this is probably my favourite scene in the entire series

My favourite scene in Heir of Fire

The door opened. Rowan…. He sounded about halfway across the room when his footsteps halted. His breath caught, harsh enough that she looked over her shoulder…. “Who did that to you?”

Her back…. When he’d seen it, his heart had clean stopped….

That day early on he’d threatened to whip the girl, gods above….

She had barely grown into her woman’s body when they had hurt her like that. Why hadn’t she told him? Why hadn’t Maeve told him?

She was almost asleep again, teeth still chattering when her window groaned open in the breeze. She was too cold and sore to get up. There was a flutter of wings and a flash of light, and before she could roll over, he’d scooped her up, blanket and all…. he carried her up the two flights of stairs, down the hall, and then - A roaring fire, warm sheets, and a soft mattress. And a heavy quilt that was tucked in with surprising gentleness… “You’re staying with me from now on.”

This is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire series ❤

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What’s the story behind your username?
it’s from my favourite line of shakespeare and speaks to my existence

What’s your favorite scene or quote from a series/book you’re currently obsessed with?

most recent series is probably mozart in the jungle, and every time he says HAI LAI, no but that entire show is gold

What’s the most ridiculous fact you know?
certain birds make nests out of dried and hardened bird saliva, which people then make into a soup called bird’s nest soup

Name 3 of your pet peeves.
things being dirty/not cleaned
ppl who act like they can solve all your problems after thinking about it for 0.2 seconds
the existence of bugs

What are your favorite toppings on a pizza?
green olives, bruschetta tomatoes, red onions, feta, garlic

What are 3 things you like about yourself?
my hair
my sense of humour
my singing voice

Favorite type of dessert or thing to treat yourself with?
gooey cookies

What is your favorite scent?

there is this plant smell i can’t identify that i am crazy about, chai, rain smell, laundry soap, cinnamon, my perfume which is citrusy, books

Which fictional character would you cosplay as?

if i could work cassian’s floofy coat i would, but probably arya stark, rose tyler or alanna of trebond, leeloo from the fifth element, also i’ve always wanted to dress up as emma peel

What was the best piece of advice you were ever given?
It only takes an extra second to be courteous
Never be ashamed to ask a stupid question

i took these from due south lmao idc it made an impression on little me

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Recap: Act 2, Episode 22

Heya, have a recap.

No way, really? Ugh I’m still pissed that LaF went and did this. Way to go, idiot. The Dean drops a few insults at Perry’s expense and LaF takes the bait.

Fucksakes you have a brain. Use it. Don’t piss off the god and don’t break the circle. It’s about as basic as “don’t cross the streams”. Carmilla hauls them out thankfully and Laura asks The Big Bad a few questions of her own.

I dunno man, she’s immortal. She probably gets bored. Everyone needs a hobby.

Preeeeetty weak burn, Laura. Carmilla says it’d be easier to get a straight answer out of a snake and leave the fuckin’ snakes out of this man what’d they do to you.

Still no answer on the ‘why’ of things though and we get some dramatic “I’ve seen the world and greed hypocrisy violence etc all rule the world.

A subtle dig. The Dean’s very bright and happy worldview is that she won’t make things worse by unleashing hell. It’ll just be quieter. I like quiet. Maybe hell on earth wouldn’t be that bad. The Dean keeps picking and needling away and reminding Laura of her failures until

LaF fucked it up already today, don’t make it worse. Go over the plans away from the evil god (who probably has really good hearing because, well, god).

Ooooh that’ll be fun!

Seriously the stuff in the bundle from these scenes is SO GOOD. Anyway a long day of mentally tormenting the children who have you captured is exhausting so eventually she just crashes.

Ngl, you did fuck up real bad but all of yous fucked up real bad. Team Fuck Up.

Sorry not sorry because I’m gonna screencap most of this scene because it is one of my favourites and godDAMN they both fucking killed it. Everything about this is FANTASTIC. This is, in my opinion, some of their best acting in the entire series.

…ooooook. lookin’ for some happy here, Carmilla. Try to be uplifting.


Ok that’s a bit better. Carm points out her less than 100% moral past but she’s changed.

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Through my haze of tears I can see/hear Laura saying that could talk themselves out of it and yeah the world might end but

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I may not always like Jordan’s writing (the BtVS references are driving me up the fucking wall) and I may not agree with her choices as a writer but holy hell she fuckin’ nailed it with this. Do I wish Carmilla said it back? yes. Am I annoyed about it? No. This is a beautiful scene.

Parent Interruption is one hell of a boner-killer eh.

fight fight fight fight!