this is probably my favorite outfit


“But the real question is- why the cargo pants AND the fanny pack….”


I’ve been picking which fan child should I do first sooo perhaps I shall share you one of my other favorite ships; Sansby~ I still need to look for the source that inspired me to do this but anyways :DD

I’m pretty happy about his outfit; I figured he’d always be semi-formal and casual. He probably works part time at his father’s bar to earn some extra cash and uh..share puns with customers lel~

He calls himself Ghost Rider sometimes, or Comic Rider(given by Impact cuz he’s a cute lil shit). The Amazing Papyton and him obviously get along very well <:

and I ended this with a stupid fun cause I’m a filthy sinner nyeheh~

anonymous asked:

ideas of what to do on Valentine's Day as a single girl? what are you planning on doing?

single girl’s guide to Valentine’s Day 🌹:

- wear your favorite comfy sweater and/or lacy pj’s and ave a lazy day in bed, watching films/tv shows

- buy yourself roses

- listen to music that makes you feel good, put some records on, dance a little (or a lot)

- smile, be happy :~)

- spend the day with your closest buds (have a lazy day together, go see a movie, go out to eat, etc)

- journal, paint, draw, write!

i’m probably just going to have a lazy day in my bed - full of music, donuts, chai tea, journaling, binge watching films, and lacy outfits.


Re-visited one of my favorite towns, Aubade, belonging to @prolistening.

If I had to be honest, Aubade is one of my favorite towns. It’s themed around my favorite color, it has natural paths (a favorite of mine), and such cute outfits! The place is so pretty! >w<

Prolistening, you’ve done a wonderful job.

Forgot to add the dream address, whoopsy!

Dream Address: 5E00-001F-C58D

Pictures have captions.


Btw, if anyone wants to request that I visit their dream address and post pics of it, feel free! Just be sure to message me the dream address (they’ll probably be done tomorrow)! :D


wow im about as alive as reaper is some random drawings or reaper doing some emote thingys from overwatch and just some other drawings of him, just messing around and trying to draw more. those bottom images are the random drawing of characters from overwatch in sleeping bags based on there outfits..for some reason?


I made fanart!

This is fan art of @shenaniganza‘s character “Violet” from their web comic “Scalie Schoolie,” which features the daily life of reptilian and amphibian girls. Violet is probably my favorite one, and so I couldn’t help but do some artwork of her! Featured here are her in her regular outfit, her in her “attempted cute outfit”, and finally, one featuring neither. Yes, that is a sock on her tail. Yes, it is adorable. Had a lot of fun with this one, and learned some new techniques, kinda.

25 Days of Outlander- Day 5: Favorite Claire Outfit

These are just a few of my favorite Claire outfits of S2. Obviously I have a thing for blue. The dress she wore during Faith is probably my absolute favorite of the entire season though. The color and the detail on it is just stunning.

And honorable mention for the real MVP of S2- The shift and this deleted scene. SorryNotSorry. Gif credit to @thesassenach.