this is probably one of my favourite exhibitions

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grantaire's like this hobo, hipster creature and dresses like a homeless person and no one asks him about it because you just don't so they just assume he's homeless but whenever the amis is faced with a financial problem he's just "ok ill handle that" and he actually owns an island or something

Heir to a corporate mogul is one of my favourite Grantaire headcanons ohmygod y’all don’t even know, just imagine everyone misunderstanding Grantaire even though he’s not exactly trying to hide his wealth, like:

“Where are you staying tonight?” // “I don’t know, we’ll see?” 

And people assume he’s homeless, and taking turns crashing at a different friend’s house every few nights, but in actuality, he just isn’t sure which penthouse he wants to spend the night in yet, probably whichever one is closest to where he gets drunk at though?

When he shows up in a hella expensive suit for Feuilly’s art exhibition: “Dude, that suit looks dope? How much did you get it for?” // “I don’t know, I just took it?”

And they low-key assume he either 1) stole it, 2) borrowed it off someone, when really, he’s just rich enough to shop without having to check price tags?

Oooh, when he picks up the tab for the amis at a bar: “It’s fine, it’s really not much.” // “…..should we try to pay for this? I know R used to work here, but can he really get this much money written off?” 

When really, Grantaire’s just passing his credit card to the bartender, not even bothering to ask for the bill, because it’s not like he’s the one paying his credit card bills, and really, this money is peanuts to his family. 


So, as a lot of you know, I’m a huge fan of Thomas Sanders, and especially of the different “personality” characters that he has created. In fact, he and his characters are among my Special Interests. I rewatch all the videos that feature the personalities, plus a few others, at least once a day. And it’s because of this, that I’ve noticed something very important - something so important that I’m actually writing out a proper essay with punctuation and capital letters and everything.

What have I noticed, then, that is so important? Simple. In almost every aspect of his behaviour, Logic/Logan acts as though he is autistic.

While all iterations of Thomas are socially awkward, Logan takes it to a whole other level. As shown in the Valentine’s Day video, he has little to no understanding of how communication between humans actually works. He has difficulties comprehending emotions, especially the emotions of others. He has repeatedly been portrayed as unable to tell when something is a joke, and he takes everything very literally. When Anxiety said “Let me take a stab,” he didn’t understand that it was a metaphor but instead thought Anxiety had a knife and was about to stab someone. While he has expressed some interest in wordplay (“Don’t you mean a little… cat nap?), he gets frustrated and confused by a lot of Morality’s jokes - especially the ones that are built on facts that are only technically correct (such as the flamingo standing on one leg one). He shows signs of having Special Interests; when asked about his favourite book he immediately went straight to the ending - a typical infodump.

All of these are signs pointing directly to autism.

Now, I am very well aware that Logan was probably not intended to be written as an autistic character. He is most likely an invocation of the popular “emotionally stunted genius” trope, much like Sherlock Holmes or Spock or any other of the literal hundreds of characters who exhibit these traits. I mean, he was even explicitly compared to Sherlock in ‘Losing my Motivation’.

But this doesn’t change the fact that he is written like an autistic character, intentionally or not. He still exhibits these characteristics. Logan is autistic, and there is nothing that anyone can say to convince me otherwise.

I think it’s very, very important that people know this. As a person with autism, I so rarely see people I can see myself as in the media, and when I do there’s rarely any label attached other than the trope I mentioned earlier.

I would like to ask everyone who reads this to help me reach out to Thomas himself about this. Asks, tagging him in this, whatever you think will work best. When approached about his personalities resembling DID he took action to go educate himself on the topic to make sure he wouldn’t offend or hurt anyone. I’m sure, if made aware, he will do the same for this.

Even if you don’t want to help me out with getting the message directly to him, please spread this post around. I want it to get traction. I want it to be talked about. Please.

Oh, and also, just in case this works on the first try, @thatsthat24 I wrote this entire essay with the explicit purpose of getting you to see it.

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in light of ur recent skating blogging: i love watching figure skating but i've never followed the sport consistently. what are some of your favorite programs?

oh gosh, salma, my darling, my precious pomegranate, you’ve done it now. deep breaths. here we go.

my favourite programs from this season are:

my favourite womens’ programs:

my favourite men’s programs:

my favourite pairs programs (this is gonna be shorter):

  • shen & zhao (my faves): “pas de deux,” “adagio in g minor,” and “who wants to live forever
  • sale & pelletier have squandered all goodwill i may’ve once held for them by being massive dicks, but “love story” is still brilliant
  • berezhnaya & sikharulidze have a story that deserves a movie, and “dark eyes” was part of the beginning of that story

my favourite dance programs:

  • davis & white (my precious children): their sexy latin short from 2012, “notre dame de paris” (very likely my favourite figure skating program of all time), and their olympic gold-winning “scheherazade
  • virtue & moir (my other equally precious children): also skated to prince this year. ice dance is so good to me, always. “the great gig in the sky”: almost too sexy to deal with. and, of course, “funny face” and “the umbrellas of cherbourg
  • they may not jump, but these days, ice dancers are the best skaters in the world. that wasn’t always the case - they used to be really good at posing and not much else. the team who did the most to see that changed that is shae-lynn bourne and victor kraatz, who were often too ahead of their time to ever get the medal recognition they deserved. they did, however, give us one of the most famous figure skating programs of all time: their iconic riverdance free dance
  • torvill & dean are probably the team that started the change, and their “bolero” is still famous
  • dubreuil & lauzon came after bourne & kraatz and continued to push the envelope, but were far enough into the change that they got rewarded: “at last,” “ne me quitte pas,” and “singing in the rain

(some) of my favourite exhibition numbers:

Amsterdam Pride - alle kleuren van de regenboog!

Yes! It’s almost that time of year again where Amsterdam hosts probably the largest LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual, Queer, Intersex and Asexual) Pride celebration in the world.

It shall commence on Saturday 29th July 2017 and end on Sunday 6th August 2017 (with the infamous Canal Parade taking place on Saturday 5th August).

Let’s have a little history lesson.

Most people are aware that the Netherlands is very well known for its historically progressive approach to LGBT rights. In fact, it is considered to be the most culturally liberal in the world. Recent polls have shown that 90% of the Dutch people support same-sex marriage. Overwhelmingly large for an entire country!

Same-sex activity was first legalised in the Netherlands way back in 1811 after France invaded the country and installed the Napoleonic Code, erasing any remaining sodomy laws and no more were enacted after the country received independence.

Tolerance and awareness towards homosexuality grew and eradicated the consensus that it was considered to be a mental illness in 1973 and banned the law for discrimination of sexual orientation in the military. In 1987, the Homomonument memorial (a large pink granite triangle in the middle of Amsterdam) was erected to “inspire and support lesbians and gays in their struggle against denial, oppression and discrimination” and to pay respect to all of the gay men and lesbians who were tormented in World War II due to their homosexuality. This monument is the first in the world to commemorate gays and lesbians who were killed by the Nazis.

In 1993, the Equal Rights Law was installed where the discrimination of sexual orientation was banned in places of employment, housing, public accommodations, and more. Same-sex Registered Partnerships were legalised in 1998, closely followed by same-sex Marriage in 2001. This includes the right for same-sex joint and step adoption, lesbians may access IVF treatment if desired and transsexuals are allowed to change their legal gender (following diagnosis, but not necessarily with surgery or hormonal treatment).

A bit more about the Pride festival itself.

The first ever Amsterdam Pride was organised in 1996 with a focus on celebrating freedom and diversity, rather than demonstrations of equal rights as with most other Gay Prides. Roze Zaterdag/Pink Saturday is the event (which first occurred in 1977) that relates to the movement for gay rights specifically, rather than a celebration for all. I will talk about that another time!

The full week is chock-a-block with various activities for LGBT supporters, including exhibitions, cultural and sport events. The colourful celebrations happen citywide, with the most anticipated being the Canal Parade which involves heavily decorated boats, floats and musical performances drifting down the main canals for the party-goers to enjoy. Finally, there is a huge closing party on the Sunday on Rembrandtplein.

It’s absolutely worth visiting!

To date, this is probably one of my most favourite festivals I have ever attended in Europe. Last year was my first visit, just after we first moved to the Netherlands in fact, and it’s vibrant and fun, and the atmosphere made it impossible to not just feel excited and happy.

I understand that some people feel perhaps intimidated by an event such as this, and this could be for a whole host of reasons from upbringing to just not being that into a party environment. Let me tell you, not once did I feel like I was forced out of my comfort zone by another. Everyone was truly respectful and open.

It really is just a celebration for diversity and freedom.

So, if you’ve never been and feel like a party, ik beveel het sterk aan!

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When you wrote skating routines, which irl figure skater(s) did you watch most often? Did any performances stand out to you while you were doing research for the fic?

I watched most of the famous ones and in particular ones who had direct or indirect connections with YOI like Evgeni Plushenko, Johnny Weir, Evgenia Medvedeva and Stephane Lambiel. I love a lot of the routines, especially some of the exhibition ones, but my all time favourite is probably Stephane Lambiel’s ‘please don’t stop the music’ because it is beautiful and also ridiculously extra and amazing

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could you share your thoughts about the ladies costumes on got? like whose costumes you liked and when, which ones you didn't etc?

Ah, sure! Be warned—naturally I have a lot of thoughts.

I think the GoT costumes are stunning. In fact, the production design has always been one of my main reasons for watching. Most designers only dream of having that kind of budget and that many talented people in the costume department (including a full-time embroiderer like Michele Carragher). So the product is bound to be pretty great. I preferred Michele Clapton as designer, and the overall concept really remains hers. Clapton left after Season 5 and was replaced by April Ferry.

Specific Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned before, I believe the costumes were strongest in Seasons 1 and 2, before the budget exploded. Sure, the extra resources help secure the best fabrics and quality garment construction/detailing, but I liked a lot of the simpler (messier?) designs. i.e. what we saw with Robert’s visit to Winterfell, in the very beginning. I found the earlier hair and makeup much better too, though Cersei’s stuff was a little wild (I’ll make a few comments on wigs/makeup/styling as well, though note that these form separate departments in TV production).

high collars and layers r’hllor bless

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What do you do in the inner world? And what do you like doing in your free time?

I’m a contemporary dancer inner world, I work in a place called “The Place” (great name, eh? 😂) in London and sometimes tour, sometimes work with students who are on their way to having dance as a career and working with dance companies both local and otherwise. I’m massively lucky that I got to do one of my favourite hobbies as a job!

Photography is another big hobby of mine, but I’m no where near being a professional, just a pretty good ametuer. one of my big life dreams (probably inner and outer world) is having my photography up in the London Wildlife Photographer exhibition - I wouldn’t even need to win, just having that there would be amaaaaaaaaaazing! (If you’re ever in London by the way, definitely check that out, it’s great!)

This is one of the pictures I’ve taken out here!

Other than that, dogs are a pretty big passion of mine. (Fun way to say I’m a huge nerd for anything that falls under the category of dog 😂). I really want to volunteer to work in a dog shelter out here like I do inner world, but I’m worried I’ll end up coming home with 5000 dogs. 

I hang out with Iris and her sister a lot inner world and I’m dragged all over the world with her for her work, which is great because it means I get to spend a lot of time in really cool places! I’m getting back into the vibe of being social again, that last year i had a bit of a breakdown and became a bit of a hermit, but I’m feeling much better again now, which means I can do all the things I missed out on!



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Can I ask 18, 26, and 49? Thanks!

18. A quote I live by:
(a quote to live by:) “Love one other.” -Geo
26. A fictional character I relate to
Clarice Starling, also one of my favourite fictional characters. 
49. Something great I’ve already accomplished
Probably getting my very own (and first I might say) exhibition come next October, to portray my musician portraits accumulated over the years! I’m happy about it and think it is great so there goes.

Thank you wonder.. :’)

I’ve seen quite a few of these “How to get into” charts for popular, acclaimed artists like David Bowie, Radiohead, Bjork, Animal Collective etc. So here’s someone you may never have heard of.

Jenny Owen Youngs is one of my favourite singer/songwriters, and Batten The Hatches is one of my favourite albums. Here’s my guide to discovering and enjoying her discography, but you can do things in whatever order you want. If you like Regina Spektor, Florence + The Machine, and/or First Aid Kit, you’ll probably like Jenny Owen Youngs as well.

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I love how Ryan Meinerding who painted the murals in the Captain America exhibit didn't smooth any features like the characters appeared younger, but represented them realistically and just like they look. I'm very fond of the fact that he included the expression wrinkles on Bucky's forehead :)

The Smithsonian Museum is one of my favourite scenes in CATWS! The artwork is beautiful, and its contrast to Steve, Bucky, and Peggy in the modern day is so bittersweet. It emphasizes the sacrifices that they all made (x):

The Howling Commandos portrait is my favourite art – it’s so awe-inspiring! The Howlies probably got a huge kick out of it, especially how patriotically American they look – Dernier and Falsworth would be very amused:

Even the subtle background of the museum is really well done. There’s a huge mural of Bucky fighting next to Steve, and covering him from enemy fire:

Then, of course, Bucky’s photo. An entire wall mourning his loss, which shows how much the nation loved Bucky Barnes, too:

I never noticed that they included his forehead wrinkles! It’s an interesting photo to use, because it shows how weary and battle worn Bucky was during the war – a far cry from Captain America, who looks pristine in every photo in the exhibit. 


The way Brandon and Callie look at each other is probably one of my favourite parts of this show because I literally always think about how people say they can’t be with each other and bla bla bla. They probably try to ignore each other as much as possible but you know how hard it is. Its like being on a diet and having this big fucking chocolate cake in front of you. THIS IS JUST EXHIBIT A… I mean How can one glance be filled with so much love???? 

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Little Pepper gazed around, confused. She found herself in an unfamiliar room, and what was worse was the fact that she was without her mother. "M-mommy?!" The frightened girl asked, tears brimming in her eyes. The poor little tyke couldn't have been older than 5. "M-mommy?!?" She cried again, panic settling in the pit of her stomach.

“Hmm?” Clay turned around as he heard the small voice somewhere in the room, he was pretty sure he was alone when he’d entered. In fact he’d made sure he was alone before napping on one of the benches in the plantetarium, which had recently become one of his favourite napping spots in the centre.  "Hello?… Are you okay?“ He added as the small voice was definately crying, it was probably another lost child which seemed to happen a lot in the Space centre exhibition rooms. 

He was still a little groggy from his nap he clambered under the benches to find a young girl. 
"You okay there miss…?” He asked as softly as he could before remembering that it would be best for him to introduce himself. “My names Clay, I work here…. Did you get separated?”

Though he couldn’t shake the feeling like he’d seen her before… A regular maybe??