this is probably going to be another constant thing

another thing 2 b emo about

is lardo ok?????????

like it’s her senior year, she’s an art student and may be worrying about finding employment when she graduates, shitty is away at harvard, jack (a good friend of hers) is under constant scrutiny by the media, bitty is leaning on her a lot emotionally from what i can see (which is not a bad thing! but it is emotional labour for her), she’s probably very worried about what’s going in with him, she may soon be keeping jack and bitty’s secret as well, and she’s still managing a whole hockey team

when does she have time to practice self-care???

“I’ll never let you go”

Things haven’t been perfect. But at least they’re at a constant. There’s darkness, it’s inevitable… so why pretend? 

Fix one, another rises. Fix that, and there’s probably, most likely, definitely another hurdle on it’s way. 

…So what? It is what it is…but, this stays.

This. Love. Love stays. So why push it away?

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