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EXO Reaction when they realize that their girlfriend looks like one of the Disney Princesses

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“Not gonna lie babe.. I like brave girl like you.. are you up for an adventure?  Or you want to watch Merida’s movie again” *Probably his favorite movie now*


“Why am I dressed like this? Well… if you look like a princess… I want to look like a prince.. no no not like a beast.. after love does its magic.. yes handsome like that. Just for you”


“Jagi! I swear it’s not a joke! You do look like her! I’m not saying it because she’s your favorite princess and I’m your boyfriend! I mean it!” *Probably the fact that he can’t stop laughing doesn’t help*


“Wait … wait… now I know why you looked so familiar the first time I saw you! You look just like Jasmine! Can I be Aladdin? We need a red carpet!”


“Omg jagi! I was just reading about disney princesses and you appear and.. did you come out of this magazine or… woah I always knew you were a princess!”


“Let me see your side… okay tuns…. you really look like her! You even have the long long hair! You are adorable, are we dressing like this for Halloween? Yes?”


“So you look like Snow White and I look like her prince? I like this… We should hint the tumblr community to write a fanfic about this” *or he’ll end up writing it himself*


“Omg she she.. she looks like Elsa… as long as she doesn’t start singing Let it go I’m okay with it…” *Loves your beauty.. but the song.. not that much”


“So… can you talk with birds too? Like.. when you sing.. do they come to you and sing with you?” *Asking the real questions here*


“So jagi… I was wondering… where do I find a dragon… I mean if I want to be worthy of my princess… I have to right one”


“Oh whoa! You two are so alike! Ever thought of casting for a Disney movie? I’m sure they would choose you right away! If not.. we can always make a play on our own… I would love to be your prince”


“If you are Cinderella I guess that makes me Prince Charming right” 

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On several occasions Ishida uses a floral pattern as background in some panels:

We can appreciate them in ch 31.5 after Sasaki gave Mutsuki a present for Christmas

In ch 114 where Sasaki asks to Mutsuki if he wants to read some poems with him

And finally in ch 131 while Touka confims to Kaneki that she is pregnant

These flower pattern seems to represent daisies, which symbolize innocence and purity but also to keep a secret, the true love and new beginnings

In Mutsuki’s case they probably symbolize his love for Sasaki, meaning that despite what people tends to think, Mutsuki’s feelings towards him are true (even though that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love Urie)

But also the innocence of his character, which has been corrupted due to various circumstances.

In Touka’s case, just like with Mutsuki, they probably symbolize her love for Kaneki, but also unlike with Mutsuki, “new beginnings” due to the fact that she is pregnant, and “to keep a secret” because in this scene, she is trying to protect Kaneki by hiding her own feelings towards Yoriko’s situation.

As an additional note, in Japan these flowers symbolize faithfulness, thing that would be associated with both characters:

With Touka because she waited for years for Kaneki to come back, creating :re

And with Mutsuki due to his firmness and constancy on the idea of ​​bringing back Sasaki to the Chateau, by any means possible

Therefore, in both cases the flowers symbolize their love towards Sasaki / Kaneki and their faithfulnes towards him, with some concrete meanings for both characters.

i hope the girls (aqours) are alright. they have another big live in 5 days which is animelo summer live. i know it’s not even an aqours only live but they’ve been putting up with too much concerts lately.

let me take a moment to say this.

i’ve never seen a group that could work this hard in a matter of just 2 years. this is something μ’s didn’t have and aqours did, a live tour. 6 big lives in just merely 2 months. i know this is their first time doing this type of thing so they must be really tired. but these girls are trying so hard to make us excited.

now let’s get to my point.

i do like that they love to make us happy, but i want them to be just as happy as us. what i’m saying is that they aren’t happy, in fact they’re probably maybe more happier than us. i’m saying that they’re always looking at us with joy despite their conditions. but they need to understand, we don’t care if they mess up.

if i went to an aqours concert i’d want it to feel like we’re all friends and family. who cares if there’s a mistake, we’ll all support each other. if someone were to fall on stage (trying not to jinx i fuckin swear) i would tell them, “do your best!” i want my intentions to reach them so they can get fired up again.

ok the point is im so proud these girls are so excited about these lives. and i hope they get plenty of rest after animelo.


  1. first off they’re thirsty
  2. really thirsty
  3. i mean their natural habitat is literally the ocean
  4. which may explain why they constantly spend money on water
  5. always thirsting for kim jongin
  6. they never go without one day without being thirsty
  7. honestly kim jongin is their man and they want you to know that
  8. like jongin?? bACK UP
  9. will fight the good fight for their hot ass man
  10. have a thing for frog jumping cricket laughing kim jongin
  11. they’re so soft omg
  12. they’re so soft and fluffy but did i mention kINKY
  13. they’re really kinky
  14. almost as much as fluffy
  15. probably like the idea of being tied up by a jongin in a tuxedo ??
  16. bdsm is something they probably wanna try ??
  17. their sex better involve roses and petals and candles
  20. but also thirsty for his heart :’)
  21. watching jongin dance practice focus videos like they can’t leave 
  22. they’ve accepted the fact that they can’t leave this crooked fandom
  23. they’ve also accepted the fact they don’t wanna leave
  24. they’re honestly pretty damn chill over everything 
  25. have thought about jongin in a hot pink thong
  26. if they haven’t now they are
  27. don’t deny it
  28. interrogated by friends as to why there’s a sexy man as their background
  29. and will respond with “that’s the father to my children”
  30. laughing at friends’ faces
  31. honestly they’re probably the chillest out of all the stans
  32. but the minority are gonna be stripping naked bc jongin exists
  33. honestly exo stans themselves can become different stans
  34. watching fanwars like “lol no biggie”
  35. supporting other exo stans but don’t give enough fucks to get involved
  36. carefree ngl
  37. highkey stressed about little things
  38. laughs at stupid antis in their inbox
  39. laughs at everything in their inbox
  40. laughs
  41. but have you seen how perverted they are
  42. i mentioned this earlier but dUDE
  43. but not as much as they like laughing at jongin’s face ??
  44. honestly they love jongin derps so much ??
  45. texting a jongin stan takes up a shitload of gbs
  46. honestly jongin stans are:
  47. 50% perverted
  48. 50% laughing lil puppies
  49. honestly if that doesn’t describe them what does
  54. but too busy rolling around on the floor
  55. with their dirty smut collection
  56. smutsmutsmut
  57. really like smut
  58. not as much as ksoo stans but they really like it
  60. hIS LAUGH
  66. but his laugh is literal sunshine
  68. unless you’re like me and a tiny asian girl that hates the sun
  70. if you mention jongin around them be ready for a bunch of
  71. OH
  73. and oh he’s cool
  74. and yeah i’m not hyper at all
  75. and no don’t worry about me okay i just have to breathe in
  76. see? chill.
  77. friend is probably a chanyeol or sehun stan i feel ??
  78. if not it’s probably a tao or yixing stan ??
  79. or an exo stan ??
  81. because they’re:
  82. 1. chill
  83. 2. perverted
  84. 3. fluffy
  86. but mostly the smut
  87. hell i wouldn’t be surprised if they had a jongin smut masterlist link saved
  89. honestly they love being exposed
  90. unless they don’t
  91. always want his dick
  92. every single day
  93. never go a day without wanting that bulge
  94. mm they think about it a lot too
  95. because they read too too much smut
  96. aaaaah they also want jongin’s baby but only show it on the internet
  97. irl they’re like “oh that guy he’s pretty hot”
  99. “dicksdicksdicksdicks”

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((OOC: Babe! I am so genuinely proud of you! There have been times where I delayed washing my bedding for QUITE a while, because I was dreading having to make it again. This is a HUGE accomplishment, and I applaud you!))

ok so like trans dude marty mcfly

  • he’s a pretty standard dude and yet he doesn’t seem to have many friends and seems to be a bit of an outcast
  • strickland has an entire conversation without saying his first name. which. could be a thing if he was purposely trying to avoid calling him marty
  • he wears so many layers which is a mood
  • he’s really anxious to tell his family about his relationship with jennifer, which, relationship stuff can be complicated to talk about with your family
  • his parents are like ‘okay but we’re choosing a name for you’ and his mom is like ‘what about marty? it’s a nice name’ but it’s been so long that she doesn’t even think about the fact that she got the name from a guy she met as a teen
  • he’s still getting voice cracks all the time bc doc brown whipped up some back alley T bc he’s a scientist and if he can perfect time travel, he can Do That

there’s probably more that i can’t think of rn oh well

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When people see jack in public how do they approach him? Like??? "Oh hey jack I'm a big fan" or something like that? Like how do you even start a conversation with him? XD

I don’t know! I know I would be shaking and probably crying but never go say hello because I’m too shy 😅
It’s not the fact that he intimidates me, it’s just that I admire him so much that I’m really, REALLY scared to either bother him while he’s gets some free time or that I annoy him because I haven’t got much to talk about haha - Mod Lily

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Hey, I'm 14, and I've been struggling with my sexuality for years before deciding I'm probably somewhere on the ace spectrum. I've come out to a friend, (who I've discovered doesn't understand asexuality) and they said I'm probably just a late bloomer and I should give it a year (I know for a fact I'm not a late bloomer). They also said it's a disability, for some reason. I don't think they meant any harm but they were being aphobic and I don't know what to say to them.

Hello anon!

I’m very sorry your friend said things like this. And no, you’re not too young to know that you’re ace. There are many people who have always known their orientation and I believe you when you say that you know you’re on the ace spectrum. And so should your friend. Also, asexuality is definitely not a disability. It’s an orientation.

It might well be that your friend didn’t mean any harm -many people “just” have a lot of misconceptions about asexuality because of lack of representation and awareness- but that doesn’t make what they said ok. Because those statements are wrong and hurt ace people. And you’re allowed to feel hurt.

Unfortunately the job of educating people about asexuality always seems to fall to us aces. And that’s also what I would do in your situation- although I can’t speak from experience because I’m not out to anyone. I’d suggest you gather as many scientific resources as you can find which disprove your friend’s statements and then send those to your friend, saying “No, you’re wrong and this is why:”. Or alternatively prepare a little speech containing the relevant information. (That ‘s the trouble with lesser known orientations; coming out turns into a half-hour power point presentation.) I know that there are quite a few resources here on tumblr, but unfortunately they’re always connected with the discourse™ in some way which is why I never reblog them (which is why I can’t easily find them now). Therefore I can’t really provide you with any material now, I’m sorry. Maybe my followers know of any helpful resources? But of course you can always start at

Then I’d wait how your friend reacts to those resources. If their aphobia was “just” caused by misinformation and the aphobic tropes you always find in various pieces of media, they should learn from their mistakes and apologise. But if they don’t, in all honesty, I’d consider getting a new friend.  

I hope that helps, dear anon!

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wanna one when their crush confessed by serenading them

Jisung, Jinyoung, Minhyun, Jihoon are going to be so touched they probably won’t be able to say anything and would just stare at you in awe with their mouths open and eyes twinkling. They would be quite shy to make a move afterwards and I feel that they may even tear up seeing you do that; it would feel overwhelming the fact that the person they like so much is serenading them. 

Jaehwan, Seongwoo, Daehwi, Sungwoon are going to have a shocked face on and as you start singing they will definitely join you and it will turn into a duet with them laughing loudly after you finish. They will just be incredibly happy and somehow I think that after you finish serenading them, these boys will serenade you right back. 

Daniel, Woojin, Guan Lin would try to contain their smile for a minute, but won’t be able to do it. Their cheeks would turn a bright shade of pink a they bite their lips and watch you sing so beautiful. I think they would probably muster a little courage and stop you in the middle by kissing you sweetly on the lips. 

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I feel like your Hogwarts house is not based on what traits you value, it's based on how you view magic. See magic as a means to get personal gains or to punish others? Slytherin. See magic as a way to help all people (muggles and magical beings alike) and want to use magic to make all lives better? Hufflepuff. Appreciate magic for itself and want to use it in order to find out more about it and/or other subjects? Ravenclaw. Use magic to help you in daring pursuits? Gryffindor. Which are you?

Definitely the hufflepuff shdjndjsb I mean like I logically know that no one can be categorized this way really and there is no actual cosmic right and wrong when it comes to the hogwarts houses but part of me (an admittedly big part) just wants to know what I truly am SO BADLY

okay, real talk

My sister and I do not get along. We are polar opposites - black and white - and we only talk maybe once a year at Christmas. Very much like Sansa and Arya. We fought constantly in our youth, we are not kind to each other, etc.

But you BEST BELIEVE if some crazy shit goes down we would hole ourselves in the bathroom and gossip and maybe try to have a “who’s life is worse” competition. Sure, we dont like each other but that doesnt change the fact that we grew up together and probably know each other better than anyone else we will ever meet in our lives.

Sansa and Arya dancing around and not comparing their journeys home is just weird and wrong. And with their trauma and thinking the other is dead…they shouldnt be at each others throats instantly.

(and wtf? I thought some bad fanfics I read got Arya wrong with all the “theres only one god - the god of death” bullshit…She had more compassion and personality towards the people she was supposed to be killing than with her own sister in WF.)

I can believe a bad sister relationship - just not with THEM.

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When Marlene said 'The lady in black is PLL endgame' could it be she actually meant Alex? Alex was wearing black on the airport and when she slept with Toby while Spencer never dressed like that. For me that was one of the biggest clues that she replaced Spencer.

Could be. Maybe that’s why she dressed her in black in the final few episodes. But idk, when I hear “lady in black”, my mind (and probably everyone else too) just goes Black Widow and Marlene should know that. I really don’t feel like Sara Harvey’s story was ever planned, that was so rushed. The fact that it’s so not detailed, so bland, boring, single layered… goes to show how much of a last minute addition Sara was. Sara helped Charlotte because Charlotte loved her (quote from Marlene). Noel killed Sara for money. Like… for a mystery show that prides itself on shocking reveals, those types of answers just SUCK!

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Hello... this is an oc question? 'Cause I'm dying to know and i don't know if it was address before... why makoto and james divorced? Do they even know? Can i even ask?

Of course you can!

Makoto has a lot of… issues. Paranoia issues. Paranoia issues that worsened after a lovely bout of postpartum depression when she gave birth to Victoria, which led to alcohol abuse, general neglect of the kiddos, and violent verbal outbursts against her husband. A seemingly endless downward spiral.

Now, on top of being mentally ill, she was fully aware of the fact that she was treating her loving husband like shit and letting her family go to hell. In walks her best friend Paranoia, who says, “James is probably gonna divorce you, y'know.”

James was going to do no such thing.

So Makoto divorced him instead. Set him free, if you will, from life with the crazy wife in the attic.

James, distraught and heartbroken and frightened for her, left Dimitri with Makoto because he was terrified that she would let herself die if he took away both her children. (Not surprisingly, this did not end well for Dimitri.)

Makoto sobered up after Dimitri almost got himself killed. But she never quite let go of the idea that James deserved better than her.

And James, the poor fool, waits for the day when Makoto will realize that he wants her, he’s always wanted her, with or without the mess, in sickness and in health, for better or worse, til death do them part.

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Just found out reid was envisioned to be bi but they scrapped the idea,,,, im just shaking my head in disappointment honestly

hmmmm honestly i’m pretty sure he’s mostly fluid with his sexuality,, like in episodes, he doesn’t try to overcompensate and become an aggressor but more timid so he’s probably both equally interested in males/females/non binaries,, i’m not saying that’s shy men are automatically gay, but more like reid shows more openingness when it comes to homosexuality/polygamy/ployamorous relationships and does research on them at one point (because he spits out facts about them) and gruber (reids actor) order a painting of reid and morgan fucking and sent that to shermar (derek morgans actor) and directed morgans last episode which was pretty gay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ i MEAN THATS JUST ME BEING NEEDY BUT-

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super angsty and sad prompt for OT3: "well, no one dies with dignity"

Hi anon!! So, I know this probably is not what you wanted but it was begging to be written. In fact, it’s my favorite thing I’ve ever written. Ever. But I would be happy to write you something else a little different if you like! Just hit up my inbox :)

Steve doesn’t consider himself to be an unhealthy guy. He’s pretty active, he’s always been in sports while in school and even now goes for a run most mornings. But yeah, sometimes he prefers a burger to a hearty salad or wants a beer. No shame in that. His guilty pleasure though, is pork rinds. He can’t remember when he first ate them but there’s just something about that salty flavor and crunch.

Whenever he brings home a bag, Jonathan and Nancy immediately groan.

“Steve, those are so gross. I don’t get how you like them.” Jonathan wrinkles his nose when Steve plops next to him on the couch with a freshly opened bag.

“It’s an acquired taste.” He smirks and teasingly waves a rind in front of Jon’s face, who quickly scoots to the opposite end of the sofa.

“Yuck, get it away from me! You know I can’t stand the smell.”

“Seriously, Steven, those are so unhealthy,” Nancy chimes in from the dining table, which is currently covered with medical textbooks and notes. “They’re going to be the death of you someday.”

“Yes, Dr. Wheeler,” Steve answers in a singsong voice and she tries to hide her smile. She loves these boys, even when they act like children.

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“Shhh…I’m fine. In fact, I’m more than fine. And–– in about eight months, I’ll be amazing!”

If you haven’t read @pizzansunshine fic, you need to now!! I can’t read it without screaming, so I screamed it onto my page! She requested something like this a WHIIILE back and she probably forgot by now because I’m slow! Thanks for being a one of a kind, amazing, thoughtful, caring, and wonderful amiga! You’re seriously the best!! 

PS. Congrats to Elena and Mateo in our AU-verse! They’re going to be parents! 

Read my amazing amiga’s fic here!

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Title: “Shakespeare’s #1 Defender”

Fandom: The Librarians (TNT series)

Notes: i’m honestly not sure what this is. writing is kicking my ass, but lol please enjoy this stupid lil fic :P

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1. who’s your historical person?

I have quite a few historical favorites but my person is Alexander Hamilton.

2. what is it about them that draws you to them like a magnet?

Probably the fact that he reminds me so much of myself. Previously I have often found historical figures to be very disconnected from my own life, and I have had a hard time recognizing myself in anyone of historical sagnificance. But it’s different with Hamilton. I can read something he’s said or done and go “yeah man me too”, and I guess that’s what makes me drawn to him.

3. favourite thing about them?

The fact that he can be so charming and adorable. It’s annoying, really, but also the best thing about him. His passion and drive are also great attributes and so is his humor.

4. least favourite thing about them?

The fact that most of his decision making happens when he’s emotional and riled up to the point of not thinking straight.

5. if you could fix one thing for them?

I would stop Phillip from dying. It’s the one thing I could think about that would actually make a difference without messing too much with time.

6. if you could change their history, would you? if so, what?

Besides the Phillip thing, the answer is no. I believe that circumstances shapes the person you become and if I remove something from the equation I could completely ruin who Hamilton was. The reason I chose to save Phillip in the last question is because it happened so late in Hamilton’s life. Plus, I never said that I wouldn’t let Phillip get hurt, just stop him from dying. If the duel still happened the timeline is more or less intact. I take my time travel way too seriously.

7. first thing you would say to them?

Depends on when I meet him. But I think an “it’s an honor, sir” would be sufficient in most situations.

8. bring them to 2017 with you….what does that look like?

Man, you don’t know how many times I’ve tought about this. I would guess that once he got over the initial chock, he would try to understand as many things as possible. I would expect many “why?”’s and follow-up questions. I think that the fashion of today would be the hardest for him to get his head around, but other than that I think he would adapt fairly quickly. If there is one thing I would want to show him it’s the musical. Just so that he would know that he’s remembered.

9. what wouldn’t you tell them about the future?

If I was in his timeline I would tell him jack shit about the future. Not a single thing. I am not risking a trip to the insane asylum or ripping time into pieces just so I could tell a dude about cars. Nope. Not doing that. If I was in my own timeline I would refrain from discussing politics and just stick to explaining vacuum cleaners and dishwashers.

10. favourite story about them?

The one where Hamilton, Angelica’s son Phillip, and Niemcewicz, tricked almost an entire town that Niemcewicz could commmunicate with ghosts. A classic.

11. reblog with a picture or painting or description of them.

Alexander Hamilton by Daniel Huntington (American ca. 1865) based on a portrait by John Trumbull.

It’s also my favorite portrait of Hamilton despite it not having been painted from life.


As some of you may have noticed I’ve not been as active on this blog for the past couple of weeks. It’s been an exciting, albeit stressful time for me. My kitchen fitter is finally arriving tomorrow after so much hard saving and planning and I’m very excited to finally get the work done!

Luckily for me I’m going away on holiday while the renovations are happening. Unluckily for me when I return I’m going to have an insane amount of decorating to tackle. So, with all of this in mind (and the fact that I probably won’t have much internet while in holiday) I have decided to take a hiatus from this blog. I’ll probably be gone for around 3-4 weeks. 

I am planning on trying to write while I’m away and potentially updating a couple of my longer running stories. But I’m sure you know what its like when you’re on holiday and I can’t promise that I’ll find the time since my husband likes to keep me busy ;)

I’ll miss you all and I’ll see you in a few weeks <3 <3 <3