this is probably my fav find yet

some fav heathers things
  • welcome to my school, this aint no high school, this is the thunder dome
  • there is more emotion in the line forget who you are/ unburden your load/ forget in six weeks/ you’ll be back on the road/ than i have felt in my entire life
  • yoU need a jello shot!
  • “how’d you find my address?” is usually played for laughs but let’s think about this. ram’s party happens on sept 1. veronica has just met jd today and he just moved to ohio. jd probably doesn’t know his own address yet and yet not only is veronica sawyer here, she’s crawling through his window for one last hurrah
  • good god! my balls!
  • rhyming period with myriad
  • the march that plays in both “the me inside of me” and “dead gay son” it’s heroic im pumped
  • the dads making out in “dead gay son”
    • okay so the play is set in 1989 and the line is “I’m talking you and me/ in the summer of 83″ so six years ago is when this fishing trip happened
    • ram and kurt were eleven when their dads boinked
    • do you think their moms know. i bet they know.
  • jd’s dad “i need my drawstring pants for this”
  • the end of act one?? when  veronica puts the gun  to her head?? fuck me gently with a chainsaw
  • heather chandler’s ghost being a bitch “ooh what’s in his locker I bet its some ich luge bullets”
  • ram’s ghost in kindergarten boyfriend
  • veroinca open the openthe doOR PLEase
  • @veronica’s mom: im so sorry that was an awful thing u went through
  • pls play the reprise of dead girl walking at my wedding, funeral, and at the births of all my children
  • i have more but this post is getting long
  • bye

Under the cut you will find #236 small/medium gifs of the incredible INDIANA EVANS, absolutely none of these gifs are mine, and full credit goes to their makers. I collected these tonight and decided I’d share them. Please like/reblog if you use any of these.

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