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Hello friends!  I don’t know where you all came from, but I am so glad you’re here!

In the last 24 hours you have overwhelmed me with kindness and kinship, and 2000+ new friends! Seeing you all tag your loved ones and followers in reblogs, and the messages of support so many of you have sent, has been so touching and encouraging. I can’t wait to continue this little project and see where it takes us <3

I intend on answering every message you’ve sent privately, but I thought I’d take this moment to answer a few of the questions that kept popping up:

Where else does Kitten Witch post?
At the moment, only on facebookWe have an instagram and twitter, but right now they are placeholders for other parts of the Kitten Witch project, and probably won’t be active for some time.

Can I buy this as a print/Any plans for merch?
I am sorely under prepared for this! The best I can offer at the moment is that I have created a Red Bubble, where I’ll upload some of the post art as I go. I apologize I can’t provide more at the moment, but I’ll definitely look into it as Kitten Witch grows!

Do you take requests/commissions?
I am always open to suggestions! I can’t guarantee all of them will be used, but I welcome any ideas or concerns you’d like to see addressed by the Kitten Witch girls. If you’re after something non-Kitten Witch related, I’m happy to give out my art blog/personal to anyone who asks.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I can’t wait to make more artwork for you, and to see this little community of bad vibe kickin’ and healing spell brewin’ grow!

Softness and warmth,


You winced as the stack of pots and pans clattered to the floor with a metallic banging that seemed to last forever. Dean barreled around the corner, gun drawn and finger on the trigger.

“What the hell?!” He shouted, seeing you standing before him, a wooden spoon in hand and an innocent smile plastered across your face. “It’s almost two in the morning, Y/N!” He shouted, rolling his eyes. 

“Yeah, and I’m hungry.” You stuck your tongue out at him. 

“What is going on…” Sam trudged into the kitchen and ran a hand through his bed matted hair.

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first day at a new job and oh fuck my boss is the person I drunkenly hooked up with last weekend/night

The pounding headache that currently plagued you was going to be a serious problem. You took medicine to try and ease it but it hadn’t kicked in just yet.

Your best friends Pietro and Natasha took you out for drinks the night before to celebrate you landing your dream job. One drink turned into four and the night got hazy after that. You knew that it wasn’t the smartest thing to go out the night before you were to start a new job, but you were in a good mood and wanted to.

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- @sgarrett49

I have died everday
Waiting for you
Darling don’t be afraid
I have loved you
For a thousand years
I’ll love you for a thousand more

The first time you’d heard the song, you fell in love completely. It was slow, it was sappy, and it was beautiful. You decided that would be your opening number for every show you played from then on out. Sure, your “shows” were actually just open mic nights at local bars and coffee shops, but that was your stage to own when you were on it, and own it you did.

One Saturday night, you had yourself all set up in front of the microphone, one foot propped on the rung of the stool legs below you while your guitar rested on your knee. 

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Hey guys!! So like 2 weeks ago I finally hit 10k followers! I finally got around to making this since I finally had some free time. I haven’t been as active as a gif maker in the last year or two so the climb to 10k was slow but I finally got there! I hope to start doing more gifs and stuff soon again.The last follow forever I made was almost two years ago in 2015 so this is long overdue I think.

I can’t even begin to thank you all so much, all of you guys are so amazing and I can’t believe so many people have followed me on this website over the years. I have made some amazing friends and love you guys so much, even if we don’t talk, if we’re mutuals you mean the world to me and all my followers too.

I honestly don’t follow that many people just around 150 blogs and probably 50 or more of those are inactive, so I really should follow some more people… maybe one day. If you have any suggestions just shoot them my way! But I want to appreciate all of the people that I actually will follow forever until the day that I will leave this site. All my mutuals are bolded which is a lot of them oops, but if I forgot anyone please let me know! If I did forget anyone check out my blogroll for everyone else I follow since they are all great! Again thank you guys SO MUCH! I know 10k followers really isn’t a lot compared to some people but it means the world to me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Now go and follow all these amazing blogs!!

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Words: 1k (It was supposed to be a drabble)

Summary: A snapshot of your relationship with Cas. (Character based on the AU Endverse!Cas from “White Wedding.”)

Warnings: Smut (vaginal fingering, some oral sex, unprotected sex.)

A/N: It was jokingly requested by @willowing-love to write snippets of the day-to-day relationship from a previous fic. I had a lot of fun with this version of the character, so I wore it. As always, constructive feedback is always welcome and if you’d like to be on my master tag list, sent me an ask or DM.

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Felicity x Dinah x Thea (mentions of olicity) || ao3 || teen || light angst || 1476 || more fics

summary: prompt: the ladies of team arrow seek revenge against Susan Williams (thank you, @blackcanarydinah)
a/n: happy birthday bb!! i hope you enjoy (: 

p.s - the c-word gets dropped once in this fic. idk i know some people don’t like that word so i thought i would warn

Normally, Felicity wasn’t the type to get her hands dirty. She didn’t mind being on the field of course; she did it when she had to. And right now she definitely had to. It wasn’t technically a mission. Not one that Oliver had given a stamp of approval on. Well, he can’t approve something he doesn’t know about. That was beside the point. What she was doing was important. What she, Thea, and Dinah were doing was important.

“The alarm has been disabled,” she whispered, “And security cameras are offline.”

The three of them walked right into Susan Williams’ apartment building without a problem. She was able to find the exact room with just as much ease. The place was nice. A lot nicer than the average local news reporter would be able to afford.

“You sure you still wanna do this, babe?” Dinah asked.

Felicity nodded, “I need to,” she said, “Oliver would do the same for any of us.”

Dinah couldn’t argue with that. She might not have been on the team for very long, but she already fit well. The other woman got along with everyone on the team and was protective of her and Thea.

“Alright, let’s do this,” Dinah nodded to the door.

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holy shit why’s my banner blue again

Hello peeps!

I’m back with my second follow forever. A lot of things have changed since my first follow forever, both positively and negatively. I have been heavily demotivated to continue this blog, due to certain things that have happened, such as the nsfw tag issue in addition to my emotional outbreak a while ago. However… a bunch of you have encouraged me that everything will be okay, and you will all be patiently waiting for my return if I do manage to take a break to cool out and let my blog rest for a bit. 

Lol but guys, I love making gifs THAT much. There’s basically no way I’m gonna give up this blog lmao. Content creating is an important aspect that brings the fandom together, and being able to be included in this community of content creators makes me feel warm and cosy. I love seeing my dash filled up with these exquisite creations. 

I just want to thank everyone who has supported this blog, and everyone who has appreciated my content. It really does motivate me to create better gifs for all of you. 

This follow forever would be a little different, it’s gonna be similar to a blog rec and I’ll be grouping blogs together based on their respective biases/who their blog is based more on. All the blogs I’ve included here are blogs I 100% recommend everyone to follow, as they’re run by dedicated people and they produce A+ content. 

If there’s 🥑 beside your name, that means i have a little message for you under the cut ^^ 
avocados cuz woojin’s avocado shirt was so fucking cute, i was gonna actually buy it but they don’t ship internationally fml, and why does it feel like i’m writing a love letter to all of you lmao
+ the amazing WOOJINGLES™ fam, I’ve also got a message for y’all under the cut as well :P 

Yoon Jisung: @yoonjsung , @yjjisung
Ha Sungwoon: @sung-woons, @sungwoona 
Hwang Minhyun: @minhyum , @minhwangs 
🥑, @emperorhwangs  
Ong Seongwoo: @ong-seungwoo 🥑, @extraongdinary 🥑, @ongsecngwoo, @ongdan
Kang Daniel: @godkangdaniel , @danik-chu, @peachyniel, @peachgodkangdaniel, @kngniel , @kangdanielprotectionsquad 
Kim Jaehwan: @kimsjaehwan 
Park Jihoon: @jeo-jang 🥑  
Park Woojin (basically da woojingles™ fam): @woojinnies 🥑, @parkkwoojin 🥑, @perkwoojin 🥑, @woojiniee@p-arkwoojin , @darkpastwoojin , @woojinstinygf
Bae Jinyoung: @deer-jinyoung  
Lee Daehwi: @dearlydaehwi 🥑, @daehwi-protection-squad 🥑, @wannaoneioi 🥑, @daeswhis , @hitoritabi,  @idaehwi, @dae-hwee 🥑, @daewi 
Lai Guanlin: @lai-guanlin 
Im Youngmin: @im-youngmin 🥑, @cherry-youngmin 🥑, @swoojin   
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Takada Kenta: @jbjanti   
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Multi: @yooneroos, @misswannaone, @produced101, @onqs

🥑  under the cut ↓↓↓↓

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Just felt like writing one of these before bed tonight. I should probably already be asleep, but just one of those nights! So enjoy the fruits of my inability to settle down and thanks to @amanda-teaches for this gif!

“What?” Y/N looked up from her laptop screen and over to Dean.

This was the third night they’d been at this motel and due to the room size, Dean and Y/N had been sharing a bed.

Their feelings had been punched down for quite a while, but as one would expect, the closer than normal sleeping arrangement made it difficult to ignore.

“Should we like, make out?” Dean repeated his question. “Sam’s not going to be back for a little while and well, now that we’re really going to try this whole…thing.”

Y/N had to hold back her chuckle. Setting her laptop to the side, she turned and placed her hands over Dean’s. “Look, I meant what I said earlier. I really like you and despite this crazy fucking life want to see if we can make something in the relationship department work. But, I didn’t mean that we should drop everything we’re doing to make out and have sex. Last time I checked we didn’t live in a chick flick.” She winked and pecked a kiss to his lips before pulling the laptop back to her lap.

Dean looked a little disappointed, but she was right. He definitely wanted her in the worst way, but it wasn’t the best place or time.

“Plus,” Y/N added with a giggle, her eyes on the screen. “Sam is here and we’ll be lucky to even touch pinkies while we sleep without him telling us to stop.”

As if he could feel them talking about him, Sam walked in. 

Dean huffed and stalked into the bathroom, muttering about cleaning the pipes. 

Y/N snorted to herself as she picked up what he’d grumbled.

“What did I miss?” 

“Nothing, he’s being dramatic now.” Y/N brushed the subject off. “He’ll live.”

Tags below the cut:

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ayo beez and beauties, your local nerd beezy aka belle is back again!!! its been a while since i did something like this and since my blog’s first anniversary was last month and i reached my goal i thought it would be a great moment to do this. since starting this blog there were dramas and downs but also a lot of ups and i met so many great people. even if we don’t talk much or haven’t talked in ages i want to tell you i still love and care. i want to thank all of my mutuals for sticking with me, y’all are awesome even if we’ve never talked before bc im too shy or awkward.

(sorry in advance if this fucks up you notifications)

so yes, here’s my mutual appreciation post! let the post begin:

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                     1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. ya’ll know me, i hate making things serious and sappy but i really did want to get around to writing something more for my one year on this babe because she means so much to me ( and so much more now that i’ve been writing her for a year ). ontari is such a wonderful and complex character, and it’s a shame given the show she was given she was only in there for one season it’s always an honor for me that ya’ll are willing to accomidate me into your lives, rp timelines, and plots ! i’ve honestly adored spending this last year with yall. with so much that’s happened irl in this past year it’s been such a blessing to have a steady place where i felt comfortable and identified to be able to hang out and write creativly, plus the bonus of enjoying my bbies ( that’s you lot ).  and i know i’ve done some pretty shitty shit in this past year. and this is deffiently also a thank you letter to everyone that’s stuck by my side despite everything i’ve done not to deserve it. so this is my personal way of saying THANK YOU for being here, for wanting to write with ontari, for wanting to write with me, thank you for those 2AM movie nights, for the 4AM rush replies because a thread was just addicting, thank you for bringing a smile to my face for introducing me to friends new and old and freinds i wouldnt have been able to make if not for this blog. thank you so much. ya’ll don’t understand how much this means to me. and i dont think you will. so here’s a small little thank you notice for those of you that care:

if you were to LIKE & REBLOG this post ( * yes both ) you’ll be entered to win the following provided to you by YOURS TRUELY examples including ( all my rp blogs legit just look at any of the rp blogs ): a THEME BG + CODE * only if u want a custom code by me ofc it’s up to you, a PROMO SET, a DASH ICON, a MOBILE HEADER and !! an AZGEDA EDIT of your character because how tf would you not want more azgeda around !! 

now that we’ve gotten that out of the way and i’ve given ya’ll a small thanks, i want to give you an even bigger thanks ! and wanted to give a big shout out to my fave babes whom have stuck by my side through a whole lot of shit that is hella undeserved ! but yet you’re still here ! despite it all and i owe you all the world so thank you. so much. 

@murhys - MOON !! love of my life. cas to my dean. actual other half. salt king husband to our salt kingdom. moon you’ve been there for me since day 1 and are probably the only person on this website i’ve never had a disagreement with. you wormed ur skaidad into my baby icekids heart which i thought would be impossible and it’s magic how much i enjoy ur presence really. you’re deff like my other half babe. ultimate husband. ily

@azgona / @braverstars - HANNAH !! b to my v. actual partner in crime when it comes to like anything ! legit we write anything and theres so much perfect chemsitry between the characters that i think we were meant to b babe. like legit anything we do its magic and you really need to have more faith in this community because we need u man. we need you. 

@kiingbuilt - LENEE ( STARS ) !! actual babe. positivity queen lenee. honestly ur so sweet and so perf and idk what you want me to say bc ur awesome in every way ? you put up with me who’s like the dark hole to ur sunshine but like i’m always so greatful i don’t think there could be a better person i’d want to play tari against than you, roan and her have such depth and it’s so wonderful to be able to talk at lengeth about our ice siblings and what could have been like ! ily so much thanks for legt taking care of us all better than what we deserve

@leyosgona / @saviorbuilt - SOCHIE !! my babe sochie waht to i say about you. well lets start with the fact i don’t think i’ve ever become trash for a ship quite as quickly as i became trash for catari like wtf man. i’m going to second that with sayig ur clarke is presh and i love her to death ? and top it all off with the fact hat you legit always put up with me spamming u wit random af things without ur permission and are a okay with it all the time which makes u way too cool. 

@humansympathies - CHARLES !! legit one of these days im sealing u away form ur wife just u wait ( * hamilton an american musical plays in the bg  )  honestly i still need to thank you for making me so goddamned comfortable with being okay to write something i had been so nervous to write before because of the context of th show. you are the reason i was able to come out of my bubble and im so fucking thankful for that sitll am going to add #actualjohnmurphy bc nothing u do can change that

@ginatcnic - LAUREN !! gg lauren ur always around to help me when i need it and i really think i dont deserve you as a friend you’re amazing and always there for me and put up with me ranting @ you about the randomest bullshit and being vauge af about it and whatnot. ilysm babe dont forget ever that you are one of the most important parts of this fandom and we’d be lost without you. 

@foxofthe100 / allofthe100 - BRITT !! things i never expected i would do: ship with britt. things i’m super thankful happened: shipping with britt. not that we needed it to be friends bc w were friends beforei. but i deff think that foxtari has brought us closer and i’m so glad that it did !! you’re such a fun and acomplished person, and your view on things are always so well balanced and lovely to hear ! being who i am i love understanding things and you always put things in prespective. just in time to drop an angst ball on me but yknow. 

@si02built / @rainkiing - CHUCK !! yo you. yes you. i love ya man. like i do love you so much i don’t think you understand how much you’re amazing. you’ve been there for me since day 1 and i know that it dosn’t matter if i havent spoken to you in a day or in a month we’ll jump back into things just as they’ve always been meant to be and i think there’s a sort of treasure in that tat can’t be sahken. i love you man. kisses. take care

@damnleader - NIKKI !! i dont know where to start with you man. i started off as ur biggest fan and now look at us. we’re trash and i love it and you legit need to get ur ass back onto this account so i can yell at you about how presh u are and how much i miss talking to you and ranting and bless. 

@youngcst​ - MOO !! moo. legit i never knew whether to call you that or lois but you know what it don’t matter much now does it. waht i will say however is how thankful i am that we were bros for such a long time, and how much it means to me what nova and tari built toether and their relationship like i sob over our babies so often you don’t even know ! please always keep bringing us babe characters. 

bonus shoutout - @ CONSQUAD because yall put up with my ass for 4 days and if anyone can do that i think they deserve like a gold medal or smth like pls yall are honestly some of the best people keep being you !! @banishhim ( black hole ) / @algaenotwar ( milky way ) / @stellarstolen

bonus bonus shoutout - @ icesquad because AZKRU BEST KRU - some of ya’ll are inactive and need to get ur asses back here just sayin’ @icymenace / @azhaihefa / @aznofi / @azkeyva / @azgedaechoes / @azgada / @aznontu / @komashdaun /  @azenblida / @dubiousloyalty / @challengedloyalty / @shudameika / @aiopgona / @zosimekomazgeda / @wintamnontu / @deathwants / @icebuilt / @icebitxh / @leyosgona / @kiingbuilt / @haihefaroun / @firraun / @rcyalscars / @acrownofice / @youngcst 

i also wanted to make a sort of like FOLLOW FOREVER ? like ? idk how you make a solid one of these but just like all the blogs ? i’m in awe of whenever they come on the dash seemed like a good idea ? like these are all so quality all the time eve if some are inactive i refuse to unfollow just because of the chance they’ll come back, they should be a shoutout bc they are my inspiration to write they make me a better writer every day ! and love the hell out of them: @wolfsouled / @rattledbybullets /  @ragnarsscn / @princeubbe / @belomi / @soldiiermade / @imqetuous / @everyturnanycost / @noximperator / @lionoffrance / @praycd / @redempticnarc / @bloodshedbound / @allvanquisher / @murdocksredemption / @damnmechanic / @leaderbuilt / @casuistic / @headstrongblake / @crimiinalchemiist / @noukru / @starxbcrn / @arroworn / @survivorbuiilt

Fools  Part 1

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Warning: Abuse (from father, even if you have the nicest father in the world just pretend you have a terrible one. And for those who are going through actual abuse. I am dearly sorry fro using it in this story. I hope you find a way out of your hell.) Strong language, Sad, love, possibly some smut (in the future)

How to read the story:

(Y/n) = your name.

(btw I would recommend listening to Namjoon and Jungkook’s version of Fools before reading. On my watt pad page ill post the media and I’ll try and do the same for my Tumblr blog? Yeah, anyway this will be a multi part. Love you guys!)

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we started this blog on july 17th, 2016 and today marks nakamotens’ one year anniversary!! time flies and we feel like we’ve both come so far ;; honestly, when we both started this blog we didn’t think we’d stan nct this much!! the only reason we made a blog together was because we didn’t think we’d be able to commit to running a blog on our own… and look where we are one year later :^)

so we just wanted to thank you guys!! to our mutuals, our followers and people who reblog our stuff, we’re just really grateful for everything ;; within just one year we’ve gained 16.7k and while we don’t want to focus on numbers too much, we want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming us into the fandom and for making our experience a fun and memorable one!

we did want to do something special for you guys but couldn’t really think of anything rip… but our requests are always open!! and under the cut we’ve included messages to some of our friends + blogs that we really admire ; _ ;

again, thank you guys so much!! we’ve had an incredible year and maybe we’ll even last for another one~ we hope you’re all doing well too, remember to drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!! we love you guys ♡

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Chilling With You

A/N: I’m honestly having hardcore fall vibes right now and it’s making me sooo happy. So I wrote a fluffy/cheesy Vic imagine and I’m loving it. This man will be the death of me. Anyways, as promised here’s an imagine this weekend. Love y'all!


A chilly breeze rustled my curtains as the morning light streamed through and into my half closed eyes. I wrapped my blanket tighter around my body but continued to shiver. Why had I opened the window last night in the first place? Probably because the cool wind had felt amazing mixed with the warmth of my room. The weather had been chilly and cloudy these past few weeks, which felt perfect last night when I was cuddled under my blankets. When I woke up sprawled out the breeze nipped at any exposed skin, which didn’t feel as good as it did last night.

The clock said that it was only ten. Not too late, but I still wanted sleep. My eyes had just closed and I was almost totally back in a peaceful sleep when my door busted open. “Ride and shine, gorgeous!” Vic sang in an overly excited voice. I let out a dramatic sigh as he began picking up things around my room and straightened it.

“Why is everything so messy, [Y/N]?”

“Why are you here, Vic? I’m tired,” I mumbled peeking at him through my blanket and half open eyelids. I smiled when he shivered and closed my window. He should be cold waking me up at this time. When he pulled the curtains back I could also see that the day was bright, but cloudy with a slight wind that rustled and shook brightly colored leaves off of their branches.

“Don’t be so mean. We made plans. Actually, I made plans for us. Come on! You need to get up,” he said excitedly. Vic started digging through my drawers and throwing a sweater and a pair of jeans at me. “Get dressed, do your makeup, whatever. We gotta go.”

He sounded urgent. Just to piss him off I curled up deeper under my blankets. “[Y/N]!” Vic yanked my protection from the chill in my room from me.

“I’m up!” I whined rubbing my bare shoulders. Note to self: stop sleeping in tank tops. Vic laughed as I hurriedly put the [F/C] sweater he had thrown at me on. Still sitting in bed, I pulled off my pajama pants and shimmied into my jeans. “I can dress myself you know. I’m just putting this on now because I’m freezing.” That was a lie. This was my favorite sweater.

“I know. Let’s just go,” Vic whined pulling my go-to shoes out of the closet and setting them out for me. I laughed at his disappointed look when I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my makeup.

Vic let out a frustrated groan and flopped face first into my pillows. Truth be told, I felt kind of sorry for him. I did my makeup as quick as I could with it still looking good and picked out a beanie and scarf to complete my outfit. By the time I was done getting ready, Vic had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

A sly smile came across my lips as an idea popped into my head. “Wake the fuck up!” I yelled jumping on top of his sleeping form. Vic jumped up, ruining my landing and causing me to fall off the bed onto the cold floor.

“Oww,” I whined rubbing my sore butt. Vic laughed so hard he rolled off the bed on top of me. “Owwww.”

“That’s payback for taking so long,” he smiled pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. “Ready to go now?”

I returned the kiss, but pushed him off of me, jumped up, and bolted towards the door. “Race you!”

Vic sped after me as I maneuvered through my apartment and out to his car. I beat him by a millisecond, yet still managed to get buckled after him. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going yet?” I questioned turning up my heater. Vic just smiled and turned the radio up to an obnoxiously loud volume.

I sighed at his secretive act and stared out the window. He drove us down winding streets lined with colorful trees for awhile before pulling into a small coffee shop I’d never been to before. “Mike told me about this place last week. He said that Alysha had said something about so he brought her here and it has the best coffee on the west coast,” Vic said as he shut off the car.

We walked inside and my nose was immediately flooded with the scent of different coffee flavors and baked goods. The air was warm and the sound of soft music and whispers made the atmosphere peaceful. “This is so perfect,” I whispered not wanting to disrupt the calmness inside.

“It is,” Vic replied softly taking my hand in his. “Find us a seat. I know the perfect drink for you.” I giggled as his sweetness. I was so lucky to have him to call mine.

I chose a table for two next to the window in the corner of the café. It had a pretty view of the outside where we could watch the wind play tug of war with the trees’ leaves. Vic returned a few minutes later holding two cups with steam escaping through their holes and two small plates with sugary muffins resting on top of them. He handed me a cup and plate as he took the seat across from me. “Thank you,” I smiled at him sweetly.

I took a sip of my caffeinated drink and I swear to God I was drinking liquid heaven. “This is amazing,” I gushed.

“They actually call it a heaven,” Vic told me.

“It’s named appropriately.”

The two of us sat there in a peaceful silence before I decided to break it. “I’m honestly really happy you got me out of bed,” I told him. “Chilling with you is my favorite thing to do.”

“Mine too,” Vic whispered leaning across the table and kissing me.

Hey friends. :)

So real life has been kicking my ass real hard, and I might need to take a long hiatus in a few short weeks. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, but I wanted to wait until I had 1k followers; it seems that I won’t reach 1k before I go on a hiatus, however, so here we are!


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all categories have a winner and two runner ups, other than favourites, where there are only winners.

prizes and some info on my hiatus under the cut:

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What is Super Santa Femslash?
A gift exchange for Supergirl femslash ships. Instead of physical presents, participants will gift each other fanworks on AO3. Fanworks may include fic (min 1000 words), art, manips/edits, gifsets, or fanvids. All works will be revealed on Christmas Day.

How do I join?
Fill out the sign-up form: HERE. Sign-ups close at 11:59 EST on October 17th, and prompts will go out a week later. Feel free to reblog the sign up post (here) to get the word out!

What do I have to submit?
Two prompts, either for the same ship or two different ones. Try to make your prompts somewhat different, so your santa can pick the one they like best, and have as much fun filling as you have receiving.

What should I do once I get my prompts?
Once you’ve decided which of the two prompts you’d like to fill, you may submit your work to the collection at any time. There will be a tutorial coming shortly.

What will I get from my santa?
Once December 25th rolls around, the collection will be revealed, and your santa will have posted one of your two prompts for you to enjoy.

Do my prompts have to be Christmas related?
Nope! All themes are welcome. Last year’s collection had a wide variety of themes and ratings.

So what should my prompts look like?
Vague prompts like “fluff” don’t give your santa a good idea of what you want, while overly specific prompts don’t leave much room for creativity. An example of a good prompt is “Cat/Kara - everyone thinks they’re already dating.”

What if I want a prompt for a ship not listed on the form?
Prompts are limited to major season one and crossover ships to keep the number of entries manageable. If your prompt idea is for a season two ship, check out @supergirlsecretsanta.

What if I accidentally submitted my prompt to the wrong blog?
If you submitted a season one ship to @supergirlsecretsanta​, just message them and they will forward your info over to me. We’ll be trying to keep an eye on things, so if you notice an email coming from another exchange, we probably already caught it ;)

Am I limited to only season one canon?
Not at all! Your prompts may include season two characters and settings, so long as the focus remains on the season one ship.

What if I need to edit my prompts later?
Sign-up forms are editable ‪until October 15th, by using the link provided when you submitted your form. Message me before submissions close if you are unable to access your form.

What if I’m not sure if I can participate?
You can still participate by leaving kudos and comments on the completed works when they’re revealed. But we don’t want to risk someone not getting a gift, so please only sign up if you’re reasonably certain you’ll be able to fill your prompt.

What if I do have to drop out?
If you need to drop out of the exchange, please let me know as soon as possible so I can try to find someone else to fill your prompt.

Do I need a tumblr account to participate?
Only an AO3 account is needed, but if you do have a tumblr, feel free to send anon messages to your giftee. Just make sure not to discuss your prompt fill on tumblr, since secrecy is half the fun.

What if I love both my prompts?
You are welcome to surprise your person with an extra gift! Just submit both prompts to the collection. I’m sure your prompter won’t complain ;)

What if I don’t like either of the prompt choices I’m asked to respond to?
Try looking for a specific element or two of the prompt that you find appealing to make it work to your art or writing preference. It doesn’t have to match exactly. Just try to make something they will enjoy. If you truly don’t feel capable of filling either prompt, please let me know as soon as possible that you will be dropping out.

When is my fill due?
All works should be posted to the collection by December 20th.

If you have any further questions, feel free to shoot me a message!

so as you can tell i hit 2k followers which is super super super exciting and unbelievable!! i’m shocked that i’ve managed to hit this milestone in less than a month (!!!) and so i’m going to do something to say thanks to all of you! and since i didn’t do anything to celebrate hitting 1k last week, i decided to do one super big celebration. so, i’m going to be doing a lil birthday page and also do some blogrates as a way to say thank you! 


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500!? You deserve them all and so much more!

Thank you so much Taylor.  This is written for the beautiful and talented @td122609 / @impalaimagining.  This GIF drabble was inspired by THIS so if you have not already read THIS by Taylor, then go read it and come back!

You could not wipe the smile off your face. You could not believe the week you were having! Not only had you met someone, you had met the someone you had only dreamt about meeting probably a million times, within minutes of your vacation, all thanks to the adorable JJ Ackles. 

Now, here you were alone on the deserted deck of this amazing cruise ship with Jared Padalecki. From the minute he had soothed you through your panic attack on the bus and asked you to be his girlfriend, to now, the entire trip had been amazing. Your family, wanting to see you happy, had understood when you ducked out of dinner tonight, knowing it was your last night with Jared.

Suddenly, you felt the tears well up in your eyes. You tried to blink them away quickly but Jared caught them anyway.

“Hey, Baby. What’s wrong? Talk to me, please.” Jared squeezed your hand, pulling gently to get you to look at him.  The look of concern is his eyes for you made your heart threaten to shatter into a million pieces. 

“It’s just, this week has been amazing. Beyond amazing, really. Like a dream come true. I never even thought I would have the chance to meet you, and now here we are. But…” Your voice turned quiet and trailed off.

“But nothing, Tay. Do you know how much I resented Jay and Danni for dragging me on this trip with them? A family vacation, they said, but there I was, sitting alone on that stupid and insanely warm bus, then you plopped down next to me and my whole life changed.” Grabbing my chin in his thumb and forefinger, he turned me to face him once more. 

“And now? Well, I couldn’t be happier. I have met the girl of my dreams and now I could not be mad at them and their incessant begging for the life of me.” He chuckled a little, leaning over and kissing me gently.

“But, Jare, what happens tomorrow? We have to go back to our real lives now. We can’t continue living in this fantasy world we created this week. I have to be back to work on Monday and you are going back to Austin, then Vancouver. I am afraid I will never see you again.” The tears started free flowing now. This was not how the night was supposed to go.

“Hey hey, pretty girl. Look at me. Have I given you any reason to think that we would never see each other again? Any at all?” He asked, those kaleidoscope eyes, searching mine and glimmering in the moonlight.

“No, but…” I feebly attempted.

He pressed his lips to mine, effectively silencing me. “I said ‘but nothing’ remember? We will figure this out. We have to, because after this week, I cannot imagine spending another day without seeing your beautiful face,” kiss ”or kissing these sweet, soft lips,” kiss ”or running my fingers through your hair” kiss “and letting my hands explore every inch of your magnificent body.”

He continued whispering sweet nothings until my tears were dry and I knew I couldn’t live without this amazing man holding me in his arms. 

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i haven’t done a follow forever in a very long time and i’ve gained followers, made new friends, and discovered so many new wonderful blogs since the last one. i just want to do a small something to acknowledge these blogs that i love. I’ve also been wanting to do some more interactive things with my followers for quite a while and i’m hoping this is a good first step. 

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Dean confessing that he wants to explore new feelings with people.
Not women. People. That means men as well.
I don’t know guys, I know that everybody’s been excited about what this means for Destiel (and if you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I AM TOO) but I was focusing more on Dean’s sexuality in what he was saying. I felt like it was more about him coming out then him referring to Cas (who of course features in it but I’ll get there).
Now, Dean had just finished expressing regret over his treatment of women here, of his general ‘love em and leave em’ mentality. So, had you no experience of Supernatural prior to watching this episode (highly not recommended, but hey, whatever floats your boat), you might have figured “ok, so this guy is obviously a player with women and now he’s looking to leave that behind him and maybe try committing to one woman for a while. That’s good, good for him.” And you’d be right, it is good, it is FANTASTIC that Dean is showing this emotional growth and I am so thankful to the writers for including this thin slice of development after the repetitive nature of Season 10 when it comes to discussing the removal of the Mark. Hopefully this will mean also that we can avoid problematic comments about the attractiveness of nuns in the future, but I digress. My point is that you are right, but only kind of.
Dean’s already explored… Well, mostly everything, in terms of his relationships with women. Sex and kinky shit, yes - hell, right down to trying on Rhonda Hurley’s underwear - but also relationships. That’s right, one Lisa Braedon. Now it’s possible that the writers have simply forgotten about Lisa, but I’m hoping this is an unlikely circumstance, otherwise we might have more pressing concerns than exploring Dean’s sexuality in terms of getting the writers to remember their own narrative.
So, let’s assume that they haven’t forgotten Lisa. Dean was with Lisa, and her teenage son, for a year. He was faithful to her for the course of this year, lived a surburban life, and was a caring father to Ben. But, like most other things in his life, the relationship was not successful.
Thus, if Dean’s expressing these desires to experience certain people and feelings differently, “maybe even for the first time”, it’s not concerning women, specifically his desire to stop sleeping around and commit to one. Because he had already tried that. It wouldn’t be the first time, and it’s unlikely there’ll be a second anyway, unless the woman played a part in the hunting life already and Dean was not going to inflict any additional danger by sticking around her.
But what woman do we know who is like that? Jo, perhaps, once upon a time, but she’s now gone. Charlie is a lesbian. Dean’s probably a little young for Jody’s taste.
Anyway, I’m steering off from the main point. The main point is that if these are new experiences - women? I don’t think so.
Ahhh. So its not about women, then.
Now, getting to Cas. The fact that Dean included ‘feelings’ as well as people and things, and it was clear that he meant ‘feelings’ in more than a theoretical sense, meant it as more than potential feelings he might gain if he pursued a relationship with a new woman (seeing as we have decided that there is no current woman who is already a part of his hunting life who could play this role for him, meaning that this woman would have to be a new manifestation), for instance.
No, these feelings are existent. “There’s people, feelings.” These feelings exist. Seeing as we’ve decided this wasn’t about women exclusively, we can look at men. How many male individuals does Dean have in his life? Sam, Cas, Crowley, maybe Cole after last episode?
Sam is his brother, and that is more then enough argument for me personally (although I don’t by any means try to deny people the right to ship Wincest). Crowley, it’s possible, given their recent closeness, but unlikely, given that Dean often expresses disgust and disdain when talking to or about Crowley. It seems unlikely that Dean would have feelings for him. Cole, now that one’s a little more possible here. But, also unlikely, given that it would be mostly attraction if anything at this stage.
But Castiel. Castiel is the one.
Leaving aside the obvious church symbolism, about the confession to a servant of God, about the referral to faith when one of the first things Cas ever said to Dean was that he had none, and that this was his problem. Leaving a that aside - next to his brother, Castiel is the most constant thing in Dean’s life. He is there to assure that Dean is worth saving, that he is worth dying for, that…
Ok you know what? If you want a list of reasons why Destiel is authentic I’m sure you could find it on my blog somewhere.
My point was that I thought this was about Dean being bisexual, primarily.
And choosing to show Dean coming out of the confession booth when they could have just cut to the next scene was just the final touch on Dean’s long and arduous journey out of his closet.

I wrote this at 2am so please don’t attack me if I’ve expressed something wrong.