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Hey! I've really been enjoying your evaluation of the different breeds! I hope this becomes a regular and you eventually get through all the popular breeds, even the fairly healthy ones. So, what about Shih Tzus. While I only intend on ever adopting rather than a breeder, it's still my favorite breed. I understand they are probably pretty problematic because of their faces. Can you do them next?

If by ‘next’ you mean ‘over a week later’, then sure.

While the shih tzu is a fairly touch little breed and often long lived, it has a couple of concerns that are worth noting.

(Image source)

Let’s start with eyes because that it my biggest concern with this breed. The picture above shows a one-eyed shih tzu’s remaining ‘normal’ eye. If you look critically, you’ll see that it’s still not actually normal. There appears to be some kind of lesion on the cornea, and the eye is bulging much further out of the socket that it should be.

These bulging eyes (really you shouldn’t be able to see much white at all) are associated with lots of issues, and abnormal eyes are frequently painful. Sometimes, with minimal effort, these eyes will pop out of their eyelids. Sometimes the eyelids can’t completely close over the eyeball, even when asleep. This leads to the eye drying out, especially where the eyelids can’t close properly as the tears aren’t spread over this area, leading corneal ulcers and exposure keratopathy. All because their eyes are a bit too big, their eyelids a bit too loose and not quite enough space in their skull.

They are also prone to anatomical abnormalities of the eyelids, either rolling in or rolling out, and it’s relatively common for this breed to develop extra eyelashes or hair on the inside of their eyelids. Because there’s not enough difficulty with these eyes already.

Shih tzu are also a brachycephalic breed, and I have written at length about what that means for the dog. They are not the most extreme example, but the flatter the face, the harder it is to breath.

The round shape of the skull also predisposes to hydrocephalus, which can push the eyes more forward and laterally.

The combination of brachycephaly and mild hydrocephalus worsens the bulging of the eyeballs, and their associated problems.

Their unusual skull means that many of these dogs are poor chewers, resulting in significant dental disease. The undershot jaw doesn’t help this at all.

Compare this Shih Tzu skull above (Source)

… with this average dog skull (Source)

You can easily see how the eye sockets are shallower, and the dental arrangement is just bizzaire.

They are prone to chondrodysplasia, often with very obvious bending or bowing of the legs, particularly the front legs. This can cause significant elbow pain if the limbs are quite bent, and may require corrective surgery.

Tagging along with the chondrdysplasia, Shih Tzu are another very common patient for the spinal surgeon. While not as ubiquitous as dachshunds they were regulars. 

Luxating patellas (knee caps) are also very common, especially in individuals with bowed front legs, and although this can be improved surgically that’s not something I would like to see as ‘standard’ within the breed.

As with many things, the severity of these problems is directly linked to the extremeness of anatomy.

From a metabolic point of view, they are prone to bladder stones for some reason, but not anything particularly obscure. These stones can be prevented with special diets, so it’s possible to manage an affected dog with minimal changes to quality of life.

They also get all the common old dog diseases fairly regularly; Cushing’s, hypothyroidism, renal disease, etc. I don’t think this is an inherant problem with the breed, more a reflection that these dogs are achieving old age on a regular basis. That’s, broadly speaking, a good thing.

So the breed has their faults, but you could select individuals that are less extreme to minimize many of these.

The breed also requires regular maintenance for its coat, whether that means frequent grooming or being clipped short. It would surprise you to know how many people don’t know this.

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On the whole they are dear little dogs but do show up frequently in shelters. This is usually because they are favored companions for the elderly, and elderly people will sometimes find themselves… well…deceased. There isn’t always a plan in place for their pets, especially if their little shih tzu was their only companion.

Never forget that one time twenty one pilots was on tour with fall out boy and panic! at the disco and that for just one minute the stars aligned and everything was all right

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do you have fic recs centered around the pack, esp imprinting fics?

i only have a few as of now because i’m extremely picky when it comes to fics LMAO
*fics that are bolded are my personal favorites and biggest recommendations!

⠀- Home by @whispersofwerewolves ⠀⠀⠀ this is a series following an OC who is bella’s younger sister and its my favorite thing ever (LMAO). it’s not complete yet but there’s around 9 or so long installments that makes it worth reading now rather than when it’s complete. it’s extremely well written, probably the best written fic out of every other recommendation on this list. the updates are slow paced, but i believe the author is uploading the next installment soon :-)

⠀- When Paul Meets Jenny by Ella710
another one of my favorites! this one is more of a smutty but sweet(?) one shot of paul and an OC.
⠀- Picture Perfect by LadySnowTheStark
this fic is following another OC imprint who comes to stay with emily for the summer for a photography project. obviously, paul ends up imprinting on her. i didn’t find this fic that interesting imo but it’s still written well enough to recommend
⠀- Save Her by Agrabah’s Princess
yet again another OC imprint story (i don’t really care for rachel and paul if you can’t tell). i really like the OC’s portrayl in this fic, she’s super cute and has an in depth backstory. plus paul’s relationship with his mom is adorable and it’s overall a quality read
⠀- Our Love Is Insanity by BecomingScarlett
alright, right off the bat i’m gonna admit this one is really questionable LMAO but i still really enjoyed it for some reason. it follows an OC who just moved back to la push and is embry’s cousin. her mother suffers from a personality disorder which causes a lot of stress for the OC and puts a lot of responsibility on her shoulders. her and paul don’t have the best past either. i won’t say anything more or else i’ll end up spoiling the story

⠀- Descent by my boo @q–uileutes
this is a super cute kim and jared imprint one shot :’-) in my mind it’s canon tbh it’s perfect. read it and you won’t regret it trust me
⠀- Break You Hard by Cassy-Kay
i don’t really remember much about this fic except that i really liked it. the beginning seems a little unrealistic but i think it’s cute and could still see it happening. i love the idea that she wasn’t really expecting what happened and got a little swept off her feet (you won’t understand what i’m talking about now but once you read the first chapter you’ll get it)
⠀- Kimprint by Julieanne-Arc
i don’t remember much from this fic because it was one of the very first ones i read, but i do remember enjoying it and the title has always stuck with me so that says something.

⠀- The Imprinted Chronicles: Book One
by mel.wolfgirl this fic is a little all over the place but it’s still worth giving it a try. it’s well written compared to most fics from 2010. i don’t really know how to summarize this one without giving anything away (well i probably can i’m just getting lazy at this point tbh LMAO)

i’m sure there are a lot more fics i can recommend, these are just the ones i remembered off the top of my head! i’ll be making a much bigger list in the following weeks. i haven’t read collin, brady, sam, seth, leah or quil fics yet (quil, yes, surprising i know) but i will soon. i’m still going through the thousands of jacob fics on trying to find some good ones atm (it’s hard ok). anyways enjoy your suffering and feel free to vent to me while you read ;-)


Spin The Bottle (Josh Dun Smut) (Requested)


Word Count: 1859


A/N:If you guys haven’t seen the movie The First Time you should totally watch it because it’s so fucking good and its one of my favorite movies ever.



- I was sitting in my room on a normal Saturday night, eating hot pockets and watching Netflix, when suddenly my best friend Josh burst into my room.If it were anyone else I would be super angry and I’d probably yell vulgar things at them but me and Josh have been best friends since we were 6. He lets himself into my house and I let myself into his closet and I steal all of his clothes. Josh climbed up onto my bed and stood over me with his hands on his hips “Okay seriously? This is the 4th Saturday that I’ve come into your room and walked in on you watching Netflix and eating something with cheese in it.” I groaned loudly “Here’s a solution, stop letting yourself into my house.” Josh ignored my comment and plopped down next to me. “You’re not even watching anything new! You’ve watched all of  Bob’s Burger’s like 3 times!” I rolled my eyes “So?” He closed my laptop and took my plate of food. “Josh what the heck!” He didn’t respond he just picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head down by the back of his knees. “Jooosh put me down.” I whined, hitting his butt in the process. “Nope not until you agree to come over to my house tonight, I’m having a party and you have to come. No exceptions.” I stayed silent for a second and Josh pretended to drop me. I involuntarily yelped before yelling “Okay, okay fine! I’ll come to your stupid party, just put me down before you drop me on my head, you maniac.” I heard him chuckle before he dropped me gently on my bed. “See that wasn’t so hard now was it?” I stuck my tongue out at him and he pretended to bite at it, looking at me with wide eyes. “Get out so I can get dressed for your dumb party.” He stood up and walked out while yelling “Party’s at 8 be there or be…” I closed my door cutting him off. I changed into a black dress with a flannel and slipped on my black combat boots. I grabbed my phone and my headphones and started walking to Josh’s house. Even though we live in the same neighborhood we still are about 5 minutes walking distance from each other. I finally arrived at his house and checked the time 8:15. I mean I guess I’m fashionably late. I let myself in and went into his kitchen grabbing a bottle of water before making my way down into his basement where everyone was. As I walked down his stairs I heard laughter and multiple conversations. Everyone came into view and I knew most of them from Josh, as there were only about 20 people. Josh saw me walk in and he came over to me “Hey! You actually came.” He grabbed my hand and led me over where everyone was conversing. I noticed Josh’s friend Tyler was here and I said hi to him, quickly starting up a conversation. Somehow the topic of spin the bottle was brought up and Tyler shouted over everyone “Hey why don’t we play spin the bottle!” Everyone agreed and sat down in a large circle. Tyler went first and spun the bottle landing on a blonde girl who I didn’t know,Josh nudged me and told me her name was Jenna and that Tyler had a huge crush on her. Jenna spun and the bottle landed on me. I gulped and spun hoping that I would get someone good. It landed on a kid named Brendon. He was attractive but is known for being a bit of a man whore. I kissed him and it was nice, nothing special, and it only lasted for a few seconds. Brendon spun and it landed on a random girl. While the game continued on I glanced over at Josh and noticed he looked upset. I nudged him and whispered in his ear “are you okay?” He just responded with “Yup” and stayed looking forward. I didn’t want to push his buttons so I turned my attention back to the game just in time to see the bottle land on Josh. He spun and I almost passed out when it landed on me. “…Uh you can just respin.” I didn’t want Josh to feel like he had to kiss me because of some stupid game. But of course Tyler had to yell out “No way! Rules are rules! You gotta kiss her bro even if she’s your best friend.” I blushed and looked over at Josh. He muttered “rules are rules” before leaning in. His lips met mine and after a second I started to kiss back. The kiss was rough and needy but soft and passionate. After a few seconds people starting making wolf whistles and clapping so we hesitantly pulled away, both blushing like crazy. We played for a few more rounds and I ended up getting Tyler which was super awkward at first but it turns out that he’s a really good kisser, and I also got Josh again. This time it didn’t last for just a few seconds. It wasn’t until Tyler made a joke about Josh swallowing me whole, that we pulled away. We hung out with everyone for a little while longer but it was quite obvious that there was something bothering Josh. He just had this look on his face and I had never really seen it before. Josh made the excuse that he was getting tired and everyone started to leave. Once everyone was gone I stood up from his couch to leave but he grabbed my hand. “I don’t think we finished what we started earlier.” I turned to look at him and that look was back on his face, this time with darkened eyes and closer to my face. He stood up and slipped his hands around my waist, leaning in. Without hesitation I reattached my lips to his, this time not holding back. I ran my hands through his hair and tugged on the ends gently. He deepened the kiss, running his tongue across my bottom lip, asking for entrance. I granted it to him and I began to walk backwards until I hit what used to be Josh’s school desk. He pushed off all of the old papers and pens and lifted me up, standing between my legs. He started to make his way down my neck sucking and biting harshly, leaving purple and red marks behind. I gasped as he pulled away blowing lightly on them. Josh’s raspy voice cut off my heavy breathing and hushed whimpers “I hate to break it to you kitten, but I don’t like seeing you kiss other guys, and I also don’t share very well.” He moved his mouth closer to my ear with each word and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. “I’m yours Josh, please just do something.” I felt like a child begging for a lollipop in a candy store. I heard him grunt as he pressed his growing bulge against my thigh “say it again kitten.” I wrapped my legs around his waist and pressed myself against him, bringing my mouth up to his ear. I whispered “I’m yours Josh” before nibbling gently on his ear. I saw his eyes flutter shut for a second before they shot open when I slipped my hand under his waistband. He grabbed my wrist and glared at me “You aren’t in control here kitten. I am. Now stand up.” I slid off the desk and looked up at him. “Why don’t you take my shirt off for me kitten.” I grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up, discarding of it once I got it off. I dropped down to my knees and began to undo his jeans. There was no way he was going to keep up this angry act, he might have been jealous before but he was slowly realizing that he had nothing to worry about. I tugged his black jeans off and pulled down his tight briefs. He sprang free and he watched me intently as I wrapped my hand around him. I placed a soft kiss on his tip before licking a long stripe up his length. He threw his head back and groaned. I swirled my tongue around the tip before taking him in my mouth, using my hand to get the places I couldn’t reach. I pushed him deeper down my throat and he hissed “Woah kitten, slow down, or this is going to end way faster than either of us want it to.” He lifted me up and carried me back over to the couch where he sat down and pulled me onto his lap. “Let’s get this off of you babygirl.” He tugged off my flannel tossing it in the direction of his clothes, doing the same with my dress. I wasn’t wearing a bra so I was left in just my soaking wet panties. He kissed down my collarbones and then quickly attached his mouth to my nipple, sucking and biting gently on the hardened nub. He switched to the other one after a few seconds but quickly stopped when I bucked my hips and whimpered loudly. My thighs were now shaking and my panties were drenched. I moaned loudly before whimpering “Josh please fuck me, I need you so bad.” He smirked and tightened his grip on me “You don’t have to tell me twice kitten.” He flipped us over so he was hovering over me before he lined himself up at my entrance and pushed in. He groaned “holy fuck you’re so tight.” He just kept hissing and muttering profanities under his breath while slowly pushing in and out of me. Finally we both adjusted and he started building up a rhythm. His hands were wrapped around my thighs and he leaned down, pressing soft kisses to my forehead every so often. I felt a warmth in my lower stomach and I felt myself tighten around Josh. He adjusted his position slightly and started thrusting harder suddenly hitting a spot that left me clawing at his back for more. I gasped loudly and gripped onto his shoulders as I felt a knot build in my stomach. “I’m so close kitten.” I only moaned in response, my brain too worked up to come up with a real answer. “H-harder.” I managed to stutter out. Josh’s thrusts became sloppier but he still obliged to my request, pounding into me with every thrust. Josh leaned down and purred in my ear “come for me kitten.” and I lost it. I tightened around him and my hips bucked as I screamed his name, he thrusted a few more times before he reached his peak too once again hissing profanities and moaning my name under his breath. He rolled off of me to catch his breath before getting up and grabbing me his T-shirt and throwing on his underwear. I slipped his T-shirt on and he slid on the couch next to me. He kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms tightly around me. I cuddled into his side and let sleep take over.

super short hunhan analysis

Okay so this is gonna be a pointless ramble about Luhan’s thing for Sehun’s chin…this idea just popped into my head and i have to post about it. These are just opinions, I’m probably terrible at reading people, don’t take this seriously, etc.

So a lot of people have noticed Luhan’s “fetish” for Sehunnie’s chin, how he liked touching it and sometimes tickling him under the chin.

But he didn’t always do it for no reason. It seems like Luhan’s chin-touching also served to cheer up/energize Sehun.

Sehun isn’t doing anything, just lying there until Luhan starts tickling him. And look at that smile. So cute

Just look at Sehun’s face in the last picture compared to the first one.

This is one of my favorite Hunhan moments ever, when Luhan is trying to get a tired Sehun to lift his head and smile. and the way he shakes his head i always see it as him trying to burrow into Luhan’s hand lol and Luhan’s laugh oh god they’re so cute

But no other member does this to Sehun…until Luhan is gone.

^^^This is from a fancam taken at the 150314 Exo’luXion in Seoul, when Sehun cried after being hit in the head by a camera. While other members are hugging him and patting his back to comfort him, Jongin taps him under the chin like Luhan used to do.

What I find interesting is that up until that moment, Sehun was facing the audience with his head down. He only turned away right after Jongin touched his chin. Maybe I’m reading too far into this, but it seems almost like it pained him more, maybe because it reminded him of Luhan?

Also, this:

Jongin’s tried to touch Sehun’s chin before, when Luhan was still in the group, and got rejected. Luhan on the other hand tapped his chin very often, and he didn’t seem to mind, and even seemed to like it.

Maybe I’m just delusional.

i started writing about how luhan touched sehun’s chin in present tense, and then i realized…*cries*

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kissing booth okuyasu looks so cute and weed josuke on your header i am wheezing thank you

probably the best idea Okuyasu has ever come up with (。•̀ᴗ-)✧ a cute guy like him deserves all the kisses!

And yeah haha that picture of Josuke is one of my favorite pics I have ever made lol I love it



Hey! I’ve never posted proper photos of myself on here before, but now I’m like, #yolo, even if just for today, so here we #golo

ADHD is…

Not being diagnosed in childhood, because you did “too well” in school

Spending your teens feeling stupid as all hell, because you struggle to meet deadlines and can’t quite understand concepts in subjects that don’t 100% capture your interest (math, u lil bitch, i am lookin @ u)

Having your executive dysfunction chalked up to “laziness” because if you’re smart, you “can’t” have ADHD, so you’re obviously just unmotivated and lazy. Except if you were unmotivated and lazy, you wouldn’t have high achievement, so like, check mate, bud?

Being told that ADHD isn’t a reason for your behavior, it’s an “excuse”, and that you should just “do better” despite your brain literally not being able to

Not being told you have it until you’re 18 and struggling to function like an adult

Having trouble driving because you can’t focus, having trouble sleeping because you can’t stay still, having trouble with chores because you never remember anything

Hyperfocusing on something so hard that suddenly it’s 6 AM and you’ve ruined your sleep schedule all over again

Suffering from loads of mental health issues, overcoming literally all of them, and having your executive dysfunction still blamed on them because people just??? really love????? to use mental illness and their ableism as a scapegoat?????? instead of trying to help, and recognizing that adhd is a permanent part of you?????????? like “are you sure you’re not just depressed” yes. thank you for your opinion even though i never asked for it, but I am actually very sure, good day to you too sweetie :) :)) :)))

Not being able to make yourself shut up when you’re speaking about something you’re passionate about. Having that problem in college lectures, and hearing a few people snicker each time you talk because you’re /that girl/ who /talks too much/ and has /too many opinions/ like gawd sorry for taking up space ffs


Finally having an explanation for some of your less-loved quirks, and knowing that you’re not just lazy or stupid

Finding a whole bunch of people who get it

Being able to do amazing things when you hyper focus, getting more done than most people because you actually can’t get distracted for once

Finding outlets for your energy very early on in life, and finding them to be your favorite things in the whole world (acting, dance, music)

Being able to multitask like a pro (and also having to multitask, because when you have the tv/radio/whatever on in the background, it’s a distraction you can control, which helps a lot)

Knowing a whole ton of totally random trivia about so many different things, and a bunch of information on a few select topics, to the point that people think you’re a student in those things (example - I’ve been very physically sick this year, I like to read medical journals, and when I went in to get a CT scan a few months ago, the tech asked me if I was a medical student because of how much I know about it all)

Having a huge amount of energy when you’re doing things you like, and feeling it exponentially grow, feeling like you can take on the world

Understanding that nothing’s wrong with you. You work differently than most people, and it makes life hard, but that’s because of the world, not because of you. It’s just how we are.


make me choose:

anon asked: Bastian Schweinsteiger or AND Lukas Podolski

Best T&S Pics

So hey, I don’t know if I’ve every really publicized it, but I’ve made photo albums over the years of some of the best/my favorite pictures I’ve taken.  There are probably more I should add, but there are a lot here.  ;)  If you have any votes for ones I’m missing, let me know!

Best Tegan Pictures

Best Sara Pictures

Best Tee AND Ess Pictures

And also, randomly, a collection of all the pics I’ve ever taken (or at least, all the ones I can find) with T&S and other artists/politicians/friends.  :)

Group Pics

I know I already shared some “snake with flowers” pics earlier today but this… this is probably my favorite picture of Jorgen I’ve ever taken. Mostly because it’s got that soft diffused light and color scheme you’d see in one of those professional baby photos from a real studio except instead of an infant child posing prettily with some flower petals its a python.


March 22nd: Mykonos
I’ve been in Mykonos for the past couple of days before heading to Santorini on Friday. I came to Mykonos thinking it was going to be parties 24/7 but, as I quickly found out, the term “off season” really meant OFF season. Since most of the places were closed, we decided to rent cars and explore the seemingly empty island.

Even though it was not what I expected, it has honestly been one of the coolest trips I have ever been on. I’ve experienced a couple existential crises picturing the ancient Greeks and their life here. I can also easily see how many stories of Greek mythology came to be written. The scenery is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

I had a particularly great experience that I’m going to try and describe and it’s going to sound excessively sappy and I don’t care at all.

My favorite band is probably Beirut; They’re this indie folk genre type. The band isn’t that popular, but they’ve gained traction in the past couple of years. Anyway, this random American indie not-that-popular band who coincidentally happens to be my favorite band starts playing on a random non-English Greek radio station. So here’s me, a 19 year old American girl driving in Mykonos through green pastures with sheep and yellow flowers covering the fields on my left while overlooking the blue-green ocean to my right listening to my favorite band in the world and I was honestly astonished and shocked and shouldn’t have been handling a car at that moment because I was frozen in awe.

Even though this trip has been quite bumpy and not perfect, it was totally worth that moment.


14 years ago today, Kelis released her second album ‘Wanderland’ in the UK only. It’s probably my favorite of all her albums & the most underrated since it was never actually released in the U.S. If you know me you know I feel about Kelis, Pharrell, and anything The Neptunes produced. Just about everyday i find myself listening to something by them, watching videos, or finding pictures wishing that I could be apart of it all. They all served as inspiration to me from my style to my music taste. Kelis really brought something “Young, Fresh,& New” to the table that no one could ever mimic. She’s highly musically underrated and a forever a style icon. I truly appreciate everything they did back then they weren’t afraid tot be who they were and I love them for that.

Gregory Isaacs, 1977 by Dave Hendley

“Probably the most pictures I ever took of anyone, in one of those brief encounters where you take pictures for three or four minutes, was Gregory Isaacs. It took me a month to pluck up the courage to photograph him. He had a bad reputation—he was a very sweet singer, but he was also an out-and-out hoodlum. I think it was a Saturday morning, and we were flying out that night, and I thought, ‘I’ve got to get a picture of Gregory Isaacs.’ He was my favorite singer at the time. I saw him down on the North Parade, I said “Gregory, can I take your picture.” He just dropped into a crouched position, he was wearing these very heavy shades, and he just looked completely menacing. I did eight frames, four frames with the glasses off, four with the glasses on—quite nervous, hands shaking.”

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6, 16, and 20: why DO you have a sock on your hand??

6. Favorite band

I think we actually have the same answer! I love NEEDTOBREATHE! Granted I love a lot of different bands (I tend to be someone who just prefers songs to bands in general) but if I had to pick on it would probably be NEEDTOBREATHE

16. Favorite movie

Oh goodness…there are so many good ones! It’s hard to pick just one, but if I do I’d probably go with How To Train Your Dragon just because I love that movie! 

20. Why DO you have a sock on your hand?

The best answer for this are these pictures/panels…

Basically, it’s just from this scene from The Silver Eye which is my favorite webcomic ever! Also, I was going to have my blog title be “You haven’t even asked why I have a sock on my hand!” but that was too long…so…I had to use Idony’s line of “Why do you have a sock on your hand” instead. I may change my blog title one day but honestly I don’t have a better idea atm so…it’s staying as if for now xD

As for why Enel has a sock on his hand…well…it’s not necessarily spoilery…but…you should read the comic…because it’s amazing!