this is probably my fav find yet

Voltron Armour Patterns

Okay so, I found it extremely hard to find a pattern for the Paladin armor so I made one of my own. I made this in a laser cut program cause I’m going to be laser cutting this out of EVA foam. I don’t know what the end result of this is yet but once I’ve made it I’ll post a step by step tutorial of assembly and painting and the final result (it’ll be my fav boi Lance).

[this is all size to my measurements, if you use this the ratios will probably be different]

Blue- Jetpack

Green- Chest piece

Red- Arms

Purple- Belt

Orange- Legs

Chest piece (left to right: Shoulder, Front, Side, Neck and Back, Side, Shoulder)


[the tabs fold down to make it 3D off of the armor (the separate triangles are tabs too I just couldn’t fit them in without overlapping) I’ve designed this so that the bottom is slanted cause that’s kinda how it looks in my ref]

Arms (top to bottom: Bicep, Elbow, Forearm, Wrist bit and Hand bit)


[the tabs on the hexagons are to be folded down cause the bits pop out. I’m doing the slit bits as just cut out cause I’m too lazy to do it any other way. This is designed to join at the front so the pentagon/diamond shaped bit can hide the seam]

Legs (top to bottom: Thigh, Knee, Calf, Ankle pieces)

[the legs will need the most shaping, espesially around the ankle]

some fav heathers things
  • welcome to my school, this aint no high school, this is the thunder dome
  • there is more emotion in the line forget who you are/ unburden your load/ forget in six weeks/ you’ll be back on the road/ than i have felt in my entire life
  • yoU need a jello shot!
  • “how’d you find my address?” is usually played for laughs but let’s think about this. ram’s party happens on sept 1. veronica has just met jd today and he just moved to ohio. jd probably doesn’t know his own address yet and yet not only is veronica sawyer here, she’s crawling through his window for one last hurrah
  • good god! my balls!
  • rhyming period with myriad
  • the march that plays in both “the me inside of me” and “dead gay son” it’s heroic im pumped
  • the dads making out in “dead gay son”
    • okay so the play is set in 1989 and the line is “I’m talking you and me/ in the summer of 83″ so six years ago is when this fishing trip happened
    • ram and kurt were eleven when their dads boinked
    • do you think their moms know. i bet they know.
  • jd’s dad “i need my drawstring pants for this”
  • the end of act one?? when  veronica puts the gun  to her head?? fuck me gently with a chainsaw
  • heather chandler’s ghost being a bitch “ooh what’s in his locker I bet its some ich luge bullets”
  • ram’s ghost in kindergarten boyfriend
  • veroinca open the openthe doOR PLEase
  • @veronica’s mom: im so sorry that was an awful thing u went through
  • pls play the reprise of dead girl walking at my wedding, funeral, and at the births of all my children
  • i have more but this post is getting long
  • bye

anonymous asked:

Where you find your objects?

The internet??

okay I’ll be nice. SO these are my vague… CC Magic sets… not all… but most… I sort stuff by creator.

I have lots of not-yet-installed CC so… I also haven’t installed new CC in a while so… things are missing. I also got bored and tired half way so consider this list incomplete ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

bolded some of my favs


My “Furniture” set. (mostly) Free sites and Tumblr users who release (mainly) furniture sets. Probably some of my favourite stuff is here.

It’s hard to not bold all these. They all are awesome D: 

ATS3 | Awesims | Baufive | BlackSweety | Butterfly | Camille | ClubCrimsyn | Dara | DavidMont | Esatto | Everlasting-Garden | ExoticElements | Gelina | HolySimoly | Karas | Kimu412 | Koposov | Luna | Mango | Marcus | Pocci | Sailfinsims | Shokoninio | Simenapule | StylistSims | Trutje | Veritas | Zveki


good ol’ clutter. again, mainly.

77sim | 8-3 | Aglaia | AlistairAminovas | Annej | Billyjean | BYHSD | Epi | Galadrielh | GOS | Helen | Infusorian | ILTS | Jenni | Jklee | KitKat | Kitki | Lirasims | Littlecat Milla | Mitarasi | ModishKitten | MsPoodle1 | NoirandDarkSims | OBP | RepulsiveDesire | Ritsuka (CC GONE?) | Simnaru | SimplyKitsch | SimplyStyling | Simsteria | Sweetmint | Tamamaro | TheNewShoes | Tinkle | WOE | YourDorkBrains


this one is very vague. Most of these creators have more than paintings.

another one that is hard not to bold everything.

Aelisc | AlexPilgrim | BlueHopper | BooBooLand | D55 | Francy | Lis0Lpvinyl21 | NinjaUnicorn | Pseudodigs | Pyxis | Simblances | Sim-sons | Sweetwildoranges | VeronaRelapse


this is where I put… some things… from some creators that haven’t released (for those valid – yet!) much content (example… less than 20 objects or something like that) but if it earned a separate collection, then I tend to use it like a lot. Or I really like it. or something like that.

CatEyes | Dreamteamsims | Juna | Lemonjelly | Midnightbean | Sebascha | Yaya | Zinny


BabaYaga | Cmo | Lemoncandy | Lisen | Maylin | PurplePaws

>things I was too lazy to sort and put all together 

paintings, furniture, conversions, clutter… lots of pretty things!

Amaryll | Baptsim | Ccathie | Chisami | Green | hhoxton | Leefish | mio89 | Mocha | Mon_ami | Pickypicachu | Plumbobdollhouse | Reiko | Rope | Simpaii | Simpothecary | Tamo | Tencentsims | Theblue142 | xxinnine


it’s a pain in the butt to download from TSR now tho sorry.

Angela | AnoeskaB | Apple | Buffsumm | Cashcraft | Cemre | Cyclonesue | D3VV | Deeiutza | Dot | DT456 | Falko (site) | Flovv | Gosik (site) | Lilyofthevalley (site) | Livingdeadgirl | Murano | Mutske | Nanu | NyaneveDesign | Pilar (site) | Pyszny16 | Severinka (site) | Shino&KCR | Sim_man123 | Simcredible (site) | Steffor (site) | Sugar-baby756 | Ung999 | Wondymoon

some mentions from my “TSR misc” set

| bluecoco2 | denizzo_ist | eddielle | Kriss | MsBarrows

now some words from me to you

  • Please remember that I don’t play play my game with 99.9% of any of this CC installed, so I have no idea how it might get along with your living, breathing puddings Sims.
  • Always run any CC you download through the Dashboard and a rigfixer.
  • Maybe it’s just me, but with large amounts of CC, the Dashboard doesn’t filter corrupted items when you click on the red button - they do get ticked, though. If it has happened to you before, be careful about that!
  • and always explore! You may not like a creator’s furniture sets but you might love their clutter and vice versa. Or you think that the object looks rather poor in the preview due to different graphics and that puts you off from downloading when it might actually be quite an awesome creation.
  • hope this is useful idk bye
Diversity in tumblr

I really love the diversity found within tumblr. You can find very specialised pages such as @rejectedprincesses, which push for the recognition of women, past and present, around the world. Or you can always delve into the depths of #langblr, where pages such as @meitianzhongwen actively share about her experience with mandarin.

Then you have those eye-pleasing pages such as @rosiitea (you’re still my fav btw), specialising in only pink pastels that give you never-ending posts to satisfy your pink pastel aesthetic needs.

I’m sure in this ever huge community, there’re some biology tumblr pages I have yet to find. Probably like those professional ones where people talk about new technology or bioethical issues, just to name a few.

Tumblr is not just a platform to satisfy fangirl needs just by following people you look up to like @danielhowell or @amazingphil or just to follow their fan pages such as @danandphilhq. It’s a seemingly small community with strangers coming together, sharing their interests and learning new things.

Not only that. It provides a platform to remind us users that we are not alone. @postitforward highlights the awareness of mental health and encourage people to move forward in their darkest times. I think it’s a very novel thing for whoever behind that blog to do.

And then there’s me. The person who shitpost and have random things on my blog cos I can’t decide what I want to do with it. But that’s okay. 

There’s still so many places I haven’t gone to within tumblr. But you know what?

I think this is what makes tumblr so wonderful.