this is probably my favourite scene in the entire series

My favourite scene in Heir of Fire

The door opened. Rowan…. He sounded about halfway across the room when his footsteps halted. His breath caught, harsh enough that she looked over her shoulder…. “Who did that to you?”

Her back…. When he’d seen it, his heart had clean stopped….

That day early on he’d threatened to whip the girl, gods above….

She had barely grown into her woman’s body when they had hurt her like that. Why hadn’t she told him? Why hadn’t Maeve told him?

She was almost asleep again, teeth still chattering when her window groaned open in the breeze. She was too cold and sore to get up. There was a flutter of wings and a flash of light, and before she could roll over, he’d scooped her up, blanket and all…. he carried her up the two flights of stairs, down the hall, and then - A roaring fire, warm sheets, and a soft mattress. And a heavy quilt that was tucked in with surprising gentleness… “You’re staying with me from now on.”

This is probably one of my favourite scenes in the entire series ❤

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Hey I just wanted to let you know that you and your writing are amazing!!! I know you're stressing a lot about it but I want you to know I love your work no matter what :D We're all cheering you on Fishie!!! And just for the curiosity and fun of it, what was your favorite part of season four? Keep up the great work!!! I can't wait to read the next chapter! :D

hey thank you! ;___; I’m on a 5 hour train journey right now and there’s wifi so far, so hopefully I can get the rest of this chapter out! It’s turning out to be a long one haha. 

my favourite part of season four was probably Pidge’s scene re the war memorial. I thought that was one of the few well written scenes in the entire series - and for a second (as a writer) i was very impressed that they killed Matt. And then of course they ruined the gravitas like 3 seconds immediately thereafter hahah xD but as a writer I would definitely have left him dead at that point. beautiful, solemn scene - anime rain not withstanding. 

I talked about Rachel and Tobias, so I guess it’s only fair that I talk about Jake and Cassie, too.

I was never as attached to their relationship as I was to Rachel and Tobias’s because the latter had conflict. It had substance. It had development. It was sweet, but at the same time, somehow deeper than Jake and Cassie’s. At least, that was it in the beginning.

What made Jake and Cassie’s relationship meaningful, as awful as this is going to sound, is that it ended. For fifty books, we heard about how they liked each other and understood each other and cared about each other. It was solid. There were occasional arguments, but none as serious as Rachel and Tobias’s. They were pretty much the only characters that managed to genuinely like each other for most of the war. But then it fell apart. And that was one of the things that showed how much had changed and how nothing would ever be the same again.

The conflict in the last few books was beautiful, because of the contrast and the struggle between Jake’s love for Cassie and his anger towards her. Her actions with the Escafil Device may have won them the war, but it may have also - probably also - been responsible for the loss of Tom and Rachel. Not entirely responsible. There was no chance that they’d save Tom, and Rachel would have gone anyway, and Jake gave the final order. But had Tom not gotten the cube, Rachel would have survived, because no number of humans can fight a grizzly.

The scene at the anaconda enclosure was one of my favourites in the series, because it was one of the few that actually demonstrated to me the depth of Jake and Cassie’s relationship. I never really got it until then, how much they cared for each other. Not until they started discussing the future. And that’s when their relationship started mattering to me. When I realized how much they cared, when I realized it was over.

They weren’t the kids that they once were, and sure, they still loved each other, but they had both changed, and they would never be the same. Cassie had known it for a while, but it wasn’t until this scene that Jake realized and I realized, this was it. This was the end. They needed their space to heal and to move past the war. It’s both sad and funny - the war brought them together, but it also tore them apart. Had it not been for that one night in the construction site, I doubt they’d have ever had a serious relationship. They were a couple kids that liked each other but were too shy to do anything about it or spend much time together. The war resulted in them actually getting to know each other and know themselves. It resulted in a sort of affection moving to genuine love. From “I kind of like Cassie” to “He loved Cassie, of course”.

It’s kind of the opposite of what happened with Rachel and Tobias, really. Rachel and Tobias would have never lasted after the war because they weren’t what the other needed in peacetime. Jake and Cassie might have, had events happened differently, but they never would have happened or lasted without the war. Rachel and Tobias could have. Maybe. We don’t really know. But it was implied multiple times that Rachel liked Tobias before Elfangor, and unlike Jake and Cassie, Rachel wouldn’t have been too shy to do something about it.

Rereading the earlier books when I know how it all ends is sad no matter which one I’m reading because they were so innocent. (It was also sad because they were using dial up. They were fighting for the planet and they didn’t even get fast Internet?) Cassie and Jake’s relationship was sweet and cute up until maybe the 30s or 40s, and that’s being conservative. Awkward stammering. Jake keeping a picture of her next to his computer. Rachel and Tobias were cute, sure, but there was always an element of seriousness to their relationship. Cassie and Jake didn’t have those same barriers forcing hard conversations. So their relationship always just felt like a couple of teenagers that liked each other.

Their last scene together was understated and somehow very real. They were both older and more serious. They weren’t kids anymore. I like how Tobias described Jake when he saw him for the first time since Rachel’s funeral - “The last of the boy general was gone, leaving a young man with an old man’s eyes.” Yeah, he still loved Cassie. But the puppy love was gone, as well as the urge to just always be around her. He still wanted what was best for her, which is why he insisted she stay and do what she was doing.

How Cassie reacted to him leaving said a lot to me about Cassie’s character. Throughout the whole conversation, it was clear that she still loved him, just as much as he loved her. But how she reacted when he left, it told me that even though Cassie had fought her war and moved on, unlike Jake, Tobias, Marco, Ax, she still had her own issues to deal with when it came to the past. She knew she had said goodbye to Jake forever. But she just wiped her eyes and climbed up to Ronnie. Cassie was still struggling to keep going. And that makes a lot of sense when you look at that next to what else we know about what she was doing.

She was working on protecting the Hork-Bajir, yeah, and she was constantly being flown around the country. She was still taking classes at night because she still wanted to be a vet. It seems to me like she was trying to keep busy so that she could distract herself from everything that had happened. Cassie was definitely the most emotionally healthy out of all the surviving Animorphs. But I don’t think she had managed to move on as cleanly as everyone else seemed to think.

Part of me isn’t even sure if Cassie really still wanted to be a vet by the end, or if it was just her trying to hold on to a piece of her old self. Yes, she still loved animals and the insight morphing gave her into their minds. But she was doing good work protecting the Hork-Bajir’s habitats, and she enjoyed doing it, and she was more needed there than she would be in any veterinarian clinic.

Recap: Act 2, Episode 22

Heya, have a recap.

No way, really? Ugh I’m still pissed that LaF went and did this. Way to go, idiot. The Dean drops a few insults at Perry’s expense and LaF takes the bait.

Fucksakes you have a brain. Use it. Don’t piss off the god and don’t break the circle. It’s about as basic as “don’t cross the streams”. Carmilla hauls them out thankfully and Laura asks The Big Bad a few questions of her own.

I dunno man, she’s immortal. She probably gets bored. Everyone needs a hobby.

Preeeeetty weak burn, Laura. Carmilla says it’d be easier to get a straight answer out of a snake and leave the fuckin’ snakes out of this man what’d they do to you.

Still no answer on the ‘why’ of things though and we get some dramatic “I’ve seen the world and greed hypocrisy violence etc all rule the world.

A subtle dig. The Dean’s very bright and happy worldview is that she won’t make things worse by unleashing hell. It’ll just be quieter. I like quiet. Maybe hell on earth wouldn’t be that bad. The Dean keeps picking and needling away and reminding Laura of her failures until

LaF fucked it up already today, don’t make it worse. Go over the plans away from the evil god (who probably has really good hearing because, well, god).

Ooooh that’ll be fun!

Seriously the stuff in the bundle from these scenes is SO GOOD. Anyway a long day of mentally tormenting the children who have you captured is exhausting so eventually she just crashes.

Ngl, you did fuck up real bad but all of yous fucked up real bad. Team Fuck Up.

Sorry not sorry because I’m gonna screencap most of this scene because it is one of my favourites and godDAMN they both fucking killed it. Everything about this is FANTASTIC. This is, in my opinion, some of their best acting in the entire series.

…ooooook. lookin’ for some happy here, Carmilla. Try to be uplifting.


Ok that’s a bit better. Carm points out her less than 100% moral past but she’s changed.

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Through my haze of tears I can see/hear Laura saying that could talk themselves out of it and yeah the world might end but

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I may not always like Jordan’s writing (the BtVS references are driving me up the fucking wall) and I may not agree with her choices as a writer but holy hell she fuckin’ nailed it with this. Do I wish Carmilla said it back? yes. Am I annoyed about it? No. This is a beautiful scene.

Parent Interruption is one hell of a boner-killer eh.

fight fight fight fight!