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hi again, im the guy from having doubts bout his gender so i was sitting with one of my best friends and i asked her, pretending to be joking, what would she do if my gender would be even different than boy (f/m, idk if you remember) she said that she would kill me coz im just a boy and thats it, itd be okay for me but she seemed pretty serious and now im seriously scared coz i can just annoy my friends with this whole gender doubting and idk im scared, i just had to tell someone bout it, sorry

The question probably took your friend off guard but if she is serious and is annoyed then she’s not a true friend. Odds are she just didn’t understand what you were getting at. If theres ever anything you need to talk about that you feel like you can’t tell someone irl feel free to message me if love to help all I can. I know what it’s like to be unsure about these things so believe me when I say you will figure this out, it just takes time.


tired babies comforting on each other ❤️️❤️️

104th Corps in a nutshell
  • Eren: I hate, no, despise titans but I became one anyway.
  • Mikasa: Lay a finger on Eren and that finger comes off.
  • Armin: People think I'm the most useless one but somehow I always save their asses with my brain.
  • Jean: Neigh neigh, Mikasa, Neigh neigh
  • Marco: You probably know me because of the freckled Jesus jokes or "half" memes.
  • Reiner: I won Best Actor in Oscars
  • Ymir: Just marry me, Christa.
  • Historia: I freakin' hit Captain Levi and he SMILED
  • Sasha: I fought my father for meat. Heck, I'd fight anyone for meat.
  • Connie: Miraculously still bald.
In An Instant: Part Nine

Summary: A romantic comedy about what happens when love literally falls through your window.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Ash (aka me), Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Tony Stark

Warnings: Language, general gross cuteness, some angst, bad writing, bad storylines, possible cheating, but mostly major fluff and feels

Word Count: 1.3K

A/N: Short part, just moving the story along, the next part is the last part! This is unbetad, unedited, In fact, I didn’t even read through it twice because I then tend to overthink it. Sorry about who I am as a person.

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Exiting the club had been a blur; too many shots, feelings, and disappoints had you feeling pretty low. All you could think about was Bucky, even as you were being led out of the club by an devilishly handsome billionaire, the boy from Brooklyn was burnt into your brain.

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unabridged list of pure things that have come out of dennis reynolds’ mouth
  • i think she looks like bo derek
  • …i swallowed some apple seeds today…
  • i don’t want to feel like this anymore, deandra
  • i’m not…. flourishing
  • sis, i love you
  • there are probably gonna be some dicks out there. yeah, sure. but i’ll be there. i’ll back you up, man.
  • almost everything he says in dee gives birth i couldn’t chose one thing.
  • we do have a hero in the crowd tonight
  • oh, cool. superman. he was the original, right?
  • all right, let’s get u back to C.T.U., agent bauer
  • i can’t believe they didn’t include me in their suicide pact. my best friends went out in a blaze of glory and they didn’t even ask me to be apart of it!

Imagine you and Chris answering 73 questions from Vogue.

A/N: Oops, I kind of went a little off the rails with this piece. The word count’s like 2.7K? It’s super fluffy, but it’s also slightly more personalized because I was addressing @alxpxe interracial couple request, as well as @dxbrevgrey’s request. Hope y'all enjoy this! (P.S - Thanks for answering my “where are you from?” question! I really, really appreciate it.)

Chris looked up from his newspaper when he saw you enter the kitchen from the corner of his eye. You were too busy responding to the text from Joe Sabina- Vogue’s 73 Question interviewer- to notice your husband was smiling at you with great adoration. He’d noticed in the past few months that you’d been looking particularly beautiful, like there was a glow about you. He figured he was just being a biased, wide-eyed husband, but he was right- there was something different about you that you were yet to share with him.

“Don’t you look beautiful,” he teased and you turned to him.

“Thank you, baby,” you walked over to peck his cheek and his smile widened as he looped an arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him. “Joe’s like five minutes away, that’s why I’m all dressed up.” You told him, draping your arm around his neck.

“Nope,” he shook his head and your eyes narrowed in confusion. “You always look beautiful, whether or not you dress up and make up.” He explained and you chuckled, kissing the top of his head. “So today’s the day, huh?” He asked as he released you to return to his eggs.

“Mm hm,” you pulled your arm off him to go make yourself a cup of green tea. “I know I was hesitant to do it at first, but now I’m actually excited. It really is an honor to be a part of the series,” you said and Chris nodded in agreement.

You had been asked a couple week ago to be a part of the prestigious 73 Questions interview; you didn’t really know if it was prestigious, all you knew was that many of those that had been a part of it were either talented friends of yours or people you admired greatly. Joe had called your publicist to set up the interview, and since then you’d emailed with him back and forth to plan the transcript as well as had a two hour lunch to finalize it. It took a while to refine what was going to be asked and answered, but you were finally ready to shoot the episode.

“It is, and I’m glad I managed to convince you to do it. Our fans would’ve killed you if you’d declined,” he joked. “There are a lot of people who want to hear you answer seventy-three personal questions as well as walk through our home.” He said then laughed when you did. “Anyway-” he shoveled the rest of his eggs into his mouth and murmured with it full, “do you want Dodger and I to make ourselves scarce?”

“Definitely not,” you quickly said because you’d something planned for the end of the interview that you needed Chris around for. “I think our fans would kill you if you and Dodger didn’t show face in the interview. You do realize that we have more fans as a couple than as individuals, right?” He laughed at that even though he knew it was true; when you got married, all your fans clumped into one large supportive group. “Joe and I worked you into the transcript anyway, so you’re not going anywhere,” you looped an arm around his neck and mumbled into his hair, “mister.”

“I’m happy to stay,” he tipped his head to kiss your jawline, “missus.” The doorbell rang and you pulled away from Chris as he said, “there’s Joe. And-” Dodger barreled in from the backyard and headed for the front door. “There’s Dodger,” he said and you both laughed. “Wait till I grab him to open the door, I don’t think we need another head to the nuts incident.”

“No we don’t,” you chuckled and started towards the front door with Chris following behind you. “They’ve already started filming, by the way. So as soon as we open the door, the interview’s in movement. You ready?” You asked, glancing over your shoulder at Chris; he nodded and grabbed Dodger’s collar while you opened the door for Joe.

“Good morning, guys.” Joe smiled behind his handheld camera.

“Hey Joe,” you and Chris both greeted him, smiling.

“Who do we have here?” Joe moved the camera to show Dodger. “This must be the famous Dodger, I’m very thankful you’re holding him back because I don’t think I can take a hit to the nuts so early in the morning.” You all laughed at that. “So shall we begin the interview?”

“Sure,” you both stepped to the side to welcome Joe inside. “If you don’t mind taking your shoes off, that’d be great.” You told him and he directed his camera at both yours and Chris’ socked feet. You’d already discussed it in the transcript, that your shoeless house would be one of his seventy-three questions.

“No problem,” he nodded and started to take off his shoes as he asked his first question. “You come from an Asian family and you’re a bit of a clean freak.” Chris snickered because a bit was an understatement; he couldn’t even sit on the bed without having a shower first. “So this is a habit for you.” You nodded, nudging Chris as you tried not to laugh. “Do you take off your shoes at every house you visit?”

“Most houses,” you nodded.

“All houses,” Chris interjected. “She does it at every house she visits, unless the floors seem dirty or the host insists she keeps them on.” You shot him a dirty look as you tried not to laugh; he’d successfully made you sound like a snob as well as offend the hosts of the houses you’d visited before without taking off yours shoes. “But she’s pretty cute about it, so it’s fine.”

Joe chuckled then used his camera to get a view of the front of your house. “I like the vibe the two of you’ve got going on here, it’s very zen and peaceful.” You looked over at Chris, smiling. “Did you do the interior yourself?” He asked, directing the camera back at you and Chris.

“Chris did,” you pointed at your husband. “We talked about redecorating after the honeymoon, but that was like- what?” You glanced at Chris, both of you chuckling. “Four years ago? We’ve been fairly preoccupied.” Chris nodded. “But honestly, our styles are fairly similar. I didn’t feel a dire need to change things up, I kind of just allowed my things to blend with his.”

“Do you think this is the house you’ll raise your kids in?”

“No,” you and Chris both said simultaneously. “Um-” You glanced at him and you both laughed. “Definitely not,” you continued. “We both love LA and it is where we have to be most of the time because of our jobs, but eventually we’d like to move back to Chris’ hometown.”

“Why not your hometown?”

“That’s a bit tricky considering I’m from two places,” you chuckled, referring to the two countries you called home; Singapore was where you were born, and Australia was where you were raised. “It’s just easier for us if we live in The States because of our jobs, and I’m so used to life here now that I can’t see myself going back to either places. We do go on holidays quite often, but that’s about it.”

“For the record,” Chris spoke up. “I love both countries my girl’s from. Their cultures are vastly different from each other, and mine, but I find it incredibly interesting. It’s always nice to immerse myself in her holidays, especially Chinese New Year. We’ve been back to Singapore a couple of times for it and it’s just awesome. There is so much food, like- ridiculous amounts. Imagine Thanksgiving, but more food and more than one day.”

“Chris has a lot of trouble when we go back for Chinese New Year, especially when we have a Marvel movie coming up because he wants to eat everything but he can’t.” Chris nodded with pursed lips and you laughed, looping your arm with his. “Shall we move on to the rest of the house?”

“Yes, please.”

Joe followed you and Chris as you led him through the rest of your house, answering quick fire questions that told the fans more about you, and Chris, and your life as a married couple. Dodger sprinted off the moment Chris released his collar, but not without getting a pat or two from Joe first. You toured the kitchen where Joe asked you and Chris questions twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-three.

“Who does the cooking?”

“Both of us, but we usually take responsibility for a certain meal,” you answered. “Like Chris always does breakfasts because he’s an early riser. I’m more lunch and dinner, though we’re never really home during lunch time.”

“What’s your favorite cuisine?”

“Italian,” you answered then looked over at Chris.

“I just like yummy food,” he answered with a soft chuckle.

“Your family owned a restaurant when you were younger and you were in charge of desserts,” Joe stated and you nodded. “What’s your favorite dessert item to make?” He asked you then asked Chris, “and what’s your favorite dessert item to eat?”

“Anything with chocolate,” you said when Joe’s camera was on you.

“Favorite dessert item to eat, like- that Y/N makes?” Chris quizzed when Joe’s camera was on him; Joe nodded. “Oh wow, that’s a tough question. Honestly- before I met Y/N, I was not a dessert guy at all. I ate a lot of jellybeans and ice-cream, but that was about it. But God, she’s converted me. I can’t go a meal without dessert now,” he laughed and you smiled. “But my favorite thing? It’s probably her chocolate chip cookies, they just give me such a homey feeling.”

“Can I try one?” Joe asked, directing his camera at the cookie jar sitting on your kitchen bench top. You nodded and took one out of the jar and passed it to him. “Oh wow,” he said after taking a bite. “This is possibly the best chocolate chip cookie I’ve ever tasted, this is delicious.”

“Now you know why I have to work out all the time,” Chris joked.

With those questions answered, you all moved back into the living room. Joe questioned the both of you on the awards you’d received that were displayed on the fireplace mantel, as well as the photographs hanging on your walls. The photographs- the one of you and Chris on set meeting for the first time, and then one from your wedding- were the cues to move onto Joe’s questions onto your Marvel career as well as your relationship with Chris, which you’d thoroughly discussed with Chris before agreeing to answer.

“What is your most memorable moment on a Marvel set?”

“Meeting my husband,” you didn’t even have to think twice.

“And what is it like being married to Captain America?”

“Patriotic,” you joked. Beside you, Chris laughed softly with a shake of his head. “No, it’s wonderful. Chris is the perfect man,” you smiled as you slipped your hand into Chris’; he gave your hand a gentle squeeze. “And he’s also lot more than Captain America.”

“Did you know when you first met Chris that he was going to be the one you’d marry?”

“She definitely knew,” Chris answered before you could; his tone was smug and he had a smirk on his face that made you laugh. “But to be fair,” he chuckled, “I did tell her I was going to marry her numerous times.” You laughed harder, nodding in agreement. “I’m just lucky she didn’t run.”

“So it was love at first sight then?”

“For me it was,” Chris nodded, smiling at you.

“Me too,” you said after smiling at him. “I mean- what’s not to love?”

“Best memory as a couple?”

“Our first Christmas together,” you both said at the same time then chuckled when you caught each other’s gaze. “I was in London for a job and Chris was on break back in Boston, so we didn’t think we’d see each other. But um-” you smiled, “he left his family and flew out to London to surprise me and we had a great Christmas together. It was very sweet, I was in tears when I saw him at my hotel door.”

“Is that the nicest thing Chris has ever done for you?”

“It’s up there,” you nodded. “But the thing is, he’s such a sweet and romantic guy that I couldn’t possibly highlight one thing or event. He’s done a lot for me over the course of our relationship, all of it seems as nice as the one before. I can’t choose,” you shook your head, “no way.”

“And what’s the nicest thing Y/N has done for you?”

“I think marrying me?” Chris said then smiled when he heard you chuckle.

“If you were to pick an animal for your partner, what animal would it be?”

“Chris is most definitely a puppy,” you laughed. “He’s always up and at it, he’s always so bubbly and happy- he’s adorable and lovely and kind and just- a down to earth, good guy. He’s the human version of Dodger, it’s no wonder they found each other.”

“Aw,” Chris cooed, pulling his hand out of yours to wrap his arm around you. “Well, Y/N is a cat. Intelligent, sassy, independent, and also very mysterious. You think you’ve got her figured out, but you don’t and you won’t until you show that you’re invested in her. Once she knows you’re here to stay, she’ll cozy up to you and she’ll love you till the end of time.”

“And you said you’re not a cat person,” you teased him.

“I guess you’re my exception, aren’t you?” He winked and you chuckled.

Joe mouthed “seventy-three” and you knew it was his cue to wrap up the interview. You tapped Chris’ leg and you all got onto your feet, walking Joe towards the front door. “Well, it’s been lovely being in your house and talking to the both of you. I believe we’re up to the last question, so here it is.” Joe shared a knowing smile with you, whereas Chris was completely oblivious. “Is it a boy or a girl?” He quizzed and you bit back your smile, slipping your hand into Chris’.

“What do you mean?” Chris’ eyes narrowed in confusion, then he turned to you when Joe beckoned his head at you. You smiled and realization swept over Chris’ face. “Are we-” He cut himself off when he saw you nod, and his smile reached his eyes. “No!” He pulled his hand out of yours and covered his mouth. “We’re pregnant?!”

“I can’t answer that because that’d be seventy-four questions, so I’ll answer Joe’s.” You said and Chris’ eyes glistened with tears of joy as he waited to hear if he was going to be a dad to a handsome baby boy or a beautiful baby girl. “It’s a boy.”

“Yes!” He cheered and hugged you, lifting you off the ground. You laughed and wrapped your arms around him, smiling at Joe who was letting himself out after nodding at you gratefully. “I’m going to be a dad, I’m going to be a dad!”

“Yes you are,” you cupped Chris’ face in your hands when he put you down onto your feet and released you. “And you’re going to be the best dad in the whole wide world.” He smiled and cupped your face in his hands, pulling you towards him to press a kiss on your forehead.

“I was wrong, you know.”

“About what?” You quizzed, looking up to meet Chris’ gaze.

“About the nicest thing you’ve done for me,” he answered and you smiled because you knew what he was going to say next. “Because this is it. You’ve helped me check off everything on my life plan. I got to work with my celebrity crush, I got to marry the love of my life, and now I’m having a child with my soul mate. That’s it, I have everything and I don’t think I can ask for anything more.” Your heart swelled when you saw his blue eyes glistened. “Well-” he chuckled and leaned in, “maybe just a kiss?”

“You got it,” you smiled.

“I love you,” he breathed when his lips were inches from yours.

“I love you more,” you said then met his soft lips.

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Endgame part 2 - Jughead x Reader


Warnings: Drinking, fighting, kisses and angst 

Word count: 1491

“That’s my girl” Kevin and Veronica said at the same time, “Okay well, let’s get going then, shall we?” Archie asked.

“Lets” you replied.

You walked up to Cheryls house, the party was loud meaning there would be no time for thinking about what happened in your room.

“Y/N” Ronnie said, gesturing for Kevin and Archie to go into the party, “We’ll be in in a minute” you said with a smile. “Yes Ronnie?” your attention now on the raven haired girl, “I’m really sorry about Jughead and Betty..” she began, you cut her off, “V, I know you like Betty, I’m sorry you had to see that too. We’ll be better off without them” you said as you pulled Veronica in for a hug.

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Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my dear followers! You guys are amazing and I love you all. <3 

Quick shout out to my girl @noenoemi for helping me find the cards. They do not belong to me and were found through Google.

Jonathan wasn’t the biggest fan of Valentine’s Day; though it had more to do with the fact that he rarely had anyone to celebrate with, than the idea of it being a made up holiday for stores to sell overpriced candy and cards to the unsuspecting public.

He dreaded the day, because it just reminded him how horribly lonely he was, and how his romantic life was virtually nil. It also emphasized how deeply in love he was with his best friend, with no hope for the future due to the fact that said best friend was straight, and completely unavailable.

Which is why, when he opened his locker on the tenth of February, he was extremely surprised to find a small red envelope sitting among his books.

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NCT-127/U reacts to you falling over & playing it off by saying “looks like I’ve fallen for you”

So the idea of this request was that you fall and play it off by saying “Looks like I’ve fallen for you”, so it’s a reaction to you falling, and you playing it off. I hope I wrote it correctly but it was really fun to write, thank you for requesting! 


 At you falling, he’d have to supress his laughter and would quickly check if you were alright, not wanting to be hurtful but finding your clumsiness hard not to laugh over. When you gave him the cheesy “Looks like I’ve fallen for you” line, he’d stop trying to supress his laughter and jokingly warn you he’d leave you on the floor for your bad pick up line type joke.

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 Immediately seeing you fall, his caring side would come out - coming to your side and checking your okay, probably brushing you off and fixing your hair or something. Hearing you playing it off, he’d laugh, relieved you weren’t hurt, but might get kind of shy and blushy, finding your joke awfully cheesy but also adorable, doing that little bounce thing he does as he laughed at your cuteness.

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 Once you fell, it might take him a moment to notice if he was absorbed in the conversation, probably walking on a few steps before realising you weren’t replying, before turning to find you on the floor. I can see him jokingly scolding your clumsiness, but would help you up and move on to avoid any embarrassment for you. He seems very quick witted, so as soon as he heard your joke, he’d reply something like “who doesn’t”, smug at you jokingly confessing to you and his reply. 

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Seeing you fall, he’d probably be the most likely to laugh outwardly - not to upset you, but because he likes to laugh, though would make it clear he wasn’t laughing at you in a harsh way. A joke like that would probably make him walk away, jokingly dissapointed with such a cheesey line, brushing back his hair and trying to act cool and unaffected by the joke, even if he was internally trying his hardest not to laugh at it/you.

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Another one to show his caring side after you fell, he’d ask you if you were hurt and try to help you up, if you were grazed even slightly he’d end up making a fuss and telling you to be more careful. At the attempt at playing it off he’d sigh and try to act as if he found it cringey, rolling his eyes at you and jokingly warding off the advances, but would secretly find it cute and tease you about it later.

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 Seeing you fall, he’d be at your side asking if your okay, but still supressing a smile on his face at the fall. Hearing the joke, he’d let out his laughter knowing you were okay, applauding your bad joke with only slight sarcasm, secretly pleased you’d used the bad pick up line on him. I can see him being the type to google some similar bad pick up lines to use on you at random points, and enjoying trying to one up you with the bad jokes.

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Jaehyun would be clingy and protective after you fell, helping you back up and offering to keep a firm grip on you so you didn’t fall anymore, or maybe even a piggyback if you were hurt slightly. After you played it off, he’d be cringey and playfully tell you off for the bad joke, saying you needed to come up with better even if it did boost his ego a bit. 

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I see WinWin as someone who’s more used to being taken care of, rather than taking care of others, so would be unsure how to comfort/help you when you fell. At the joke he’d laugh and get a bit flustered, glad you were okay enough to play it off. He might try and joke back, saying he’d be careful not to hurt you with his looks or something similar to show he was on the same page as you.

Originally posted by fywinwin


He wouldn’t make a big deal of you falling, not wanting you to be embarrased, but would quickly help you up and make sure you were okay. The joke however, he’d laugh at with that one giggle of his, like the reaction king he is, finding it so cheesy it was hilarious. 

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At your fall, he’d joke at how clumsy you were but would help you up if you were actually hurt. At the attempt to play it off, he’d jokingly fall over and say “I fell for me too”, causing you to laugh together at the dumb jokes. He’d probably also be one to hold it over you and randomly bring up the time ‘you literally fell for him’ whenever he wanted to tease you.

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petty revenge: shakespearean style

So I live in Texas, which, as most of you probably know, is filled with homophobes. Freshman year At my old high school (I transferred after one semester, I’m at a different school now.) I was very into theatre and had been doing it for around 5 years, so naturally I was in the Theater class. I was VERY openly Not Straight (I hadn’t defined myself at that point, I was just reaaaallllyyy into girls and let everyone know it) and I have had a few (a lot) of problems with classmates in the past, but there was this one guy (gonna call him Chad bc I honestly can’t remember his name) who kept being an issue. The theatre department was made up of 2 classes, tech, and performance. I was in performance and he was in tech, and we had it the same period. A lot of the times, when we had to perform something, we had tech come and watch. The assignment was to write an emotional monologue about an experience that we had faced, and I was like “ok, I’m gonna make it gay.” my teacher decided to have us perform our rough drafts for our own class before we performed for the other class, and besides my tiny circle of friends, no one in class really knew about my sexuality at that point, because I was more focused on my performance skills than shouting about how much I liked girls. As soon as I finished my monologue, the class immediately showed their support for me, and it was all good.

This was around the time that gay marriage was legalized, (2-3 months after) and he was harassing me quite frequently about it, and even threatened to harm me if he saw me “being a sinner.” (I laughed at his phrasing) So I decided, “hey, why not call him out for his bullshit in my performance?” So I wrote my monologue about falling in love with someone named Alex (I chose a gender neutral name) and how I was harassed and threatened by someone with a name eerily similar to Chads name, taking care to only reveal at the end that Alex was a female. When I got to the part about Chad, I made obvious direct eye contact with him throughout the whole thing, and then people realized what I was saying.

He ended up getting a talking to by both of the teachers, and nobody liked him after that lmao. I also got an A on that assignment so yeet.

i just have a lot of feelings about steve harrington and i want to get them out so here’s a list of reasons (apart from the obvious ones) i love him

  • “hello ladies”: literally the best entrance to a scene in the history of tv
  • his jump into the pool aka how to be Extra™
  • literally he’s so extra all of the time
  • he definitely has two different pairs of Nike Cortez shoes, no idea why, but they look good as hell
  • “hey, i had a good time” like honestly that line managed to make nancy so much more confident and happy and like honestly that line is probably my favorite of his and nobody ever talks about it
  • shout out to him for not going along with the two jokes tommy makes about jonathan killing will like he knew that shit was fucked up
  • the way he invites nancy to a movie to get her mind off of barb for a bit
  • when he gets the hint that nancy doesn’t wanna talk to him and it obviously hurts him a bit but hes just like “i should go” and totally respects her and stays casual to not upset her
  • when he runs to nancy’s window he literally pops his collar first, gotta look cool for the ladies
  • when he looks at nancy right before she slaps him like wow he’s in so much pain thanks for those emotions joe keery
  • every? single? time? he? looks? at? nancy??? wow he loves that girl
  • have you seen his hair
Wolverine x reader

Originally posted by geekybasket

Quick info: While I was writing this around the midway point I started watching the first X-men movie for the first time ever and realized that this relationship I created is really similar to the one Logan has with Rogue. I apologize for this, wasn’t my intention at all.

(the Professor X mentioned is Steward’s age so the story takes place pretty recently. Around ‘the last stand’)

You were sitting on the couch, looking at the sexy lumberjack from afar and fumbling with your levitating pendant. It was moving in the air between your fingers by itself. Well… Not exactly by itself, you were still using your powers but it was there.

Logan was in the kitchen, leaning against the counter, reading some newspaper and you just so happened to be bored and ready to annoy him again.

You stood up from your place, walking over to him, swinging your hips as much as you could. You yawned loudly and jumped onto he counter, sitting your ass down just inches away from his newspaper.

“What are you doing?” He asked, emotionless.

“Sitting.” He looked up at you for a split second before returning his gaze down again.

“Get your ass off the counter.”


“Because it’s not a seat.”

“Is your lap a seat cause I’d sit on that.” You replied, boldly. Logan looked up again, looking rather annoyed.

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PART 3!!!

Surprise I wanted to put it up now. Sorry I know it’s late a pretty lame update and it hecka sucks but #4 is about to be great. Love you guys!

Rating: PG maybe

It was impossible to sleep that night. The reveal of my art piece was approaching quickly and my nerves were catching up to me.

I got a text from my mum first thing in the morning saying she was so proud and excited to see me. I had picked out what I was going to wear weeks ago.

The black dress hug my porcelain curves, the red lipstick I boldly chose matches my red shoes and hang back.

I felt like I was going to something as significant as the Grammys. My dark hair falling in perfect ringlets as I curl it.

I arrived at the studio early, much earlier than required. I observed the blank space on the wall that would soon hold my masterpiece.

Artwork that I’ve tried to express multiple times in my teenage years but just finally was able to do.

My parents are the first to show up. They race to hug me.

I introduce them to the owner of the art gallery who I met while sketching at a coffee shop. My artwork caught his eye and he said he wanted to see more. I want to say it is because he liked my work more than the fact I was drawing a nude woman.

Many strangers show up. Already with still a half hour left until we start, there is a much bigger turnout than I expected.

The art covered walls feeling much closer together as my nervousness increases.

Calum, Ashton and Michael all show up. Michel brings a girl who I do not recognize.

“Is my art reveal the place you bring a girl on a first date?” I question as the blond wanders away to look at the other art pieces.

“Well I get major props for knowing the artist.” Michael bumps me.

I grin and look at all of them. They are all dressed up, meaning they are wearing button ups. Sure michaels is only half tucked in and calum is wearing blue jeans but it’s really the effort that counts.

“It really means a lot that you guys are here.” I smile at them.

“Aww!” Ashton squeals like a girl before hugging me.

“Have you guys heard from Luke?” I ask nonchalantly.

They shake their heads. I brush it off, I’m sure he is on his way.

When the owner starts calling for everyone to gather together I glance at the door one more, waiting for Luke to make one of his last minute entrances.

I make my way up to the front, while I was chatting with people I didn’t notice them put up my painting. It is covered by a thin cloth so no one can see it.

I glance down at my phone. There is a text from Luke:

Finally couldn’t put off taking ‘A’ out to dinner any longer. Wanna hang after?

I swear I could literally feel my heart being smashed. All of the pieces tearing through my body, desperate to find their way back together. But they were too lost.

He had forgotten and her again Arzaylea got what she wanted. On the night that was supposed to be mine.

I know if he had remembered he would have been the first person here. He would have wanted to come out to dinner with my parent and I after and he would have calmed my nerves before the show.

He wasn’t here, instead he was with her probably fighting.

I feel as I am about to cry. In front of all of these people. Everyone is looking at me, am I crying and not noticing it.

The one say I do decide to wear make up of course I would ruin it.

The owner says my name and I realized he was speaking to me.

“I’m so sorry. what?” I ask.

“Nerves seem to get the best of these young people.” He makes a joke. Many people laugh and I pull together my best smile.

“Why don’t you uncover your piece when you are ready and tell us about it.” He says.

My eyes scan the faces of the room once more. Hoping Luke remembered and snuck in without me noticing. I’m yet again let down.

The thing is I’m not even mad. I’m just so incredibly hurt, this was one of the most important nights of my life and he promised.

I slowly remove the barrier and everyone claps before pulling out their cameras. My mother has been filming since she got here.

“I want to catch my baby girls big moment.” Her words ring through my head.

“It took me a really long time to think of a name for this piece. Eventually I just went with ‘Air’.” I say. “It is painted with oil based paints. To me it represents freedom and individuality.”

My painting has a silhouette girl who is off centered next to a house. It is a pallet of colors. She is holding on to a bunch of balloons that I like to are pulling her up, wherever she wants.

The small room that recently seemed so full suddenly seems so empty. One of the only people I wanted to be here celebrating wasn’t.

I try to swallow back the tears of sadness the blur my vision. One single drop wins the battle as it slides down my cheek, the rest of its arm fallows in its quick descent down my face.

“There is a reason I wants the girl to remain identity less. Because I do think of this as a self portrait but adding something like skin color or hair color could ruin the illusion that this could be any other woman out there. Those fighting for freedom, equality.” My voice cracks as I continue to cry.

My mothers eyes mirror mine, smiling as proud and happy emotions stroll from her eyes.

“Those fighting for love. I wanted this to be a painting that could be looked at and see from so many different perspectives and points of view. See yourself in my work. I do this for the world.” I finish my speech.

The audience stars applauding and as much as I feel it’s impossible I muster up a smile.

“Wow. It is very phenomenal that this piece means this much to you. And it is only through true emotion like this do we find success and beauty in one’s art.” The owner of the gallery starts another round of applause.

I think them all, excusing myself to get some air.

On a day that is suppose to be about me I would ruin it crying over some boy. I painted the girl to be me but I don’t feel half as strong or beautiful as I want people to feel when they look at it.

I’m joined outside by Calum. I wipe my eyes and smile at him.

At least people think I’m crying for a different reason.

He pulls me in for a hug, rubbing my back.

“I’m sorry he wasn’t here today.” He says.

The waterworks start all over again. We pull away from each other i try to conceal myself but I can’t.

He already knows anyways. Everyone knows that I’m so in love with Luke. Everyone but Luke.

“I don’t know why I’m letting him get to me like his.” I rub my face, a lot of my makeup coming off with it.

“He said he would be here. It’s not right and you have every right to be upset. It’s not fair. He is supposed to be here.” Calum says.

I wonder if he knows where Luke actually is.

“Yeah well he has other obligations. Like a girlfriend who he is with right now.” I say.

The surprise etched in his face shows me he didn’t.

“He is with Arzaylea? What? 10 times out of 10 he would rather be with you.” Calum says.

“That’s not true.” I shake my head. Luke and I do have the best fun together but there is something about being in a relationship with someone. You want to be with them all the time.

That’s how I’ve always felt about Luke except we aren’t in a relationship.

“They just fight a lot. I’m scared sometimes he is unhappy but then there is days like this where he forgets about me because he is with her.” I wipe the unders of my eyes.

“I don’t think he ever stops thinking about you.” Calum says quietly. “Do you ever think the reason Luke is so unhappy with Arzaylea is because she isn’t the one he wants to be with.”

Calum seems like he is almost trying to hint something.

“What? What are you saying?” I squint at him through my tears.

“Oh my gosh. You are both so blind. He likes you, as more than a friend.” Calum rolls his eyes.

I shake my head in disbelief “Luke doesn’t think of me that way. I’m nothing more than a friend to him.” My soul breaks as I say that.

More and more these days being with Luke seems to not even be possible. Like a dream I need to give up on.

“Drunk Luke can’t keep a secret from Calum.” Calum speaks of himself which makes me laugh.

I still don’t know if I believe what he is saying.

But what if he is right. All those times I’ve caught Luke staring at me isn’t because he is spacing out. When he tries to make me laugh with horrible jokes or pays attention to me over his girlfriend.

Maybe Calum is right.

I don’t know if I have enough willpower to find out though.


How would it be like to meet EXO (Part one)

This is just my speculation, probably not even close to reality. It’s just how imagine them :) Ara~

1.Baekhyun: I kind of think he would be very polite at the beginning, show a lot of respect; maybe he would even be a little bit timid. But then he would slowly try to get along, try to know a little about you, try to talk about anything and even make you laugh. I think Baek is that sort of person that becomes your friend without you even realizing. So yeah, I think meeting Baekyun wouldn’t be awkward at all because he’s that easy going and knows exactly who he is and knows how to break that barrier. 

2.Chanyeol: Just like Baekhyun, I think Chanyeol is very easy going to. But unlike Baek, Chanyeol would start with the jokes from second one. Maybe you’ll get a hug too. Of course just by staring at him you’ll burst into laughter and he will too. I kind of think that meeting Chanyeol is like one of those days that you can say “today was the best day of my life”, not just becaus he’s an idol and maybe your bias, I just kind of think he’s an amazing person, our happy virus, someone that can make you forget all your troubles in just one second. And he knows it, and he is so pure and probably will try his best while he’s with you/anyone.

3.Jongdae: I kind of think it would be a little bit awkward at the beginning. Even though this boy is all love and also has an easy going personality, sometimes I feel like he’s a cute smol bean when he’s alone and meeting new people. Maybe it’ll be that kind of moment where both of you just say “uhmm.. hey… uhmm what’s up… uhmmm” and as you two start talking, he’ll open more and from one moment to another he’ll make you feel comfortable enough to look at him in the eye. I kind of also picture him blushing a little and even take a picture with you, making some awkward jokes that will end up in a lot of laughs as the awkwardness breaks. 

4.Jongin: I think there are like two versions of Nini. The smol shy bean and the all funny boi. If you meet the first one, it’ll end up in a lot of bows, so much cute awkward silences, maybe him stepping on your foot accidentally, blushing faces, and little smiles. And if you meet the second one, it’d be like you two were best friends since childhood, he’ll make jokes, maybe tickle you, take some pictures, call sehun to help him tickling you, and so on. But leaving that aside, I think that meating Nini would be unforgettable, he’s an angel.

5.Junmyeon: Meeting Junmyeon would be like meeting your hero and your dad’s friends in one person… Like I think he’s so so so polite (which I admire so much) and he’s such a great person that one must think that even breathing is wrong because there’s so much perfection going on there, in front of your eyes, that you don’t want to interrupt that or something xD. But I also think that he woudl try so so hard on making things less awkward, yet he would be so polite, explaining his jokes and everything and you would be in such awe because… he is perfect. Did I mention he’s perfect? (And no, he isn’t my bias xD) But yes, I kind of think one would stand just there, trying to think what’s going on while he does the talking and the smiling and the pictures and the friendly things and bonding stuff and being perfect xD.

6.Kyungsoo: (I LOVE THIS BABY SO MUCH) Okay so, meeting Kyungsoo would be like… scary? Not because he’s scary or something, he’s just too serious, probably too shy around new people. Honestly I would just stand there and probably he would just stare at me/you/anyone, trying to figure out what to say and/or do. He would give a gentle smile and be sooooooooooooooo polite and if he manages to feel a little bit comfortable even make a funny comment. I kind of think of him as that kind of person that is hard to first talk to but then as it goes you end up talking about how the universe was created, or how your cat ended up sleeping on your head XD So yeah, I kind of picture it as a weird encounter, maybe a little bit awkward at the beginning but one of a kind.

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Real people can queerbait. If someone famous clearly hints more than once that they may not be straight knowing for sure they are that is queerbaiting. Celebrities are brands too. People using all Harry's support towards the community is obviously inaccurate and no one should listen to larries ever but if someone queer feels like certain things Harry has said about himself feel like queerbaiting then that's how they feel like and they're not so wrong that people should invalidate their feelings.

Just as a starter, I don’t think that larries are uniquely (or even predominantly) the ones at issue in how people address Harry’s sexuality, it’s a pretty fandom-wide issue. But beyond that, feeling disappointed that Harry (or any other celebrity) is not openly LGBT because you felt like he indicated he was and it would mean a lot to you if he came out, and blaming Harry/accusing him of queerbaiting for it, are two completely different things. People will react how they react to what Harry does and says. But it does not make Harry blameworthy and it is not queer baiting. 

I think many people are putting hugely unfair pressure on Harry. Sexuality is really complicated for a lot of people. Putting a label onto how you identify and saying that label and formally “coming out” and all of that is really hard for most LGBT people. To take myself for an example, like the fact that I am ~not straight literally never occurred to me until I was 18 and in college. Like I can look back and identify signs now, but truly, the realization hit me like a bus in a (no kidding) intro Women’s and Gender Studies class, when I realized I had a crush on this cute sophomore. I’ve since then had approximately 9,456 mini-crises. I’m on the board of my school’s LGBT organization, have four (five if you count the Lisa Frank rainbow unicorn) LGBT-related stickers on my laptop, and regularly wear pride shirts. But if you ask me how I self-identify, I will drop a smoke ball and run away, because it’s hard and it makes me nervous and I dunno, I just don’t want to! Like my parents probably have suspicions, but I’m not “out” to them. There’s no reason, like they’d support me and all that, I just… haven’t done it. The thought of any formal sit down or whatever just…. stresses me out? Like I said, I dunno! I’ll make some jokes and have ~indicators of my sexuality all around, but I’m not really “out.” And who knows, maybe I’ll end up with a guy and will have never really “came out” and people won’t really know how I identify. But does that mean I was baiting anyone? No. It means things are complicated. 

And one of my best friends definitely identifies as straight. But she’s on the board of the LGBT organization too, and worked at Lambda Legal, and has pride stickers too. Lots of people probably think she identifies as LGBT too. But she doesn’t. She’s just an ally who actually shows up and does stuff for the community. She doesn’t constantly declare her sexuality, because that’d be weird! I’m skeptical of allies who need to constantly reaffirm their straightness. Someone thinking you LGBT is not a bad thing. Reaffirming straightness while claiming to support the LGBT community isn’t really helping, it’s continuing to perpetuate that it’s bad to not be straight. So is she queer baiting anyone? No.

Think about how messy all my feeling are, which just exist in a small vacuum of my life, and then put it onto the stage of literally millions. Harry has 20 million followers on his social media account! People track everything his says and does. If I find the idea of addressing my sexuality stressful and complicated, imagine what it might be like for him. So if he does identify as LGBT (and loving women doesn’t make him not LBGT! there are more identities than just gay or straight!), and he feels comfortable making jokes and waving pride flags, because it’s reaffirming to him and also reaffirming to LGBT fans, then great! It means a lot to me and I’m glad he’s comfortable doing it. If he’s not comfortable saying “I’m not straight,” for any reason, I respect that! And I get that like holy crap, I can’t imagine the stress he’d feel.

And if he identifies as 100% straight, then he’s actually done what I want allies to do. He’s reaffirmed the validity of LGBT people and supported causes and been there during the bad times and the good times, and made tons of fans feel more welcome, loved, and safe. And he did it without making it about him, without making it “I’M NOT GAY BUT.” He did it just to do it.

One more final note, before I wrap up this essay: I also think the idea that it is bad that Harry could be choosing not to come out for career purposes is really, really harmful. It may be that Harry/his team/those close to him came to the decision that at this point in his career, explicitly coming out wouldn’t be wise. There is still so much homophobia out there. I could blame him 0% if he made that decision and it was largely a strategic one. It doesn’t undue the constant support he’s shown in ways that are still explicit, but don’t involve “coming out.” And people make the decision to not be out at work all the time. It’s shitty and I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is. LGBT people have to make active choices about whether or not to be “out” all the time. The world’s more welcoming than it used to be for LGBT people, but it’s still… not all that welcoming. There is ample evidence for that. I would never expect Harry to come out just to make me happy, if he didn’t feel it was the right decision for him at this point. Everyone can have their own feelings and that is allowed, but you can’t project your feelings onto a real human making decisions in a landscape of potentially complicated feelings and difficult situations and get angry when they’re not following what you want them to do. Life is tough, and I really do think Harry is doing his best to be here for the LGBT community, whether he is explicitly part of it or an ally. 

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Glad I could do somethin'. ☺️☺️ Hope you've been having a good day, and wanted to ask what your favorite headcanons regarding Washington and Mulligan were. (Either together or separately, your pick. And feel free to go as in depth as ya want 🙃) lots of emojis today, pretty odd. Ah well. 💙 SMORCH

:0 oh !! thank u ! and ye, here’s some of my favorite hcs for the best boys,,,,

hercules mulligan

  • he’s on the autism spectrum! you’ll often find him making the “brrah” noise under his breath,, he’s stimming
    • his special interest is color theory!! and he loves being asked and he’s more than delighted to tell !! he kind of likes being considered The Expert™
    • (john asks him about color theory often and this makes hercules really excited! john also takes notes while herc is explaining)
    • he has a lot of recipes for slime / floam !
  • he’s taller than laf by one (1) inch and he loves making jokes about it 
    • (”laf probably couldn’t reach this but i sure can”)
  • he likes being creative, be it knitting or doodling or sewing or cooking,, he just really enjoys making stuff with his hands! makes him happy !
  • he doesn’t remember much of his childhood, save for the fact that he immigrated over from ireland when he was really lil,, that’s practically his only memory before the age of eleven
  • herc’s a really positive person!!
    • if he thinks you’re feeling down, he has a knack for knowing just what to say to help you feel better!!
    • he has the most blessed laugh Ever
  • he likes to go to the gym!
  • often comes off as more boastful or cocky, but it’s honestly him being genuinely proud of something he’s done!! he just likes to share,, hercules has done lots of things that he’s got every right to be proud of, and he knows it !
  • he likes to take aesthetic pictures of himself !!

george washington

  • if you call him cute he might actually pass out (wosh.exe has stopped responding)
    • despite the amount of compliments he gets, he’s surprisingly self-conscious / insecure about,, practically everything involving him
      • (he never vocalizes this and you’d only know if you’re good at reading his body language)
      • (he internalizes a lot of stuff)
    • he doesn’t know quite how to react other than just kinda clearing his throat and saying thank you (but he appreciates this v much)
  • he actually smiles more than you’d think he would ! he tries to maintain a certain composure (especially during the war) but he sometimes can’t help himself!!
  • sticks out his tongue when concentrating (don’t comment on this he gets embarrassed and he never really realizes that he still does it,,,)
  • likes to give christmas gifts to everyone he works with!
  • due to his upbringing, he’s quite harsh with himself when he shows any emotions he may perceive as “weak”. he’s learning more every day, though, and while it’s likely there’s always going to be a little voice that chastises him if he ever cries, he’s getting better at telling it to stay quiet,,
  • he likes boxing!
  • sometimes he draws, and he’s honestly better than you’d expect!! he has a super cute drawing style,,
Mitch Marner - Jealousy

Anon: Ey since you’re leafs based? I thought I could request this with you! Could you a scenario where mitch likes the reader but gets jealous when auston is around because he thinks he hasnt got a chance with her but one day the jealousy kinda gets to him so the reader talks to him and then finds out about mitch’s jealousy strops and she laughs telling him she wouldn’t ever date him cause he played for ZSC Lions (a rival team for me) sorry its long, thanks in advance!

Author’s note: I thought this was super cute, I’m all here for Auston and Mitch’s friendship

Warning/s: Maybe one swear word

Mentions: Auston Matthews

Word count: 971

Song suggestion: Dive - Ed Sheeran

Originally posted by glovesdropped

You and Mitch had always been practically inseparable, sharing the same wild humor and love for honey nut cheerios, it was no wonder the two of you were best friends. You had followed him to Toronto when he got drafted for the Leafs because the two of you couldn’t bear to be apart for so long, so it was decided that you moving in with him would solve all of your problems.

Even though Mitch could be a pain in the ass sometimes, like leaving dirty dishes strewn across counters or waking you up in the middle of the night to help him bake something, you two had a relationship that made everyone around you wonder how the two of you hadn’t ended up together yet.

As time went on, Mitch excitedly introduced you to the team, one of those players being Auston Matthews. Immediately both you and Auston hit it off as you bonded over you likeness of Mitch and your abilities to make fun of every move the boy made. The three of you were like the three musketeers, except two of them were hockey players and the other was just their feisty sidekick.

One night, as you sat between Auston and Mitch on the couch, you felt yourself falling sleep. The reruns of hockey games played over on the TV, drowning out the noise of the two boys joking and laughing. You could feel yourself falling over onto Auston, but neither of you moved and you were too tired to sit up straight, so you let your head hang onto his shoulder as your eyes got heavy.

Sleeping didn’t last long. You pulled yourself up, not really sure of how much sleep you had gotten, to notice that Mitch was no longer in the room. “Where’d Mitch go?” You looked up at Auston whose eyes were glued to the TV. He looked down at you and shrugged as if he hadn’t even noticed Mitch was gone in the first place.

You untangled Auston’s are from through your hair and around your shoulders as you called out for Mitch, pushing yourself off of the couch in the process. “In here,” He mumbled from the closed door of his bedroom.

You tried to turn the knob but to no avail, you angrily stepped back and turned back to Auston. “What’s his problem?”

Auston’s eyebrows furrowed as he looked between you and the bedroom door, “Maybe he’s changing?”

You hit your knuckles against the door softly a few times, hoping to hear the click of the lock or the creaking of the door, but it was completely silent.

“Maybe I should go, let you deal with him,” Auston laughed as he pulled himself off of the couch. “I’ll text you later?”

“Yeah, yes, definitely.” You nodded.

You turned back to the door, “Mitch, it’s just me, open up.” You heard a sigh through the closed door and a creak from the bed before the unlocking of the lock and the squeaking of the door. Mitch opened it just enough for you to see half of his face.

“What’s going on? If you hated the hockey game that was on so much, you could’ve just changed it instead of locking yourself in your room,” You laughed, “Can I come in?”

“Why? Don’t you want to cuddle with Auston some more?” Mitch noticed the demeanor of your face change from sarcasm to overall confusion.

“What do you mean? Mitch would you please open the door so I can actually look at your entire face?” Mitch groaned as he opened the door all the way, letting you slide in. “What’s up with you? Since when did it matter who I fall asleep on?” You never thought you would ever say that sentence, but here you were, saying it to your best friend who ran a hand through his messy hair.

Blue eyes stared back at you, “It mattered when that person is one of my best friends, a guy who probably jump at the chance to have a beautiful girl like you fall asleep on him.”

You were taken aback, not by Mitch’s harsh tone, but the fact that he called you beautiful. Mitch had always made comments about how you were pretty, but most of them were in a joking matter with that boy, nothing you ever took to heart until now. “You think Auston and I like each other?” You felt yourself chuckle at the thought, “I love Auston, but there’s absolutely no way I could picture us as anything more than just friends.”

Mitch frowned, chewing on his bottom lip like he had something to say. “Did you really mean I was beautiful?” You asked.

You could see his cheeks become flushed, “I’ve thought you were beautiful for like, ever,” Mitch chuckled under his breath, “But I never thought I had a chance with you. You’re way funnier than me, like how the hell is that even possible, and you’re smarter than me, which is understandable. And you’re so beautiful it makes me laugh because I didn’t think it was possible for someone to be this beautiful. I always thought you would go for someone more like Auston, though.”

You lifted yourself up on your tippy toes and pressed a soft kiss to Mitch’s lips, “The only boy I would ever go for is you. It took you long enough to say something.”

Mitch grinned from ear to ear as he pressed a smiley kiss to your lips again, wanting to get as many kisses in to make up for the time you both had lost. “If I would’ve known kissing you felt like that, I would’ve done it a long time ago.” He whispered against your lips.

“Good thing we have all night,” You smirked eagerly, “And for the record, I would never date someone who played for the ZSC Lions.”

Mixed Emotions (Weasley Twins x Reader) Pt. 1

summary: george likes y/n, y/n likes fred, fred likes y/n, y/n maybe likes george? it’s just as confusing as it sounds but basically: hogwarts appears to have found itself a new love triangle and you’re at it’s center. 

requested:  Hey! I love your work and I was wondering if you could do a thing where the reader likes both of the twins and her friends say that her personality matches better with George because he’s a little bit quieter than Fred, but the reader think that Fred is cuter and that she needs someone who is louder. And also the reason that the reader has a problem with the quietness is because George won’t ever talk to her, like they could be walking to a class together and neither one of them will say a word.

warnings: none 


“Does George hate me?” Fred nearly rolls off the bed at your inquiry, clumsily rolling over to face you. 

“Um, no. Far from it, actually.” Fred responds, carefully. “Why? Do you like him?”

Your stomach coils at the expression on his face, holding eye contact for a few seconds before rolling onto your back and letting out a sigh. “I dunno. He never talks to me.”

“That’s not true.” he let’s out after a pause, his voice sounding oddly distant. 

“No it is. Yesterday we walked to quidditch together and he didn’t say a single word the entire way. Not one word! Do you have any idea how long that walk is?”

“He doesn’t hate you. George’s a shy kid. Doesn’t seem like it but he is.” You just shrug, setting your head on his chest. He gazes down at you, smiles. Wraps his arms around you. You ignore the pounding in your chest, ignore the sound of his hammering heart. Because you’re best friends, and best friends don’t notice those kinds of things. Best friends cuddle all the time, and you’re almost positive it wasn’t something you should be giving this much thought to. 

“What about you?” you say finally, because you’re not sure you can trust your actions when such a silence is taking place. 

“What about me?” he repeats, clearly not as confused by the question as he’s pretending to be. 

“Do you hate me?” you tease, because this is the kind of joke a best friend would make. 

“Oh absolutely.” he grins back. “Despise you. You’re number one on my most hated list.”

You shove him, roll your eyes. “Who’s number two?”

He pauses, thinks. “Definitely-” 

The door opens, and ironically enough George is in the doorway, min-conversation with Lee. You can’t help but be surprised by how animatedly he’s talking, noting a bit bitterly that he’d probably said more to Lee in the past few seconds than he’s ever said to you. “Fred-” he trails off, his eyes landing on you, and then Fred, and then you, and then Fred, and then your head on Fred’s chest, and then Fred’s arms around you. His brown crumples, just for a second, and then he glances away quickly, clears his throat. “Oh.” is all he says, briefly meeting eyes with his brother. “Sorry to interrupt.” And then he turns around, walks out. Leaves the door open behind him. You almost wish he’d have slammed it. You sit up, confused. Look at Fred. He looks like he just swallowed about a trillion puking pastels. “Fred, what-?”

“Oh hell.” he gets out, gets up. “I’m just- I’ve got to go.”

And then he’d gone, and you’re sitting in his bed, head spinning, because the past few minutes have contained more drama than your entire time at Hogwarts, and you’re not even sure what’s going on. You look to see if Lee’s still in the doorway but he’s not. You get up, walk out because that seems to be the thing to do. You’re not exactly sure who you’re looking for, if anyone, but George is sitting on the steps outside of the dorms, so you start there. Sit next to him. You don’t say anything, because you have a feeling he knows what you want him to tell you, and frankly it was his turn to talk. “It’s alright.” he says finally. “You. With Fred.”

“I’m not with Fred.” you say simply, and because the look he gives you indicates that he doesn’t believe you, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind being. But… I dunno. I wouldn’t mind being with you… either.” 

He gives you a flat look. “Is that supposed to be a compliment?”

“You never talk to me George. What am I supposed to say?”

He’s quiet for a while. “I like you.” he says. “And so I’m nervous around you, and so I’m quiet. But I like you.” 

You don’t know exactly what to say, but you feel your cheeks flush a little, and you can feel him staring at you clearly trying to decipher some kind of reaction out of you. “So basically what you’re saying is that I rendered the social butterfly that is George Weasley speechless?”

George laughs at that, rolls his eyes. “I don’t think that was my exact wording.”

“I read between the lines.” you shrug, and because witnessing George’s social butterfly qualities in person was giving you butterflies, you reach out and hook your pinky with his. It wasn’t anything any kind of big, but it’s comforting in a strange way and you know George gets it because he shoots you a shy grin.

“I happen to have a few lines you can read between.” someone clears their throat. 

a/n: okay I haven’t done any preferences with more than one part so I think I might try that for this one if that’s something you guys would be interested in? idk I’d really like to hear what you guys think so request if you want a part two and if people seem to want that I’ll continue on :)

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