this is probably one of my favorite games of all time


decided i’d try to draw them all like this ?? so i did the cousins !!

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what are your absolute favorite yoonmin fics? Someone has probably asked you this before, but I've scrolled back for so long with no results, and you're my absolute favorite yoonmin blog so I'd love love love to know

my favourite fics are here! but some more recent ones are:

  • IFHY: love hurts. yoongi and jimin realise this.
  • light me up (i’ll keep you warm): (in which jimin has a crush, yells a lot, and maybe falls into like.)
  • look it up: yoongi stumbles on a “yoonmin” video while trying to find his most viewed fancam. upon realizing the fans have noticed he tends to stare at jimin, yoongi becomes hyperaware of their interactions. did the fans realize something he himself didn’t even know?
  • want me: jimin needs attention and his boyfriend is kind of being a huge dick.
  • shall we date?: jimin just wants to stay home and play games, but his roommate has other ideas. or: 4 times taehyung sets jimin up on a terrible blind date and 1 time it isn’t so bad.
  • make me your wish: jimin wants to see the flowers, but yoongi might have given him a little more…. and maybe vice versa. (au where the genie wish-granting system is an actual legalized business, and each city is appointed one “wish-granter” whose job is to offer its inhabitants three wishes in their lifetime.)
  • who’d have known: yoongi thinks jimin is too happy. jimin’s just trying to be happy and make others feel the same.
  • out of your arms (i’m out of my mind): if being right means being without yoongi, jimin would rather live a wrong doing life.
  • perfect blue: while contemplating the loss of his job in the middle of an urban mini-mart on white day, yoongi meets a strange truck driver and decides that going on an impromptu road trip would be good for him.
  • deeply addicted (to the prison that is you): yoongi becomes infatuated with jimin’s ass… and then falls for jimin himself. 
  • helpless: yoongi goes into his rut and jimin helps him through it for the first time. (aka they have gross, messy sex non-stop for a few days) 
  • when you smile like that: jimin falls in love with yoongi every time he smiles at jimin. 
  • pull me closer in the backseat of your rover: jimin had just wanted to get off. he didn’t think he’d end up with a boyfriend at the end of it all.or, another friends with benefits au.
  • perfect is the sound of you breaking: jimin likes being good, he likes being perfect. 
  • practice makes: the facts in the case of the unfortunate min yoongi: the gay that can’t suck dick. 
  • praise me like you should :“i like it when you compliment me,” he bursts, “you have this way of saying things,” he’s staring down at yoongi’s lap, too afraid to meet his feline-like stare, “it’s nice, how you validate me… how you tell me how good i’m doing at any given thing.” (or: jimin loves to be praised).


  • electric love: the dream jimin is having isn’t feeling so sweet anymore. or, alternatively, the soulmate/abo mashup no one asked for, featuring namjoon as an english tutor, taehyung as a (not so) starving artist, jin and kookie being as sweet as ever, salty suga, helpful hoseok, and emotionally vulnerable jimin.
  • i wrote this for you: jeon jungkook is a frustrated reader who just wants to have a decent conversation with his newly proclaimed favorite author, an up-and-coming young adult novelist min yoongi, and maybe force out the ending of his cliffhanging heartbreaking motherfucking breakthrough debut novel. (a.k.a. a love story told in jungkook’s perspective)
  • just a little company: “we’ll have a strictly business type relationship. you give me company, and i’ll give you money, or buy you whatever you’d like. it’s your choice, you can choose if you’ll take my offer.”
    “it’ll be a no strings thing, hyung? no attachments at all?”
    “nope. i don’t want to date, i have no interest in it right now. you’ll be my.. investment. you’re cute, i’m bored, and i don’t mind splurging a bit.”

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Honestly, this was probably my favorite DAPG vid in a while. Idk why, I just loved the RPG, the interactions, the music and game references, it was just really good

it was incredible, and i think it might be my favorite gaming video ever. i can’t get over how excited they both were about it and i loved how dan was trying to tease phil about his grammar or whatever but couldn’t stop himself from giving phil praise and compliments every minute because DAMN he deserves it??? i know next to nothing about gaming or how one would use whatever tool phil mentioned to make a game like this, sixteen years ago mind you, but fuck it’s clear that regardless of whatever help that technology gave him, he still had to do a shit ton of work to make this and think of the story and the characters and write all the dialogue and i’m just so IMPRESSED with him and his brain. it was so clear that dan was too, the whole entire time. and i love that dan’s support doesn’t just stop with comments like “i like this” or “i’m having a lot of fun” (which are great in themselves) but that he takes it even farther and tells phil that he (phil) could make his own game now and that he should even do all the drawings for it. like this video gave us a chance to watch dan being phil’s biggest creative supporter, and basically tell him that he, dan, has faith in phil’s ability to make or create just about anything and even though we knew that was the case, it was so overwhelmingly sweet to me to see it in action like that. i also love how phil was so excited to see that dan was impressed with the game? he looked pleasantly surprised and so happy every time dan told him he liked it and i wanted to cry. and i can’t get over the music choices and how dan identified and knew every single one after like .3 seconds and how each time a new song came on they’d turn to each other and smile as dan recognized it and i’m sure there’s just a depth of shared conversations and nostalgia there for them bc a lot of the songs are from classic games they both love and others are just ones that it seems like dan would know phil likes (like “smooth” by santana and bohemian rhapsody). it was so sweet to see not only dan being supportive and excited but also to see how much their interests and knowledge overlap, even to the point of them becoming self-aware about it and apologizing to us for the number of inside jokes and references they were making, and to the point of them noting that at 14 years old they would’ve still been friends and probably gotten along the way they do now. it’s wild to me, always, that they found each other and that they align on soooo many things, and it was making me so emotional to see that play out in this video. they are literally so perfectly suited to share a life together i don’t even understand… i will gladly watch several hours of dan fawning over phil’s mind and talent and creativity, of dan being so visibly PROUD of his partner, and of phil basking in the compliments. it’s the most heartwarming thing, and i just love this video SO much

005 - A Totally Regular Battle Against an Enemy.
005 - A Totally Regular Battle Against an Enemy.

I’ll probably update this song several times over the course of the game’s production, but for now, here’s the first finished version of the regular enemy battle theme! Please let me know what you guys think of this first draft, let me know what things you like and what things you think might be better changed. (Don’t worry, the song will loop in the game)

To make this song, I put my own little twist on several of my favorite themes from the show. Here are the songs I referenced: 

Sam Houston - Death Mental

NEDM Guitar Remix - Awesomezilla

The End Part 1 Credits Music (Edd’s Crappy Song) - LilDeuceDeuce and Edd Gould (just a tiny bit of this one)

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ive heard things about botw but theyre all mixed,,,,is it good or??

It gets a definite reccomendation from me. Honestly, at the end of the day, it’s probably one of my favorite games of all time, next to Fallout: New Vegas.

Without spoiling too much, the game’s absolutely massive in scope, yet at the same time it’s an adventure and it doesn’t try to be anything more than that. All you have to do is defeat this one guy, and the game leaves it up to you to determine how. You can prepare as much or as little as you want, and do anything in practically any order you want.  

The world’s absolutely massive and packed with details that make the world come alive, but most important imo is the fact that literally anything you can see in the distance is somewhere you can go and explore.

Essentially it took everything that made me enjoy Dark Souls over previous Zelda titles and did it better than Dark Souls.

…that is, except for charcter customization.

Please Nintendo for the love of god, if you’re going to make another game like this it’s time to ditch Link and let play as a purple-haired buff trans lesbian if i choose to.

Lance Headcanons

•He loves chess, his older sister taught him how to play. She would always win and he would always pout about it, but shake her hand and say “Good game.” anyway. In the few times he DID win he’d taunt it in her face for hours. (Chess was probably also how he got so good at strategizing!!)

•His mother taught him how to slow dance. He’s always found it relaxing and it’s one of his favorite things to do. During his Garrison days, he’d dance with Hunk in their room when either of their anxiety would get especially bad. Swaying to the music and humming to the melodies together never failed to calm them down. He will teach absolutely anyone how to dance; he taught Pidge and Keith and now the four younger paladins all dance together. (They go to the castle’s ballroom and dance to strange but nice sounding altean music, singing and laughing and dancing the night away. Shiro, Coran, and Allura eventually join them.)

•He sings absentmindedly while doing pretty much anything. Sometimes he’ll sing something loud and obnoxious and it’ll echo throughout the entire castle. The rest of the Voltron Gang either complains or starts laughing and sings along. But other times Lance will sing softly. He’ll sing a lullaby he remembered from his childhood, or a pretty love song he used to listen to on repeat, or a song with a sad, morose melody that had just stayed with him. The rest of the castle is silent when it happens, no one ever mentions it but they all look forward to Lance’s voice quietly ringing through the halls of the castleship.

•He’s a HUGE cuddler, oh man. He cuddles with Hunk all the time and he cuddles with Pidge when she’s upset. Lance and Keith start to cuddle a bit too, especially after Shiro goes missing. He, along with Hunk, both give great hugs. Sometimes, when Lance is extra homesick, he and Coran hug it out and reminisce about their planets.

•He has dimples! You can only really see them when he smiles really big, or laughs so hard his face hurts. (Everyone on the team agrees that it’s one of the cutest things ever.)

•He and Pidge are scarily good at impressions. The two of them will sneak around the castle and mess with everyone else from the vents. Pidge will call Shiro over in Allura’s voice and Lance will do the opposite. At first everyone is just confused but eventually it turns into everyone thinking the castle is haunted again and that the ghosts have taken Pidge and Lance.

•One day he gets done with everyone (with the exception of Allura and himself) because they all have absolutely HORRID skin. Everyone gathers in the “family room" and they have a stereotypical slumber party including: face masks, makeovers, robes, all of their hair up in towels, braid trains, manipedis, junk food, and gossip. It seemed silly but actually meant a lot to Lance, it reminded him of the slumber parties his older sister would have.

•He has an older sister, twin younger brothers, and two younger sisters. He’s closest to his older sister, who’s only four years older. His brothers are five years younger, one sister is twelve years younger, and the other sister was an infant when he left. (I have OCs for them all, actually.)

I thought of @kxlance as I wrote this!!

For the anon who requested the guys being first time fathers/seeing their newborn baby for the first time:

Yo its Mod Gonta! This is my first time posting a prompt on here and I spent a lot of time on this one so I hope the anon who requested this and everyone else here enjoys!

Rantarou Amami:
-is probably the most calm out of everyone in this situation
-He’s very slightly nervous that some complications could possibly happen and you or the baby could get hurt.
-When the baby is born, he is smiling so much his jaw begins to hurt, but he can’t stop smiling anyways.
-“S/O, they look just like you!”
-He’s literally the chillest dad ever. He barely lectures his children at all.
-His child ends up having tiny double ahoges just like him and he finds it adorable.
-Is very supportive of his child and everything they do!
-They want to play basketball? he’ll go to every game! They want to become a musician? He will pay for everything!
-His favorite thing about being a dad? teaching his kid how to ride a bike.

Kokichi Ouma:
-He acts like he’s chill when his S/O is going into labor but he’s internally screaming.
-When the baby comes out he immediately takes the baby in his arms and is in awe over how cute and innocent he looks.
-“You’re gonna be the most evil supreme leader some day!”
-The nurses have to stop him from feeding Panta to the baby.
-is a huge jokester for a dad!
-all of the kid’s friends find him to be the coolest dad ever, but the kid finds him somewhat embarrassing
-likes to prank his kid a lot, but his pranks towards the kid are quite harmless (airhorns, putting honey on the doorknob, etc) even the SHSL supreme ruler has slight morals when it comes to kids.
-He likes to purposely embarrass his kid sometimes just to annoy them. Sometimes he’ll blast inappropriate music out the window when going to pick up his kid from school.
-Kokichi also likes to send his kid memes while they are at school.
-Basically he is more of a best friend than a father.

-Obviously a robot can’t get anyone preggo, so he adopts a human baby with his S/O!
-Does a TON of research on taking care of human babies before he gets one!
-When he gets his human baby, he’s amazed at how adorable they can be and that all humans once started out this small!
-“where are you going? Get home before dark! its unhealthy to stay up too late! Do your chores! Get your homework and studying done! Finish your fruits and vegetables!”
-encourages his child to be respectful to everyone. Does not tolerate an ounce of disrespect and will lecture his child if they disrespect anyone.
-He is a master at helping his kid with their homework and studying for tests; his kid ends up getting straight A’s in all of their classes just because he’s amazing at tutoring his children.
-D r e a d s parent-teacher conference day
-Poor Kiibo gets so many weird and disturbed looks from the teacher.
-“This teacher is a robot racist!”

Shuichi Saihara:
-Oh boy he’s a nervous wreck
-he’s shaking, sweaty, and very red in the face while watching his S/O go into labor.
-“What if I’m not a good enough father??? What if I let something happen to my child??? Will (S/O name) be okay???”
-When the baby is born, it looks a lot similar to him. It has beautiful grey eyes and long eyelashes
-he’s very surprised that he managed to hold his baby without dropping it after it was born.
-The kid likes to take his baseball cap and wear it around the house, and he just melts whenever the kid does this because its really adorable.
-He even lets the kid wear the baseball cap to school sometimes.
-Shuuichi tries to distance his kid and his job from each other as much as possible, he doesn’t want his child to see anything disturbing.
-His child thinks that his job is really interesting though, and considers their dad a hero.
-Shuuichi tends to spoil his child a lot unintentionally, its just so hard for him to say ‘“no” when his child asks for the toy they want.

Korekiyo shinguuji:
-He tries to stay calm about having a child, but is a bit nervous.
-“Will it be frightened by my appearance???”
-cannot believe his sight once he sees his child for the first time, “What a beautiful human baby!”
-If the baby starts crying in the middle of the night, he gets up and rocks it, singing it to sleep. The baby falls asleep so fast because his voice is so soothing
-If the child ends up growing their hair out, he likes to braid and style their hair in a bunch of neat and unique styles before they go to school (the kid’s friends are jealous)
-Lets the child play with his hair and won’t get mad if they knot his hair by accident.
-He reads his child a bedtime story every single night before they go to sleep, he has a whole stack of books filled with bedtime stories to tell his child.
-Whenever the child has nightmares, he lets the child lay on his chest while he reads them a calming poem.
-After the child ends up falling back asleep, Korekiyo falls back asleep himself and its literally the cutest thing ever.
-He sometimes tells his child creepy folktales that involve misbehaving children so his child won’t misbehave, but he makes sure it isn’t too scary.
-Him and his kid love to bake and cook together! They just both genuinely enjoy it and its just a cute bonding activity for them.

Gonta Gokuhara:
-He is filled with so much anxiety on the delivery day.
-“What if the kid doesn’t think I’m a gentleman?”
-Once the baby is born, he is stunned and amused by how adorable it is and how small it is compared to him.
-The baby smiles and coos at him when Gonta holds it in his arms for the first time, it feels very safe and secure in his arms.
-His s/o will have to help him out quite a bit with raising the baby, due to his upbringing he doesn’t know too much about raising a child properly.
-He loves to find new insects for the child and let them keep some of them as pets! of course not the poisonous ones, though.
-If his child is male then he preaches to him about being a gentleman and makes sure he treats everyone with respect.
-especially women
-If his child is afraid of bugs then he is willing to help them get over their fear!
-Is respectful if his child is not interested in insects, though
-Like Shuuichi, he has a problem saying no to his child since he is too nice. He ends up unintentionally spoiling them.
-But if you aren’t acting like a gentleman or if you intentionally kill a spider? you’re grounded

Ryoma Hoshi:
-Before the child is born he is hoping to god that the child won’t grow taller than him.
-After the child is born, his depression starts to improve a lot
-It makes him so happy to have a child in his life !!
-Tries to be a strict dad but whenever his child does something cute he m e l t s
-He likes to take his child to the park afterschool everyday and practice tennis with them
-its a very cute bonding activity for them and they both enjoy it very much and have a lot of fun!!
-He sometimes loses his patience with the kid and gets angry with them, but will feel bad and apologize profusely later.
-The child ends up growing w a y taller than him and he is pretty upset about that.
-He likes to tease his child about them being tall as much as the child likes teasing him about him being short.

Kaito Momota:
-Is very excited to have the baby!
-He does a lot of shopping ahead of time while his S/O is pregnant!
-The first things he buys are a space mobil and glow in the dark stars for the ceiling
-if his baby is crying he will take it outside and gaze up at the bright stars and moon at night with the baby.
-Is the dad who constantly takes photos of his kids when his family goes on trips!
-Also the generic dad who wears an apron and flip flops and flips burgers on a grill in the summertime
-buys his kid pajamas with stars and moons all over them
-Will sometimes scold his kid if they do something wrong, but he keeps his composure and tries not to get too angry.
-He still apologizes later though
-Teaches his kid about all of the different planets and stars and shapes in the sky when they look up through his telescope together
-The kid ends up getting all As when they learn about space in science, thanks to kaito.

These are fics that were posted on Tumblr. I’m not always good at bookmarking fics like those, and I assume the same is true of other people, so I wanted to draw special attention to them. Some of them have been posted to AO3 in ficlet collections, but those can also get lost in the shuffle.

untitled ficlet by @maybetwice​ (canonverse)
The ghosts follow him everywhere like a procession.

Probably one of my all-time favorites. I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m not totally sure why, but the idea of Jon being haunted by ghosts post-resurrection (Ned, Robb, and Ygritte in this case) who give him relationship advice is appealing and this is by turns funny, sad, and sweet–quite a feat for a fic which can’t be much more than 500 words.

untitled ficlet by @jeynegrey (modern AU)
It isn’t supposed to be Jon. They are at Joffrey’s party, and they are playing Seven Minutes in Heaven, and the Tyrell cousins pushed her in the closet and said Joffrey was coming.

High school AU, which is normally not quite my thing personally, but I like the open-ended wistfulness here.

untitled ficlet by @jonnsansa (modern AU)
Sansa knows, deep down, that she should feel bad about what she’s doing. Pretending she has no idea Jon is, well, Jon is a cruel thing to play at – even crueler that she hooks her finger under the collar of his impressive costume and pulls him in for a kiss, like he’s not special, like he’s just another cute co-ed at this Halloween party. 

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH, everything is all mixed up and it hurts, it hurts so good

build me a city and call it jerusalem by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
She had a smile that reminded him of the scheming aristocrats back home in Valyria, false and brittle, picture-perfect and hollow.

Really charming and delightful - a modern royal AU (Jon being the royalty, albeit in disguise as a normal dude, Sansa not). It’s really sweet without being saccharine.

your hands a river gesture by @kylorenvevo (modern AU)
The summer for him was Sansa, with her long auburn hair blowing in the wind and the sunlight bouncing off her oversized aquamarine-tinted aviators. She hadn’t exactly wanted him to tag along on her great Westerosi roadtrip slash existential crisis, but misery loves company and, anyway, her siblings were too young

ROAD TRIP AUS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. A lovely brief snapshot full of chicken nuggets and discussions of Kerouac.

So I was taking Trespasser screenshots again and holy shit

So my favorite kiss in the whole game so far is the Trespasser kiss for Solas. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the worst framed ones in the game (that I’ve seen so far.) It also cut out shit that’s kind of nice to know that’s going on with Solas in this scene, considering it’s probably the last time we’ll see them together like this. Seriously, if my walk cycle gifset didn’t demonstrate that whomever framed these shots should feel disappointed in themselves, this is really only going to edge closer to that.

Here’s the shot for the kiss as it is in the game:

Not…awful, but even with the slow pan they aren’t exactly centered in frame, Lavellan makes this weird kissy face, and all in all it’s just not a good looking shot. I’ve made a gifset of this kiss from a few angles in somewhat of an attempt to show it to fans from new, more interesting angles.

While I had it paused during the kiss I noticed something I hadn’t noticed before, and there was no way you’d know this without breaking the camera away, because every shot while they’re close is a close shot of their faces besides what’s above.

I mean, he makes a move to reach, and clearly he’s not taking her glowing hand sense it’s in frame in the above shot but like..just…just. Can you see it?


You never see this at all, nothing below mid-chest in the scene, yet they went through the trouble of actually rigging their avatars to hold hands when they kiss! This is so touching!

Why would they go through all the trouble to rig it and never end up putting it in the frame?? This is a beautiful moment between the two as it stands, and there’s so much we miss due to the cinematography. Solas doesn’t close his eyes throughout the kiss even though Lavellan does. He reaches gently for her while she’s in pain from the mark flaring up and takes her hand to comfort her while he uses his magic to remove the Anchor. His move to cradle her head before kissing her wavers like he’s fighting against his will to kiss her because he really has no business being so selfish but he wants to just one least time.

Say it with me: Solavellan Hell is Eternal.

Review for Mystic Messenger

Hey all you lovelies, time for probably one of the more controversial reviews on my list since everyone seems to be in love with Mystic Messenger. I just want to give another warning that this review is in no way objective (as it is a personal review) and you’re free to disagree with me on this.

If you want a link to the original ranking list that I posted, here it is: x

As a warning: possible spoilers, TMI about my personal life, and oversharing. I’ll see you all on the other side of this cut. :)

Mystic Messenger is second on my list of favorite otome games, so great job Cheritz! Of the two games of yours that I’ve played, both have made the top two on my overall ranking of otome games. I had a little bit of a problem with this game as I didn’t have all that much control over the pace of the game (minus max speed in chatrooms) and I was responsible for being on time to make chatrooms and receive calls.

While Nameless opened new doors for me, Mystic Messenger pushed me to explore those doors. To be honest, I was going through a fairly rough patch in my life when Mystic Messenger was released, and while it’s brought me a lot of joy, it’s also caused me a lot of heartache and self-loathing. Namely, that I had to watch my absolute favorite character get a lot of hate from the fandom for his obsessive tendencies.

You guessed it, Jumin Han is my favorite. I’d always been scared of coming off as too possessive with my friends and driving people away because I have a fear of abandonment. Seeing people lash out at Jumin for being possessive and being fearful of MC leaving him really felt like a personal attack for me because I felt like I understood where he was coming from and I was frustrated that other people couldn’t look past his aggressiveness and see how fragile he really was. 

Here’s a lesson guys: if you want to help a possessive person get better, keep reassuring them of your love, even if it’s tiring. Pulling away suddenly doesn’t help you, it just makes it worse because you’re negatively reinforcing their belief that you’ll leave them if they don’t “make you happy”. I’ve spent hours crying over the thought that I was driving my friends further away from me just because I wanted to pull them closer to me, and I can tell you that it wasn’t fun at all. Remind possessive friends/people that you’ll always be with them, even if you’re not physically next to them. One of my best friends understood this before I did, and now I’m securely attached to them as opposed to anxiously attached to them. I’m not scared of her leaving me anymore, and rather, she’s become a safe space for me to go to without fear of judgement.

Anyway, I’m getting off topic (and shared wayyy too much information about myself). While I loved Mystic Messenger, I felt like its supporting characters weren’t particularly memorable aside from being horrible human beings. I mean, you have the antagonists on Jumin and Zen’s routes (Sarah, Glam Choi, Echo Girl), Jumin’s womanizer of a father, and Mary Vanderwood 3rd, but we didn’t really get to spend that much time with them. Granted, I understand that this is a different game from most otome games, where there’s always a supporting character who is just a friend to the MC. But it was sad to know that everyone that the MC was allowed to be in contact with were either romantic partners, romantic rivals, or mild antagonists (or in V’s case, taken).

As for a lesson that Mystic Messenger has taught me, it’s that people do crazy things for love. People become blind to those they care about, and there’s a lot of self-deprecation and obsessiveness that people fall into. In other words, it’s much too easy to hurt the people who mean the most to us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t heal them. It doesn’t mean that we can’t make amends, that we can’t look for different ways to solve problems, and most definitely does not mean that we have to spend the rest of our lives wallowing in anger, hatred and sadness. There is a way out.

In regards to voice acting, I thought it was very well done. There was enough variation between characters voices and I loved the emoticons each character had. My only complaint is that we don’t get voice acting in some of the VNM moments that really would’ve hit hard, like kiss scenes or dramatic scenes between characters. You’re good Cheritz, but there was just a little more I would’ve liked to weasel out of you. The soundtrack is also pretty good (the opening theme is addicting) and I feel like while each character track is fairly accurate in regards to each character’s personality, some of them were too similar to each other for me to really appreciate them. I mean, 707′s stood out like a firecracker in a sea of sparklers, but as for the others, they all were fairly similar in terms of pacing and mood.

And finally, for the breakdown (out of 10; total score out of 60):

MC = 9. The choices that you could make as the MC were limited at certain points, but I felt like her personality was fairly versatile and you could get a sassy MC, which was fantastic to me. My only complaint is that sometime the choices were a little too polarized; you either groveled, tried to play mediator, or you talked shit, and as annoying as this sounds, I would’ve liked some more subtle choices so I would actually have to think about the choices I was making instead of picking the first one that sounded moderately okay.

“Dateable” Cast = 7. The character flaws of each character were resolved at the end of their routes, but I had a really hard time liking all of the characters. With Jaehee, her route was particularly hard for me because I already liked Jumin and I felt like I had to give her away to Zen just to make her happy. Echoing the rest of the fandom, I hated being compared to Rika in Yoosung’s route and Zen’s narcissism and overall defensiveness really stung me. While some people can forgive narcissism, it’s something I can’t get over because I already struggle with body-image and self-esteem, and seeing someone gloat just makes me feel like shit. I also had a really hard time on 707′s route because I don’t deal well with rejection and by the time he opened up to me, I had already slunk away to lick my wounded heart. The good endings of each character made me happy, but I had too many festering wounds to scar over properly. I also personally want a V route and even a possible Mary Vanderwood 3rd route even despite knowing that V is dedicated wholeheartedly to Rika. But just saying: he deserved better.

Secondary Cast = 7. Not the worst, to say the least, but it definitely wasn’t good enough to deserve a standing ovation. The secondary cast was large (I included guests as part of the secondary cast) and while the emails in particular were difficult for me, I enjoyed the characters of all the guests. I already commented on the almost antagonistic nature of all the other supporting characters that you actually meet in the routes, and just to reiterate what I had said above: they were good, but the fact that MC was completely alone in this world with no friends to support her, it was difficult for me to feel accepted and feel totally immersed in this game.

OST = 8. Pretty great; I was freaked out whenever the hacker music would cut in and the screen would flash and each character had songs that more or less fit them. Again, only complaint here is that everyone with the exception of 707 had very similar songtracks and I would have to listen for a while before being able to identify whose song was playing.

Mechanics = 10. Despite the fact that this game has crashed on me multiple times and I’ve had to deal with frozen moments, I’m grateful to Cheritz for frequently updating the game to get rid of bugs. Also, Chertiz gets brownie points for gifting hourglasses whenever an update comes up. Also, as much as I love Jumin, it does get annoying when I accidentally press on his profile while trying to get out of another window.

CGs = 10. CGs were pretty fantastic (not surprised, since Cheritz is amazing) and dazzling. The characters appeared pretty consistent throughout all the CGs, and while some people may think it weird that I point this out, sometimes CGs differ in the way that a certain character is drawn or proportions are a little out of wack.

Overall Score: 51/60. Cheritz really made an amazing game out of Mystic Messenger, and while it has its flaws, it’s a fantastic otome game. I’m glad that it’s getting a lot of attention because hopefully this paves the way for more otome games to be translated for English-speaking audiences. 

Also thoughts on New Vegas as a whole:

So far, it’s a FANTASTIC game and probably one of my all time favorites. When I got to New Vegas and killed Benny and Mr. House, I thought I was at the end of the game and that putting Yes Man in charge would roll the credits.

And I would have been DAMN satisfied with the expierience I had even if the game had ended right there.

But turns out that’s just the first act and I hadn’t even expierienced the bulk of the game yet, which to me was like, holy crap.

My biggest criticism so far is the gunplay. Yeah I know stats and all that, but the damage the guns do is a little TOO low, even against entirely unarmed oponents, and it doesn’t really even add any difficulty because how overpowered your companions are. It pretty much turns into the only viable strategy being “Let Veronica handle it”

cindaren  asked:

You probably wouldn't have time for this but have you considered doing a YouTube channel with the stuff you talk about on your Tumblr? I know you want to stay anonymous so I guess it'd have to be ... animated or something? Your blog is my favorite thing in my entire news feed and I think everyone who plays games should read it, but for example my boyfriend and my teenaged sons are all more likely to watch a video than read a blog and I know I don't do the best job distilling the info to them.

I thought about it and asked one of the guys from the Extra Creditz team some about their process. My hunch was that it would be possible, but the audio, editing, recording, etc. process would be a much greater time investment per post than what I currently do. Instead of the 30-90 minutes it takes me to write a post and toss in a few gifs, it would likely take many hours to complete each video. Given my time constraints, a video series would mean roughly one post per week instead of the five or so I normally do. Daniel Floyd confirmed my suspicions on the matter - each EC episode takes around two to three weeks to complete. Even if I had lower production values and such, I am also just one person and lack a whole team like they have. 

That said, I have been in talks with the Extra Credits team about doing a collaboration with them - probably something like writing an episode or something. Would there be any interest in that? If so, what topic would you all like me to write about? I could revisit an old topic or write on something new. If you’ve got a thought or a suggestion, please leave a comment, an [ask], or talk to me on [Twitter].

Got a burning question you want answered?
Safe & Sound - Chapters 9 - 10
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Author’s note: YES, I UPLOADED TWO CHAPTERS TONIGHT BECAUSE I’M TOO DAMN EXCITED ABOUT WHAT’S HAPPENING AND I’M IMPATIENT FOR YOU GUYS TO FIND OUT. *cue excited screaming* For reals, I think you guys are going to enjoy this section. I know I say this every time, but it’s really one of my favorites. 

Summary: Marcus gets a demotion of a promotion from a certain Charles Pike, a return trip to Twelve is taken, chapter 9 features more Wells Jaha because the world needs more Wells Jaha, Clarke shows up and meets the man her mother hates, and - I’ll give you a hint because I don’t want to spoil anything else - chapter 10 is titled, “Doctor Griffin.” ;) 

That’s all. I hope you guys enjoy! :D 

6 movies I can watch any time

Thank you Kate for tagging me! @iwillbeinmynest 

6. Tangled- I am a sucker for Disney movies but this one takes the cake for me. I could probably quote the entire movie and my favorite song is “I have a dream”

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5. Clueless- Honestly name a more iconic person than Cher. Also baby Paul Rudd

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4. Captain America: Civil War- First of all Bucky Barnes is a plum buying angel and I will defend him until the day I die. Second of all Tom Holland as Peter Parker is the love of my life and he yells “Love you Mae” which is my nickname so 

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3. Bridesmaids- The airplane scene kills me every time and the rest of the movie is just as funny. Plus talk about a killer cast. Dammit Carol!

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2. The Martian- Well Chris Beck. But also my love for Matt Damon is so real. And to quote Mark, “I’m gonna have to science the shit out of this”

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1. Easy A- So many amazing quotes and so many favorite scenes. The parents kill me, Olive is the tru role model, and the pocket full of sunshine card is a gift to the world. “Welcome. This is where the magic happens. And as we all know, by “magic” I mean nothing.“

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Sera: This is probably hands down my favorite friendship in the game??? They get along so well like they can just let loose and make silly lewd jokes together and I love how they get each other so much since they’re both from kind of shitty backgrounds and IT’S JUST THE BEST okay?? Sera’s probably one of the only people he can be genuine around when he’s still trying to be Blackwall and like ;_; their friendship is so important

Varric: I love these ridiculous grownass men losing their shit over jousting. I also think it’s super interesting that Varric likes Blackwall more once his secret comes out???? I also fucking love how he calls him Hero all the time and how low key annoyed Blackwall is by that nickname.

Dorian: LMAO well Dorian appreciates Blackwall in his own way… which involves a lot of soap. I love seeing their initially testy relationship grow into genuine caring!

Iron Bull: They punch things together and tbh I feel like Bull can understand where Thom Rainier was coming from idk


Cole: I love that throughout the banters you can see Blackwall warming up to Cole even though initially he’s really wary and unsettled by him!!! I imagine Cole trying very hard to help him post-judgment and it warms the cockles of my heart

Blackwall deserves love and friendship!!!!! slowly… kisses this game….

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Hey! Is there something you don't like about Jorah?


I know he’s a pretty flawed character but actually that makes me like him even more.

To me his flaws make him much more relatable than some of the more idealized and seemingly perfect characters in ASOIAF / GOT….

It’s because of Jorah’s somewhat duel nature that I finding him so interesting.

Has he made mistakes - Sure some real BIG ones but he is also a strong and honourable man.

Both his good and bad points make him a very real, well rounded and realistic character to me…

Not just my favorite GOT  character but probably my favorite fictional character of all time

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Thanks for the ask / comment Anon.  I always enjoy them ☺

6 movies i can watch anytime

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1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
enough said. i don’t have much to say other than this movie is literally perfect in every way.

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2. The Bronze
seb is hilarious in this movie. and while the humor isn’t for everyone, it never fails to make me laugh. I AM THE FUCKING GOD OF GYMNASTICS.

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3. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
this was my favorite book and probably my favorite movie.

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4. Zombieland
a comedy about the zombie apocalypse is right up my alley. 

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5. Iron Man 3
i love the fact this movie addresses tony’s anxiety and PTSD. and i love the relationship he has with harley. it has some lines that i never fail to laugh at. it always puts me in a good mood.

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6. Moana
definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. like all time. the music is so perfect and the story is great. the animation is at a such a level… this movie is amazing. i love it so much.

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During the summer of 2011, I picked up a game called “Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors” at the Aksys Games booth at Anime Expo.  I knew nothing about it other than what was on the cover and the info provided on the back of the box.  To be very honest, I only bought the game because it came with a free gift (the watch) haha! But little did I know, this game would be a part of one of my favorite video game series of all time.

To this day, I’m so grateful for that purchase, in fact it was probably one of the best purchases I made that year alone.  Since then, I’ve introduced  my very best friends to the Zero Escape series and together we bonded over the story, connected with the characters, and just recently participated in the actual Zero Escape room in LA! It was such a dream come true and one of the best experiences of my life!

Thank you so much Kotaro Uchikoshi for creating a work of art that not only means a lot to me, but to other fans around the world! Thank you to all the wonderful people who helped bring his story to life! Thank you to the hardworking fans for making projects like this happen! THANK YOU!

Art and message by @joypandaah

For the Thank you Zero Escape project