this is probably gross

  • pjo accent challenge

i was tagged by @bananannabeth  to do @hellevesque ‘s pjo accent challenge! thanks, this was fun! 

my voice probably sounds super gross also i did zero preparation before this so i am Sorry

im gonna tag @hamabee , @snowpipercy , @son-of-rome , @somethingmorecreative1@keeith, and @genderfluidalexfierro !!! 

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tocdfw you have scars all over your hands and arms because of dermatillomania and instead of your friends supporting you and gently reminding you to not do it when you're doing your compulsions, they slap your hands really hard and make fun of you for what you do that's almost beyond your control. And then say things such as "those'll get infected, you know", & "no one likes your scars, they're gross", & best of all, "You're probably just looking for attention"

  • a valid critique of mamamoo's new mv: supports rape culture with the scene where solar basically gets assaulted in an elevator
  • a dumb critique of mamamoo's new mv: omg!!!! they all kissed a guy!!!! where's moonsun???? i for some reason expected different from a company who only gives their girl group songs about liking men!!!!

when dan and phil go out on dates they are probably so gross with each other. they would sit in the back where no one could see them. and they would be that couple that sits on the same side of the booth. they would hold hands the whole night. they would be feed each other and “accidentally” get it on each other’s noses. then they would giggle obnoxiously loud the whole entire night.

Did some Googling while editing part two of my winter hiatus fic because it all seemed a bit strong and Yuri!!! on Ice melted my brain and no way Dean’s actually so gay for Cas and 


anyway kpop youtuber josh binder is trash
and anyone who supports him can unfollow me.

- back when he was on the reaction channel j.a.j he made obvious anti feminist comments

- he called poc “colored people” like really?? are we in the 50s or something?

- he dismissed the severity of bambam saying the n word. saying who cares?

- he said people who protest trump are “sore losers” and compared them to the exo-l who protested bts winning the daesang award

- and when he was making the trump comments his friend Akbar (a brown man btw) just looked uncomfortable the whole time and Josh just laughed it off

im feeling so romantically frustrated aaa