this is probably more of an imagine than an au meme

“You’re probably hungry, so please accept this peace offering!”

He wants me to eat that thing?

Okay so, this is a Shance au based heavily on an anime I saw in like 2013 called gargantia on the verdurous planet.

Basically: Shiro has been in space his entire life preparing to fight in a war that’s purpose is to save the human race 

But during a battle gone wrong. Shiro and his ship (aka: black lion in mecha form lol) get thrown way off from the objective and become suspended in space, to save the pilots life Shiro falls into a period of cryo stastis and when he wakes up he finds himself on earth. A planet heard of only in legends, and (supposedly) where the humans first originated from.

Earth is now almost completely covered by water, and all the humans (including Lance Keith Hunk Pidge Coran Allura Alfor Shay ect.) live on big floating man made islands.

Now Shiro has to find a purpose for himself, something he’s never even imagined doing, while also adjusting to a peaceful life after years of war and hardships and barely anything enjoyable, luckily he meets a very kind person (ya boy LANCE) who’s more than willing to help him adjust. 


Pizza Boy!Vernon

a/n: for sunflower anon! hope you don’t mind that i made it bulleted!! also this is like my second time writing a bulleted scenario so pls have mercy on me i’m trying to expand my capabilities  

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• okay but like does anyone remember that jonas brothers song
• i fell in love with the pizza girl ,,, now i eat pizza every day,,,
• BC that’s what i think it would be like if vernon was your pizza delivery boy
• okay from the beginning
•you’re a university student and exams have been destroying your happiness lately
• you want to die basically
• like you work so hard at your job and at studying that you NEVER get a break and it’s so,,, stifling,,, you just want to graduate and LEAVE
•so when you finally get a day without exams where you can just chill, you order pizza
• because why not??
• and since you’re ordering it online it has that lil box at the bottom that asks for special instructions
• at first you were gonna write the classic “send ur cutest delivery boy”
• but you didn’t really feel like fixing you hair and outfit to impress some pizza boy that probably wasn’t even cute in the first place tBH
• so you go with your second option: “pls tell me a quality pizza pun when u arrive. thx.”
• most of the time those pizza places don’t even pay attention to the requests unless it’s like an allergy mention or smth so u don’t really expect anything
• when someone knocks on your apartment door you get up and head over w ur money
• you probably forgot that you even requested a pun lol
• you open your door to see a really cute delivery boy with a smile on his face

• “Why was the pizza shop not doing well?”

• u pause bc first of all what the heck
• then you remember your request and you excitedly ask him why
• so the boy just sort of gives you this dorky, satisfied grin and answers
• “They just weren’t rolling in the dough.”
• cue crickets
• bc like it was a good joke but it wasn’t /that/ good
• suddenly he’s embarrassed and red and he’s like “rlly let me try again i have better puns i prOmiSe!!!”
• since you’re feeling nice you let him try again
• “okay okay what did the angry customer give the pizzeria owner?”
• “wut”
• “a pizza his mind.”
• “that one was worst than the first one tbh”
• “NO WAY my puns are good”
• “mediocre at best”
• and the pizza delivery dude is not expecting a tip at this point bc you’re so freaking brutal abt his jokes that he searched the internet for on such short notice
• “pls im a college student w debt just have mercy on me”
• and now you’re actually giggling a bit bc did he think you weren’t gonna pay him??? like some kind of hooligan???
• please,,, you have class
• so you like hand over the money w his tip like “what’s ur name pizza boy”
• “it’s vernon”
• “makes sense. u look like a vernon”
• “is that an insult?”
• so he leaves and you’re happy bc of your pizza but also you’re kinda sad bc,,, dang,,, the pizza boy was cute and you didn’t even get his number,,,
• gUeSs yOuLL hAVe tO bUY mOrE pizZAs!!!1!11!1
• so that’s what you do and you don’t rlly know what to put under the special request to make sure you get vernon so
• you just kinda
• “send the boy with horrible puns pls”
• and everyone once again knows this is vernon bc no one tells horrible puns like he can
• so he’s back and you take more time to study his face bc he’s handsome obv 
• like just imagine his black hair tucked under a red pizza cap,, and his eyes are really dark in contrast to his boyish smile like wow. a visual.
• “who did your eyebrows?”
• “uh,,, myself? wait what does that mean??? what do they do to your eyebrows?”
• so you explain eyebrow beauty to him
where is this going destinee pick it up 
• and during this time he’s actually pretty fascinated but then gAsP he forgot to open with his pun!!!!!
• “What’s the difference between a pizza and my pizza jokes?”
• “…”
• “my pizza jokes can’t be topped!”
•“pretty sure they can be topped”
• “next time i’m going to conveniently forget your garlic sauce”
• “who said i was going to call you again, delivery boy??”
• hE cAnT wIN
• lowkey thinks you’re cute so he puts up with ur incessant teasing
• “what’s ur name anyway?”
• “y/n”
• “well, y/n, since we’re friends now do you wanna listen to my mixtape”
• he’s already pullin out a blank cd with some horrible handwriting on it
• nd you accept it but like,,,, what are you supposed to do???
• thank him??,??,,?
• anyway vernon leaves bc he is on the job and has to deliver other pizzas before they get cold ya know
• so,, since you’re bored,,, you listen to the mixtape while you eat ur pizza
• and like some of the songs are lowkey cringe but some of them are highkey good
• now what do you do
• tell the pizza guy you like his rap??
• is that too far?? like he said you guys were friends but,,,,,
• the next time he comes you tell him that you rlly liked his mixtape and behold!!!
• lil vernon is blushing!!! bc you’re one of the first people to compliment him on his songs and it makes him super happy and mushy inside like what a dweeb
• you and vernon keep this delivery boy/customer friendship or whatever up bc it’s fun and you guys kinda sort of think each other are cute
•like ObViOuSlY bc vernon is a d o r a b l e
•and you’re practically an ANGEL
• *20 starts playing*
• anyway yeah one day you’re craving pizza again so you make your order
• and when it asks for any special instructions
• you type in
• “send the cute pun boy”
• as a joke but gET THIS
• so like while you wait for vernon to arrive u r freaking out and sWeAtiNG bc vErNoN cAnT kNoW yoU liKe hiM !!!1!1
• that’s weird !!!!!
• your doorbell rings and you’re shaking as you open the door bc you’re sure you’ve just ruined ur friendship w him
• but like when you open the vernon is just,,, leaning against the doorframe,,, w a smirk on his lips and red ears to match his cap,,,,
• “you…called…me…cute…”
• nd suddenly he’s getting closer to you and his smile is widening like where did he get this confidence from???
• skkahdhs and just when you think he’s going to kiss you he whispers
• “d’you wanna hear another pun?”
• but you gotta keep ur composure right so you reluctantly nod like yeah vernon!!! listening to your stupid puns is how i want to spend my time!!! definitely not kissing you!!! that’s for sure!!
• but this meme:
• “How do you know if you’re in love?”
• nd you stutter out a lil “what” bc is this just a joke or is he on to smth
• and he kinda smiles shyly and opens his pizza box
• “if they steal a pizza your heart!”
• you look down and the freakin pizza is shaped like a heart and has “will u go out w me?” written in pepperonis
• and it’s so cheesy
hehe get it?
• that you can’t help but laugh like “ofc i’ll go out w you dork”
• and you invite him in to share the pizza
• luckily you’re his last stop for the night so the two of you can stay up all night talking and laughing and sharing puns over pizza
• goals tbh

Chocobros + Nyx in a Bodyguard AU

A/N: Okay, first of all, so much struggle went into this post. I was writing until 2:30 in the morning, and I was nearly finished until my computer failed me, and I lost this entire post. 

;; I forgot to save between every boy. 

God, I’m so dumb. 

But I hope you enjoy this Bodyguard AU that no one asked for after I typed it the second time around.  (o^ ^o)

(@little-mini-me-world​ pain is real.)


  • Attempts the cool and silent bodyguard type, but in reality he’s just awkward. 
  • He blushes up a storm every time you tease him. 
  • He acts like he knows what he’s doing, but he really doesn’t. 
  •  Most of the time you have to tell him if you have a bad feeling, or if you don’t feel safe, or else he’ll never catch on. 
  • That doesn’t mean that he’s bad at his job though! Noctis always makes sure to keep no more than a step or so behind you, and in crowded places he’ll keep an arm wrapped protectively around your waist. 
  • He’s crazy fast too! If Noctis ever notices that you’re in immediate danger, it will seem as if he practically transports to your assailant, and can take them down before you can even react. 
  • Noctis would be very hard to get to open up, and he honestly tried to keep your relationship purely professional, but at any mention of fishing, video games, or cosplay, he’ll become such a dweeb. 
  • At first glance he’s the “mysterious guy with a dark past” but this is the same guy that says, “Sharp errday,” and “Cake, baby,” when he takes down your attackers. 
  • He’s pretty scary when he’s angry though. His eyes will seem like they turn red, and he will beat your attackers an inch from death until you tell him to stop. 
  • You’re pretty shaken up, but then he flashes you a straight face and a thumbs up before saying in the deepest voice he can muster, “I’m an assassin.”
  • There’s your dork. 
  • He’s also very self-sacrificing. He wouldn’t hesitate to jump in front of you to take that bullet, knife, or punch. 
  • Noctis would realize that you’re the love of his life when he would willingly give up his precious sleep to make sure that you’re safe all the time. 
  • Avoids eating vegetables under the excuse that they might be poisoned. 
  • His uniform is a tailored black suit with a black button up and no tie. He keeps the first couple of buttons open to reveal some of that hairless chest of his O-O
  • On lazy days, (which is almost every day) he wears a form-fitting black shirt and cargo pants. 


  • Okay, first of all, who gave him this job 
  • He would leave your side just to pet puppies. 
  • Prompto likes to sing the James Bond theme under his breath when he scopes out the area. 
  • When you ask him to do something for you: “You got it, gurrrlll!” [finger guns] [somersaults out of there] 
  • He’s very talkative and friendly, so you always feel at ease with him, and people often mistake him for your boyfriend. 
  • An overly protective boyfriend that wears a bulletproof vest. 
  • Although, when the two of you first met, he would be very flustered and embarrassed. He just didn’t expect to be assigned to someone so pretty
  • He’d apologize over and over for touching your bare skin, or for yanking your arm to pull you closer to him, and you’d laugh and tell him that he’s just doing his job. 
  • When the two of you grow closer, he becomes such a comforting presence, and he’s never not smiling at you.   
  • Even though he’s your bodyguard, he doesn’t mind doing manual tasks for you. 
  • Have an eyelash in your eye? He’s on it. You’re wearing a dress with a train? He’ll be sure to carry the ends for you. You’re going shopping? He’ll hold your bags for you. 
  • Honestly he’s such a lovely gentleman. Marry him already. 
  • You wouldn’t really see him as a bodyguard though, but that would change the moment you see him in action when he activates serious and badass mode. 
  • Is the guy who cried when he saw a spider in your room the same guy that legit kicked a gun out of a grown man’s hand, did a flip, and caught that gun like a baton?? 
  • Where the fuck did he learn how to do that??
  • You honestly thought that the gun he carries around with him was just for show. 
  • Afterwards Prompto would cry, and he would think that he had failed you because he couldn’t stop the threat from the start. The poor babe honestly believes that he’s so disposable as a bodyguard. 
  • Protect him, love him, become his emotional bodyguard. 
  • Prompto’s uniform is a black bulletproof vest over a red, sleeveless shirt and baggy pants. He keeps his gun in a holster at his side and has an earpiece that he always fiddles with because he can’t stand still for long. 


  • Is he a model?? Or a bodyguard? The world may never know. 
  • He’s the type of bodyguard that doesn’t know when to relax. No matter what, he’s always on guard to ensure your safety. Because of this, there’s never a moment with him around that you don’t feel safe. 
  • He’s very professional and strict, but it’s known to have a soft spot for you. 
  • Ignis would also be underestimated physically as a bodyguard, but not only is he as sharp as a whip, has multiple plans and backup plans in case anything goes wrong, Ignis can take down three men twice his size before you can even blink. 
  • Haven’t you ever seen his bare biceps?? Dat boi lifts.
  • Ignis would be the one to drive you everywhere because he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it. 
  • After you were nearly poisoned, he would be the one to make almost every meal that you have too. 
  • He’s also very old-fashioned when it comes to chivalry. Even though he’s not paid to pamper you, he wouldn’t hesitate to carry your books for you, open doors for you, or scoop you up to walk over a puddle. 
  • He’s such a mom friend. 
  • He acts like your mother more than your mother does when it comes to your safety, but he also motivates you and tries to help you if you ever feel overwhelmed. 
  • If you feel stressed, he’ll be there to pull out a chair beside you, pour you some drinks and give you some snacks. He’s here to help. 
  • Your emotional health is just as important to him as your physical health. 
  • He would even crack some jokes or give you some memes if that’s what it takes to make you smile. 
  • When you first see Iggy, he’ll look like the boring and stern type, but there’s more than meets the eye with him. With everything that he does for you, it’s a no-brainer that you fell in love with him. 
  • After Ignis goes blind trying to protect you, he’ll try to quietly remove himself from your life because he feels like he’s not fit to protect you anymore. 
  • Please stop this man. 
  • Ignis doesn’t know what casual dressing is. Every single one of his uniforms are designer, tailored, and pressed to perfection. 


  • He fits the bodyguard mold to a T. 
  • When people see him with you, he’s just so tall and muscular that there’s no hesitation in their minds that he’s here to protect you, and he’s probably the best person for the job. 
  • Why would people even threaten you with him as your bodyguard tbh, 
  • He won’t hesitate to tease you though, but that just means that he feels at ease with you and he doesn’t feel stifling. 
  • Gladio also wouldn’t mind if you asked him to carry you everywhere. He’s just like, [shrugs] “Alright,” because it’s not like he’d have to use much of his strength to carry you. 
  • Besides, it’s easier on him as a bodyguard because he literally has you by his side at all times. 
  • Gladio also hopes that it would never have to come to this, but in case he ever has to leave you alone for a while, he’ll teach you how to fight for yourself. 
  • His security measures can get a bit overbearing, and sometimes you feel a bit frustrated because he feels like your dad, and you think that he’s taking all of these precautions too far. 
  • You just have to understand that he’s trying to protect you. 
  • Other than that, you would never have to worry if you really were in danger because you know that Gladio would be there to save you 100% of the time. 
  • If you were receiving death threats though. 
  • Cue Taken’s “I will find you, and I will kill you.” 
  • If for any reason he needs to leave your side for a while, the next person he trusts to protect you is Iris. 
  • She’s honestly so precious and it’s always a blessing to see her. 
  • This girl will give you plush toys on one hand, then put your attacker in a choke hold in another. 
  • You would never tell Gladio, but you’re more intimidated by her than you are by him, and that’s saying something. 
  • He would also ask you to accompany him to the gym. He has to watch you almost 24/7, and he needs to keep his body in shape, so this is killing two birds with one stone. 
  • You get to watch him work out and he gets to watch over you. It’s a win-win for everyone. 
  • He would even catch your watchful eyes on him and would give you a teasing smirk and a, “Like what you see?” 
  • His uniform is a fitted suit that fits perfectly over his hulking form, but he usually wears a black, fitting tank top with dark jeans. 
  • Honestly this entire Bodyguard AU thing is just canon for Gladio. 


  • The all-around perfect bodyguard. While Prompto and Noctis are a bit too lenient, while Ignis and Gladio can be a bit overbearing, Nyx is the perfect middle. 
  • He’s assertive, but he’ll let you have some freedom too. 
  • He calls you “Princess” jokingly. 
  • He tries to keep your relationship professional, but it wouldn’t be very hard to get him out of his shell. 
  • If the two of you are alone, pull him into a dance, pull him into the pool, or tell him to lay next to you on the bed, and he’ll complain at first, but soon he’ll be laughing with you. (Just let me have a slow dance with Nyx alright ;;)
  • With all of the distractions you throw at him, people would think that it would be easy to get things past him, but they are dead wrong. 
  • Nyx is incredibly observant no matter what, and almost nothing gets past him. 
  • He’ll catch you trying to sneak out, but then he’ll be like, “Okay, but only I can come too.” 
  • He’ll definitely be those guys from the YA novels that are like, “You don’t want to get close to me, Princess, I’m a dangerous man.” 
  • Uh-huh, sure. 
  • He takes his job very seriously, so you’ll see him posted outside your door or behind you during long, boring meetings, and he’ll keep his stance and form perfectly straight the entire time. 
  • If you keep on trying to talk to him when he’s on duty, he’ll give you a lopsided smile and an exasperated, “Princess, you’re interfering with my work.” 
  • Give him a smirk and a, “As long as I’m with you, I feel like the safest person in the world.” 
  • He’ll hum and turn away, but it takes him at least ten minutes to catch on.
  • Hold on. 
  • What?? 
  • Wait, are you…flirting with him??
  • For the rest of the week he would just be in a state of shock and have a mental debate of, “No, they were just being cheeky,” or “Holy shit, they flirted with me because they like me.” 
  • Save him from his suffering, or else he’ll be stuck in this internal monologue for the rest of his life. 
  • His uniform is a tailored double-breasted military jacket with matching trousers, but he’ll also wear a plain black tee and black pants. 
  • 10/10 would want him as a bodyguard. 
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college au 

pairing: jinyoung | reader 

genre: fluff + slight angst

word count: 4.658

requested by anon 

description: you should’ve known that asking your best friend turned ex-boyfriend for a favor would never turn out the way you expected. 

The moment you come to a stop outside the clandestine coffee shop that sits a few meters away from the Engineering Research Building, you know you have screwed up. 

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Say You Won’t Let Go

Group: BTS


Requested: Anonymous said: Can you write something based off the song Say you won’t let go (by James Arthur) with Suga from bts

Summary: Yoongi looks back on your last year of your relationship, from the first time you met, your first date to now as he tries to write a song for you.

Genre: fluff

Length: 1.8k

A/N:  ive never written from the male POV but this song didn’t really leave an option so I hope its okay~

*song this was based off*

Originally posted by cyyphr

Yoongi had first laid eyes on you when you had barged through his favourite café’s door; your hair was sticking up in random positions as he leant against the counter and he soon became enraptured by your every move. As you were informed that the machine was broken he was certain you would leave but with a big smile you said you were happy to wait; you had been in the shop for less than a few minutes and already all the stressed servers had big grins as you still placed an order and he felt his lips pulling into a small smile at your endless positivity.

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Day One

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,116

A/N: Well, I was inspired. Get ready for a new series. I don’t know how long it will be, but this should be fun. I love feedback, and as always, enjoy.

It was finally Homecoming Week at school and you were actually excited for it. You had already talked to your friends, Ned, Michelle and Peter, about dressing up for the different days. You had become close friends with those three throughout your freshman year, and you were thankful for that. You were especially thankful for Peter because he was probably your closest friend out of the three because you both lived in the same apartment complex. You always planned movie nights at each other’s places every Friday evening when there wasn’t a big exam the following Monday. You both probably had way too many inside jokes that annoyed Ned and Michelle when you both would laugh at what it would be to seem nothing. Everyone thought that you and him would be a great couple, but you always denied it because Peter was infatuated with Liz Allan, who was a senior, the smartest girl in school and the prettiest, even if you did have a slight crush on your best friend.

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Support (Harry Styles Imagine)

Warning: swearing 

I’ve finally done my dream imagine! I’ve been wanting to write a dramatic imagine for a while now. Thank you to those who voted for this and for those who even personally messaged me. I really do appreciate the help.

It took me quite a lot of time to finish this because I had a lot of scenarios in mind. Sorry for the delay. Hope I didn’t disappoint.

Anyways… Hope you guys like it! 

Feedbacks are very well appreciated.



They say that after the honeymoon phase comes the biggest bump in one’s relationship.

For four years now, I’ve been Harry Styles’s girlfriend. I met him when I started working for Lou as her assistant stylist for the Where We Are Tour. At first, I was adamant to do it. But with a little push from Lou, I finally agreed. I’m glad that I agreed. Each passing day on the road, Harry and I grew closer until he finally asked me to be his. And I said yes.

Throughout the course of the On The Road Again Tour, I was asked yet again to join the crew. But this time, no decision was needed to be thought out. I was going to be with the love of my life 24/7 and that was enough reason to agree once more.

 I was with them when they had to perform for the first time without Zayn in Manila. Nerves were wrecking around backstage about who’ll sing Zayn’s part in which song and what’ll happen to their positions onstage with one member missing. I was even there when Zayn officially said goodbye.

I was with Harry when they announced to the public of their decision regarding the hiatus. It was hard for the lads to end up with that decision, but they all knew that it was for the greater good of the band. They knew that if they went on with a heavy heart that they might end up resenting what they do or worse, each other.

 I was there during their last show in Sheffield. Hugs were given as soon as the show ended. Tears were pouring everywhere. I have never seen Harry cry so hard before. Even I shed a tear or two. Of course, I’ve been with these people for two years now. I’ll miss seeing them everyday. But whatever happens, we all promised to support one another in any way or form.


Now, it’s been a few months since the hiatus started. Harry and I decided to go home to Holmes Chapel to unwind for a few weeks. Anne was kind enough to have accommodated both of us. Gemma even stopped by everyday to chat with us. It seemed like I was in a normal relationship and not in a relationship with a superstar.

A few weeks after that, Harry was casted for Christopher Nolan’s new movie Dunkirk. To say that I was proud of him was an understatement. In the midst of shooting the movie, Harry asked me to join him because he was feeling lonely. With a smile on my face, I gladly joined him. Plus, Cillian Murphy was another reason to drop by. (wink wink)

After the movie, Harry decided to start writing for his first solo album. I was so happy that he’d be back in the comfort of his beloved studio where I knew he was genuinely happy. He decided to take a small trip to Jamaica, which was such a breather. It was away from all the flashing light and spying eyes. Harry’d spend his time in the studio with Jeff and Mitch. While I, on the other hand, started drawing my dream fashion line.

Every since I was a kid, I have loved dressing up. And finishing my degree in fashion designing really was a dream come true. Dressing people up like how I did with the lads on tour was not the job that i was expecting but it was a great experience. I’m much more interested in designing my own fashion line and flaunt my designs on the runway.


One normal day back home, I got a phone call from the biggest fashion company in London. They heard from Lou that I was a fashion major and wanted me to send drafts of my designs for their upcoming fall collection. I was beyond ecstatic.

This is it.

 My dreams are becoming a reality. I immediately called Lou and thank her over and over again. I then excitedly told Harry and he was so proud of me. That night, me, my family, friends and Harry went out and celebrated but I noticed that Harry wasn’t into it. My best friend even asked if he was ill. It was like he wasn’t even there. I just took it as stress and agreed to go home earlier than expected.

The day of his album launch came. It was a whirlwind of emotions. I was so proud of how people responded to Sign of the Times, but the response to the album was much better. Knowing how hard Harry worked for it and how much people appreciated it made me so happy for him.

And to add to that happiness, pieces from the collection that I sent was chosen for the London Fashion Week Fashion Show a few months from now. I had already told Harry the night before about it but he just nodded and told me he was proud.

Maybe he’s just tired? Or maybe he’s just nervous for the launch the next day? I thought. 

His entire team went out to celebrate that night. Of course, I was there during dinner with his family. I told Gemma about the the fashion show and she promised to be there to support me. Anne even let out a sound of excitement and kept on hugging me, making me feel how happy she was for me.

The dinner ended quickly, so they decided to have a few drinks. Me, on the other hand, had a very important meeting with the company so I had to be presentable and hang-over free.

 “Love, let’s go?” Harry asked.

 “Babe, I have that meeting tomorrow remember?” I asked, with a ‘duh’ tone.

 “What meeting?” He asked. I was shocked. His facial expression really showed no signs of him knowing what was going on.

 “The meeting for the fashion show?” I asked, hoping that something will spark up.

 “You got the job?” He asked.

 “Harry, I told you that last night.” I said, a small frown now starting to form on my face.

 “Ohh yeah. That.” He said. I was kind of disappointed that he forgot but I just shook it off.

 “Anyways, it’ll probably be best if I head home first. Go enjoy the night.” I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

 “You sure?”

 “Of course.”

 And with that, I left him and went home.


The meeting the next day went very well. I met with the tailors who’ll make my designs a reality alongside me and explained to them how I wanted it to turn out. They were nice enough to have understood my worries and assured me of my creative works. The models were also chosen and among those are some of the most well known models. The feeling of Cara Delevingne wearing my work was unbelievable.

I went home that afternoon with a tired body, yet a big smile on my face. Harry was in our bedroom getting ready to go out and celebrate with his friends. I quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek and a quick ‘hey babe’.

“Love, go get ready. We’ll meet them at five.” He said, buttoning his shirt.

“Babe, is it ok if I pass tonight? I’m so tired and I just want to lie down and relax.” I said, slumping my body in the bed. His face showed how much he wanted to go. “Go on without me. Enjoy babe.”

“Don’t you want to celebrate the success of my album, love?” He said with pleading eyes. Of course I want to but having sewed a few pieces myself, I was exhausted.

“It’s not that babe. It’s just that… I’m so tired.” 

“Oh. Ok.”

What’s with his attitude? I don’t know why his tone suddenly sounded like he’s implying that I didn’t want to go just because I don’t want to go.

“What’s with you?” I suddenly asked. I don’t know what ticked inside me, but I had a feeling that me asking that question will lead to a fight.

“Nothing. It’s just that I feel that you’re not happy for me.” He said while fixing his not-so-long-anymore hair.

“What are you saying? Just because I don’t want to go out tonight doesn’t mean I’m not happy for you.” My voice started rising.

“Then make me feel it! All you care about is your stupid designs.”

Oh hell no. 

“Excuse me?”

He’s gotta be kidding right now.

“I said it! All you care about is your stupid runway fashion show. You never support me in any of my works. It’s like I don’t even have a girlfriend who supports me. All we talk about is how excited you are for the show and how happy you are that YOUR dreams are coming true. What about me, huh? Ever thought about me? My album? My dreams?”

 “Oh for fuck’s sake Harry. Don’t you ever say that I didn’t support you. I spent two years on the road with you… two years which should’ve been spent on designing my OWN fashion show. I’ve been beside you through all of the rumors, the hiatus, and now your solo career. So don’t you dare point a finger at me and say that I don’t care about your dreams because I do.” I said. My blood’s now boiling that I don’t think it’ll be enough cooling off just for tonight.

 “Then make me feeling like you care and join us tonight.” He shouted.

 “Why are you so fucking selfish? Can’t you see that I’ve been working my ass off for MY dream? All I ever thought about for the past few years was you and your damn career. Can’t you think about mine? All I’m asking is a night in tonight. Heck, I’m not even asking you to stay with me!” Harry was about to say something but I cut him off.

 “You know what Harry? I realized now… All I ever did in this relationship is give, give, and give. And I’m getting tired.”

 Flashbacks of how Harry reacted with me getting the job came to mind… he didn’t even care. Heck, he even forgot that I told him about me getting it. I’ve talked about this with a friend of mine and what she told me really hit me.

 “It sounds to me like there’s only one person in this relationship.”

“Love, I’m not saying that your dream is not that important. It’s just that -” he said, but I cut him off.

“You feel that your accomplishments are far more important and extravagant than mine.” I said in total realization. No words were needed, his facial expressions were enough to assure my assumption.

“I can’t believe you!” I shouted. “A relationship between two people is about trust and support, and you can’t even support your girlfriend of four years? Your girlfriend who was beside you, supporting you since who knows when!” I started crying.

 “Love, it’s not like that…”

 “Then what is it like Harry? WHAT?” My head started to ache and my breathing started to quicken its pace.


 “You know what? You’re not the Harry that I fell in love with anymore. You’re just a big-headed pop star who only cares about his fame.”

 “You’re not the girlfriend that I used to know as well. My girlfriend supports me in everything that I do.”

 “And my boyfriend also does the same.”

 “I’m still that person!” He said in exhaustion.

 “No you’re not.” I said with tears now streaming down my face.

 “Then what are you implying?” For a split second, I saw the man that I fell in love with - the man who’d swim the oceans just to make me smile.

 “I’m sorry but if you’ll continue, it’d be best if I left.”

 “Love, no… Don’t do this.” Desperation was very well heard from that one sentence.

 “I’m sorry.”

 I grabbed my bag and with that, I left the man who still had my heart.

They said that there’s always a rainbow after the rain. But with this kind of relationship, seeing a ray of light might be impossible.

Underneath the Same Sun ☼

Okay so this fic is inspired by the amazing headcanons @t0ziers​ wrote. And encouraged by a comment on said post by @richietoaster. Honestly I fell in love with the idea of a long distance Reddie AU and knew I had to write it. But I wanted to write it from Richie’s point of view. And some other facts are different. whoops.  Also huge shoutout to my name twin, @buttercup-irwin for inspiring me in general to write fics. This is my first official one. Here goes nothing ~

Chapter One  Chapter Two ✧ Chapter Three

Words ;; 1,824 ・゚ Pairing ;; Richie Tozier / Eddie Kaspbrak  & some hints of Stan Uris / Bill Denbrough (It)  ・゚  Warnings ;; Strong language, Talk of penises, 18 y/o boys kissing (omg)  ・゚

❝ — Richie Tozier knew he wasn’t internet famous. In the grand scheme of things, his shitty meme blog and dead vine account were nothing compared to all the models on Instagram paid to post pictures of their abs. But damn, 4,000 followers and some change was nothing to sneeze at in Tumblr terms. And he did it all without posting porn. His best friend, Stan, might not understand just how big of a deal that it is, but his followers knew he was top tier. If you weren’t following ‘trxshmouth’ - you were causing yourself a disservice.

Out of all those 4,000 followers Richie had, he almost never spoke to any of them. He had mutuals that would sometimes tag him in their posts or follow forevers. But no one really, honestly knew the man behind the memes. That was until ‘pastelgazebo’ followed him. 

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wanna one as youtubers

yoon jisung

  • started a rlly popular tag but doesnt get any credit for it
  • if someone recognizes him, he always gives them a big hug
  • known for being super genuine
  • feels awkward vlogging in public even tho hes had his channel for yrs
  • makes monthly favorites videos and includes things tht ppl said to him that made him happy

ha sungwoon

  • somehow at every single major event ever
  • red carpet? he was there. movie premier? there. magic show? there. ur moms book club? there too
  • tried to cook once and set his stove on fire so he changed his icon to a crying chef hat for a month afterwards
  • does random impersonations that always make everyone laugh
  • bursts into song in the middle of silent car rides

hwang minhyun

  • befriends smaller youtubers and gives them shoutouts
  • wrote a book and made it on the new york times bestseller list
  • never changes his icon or header pics
  • invites other youtubers over for dinner or games and acts like a wine mom
  • hates editing his videos bc he thinks every sec is interesting

ong seongwoo

  • clickbait titles just to mess w people
  • roasts himself but gets mad if anyone agrees
  • shameless plugs for his merch all day every day
  • everything he does is Iconic tbh
  • meets another youtuber for the first time and becomes their best friend in an hour flat

kim jaehwan

  • 99% of his content is just full of memes
  • he didnt tell anyone he could sing until he randomly dropped a single and everyone lost their mind
  • collabs w ur fave and makes them laugh more than anyone else could
  • tries to post more music-related vids but he keeps laughing midway thru bc one of his friends will do smthn dumb behind the camera
  • proud whenever someone makes a meme of him

kang daniel

  • u can always see at least 3 cats in the background at any given time
  • prob sells bug spray in his online store
  • a rlly genuinely kind and positive person
  • posts vids at random times so everyone always worries abt his sleeping habits
  • had a grwm where he had gummy bears for breakfast and his subscribers threw a fit

park jihoon

  • a vid of him when he was 4 went viral yrs ago and none of his subscribers let him live it down
  • they make him reenact it on the daily bc his toddler-cuteness was unreal
  • friends w everyone but doesnt hang out w other people much
  • hosts giveaways where the prizes r just old used things of his but ppl still enter by the hundreds
  • super high quality editing

park woojin

  • posts anything from dance covers to diys to rants
  • zooms in on everything
  • half his stuff is edited like a crack video even tho hes serious
  • had a secret old youtube channel when he was a kid that he thought no one knew about
  • (everyone knows)

bae jinyoung

  • his first vid probably trended on yt
  • bumps into celebrities in grocery stores
  • made a parody mv of smthn that got more views than the original just bc he looks That Good
  • half his vids are shot on his phone but no one can tell
  • both loves and hates doing q+as with a burning passion but refuses to explain why

lee daehwi

  • so many vlogs
  • always visiting somewhere new
  • grwm always changes bc hes always trying new things and forming new habits
  • king of change honestly
  • opinionated but rlly soft and full of love

lai guanlin

  • shocked whenever someone recognizes him even tho he has thousands of subs
  • always giving tips and recommendations
  • gets a shoutout from one of his fav youtubers so he posts a video the next day of him screaming for 10 min straight
  • shows off his friends and hypes them up
  • plays basketball but cuts the parts where he scores and everyone loses 20 yrs of their life

(more w1 social media imagines here)


A/N: Here’s the bf!Vernon anon requested! Now that I’ve written this, dating Vernon seems like a lot of fun! But I still see him as the best friend type lol. I hope you guys enjoy!! ^^

  • dating vernon feels like dating your best friend
  • and I do think you have to be a best friend to him first and establish strong trust before he could have any romantic attraction towards you
  • but once you reach that point, dating vernon is pretty chill
  • I’m going to use the word “chill” a lot in this post so pls bare with me
  • the type to have a date in the practice room, lying down and talking about pointless stuff
  • “dude, remember he man? I miss he man.”
  • “ew wtf dude.”
  • jamming to J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar
  • he would get get soft if you fall asleep on his shoulder
  • midnight fast food runs
  • he loves sending you random memes during the day
  • “yo y/n check out these memes.”
  • one time dino saw your texts to each other and he got very confused
  • late night walks where you just walk aimlessly just to spend time with each other
  • I can see him liking rooftop dates where you just stare off the distance and watch the sunrise/sunset/stars in silence as he holds your hand
  • also video game date nights where you’d order pizza and just chill
  • being the brave one between the two of you
  • you have no choice in this one, bruh
  • which gets funny bc you’ll have to be the one to check under the bed after watching a horror movie and also the one he’d sacrifice when you guys go into the haunted house in amusement parks loll
  • gets scared if there’s a bug and would tell you to get it
  • planning future trips with him
  • backpacking through Europe, feeling the sun in the Brazilian coasts; honestly he’d go anywhere as long as it’s with you
  • conversations that flow really easily bc he never judges
  • sharing earphones
  • him giving you music suggestions and seeing his eyes light up when there’s something new he wants you to listen to
  • getting to know his sister!!! AHH THIS IS THE BEST PART TBH
  • I think she would be pretty shy at first but when she starts to open up she’ll probably start exposing Vernon lmaoo
  • “you know, Vernon used to practice asking you out in front of his mirror and it’s weird—“
  • Vernon: *clasps hand over Sofia’s mouth* “HAHAHAHA nice story but it’s time to go now, Sofia~”
  • and while he acted all pouty and all, he could feel his heart just expands bc you like each other bc it’s really important for him that his family likes you
  • looks at you with heart eyes
  • he gets so soft listening to you talk about things you’re passionate about and you can literally see the fondness in his eyes as you ramble on and on
  • he doesn’t mind at all
  • the type to just walk away during a fight
  • bc while it may hurt you, he does it bc he doesn’t want to say any hurtful thing that he would regret later on
  • mama raised this one well
  • brings you little trinkets that reminds him of you when he travels
  • low key loves it when you wear his snapbacks
  • not one for pda but he loves doing gestures like tucking your hair or putting his arm around your shoulder
  • but secretly loves it if you initiate hand holding
  • awkward silence followed by ugly cackling when he tried to be sexy once
  • hella tons of inner jokes
  • Seungkwan loves to pretend to get jealous of your relationship
  • lmao he kinda is tbh but shh
  • unlike someone *cough*Jeonghan*cough* Seungkwan is more upfront about about his jealousy nagging
  • “yah! how long are you guys gonna do this date thing! I want my best friend back!”
  • “Seungkwan, stop sabotaging my date!!!!”
  • You stop sabotaging my friendship!”
  • loves to third-wheel just to annoy you
  • which didn’t work bc by the end of the night, you guys are laughing your asses off like best buddies that you are
  • you don’t even feel bothered with Seungkwan around bc it feels normal
  • only a little a lot louder compared to if it’s just the two of you
  • but you know he cares about you two bc you overheard him tell vernon to take care of you
  • but he also threatened you lol
  • “if you hurt my best friend, you will feel the wrath of Boo Seungkwan.”
  • why do I get the image that an angry Seungkwan is a Seungkwan in grandma pants slapping you with that lettuce from ofd
  • the type to take you out for some fancy dinner date bc he wanna seem $waggy but then forgot that the restaurant only serves reservation
  • so you guys end up going to some pizza place and get looks from people there bc you were clearly overdressed
  • but you didn’t care bc Vernon makes the simpliest things seems fun and you wouldn’t be able to stop laughing for the rest of the night
  • reassuring him that, yes, he’s enough and is actually more than enough and it’s okay to be different bc different is good and he should stand proud and y’all bc there are millions of people out there who loves him and look up to him
  • not being very vocal with his feelings at first but that’s okay bc you’re there for the long haul and you won’t force him to tell you if he’s not ready
  • being the silent supporter behind every failure and success and honestly, he loves you to the moon and back for it
  • and dating him is more than being chill with each other but also upholding a very high mutual respect bc respect and freedom is some of the most important aspects in his life
  • and it might not seem like it at first but dating Vernon would be one heck of a ride but you wouldn’t change it for the world
Frye Twins x Reader ~ Family

Originally posted by assassinscreed

People say in your final moment, your life flashes before your eyes.

It does.

The first two decades of your life, you would say, weren’t really exciting. Being the only child in your family you continued the legacy of your parents. Born and raised in Crawley you trained with the reckless Ethan Frye to become a Master Assassin. Matching to his longing to court danger you were a free spirit yourself. The two of you were almost like siblings. Inseparable and the perfect team to take out the Templars. Well, until Ethan met Cecily – his future wife.

You were on your own again during missions, but you didn’t really mind the loneliness. It changed rather fast, when you saved George Westhouse’s life. You took him to the Brotherhood so he can join and become your new partner.  

In the meantime, the Brotherhood in Crawley got a fifth member. Duncan Hardy – your future husband. So a handful of highly skilled Assassins should be more enough to take back London from the Templars. 100 years they had the upper hand. It had been the time to change that. Or so.

1847 changed everything for you and the Brotherhood in general. Ethan and Cecily were expecting a child, while Duncan and you weren’t blessed in that way. Yes, you were happy for them and jealous at the same time.  

A day before the twins were born, Ethan fails on his mission miserably, which resulted in Duncan, his current partner, getting killed. Unfortunately, you didn’t have the chance to mourn over your loss. On the 9th November 1847 Cecily died after giving birth to Evie and Jacob Frye. Healthy twins.

“Cecily, please, you can’t do this to me! They need their mother”, you cradle the little bundle in your arms hoping to stop Evie from screaming, while Jacob takes a nap on the bed. Born and already a lazy ass. Cecily flashes you a slight smile, which doesn’t reach her tired eyes. Her time is slowly running out, but at least she knows her two angels are in good hands. In yours and Ethan’s.

“You are going to be such a great mother. I would be honored if you take care of them. Please”, how could you say no to her begging eyes? And after all, to be a mother is still a wish of yours. “Sure, I will do my best”, you mumble under your breath trying not to choke on your tears.

Like Cecily has been waiting for your answer, the sparkle in her eyes dies. The door gets pushed open as Ethan rushes in the room panting heavily. True happiness appears on his face, but it doesn’t last long. “Cecily? Cecily!”, you step into his way before he can reach his deceased wife. You got a last look at Duncan’s dull eyes, which are hunting you in your dreams. He shouldn’t endure the same.

“Take care of Evie. I’ll coordinate everything else. We got this, Ethan”, you have no idea how you will keep everything under control, but it will work out somehow. The Master Assassin flashes his hidden blade just an inch under your chin, “Don’t tell me what to do!” Nothing is going to work out well.

Without a word you swipe away the blade from your skin. Then you wrap Evie and Jacob up in a blanket to carry them out of the room. “Ethan-”, you try your luck to talk some sense into his head, but he cuts you off rudely, “Out!” The Grief takes the best of him. Hopefully he will get himself back on track. The twins need their father. 

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breaking in, making out | jjk

summary: being locked out of your apartment in the middle of the night covered in paint sounds pretty dang terrible, but at least jeon jungkook is always there to save the day.
pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1k
genre: fluff and some crack, just because
warnings: none
a/n: i’m trapped writing a super long taehyung fic and was feeling memey. here u go.

There were a variety of ways you imagined this night going poorly, but none of them quite match being locked outside of your apartment at three in the morning, covered in still-wet paint from head to toe and smearing pink all over your unyielding doorknob. If you had a roommate, then they’d hear your relentless wriggling of the door and let you in, but you don’t, because your roommate is out for the week visiting family and you are doomed.

So, you do the only thing you can do, which is call up your trusty best-friend-turned-boyfriend Jeon Jungkook. Not for moral support or anything—you hardly need moral support in a dire time like this—but for help. No, Jungkook does not have a spare key with him like most boyfriends tend to have—if you gave him a spare key, he would eat you out of house and home and probably break your television in the process—but he has picked locks before and he’s pretty damn good at it. This is a fact you mostly wish that you didn’t know, but hey, at least it comes in handy in times like these.

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FILLED REQUEST: down with love, a fuckboi! seongwu au

(image credit)

pairing: ong seongwu x reader
genre: fluff, angst
wordcount: 3023
summary: Ong Seongwu is the campus’s resident type-A fuckboy. when you, an unknown writer, attempt to steal his spotlight, he tries to get revenge by making you fall in love with him.
warnings: provocative situations, but nothing too steamy
(inspired by the movie of the same name! same verse as the sungwoon prince au, but with a different reader + earlier time period. cross-posted on ao3.)

one | two

Each term, Ong Seongwu beats three of his own personal records: the number of features editors who’ve quit at the campus publication he heads; the amount of attention its social media has garnered under his editorship; and the size of his contacts list, the names of interviewees mingling with those of all the people he’s slept with.

Everybody on campus knows Ong Seongwu, and he wants to keep it that way. A consummate professional, he entered university knowing exactly what he wanted and how he was going to get there. After all, one doesn’t become an excellent reporter and social media influencer overnight; Seongwu built his brand through hard work, god-given good looks, and a knack for making people laugh. He flirts with all of them and fucks them without batting an eyelash, and none of them can say they didn’t know what they signed up for.

Yes, it’s easy to fall for Seongwu, with a story like his: a talented boy on scholarship with big dreams, eager to find someone to share his life with. The best lies are half-truths, after all. Seongwu does work hard, but he doesn’t think there’s a place in his life for love. Still, that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun, and he’s broken the many hearts of people who’ve wanted more.

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Screams Into the Void

-A collaboration by Mari and Bee

A/N: What even is this.

Soulmate!AU where there’s no strings or timers or names involved, it’s just screaming. Lots and lots of screaming. When one half screams, the other half starts screaming the same thing.

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  • JB: You think he runs a daycare or something. There’s a lot of scolding occurring.
  • Mark: It almost never happens but one time you were eating dinner with your family when suddenly you started yelling about some person named “Jackson”
  • Jackson: Multiple languages. There’s just a ton of yelling and you barely understand ⅕ of it
  • Jinyoung: He might be a mom. You’re pretty sure he’s a mom.
  • Youngjae: There’s no words being screamed, it’s just a continuous stream of excessively loud noise leaving your lungs. All. The. Time
  • Yugyeom: It’s either Chris Brown lyrics or excited screaming

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  • Rapmonster: The first words out of you mouth when you met were “why are you always cussing and how often do you hurt yourself”
  • Jin: Your soulmate has figured out how to communicate with you via screams and now he makes sure youre eating at the same time????
  • Suga: Who’s Jhope?????? You scream that a lot
  • Jhope: You find yourself screaming a lot. Like one time at three am you woke up screaming excitedly. There was no reason that you could tell. Man time zone are the worst.
  • Jimin: Your soulmate might be on the shorter side it seems. Also who the hell is Jungkook?
  • V: It was lyrics at the beginning and now it’s just a lot about art???
  • Jungkook: You’re known for not having the… nicest vocabulary. Basically your favorite word starts with an f. The hyungs make fun of him for it so he gets back at you by screaming every time he wins at something. So gl.

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NCT Dream

  • Mark: There’s a lot of distressed noises. Since he’s in Korea it’s kind of hard to comfort him. I mean, I guess you could scream back.
  • Renjun: Not as loud as some of the others but on occasion he yells at the younger members.
  • Jeno: You do it to mess with him. More than once. He gets very red and you get scolded by Jaehyun.
  • Haechan: It tends to be a lot of mocking. Also screams compliments about himself so that you scream them too.
  • Jaemin: It’s a lot of yell laughing. Be prepared for that.
  • Chenle: Poor you. I pray for you.
  • Jisung: Usually to mess with others or after he has messed with them and they are coming after him. Either way you know it means trouble.

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  • Youngbin: He has to keep the others in check. There is no way to mentally prepare yourself for that.
  • Inseong: Honestly you can’t believe he’s the oldest sometimes. He doesn’t scream as much as Dawon but it can be worse because it will sometimes be in English.
  • Jaeyoon: It’s a lot about butts. Enough said.
  • Dawon: It’s just a mess. One day you were in school having a great day, eating lunch, chatting with friends. The usual. And then you got to you literature class and couldn’t stop screaming. There was probably no reason your other half was screaming. It was just that time of the day.
  • Zuho: He’s generally quiet so as a joke you went to one of his concerts as moral support. And in the middle of his rap you just screamed. This of course resulted in his own screaming and a complete look of terror washing over his face. It was payback for every time he screamed during one of your interviews just because he saw a bug.
  • Rowoon: On occasion you would let out really high pitched squeaks just to see this tall tree make hilarious noises.
  • Taeyang: This a-hole goes up and hits hits high notes behind the other members. Could you imagine what would happen when he finds out you’re his soulmate? It seems to others that you’re having a battle of the high notes. Really he’s just entertaining himself as you try to figure out whether to laugh or smack his shoulder.
  • Hwiyoung: “Cold urban guy” screams every time you see a spider. He’s okay with it when he’s alone, then he’ll just tease you, but if he’s with the other members he’s gonna be so embarrassed.
  • Chani: You know when the others are teasing him. He screams the most when the others kiss him which means you shriek too.
It’s a prank baby| Scott Sire

Request:  Can you do a Scotty sire imagine where you do a hickey prank on him?
Summary: You are dating Scotty and decide to pull a hickey prank on him to get your revenge. 
Warnings: Language and that’s pretty much it

You were trying to think of a prank idea to get revenge on your boyfriend Scotty for a while now. About a month ago he made you think your cat died and it was fucking horrible. Between him and your best friend David pranking you all.the.damn.time you literally can’t have a normal, relaxing day.  After some help from the internet and Liza, you decided you would do the hickey prank. Since this was your first prank you wanted it to work perfectly so once you decided what it would be, you started preparing for it momentarily. Acting kinda sketchy, changing Liza’s contact name in your phone and being kinda distant from Scotty were only a few of the things you were doing in order to nail this prank. 

When Scotty, David and Todd were leaving for a hike one morning, you told Scotty that you and Liza would be going to the mall. The plan was to have Liza come home before you and tell Scotty you canceled on her the last minute and that she didn’t know where you were. You actually went to Liza’s house and she helped you make a believable hickey using eyeshadow. When David told her they were on their way back home, she left so she could set up the cameras in the house and you stayed at her place a bit longer. You kept ignoring Scotty’s messages and Liza kept you updated about what was going on. Naturally, Scotty asked about you and when she told him the story you came up with he started calling you like crazy. That is when you left for the boys’ house. After short 15 minutes you arrived there. 

“He is pissed!” David yelled as soon as you got in. “Why weren’t you answering his messages?” 

“Umh, my phone was on silent,” You were acting awkward so that David would buy it too. “Where is he?” 

“In his room,” Zane said looking at you weird. It was like he knew that something was up. You wink at Liza and find your way to Scotty’s room. 

“Hi babe!” You greet him. 

“Where were you? Why didn’t you answer my calls? I thought something happened to you!” He says getting up from his desk chair and coming closer to you. 

“My phone was on silent,” You lie and try to hug him, but he takes a step back. 

“You said you were going with Liza and she said you canceled on her last minute so where the hell were you that you didn’t check your phone once and couldn’t answer my call one fucking time?”

“Babe, I was shopping and I just didn’t check my freaking phone,”

“So, what did you buy?” He raises his eyebrow. 

“Nothing,” You almost whisper, trying not to laugh. 

“You never buy nothing. I’ve been dating you for more than a year and you never go shopping without buying something. I’d really app-What’s that?” Finally he noticed a purplish blue thing on your neck. 

“What? Nothing,” Now you were the one taking a step back from him. 

“Y/n, I swear to God. What the hell is that?!” Since you had no more room to go back, he had you almost pushed up against wall when he moved your hair out of way. “Please, please tell me that this is a fucking joke,” His hands were now rubbing his face but it wasn’t in anger or frustration, it was pure disbelief and sadness, you felt like. 

“Baby I-,” 

“No. The truth, y/n. I need the fucking truth please,” 

“What do you want me to tell you? I already told you everything,”

“No, you just kept lying to me. God, I should’ve figured it out. You were acting so sketchy and distant, secret phone calls and changed password on your phone. Was it worth it at least?”

“Scotty, it-” He interrupted you once more. 

“I really sure hope so it did. To throw away year and a half of love and happiness for it,” Your prank was working perfectly but you couldn’t stand seeing his hurt face and hearing these words. 

“It’s a prank, baby. I swear this is just make up and everything that has been going on in the past few days was on purpose so this would work,” 

“Yeah okay,” He shook his head and sat down on his bed. 

“Baby I would never do this to you,” You chuckle. “There’s a camera, look,” He  looks over in the direction you were pointing at finally looks you in the eyes after what seemed like a century. 

“You are a fucking asshole, yeah?” Scotty go up, a small smile creeping up to his face. “How the fuck.. Dude, how did you..” He was scrubbing eyeshadow of your neck. “I was about to kill someone,” He hugged you.

“Ha, you were about to cry bitch,”  

“Well, I didn’t invest two years of my life, love and time to get fucking cheated on. Dude, you were working on this for a week?”

“Yeah, Liza helped me. She was in on it the whole time,” You laughed. 

“David, your girlfriend is an ass!” He screamed and few moments after that Liza and David came into the room. 

“Did you get him, did you get him?” Liza asked. 

“Girl, we got his ass so good. He was moments away from crying but I couldn’t do it anymore. I felt bad,” 

“He made you think your cat died and let you cry for ten minutes!” Liza yelled.

“Well, he is a heartless lil bitch and I’m a good girl,”

“Baby, a good girl can’t pull off what you just did so well. Sorry to burst your bubble, but some Satan blood has to be running through your vains to make this happen,” 

“You’re such a sore looser,” David teased him, his vlog camera already out.

“Oh, I didn’t lose shit. This is a war now baby, I hope you get that,” He smirked and kissed you. You went and got the camera from behind his lamp and held it up. 

“Did you hear that guys? I guess Scotty and I are now officially in a prank war. This should be interesting,” 

“I’m gonna get you back so so bad,” You laugh at Scotty’s childish behavior and high five Liza. 

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The Seducer ( ii )

Chapter 2: Hostage

chapter: one | two | three | four | five | six | seven


Summary: They may have kidnapped the wrong person but they still believe you’ll be useful.

Genre: drama, action, humour

Length: 1.2k

A/N: aka the boys are such dweebs they be kidnapping the wrong person.

The car’s engine revved, a leather clad arm wrapped around the back of the seat in front of you as the driver shifted in his chair, the sound of leather on leather could barely be heard over the heavy bass of the music he was listening to and you swallowed heavily as he lowered the music and placed the laptop that he had just been furiously typing away at on the passenger seat. This boy wasn’t wearing a mask, black hair styled so you could just about make out his frown as he looked at you, lips pulled into a thin line before he let out a sigh, “You’re not the heir.”

It was hard not to give a snarky answer, but the glint of the gun resting peacefully on the dashboard made you bite back your initial response and instead settle for looking down at your lap as you shook your head, the movement making you slightly dizzy. This time the sigh he let out was more of a grumble and you looked up just in time to see him run a hand through his black hair, revealing an undercut that made your hands itch to feel the texture. But as you tugged lightly on the rope, the boys’ eyes locked on your shoulders as he watched them roll slightly under your now bloodied fur coat.

“Stop struggling,” you glanced up at him and froze, his gaze was fierce and you could tell he was no longer frustrated but angry. “Why are they such idiots?” you heard him mutter but decided it would be safer to look out of the darkened window, surveying the building with a sense of ironic nostalgia. You were right next to the hotel you had called home for the past few years, with its marble floors and golden bannisters but a part of you knew you were never going to be able to go back; unless you were in a body bag.

The door opened and cold air filled the car, as goose bumps erupted over your bare legs at not just the temperature drop but the low, husky voice that filled the car, “Yoongi, the boys are on the way down,” before he could finish his sentence, blue and red lights filled the car with light and you caught a glimpse of deep dimples as he smirked before running a hand through his hair with a sigh, “get ready to drive.”

“Boss, if I wasn’t ready then I would be a useless getaway driver,” Yoongi’s voice may have sounded bored but you could sense the challenge in it, but the boss simply hummed in agreement, there was an air of superiority to him. As he picked up the computer and dumped it next to you without looking, although Yoongi’s head whipped around to check it was alright, before he shot his boss a glare; but the boss had kicked his feet onto the dashboard and was fiddling with the gun, the click of the safety being turned on and off kept you on edge.

But your attention had been diverted for too long, gunshots soon filled the silence, you flinched before looking out of the window, jumping back slightly when you noticed a dark figure leaning against the car, you weren’t at an angle where you would be able to get a good look at the figure’s face but you were certain they were a part of whatever was happening. A glint pulled your attention from trying to see his face and now you watched with interest as the knife balanced precariously on his knuckles, a bang to your window sent you flying back in surprise as you bit your tongue, again.

Two large hands were on the window, before a fox masked face popped up and you felt an involuntary shudder run down your spine, your body froze and you watched as he disappeared running off, as he pulled a gun from his belt and caught the knife thrown at him by the figure who had been leaning against the car, lifting his mask to flash the car a broad smile before he secured it back over his face.

Just as you had begun to readjust, trying to make as little sound as possible, the door was swung open to reveal the figure who had been leaning, “Boss?” he was obviously hesitant about entering the car, he seemed ready to tackle you if he was told to, wearing all black you wondered if he was going to be your acting grim reaper, but it seemed they had other plans for you.

“Stand down, Guk.” The boy narrowed his eyes at you but climbed into the car regardless, leaving the door open as he moved up so he was now sitting next to you, a jean covered thigh pressed against yours. He smelt like cigarettes and his ears were covered in piercings, but now that he was sitting next to you, fidgeting with his fingers as he glanced up at you every now and then before going back. But this shy boy act was dropped as someone else climbed into the car, a lamb mask was discarded on the floor and your gaze stayed trained on it, not daring to look up until another gunshot rang out and you were shoved into the glass as someone else climbed into the car.

“Floor it Yoongi!” the door slammed shut and the car shot away from the curb, the engine loud on the otherwise silent streets and after a few minutes of silence, two more masks joined the floor and someone let out a loud moan.

The moan was what made your head snap up, and you wish you hadn’t; a boy was clutching at his chest, blood seeped through his long fingers that you recognised from being splayed out on the window when he had still been wearing a fox mask. Your eyes locked with his and another moan left his lips, and your eyes widened before he was elbowed by another member, “You’re wearing a bulletproof vest, stop moaning Tae.”

“Then where is the blood coming from?” your voice sounded small in the car surrounded by these boys, and the ones sitting in the back sits began to laugh between them before Taehyung pulled out a handful of red capsules,

“Fake blood, we have to make the police think they got one of us,” his hand clenched into a fist and red liquid spilled from the cracks in between his fingers, before he wiped it his thighs, “But I’m a pros, a bullet to the chest won’t take me down.” He patted his chest proudly before the boys all groaned telling him to shut up.

Then as the car fell back into comfortable silence with only the purring of the engine to be heard, the boss coughed before his head turned to take you in and within seconds he let out a frustrated groan, “Did I not say we are here for the heir?” The boys all nodded, looking down at their laps and you were surprised by the lack of backchat as you’d assumed they were invincible, “Then what is this doing in the car?”

The fox boy raised his head slowly, “we thought you said she was the next best thing.” You sunk into your seat; if they didn’t need you then they would dispose of you and you refused to die like this. So as you listened to their heavy breaths, you were really busy plotting how you would survive this and it included your teeth on Guk’s earrings.

“You’ll prove your usefulness won’t you?” You looked up, locking eyes with the boss and despite your fear you managed to hold eye contact before you nodded, he raised an eyebrow with a smirk before he leant back into his chest with a satisfied sigh, “Next time you don’t get me want, you won’t be allowed on missions for a month.”

For a threat that seemed so tame, and probably safer than taking part in a mission, you were surprised by how much they kicked up, and they continued to whine and mumble until the window was wound down and the boss stuck a hand out of the car, the sharp sound of gunfire silencing the complaints.

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Connection - Soulmate!Calum

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A/n: Alright, by now you could probably tell that I’m a slut for AUs hehe, so here’s some Soulmate!Calum because I’ve been obsessed lately. and can we talk about the gif? tell me you don’t wanna hug that squish.

Word count: 3k

Prompt: Soulmates could feel each other’s pain, lightly inspired by this post though I didn;t take a specific prompt from it. it’s such a cool post though


Throwing the pen from your hand as it landed on the already red-stained paper, you clutched your finger as blood was already oozing from the wound that resembled a paper cut.

“Would it kill you to be more careful?” You hissed on your way to the bathroom in order to dry off the blood. Only, your remark wasn’t directed towards yourself. In fact, it wasn’t meant for anyone from your surroundings. It was aimed at the one person who had been the cause; at the one person who couldn’t hear you at the moment.

As you wrapped a bandage around the small wound, your eyes involuntarily roamed your exposed forearm. The patch of skin was peppered with scars that built up memories; but the memories weren’t yours, and the scars constructed stories that you haven’t lived yourself.

Every marking on your skin belonged to someone else you didn’t even know, yet you have lived along their side every memorable event of their life.

At the age 6, you had first heard of the term Soulmate, the new word carrying an unknown meaning. It had been the first time a wound had appeared on your skin without any trigger; the scratch on your knee sending you flying towards your mother’s arms.

And as she had explained that somebody very special to you had gotten the same wound, your mind hadn’t really processed the depth of that information; there was no need to as you were still a toddler.

By the age of 12, you had completely fallen in love with the term Soulmate. You had been the only child at that age to get excited over getting a new scar; but to you, it held so much meaning. You craved feeling that connecting tie, although you had no idea who excatly was at the other end of the tie.

Everything about a Soulmate seemed fascinating to you; soulmates aren’t the overstated love at first sight, and the tie cannot oblige one to fall in love with their soulmate. It didn’t work that way.

A Soulmate is the person you’re most compatible with; the one who knows you inside out and understands you better than yourself. A Soulmate is your most loyal companion and truest friend. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a romantic way; in fact, some Soulmates even prefer having a platonic relationship, nonetheless the tie is still the same.

A Soulmate is your matching half, your sheler; they’re your home.

Falling in love with your Soulmate is after all the same as falling for someone else; sometimes it’s unpredictable and blind, at other times it’s slow and graduate. The tie cannot affect the way you fall for them or your will to be in a relationship with them; however, no love could ever be as strong and pure as a Soulmate’s.

Surely, not all Soulmates were the same, and they weren’t all bounded by the same rules. The indicators of one’s Soulmate differ; from color blindness to tattoos and countdown clocks… and then yours; the ability to share their pain. Although your Soulmate couldn’t feel all of your pain –only a certain degree of what you feel, that amount was enough to keep the tie going.

But as you reached your 17th year, every thought you had constructed about Soulmates faded, turning into a childish reverie.  

By that time, it almost became normal for you to wake up in the middle of the night with a busted lip and bruised knuckles. Throwing your covers away, you made your way to the bathroom, your routine well memorized.

You became accustomed to taking care of the different wounds, but you hated it more than anything. You hated knowing that you could treat your wounds, but never your Soulmate’s. And as you stared at the damage on your face, you couldn’t help but wonder how much worse your Soulmate had it if you could only feel some of their pain.

Stupid, right?

It was stupid how you still worried about them, although they were the reason behind your own ache.

But as time dragged by and the accidents never seemed to stop, the conclusion that your Soulmate didn’t want you became inevitable. Surely, had they wanted you or thought of you, they wouldn’t have gotten carelessly injured time after time.

You couldn’t blame them really; you knew that many people didn’t like the whole Soulmate etiquette. They simply didn’t like wasting a lifetime waiting for the perfect love, when –for all they knew- their Soulmate could be halfway across the globe.

As hard as it was, you needed to let go of your fantasies as it became too painful to keep your hopes up. Even so, you couldn’t stop the unsettling feeling in your chest as you lay on your bed, completely sleep deprived, your mind too caught up worrying about someone who probably didn’t even think about your existence.


Closing the water tap, Calum leaned on the bathroom counter as his eyes studied his reflexion on the mirror.

He couldn’t go home that way, not when he had promised to behave better. Although in the back of his mind, Calum didn’t regret his fight at all; in fact, he would’ve done the same thing if given another shot.

How could he not get pissed when he was called the one thing he hated more than anything; a forsaken, the term defining the Soulmate-less.

There wasn’t anything precise that determines forsakens, but Calum couldn’t help but convince himself that he was one. How could he not be when he has never felt the infamous connecting tie everyone bragged about.

Calum had never felt his –supposed- Soulmate’s pain; he had never received a clue on their existence, therefore he was led to believe that he simply did not have one.

And so on, he took complete advantage of his situation; if he was the only one feeling his pain then he might as well go all for it.

He didn’t necessary like being labeled as a bad boy, but he knew that his reputation exceeded him. It was well known that he was a forsaken; that simple piece of information somehow labeling him differently.

Undoubtedly, people weren’t scared of the heavily tattooed and leather clad boys; not as much as they were scared of the forsaken. Somehow, they grew to believe that only the cold-hearted didn’t have Soulmates, and Calum was yet another casualty of those thoughts.

Deep in his heart, Calum knew that there was a thread of hope that he wasn’t all alone, that someone was as the end of the tie. Amongst his multiples marks and scars, there was a tiny scratch that he always found himself uncontiously rubbing. It was nothing but a small line in his wrist, and although he couldn’t really remember when he had gotten it exactly, Calum had a feeling that it wasn’t his.

But as time passed by and no other marks added up to his skin, he tried to convince himself that it was probably a scar he had gotten as a child and had fogotten about. What other explanation could he have?

Staring down at your forearm, your eyes were fixed on the small scar on your wrist amongst the many others that basically formed constellations on your skin.

That was probably your only scar, and the story behind it was quite amusing really. You had gotten it when you were still about 4 years old; you were trying to pet your uncle’s cat when it accidently scratched you, making you raise your hand abrubtly and send the poor feline flying towards the carpet.

Your smile faded as you started thinking about the stories behind the other scars that weren’t yours, wondering if you were ever going to hear them.

With a deep frown, you set down the book you were reading, your eyes staring wildly at the dot of blood that came out of nowhere.

You quickly checked your hands for any new injuries, finding none. Suddenly, as another drop stained the papers, your hand shot up to your nose, feeling an oozing thickness on the skin above your lip. But as you pulled away, you couldn’t stop your hand from shaking as your eyes stared at the red stains.

Before you knew it, more and more was making it’s way down your face, making you feel like your head was about to explode with the pressure.

Cursing under your breath, you jumped out of your seat, the bloody smell making you nauseous and the scarlet substance covering your shaky hands making you even dizzier.

It has never been that bad, you have never felt the effect as much as you were at the moment and you wondered what kind of shit your Soulmate was getting into. And by the time you had reached your friend to inform her, your whole body felt incredibely sore.

“I promise I didn’t get into a fight! Do I seem like the kind of person to do so?“ You sighed for the upteenth time since you entered the hospital.

You were more like a regular, as weird as it sounded, but your injuries weren’t always treated with a mere bandaid. The staff knew you and your little situation; however it has never stopped them from worrying that you were actually getting in trouble with someone. The Soulmate excuse had dragged long enough, and it was getting out of hand really.

“I believe you. You don’t look like the type to get in trouble.”  

A teasing voice spoke once the nurse left. You quizically looked over at the bed next to you as you pulled the curtains away, finding quite the attractive guy in the same position as you.

“What about you?” you mirrored his smile, wincing slightly when it hurt your nose.

The guy shrugged his shoulders as he grimaced, “I actually did this myself,”

“I bet the other guy looks worse, eh?” you offered him your hand to shake, introducing yourself to him.

“Oh he does, and I’m Calum, by the way,” Calum took your hand in his to shake it, his smile faltering as well as yours when an unfamiliar feeling hit the both of you at the contact.

Your eyes curiously gazed at his chocolate orbs, something deep inside you urging you to memorize his beautiful features as he stared at you just as intensly.

You jumped at the sudden sound of your mother calling your name, making you break the stare much to your dismay. You smiled once more at Calum, informing him that you needed to get going as your mother had come to pick you up.

“And hit me up if you need me to discipline that careless soulmate of yours.” Calum smirked as you hopped off the bed, giving him a playful look, “hmm, that might affect me, so I don’t think that’s quite a good idea,”

Calum’s attention was directed towards the nurse approaching him, making him detour his eyes from where you stood with your mother as she filled some papers. And as the alcohol-dipped cotton ball made contact with his bloody knuckles, a hiss filled the quiet area.

Only, it wasn’t Calum’s; no, he was too used to the stinging peroxide by now. His eyes frantically looked up, landing on your figure as you clutched your burning hand to your chest, a baffled expression on your face.

“It’s nothing, my skin just burned for a second,” You explained to your worried mother as she quickly ushered you to the car.

Your eyes were glued on your knuckles, finding no reason to the stinging sensation you had felt a minute ago.

Back in the waiting room, Calum’s heart was beating uncontrollably against his chest. Could it be? No, of course not, he quickly shut himself. He couldn’t allow himself to believe in the Soulmate thing again, it was impossible and he had already figured that he didn’t have one.

But as the (e/c) of your eyes came haunting him, he could no longer deny that doubt had crept its way into his heart.

Calum cursed once again as his fingers struggled to hit the right cords of his guitar. It was partly due to the event that was engraved in his mind since a few weeks ago. It was keeping him from thinking right, haunting his every thought.

Calum couldn’t bring himself to believe again, only to have his hopes vanish like dust in the wind.

“Fucking hell!”

He yelped, jumping onto his feet as he put away his guitar. His eyes stared at his hand worryingly, finding no reason for the numbing pain shooting through his whole forearm. He hadn’t done anything that could injure him for the past weeks, so why was he feeling like someone was crushing his bones?

Calum felt his stomah churn at the possible thought that he could be feeling what everyone had talked about. Surely, the injury wasn’t his; so it must be his soulmate’s, right?

Calum’s thoughts shot back to you, to your encounter, and then to the electrical feeling that shook him when he held your hand. But as the pain in his arm failed to abstain, he found no room for celebration as his mind only concentrated on one thought; you were in trouble.

Calum didn’t know where to go, or where he could find you. Were you even in town? Nonetheless, he had allowed his feet to drag him as he ran through the streets, hoping that he’d somehow find you.

Some people claim that the connection between Soulmates is strong enough to help you locate them at times, but how could he do such a thing when he had spent years not believing in all of that? But when he found himself running in circles, failing to find any trace of you as his frantic eyes scanned every passing figure, he knew that he couldn’t keep going.

He wasn’t getting any result out of it. And as his mind desperately tried to find its way to you, only one thing popped into his mind.

The hospital.

Of course! How could he be so idiotic to not go there first thing? Where else would an injured person go?

“Come on, Come on!” Calum mumbled under his breath, his breath rigid as he tried to find you in the crowded consulting room.

Bringing both of his hands to rub face calum let out a frustrated sigh upon realising that he couldn find you. Maybe was wrong and it wasn’t the soulmate tie he had felt. Calum realised at last why he never wanted to get his hopes up ; he felt as if heart about burst chest tightening with sorrow.

“What’s it with us always meeting here?”

A voice Calum didn’t think he’d ever be hearing again broke his trance. As he turned around, he found you sitting in the same exact position as the first time, giving him the warmest smile ever.

Calum felt an unusual urge at that moment; an urge to run to you and hug you and finally breath. He restrained himself.

“What’s wrong with your hand?” He asked as he moved closer, his eyes frowning upon noticing your bandaged wrist.

“I was just being a big clutz, and slipped on the wet floor. It’s nothing too bad though,” You sheepishly explained your injury, feeling quite embarassed at your clumsiness.

Calum breathed out in relief, “I thought it was something worse. You really scared me,” He mumbled but your ears picked up his words, your eyebrows furrowing at his words.

“What do you mean- How?”

Your perplexed eyes made Calum look down as his feet dragged him closer to you, quickly pocketing his hands in his black jeans.

“Do you mean we’re…” You spoke up again as his eyes stayed glued to the hospital floor, your eyes widening as he nodded his head.

“How did you know?” You wanted to know more, you wanted to ask so many things. After all, you were meeting your Soulmate, he was your soulmate.

Calum’s eyes finally found yours, the adoration in his eye visible as he finally stopped to think that you were his soulmate.

“I only guessed the first time we met, I wasn’t sure. But today I felt it, I felt you

Calum couldn’t put his feelings into words; the feeling that hit him far too complicated for him to try and describe.

“I didn’t think I had one,” He slowly added, and for the first time ever he found himself showing just how much that thought had hurt him through the years.

“Why would you think so?” Your worried eyes followed his every move, as you were unable to tell why he didn’t believe you were there.

“I never felt anything from you, so it was kinda hard to still believe.” His hand carefully went to hold up your uninjured wrist, his thumb stroking the similar scar.

“I’ve only had this little one,” He lifted his own wrist and held it against yours, his eyes adoringly looking at your matched marks. Never in his years of life had he thought that that moment would ever come.

“Sorry, I guess I must’ve been too careful,” You shyly smiled at him.

Surely, you had gotten bruises of your own, but they were never painful enough for him to really feel.

Tearing your hand from his grasp, you daringly reached to touch the inked patch of skin peaking through his top.

“I’ve always wondered about your tattoos,” You whispered, your mezmerized eyes following your tracing fingers.

“How did you know?” Calum asked, his curious eyes staring intently at you.

“I guessed; I could only feel slight buzzing on my skin, I guess it made sense.”

Calum smiled at your explanation, taking your hand in his to direct your attention towards him.

“Well, how about I take you out and tell you all about them? A little make up date for being an unconsiderate asshole,”

You chuckled at his apologetic words, pointing your finger at him as you blocked his path,

“Only if you promise to keep in mind that your Soulmate can feel your pain as well before getting in trouble,” You jokingly warned him.

Calum threw his head back at your words, and you swear you have never seen a smile as beautiful as his.

“Baby girl, I doubt I’d be able to get you out of my mind now that I’ve found you.”


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Hi! I have a headcanon request- how would Sincerely Three interact with their soulmates in the AU where whatever one person writes on themselves would show up on the other's skin? Thanks so much! <3

omg this is cute and u said soulmate au and im automatically in love

gonna put this under a readmore

also im assuming u mean x reader but if u want like, actual ship Sincerely Three (because i love them a lot tbh), just ask again and be like ‘tris ur dumb’

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memey au jared kleinman x reader; headcannons


Written @ Writers Wednesday, special thanks to;

Flower Anon










-Everyone is born with their soulmates favorite meme on their forearm

-Its always like a very specific meme so like if your soulmate saw it they would be like ‘oh shit thats me’

-You, however, were born with a shit ton of memes

-Like, all of them

-Ones from like the MEDIEVAL times of memes yo and also brand new ones and its kind of sick??

-sick as in cool or sick as in gross only you can decide

-you frequently wake up with a new meme on your arm whenever a new one becomes popular

 -sometimes you have to go on to figure out what the fuck is on your body

-every day you look at your arm and cupcakke lyrics are there 

-its hell

-”ms. (Y/N) why is there the words ‘hump me fuck-’”


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