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The Front Bottoms song meanings
  • Flashlight: it’s about someone having a hold over you. this is a recurring theme throughout a number of songs on our album. Our favorite line from the song is “I can hear your dog whistle from my bedroom”
  • Maps: This song is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about the idea of not knowing what’s next. Accepting the fact that your life won’t be as comfortable as everyone makes it out to be when you’re younger. It’s about finding out life is a longer road than you had expected. Favorite line: “Let me be a raft on a blue sea I’ll blend right in”
  • Looking Like You Just Woke Up: This was the quickest song we wrote. It happens to also be the shortest on the record. Same idea as from Flashlight - just someone having a hold on you. (One of our good friends fell in love with this girl that still had a boyfriend and so in order to make time with the girl, he hung out a lot with the boyfriend and her. He slowly found out that the girl he thought he loved was kind of a bitch and he found that maybe the one he really loved was her boyfriend. They have somewhat of a romantic relationship now. And they are living together.) The vibe of this song comes from that situation. Favorite Line: “It probably won’t get easier, just easier to hide”
  • Mountain: This song is actually about buying drugs in Pennsylvania. The line was originally “I bought weed. A big bag in Pennsylvania. I’m gonna light it up when I get home to Jersey” We changed it because none of us have bought drugs or smoked ganja. ever. Favorite Line: “They’re gonna ruin my whole summer. Stop taking pictures with your phone. Stop taking pictures with your phone.”
  • Rhode Island: we met a kid at a punk rock festival we played in Rhode Island. He didn’t do much talking and we called him the Zombie Kid because he was passed out in a pile of sticks. The next day when he came out of his coma, he was asking us about directions on the best way to get passed NYC on a bike. His summer plan was to ride from his home in Vermont to Florida. All that he had with him was a backpack full of drugs. No joke. Drugs. Then we shook hands and he went on his way. On that same tour - two months later - one of our last shows were in New York City, and guess who we fucking see? Zombie Kid. Backpack empty. We asked him what happened and he said he made it down to South Carolina and had to turn around and come back. favorite line-“She says you gotta promise not to break not matter how far you are bent, she says you gotta shift my position and try to get comfortable again”
  • The Beers: It’s about the same deal. Someone having a hold over you, so much so that you’d be willing to put yourself in danger, to change yourself in order to make them like you. But the song is all over the place and that’s just a small part of it. Favorite Line: “And it’s an aerial view from your house to my room”
  • Father: I put myself in someone else’s body and I wrote this song about my life.
  • Swimming Pool: The voicemail in the breakdown is from one of our friend’s dads to our friend about some dumb shit about a girl. He saved it and we added it later on to our song. Months later, the girl’s mom cornered me in the grocery store and asked me if we could take that voicemail out of the song. But we’re punk rock so we left it.
  • Favorite Line- “There’s comfort in the bottom of a swimming pool”
  • The Boredom Is The Reason I Started Swimming: I got stranded in Germany one time and I missed Thanksgiving. Side note: On Thanksgiving, I ate a hot dog with some weird potato shit on it in Amsterdam but it was still mad good. As I was walking around Berlin, I found this circus of freaks - it was more or less a sideshow act but it was free so I went in. I met a dude who was a gangster drug dealer, he let me stay at his house and was actually super nice. He cooked me food and went to Amsterdam with me. But while I was staying in his house he explained to me the rules of the streets in Berlin. Everybody pays, everybody’s head is in the noose, everyone is part of the program.
  • Bathtub: There’s so much in this song. Take it for what it’s worth. Favorite line: Please take me off speaker phone, this is a private conversation.
  • Legit Tattoo Gun: This song was originally called “MJ” because when we put it out we gave it two different names on two different websites. If you know this song as “MJ,” you’re way more punk rock. At one point, I was making out with a woman who was making out with a lot of other people. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. Favorite Line: “I am not a dirty god, I don’t have a dirty body”
  • Hooped Earrings: This is about a friend of mine that asked me to be there with her when she came out to her mother. Favorite Line: Curly hair don’t look good cut short.
MBTI Types as Fantastic Beasts

INTJ: Demiguise. Sees the mess that you’re about to make and either sidesteps it gracefully or sorts it out.

ENTJ: Erumpent. Despite their intimidating form (death glares, resting bitch face and horn), they are actually quite nice. 

(an ENTJ showing their affection)

ISFP: Nifflers. Steals anything that fits their aesthetic and unknowingly causes chaos.

ESFP: Billywigs. Anything it jabs you with may cause a mild case of giddiness.

ISTP: Swooping Evil. Very nice when you get to know them. Also knows a few ways to kill you.

ESTP: Occamy. Can adjust to any enviroment. Pretty badass too.

ENTP: Fwooper. Known for singing a song which can drive a person insane.

INTP: Nundu. Is silent and can create a virus lethal enough to wipe out a village.

ISTJ: Thunderbird. Can sense danger, cause thunderstorms (the ISTJs inner badass) and Frank was on his way back to his natural habitat. (go Frank!)

ESTJ: Graphorns. Very thick skinned and kinda violent (pls dont mess with them- its for your own good)

ISFJ: Murtlaps. Their tentacles are used for healing cuts but are surprisingly feisty at times. (an ESTP was annoying my ISFJ friend after a bad day and then… well lets say he’s still scared of her till this day)

ESFJ: Bowtruckle. Will always be your favorite no matter how annoying they get. Kinda insecure too and always looking for reassurance.

INFJ: Unicorns. Do I really need to explain?

INFP: Mooncalf. Adorable and only come out during a full moon, probably to take pictures for their tumblr. #aesthetic

ENFP: Pixies. Do they have an off switch? They’re always ready to cause chaos. ALWAYS.

(an actual picture of my ENFP friend)

ENFJ: Puffskeins. Everbody loves them. Do not object to being cuddled and hum when they are content. (idk what this has to do with ENFJs but whatever)

I dont even know your name

Pairing: Tom holland x reader

Summary: Inspired by the song I don’t even know your name by Shawn Mendes (x). In which Tom meets a cute fan and falls for her, but she is gone before he even realises it.

word count: 1609


Tom was tired. All he wanted was to go to starbucks, get some tea and then get back to his place and rest a little before work, however things were not going as planned. He had arrived next to Harrison, however after a couple minutes there, he realised people were staring.

The Spiderman movie wasn’t out until next week, however many people seemed to recognize him as they approached him for photos. It was always nice meeting fans, but it had gotten crazy.

According to Harrison someone had posted a photo with him on twitter and suddenly a huge crowd was outside the cafe, hoping to get a photo with Tom.

He decided it was probably better to just get over with the drama and get outside, after all, he was nothing without his fans. He stepped out of Starbucks, greeting everyone as they approached him, screaming for his attention. He got a couple photos done before he tried to head towards his car, bumping accidentally into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t looking”

“Don’t worry abo- Oh my god! You’re Spiderman! I mean- Peter- wait no- Tom holland!”

The girl in front of him had turned completely red and stumbled upon her own words, trying to make a complete sentence without making a fool of herself, obviously failing. She was a couple inches shorter/taller than him and had this big expressive eyes, that were a thousand times bigger than usual as Y/n could not believe who was in front of her.

She had just gone for a coffee and to walk out her dog, but as she got closer she wondered why there was a big fuss. Now she knew why.

“The one and only”

“And you’re Harrison!”

“Ohh! You recognized him!”

“Who wouldn’t? He follows you everywhere”

Both guys laughed as Harrison noticed her little dog

“Your dog is really cute! Tom loves dogs”

“Do you?”

“I mean- yes, my dog Tessa is like my best friend”


Harrison now was acting offended by the comment, he was supposed to be the best friend. As he got his offended act going on he realised Tom was acting very strange, maybe a little nervous. Meanwhile Y/n girl had gotten a lot more relaxed, and was starting to act as her normal self.

Tom felt really comfortable with this girl, however she was so beautiful he felt his heart speed up and his cheeks warm up every time she looked at him. Harrison decided to step in a little and help Tom out, seeing as he was into the girl.

“Sooo, who’s your favorite superhero?”

“Obviously Captain America”

“I knew it- Wait what? Why him?”

Both boys had expected her to say Spidernam, however Tom was the most surprised to hear her answer. He had hoped she would be into him.

“Why not me?”

“Your movie isn’t even out yet! How am I supposed to know if I like it? Besides, Chris Evans? Yes please”

Both Harrison and the girl laughed at the expression on Tom’s face.

“She’s got a point mate- You’ve got nothing on Chris Evans”

The three of them laughed now. The girl was very nervous to ask for a photo, maybe he was in a rush? but she still didn’t wanted to lose her chance. She decided to just ask for it.

“I know you’re probably in a hurry, but could we take a picture?”

“Sure, give Harrison your phone, he’ll take it”

She handed Harrison her phone as she posed beside Tom. She had just expected a friendly photo, maybe a little shoulder touching, however Tom had hold onto her waist and brought her closer to him, giving her a side hug and another from behind for different photos.

“There you go, so, who’s your favorite superhero now?

“Still Captain America” The girl continued talking, seeing as Tom was about to protest again. “But, you come in a close second, maybe after the movie my ratings will change”

“I like the sound of that”

Harrison was getting a little impatient by Tom’s attitude. Why didn’t he just asked for his number? They were both into each other, God, he was a celebrity! He could have any girl he wanted! He decided to help, once again, to try to maybe get heer social media.

“How about I take a photo with Tom’s phone? He could post it and maybe tag you in-”

Harrison was interrupted as a group of giggly girls approached them, surrounding Tom and asking for photos, leaving Y/n outside the circle they made around the boys.

“It was nice meeting you!”

Y/n tried to get her voice above all the noise, however it was pointless. She didn’t want to feel down, however she couldn’t help it. What was she expecting? for them to become friends? He was just being polite. She decided to just head back home and maybe stare at her photos for a while.

Tom and Harrison were surrounded by a group of people trying to get their attention, however Tom wanted to find the girl desperately.

“Where is she?”

“I don’t know! I can’t see her!”

The crowd demanded their attention once more, getting them out of their thoughts. They spend the next 40 minutes taking pictures and talking to fans, until they finally made it to Tom´s car and drove away.

“Man I can’t believe I lost her- Did she just left?”

“I didn’t saw”

“How am I supposed to find her now? Did you see her? She was the perfect girl for me Harrison!”

The other boy rolled his eyes as he listened to his friend comments. Sure, she was really pretty, but why was Tom so into her? He’d never seen him act that way for anyone.

“I’m serious Harrison! She was the perfect girl! Not only is she insanely beautiful, but she is like, sarcastic, and funny and God!She likes dogs! We would be perfect together!”

“If you liked her so much why don’t you just tweet out her name? and like today’s scene? maybe she would see it and message you”

It suddenly hit Tom. He didn’t knew who she was. He had been so blown away by her that he didn’t even thought of asking for her number, let alone her name. He just felt like they new each other from long ago, asking for her name didn’t even cross his mind.

“I don’t even know her name”

“You’re like, the most stupid person I know!”

“Now I won’t ever find her”

The day kept going on as normal as always. He had some shooting left for a new movie. They were supposed to shot a couple blocks from Starbucks, so they headed there.

Tom did some of his scenes, however he kept redoing them. He knew he wasn’t bringing his A game today, but he kept getting distracted. He felt very confused; he knew it was stupid, but he couldn’t stop thinking about that girl.

She had just felt so refreshing. She didn’t try to impress him, or flatter him, she had just been herself. She looked a little nervous and flushed, however it just made her more beautiful to his eyes. She had worn a cute dress and her hair down, still he kept going back to the way her smile made his heart jump, especially as he had hold her in his arms. A perfect fit.

He tried to push away those thoughts as he prepared or another scene. He got outside his trailer and into the street they were shooting when he saw her.

She was giving him her back, and was heading in an opposite direction, however she was wearing the same sundress as earlier. He couldn’t keep his eyes apart from her, not even when the director called for his attention.

He had lost his chance once, he would not do it again. He got on his feet and started running towards her, trying his hardest to get to her. He speed up, losing his breath, but he was just so close.


Tom screamed trying to get the girl’s attention, succeeding. She looked at him, taken back by the sound, however it was not who Tom expected.

She was not who he was looking for, it wasn’t the girl he had  been daydreaming since the morning.

“Sorry-I just- I thought you were someone else.”

Tom got back to filming and went straight to his home afterwards. He needed to be alone.

He had been so hopeful that it was her, however he was defeated. He didn’t want to think about her any longer, but every girl he looked at he could just see her bright smile and big eyes. He wanted, he needed to hold her once again, and maybe tell her how good it had felt.

But he couldn’t. He didn’t knew who she was, or where to find her, and even if he did, she’d probably think he was a creeper! He was starting to sound like one. But he didn’t care. Not as long as he didn’t had her.

She had just come and punched a hole right through his heart. If he didn’t believe in love at first sight before, he did now.

Probably what hurts the most was, that she wouldn’t even know how he felt, how much she had affected him. She would never know, and all because he didn’t knew her name.

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where do you find pictures for your picspam? its always hard for me because i dont want to get steal someones photo and get sued :\

oooh, let’s see the best sources I’ve got for you:



  • trendhunter: i literally discovered this website about an hour ago. it seems to work really well to find fashion editorials and photoshoots, all you need is to type a theme of what you want and it’ll give you a list of articles. just be aware of the low quality of the pictures, though it does seem to give a link to a better quality along with the source.
  • fashiongonerogue: a lot of people i know on tumblr use this website and tbh it’s probably because it has a lot of great editorials in it with high quality photos.


  • doyouspeakfrench (aka fanny latour lambert): i’m always browsing her archives on tumblr for inspiration. probably my favorite photographer ever.
  • petra collins: the best photographer when it comes to “the boredom of teenage girls” and 80′s-ish stuff.
  • brian ziff: i’ve always loved his flowerly gothic work and tbh i needed to check his stuff again cause it had been at least a year since i last saw it and god, it’s looking super great.

my aesthetics blog: baunilla

there’s probably more but that’s all i can remember now. but if you need more especific help don’t be afraid to ask me, i love helping with that kind of stuff since i barely get any help myself lol
and well, about stealing someone’s photo: it’s complicated indeed but i think if you just pay attention to every source and if they mind or not if you use the pictures (or if the picture has no source it’s most likely it won’t even be a problem) it’s already a lot easier for you to make your edits without too much worry. and let’s face it, with the amount of people that use images without asking the owner for permission, it becomes quite hard for anyone to be sued or even to keep track of it lmao. but then that’s a bit of my opinion anyway…


It’s been a while since the last time I drew my Lapis/Peri fusion, Larimar. I finished these two days ago ! Despite the fact I started them 2 weeks ago and then forgot :d

I’m glad I didn’t choose Aquamarine as a Lapidot fusion because if the rumors about the new gem are true my fusion will still be legit lmao - Anyway I had my reasons when I chose Larimar, . The elements and colors are perfects, and then I recently found its meaning…Plus it’s my favorite gemstone !

Now, about the picture itself…I just wanted to draw random expressions. I also wanted to draw her with Steven because she would love him so much haha

I’ll probably add more sketches of her, I just didn’t finish anything except these.

Oh. And by the way  : My headcanon for her voice. I’m a huge fan of Alice Francis and her voice sounds…perfect ?! I love thinking about Electroswing being a good theme for a Lapidot fusion (I kept listening to this kind of music when I made Lari for the first time)and I’m glad I found out I’m not the only one.



Annabeth looks kinda cute not gonna lie

Check out the reason behind todays costume under the cut!

For the second day i decided to do Annabeth as Hermione from Harry Potter. I imagine that Annabeth probably have read the Harry Potter books in one point in time and i can only picture Hermione being one of her favorite characters :)

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Can i request a Yurio x fangirl scenario? :)

Yuri’s Angles < ⦜ ⦦ aha. Hope you enjoy !!

f/b = favorite band



The seatbelt sign was turned off as the plane begun to steadily drift above the clouds. A whimsical purple-pink sunset painted the sky. A girl with lovely [h/c] hair wearing [c] sweats and a [f/b] shirt leaned against the window uncomfortably in her seat, her left leg proped up on her seat, barricading her phone from the person sitting in the middle.

‘I CANNOT BELEIVE THE YURI PLISETSKY IS STILL SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO ME. I have to get a picture- but I can’t look like a stalker- not that I am, of course. I mean, If you saw your favorite celebrity of course you would want a pictu- oH MY GOSH HOW LONG HAS MY LEG BEEN UP LIKE THAT AAA he probably thinks I sit wierd iTS COMFORTABLE OKAY.’

The girl, [y/n], slowly lowered her leg and sat up in her seat, holding her phone close to her chin. The boy seemed to be too intrested in the show he was watching on the screen in front of his seat to notice.

‘But now he can glance at my phone whenever he wants and I can’t guarantee a Yuri edit won’t pop up on my feED NOPE.’

[y/n] disconnected from the plane’s wifi and turned her phone to airplane mode. She began to tap through the tv selections on the screen attached to the back of seat in front of her. She quickly snuck a glance at the boy sitting next to her. 

Yuri Plisetsky was wearing an olive green army jacket over a black hodie and a black shirt. He wore leapord print sweats and he had big headphones with cat ears on. [y/n] figured the headphones were too big not to be noise canceling, and he seemed to be watching a show about crying mothers.

‘Wait, is this Say Yes to the Dress?’

[y/n] stealthily glanced at his screen, but then became sucked into the show, leaning a bit foreward to try to read their lips.

She then felt a tap on her shoulder.

She turned to see Yuri offering her an earbud, the headphones he was wearing now back around his neck. He had a smirk on his face, as if he had just caught her doing something she didn’t want him to see.


[y/n] gingerly took the earbud, freezing a bit when her fingers touched his, and placed it in her left ear. She leaned a bit closer, using her arm rest, so she could see the screen better. Yuri did the same, their heads just almost leaning on one another.

‘AAAAAA- you know what? This, this actually feels nice! Relaxing. Not how I thought meeting him would be..’

After about 20 minutes, [f/n] decided to rest her eyes, only to fall asleep against Yuri’s head instead. 

“Excuse me m’am?”

[f/n] groggily opened her eyes to a foggy window and docked planes. She put a hand on her forehead, which wasn’t as cold as it should have been if she had leant against the window the entire time she slept. She hazily pushed a blanket off of her, too sleepy to wonder when she had put it on. She turned to the hostess, one of 3 left cleaning in the abandoned airplane.

“The plane landed a couple minutes ago.”

“Oh! Sorry! I’ll be right off.”

“No rush, darling.”

20 minutes later [y/n] quickly paced through the empty halls of the airport, groggily trying to connect to the airport wifi.

‘Sorta creepy when there’s not a lot of people here…ugh. I can’t believe I fell asleep like that. I didn’t even get to ask him anyth-’

She stopped walking to rub her eyes at she stared at her camera roll. There were 2 new photos and 1 new video.

The first was a picture of her sleeping on Yuri’s shoulder, Yuri looking off to the side dramtically, pretending not to notice her.

The second picture was of Yuri giving [y/n] a peck on the cheek, but only his red flushed nose and tinted lips were visible in the shot. [y/n] was also now covered with an airplane provided blanket.

[y/n] had to slap herself to guarantee she wasn’t hallucinating from the jetlag. After that, she played the video:

“You really shouldn’t have a picture of me as your lock screen if I’m also the password, angel.”

‘oh my gaaaah he did that little smirk at the end i cant belie- wAIT WOT’

[y/n] searched through her apps, pink rising to her cheeks from embarrassment and being a bit flustered, to see if he posted anything or messed around with something. To her surprise, everything was left the way she had left it.

All except, she had a new contact named ‘Call me, angel’


I don’t know where this came from but it happened. Ficlet for when Henry gets his motorcycle? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

T for swearing and the Condom Fairy, ~1100 words

Henry is sixteen when he gets his driver’s license, but he’s disappointed to find that he can’t have a car all his own. No, it’s either his mom’s old yellow sputtering VW from the 70s, with barely any leg room and a roof that his head skims since his growth spurt began, or his grandpa’s rusty brown truck that takes a few times for the engine to turn over. His other mom’s car is “too nice” to risk him getting into an accident with, and while Killian’s at least looks cool, Henry can’t stand the steering aid that Killian’s hook latches onto on the steering wheel.

But he likes driving. He can take Violet on dates without having to walk everywhere, or worse, have his parents drop him off. He can spend more time at the sorcerer’s mansion when he needs to be alone – which is pretty often, lately. Now that the town line is free from any magical barriers, he can also take the occasional trip away from Storybrooke and the chaos. (Even when it’s quiet, it’s never really quiet.)

He expresses to his family on many occasions that he wishes to have his own vehicle. And who cares if his requests seem selfish and ridiculously like a teenager complaining at nothing. He wants a convertible sports car, all the better for stargazing and wrapping his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders while they lay their seats back all the way. Or maybe a nice, sleek truck with an engine that just purrs, and a wide bed for ‘reasons,’ he tells his moms, as if they don’t already know the shit he gets up to.

(He doesn’t know for sure why he’s suddenly finding condoms in his dresser and under his pillows, as if some fucking Condom Fairy has dropped by during the night to embarrass the hell out of him, but by the knowing look in his eyes, he’s pretty damn sure it’s Killian’s doing. Or maybe his mom’s. To be fair, she had him when she was seventeen, so it probably isn’t the worst thing to be prepared.)

It occurs to him, though, after a few months, that he’s not thinking big enough – or maybe he’s thinking too big.

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Model sheets, a mouth chart, and a walk cycle, for Betty Boop.

Her early Fleischer shorts (1932-1935) are masterpieces of delightful surrealism; they probably are my favorite cartoons. The characters are all casually deranged, happily bonkers, just going about their business, like lunatics in an open asylum. Betty is the one sane element–she’s the asylum’s nurse–so everyone is drawn towards her, swinging and bopping along whenever she starts to sing and dance. But the shorts could have eerie elements too, as one like Snow-White (1933) shows.

The draconian Motion Picture Production Code (or “Hays Code”) put an end to all that, unfortunately.

So I work at Walmart; last night I was having one of the worst nights. My managers kept messing up my breaks so I would go 30 minutes early and I was told to take my lunch after being there for 2 and a half hours on a 9 hour shift. It was crazy busy and by the last few hours of my shift, I was tired. This woman and a girl (maybe about 4 or 5 years old) comes through my line. I do my “hi how are you guys doin’ tonight?” And she looked at me and goes “fine.” She was very short with me and didn’t really seem like she wanted to talk and I wasn’t in the mood to pry. We’re almost finished with her transaction and she goes “OH! honey! Look at her pin on her vest!” And I was like “huh? Which one?” And this woman is all excited trying to get her daughter to look at my vest. The daughter looks at me and goes “HARLEY!!!” -one of the electronics managers gave me a ‘Daddy’s little monster’ Harley Quinn pin.- the little girl is all excited and goes “SHOW HER!!! SHOW HER THE PICTURE MOMMY!!” And her mom starts playing with her phone and holds it to me and goes “she LOVES Harley Quinn! She was her on Halloween! She watched makeup tutorials for two months to learn Harley’s makeup!” And listen, you guys… that little girl was the cutest thing. Her makeup was really great too by the way. But just to see the mother come through and just seem to hate the world until she saw the button and got to show me the thing her daughter was most proud of was probably my favorite thing last night.

One of my favorite things about Joseph 

is that he loves baking with his kids.
“A dad baking with his kids? That’s not that uncommon” 
And it’s not weird but when I see how the family is and how the oldest looks unhappy and the twins appear creepy (though that’s definitely them just playing since Joseph’s daughter helped her dad bake the cookies for MC and Amanda. Christie is a sweet girl i think) and how Mary drinks. I worried about the kids but my man Joseph is probably doing his absolute best to make his kids’ childhood great! 

 I can’t help but picture Joseph going on a baking spree with his kids and baking nice desserts and giving some to the rest of his neighbors. It’s such a sweet image. Like he probably lets them lick the spoon and bowl when they are done. What if the other kids come to the Christiansen house and bake too?? He makes the best fucking chocolate chip cookies around. Mat probably asks Joseph to bake some nice treats to go with his coffee every once in awhile 


“To the people who look at the stars and wish, Rhys.”
Rhys clinked his glass against mine. “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.“

So, I got these pictures of my Feyre Cosplay a while ago and I’m in love. I enjoy just being her SO much, she’s probably my favorite character to do. ❤️
The wig is not how I imagined her hair, but I didn’t have time to get a new one and I thought it was fitting. I’m going to get a new one soon!
You can’t imagine how much I miss my tattoo arm. I want it back 😭

Enough of my thoughts, it’s credit time!
Pictures were taken by Miclast (Facebook) and the lovely costume design is from @taratjah .
I asked her before starting the costume if I could use her artwork and she allowed me to do so. Which is awesome and I’m forever grateful <3
(That’s actually a very important point. Always ask the artist before just redoing their art and respect their choice!)


I haven’t blogged in a very long time and titled this “Unsure” only because I am very bad at giving titles to anything I write. For some reason every time an “incident” or “event” unfolds or seems to be on the horizon I keep thinking I’ll just wait and see what happens……I’ve now waited for months……watching, commenting, enjoying posts, considering, laughing, gawking, and laughing more. But one thing has become clear to me the longer I participate in the fandom…..I am here for the people in the fandom that I have become acquainted with in the process. And I FIRMLY support everyone’s right to ship and fan as they want. And Jess @jamesandclairefraser I especially admire your resolve to ship any way you want this week and have fun no matter what is thrown at you. That is an example of a strong women.

I am by nature a very easy going and accepting person and I do not like conflict and strife, bullying and hate, nor control and manipulation. All of the above is what drove me to the shipper universe when I first discovered Outlander and Cait and Sam. I saw a group of people here who were intelligent, curious, passionate, diverse BUT also accepting of differences of opinion. I like that.

At the present time I’m not sure if I have an actual label for myself but I probably don’t need one. Neutral, wishful shipper….maybe that comes the closest..I do really think Sam and Cait have something special and to be honest I only see it when they are together. But I think FAN and FRIEND are what I want to be known as here because that is far more important. 

As I’ve stated a few times before, we are not ever going to be Sam or Caitriona’s friends so we really have no idea what their lives are like nor does it really matter in our daily life. What we do here is fun and entertainment. Again, what I do and say here are for ME and my friends and acquaintances. I needed all this as a distraction the past couple of years when I was dealing with the care of my husbands terminal illness and yes i admit to being addicted to every aspect now. But, I have tried to develop a healthy attitude in the process.

I am not bothered by anyones’s opinions on their blogs as long as they are not hateful towards other bloggers for THEIR opinions. As far as I’m concerned, other than that anything goes. Snark, love, information, comfort, grief, disappointment, joy, celebration……its all awesome. That’s what blogs are for.

So….here are some of mine….opinions that is: And I’m going to jump right in the shark tank and go for blondie first. I don’t know nor do I really care who or what she is to Sam. I didn’t like her before she was associated with Sam nor do I like her now. And I don’t hide myself from pictures, youtube, her movies. I just don’t follow her on any platform and rarely if ever click. I’ve checked it out because I wanted to be honest with myself. She is not someone I would be a fan of, admire, follow after or want anyone in my family to associate with. And that is based on many, many aspects of things I’ve seen on many SM platforms and other media. Do I hate her? Well of course not because I don’t know her personally and she is not my friend or acquaintance. If I ever met her in person I would shake her hand and say nice to meet you and move on. She is just not the type of person I would be interested in spending time with or getting to know. We have nothing in common. It seems Billy dodged a bullet…or freight train. 

Sam. Oh Sam. I really like the way Sam portrays Jamie and my initial impression of him a year or so ago was that he was someone I could truly say was talented but not tainted. I’m really unsure now. I definitely don’t hate or dislike him but I’m equally not interested in being a fan at the moment or following what he is doing with his life. And yes his association first with Shamuso and also with blondie has influenced that. Seeing the comment on his IG the other night after his “red carpet” appearance from Camuso thanking him for the night left me cold. That man is a weirdo to say the least. I’m not one who “needs” Sam to be with Cait. There are many mature, talented, philanthropic, kind women in the world. Hopefully he’ll find one some day if its not Cait and he’s not gay (which doesn’t bother me either). You are who you associate with unfortunately. And beyond that, his new “branding” does nothing for me either….so…..that just means I don’t need to spend my time being his fan at the moment. Maybe I will again some day.  I am involved with MPC and have met some awesome people and I love the program. I have gotten other people involved in MPC too. I actually don’t even associate MPC with Sam anymore. I am doing it for me and I love the program. 

Cait. She’s not perfect and has made mistakes. I do admire her in most areas of life and she is a fantastic Claire. I think if she is with someone besides Sam and has kept it private I do not fault her on that. At least she has been somewhat consistent and the “other” must be extremely tolerant to say the least. She has hit a grand slam on promo this week in the face of everything else that has been unleashed. I do have a problem with her silence on the bullying and misogyny in the fandom because she does stand as a strong women on so many important and controversial subjects. I’m sure she has reasons not to speak out and hopefully some day that will change. I support things associated with WCC because of the charity and what it stands for. 

Outlander. I love the books and the show. I find the author a little different and don’t follow her on anything. I respect everyones decision whether to watch or not to watch and I understand all aspects. I cancelled Starz but then my cable picked it up in the package. I watched S2 last episode again last night to see if I could see Jamie and Claire and not Sam and Cait. It was fine. So I will probably watch and see how it goes. Voyager is my favorite book so I am interested to see how it is portrayed. And I can’t wait to go to Scotland in May!!

The fandom. OMG. I’m shake my head every day. I’ve never blocked people before this year. The policing, ass kissing, bullying, double standards…….I just can’t. A fraud drama llama stealing art and then going to fan events and pictured with Valbo and continuing to be BFF with said author.  Whatever. The collage “borrower” kissing MM’s ass and trying to be her BFF while trying to keep shippers out of MPC. The gaelic guy…..not even realizing he’s hurting his own business. The heughligan, self righteous person who was a complete bitch to Jess….wow. And on and on. Well they’re all fans…..just not people I want to be associated with….which is why I’m over here with all these “dangerous” shippers. I guess I like adventure in my life. Hang in their ladies. And shoutout to some blogs that have given me life in the past few months that have been very dark for me @jamesandclairefraser of course @thefullbronte @fromheretoeternity1121 @just-a-wretched-wumman @rainmanjdog @sfidressage @mama-tumblz @queencaitriona @balfeheughlywed @hardblazesong @wishesandswitches @superfluffycool @pissedoffsoka13 @tvuckic @acdoptis @yellowfeather84 @caitriona-m-balfe and ALL THE FANFIC writers too! I’ve probably missed a few but I celebrate all your DIVERSITY and TRUE Outlander fans!!

We don’t believe what’s on TV -Chapter 3

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Resume: I had an ordinary life, or that’s what I wanted to believe. I lost myself in the TV series that I listened to forget the normal boring life. What I didn’t know, however, was that my life would change completely overnight.

Finding myself in 2013 at Beacon Hills County.

This will be a Stiles x Reader but only further in the story

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In this chapter: Finding an explanation. Help. A solution. Understanding.

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Hey Paula, how old is Megan?

P: “She recently turned 18, so, not as little as you’d think but she’s still little to me. She got Stu’s height though so she’s even taller than me but she’s still my little girl.”

S: “here’s a picture of her”

S: “She’s in love with Noodle.”

P: “You can’t just say that”

S: “She never lets me say that though, it hurts my heart as her father that her room is covered in pictures of Noodle, I’m not her favorite member of the band.”

P: “Let her live Stu she still loves you too.”

S: “She probably has a blog here, a Noodle fan blog.”

P: “She probably does.”

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Review

I present yet another review from @kubrickking! This time, she is reviewing Audrey Hepburn’s numerous films and comparing them to - you guessed it - Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

I’ve watched 4 Audrey Hepburn films essentially all my life: Roman Holiday, Sabrina, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and Funny Face. I’ve since made my way through almost her entire filmography, but these were the four films my mother showed me at a young age and I would play continuously on the car ride home from school. Finish Roman Holiday on the way home Thursday afternoon, start it over again when we set off for school on Friday morning. I was still in elementary school when my mom bought me a nicely packaged DVD set of these four Audrey classics and they sit on my bookshelf to this day.

Although she has received accolades for almost all her work, Audrey became particularly known for her Oscar win on Roman Holiday and complex performance in Breakfast at Tiffany’s among several other films -

My Fair Lady, Two for the Road, Wait Until Dark

etc. - which I did not see until later on. Despite knowing all this now and having seen more of her work, one of her films that left a lasting impression in my childhood will always be


. A romance story, like all her Hollywood hits, the allure was hardly Humphrey Bogart. In fact, I do remember noticing the age discrepancy between them even as a child, probably stemming from an inevitable parallel of Linus with every boring, fun sucking adult I knew.

Still, something about the coming of age story and Audrey’s particular elegance in that film cemented it as my favorite. In retrospect, the costuming is most responsible for my attraction to the picture. Here, Hubert de Givenchy did his first and, dare I say, best work designing original pieces for his muse Audrey. The sleek suit, circular hat, and dangling earrings Sabrina wears at the train station caught not only the attention of David, but my young eye for fashion as well. She goes on to sport the most gorgeous black and white evening gown with two separate bottom skirts, a number of gorgeously tailored little black dresses, and boating shorts, a plaid top, and wedges which somehow manage to appear as practical as they are effortlessly elegant. Funny Face is similarly a showcase of glorious designer clothing, but without the ruse of being a fulfilling love story.

And, in truth, that is all the narrative of this film is: a ruse. Sabrina’s main, and only, conflict is that she is hopelessly in love with a man, David, who will always be more in love with himself and his wealth than any beautiful woman he takes advantage of. Her character arc consists solely of realizing that Linus, the older brother, rather than David offers the love and companionship she desires. That’s it. She is given no more or no less; a cardboard cutout of a woman, painted and traced by men. While Sabrina does become a successful cook and independent woman abroad in Paris, all of her characterization leads back to the simple goal of attaining David’s attention.

As a child, I never noticed an issue with this narrative. It simply adhered to the societal beliefs and treatment of women that saturates media to this day. However, especially as I learned more about Audrey Hepburn’s life outside of her films, I began to view this particular role as a sad failure in harnessing even a glimmer of the true compassion and determination of its portrayer. Interestingly, as I grew older Breakfast at Tiffany’s emerged as my new favorite from the group of four. As far as romance stories go, Tiffany’s is more a character study than anything. Audrey’s Holly Golightly is an icon of adulthood and childhood all at once. She is undeniably childish in her approach to dealing with adult problems and naive in relation to their surrounding realities. Still, this adolescence becomes a pure indicator of adulthood in and of itself; aka the reality that no one grows out of childhood flaws into an idealized adulthood. In fact, many of the professional aspects of adulthood appear drama free and efficient to a child until they grow up to work with people and on tasks that are just as resentful and senseless as the situations of their youth. Holly’s attitude, policies, and monikers all become indicative of that on a meta level.

Originally posted by oiseaublesse

This is where Breakfast at Tiffany’s succeeds and Sabrina fails. Holly is a complex, interesting character with more tangible and meaningful conflict and action than Sabrina. She is given subplots and background related to her brother in the Army, her unfulfilling life as a hick in the country, and her transformation into a city girl, which all ultimately reveal her to be the same self-seeking, misguided “phony” underneath. She may not be the most desirable character because of her flaws, but she is undeniably a three-dimensional, dynamic, and - despite Paul Varjack’s final monologue - an indefinable woman. Paul’s “sugar mama” is “a very stylish girl,” Paul himself is “the sensitive, bookish type,” Mag Wildwood is a “thumping bore,” Sally Tomato is “a darling old man,” but Holly cannot be reduced to the simple archetype of “wild thing” no matter how hard she tries. She is not anchored to the woes of the men in her life; in contrast, this dynamic is continually flipped on its head. Holly leaves a trail of pleading men behind her (the rats and super rats), having little interest in romance beyond the lifelong wealth it may eventually secure her. She pursues men with large fortunes and picks up extra cash as both a call-girl and delivering coded messages of a criminal nature to inmates in Sing Sing Prison. In truth, Holly doesn’t know what she wants from life, but neither do many of the women in my life. She’s a character that is allowed to be emotional, emotionless, intelligent, naive, right, wrong, promiscuous, and modest as all women are in reality.

Originally posted by distopya

Funny enough, both Sabrina and Holly are characters with misguided and unclear goals related to their future marriages. However, in relation to love, while Sabrina is refining her wants, Holly is denying her needs. Sabrina’s conflict then becomes a battle with the external options presented to her, while Holly’s proceeds as an intense internal battle over whether she even has options or choices at all. While Breakfast at Tiffany’s may still end on a romantic reunion, it is much less about the specific union of Paul and Holly than it is about Holly’s self-actualization and self-realization concerning her desires. The heart of her final scene lies in the rescue of Cat, a moment that forces her to accept that she does possess genuine love for and companionship with something beyond herself and for reasons other than money. This feeling only ripples onto Paul, as a result of Cat, in their final embrace.

Audrey has always brought depth and honesty to her on-screen roles in a way that transcends even the worst written female characters. However, if you’re looking for an arc and characterization that live up to the intelligent, compassionate, vivacious woman behind it, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is one of the only ways to go. Holly justifiably refuses that others put her in a cage, especially her male pursuers, as the patriarchal world and her experiences have hardened her. In the end though, Holly learns to recognize and allow love that makes her happy, as all women must.