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~Follow Forever/Appreciation Post~

Yooo I was bad and didn’t actually do anything at 500, so here I am at 550 instead!

I figured it’s time to show some positivity/shout outs for my great mutuals, and everyone I interact with! Before I start the (very) long list, I’d just like to say thanks to everyone who follows this blog and puts up with my constant inactivity, lots of OOC, tons of incoherencies, and then of course the RPing on this blog!

I’ve truly enjoyed running this blog, even despite my anxiety and constant mood jumps that have come with it. I’ve truly enjoyed meeting people through this, even if I no longer talk with them or they have left tumblr. I love being able to talk with those that I’ve met and interacted with though, and you’ve all no doubt had huge impacts on me that I will forever be grateful for! I honestly have no clue where I’d be without you all. While I still am struggling a bit with a few things, everyone that I talk with is helpful and supportive which honestly is so kind??? This blog and those I’ve met through it have helped me through when I’ve been feeling down and feeling awful, and I can’t say how thankful I am for it.

Also, I highly recommend following all those that I list, as they’re all quality RPers and people that I enjoy talking and interacting with! 

@inverted-iris/ @dxgital-dolls - OMG SCARFY U ARE SUPER NICE IDK WHERE I’D BE WITHOUT UR KIND WORDS AND ENCOURAGEMENT YOU HAVE MY ETERNAL GRATITUDE. But also, your writing is amazing and I love seeing you on my dash, and RPing with you even if it’s only small interactions at times! Seriously tho I appreciate u a ton and am very thankful to be able to talk with you and have fun and RP and all that like I do now. And I’m so sorry for accidentally spoiling the mystery for you next round you can be certain I’m keeping my mouth shut.
@motherfuckingredsaber/ @tateboshi/ @chibitsuniism - Melluuuuuu you are incredibly sweet and kind and I love talking with you. You make great promos and graphics and all other sort of art things, that are really very amazing. And ur writing omg. You write an amazing Nero that made me actually like Nero? I used to not like Nero at all but ur writing convinced me otherwise. Also I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the insanity that was the umupocalypse.
@accidentalphenom/ @fogboundgentleman - Aaaaaaaaaaaa I enjoy talking with you so much! It’s fun to talk about the El-Melloi classroom even though I hardly know anything about it still because I’m lazy and won’t read things. BUT. I love ur writing of Flat and Jack, and honestly I’ve fallen in love with them both because of your amazing portrayals and it got me to finally start SF and the Case Files. And I’m sorry for killing Waver in the mystery and subsequently murdering Flat’s happiness I didn’t mean to hurt him he’s too good and pure for this pain.
@motherfuckingqueenoflances - AAAAA we need to RP still. We really need to. Take charge, and begin to train Lily. I want this to happen, we need to interact. But also, it’s lots of fun to talk with you EVEN THOUGH YOUR ADVICE SUCKS AND I WONT LISTEN TO IT. But lol, seriously, it’s really nice to talk with you and joke around and scream lots.
@grand-order-girl - Eyyy I’ve loved our interactions so far! You’re incredibly nice and fun to talk to, and I appreciate that you stick around to listen to my constant screaming! But seriously I love Cana and I apologize for my Phantom I’m always up for more interactions if you are! All in all, a very good muse who reflects an amazing and kind mod!
@master-chaldeas/ @duguescllinn - Bully Lily anytime my friend. Our interactions always have me laughing though, I have to admit. It’s lots of fun FOR THERE TO BE MUSES WHO ARE MEAN TO LILY NO ONE EVER IS ITS FUN! But honestly you’re a good addition to my dash, because if I see a new post from you I know that I’m probably going to be laughing. Lots of fun to just chat with you as well!
@brotheroftheyear - I know I’m really bad at responding to things in time I’m so sorry orz. But you’re lots of fun to talk with, and you have a really nice portrayal on an often looked-over muse! I’ve had fun writing responses and RPing with you, and it’s nice to talk with you as well!
@sheer-steel - A quality meme. Lots of fun to talk with, and talk about Holy Grail Wars and all that with! But lol I don’t think we’ve even interacted yet, or not much if we have. I’m always open to interaction or RPing!!! Also ur an IB senpai. Help me I need to get high test scores plz.
@voyager-of-chaos/ @bloody-clarent/@motherfreakingtwinkaleidosticks/@rxgncll/@prismatic-homunculus - Eyyy Kao u have so many blogs props to u for being able to manage them I can’t even keep three in order. But lol I’m slowly getting into things from you, like pokemon once again and fire emblem, so with any luck i’ll be able to talk with you more on that kind of stuff once i know more! But also, it’s fun to talk with you, even with my limited knowledge at times! It’s fun to talk with you and see ur cosplay stuff, because it’s so nice to see others having fun with cosplay and be able to talk about it too!
@motherfuckingpinnacleplaywright/ @motherfuckingheavenshole - Hey Shakes! You’re fun to talk to, and our interactions have always been lots of fun!
@motherfuckingmagicalgil/@motherfuckingberkser-rider/@motherfuckingtrojanhero - Aaaa we haven’t talked too much I don’t think but I love our interactions! Ur Gil is super sweet and honestly I love seeing him on my dash, and ur Martha and Hector are amazing! ALSO, you’re incredibly nice and lots of fun to chat with!
@regalius - aaaaaaa ur Gil is so amazing??? Just???? IDK how to express my amazement and wonder at ur writing and portrayal they’re fantastic! I enjoy interacting with you a ton! And I know I haven’t talked with you too much but you’ve always been super sweet and kind when I have!!!
@motherfuckinghoundofchulann/ @thirdratemaster - Eyyy I’m sorry I know I’m bad at keeping conversation most of the time, but it’s fun to talk with you! Also, I apologize for Lily’s actions in this HGW she just wants to be useful xD. But honestly, it’s fun to interact with you!
@knightofbeaumains/ @throneofheroes/ @chimericlunarmagi - OMG UR PORTRAYALS. UR AMAZING OCS. UR AMAZING ART. I AM IN AWE. I always have fun chatting with you and with our interactions though!!!
@eusebas/ @afleurial - OMG I’ve had so much fun talking with you even though it’s only been a little while???? Like plotting with you has been so much fun AND I ALMOST CRIED WHEN I SAW YOU WERE MAKING A MERLIN BLOG NO JOKE!
@rialoir/ @zordestiya/ @ghaisgich/ Im so sorry I can’t remember all of ur blogs right now orz - BUT ANYWAYS IF ANYONE WANTS TO INTERACT WITH SOMEONE WHO RPS AMAZING OCS AND CANON CHARACTERS AND IS AN AMAZING WRITER IN GENERAL AND SUPER SWEET THEN FOLLOW CENT’S BLOGS YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!!!! I love the interactions we’ve had! And! Lily! And! Ailill! Development! Has! Killed! Me! 

I cannot keep writing paragraphs but here’s more people that I would recommend following/appreciate: @themooncell, @avengerangramainyu, @moedredpendragon, @ofstorytellers, @motherfuckingshadowoftheheir/ @neverendinghorizon, @motherfuckingsonofsurya, @motherfuckingprincessofcolchis/ @motherfuckingsaintofdestruction/ @encasedlnamber. @nordiixa, @pxnchfire, @noircisaint, @innxcentius, @gravekeepergray, @shieldofsteel, @poisonqueenofbabylon, @axphodel/@fyhaul, @motherfucking-genna/ @airgxtlam/ @motherfuckinglionheartedking, @mini-cu-chan, @crystalpendium, @faker-king-knight-sage and I have no doubt I’m missing some but @ THE CHAT PEOPLE THAT DONT HAVE RP BLOGS U KNOW WHO U ARE, @ those who have quit RPing on tumblr that I’ve talked with and interacted with in the past, @ everyone else that I talk with and enjoy RPing with, all those I somehow forgot, @ those that I follow that I have yet the courage to send in asks/memes/whatever to, and @ all of my other followers that I have yet to interact with!

About Cosplay

Real quick, before I go completely MIA, I want to share something you probably would’ve have known if you haven’t seen my DA, that being my first full cosplay, of Sans. I had forgotten to post about it when I started uploading my Undertale art, so I guess now’s as good a time as any. So, if you have the time, I want to tell you about and show you the process.

First off, I live near the Phoenix area in Arizona, so I’ve been to Saboten Con (when it was still around) and twice to Phoenix ComiCon. First time was probably two or three years ago. Back then it wasn’t nearly as expanded as it is now. Last time I went, I was barely in costume, if at all, but I had wanted to create a full cosplay. At first I wanted to be a Pokemon trainer, but it fell by the wayside. After some time, I took on the endeavor of creating a Sans cosplay. 

I started this cosplay in December of last year. This was the first iteration of the foam mask, back when I hadn’t quite gotten the hang of my drawing style for Sans. Looking back, it’s pretty fugly to me, but ya know, it was very early in, before I had gotten a grasp on what I was doing.

I had actually struggled to make the base underneath the face. It took looking up a fursuit tutorial on YouTube for me to realize, “Oh! That’s how you do it!” The black cloth in the sockets here was temporary while I worked on them. The teeth also got majorly redone later on. 

And here’s my cat Milo chillin’ out on the scraps. Just thought I’d throw that in too.

Here, I had realized that he needed a bit of a subtle brow ridge that most skeletons have. Plus, while the temporary cloth was out, seeing it placed perfectly over my tablet’s blue light, I had to take a picture. 

I was also figuring out the temples and realized they were a bit anatomically incorrect. The mouth was going through a redesign as well. Meaning I had to cut out the teeth that were already there and start over.

Then, the new semester started and I was feeling pretty demotivated to work on it. I did work a bit on it here and there, but it mostly sat in one corner of my desk, unfinished. After the passing of my grandma, I almost couldn’t bring myself to work on it. It sat unfinished even longer. But once the semester started coming to a close and I heard Phoenix ComiCon was coming up, I had the urge to pick it up again. After a metric ton of cutting, trimming, gluing, and trimming again, this was the result:

At this point, I was getting more and more excited about actually seeing it finished. I constantly reminded myself of how proud my grandma would be of me, since I was able to show her the earlier stages before her passing. I’m still sad I’ll never get to show her the completed piece, but I hammer it into myself that she would be immensely happy for me. Anyway, the jacket shown here, turned out to be a darker shade of blue than what I was going for. When I searched up Sans’s in-game sprite, it turned out I needed a lighter shade of blue, so I ordered one off of Amazon after seeing a blog page linking to ideal pieces for a Sans cosplay. I kept the original jacket, since it does get cold in Arizona during the brief winter season.

After this stage, I did a bunch of running around, much to my parents’ expense since I can’t drive, finding a bunch of other materials, such as polyester padding, a white medium shirt to put over the padding, black and white fabric for the pants, tights and polyester cloth for the leggings, black opera-length gloves, white and black fabric paint, polyester clay, grey fleece for the jacket hoodie, a pair of fresh socks that stretch above the ankles, a pair of perfectly pink fuzzy slippers from Sears, wood filler, sandpaper, LED lights, batteries for said lights… Whoo! Okay, yeah. Bottom line, I got a crap ton of stuff.

For the padding, I sewed a pair of old shirts together, one inside the other, and stuffed the padding in between, around my whole middle, and in the shoulders, to give Sans his shallow, stout look. That all took me under a few hours to figure out and put together. After that, I believe, I made the shorts using a pair of existing shorts as a template. They were a bit saggy in the crotch area, but they worked nicely, especially when fitting them over the padding. I also did the hand bones, using the gloves, fabric paint, and polymer clay bones, which I hot glued onto the top of the gloves. Wearing them was also a bit weird. I couldn’t close my fist all the way, but they worked all right.

Not pictured here was the fabric paint on the palm side. Unfortunately, I had to constantly reinforce the glue to keep the bones from popping off. Polymer, as I realized too late, doesn’t like sticking to glue very much, especially with hands that need to be used. Very unfortunately, my fears came true and two of the finger bones popped off during a panel I went to. Lesson learned. This is one baby I have to kill. I’ll go back and completely redo the hands in a different way. They may not be entirely anatomically accurate, but they’ll function. At least the old ones, which I’ve thrown into the garbage, looked cool. They had a nice dimension and were fun to look at.

So, after that, I covered the mask in paper mache (which I forgot to take a picture of. Sorry.) and started laying on the wood filler for the mask.

The wood filler was pretty nice to work with, as it allowed for additional sculpting I couldn’t do with the foam. At this point, Con was coming up fast and I was running out of time. I needed to start sanding. Much to my frustration, it was taking forever. I had left many spots unsanded where the filler didn’t quite stick. It was especially noticeable when I started laying on the gesso. Mom was trying to help me realize that the cosplay may not be complete in time and that I should take more time to work on it and just not go in costume. I hated admitting even to myself that she had a point. I refused to believe I couldn’t do it. I wanted to feel like I had accomplished something by finishing this sucker in time for Con. I was already frustrated at the shoddy work and I stormed into my room (I had been working for hours on end in hot weather just outside the house, doing nothing but sanding and laying on gesso). 

I had the biggest fit of my life. Tears streamed down my face. I cried and moaned and even screamed. I pounded my bed like an enraged monkey. All these revelations were going through my head during my fit. Then I thought, why not fill the patchy spots with more wood filler, even over the gesso? I had clearly skimped on it anyway. Once my fit was over, I went right back to work with my idea. It worked. After all the patches were filled, I went back to sanding. I filled where I needed to and sanded again until it was all smooth. I accepted that I wouldn’t get it done before Con started and that I’d miss the Undertale meetup, which, yeah, I did miss it.

I spent the next day at Con, taking pictures, marveling at the more impressive costumes and squeed anytime I saw a fellow Undertale cosplayer. I even came across two young ladies dressed as gender-bent Sans and Papyrus. The Papyrus cosplayer was awesome enough to do the voice when I asked if I could take their picture. That, by the way, is something I appreciate with cosplayers, when they not only dress up as a fun character but play the role as well. It really enriches the experience for me.

Later I went to the exhibition hall and stood in line to see renonwed comic artist George Perez. Needless to say, standing in line wasn’t very fun, but I had brought a few prints of my work with me and was determined to have him evaluate it. Seeing him draw and interacting with the fans was definitely a treat. He had such an energy about him that was very infectious. He had a clear love for his work and his fans that he is capable of staying at his booth for hours on end and very rarely take a break. Eventually, I and my sister, who was also there to get her portfolio evaluated, approached him. Sadly, because of how many people were in line to see him, he couldn’t evaluate our portfolios, but he was very nice about it and directed us to another great comic artist named Tony Parker, who I hadn’t heard of until then. He gave me some very good pointers about pushing a character’s pose and about visual flow when it came to comics. Some of what he had to say I had already sort of known, but it was more than valuable hearing his professional opinion. By that time, my feet were screaming at me and we went home.

Over the next couple days, I went back to finishing my cosplay. I worked on the leggings by cutting out some leg bone shapes out of polyester fabric and hand sewed them straight onto the tights as I wore them. Yes, I did poke myself a number of times. I also had to bend over pretty far to reach around my shins and down to my ankles. On top of that, I had gotten back to sanding the mask and spent the rest of the day laying on several coats of gesso. While waiting for the gesso to dry, I went out and bought the slippers I needed. Once the leggings were done, I finished the gesso and painted the inside of the eyesockets black to minimize light reflection. I then painted the little wrinkles under the eyes and the teeth details. After that, I hot glued the once temporary black fabric into the inner edges of the eyesockets and the nose hole. The LEDs I left for absolute last. These were crucial to the entire look. I mean, obviously. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time or the technical know-how for a complex wiring hook-up, so I stuck the LEDs onto two button batteries with black electric tape and then placed them behind the eyesocket fabric using more tape. I also taped tissue paper around the lights to cut down the ultra brightness. And because I have no switch to turn the lights off, the LEDs had to stay lit up. But they functioned and they actually looked pretty frightening, especially in the dark.

Once I’m able to, I’ll go out and get the parts I need to create a proper and better hook-up. I stayed up until after 2am just to see the eyes finished and I still was able to get up early the next day.

And this is what came from it all:

That’s me on the far left along with a bunch of lovely Charas and Frisks. This was the only picture I was able to get of my full costume that day, so I apologize for the cut at the bottom. I assure you I am wearing the slippers here, and they are comfy as hell. The mouth made it a bit hard for people to hear me and some cracks did appear around the edges, but the mask held up very nicely overall. I could not tell you how many people stopped me for a picture. Seeing their faces light up when they saw me made it all worth it. I want to do this again sometime soon, once I’ve made some improvements, and hopefully make it to the next meetup at whatever con may be coming up next in the future. What a journey this was. What an amazing experience! 10/10 Would cosplay again.

Creating A Pantheon

I’ve begun fleshing out the setting for my secondary Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It’s a less serious game and is a pretty traditional fantasy setting a la Lord of the Rings and vanilla D&D. Today I worked on creating gods. I wanted to share how I’ve started doing my deities, as I’ve found it can provide some fun or interesting combinations.

I’m playing 5e, so I’ve pulled out the eight different divine domains that are in the books (the seven from the Players Handbook plus the Death domain present on other pantheons listed in the Dungeon Master’s Guide). This is a simpler list than one would find in 3.5, but the idea will work across editions –and even game systems).

Once you have a list of the different domains that your gods will represent, number them and then pull out two dice of that number (luckily I have only eight domains, if you have a strange number of them you may need to use an online dice roller that lets you input custom sides).

Here’s my list of numbered domains:

     1. Knowledge

     2. Nature

     3. Life

     4. Tempest

     5. Light

     6. Death

     7. Trickery

     8. War

Now I simply rolled my two dice and picked what domains those were, and then made a god that represented them. My first roll was easy, Life and Knowledge. I decided to make this a god I had already made up for a dwarven NPC, it was Mordheim the dwarven god of the forge, creator of dwarves and similar folk. This one wasn’t too exciting or unique, but it fits my more traditional setting.

Next I got Death and Light. Interesting…I’d not thought of this combination as working well, but it inspired an idea. We’ve all heard of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’, yeah? Maybe this god is what inspires that phrase. I came up with the idea that this worlds reaper would be a silent woman in a white robe, who carries a lantern on a stick. It’s kind of creepy and unsettling, and is a bit more flavorful than your normal reaper. I’m imagining there’s probably a candle theme going to occur with her.

I won’t go through the entire list, but here’s a couple more of note. One god I got was War and Nature. I decided this could be more of a viking god, in tune with the primal energy of earth, but barbaric and aggressive. And another I rolled the same number twice. At first I was inclined to reroll one of the die, but realized that perhaps having a deity with a single domain would mean that that singular thing would be an intensified theme for that god. For this I rolled light twice, so I decided to make it a sun god who is probably going to be a dragon that created the sun in this setting.

Not all ideas are super unique, but this randomized way of creating your pantheon can lead to some interesting combinations and let’s you think of clever was to try and incorporate two (or more) domains together into a god, and what that god means to your setting.

I will probably post my pantheon later, and I’ll be back with more DMing thoughts! Please let me know what you think!

modern nina zenik

my contribution for @lgbtlitnetwork‘s first event (favorite canon lgbt+ character) is a bunch of headcanons for my favorite bisexual goddess!

  • Nina Zenik is super into theatre, except she can’t sing, so she starts auditioning for Shakespeare.
  • Normally she’s typecast in comedic roles and she does them really well! And then her senior year in high school, she plays Juliet and blows everyone away
  • She also dabbles in ballet and hip hop, but she doesn’t have the time or energy to really get involved in dance
  • Nina has a job as a barista, flirts with every single cute girl or guy, in part to get tips, in part to get a date. Sometimes she writes her phone number on their cup, with a few hearts to drive the point across.
  • If no one’s around to catch her, she’ll make herself a drink (caramel frappuccino, two pumps chocolate)
  • Definitely makes Inej taste-test new drinks.
  • Inej: It tastes like sugar. They all taste like sugar. Why are you making me try these
  • ((Nina makes up for it by sneaking Inej free teas))
  • Most aesthetic instagram. Has hundred of followers, some from a few school districts over.
  • She gets super into urban exploration and drags Inej and Matthias everywhere with her
  • Matthias: This building says “do not enter.” What we are doing is illegal. Nina what are we doing
  • Nina: It’s only illegal if you get caught. We are getting some cool shots for my insta
  • She’s one of those people whose social media makes them seem really intimidating, but then she comments “!!!!!!!!!!” on dog pictures.
  • Has a finsta where she posts bee movie memes and triple chin selfies. It’s got twice as many followers as her regular instagram and she can’t tell whether she hates it or love
  • She gets super into crime/hospital drama shows.
  • All the blood and gore doesn’t bother her, but she’ll call Inej and spend thirty minutes complaining about inaccuracies.
  • Nina: That’s not how being a police officer works!!!
  • Inej: Nina i love you but it is three in the morning
  • Every time a new Disney movie comes out, she and Inej go out. She cries every time.
  • She’s also a sucker for stereotypical chick flicks. Can probably recite every line of Mean Girls
  • Looks Kaz in the eye one day and tells him “you can’t sit with us!” He stares at her for a solid minute before slowly sitting down, both confused and unimpressed (She makes him watch Mean Girls the next day because how has he not seen it yet?)
  • Hates math and english, but she’s super good at languages and loves poly sci; she wants to go into foreign policy when she’s older
  • Nina can speak russian fluently, and is taking mandarin and spanish
  • When older people meet her, they’re really shook, because here’s this goofy teenager who takes duck lips selfies, but she can converse with them about the Russian-American relationship like she’s one of them
  • Nina, although she recognizes her country’s flaws, is extremely patriotic. She smuggles in illegal fireworks for the 4th of July and has a legendary barbeque.
  • Incredibly interested in fairytales as a kid. When she was six, she tried to write her own fanfiction stories; they were silly and self-indulgent, and by middle school, she’s mortified by them and sticks ‘em under her bed.
  • Like, 10 years later, she and Inej read them aloud and laugh so hard they cry.

hi all!! i am dead yes but im looking into reviving my blog for all of those who follow i’m sorry i’ve left this dead… twitter took over lmao. anyways!!! i am looking to follow some new blogs, ill probably be going through my following list this weekend and weed out inactive ones but HEADS UP INEED NEW BLOGS TO FOLLOW, particularly:

  • girl group blogs (pristin, wjsn, dia, red velvet, gfriend, elris, clc, twice)
  • wanna one (esp if u post a lot of kang daniel)
  • monsta x
  • bts
  • more got7 pls

and anything aesthetic theme blog (pastel)! so like this if you’re one of those and i’ll check out your blog!

To all the terfs:

If I see one more post about how trans women aren’t women I’m going to fuck you up.

Have you ever considered that trans women are more of a woman than you could ever be? 

They risk more-than-unlikely abuse to feel like the women they are. Have you ever had to do that? No, you probably never thought twice about your genitals. But god forbid someone wanting to change their body.  God-fucking-forbid someone wanting to be themselves. Jesus-Christ-wearing-crocs-forbid someone making themselves happy.

If you’re trans and you’re reading this, keeping being the beautiful you! And if you’re closeted, remember there is no shame in wanting to be yourself. Insist on people using the right pronouns and calling you the right name. That’s who you are and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

(This all applies to trans men too. I just see too many trans-women-are-not-women posts.) 

anonymous asked:

what are some of your favorite L headcanons?

+Loves to pick stuff up with his toes, the gross bastard. He has incredible monkey-like dexterity and is constantly leaning over to pinch Light with said toes hard enough to bruise.

+The longer he’s awake, the more paranoid he is. He’s constantly jumping at shadows (and about halfway through day three of his no-sleep-lyfe, the mysterious moving figures the shadows metamorphose into), and he’s always shushing Light because he “could have sworn he heard something” to which Light replies “oh, the sound of your insanely heavy breathing? Yeah I heard that too.”

+Speaking of staying up for days on end, I’ve never seen L as somebody to get hooked on substances despite his addictive personality but I could definitely see him abusing caffiene (sp). You do NOT want to fuck with him before he has had at least 2 pots of coffee. And Light Yagami continually disrespects him by ordering his own decaf blend for late night investigations. Every time he brings that SINFUL garbage into HQ his likelihood of being Kira increases by 500%.

+He does care for his successors but after the B incident, is honestly terrified of those little fuckers and would be happiest never having to think of them again. He never chose between Mello and Near because of his fear (perhaps subconscious?) of producing another obsessive catatostrophy hell bent on ruining his existence lmao.

+Wammy Orphan Family AU: the “what actually happened edition”- snot-nosed baby looks at him once from across the room and eleven year old L immediately covers his mouth in abject horror and germaphobia and swears off ever touching another human being. There were no hugs. The end.

+Seriously though I hate Happy Family Times… Be real guys… L would never snuggo with his insane sociopath replica children. He probably punted one of them across the room at LEAST twice.

+Quality post-Kira idea: over a discreet earpiece, L is feeding Mello info while he’s out on the field in the midst of a sting op (because Mello likes to see things go boom rather than just hearing about it secondhand); through the rain of gunfire Mello can make out what sounds like chips crunching and Matt comes in on the frequency, smacking Doritos, and very loudly licking his fingers afterward like ‘yooooo Mels, sounds like you’re killing it out there man, lmk if you need any tips on headshotting lol g2g 4:20 bruh lmao over and out ten four good buddy’ and leaves only to be heard coughing loudly in the background of L’s mic; upon being deafened by the initial explosion of hundreds of pounds of questionably-obtained TNT and Mello firing celebratory shots into the air while screaming 'terrorists can suck my dick, bitch!’ L sighs and wonders why?? Why. Also Near decided to go be weird and pretentious somewhere else. And they all lived happily ever after.

Shizaya Fanfic Recommendation (5)

Theme: One-sided Attraction/Denial of Feelings/Mutual Pining (Part 1)

Title: A Cigarette’s Lifespan
Author: guuzenkamo

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: None
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Izaya’s plans go a little awry when he attempts to frame Shizuo for murder.


Title: A Good Deed
Author: Markovia

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shinra x Celty, Izaya & Namie
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: He didn’t want the monster to help him, not the first time, or now. He wanted him dead.


Title: Christmas story
Author: Orihara Izaya-sama

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: Shizuo spends Christmas Eve alone. Small green creature appears and takes him on unbelievable trip. What will Shizuo see in the past? How will this year’s Christmas turn out for him? And how’s Izaya involved in this?


Title: Chronic
Author: thirteen-forty-two

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Izaya x Namie. Minor Shinra x Izaya, Shiki x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: Izaya suffers with chronic migraines, and quickly discovers that Shizuo is the only one who can help.


Title: Eloquence Doesn’t Always Equal Intelligence.
Author: itsnotlove

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Kasuka x Ruri, Shinra x Celty
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Ongoing

Summary: “Humans, as a general rule, have always believed themselves to be superior to not only every other creature in existence, but to each other. Because of this belief, humans have a tendency to lie to themselves and exaggerate even the silliest of things.”


Title: Gods Are Fragile
Author: Ribbonlette

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence, Rape/Non-Con
Status: Completed

Summary: It pisses Shizuo off, even more than Izaya as a whole. The fact that he won’t even recognize that his running is getting slower, his gait faltering. As much as Izaya tries to hide it, to ignore it, it’s clear that he’s breaking down.
And when he finally does break down, Shizuo is there to witness it.


Title: Just Medicine
Author: tastewithouttalent

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: E(xplicit)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: “‘If you want to be the one to kill Izaya, you’ll need to head to Shinjuku soon before you miss the opportunity.’” Shinra brings unbelievable news about Izaya to Shizuo, and Shizuo finds reality to be even stranger than he expects when he investigates.


Title: one over two n
Author: izayas

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: what do you do if you don’t complete the person who completes you?


Title: Praying For Stars
Author: Cherry Ami

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Masaomi x Mikado, Shinra x Celty
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: AU: The clocks engraved on wrists show you the time until you will finally meet your soul-mate. For Shizuo Heiwajima, the exact time is really close. The outcome is not what he expected.’


Title: Something Precious
Author: kakashikrazy256

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: Violence
Status: Completed

Summary: “Shizuo-kun said you pushed him out of the way.” He did. But he didn’t know why. Lately, Ikebukuro has been terrorized by a prankster that drops deadly acid down onto the streets from rooftops. And one day, the victims happen to be Ikebukuro’s two strongest men.


Title: The 4th of May
Author: ZS Fan

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shizuo x Vorona (endgame)
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: Hatred is stronger than love. That was what Orihara Izaya had always thought, until Heiwajima Shizuo’s wedding day. The protozoan proved him wrong again, for the last time.


Title: The More You Love Someone
Author: Dbln

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Shinra x Celty
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: Shinra sheds a little light on Shizuo’s feelings concerning a certain raven haired information broker.


Title: Turning Point
Author: rukazaya

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya, Izaya & Tsukumoya
Rating: G(eneral)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: A split decision Orihara Izaya had to make to save Shizuo. For a price.


Title: What’s The Big Deal?
Author: Weirdxyz

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: T(eenage)
Warning: None
Status: Ongoing

Summary: Ikebukuro seems to be in chaos. But there is no gang war or aliens attack (much to Celty’s relief). Then ‘why’, you ask? Well, apparently it looks like a certain Information Broker appears to be gay. And now everybody loses their mind. Along with a certain Blond in Bartender’s Outfit. What can possibly ensue from it?


Title: We’re Not Meant for That
Author: moyzi

Pairing(s): Shizuo x Izaya
Rating: M(ature)
Warning: None
Status: Completed

Summary: “Life went on like this for a long time, the realization that he was already twenty-five rolling around like a slap to his face, bringing a wave of panic that he was going no where, or maybe just no where worth going.”
Shizuo gets more than he bargained for after drunk-dialing an ex.


Breaking...Epilogue PART 1!

Masterlist (If you haven’t seen any of the Repairing shorts, go here please!)

A/N: This isn’t even 1/3 of what the full epilogue is going to end up being. But I am so frustrated about not having posted in like 2 weeks so take this fro suspense I guess??? @marquiis-de-la-baguette you wanted suspense?!

Warnings: Idk maybe language probably???

Wordcount: 2248

Tags!!!:  @midnightokieriete (I know you’re studying ;-;) @renae-writes @deltablue202 @literally-melonkitty @meunicorn @favouritefighting-frenchman @demi-godamit @gum-and-chips @sweaterkitty-fluff @pinkyiger7 @littlemissshortcakes @msageofenlightenment @unprofessional-inhumanbeing @fandom-panda-221@hummusandchips @spoopy-piineapple @ashwolfcub @myself-and-the-madman @sweet-fate @superwholockbooknerd526 @frozengal2013 @itsmikayblr @sarmar29 @arya-durin-77 @phantastic-fandoms @hoshihime98 @shinigamired @martapetrovic @robotic-space @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit2 (lol) @asprinkleofmermaids @pinkyiger7 (I’m tagging you twice my friend!) @satellitesuga @rose-coloured-nihilism @okie-dokie-artichokeme @alyssumax @pandartist @marquiis-de-la-baguette @abi-sans05

What was once Broken


You feel tired.


Your body is sore.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Your mind is weak.

Beep, beep, beep, beep.

You can breathe.

 Your eyes flutter open, there’s a bright light and your eyes can’t focus on it. Philip…where is…where’s Philip? Your eyes were starting to adjust but things were still a bit hazy. You looked to your right and saw a silhouette, warm skin, dark and wavy hair. Angie…? The figure came closer to you and you were met with an emerald green. Wait…Rachel? You blinked away the metaphorical film over your eyes. There she was.

“Oh my God… Oh my God! You’re alive! Oh God…!” She was crying, tears staining a face you had almost forgotten.

“A-Anna…? Where…What’s going on?” You wheezed. She looked tired, like she had stayed up for days.

“We were jumped; don’t you remember?” Yeah, I do remember. I also faintly recall a bullet passing through my skull.  “Some asshole tried to mug us, he pulled out a gun and everything! You saved my fucking life! You gave me a chance to run and call the cops. I heard a gunshot and I thought…I thought you were dead. But when the ambulance came, you were still alive! Apparently the bullet got lodged in the chamber and exploded, you only got some of the fragments. The real problem was that after the shot didn’t work, he used the handle to hit over the head. You’ve been pretty much unconscious for eight days… But you’re awake! You are never allowed to almost die on me again, you hear me?”

“Eight days…?”

“Yeah, we were all starting to think that…that you wouldn’t make it… But on that second night, you woke up for a little bit! It meant you had a chance! I missed you so much, nerd bucket!” she cried, you felt your eyes burn a bit from tears pricking at the edges.

“I missed you too, smarty pants!”

 You had to spend a few extra days in the hospital for observation and that gave you a chance to get caught up. All of your friends and family sent their regards and you were glad to hear from them after so long, but that was the thing. Time was odd for you. The memory of waking up under the lamp post felt like it was four years ago, but the shot happening in the street and the shot from Eacker felt like they just happened. It was like both worlds existed simultaneously for you, and you simply moved yourself between them. You felt like you were forgetting something, there was a gap of time missing from between your second death and you waking up in the hospital. It was blank slate that troubled you. However, something else was bugging you even more. Philip. It was gnawing at you, you didn’t have answers, you hated not having answers. Was it really all just a dream? No, it couldn’t have been! He…he was real… You’d see the sun rise every morning and smile, forgetting that he wasn’t going to say hello to you before breakfast. When the sun would set you’d cry, because you knew that he wouldn’t read you a poem he wrote earlier that day. You were unbelievably depressed, even more than you had been in the past. You lost someone, you sacrificed yourself for them and for what? This loneliness, this feeling of something being missing?

The days felt longer and all you had to do all day was think about him. You wanted answers but had no way of getting them yet. You were lucky to have Anna around, honestly she was the only reason why you’d smile for a while there. You were the one to die, but it felt as if he had. You didn’t have any way of knowing if the world had just reset itself, and truthfully that scared you more. What if none of it happened? None of it mattered? But some things were different, something had to have changed. Your hands, they weren’t calloused from the years of work and writing with a stupid feather. There were no scars on your palms from breaking that fragile teacup. They were exactly how you remembered them to be. You looked into the mirror, Anna warned you not to freak out. All across your right temple and some of that side of your forehead were tiny red indents. According to the doctors, the broken shrapnel hit you and would definitely leave scarring. Every night you looked at the dots and remembered what Philip said to you on that night. ‘Now we match! I have spots on my face and you have some on yours!’ ‘Baby’s breath, it looks like the stars. Well, and you remind me of the stars.’ It felt almost taunting to you.

“I guess now we really do match sunshine…” You heard a knock at your door.

“Come in!” You called out, you heard her voice.

“Hey, sister! I come baring something you’re going to love!” You flinched a bit when you heard Anna call you ‘sister’, you weren’t sure why, that was one of her nicknames for you. It just had an odd sense of familiarity.

“What’s up?” You tried to sound as much like your old self as possible. You felt like you were four years older than your body.

“I got you a lil present!” She skipped over to you and handed you an envelope. “Open it! The anticipation is killing me!” She whined. You chuckled softly and carefully tore it open. Reaching your hand in, you pulled out two small pieces of paper. No…fucking…way! “Hamilton tickets! Richard Rogers Theater, on Broadway!  How much do you love me?” She raised an eyebrow. You were completely astonished.

“How did…when did… Who did you have to kill to get these?” You squealed.

“No killing involved, honey! And when it comes to getting them…let’s just say I know a guy who bought them a long time ago and doesn’t need them anymore.”

“That sounds…ominous. Your eyes are doing that scary glint thing.”

“They are not, my eyes are beautiful and the most impressive shade of hazel you will ever see!” She snapped her fingers.

“For the last time, your eyes are green, they’re only brown on the very edge and honestly it’s closer to a black color.” You two had this fight all the time, it was honestly just an inside joke between you both at this point. She rolled her eyes.

“The doctors said that you could be signed out after in a few more days! We’ll go have a girls’ day out on Wednesday and then finish it all off with the show! Doesn’t that sound awesome?” She sounded so happy and hopeful, you always appreciated her energy.

“Are you sure you can do that? I know you’ve been missing a lot of school because of me, wouldn’t that hurt your grade? How am I supposed to feel when I find out that my best friend’s political career is ruined?”

“Nerd bucket, you don’t need to worry about anything. The teachers adore me and my grades are perfect! Do not ever question my capabilities! Also, Roxanne called this morning, she can’t wait to see you, she’s making cookies for you.” She informed.

“Aw! Roxanne is such a sweetie! Seriously, how did you manage to convince that angel to date you for this long?” You joked. Roxanne was Anna’s girlfriend; they were honestly the perfect couple.

             You got to spend a few more days in the hospital, no phone or anything like that. It got boring very quickly. Luckily you had your theories, those kept your mind going. You wanted to know what happened but you were forced to wait. When you were finally cleared to leave, you had every intention of figuring out what was going on. Unfortunately, that’s not how it went down. Anna was around you the whole day, most of the time was spent at the mall trying to find something to wear. She picked out a flowy, lavender dress with small flowering on the bodice. She snagged a simple, peachy dress that looked amazing on her. You questioned whether you’d be over dressed and she told you that you can never be over dressed. It was odd, putting on a dress that didn’t involve a million years’ worth of undergarments and metal death traps. The two of you went back to the apartment and you were hit with a tsunami of nostalgia. She did your hair and makeup and once the time arrived you left.

“We should’ve left early so we could grab dinner!” You stated, she shook her head mischievously.

“We’re getting diner after the show, I’ve always got more surprises up my sleeve!” She chuckled to herself. Oh my god, and she says I’m a nerd. What a fucking dork! She linked your arms together and hailed a cab, you usually didn’t like to take them because of the traffic but it wasn’t that far since you had walked for a little bit. It wasn’t long before you were standing in front of Richard Rogers Theater and you were completely geeking out. Anna looked at her watch.

“Fuck! I was hoping to get here a bit earlier to check on something! Whatever, let’s just get inside!” She led you by the arm into the theater. Oh my fucking God!! There are the lights! There’s the stage! LOOK AT THAT SET!! You both took your seats, which were surprisingly good, and waited anxiously.

“This is literally the second coolest thing to ever happen to me!” You said giddily.

“Well, get ready sweetheart! It’s about to be number one!” The lights went down and the whole audience was submerged in darkness for a moment. I still remember the words…this is so weird. The show began, the familiar melody of the opening song filled the room. A man with dark skin appeared on the stage.

Burr: “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a

Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten

Spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor

Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”

Wow…he looks just like…Wait! More people were flooding onto the stage from different points.

Laurens: “The ten-dollar Founding Father without a father

Got a lot farther by working a lot harder

By being a lot smarter

By being a self-starter

By fourteen, they placed him in charge of a trading charter.”

Philip? This time, you did feel your thought fall from your lips. That looks…

Jefferson: “And every day while slaves were being slaughtered and carted

Away across the waves, he struggled and kept his guard up

Inside, he was longing for something to be a part of

The brother was ready to beg, steal, borrow, or barter.”


Madison: “Then a hurricane came, and devastation reigned

Our man saw his future drip, dripping down the drain

Put a pencil to his temple, connected it to his brain

And he wrote his first refrain, a testament to his pain.”

I haven’t seen you in a while…Mulligan? Madison? Shit I’m confused now. The song continued, your curiosity growing at every face that reminded you of someone else, someone you knew, someone you loved. And then you wondered more and more about that man. He looks like my sunshine… But for some reason, it didn’t feel right. You didn’t get the butterflies in your stomach when you looked at this person, it was like he had the cover of a book you adored but it ended up being a different tale entirely. You felt that the song was going to end soon.

Mulligan/Lafayette: “We fought with him.”

Philip: “Me? I lost for him.”

Angelica/Eliza/???: “Me? I loved him.”

Burr: “And me? I’m the damn fool that shot him.”

Lost? I thought that line was ‘I died for him’? Did he get it wrong? The song ended as you finished that thought. The rest of Act 1 played through and you were blown away by how incredible it was. There were so many things that reminded you of your time with them. It was bittersweet. Act 2 came in with a bang. Thomass Jeffershit! The man playing him got his looks and personality down to the T. Take a break came on and you couldn’t help but giggle at the person playing Philip. He really was my poet… When Say No to This faded in, chills ran down your spine. Nope, don’t want to think about that! Weird train of thought! WEIRD TRAIN OF THOUGHT!! Everything was going along normally until Cabinet Battle #2 ended. You were expecting to hear the words of Aaron Burr in Washington On Your Side, but another, familiar sound faded in. What is this? Doesn’t a different song break up the narrative of following along with the Washington theme?! There was some sort of hasty knocking sound, the woman playing Eliza ran in with someone draped under her arm. It was the woman who played Peggy and Maria, except her outfit was different. She had a cloth tied around her head, her dress was much flatter than the other and was white like the ensemble characters. There was a purple slip over the top of it but it had an opening on the front to show the white part. Who in the hell…?

Torn Up (Part 3)

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

As promised, here’s part 3! As usual, a few disclaimers:  

I know it sucks that I’m only updating twice a week, believe me, but thank you all for being patient and wonderful! I just want to make sure each part is as good as it can be before posting 

This one is a bit of a filler, mostly for character development, so maybe y’all can convince me to post part four a little early… But I hope there’s enough going on for it to be at least a little entertaining :)

Warnings:  the usual gratuitous swearing (I have no self control), probably some rude jokes (again, sorry), mention of a sports-related injury and surgical scars (nothing too graphic, I promise), and a little bit of baseball

Parts One through Five

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hi read this

i haven’t ever really made a post like this one before but i am going to be gone for awhile!! i’ve gotten really obsessive over tumblr lately, i’ve felt especially awful mentally (in terms of paranoia and anxiety) and it’s to the point that i’m not having fun here anymore i guess,,, anyways i have a queue running on this blog and i’m going to try and stay completely offline for about a week, maybe more!! mutuals are welcome to add me on sc or discord if you’d like (both are in my links) and ummm yep okay bye

anarchistredeemed  asked:

How would you go about getting your art noticed in the tags and such? Are there any specific tips you have for garnering notes and reblogs -or just plain getting noticed? I've been struggling with this for months :(

Before I say anything, I just want to say that worrying about note count is surefire way to make art Not Fun. Yes, validation is nice, but sometimes you can get more than enough of that from a small-scale, tight-knit group of mutuals.

1. Remember that more notes don’t necessarily mean something is “better”. Popular art can be sameface anime-titty women. Popular art can shitty memes drawn in 10 minutes. Popular art can be art that would have much fewer notes if it was for a smaller fandom.

2. There are a lot of factors that impact a post’s notes, one being time. I’ve found tumblr is most active around 2pm-6pm (pacific time). This might vary from person to person. How long a post has been up can also affect how much time it’s had to circulate.

3. Don’t be afraid to reblog a post multiple times. Time zones exist. Some people follow more people than others. Don’t worry about being annoying reblogging once or twice; probably more than 95% of your followers won’t even notice.

4. Don’t cross-tag. That’s obnoxious. (ex. tagging a ship or fandom that the post has nothing to do with)

5. Reblogs vs Likes vs Replies. Each are worth one note, but reblogs are the ones that are more likely to get you MORE notes. You can’t control which one other people will do, so you just kinda have to hope people are going to reblog your work rather than just like it.

6. Be nice. If you’re rude, people are gonna realize, and they’re gonna recognize your url and specifically not reblog from you.

There are A Lot more factors, especially ones you can’t control. Which is especially why you shouldn’t determine your art’s value in how many notes it has.


So after seeing this post (with the second screencap), I just *had* to re-start Endless Summer. How could I NOT want to see Jake confront MC about where they stand?

… I ended up restarting the book twice to get it right.

It happens as soon as MC breaks the time loop, but only if you do the following:

- Chapter 1: Choose Jake, but don’t start dating him yet. 
This one is the first crucial step. Might sound ‘duh’, but fact is, I had chosen to spend time with another LI (out of curiosity) in the first book restart. In the end, the scene didn’t happen.

- Chapter 2: Go to the lake with Jake. Spend time with him.
I’m not actually sure whether or not it’d make a difference if you chose to spend time with Estela as well, or if you chose to go through with all three options of what you can do at the lake. But I think it’s safe to say that the lake scenes do play a part.

The steps sound a lot more obvious now that I typed them. Haha, I’ll blame the lack of sleep.

EDIT: It will probably not make a difference whether or not MC sides with Jake concerning Rourke. I sided with Sean, and I still got this scene in the end. The only way I could see this be relevant is whether you’d need that last point to boost MC’s relationship with Jake to ‘Friends’.

some Winn Schott Jr. meta

I found a continuity error in Supergirl (surprise, surprise) that I’m basically just going to fit into some headcanon so it doesn’t bother me anymore. This post also features other Winn!Content with a heavy dash of Meta and Trauma, so be warned:

Okay, so. In the episode “Childish Things”, in Winn’s first confrontation with his father, he says “I watched my dad get dragged off to prison when I was eleven for murder. <<<pay close attention to the wording of that, as we’re going to revisit it twice.

Howeverrrrr, in the s2 episode “City of Lost Children” he says, in typical Winn fashion, “if somebody had given me action figures when they interrogated me about my dad, when I was ten? I would have sung like a canary.” Ten, folks, not eleven.


Is this merely a continuity error?

Well, it’s highly probable. I’ll save my rant against CW/DC writing for the sake of this post, but let’s just leave it at the fact that continuity errors in even the fairly important (and simple) details are definitely not out of the question.

It could also be, in the Supergirlverse, that the events leading up to Winslow Sr.’s incarceration did not occur in as timely a manner as we immediately assume. We’re quite accustomed to dramas showing us crimes being committed and the perpetrator getting arrested, convicted, and sentenced in the span of 40 minutes. But that’s not how it often works irl, and not the way it necessarily has to go in fiction.

Consider the Toyman. He’s a clever guy, and obviously he was smart enough to spend time planning the attack on his boss, even if it was still ill-conceived and ultimately did not work. But if he played his cards right, it’s entirely possible that the investigating law enforcement did not have enough evidence to convict him right away. Because yeah, the angry employee who got slighted is the first person the feds would seek to convict, but that doesn’t mean they had evidence to do so.

On the surface level this would in the least explain the age difference: a young Winn may very well have been interrogated by police when he was 10 and his father was not ultimately arrested until up to a year later when he was 11.

Now, if this is true, what it means potentially for the character is that there was a period of 1 month to 12 months where an angry and unhinged father who has crossed the line and snapped and actually killed a minimum of 6 people (during that first supervillainy event, although a 7th is later confirmed by Agent Chase and I’m gonna talk about that too), is still living at home, with his wife and kid.  Hence the Schott family having to live through that legal and emotional nightmare on top of the crime itself and no wonder his mom just took off.

The idea that Mr. Schott’s arrest and conviction was not immediate would also help explain the fact that the cops had to interrogate a 10 year-old-boy:

Winn doesn’t say "question” or anything that implies this was a chill “we’re here to protect you from your dad and we just need to hear it from you so we’ve crossed all our T’s” kind of conversation. He uses the word “interrogated” very deliberately, and in fact makes this reference to his childhood during a time when his coworkers are being pretty (albeit mostly unintentionally) cold in questioning a young boy, stating as a kid he might have been more inclined to be cooperative if someone had just been kind to him.

On the OTHER hand, it is slightly possible that Winn Schott is like most of us and doesn’t remember childhood events all that well when it comes to the passage of time. (I had years growing up I wasn’t even sure exactly how old I was until I counted but I’m a nincompoop so) However, being as old as he was and the events being as big and traumatic and memorable as they were, this is doubtful.


Going back to that first line (”I watched my dad get dragged off to prison”), because I only realized this when I went back to the episode to check and see if I was right about the inconsistency-

During the raid at the docks, Agent Chase tells Kara they’re not taking any chances (which they’re actually taking like a lot of chances with this terrible plan of action they have, like, wow, they are the worst agents ever, somebody fire them). Why is she so uptight about all this? Because Winslow Sr. “killed an agent the last time we apprehended him.”

Go back and read the lines again.

Read them.

Winn was there.

Winn was heckin there when his heckin dad was hecking getting arrested and being dragged off to prison immediately following an event in which he heck hecking killed an agent, if not literally in front of, in the very near vicinity of, his small son. (!!!)

I am. very calm. writing this now. I was not. calm at all. when I first realized it earlier.






Don’t you talk to me about any of the other characters’ traumas or excuse their behavior because of their childhood or family history - ever again. Appreciate Winn Schott Jr. folks. The purest sunshine child, who constantly overcomes so much, always forgives, automatically seeks the good of others first, is seldom thanked and always called upon to show up, and has so much empathy and caring he’s about as opposite from his dad as he can be. He deserves nothing but to be valued, cared for, and loved.


Beckham Boy *Cristiano Ronaldo X Brooklyn Beckham imagine* @taintedlipx


If I could count the amount of times I’ve screamed today, and get paid for it I think Pai would probably have twice as much in his account. Why did I scream you ask? Good reason actually, I was scrolling through Instagram and I saw Brooklyn’s post and he just looked so hot. 

Well I mean he always looks hot so there wasn’t a change but just seeing him made me scream. I sighed, “WHAT HAPPENED!” Pai yelled coming into the room

I turned around to look at him, “Pai really a shoe?That’s going to protect your 17 year old daughter?” I asked him

He looked down at his hand, and then sighed dropping his hand. “Why were you screaming Y/N?” He asked

I smiled up at him, “Look at this picture” I said getting up and showing him the photo

Pai looked from me to the phone before rolling his eyes, “Really? Y/N that’s why you were screaming?” He asked

I nodded, “He’s cute Pai” 

Pai shook his head, and turned around walking out of my room. I chuckled following behind him, “Pai come on you have to admit he’s cute” I said following behind him and into the kitchen

Pai shook his head, “He’s not cute, Jr. is cute. Brooklyn Beckham……I don’t think so” He said opening the fridge

I rolled my eyes, taking a seat on the counter. “Irma who is that?” Jr asked 

I smiled, “Brooklyn Beckham” I said

Jr looked over to Pai who was shaking his head once again. I sighed, “Pai if you meet him I’m pretty sure you’ll love him” I told him

Pai chuckled, “I’ve met him before Y/N”

I stared at him confused, “How?” 

“You do realize that I do play Futbol right” 

I nodded, “Really? Because I’d always thought you were a professional golfer who goes to futbol games” I said

Jr giggled, and gave me a high-five. Pai sighed, “I really don’t know where you get it from” He said turning back to the fridge.

I gave him a smile, “So what does you playing futbol have to do with meeting Brooklyn?” I asked

He sighed, “I do know his Father” 

It took me a little while before realizing, what this actually meant. Pai chuckled, and shook his head. “So what you’re saying is you’ve met your son-in law?” I said 

Pai raised an eyebrow, “Son-in-law?” 

I nodded, “Yeah, that’s your future son-in-law”

Pai laughed, “Aren’t you too young to be thinking of marriage?” He asked

I shook my head, “Never I’m 17 Pai, marriage is only a few years away” 

He nodded, we continued to talk more about Brooklyn. Well in reality it was me talking about him and Pai just doing whatever he could to not give his sole attention on it. 

~4 Weeks Later

“Y/N can you get the door” Pai shouted

I sighed, getting up from the couch. “Hello? Is it important there’s a really good game on?” I asked while opening the door

“Well if the games so important I guess I could go back to England” The person said

Drawing my attention away from the TV, I turned towards the voice and nearly had a heart attack. “D-D-”

“David, glad you could come”