And he doesn’t even care, as if this is an every day occurance????!! He almost looks happy to see that Micky is tucking into his hand????!!!!!

Also BONUS for this moment, which I seriously don’t think was scripted because of Mike’s genuine look of WTF/concern

(gif also by alternate-title)

I’m triggering my memory/getting inspiration from coolcherrycream’s website (where most of these screen shots in this post come from!), clicking on random episodes to see all the pictures and honestly…pretty much every ep I click on has at least one scene where Micky and Mike get really really close. So I’m sort of spoilt for choice really!! Like I said, I haven’t sat down and watched many episodes of The Monkees in so long, so honestly my memory is pretty scetchy.

Monkees in the Ring

This is quite a brief scene, but it’s another example of M&M putting their heads together and working as their own little team - all the while getting freakishly close (#STANDARD). There’s also the perfect moment of them trying to climb into the boxing ring!

The Monkees Paw

This whole scene is another favourite of mine, as even though they’re playing other characters here (sort of?!) they’re still bouncing off each other and just generally being hilarious and weird <333

Honestly, I could go on and on and on, so I think I need to wrap this up now! Last year I did plan on documenting every single Dolenzmithy moment from the show, when I started my episode reviews, but that was actually so so hard because there was literally just SO MANY.

But anyway, feel free to browse my #dolenzmith tag on my blog because I’ve written extensively about these two before!

Gavrosh (1937), directed by Tatyana Lukashevich

[Russian version]

  • I neither speak nor understand Russian. This is gonna be fun.
  • I think the beginning scene is supposed to be Valjean getting out of the Water after he escaped the second Bagne???
  • Also that dude can not draw (by which I mean I don’t get what the drawing is supposed to be)
  • wait wait wait wait wait
  • wait
  • wait.
  • wait…
  • Gavroche finishing Enj’s drawing yessssss
  • Gavroche is the cutest srsly
  • I can’t believe it
  • this is the best I love this so much and I’ve only barely watched 5 minutes (the movie is 1 hour long just FYI)
  • physically a very good Montparnasse ( I love the flower cravatte)
  • could be more suave though. He seems a bit awkward pickpocketing that guy
  • What is that kid doing in the water eating the bread people throw him????
  • 1) Montparnasse is an ass
  • 2) YOU GO GAV
  • I love how Gavroche says Montparnasse
  • Up close, the actor is a bit old to play Parnasse, but who am I to complain?
  • What is even happening?
  • Okay so I think Valjean just got arrested?
  • “It’s me, Gavroche Thénardier.” I live for this Gavroche tbh
  • And now everybody is sad
  • Please tell me the flowergirl and the guy were Cosette and Marius bc that’s one good awkward Marius
  • (Although it’s odd that Cosette sells flowers but it’s [probably] a propaganda movie so what do you want]
  • Oh that explains why they didn’t show Monsieur Madeleine or the bishop of digne
  • honestly I shouldn’t be surprised bc the movie is literally about Gavroche but I’m so happy about this
  • and Enj is back!
  • “anjelras”
  • fuck yeah I love this movie
  • and now everybody is happy
  • I can forgive them that Enj looks nothing like Enj
  • Literally everything about this movie is perfect until now
  • Gavroche & his brothers is literally the cutest thing ever
  • I would have liked them to include the scene where Gav tells Parnasse he’s sleeping in the Elephant and Parnasse tries to follow him and gloriously fails
  • The national guard is on the way Shit is going to go down
  • This cravat with those pants Montparnasse? I don’t think so
  • wait are his brothers gone?
  • No Gavroche don’t be sad
  • Is that Enj or Marius? Damn it’s so hard to keep them appart
  • Flower Girl (cosette?) giving away messages about the ABC yes that’s my girl
  • Gavroche singing :D:D:D:D:D:D:D
  • Gav taking care of his little brothers <3<3<3<3<3<3
  • damn somebody got shot but I have no idea who he is supposed to be
  • now the rebellion has started
  • I love it when they throw furniture out of the windows
  • Did they just say Prouvaire ???
  • Why is Gavroche kneeling in front of Montparnasse???
  • Why is Montparnasse such an asshole in this movie????
  • okay so flower girl’s name is Madeleine??? Now is she supposed to be Cosette or is she an OC?
  • I would have liked them to include Gav’s note he left after taking the charrette though
  • nice barricade fight
  • women at the barricade fighting along
  • Madeleine with a bajonet at the front of the barricade fighting
  • okay but who is this man Gavroche is so happy to see? Bc it sure as hell isn’t Thénardier
  • In some way I managed to miss how they arrested Javert
  • also he manages to free himself so no Valjean
  • why is there a monkey?
  • oh wait he’s not dead
  • yes he is
  • NO GAVROCHE STOP GO BACK (I will be emotional over this scene for the rest of my life)
  • oh hey look there’s Valjean
  • and even more Furniture
  • not anymore
  • okay this was literally the best when it comes to Gavroche and the rest was just ????????????????????????
  • but I liked it a lot

Originally posted by yoo-sijin

Descendants of the Sun just released their last special episode a couple of weeks ago, I am definitely feeling a lot of separation anxiety. I was wishing that they’d extend until episode 21, it was definitely worth all that days of wait for each episode. Such an amazing comeback for Song Joongki! I have been a fan since the series Obstetrics and Gynecology where he was just a supporting actor. I am a proud fan. Here are some of my favorite moments from the series and trust me it is so hard to choose!!! 

Originally posted by lionbaek

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This is one of the cutest and sweetest scenes. Rin has the chance to dance with Shiemi at the festival, something he’s wanted to do since the moment he found out about the festival and instead of doing just that, he takes her to find Yukio so they could all have a moment of fun together. Rin’s well aware of how stressed out and unhappy his brother is to the point where Yukio turned down Shiemi’s offer, something Rin knows Yukio probably would’ve liked to say yes to. So instead of taking the moment for himself, Rin includes Yukio (even though he thinks Rin is just being ridiculous, what else is new lol).

They have a strained relationship from Yukio’s end. He harbors a lot of bitterness, anger, and jealousy towards Rin bottled up deep inside. I don’t think Rin always knows what’s going on in Yukio’s head but Rin always does want what’s best for Yukio even if it means Rin having to give up a moment he wanted for himself. It’s also for Shiemi too though. He knew she was worried about Yukio too, and Rin probably knew it would mean a lot to her to include Yukio too, to know he was okay at the festival. It’s so adorable okay.

BTS Jimin as a boyfriend
  • So when you guys first meet he would be SOO nervous and would be talking to the members like “ ugh, guys, so I just met this girl and she looks so…cute * blushing already * * trying to keep his feeling lowkey *  and idk what to do cause I WANNA TALK TO HER BUT I DONT WANNA SEEM TO INTROSIVE AND UGHHHH ” *mental breakdown* 
  • When you both start talking to each other, you wouldn’t really notice that he liked you and would just think that he acted that way towards everyone but you would still notice the way he blushes whenever you show slight skinship or how he’s always texting you things like…
  • “ OMG THERES A KITTEN OUTSIDE THE DORM THAT REMINDS ME OF YOU … * 3 minutes later * OMg I’m sorry I didn’t mean it to sound weird or anything *10 minutes later * Ugh I’m really sorry…you can just ignore me ..… ” and its the CUTEST THING EVER AHHHH 
  • The other members would alwasy be nagging Jimin about how hes “ sick in love ~~ ” with you and te moment he admits it .… They would tease him soooo bad ( not as bad as maybe Jungkook but ,,, hes still a sensitive baby u know ? * cries from too many feels * ) 
  • He probably wouldn’t be able to confess cause he’s too nervous that you’ll reject him so the members would end up telling you and it would be one of those adorbale cliche scenes where you’ll go to the dorm and he’ll be like “ oh, what are you doing here? ” and as you stepped inside the dorm, you would sigh and say “ Jimin…Do you like me ????? ” At this point he would be freaking out on the inside cause SHIT I RUINED OUR FRIENDSHIP. SHES GONNA REJECT ME…BUT …BUT I CAN’T TAKE REJECTION * cries in korean * and while hes having a mental breakdown you would say that you like him and everything would be so overwhelming and perfect for him ~~ 
  • Once you start dating …SOOOOO MUCH SKINSHIP but like there would be some PDA but I can see him being slightly possesive?? So on certain types of showing affection he would be really ehem,, private with those things 
  • The type to not necessarily brag about you but talks about you A LOT to the members.…they would have to get used to hearing about you
  • “ GUYS look how cute y/n looked todayyyyy * shows picture * ”
  • “ GUYYYSS look at this picture we took together ~~ * shows picture * " 
  • ” GUYYYSS y/n is sick and she was SOOOO CUTEEE like her voice is all snuffly but when she sneezed it was ADORABLEEE * collapses on couch * “ 
  • ” GUYYYS- *members walk in * 
  • Jimin: *whispers* u don’t get to call her cute tho *glares at them mentally*    
  • When you’re on a date with him he would always be asking you “ Do you want this?? ” CAUSE HE WOULD BE SO GIVING IN THE GIFT SECTION (*whispers* in other sections as well *smirk*) and would love seeing wear some jewelry he got you or smth 
  • Morning texts + GOodnight texts ~~
  • Teasing you about your height 
  • OMG he would ALWAYS want to be the big spoon cause hes protective and  would feel like “ OPPA WILL ALWAYS PROTECT YOU ” even in his sleep …
  • Him getting jealous when you call other members Oppa 
  • The other members throwing up by how sweet you guys are to each other sometimes *jealous kookie in the background* *jealous Taetae in the background* *actually…jealous BTS in the background cause damn he’s shipped with everyone*
  • Super romantic dates that aren’t TOO fancy but are super comfortable and its just so heartwarming AGHHH WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF 
  • Late night talks about all your feelingssss ( where he files in his complaints about the members as well …) 
  • Slow dancing with him on ur anniversaty cause he’s greasy and romantic like that 
  • *sorry I died * 
  • *too many feels right now*

// HII– I’m sorta back? Im still on a litle hiatus since I’m not off break but the requests are still Closed IM SO SORRY *crieesss* BUT if it’s about this post and how you feel about it ( if you want me to do the other members as well?? ) than i would lovvveee to read them cause they give me so much support and inspiration – I know this doesn’t make up for how much time I’ve been taking but I really hope u guys like it and if you want more of this ‘boyfriend’ series please tell me – ANYWAYS Thanks for reading and i hope you liked it <3<3 //

kani-luvspink  asked:

One of your fics (the one with Dex and the Betta Fish) included the tag almost accidental baby acquisition. This made me wonder, what would actual accidental nurseydex baby acquisition be like?


(also i totally chickened out this is barely accidental baby acquisition I just couldn’t find it in myself to hand these two idiots a baby of their own.)

(also also: I’d just like to direct everyone to this text post I made a while ago. Just saying.)

So with that I give you: Nursey and Dex are faced with the task of babysitting Dex’s niece:

Nursey wanted to know how exactly he had ended up here, in the Poindexter’s home in Maine, sitting on the Poindexter’s couch in the Poindexter’s living room, holding a screaming, crying, seven month old Poindexter.

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anonymous asked:

I'm very new to this fandom and was wondering if you could maybe suggest some of the better songs or maybe tell me about about the members? I know about the guy that got kicked out but that's really it xx

I can do both!! (sorry it took so long to answer this doll :( )

My personal favorite songs from each of the albums are 

Swan Songs: Bottle and a Gun, Young, California, and This Love This Hate

American Tragedy: Comin In Hot, Hear Me Now, Lump Your Head, and Glory

Notes From the Underground: We Are, Delish, Up In Smoke

Day of the Dead: Guzzle Guzzle, Dark Places, War Child, and Disease

Now, let’s get to the basics. 

So for the members, we have 

J-Dog/ Jorel Decker

He was one of two people to start Hollywood Undead. He does vocals, guitar, bass, and keyboard for the band. His girlfriend (pictured above) is Vanessa James and they are the cutest couple ever. Uh…random info: he has stretched ears, a cat named Tiger, he’s kind of a shy dude and acts like he’s gangster but is really just a huge dork. Beware of band ships with him *cough Derillo* 

Charlie Scene/Jordon Terrell 

Probably the most well known member of HU if we’re being honest. I blame Everywhere I Go Famous for rapping about sex and drinking and is in almost every HU song. He does vocals (both rapping and singing) and guitar. He recently got married to Randi. (pictured above.) He has the least tattoos of all the members and he hates being called “Jordon” by fans (but we still do it anyway…just not to his face whoops) He also has a habit of calling his bandmates faggots

Johnny Three Tears/ George Ragan

Known by many names…J3T, Johnny, George, Big Angry Emo *looks at bamshackalaka * He does vocals and occasionally plays bass live. Most of his lyrics have to do with more serious matters rather than partying/sexual endeavors. He has a daughter named Ava (pictured above, although she is a lot older now as that picture is old) and has (had?) a girlfriend named Asia Borden. erm..people recently are starting to think they broke up but there’;s no proof so.. He has a big 3 tattooed on his neck and for some reason always wears sunglasses (it’s always sunny in doucheville….just kidding, George)

Da Kurlzz/ Matthew Busek

That one guy that everyone in the band picks on. He does drumming and backup vocals/screams. He has a couple verses in the songs The Natives, Christmas in Hollywood, and Scene for Dummies but that’s pretty much the extent of him having lyrics. He is known for his massive wild curly hair (it’s so big cause it’s full of secrets.) one time he cut it all was a dark time for the fandom. 

oh and he has a pet chicken named Daisy.

Danny/ Daniel Murillo

Danny…oh Danny…

Well, he’s the guy they replaced Deuce with. He does vocals (his voice is angelic) occasionally guitar, and bass. Fun fact: he was on American Idol (he didn’t win…but he joined HU so I guess that’s better.) He and his wife Theresa (pictured above) have been married since his emo idol days (also pictured above) and they have a daughter named Scarlett. 

Funny Man/ Dylan Alvarez

“The Funny Man ain’t Africa,he’s Mexican” (enough people thought he was black when the band started because of his insanely low rapping voice that they felt the need to write a lyric clarifying that he is indeed not black)

Funny contributes vocals (mostly in the band’s party songs teemed with Charlie Scene) he is famous for his low sexually attractive voice and his stupid little mexi-boy mustache (but we all love it) he likes weed

i mean, he really likes weed

he also is ripped as hell and is another one of those guys that looks intimidating as fuck but is actually a huge sweetie. He also does a lot with the brand Bastard Threads. J3T once made a post about him being gay and everyone took it seriously. 

He also lit a cigarette with a blow torch before…that was funny. 

Deuce/ Aron Erlichman

just kidding 

well as you said, you know a bit about Deuce. He started HU (along with J-Dog) but was kicked out of the band for some unconfirmed reason. He did most of the writing, vocals, and producing (hence him also being known as Tha Producer.) Now he’s a solo artist collaborating with his sister (Arina Chole), Gadjet, and Truth, among other artists. His album is Nine Lives and he is currently working on releasing a second album. 

And there you have it! A quick overview of Hollywood Undead! I hope it was helpful or at least semi amusing. Welcome to the fandom! :)