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So your tags fuckin kill me, especially the ones about Eskimo kisses. Can u elaborate on Isak x Even Eskimo kisses and why they make you all fuzzy? I'd love to hear your thoughts


Okay I’ve had this ask sitting in my inbox for a couple of days, because, I really wanna commit myself 100% to when I answer this, and answer it as … fully as I can, because, yes, you’re right. Their eskimo kisses make me all fuzzy. They’re probably my most favourite thing about them. This may get long? But urm … yeah, I need to explain.

Eskimo kissing, honestly, is normally, majority of the times, passed off as “just another trivial act of affection and love”, in most cases. It’s given a moment of appreciation where people go “AWW!! That’s cute!!”, and then … that’s it. You move on. It’s never really dwelled upon that much. In short, what I mean to say is, eskimo kissing is super underrated. 

But Even and Isak make it … much, MUCH more than that. They have it be this constant running theme between them, one that never drops midway through the season once they become more sexually/physically close. It remains. It stays. It sticks. Even until the very, very last scene of the season, it stays. 

Now, I don’t know if … it was scripted? Or if Henrik and Tarjei simply improvised it, but … once they had their very first, proper, eskimo kiss in episode 5, where Even and Isak spend the whole weekend in bed, after their first kiss, it’s been an ongoing Thing. Never edited out. Always being there, incorporated. 

What Even and Isak bring into their eskimo kisses is intimacy. Intimacy on a whole other level.  And it’s amazing, just how they showed that level of intimacy right from episode 5, when they’re both lying in bed that weekend, and they become, for the first time, physically close to one another. It instantly becomes so much more intimate, when Isak rubs his nose against Even’s, and Even waits to see what Isak is doing, whilst Isak is simply allowing him to bask in that feeling of being in the arms of a boy. In the arms of THAT boy that he’s felt so MUCH for. In the arms of Even. And Even smiles. He SMILES when he realises what Isak is doing, because … he’s already head over heels for Isak, but here is this boy, who just wants the smallest of touches, the simple feeling of pleasure you get when you are this close to someone you’ve been crushing on for so long, that you can finally lie in bed and brush noses, and the outside world doesn’t matter. And Even reciprocates it back. That, yeah, I feel that too, Isak. I feel that too. 

Yes, it’s cute. Yes, it’s adorable. But I find it also being EXTREMELY intimate. In fact, even more intimate than their actual kisses. Why? Because their eskimo kisses aren’t just used “when they kiss”, they don’t just eskimo kiss then. They eskimo kiss in other times too: in times where they want to comfort each other, or start a conversation with each other. It’s their direct, first point of contact. 

Case in point: In episode 5, before Even asks Isak “So, what do you think your parents would say if we began dating?”, there’s a small, private, intimate moment between them 2, where Even brushes his nose against Isak’s, then bites his bottom lip and looks down, in apprehension for what he’s about to ask Isak (because he KNOWS how big of a deal this is to Isak and him). Isak senses that Even’s … nervous … and Isak then brushes his nose against Even’s. And that’s when Even works up the courage and takes a breath in, and asks Isak the question. 

And again, in episode 8, when Isak says “Only you can feel what you feel”, Even instantly brushes his nose against Isak, again, comforting him, making it a point of contact, before he tells Isak, “And I haven’t felt anything, quite like this, ever.” It’s SO … private. JUST for them. 

Again, in O Helga Natt, what’s the FIRST thing they do? Isak walks up to Even, and he brushes his nose against Even’s, and then traces his nose against Even’s cheek. It’s SO fucking intimate. It’s SUCH a private moment. It’s literally … their first point of contact and communication. No words, just a way of them telling each other, “Hey, we don’t have to speak, but I’m here, ready to listen, when you’re ready to talk. In the meantime, let’s do something we’re both familiar with.”, and they brush their noses against one another.

In episode 10, during Minutt for Minutt, that last bit, where Isak brushes his nose against Even’s. It’s a sign of Comfort. Warmth. Safety. Intimacy. It’s so much more than just being “another physical symbol of love”, it speaks it’s own language. And Even’s deep long breaths that you can hear him take during that bit show him wanting to feel safe, and feeling safe, feeling somewhat content that he has Isak there, and that he’s taking in all this familiarity, this warmth, that Isak’s giving him. 

Even in the last scene of the season, before Sana walks in on them, AGAIN, there is this CONSCIOUS moment, where they both eskimo kiss. But here, it’s Even now providing Isak with some courage, with some calm, because even though Isak said to Even that he doesn’t find it awkward meeting Even’s Mum, so as long as Even’s smiling, and wearing clothes, that things will be chill then, Even still knows just how frightened Isak was that night when Even had his episode. Even can still feel the after effects, hear it in the way Isak’s voice became so serious, even if he was saying it light heartedly. And it’s Even that says, “I promise I’ll wear clothes”, but it’s so much more than that? That’s Even saying to Isak that, I know somedays it’s won’t be easy, and I’m sorry that I scared you as much as I did, but know that … I do love you. Know that, I’m still me. Know that, when you get scared, I can feel it. Know that, I want to soothe your worries and comfort you too, just like how you do with me. We can be that for each other. And then Even goes ahead and brushes his nose against Isak’s, for good measure, a visual, physical measure, to once again show that their eskimo kisses are a sign of comfort. It’s intimate. So intimate, that Sana walks in on them doing THAT, instead of having her walk in on them kissing. They could have EASILY shown Sana walk in on them kissing, but she didn’t. Why? Because their eskimo kisses ARE that much more intimate, and she walked in on THAT, and her fond laughter shows that she too realised she walked in on a very private moment between them 2.

And, well, if that doesn’t make me feel all fuzzy, and warm, and safe … then what will?

And then you whisper in my ear (I know what you’re doing here)

Clarke needs a date and Bellamy doesn’t really have an excuse to say no.  A birthday gift for @ponyregrets, ~2k, rated T.

Clarke Griffin


I have to go to this fundraiser thing next week and I’ll pay you $100 to come with me.

Bellamy stared at his phone and hit pause on the new episode of Harlots.  He started typing out who is this but before he could hit send another text buzzed through.

Clarke Griffin


And don’t you dare pretend not to have my number you made me give it to you last week when I took Octavia home from the bar.

Bellamy’s frown deepened.  His relationship with Clarke could probably be best described as “constant, low level hostility broken up by the odd moment of teamwork,” which made him an odd choice to say the least to be a fill-in date.

Bellamy Blake



Clarke Griffin


Because when I went last year I might have made a bit of a fool of myself because I’d just ended things with Lexa.

Bellamy Blake


But why me?  I’m sure Raven would go with you.

Clarke Griffin


She’s got a big scary meeting with her committee the next morning.

Clarke Griffin


And Monty’s bad in crowds, Miller’s somehow worse, Octavia and Lincoln BOTH have to work nights next week, Niylah’s out of town, Wells lives 400 miles away, Murphy’s Murphy, and you couldn’t pay me to take Jasper to a fancy event with unlimited booze.

Clarke Griffin


So that leaves you.  $150, final offer.

Read the rest on Ao3.

Assassin Preference: When You’re Sick

A/N: I’m on the last little stretch of school, so I can finally stop worrying about finals and homework! Woohoo!


Altair would give you space at first, not wanting to get sick as well, but if you didn’t recover on your own after a week he’d go consult a doctor and if the doctor thought it was necessary, he’d take you to a Dar al-Shifa, though he would try to bring you back to health on his own. He’s not really used to caring for sick people, so you may have to forgive his relative ineptitude for looking after you- he’s an Assassin, not a healer.


Ezio has had much more experience in dealing with this sort of thing, as he’s probably had to take care of (or live near) his sick siblings his whole life. He’d make sure you were well fed and comfortable, with a constant supply of water and medicines within arm’s reach so you wouldn’t have to move to get them. He would take a break from his Assassin work for as long as possible and if he had to leave for some reason or another he would make sure you were in good hands (probably Claudia, Yusuf, or Leonardo) before going, and he would come back as soon as possible once he was finished.


To no one’s surprise, Connor is quite experienced with the craft of healing. I mean, c’mon, he helped people with smallpox in New York WITHOUT getting sick himself! He’s also naturally caring for those he is close to, which means he’ll do everything he can to make you feel better. He’d consult Dr. White for some advice and medicine, and he’d make you nice home cooked meals to raise your spirits. Achilles will make remarks about how the boy is acting like a worried mother hen, but he doesn’t mean anything bad by it (Seeing as Achilles would also show a level of concern for your well being). You might be more-or-less forced into taking some bad tasting medicine, but once you start feeling normal again after only a few days you realize that Connor knows what he’s doing.


Haytham would make you stay in bed and give you a lot of peculiar medicine that was imported from England, and every time you got up- even if it was for something small like a tissue- he’d lecture you about how you weren’t supposed to be stressing your body out by moving around. Don’t try to argue that stretching your body was probably a good thing, or that you were sore. He wouldn’t be hearing any of it. However, if you played the “stop being a mother hen” card he may let you walk around, determined to prove he wasn’t overprotective (even though he very much is).


If you were sick and Edward was taking care of you, he’d most likely be handing you bottles of ‘medicine’ that suspiciously tasted like rum. Almost miraculously, you got better quickly, and Edward would proudly tell you, “See? I know how to take care of people” even though he really has no clue. He probably improves once he has kids to look after, but until then, I hope you like the taste of rum medicine.


Aveline would let you stay at her place, and wouldn’t be so strict as to keep you in bed. She would let you walk around if you wanted, and would get you anything you asked for, but she may not stay right by your side all day. She might leave to get supplies or to carry out some Assassin’s business, but she’ll return by the end of the day, with comfort foods that she knows will make you feel better in the emotional sense, at least.


Arno might be a bit clueless as far as what to do, but he knows that you shouldn’t be out and about, exposed to all those… germs. He would bring you coffee (if you liked coffee) but wouldn’t let you into the cafe theatre, keeping you upstairs and away from the people. You’d practically be isolated, but with all the craziness going on at the time, what with the revolution and all, a bit of quiet time probably wouldn’t be all that bad.


Evie is the twin you want to have taking care of you. She’s kept Jacob and Henry alive this long, hasn’t she? She would bring you medicine and blankets and let you stay in the train hideout. The sound of the train rumbling over the London tracks would probably put you to sleep, and Evie would make sure that you were safe and comfortable before leaving you to rest. She would check up on you every few hours, and if you were need of anything, she would be willing to get it for you.


Jacob is the twin you don’t want to have taking care of you. Not because he doesn’t care, or that he wouldn’t try to get you back on your feet, but because he would not know what to do at all. Evie would probably step in after he got sick trying to make you feel better, because the poor guy just got too close to you and you accidentally coughed on him. Looks like Evie now has two sick Assassins to take care of.


Thanks to modern medicine, Desmond doesn’t actually need to do much besides turn on the TV, keep stocked on tissues, and make sure you’re not hungry. He would let you nap and try not to bother you, but if you really wanted to talk to him he would be fine sitting in the same room (but not on the couch/bed that you were on) and chatting with you. He knows that when you’re sick that you usually aren’t in the mood to talk, however, so he gives you lots of space for the most part.

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As Simon fell from the tower, he wondered if Baz would finally be happy.

This was the goal after all. As soon as he hits the ground it’ll be the final end of Simon Snow. Doesn’t matter that it’s all an accident and Baz isn’t even here for it.

He always thought he’d die by a direct force, not accidentally tripping himself over a ledge while trying to get a better view of the darkened forest where he thinks Baz is lurking.

Simon shuts his eyes and focuses on the wind rushing past him in his descent. It feels like time has slowed to the nanosecond right before it stops.

There are probably things he should be thinking about. Isn’t your life supposed to flash before your eyes? Shouldn’t he consider Agatha? She’s not his girlfriend anymore, but he should spare her more of a thought than just wondering if he should spare her a thought, right?

He squeezes his eyes shut tighter and let’s his brain go where it really wants to, thoughts landing on the only thing that’s ever really felt like a solid constant in the grand fucked-up life of Simon Snow.


Pity, Simon thinks, that he only just realizes it, here at the end. That he’s probably in love with his greatest enemy. That Baz matters for more than one simple reason. That this obsession Simon has developed lately, might have another layer.

Penny has always made jokes about him being oblivious, even to his own feelings.

Simon wishes he was able to tell her she’s right.

He thinks of Baz’s face. Cold, hard-set and pale, but once, just once Simon saw him blush.

And that’s the image that’s stuck in his memory. The one Simon recalls every night when he wonders where Baz is, but has made himself not think about too deeply.

He’d give anything to see it again, or any expression on Baz other than hatred.

He bets Baz, wherever he is, will smile when he hears the news of Simon’s demise. His thin pink lips stretching into a beautiful sneer, and Simon won’t ever get to see it.

The tear slips down his cheek before he can stop it.

He should be hitting the ground any moment now, not even his erratic magic coming to his rescue. Even though he supposes that might have something to do with the slowing of time. If only he could catch himself.

He tries. Conjures all his will in the last seconds and envisions arms catching him right on time. If he knew a spell he’d say it, but his magic has never really worked like that anyway.

He leaves his eyes shut, doesn’t want to see if this doesn’t work.

He even holds his breath.

He can feel gravity pulling harder.

Any moment now.




Then nothing.

Or it should be nothing. But he feels those magic arms. The ones he pictured.

But they’re thinner than the ones in his mind, and they don’t feel as wispy as he thought they would.

They feel like they’re attached to a body, a thought that startles him into opening his eyes and gasping for breath.

He’s met with the steely gray gaze of Baz. Who’s panting, one arm shaking under Simon’s shoulders and the other dropping his legs. Forcing Simon to stand on his own.

“Bloody hell, Snow. What’re you doing tumbling from the astronomy tower?!” Baz’s voice is hard, edged with a worry Simon’s never heard, but Crowley is he glad to hear it now. “If I hadn’t slowed time you’d be a puddle.”

Simon blinks and tests his weight on his feet. He’s alive. This isn’t a dream.

“Then why’d you’d slow it?” He asks. It’s not a dumb question. Baz shouldn’t be saving him. Baz is meant to do the opposite. “Why didn’t you let me die?”

Baz’s hands are still on his shoulders, and the hard expression on his face waivers for a second.

Simon is expecting a quip, some level of Baz’s usual snark. Something like ‘I don’t want you to die, if I’m not the one killing you.’

But the quip doesn’t come.

“Crowley, Simon.”

Baz whispers softly, leaning forward.

Then, Simon finds himself shocked for the third time tonight as Baz’s lips cover his own.

It’s a hard press. Desperate and full of need.

Simon responds with everything he has.

"Diabetes Isn't Even That Bad"

Hey type 1 diabetic here. Let me tell you why the statement above is a load of bullshit.

1. Our bodies are waging war against themselves

2. It takes us longer to heal when we get hurt and it takes us longer to recover from illnesses because our immune system is jacked

3. We could die at any moment without warning

4. Low blood sugars feel like you’re going through drug withdrawals

5. High blood sugars feel like your body is drying out like a fucking raisin

6. Afraid of needles? Well tough titties! We need to prick our fingers 3+ times a day, and either pierce yourself every 3 days for a pump site change or take 4+ injections everyday

7. Our organs are slowly failing

8. We have a high chance of going blind

9. We could lose our feet and legs

10. Insulin is expensive as fuck

11. Testing strips are expensive as fuck

12. The constant highs and lows drain us

13. We can’t just eat food right away. We need need to calculate how many grams of carbohydrates are in our food, test our blood sugar, configure in a correction if need be, dose, and by the time we take our first bite; everyone else have already finished

14. Doctors are expensive as fuck

15. Pumps, Meters, and CGMs are expensive as fuck

16. No one ever takes our illness seriously

17. Having children is VERY risky for lady diabetics

18. The constant fear we have when we go to sleep knowing that we might not ever wake up due to low blood sugars at night

19. The bruises and scars all over our body from YEARS of injections, site changes, and finger pricks

20. How our feet and hands are always freezing due to our poor fucking circulation

So tell me again how our suffering “isn’t that bad”

Make another joke about the worst thing that has probably ever happened to us

Laugh again when you say “All of this food is going to give me di-ah-beet-us”

Just know that you sound like a huge asshole to us actual diabetics.

Captive Prince series: if you find it disturbing, you’re not wrong to

I swore to myself I wouldn’t do this because I don’t want to engange in any kind of discourse about it or have any fans harass me about it, but then I thought about how it would’ve been nice to have something like this before I read the books. Especially now that tumblr seem to be all about the books, I just want to inform fellow PoC about some of the things I, as a brownskinned arab, find problematic and racist about the books before they eventually buy them.

I bought and read all three books at the recommendation of a trusted friend that I admire. I cringed at the summary, but she assured me that it wasn’t what it sounded like, and that they would pleasently surprise me. I wish now I had asked her to please explain closer, but hindsight is… better in the aftermath, or something like that.

That is to say, I read all the books because at intervals I actually enjoyed them and because. well. i am easily convinced and trusting and if someone i trust tells me this is something i will enjoy, i try my hardest to. And that, that’s kind of unhealthy. Don’t do that, because you might end up internalizing some very hurtful things when you try to ignore things that bothers you for – what? not being a party pooper? Anyway, here are some things I had in the back of my head as I read:

  • First off: major triggers for rape, csa, pedophilia, flogging, violence etc. And some of it is graphic. What did I expect? It’s about slavery. People will say it’s not between the main characters, but understand that it happens to the brown main character, instructed by the white main character, mainly in the first bok. I personally couldn’t read it and basically skipped huge parts of the first book.
  • The white main character has pale skin and blond hair (repeatedly told in the text! all the fucking time!) and is coded as white. His name is Laurent. He’s, as far as I can read, meant to be read as white. He is royalty.
  • The other main character, called Damen and whose POV we see everything from, is brown. This is also repeated. In the text we get a line that describes him as having “skin so dark bruises don’t show.” (I paraphrase because I don’t care to touch the books right now.) He’s coded as a PoC, as far as anyone in an imagined world and country can be a PoC, and the country he comes from is inspired by regions around the mediterranean. I don’t know about you, but as an arab, the constant reminder that he is brown (and in any other book I would love that but) and from a country fashioned from regions around the mediterranean, just pushes the idea that he is MENA for me. He is also royalty, but he gets sent to the white main’s country as a slave in the start of the plot. He and the white main are supposed to fall in love.
  • In the first chapter the brown main is described with words like huge, raw strength, and there’s a great emphasis on his muscles as he is forced to his knees, naked and bound in shackles. Like, besides the point that you were assured that this was not slave erotica and how degrading this is, this scene is enforcing every racist description about how brown bodies are bigger, stronger and just, I don’t know, more likely to do violence. It doesn’t help that the white counterpart is described as basically the opposite.
  • The white character says things like “animal”, “barbaric” and other racially charged words at the brown main. This is not coerced of him to say, and another character (the Regent, the actual villain) remarks about the white main’s prejudice against Damen’s people. So it’s basically acknowledged in the text that this is racist. And that’s that. There’s literally no developement in that front, and at the end of the book there’s no acknowledgement of the white main’s prejudice (racism) being changed and he still shows to belittle Damen’s people. It’s ofc just the white main’s ~personality~ and just towards certain people. /sarcasm
  • The reader is also constantly reminded how the slave master, the white main, is totally the brown main’s type, with his pale, white skin and blond hair and blue eyes. I know someone’s probably going to say I’m against interracial relationships from what I’m about to say, which, I’m not. The problem is – beside the, you know, slave and master thing, which is a huge fucking deal, don’t get me wrong, I’m trying not to flippant about it — it sounds like internalized racism. This was especially upsetting to me since I’m still unlearning it, but the constant reminder that Damen’s attraction to the white main is because of his white skin and blond hair, and the reminder that his other mentioned love interest was Jokaste, another blonde and whiteskinned person from his country… Okay, so the counter argument here would be that since Jokaste is described as whiteskinned and from Damen’s country, the internalized racism wouldn’t actually be a thing and Damen doesn’t actually hate his people’s looks because they are diverse! Well, colorism is a thing and unfortunately it’s a very real thing in large parts of our world and I’m more worried about brown- and darkskinned PoC reading this and their feelings than how this fake world’s race dynamics work. This made me personally so upset and angry.
  • I have seen posts on tumblr that the books are actually about how slavery is wrong and how it’s about how the brown main learns that the slavery in his country is wrong. First of all, I know about the arab slave trade and it’s massive destructive reprecussions. I know there was slavery in other cultures, not just in America, Europa and Australia. It’s still really creepy how a white author felt the need to write about how a brown main learns that slavery is wrong and be all moralizing about it, wtf.
  • Also @ the fandom
    • It’s not cute how Laurent calls Damen “giant animal” and “barbaric”.
    • I have seen some of you lecturing PoC who are uncomfortable of fanart depicting Damen as a slave, saying they don’t under stand “the context”. Maybe, I don’t know, the context of their very real, very in life situation is more fucking important??? wtf.

OK, despite the last paragraph, I didn’t actually make this to lecture anyone. I wanted to get across to POC and non-white people that might have read this series, that if you found some of it disturbing, don’t squash it down thinking it’s you who are overreacting because all you see is positvity about the books. Your feelings are valid and here’s even list of things I personally found distrubing.

I also get that some POC enjoyed the books, because of different reasons. I’m not really interested in hearing those reasons, because I’m not attacking you personally, I’m just saying that other people might not have the same experience as you. 

Edited to add 31.12.16: As @icedyuris pointed out and said: “ Not all POC are desendents of slaves/ had thier ancestors way of life destroyed by slavers and they shouldnt have a say in this POC who like the book enable white people in the fandom to be trash tbh”
Vanity Fair | Outlander’s Sam Heughan on Why Season 3 Is “Like Having a Death in the Family”
By Joanna Robinson

It’s been just under four months since Outlander fans had to say good-bye to Claire and Jamie Fraser during the emotional Season 2 finale. But it’s also a long wait until the time-traveling, star-crossed couple returns to Starz for Season 3 next April. Thankfully, in the meantime, there’s a new Blu-ray edition of Season 2 out on Tuesday, November 1. And, for the true devotees to both the show and the Diana Gabaldon novels, there’s also a special Collector’s Edition that features an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming Outlander novel “Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone.” Outlander star Sam Heughan took a break from his grueling 11-month shooting schedule to reflect back on Season 2 and give a preview of why Season 3 feels like “a different show.” (Hint: It has to do with him missing co-star Caitriona Balfe.)

Vanity Fair: After the overwhelmingly warm reception for Season 1, was there a particular fan reaction to Season 2 that you did not see coming?

Sam Heughan: I think the first half of the season set in France was quite complicated, and it certainly wasn’t going back over the old ground of Season 1. I think we were very aware that the first season was this young relationship and about new love. We wanted to show something a bit more complicated [in Season 2]. I think fans were surprised. People tune in expecting the same show or the same sort of scenes and, yeah, I think we surprised fans with that.

I know you hear from fans who are put out or surprised by changes from the books. Was there any particular book aspect left out of Season 2 that you felt like fans were most hoping to see and didn’t?

Diana is all over this. I mean, I have constant e-mail updates, several times a day, about things she’s watched or things she’s read. We confer a lot, probably more than the producers want us to. There’s always going to be little details that will be missed because the show is only an hour-long episode each week. I know myself and Caitriona, we read the books and if we can sneak in a small detail that may not be in the script or even just that we know ourselves, that going from one scene to another, that something’s happened in between that maybe we haven’t been able to show, but at least we know it and, hopefully, in some way it manifests itself. Hopefully it’s all in Diana’s world. I know that she said herself that Season 2, especially at the start, was kind of complex and difficult to make into episodic TV.

There’s a behind-the-scenes feature on the Blu-ray of you, Caitriona, and Graham McTavish prepping for your big Season 2 fight scene. Can you tease anything about what fans might not know about how you prepare for combat?

Yeah, I mean, my God, the show is incredible. Not to give away much, but today, one minute I was on a horse riding across the Scottish countryside, and then I’m somewhere else in studio, and then I’m laying in a cot. But that particular Season 2 scene was very emotional. I absolutely loved doing a fight scene with Graham; I’ve always wanted to. He absolutely hated me fighting him. We actually shot several alternate endings to the fight because, obviously, in the book, Claire isn’t complicit. We thought, Jamie and Claire are a couple and they need to be both guilty of this deed. It’s not that Claire wants to kill anyone—she’s not a killer, she’s a hero—but she wants to aid Jamie and she basically ends up being complicit in the death of Dougal.

It was very funny because we were actually shooting a pick up on that and we didn’t have Caitriona there at the time; it was actually a double’s hands that are on the dagger. Graham was very wary of this double pushing too hard down on him that he might actually get stabbed. He was just this very hard man complaining that someone was pushing a fake dagger too hard on him.

Of course, with any Blu-ray, there are deleted scenes included here. Which deleted Season 2 scene were you most devastated not to see included in the original episodes?

There was one recently that was released on social media; it was the “Faith” scene. Certainly, from my perspective, you got to see a lot more of Jamie and his angst. I mean, he’s kind of not present for most of that episode. I think that’s important, that’s an important cut. We go on that journey with Claire and see her go through all the stages of grief and mourning and then some sort of brittle resolve. Almost, in a way, we didn’t want the camera to blink from her. I think that’s what was decided. Watching Jamie also go through it, well, absolutely, it’s another side. I certainly know that I really felt very strong in that scene. I felt that it was a very awkward place for Jamie to be that will have some sort of repercussion—even now in Season 3. I don’t think Jamie or Claire get over the loss of Faith. I think it’s wonderful that the fans actually get to see a glimpse into some of the other work that we do that’s not always on the screen.

I’ve heard you say that, as opposed to Caitriona with her elaborate costumes, it only takes you five minutes to get into wardrobe when Jamie is wearing the kilt. But I was curious, since we’re going to jump forward several years in Season 3, if you have some extra time in makeup chair this year and if you can tell us anything about what older Jaime looks like?

I mean, I’m probably not allowed to say much, but I think we all know that the books do span a great amount of time. Season 3, in particular, yeah, I mean, there was an aging process. There was definitely a different look to the characters, but you’ll have to tune in to find out, I guess. But even in Season 1, I had hours and hours of prosthetic makeup whenever the back scarring was on or Jamie got shot or injured. By no means does that stop in Season 3 so, yes, there’s been a lot of very long days where I’ve been in makeup.

The end of Season 2 saw Claire back in her own timeline so I really don’t think it’s a spoiler to say that you filmed a good part of Season 3 without Caitriona. Since you two have been such close partners on this whole experience, what was it like to go on without her?

Yeah. Honestly, it’s like having a death in the family. Well, I don’t know, I mean, it’s just like a different show. It’s hard to separate yourself from the character. Jamie’s present, living in his world, and Claire’s present and living in her world, and they both believe the other is dead. It’s always hard when we’re apart, actually, because she’s a great person, great to come to work with, and a very good actress. But I think it all adds to the reunion—if there’s a reunion, or when there’s a reunion—well you know there’s one in the books. It should be very special.

Do you have a fondest memory from Season 2 that you’re excited for the fans to re-live via the Blu-ray?

Wow. Whoa, that’s tough, I think—Paris was almost like another world and it was great fun—but for us getting back to Scotland, to Lallybroch, and then to having all the MacKenzies turn up, Graham McTavish as Dougal and Stephen Walters as Angus and all the others. It was so rewarding to be in Scotland with the wind and the rain and the cold and everyone was miserable but kind of happy because we were back and it felt like coming home. I think it’s a very sad ending because we all knew that people were going to die— that’s what history tells us—that’s what Jamie and Claire are fighting to stop is the end of these people. So it’s a bittersweet return home to Scotland. In the back of your mind, you’re aware that it’s sort of coming to a close.

Consequences- Liam Dunbar (8)

part 7

You stood in front of the bedroom mirror, twisting and turning to look at one of your favorite dresses, a disheartened look on your face. You didn’t like it, the swishy fabric and the color just didn’t appeal to you, and it made you feel ugly. It was probably just the pregnancy, but ever since the pack found out, everything you did was hesitantly and felt wrong. You had a hard time doing simple things you used to enjoy, afraid it’d disappoint someone. You stopped wearing your usual clothes, you stopped going out to places you loved, and you even went as far as to avoid everyone. Well, everyone except Liam.

It seemed like you both were inseparable nowadays, and while the seemed to pose a problem during school, you both had your reasons. You didn’t want to leave him, afraid he’d run off into another girl’s arms, and that was the constant reason you clung to him like a life jacket. Your constant fear of losing him to someone else made you extremely clingy. He was afraid something would happen to you, hurting you and the baby. He started noticing things on the dead pool, how your name just magically appeared one day despite you being human.

You sucked in a breath, turning away from the closet before looking at Liam, who sat on your bed with his nose buried in his phone. You pressed your lips together before clearing your throat, catching his attention. “How do I look?” You asked, spinning around slowly until you came to face him again. His eyes were wide, staring at your form as you twirled and showed off your body. He got to his feet and dried his palms with a smile.

“You look good.” He started, looking at your watering eyes and shaking lips. He mentally cursed himself, knowing how sensitive you were, even though you were moving into the fourth month. You swallowed and let out a pitiful squeak, wiping underneath your eyes with sniffle.

“Is it that bad?!” You cried out, tears soaking your flushed cheeks. Liam sighed audibly and walked towards you, wrapping his arms around your waist. He pulled you into him, pressing a soft kiss to your hair with a disagreeing hum. You buried your way into his jacket, listening to his quiet breaths. “Just tell me it looks bad.” You whimpered, pulling away to look into his sincere eyes.

“It does not look bad, and it will never look bad.” He hummed, cupping your chin with a smile. “You’re beautiful, every single part of you. The dress is amazing, and I love it.” He whispered reassuringly, pressing a light kiss to your nose. You simply whined but nodded, brushing your eyes and cheeks before grabbing his hand, ready to get the night over.

You sat next to Liam at the table, keeping your fingers intertwined during the whole meal. It was Liam’s idea to tell your parents over dinner, and now, you were starting to regret it. You didn’t know why, but you were beyond nervous, and Liam could practically smell the anxiety coming from you, and he was starting to worry. Several heartbeats later, you were staring down at your food, looking at the fantastic meal as your mouth started to water. It took all you had not to inhale it, but you were pretty sure your parents picked up on the fact you had finished about twenty minutes before they could even start. You stared at Liam’s food, almost begging him to share, which after a few minutes, he did.

You smiled at him, and finished off his food, leaving him with one fourth of the plate. He gawked at you, but didn’t say anything. “So, what’s going on with you two?” Liam’s step dad, finally asked looking between the two of you with confused eyes. “You both seem weird.” You blinked and looked at Liam, meeting his alarming gaze. You smiled weakly and turned back to the older man, offering a grin, despite the awkwardness settling in.

“That’s kind of what we wanted to talk to you about.” Liam hummed, pressing his lips into a thin line. You took his hand underneath table, tracing patters on the back of his hands. “You see, um, we’re…” He stuttered out, scratching the back of his neck with with worried eyes. You squeezed the hand underneath the table, smiling at him with affection pouring from your skin. Liam looked back at you with a reassuring smile before getting ready to speak when he was cut off from your dad.

“Are you two trying to tell us you’re a thing now or something?” He asked, sipping his water with a raised eyebrow. You choked on your drink, swallowing it with a burning throat and watery eyes. You coughed and wiped your mouth clean of food before shaking your head. Out the corner of your eye, you could see Liam giving you a concerned look but you brushed it off.

“No! We’re not dating.” You objected, squeezing his hand tightly. “It’s something like that, but not exactly. We, um, we’re…” You tried to take a deep breath but it felt like your chest was burning, and you rubbed the area where it was hurting the most. You shook your head and tried to force the words out, but they just kept getting stuck. Liam gave you a look before you coughed out the sentence, smile faltering halfway through the sentence. “I’m pregnant.” Liam squeezed your hand, biting his lip when he smelt the fear radiating from your skin. “I’m pregnant, and Liam is the father.”

There was a rush of silence, and all eyes were on you. You swallowed, squeezing Liam’s hand to the point you thought you were going to break it. He looked at you and smiled, letting his eyes wander over your trembling form and shaking lips. You kept your eyes focused on your lap, but even so, the intense gazes of your parents made you extremely uncomfortable. You were just about to get up when Liam’s mom spoke up. “I’m disappointed, but at the same time, I’m excited.”

You bit your lip for what seemed like the hundredth time that night, looking up with tear filled eyes. “Honey, I wish you would’ve come to us earlier.” Your mom said, reaching her hand out to grab yours. You smiled weakly and shook your head. “Honey, it doesn’t matter me. You’re going to be a great Mom, and even though I didn’t want to be a grandmother this young, I’m excited!”

It was as if all the tension was sucked from the room as your parents congratulated you, even going as far as to order a lot of dessert to celebrate. You were glad they were excited, because if they hadn’t been, you wouldn’t have known what to do.


OKAY. SO. THIS IS CRAZY, GUYS. I was going through the JayTim tag and found this post by souliebird.

“Imagine Tim getting an infection and his lack of a spleen causes it to get so much worse and he won’t tell anyone. And he pretends to be out of the country so no one will notice he how sick he is, until someone happens to be patrolling by his apartment one night and sees the lights are on inside.”

Idk what happened but I decided to write and it got out of my control. I believe this is the longest fic I have posted in ages. I’m just stunned! I don’t know what happened but it’s amazing.

So… HERE. *waves arms around* HAVE THIS.

(Also, holy shit it’s been way too long since my last fic I am so sorry I am a piece of shit)


Title: Burdensome
Characters: Tim Drake, Jason Todd, some Dick Grayson, and mentions of Damian, Bruce, and Alfred
Pairing: None, buuuut could be Pre-JayTim
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Lotsa swearing, illness, poor self-care
Word count: 2,546 (wows)


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i changed my mind the worst thing about my source isnt that im voiced by adam sandler, its that theyre gonna have me fall in love in the 3rd movie which is terrifying and betraying my wife and, great, this lady is also going to try and kill me but probably by manipulating me and thats just what I need. Im thousands of years old and im going to fall for her and her tricks and add on another source where i get manipulated! why is me being gullible a universal constant;;

another thing 2 b emo about

is lardo ok?????????

like it’s her senior year, she’s an art student and may be worrying about finding employment when she graduates, shitty is away at harvard, jack (a good friend of hers) is under constant scrutiny by the media, bitty is leaning on her a lot emotionally from what i can see (which is not a bad thing! but it is emotional labour for her), she’s probably very worried about what’s going in with him, she may soon be keeping jack and bitty’s secret as well, and she’s still managing a whole hockey team

when does she have time to practice self-care???

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i looove yr taste in games!!! could u rec us some cool pc games?

yes friend!! also thank you that’s a huge compliment as games are a big passion of mine!  aaa this is kinda long but its just random stuff i like that i thought of i could go on forever….

here are some cool games i like:

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

this one is a super cute co-op game where you and your partner play as cute lil aliens controlling a spaceship!  you have to steer and shoot with the thing together and it’s super hectic!  there are constant alien monster threats tryin to end your super cute life as you search for lil buns to collect.  the controls simulate the perfect lil scramble and every time i play there is a ton of yellin and laughin

Stardew Valley

ok another one you’ve probably heard of!  BUT maybe one of my favourite games i have ever played.  it’s THE definitive cutesy farming simulator and you can be gay and customize your character and you can customize EVERYTHING!!! like seriously if you like harvest moon type games this will be your JAM i guarantee.


luftrausers is a really simple + stylish lil arcade-style shooty game where you play as a little seafaring fighter jet and there are a bunch of fun weird synergistic upgrades to play around with!  it often goes on sale for like a dollar on steam and its really satisfying and tight.

Telltale Games!

this is the company behind the walking dead game.  every single game i have played by them has been incredibly well written and has made me cry lmao… i cry easily but also they are real real good!! if youre into story-heavy games or visual novels or…movies… you’ll probably dig em!  there are a ton of diff series but i recommend the walking dead one the most.  waaaa i love clementine…

Gone Home

hopefully you’ve heard of gone home but if you haven’t … GO PLAY IT!!! it’s a teen queer centric mystery game what isnt to like ok i mean really… also you can pick up and look at like every lil detail in the house how cool is that

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

isaac is a SUPER ADDICTIVE and imaginative roguelike game with randomly generated dungeons and items. it’s sooo fun to mess with all the crazy item combinations you can get in runs whether your lil crying isaac (whose tears are your weapon) ends up being disgustingly overpowered or super teensy weakling. this game is special to me for more than a few reasons and for 15 dollars?!  i have played over 50 hours already, but i have friends that have played hundreds.


windosill is a three dollar sort of experimental little puzzle game!  you can actually play the first half of the game online for FREE! HEREEE

it’s kind of more of a toy than a game honestly, but it is really relaxing and fun to mess around with!  and you can play some of it free so why not.

the signs someone of the same sign

aries + aries: lots of adventures and spontaneous trips to the beach at 3am. a lovely couple, you’ll find each other just dandy. you may bump heads a little but neither of you will be able to stay mad at the other.

taurus + taurus: frequent arguments and tons of cute coffeeshop visits. you will have a happy relationship, but probably not one that will last forever. one that will teach you both a lot about yourself.

gemini + gemini: you’ll both be on first name basis with everyone at your favorite pizza place because you’ll go on so many pizza dates. there’s no one you will feel more comfortable with. they’ll be your lover and your best friend.

cancer + cancer: artsiest couple possible. great fashion, you’ll probably get excited and share things that you find on pinterest with each other all the time

leo + leo: i’ll be a constant competition to see who loves the other the most. so many surprise attack hugs + kisses. a straight up john green romance, adoration for one another will be dripping from the two of you.

virgo + virgo: you’ll be bothered by the way they organize things because you’ll both think you’re the best with organization, but you’ll fall so madly in love with each other’s quirks. no one notices details like you.

libra + libra: so much partying and drunken loving kisses, with surprise presents for each other all the time. so ditzy and adorable. you’ll be very happy together.

scorpio + scorpio: so much sex. so much. tons of passion and romance. you’ll never get over the first few months’ butterflies, you’ll always be caught up over them.

sagittarius + sagittarius: you both have wild hearts and spirits. many camping trips, many spontaneous trips to sonic, you’ll probably both get bored and decide to drive to disney world one day. there’s a fire in the two of you that will never be put out.

capricorn + capricorn: lots of arguments, darling. the both of you will find extreme comfort in knowing that the other understands your need for structure and you will not feel guilty or uncomfortable for not knowing how to express your emotions as well as other signs may want you to. but it will be rather dry; nothing new or exciting to stir up the earthquake waiting to erupt inside of you.

aquarius + aquarius: this will be equally romantic and boring. you’ll go back and forth between being best friends and lovers, sometimes madly flailing about how cute or sweet or wonderful they are and other times just being able to comfortable sit in silence together. no one is truly going to understand you quite as well.

pisces + pisces: you will love each other. you will melt into one another and your energy and love will flow like an ocean, back and forth, between your hearts. you will be happy together and you will understand each other’s quirks and interests. very few arguments, i’d think. a lovely combination.

Today’s goth rant

If you’ve known my tumblr for a while, you probably know that i hate elitism in goth. Typically i call out older goths for bullying the younger generation over petty bullshit BUT this does not mean that i side more with the newer gen of goths. In fact, I have more in common with the older generation when it comes to my view on the sub culture and there is this tiny thing that has snow balled into a bigger thing that young goths do that  ……I. Cant. Stand….Which is try to completely redefine what it means to be goth. And many young goths do this without even realizing it.

First off, I am aware that goth is a music based sub culture but i am also aware that it has changed to the point that the music no longer draws people to the community. Basically, its the rest of goth that draws most young people in, clothes, mindset etc. And this is fine. I mean it cant be helped now that its changed so much. BUT that does not mean that you shouldn’t respect the old scene and music. That’s one of the first things you should look into.

Now lets get down to the one thing that has recently been irking me about some goths(typically but not exclusively females under 30) is this “Upper class goth” thing. Now originally i think this was meant to be a joke between Adora Bat Brat and a friend or something, but was eventually turned into an actual tag on instagram and tumblr. I’ve even seen a woman on facebook use it. Now people like Adora, her followers and her friends may not see anything negative in using this tag, but i’ll explain why there is nothing positive about it.

Firstly, Its pretentious as hell to label yourself as the “upper class” version of something. As if everyone else who doesnt have fame or money like you is less or lower class. 

Secondly, goth has never been about being better than someone else. Goths were misfits that came from all walks of life who were connected through music and dark interests. The term “upper class goth” is so outlandish and vain sounding that a goth from the 80′s would probably laugh in your face if you referred to yourself as it.

And lastly, the term is typically used to describe goths who go all out with their looks. As in makeup, hair, extreme fashion etc. So in order to really define yourself as upper class you need to appear that you have money and the type of life that supports your constant outrageous look. Which again, is just about the most un-goth thing i have heard.

Goth is about music and finding your place in the world among other outcasts. Its about keeping an open mind and not labeling yourself as better than another person. If you rather focus on just the look and fashion, label yourself as something else. Keep goth out of it. Goth isnt about money or status. Its not about dressing to the nines or being gother than someone else. The term “Upper class” does not belong in goth and personally leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

DISCLAIMER: the following was my personal opinions and i am not hating on anyone who uses the tag, i am just stating why i dont agree with it and why i dont think it belongs in goth.

Bed Ridden

He had been looking forward to swim practice today, he had been excited (could you imagine) to race Rin. It had been a while since they had a joint practice and Haru had waited long enough, only to  be held back by waking up feeling like absolute shit.

His head was fogged and throbbing and his eyes had burned the moment he opened them that morning. His stomach rolled, a quick dash  to the fortunately close-by bathroom proving that this wasn’t just the consequence of standing in the rain yesterday. He was almost too tired to move from his spot on the tiled bathroom floor.

Dragging his feet back to his bed, he grabbed his phone and texted Rin for the first time in weeks, I can’t come to practice

Rin would know, he knew Haru would never skip a chance to swim unless it was a real emergency. His boyfriend’s reply came much quicker than expected, I’m on my way, how bad is it? Haru would have chuckled if his throat didn’t feel like sandpaper.

I’m sick With a click, he tossed his outdated phone somewhere on the carpet.

He only had to count the seconds until the doorbell rang and Rin calling his name in that overly worried voice, then he would run up the stairs with his heavy footsteps and melodramatically throw Haru’s door open.

Haru rubbed his eyes, still crusty with sleep and still burning.

BRRRRING The doorbell, check

“Haaaruuuuuu!” Over worried voice, check

Rin stomped up the stairs and Haru worried for the fifth time that month that they would break, check

The door was thrown open, slamming against the wall (thank got he had bought a doorstop) and Rin rushed the the side of Haru’s bed.

He knew this ritual too well.

“Jesus Christ you look like shit” He pressed a warm hand to Haru’s forehead, which was undoubtedly burning. Haru would have replied, “Romantic” but the moment he opened his mouth he was racked with harsh coughing, covering his lips to save Rin from this hell he was experiencing.

The only good thing so far was that Rin looked really cute with his eyebrows furrowed like that, along with the way his eyes looked when he was worried. 

“I’ll go get you some water”

Haru didn’t attempt to say that he probably couldn’t keep it down, another coughing episode wasn’t appealing at the moment. Actually, it didn’t seem appealing ever


Haru didn’t know this sickness could get worse, but he now was having constant flashes of being extremely cold and burning hot. He wondered if Rin was annoyed yet, with him kicking off the blankets then asking for them a few minutes later, and the constant trips to the bathroom (he knew he couldn’t even hold down water but Rin insisted).

After the medicine didn’t work and any kind of food was out of the question, Rin had just said to settle with a cloth soaked in cool water to help bring Haru’s fever down. 

At first, Rin had just sat next to the bed in case he needed to rush somewhere, but now he lay on the bed, head resting on Haru’s shoulder. He wondered how his boyfriend wasn’t fed up with constant sniffing and small bouts of coughing, or how he hadn’t ended up calling the hospital yet (Rin had done that the first time Haru had a fever. The paramedics weren’t very happy)

But for the first time in hours, Haru actually felt sleepy. His eyelids were drooping, the throbbing in his head dulling slightly as Rin scooted closer, head now nestled in the crook of Haru’s neck. He finally fell into blissful sleep, the horrid symptoms of his mystery sickness fading away slowly.

When he next woke, it was to the sound of his alarm, and he woke with his boyfriend lying across his chest and snoring ever so slightly. With a quick smack to his alarm clock he was granted another five minutes of quiet, and five more minutes to realize something.

Rin’s forehead was really warm


For x-professionalfangirl-x

Ughhh this is no where near as long as I wanted it to be, but it’s here no less. I hope you enjoy it ^_^

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GOM + Kagami, Himuro and Nijimura confront a couple of guys after over hearing them checking out and making vulgar comments about their s/o

Did you know that is one of the things you can do to make me hate you? Probably not, but now you do and that’s why there will be some dislocated jaws or smth I guess. And I used female pronouns bc it was hard when they talk about you, okay :-/


Kuroko was used to hear all kind of trash-talk when he passed people by unnoticed, but when he heard your name, his pace slowed down, especially as he saw their expressions. He stepped closer, knowing there was no way they’d notice him.

“… but did you see her ass? I’d give a lot for a handful of her ass, man.”

“Yeah, damn right… But doesn’t she have a boyfriend, though?”

“I’ve only heard rumors, but there only rumors, since I’ve never seen her with another guy like that… Should I make a move on her?”

And his decision to interrupt their conversation was set as he saw the dark smirk on the one that talked first’s face. He stayed beside one of the guys and then coughed discreetly, gaining their attention as they all jumped at his sudden appearance. His brows were furrowed and his fists were balled, but his overall look didn’t really impress the guys.

“What kinda guy are you? And how did you even get in here?”

“I think ______-chan wouldn’t like it if she knew that you are talking about her like this. And as her boyfriend, I also ask you to stop.”

Suddenly, one of them started laughing and (Kuroko was pretty sure it was the one that made the most vulgar comment out of all) walked up to him, almost close enough so he could smell the foul breath that left the guy’s mouth and he almost instantly took a step back.

“Listen here, little boy. If I tried hard enough and even if you are her actual boyfriend, I could probably steal her from you in an instant, let’s be real here. So get the fuck out and forget everything you’ve heard or seen, yeah? You don’t wanna get punched, do ya?”

And then he more or less likely walked out, a small smile on his lips as he waited beside the door frame and when they left, he would ever so subtly stretch out his leg and make them trip, before running off to you. He would also warn you that if they ever bothered you, you should not resist to call him and Kagami for rescue.


Kagami would honestly charge in right away, first kicking the door open with more force than needed, but the scowl was already enough to make the group inch away from the door, staring at him with either displeased or scared expressions and he was sure that they would all not to be able to even move a muscle in their face anymore after he was done with them. But he would not puch first, he’d yell first.

“Okay, what did you just say about _______, you asshole?”

“Hey, wow man! Take it as a compliment, she really does have a nice…-“

And that was when he punched the previously speaking guy across the face and didn’t care if he got in trouble for it, then grabbing him by the collar and pushing him up against the wall, screaming at him to repeat what he just said one more time, just to find the encouragement to give the asshole another punch.

He would probably also continue to punch and yell, until one of the guys belonging to the one he was punching right now went and called a teacher, who forcefully removed the two and the guy knew that he could get in trouble if he got called out on the things he said, so he didn’t tell the teacher about it.

And when you asked him about the few blew spots on his skin later on, he only shrugged it off, even though he received the small things when the guy kicked him in resistance, but he wasn’t very moved by it. He then would stay close to you, not sure if they would try to get revenge at him through you, but he wouldn’t regret the punches he gave, even if it was only to blow off his jealousy.


Kise would first make sure that he heard that right, because he was surprised any guy even thought that they had a chance to get any from you, since he was your boyfriend and no one at the school stood a chance against him. But when the guy continued to talk back at him without beating around the bush, the muscles in his right arm flexed almost instinctively.

“Well, sorry to break it to you, but with a body like that, it would be absurd if _______ was anything more but an used…-“

“Don’t you dare use that word in the same sentence as _______-cchi’s name.”

The dangerous gleam in his eyes creeped out most of the group, but some kept the now still somewhat smug grins on their faces, he would ready himself for a physical fight, if needed to prevent vulgar comments like this being made behind your back. And with his perfect copy, he’d surely be able to beat them, although he might also receive a bloody nose or something, but he didn’t give a damn about how his manager would yell at him later, he only wanted to save you from such crude comments and accusation that were already beyond improper.

He wouldn’t mind getting yelled at by a teacher, especially as he told them the part about their comments and then they would (even though not yet permanently) let him go and he would run to you first, hugging you and ignoring your demands to know what happened to his nose and hold you close. But he would tell you later on and even if you would tell him it hadn’t been exactly necessary, he felt a lot better after throwing those punches than if he would have just left after hearing it.


Midorima would think twice about actually saying anything right then and there, even if it was only because he barely had any experience in serious fist-fights and his hands were above such people, but he didn’t feel like he could let it slide at the same time. But he wouldn’t be able to walk off, especially while thinking that people like this should get told where the line between proper and improper is drawn, so he would at least say something.

“Oh, you’re her current boyfriend… That’s actually sad, buddy. She could do much better than you, like me, for example.”

And after subtly calling the guy saying the worst things out on it, his thoughts turned into a chaos after all the interpretations from this sentence flooded his mind, almost overwhelming him. There was the normal, insulting way to take it and then there was the light sexual and vulgar way to understand it and even the idea of reaching that level with you was almost too much at once to handle, although he managed to keep his composure on the outside.

“I’m her boyfriend and that is final. She wouldn’t even turn her head for someone like you.”

And after those words, he would walk out before punches could possibly be thrown and his lucky item would be moving in an area of potential danger, searching for you as fast as possible. And when he found you, he was suddenly confused why he was searching for you again, because you smiled him so brightly and greeted him with a hug and what did he need to be scared of with you by his side like this?


Aomine would start a fight right off the bat, beating up one at a time and insulting the ones watching and the ones that have been to slow or too stupid to run off. And he would only get more fired up if they showed resistance, because it meant that they were struggling and he finished them in slow, but still powerful punches and kicks, until they couldn’t even find the breath to utter your name anymore.

“If you ever talk about my girlfriend like that, either say it in my face or hers or not at all, you asshole. Now taste my fist!”

And yup, like that it’d go and when a teacher finally noticed the whole thing, he would probably have to call more teachers to help out keeping Aomine back and he would be in quite some trouble (especially because the teachers already don’t like him due to his constant skipping of lessons and club sessions. But when he managed to get away, he would feel you up by the next chance, even if it meant receiving a slap on the hand, because he had to remind himself that all this was all his. And there was no way he’d let another have any of you, either heart or body.


Himuro would know from the first glance on if this was a case of words or fists. When he asked one of them about what he had just said and received the first answer spoken even more sensual and slower after recognizing him, he put this into a case of fists.

“I said that _______ has the nicest tits that aren’t fake in our grade.~”

“I beg your pardon, because I fear that…”

Himuro stepped closer to the talking guy, dangerous smile on his face after closing the door of the classroom they were in to spare any possible witnesses the whole scene, until he was right in front of him. And the trailed off end heightened the anticipation of how he was going to end it, but the end took shape in the form of a knee spiked up in the vulgar guy’s stomach, as everyone jumped and the raven ended his own sentence quietly to himslf.

“I couldn’t quite hear you.”

And he would get out after he was done as fast as possible and either ask one of his fangirls or one of his teammates to cover up for him or give him an alibi, just in case the teachers would be sent his way. He wouldn’t mention it towards you, but only gave you well-covered information on how to avoid comments like those being made behind your back with an adoring smile.


Murasakibara would rather not like to have to end this with a crushed skull, but when the guy gets all about details, this is no simple matter of disrespect anymore. Most guys were smart enough to already run off as he had entered, but some of them had a bit longer, staring at him with smug faces and to observe his reaction. But when he threw a short punch, most of them were terrified and ran off, while he taught the talkative one a lesson. That would probably involve some broken noses and even a dislocated jaw, but Murasakibara’s protector instinct was already activated for too long when teachers came to help the guy. But even they would have problems pinning him down, so they maybe even have to fetch you to calm him down.

“Atsushi! Atsushi, stop! What are you doing?!”

And the scene would probably be scary to see, but the rage in his eyes would visibly fade away when he spotted you and then it wouldn’t take too long for him to return to his usual persona and the teachers had to sit through discussions of the case with him, but they refused to without your presence after they watched in awe how great he responded to you. By the end of the day, he would demand a lot of candy and give you more than usual, remembering that you were only his.


Akashi would step in right away. He would also try to go around a fist fight, because it’d look bad on his report card, but if there was no helping it, he probably will step up in a fighting position. Especially if the guys looked down on him as well, but he was nearly even more angered when he heard the names and descriptions they had called you.

“Shorty, do you really think her fine ass is worth getting beat up for? Because if you don’t, you should leave right now.”

And when his friends tuned in with his barking laughter, Akashi’s face darkened as he already formed a strategy, as to how to get rid of them and their improper thoughts about you. Then he would probably say something to provoke them, so he can say that they started it and swiftly respond with a punch of his own. If they weren’t too many, he would finish them and actually feel a bit disappointed because he wasn’t able to gouge their eyes out so they could never look at you again. And after threatening them to let his father’s contacts play if they told anyone about this, he would leave to search for you. But he honestly wouldn’t tell you about that incident, even if only to not pressure you with the thought of it happening again.


Nijimura wouldn’t even give anyone time to say anything, he knew that his hearing was fairly good, so the first thing entering that room and the guys’ face would be his fist. His karate knowledge would make it fairly hard and dangerous and especially painful (because he learned about the most sensitive spots to attack and responded best to pain in his lessons as well). He would probably even throw a punch at a rather innocent one, even if it was by accident, but he wouldn’t really regret it.

And the black-haired male would also only stop when teachers appeared, calmly walk up to them and then explain the circumstances while trying to calm his trembling fists, but all the bodies moaning in pain on the ground didn’t really make him look like the good guy and there was no witness around to prove what he was saying, so he would probably get suspended. But before that happened, he would explain it to you, so you knew he didn’t just took out some anger on them or something, that he had a reason to punch their ugly faces.

And maybe he would even get told off by his coach and his parents, but at some point, he’d grow tired of standing up for himself if no one was gonna believe him anyway, so he would just listen, but deep inside he was sure that he had done the right thing.

Pre Show Nap

You had been waiting to see Luke for months it felt like. Being a college student definitely didn’t make having a healthy relationship with your boy of 4 and half years anything near easy; however, you two were more than willing to constantly work on It. You thought about making it a surprise but ultimately you knew there would be no point in trying that. You couldn’t keep anything from that beautiful smile even if you tried. So as you made your way through the backstage doors, wearing the backstage pass Luke had waiting for you, Luke’s tall figure, heart warming laugh, and scruffy face were all that you desired to see and engulf yourself in. There’s nothing more comforting than being wrapped up in his muscular but not too muscular arms and smelling his cologne mixed natural scent when hugging your man. You began to see so many familiar faces that you yourself had grown accustomed to over the past few years, saying hello and smiling occasionally, Everyone getting prepared for the show that was about to go on in less than 2 hours, but still there was only one person on your mind.

As you turned the corner, you knew well enough that three doors down was the dressing room Luke was most likely in. You reached the door and immediately began to profusely smile as you read “5 Seconds of Summer” it still amazed you that you had the ability to watch Luke grow from putting YouTube covers up to forming the band and slowly but surely break out of his shell. Liz always did say that you were the one to really push Luke towards putting himself out there. If it wasn’t for your constant nagging and complimenting him on his beautiful talent he might have never had the confidence to do it himself, but you deep down knew that wasn’t true. Luke would’ve one way or another found his way. If there’s one thing you were certain of, it would definitely be that Luke would find music. That boy lived for it, and seeing him so happy and at home with his music is what you lived for.

  You knew you probably should’ve knocked because there’s no telling what could be going on behind those doors but you couldn’t control your excitement and built up energy. The door making a slight screeching noise as you slowly pushed the hinge of the door back. You couldn’t help but smile as your eyes noticed the image before you. Luke, sprawled out on the long black couch adjacent from the door. His lengthy legs curled up into his side as he tried to take a pre show nap. The other boys must have been messing around somewhere else as Luke seemed to be the only person occupying the dressing room. You tried to shut the door as quietly as you could because even though you couldn’t wait to hold and talk to your boy, you knew how exhausting tour could be. The door shut and you slowly made your way over trying not to make any noises. You sat down on the edge of the couch closest to his face and softly combed his hair back that was falling over the top of his forehead. You could see his stomach move in rhythmic motions as he took soft breaths. Little noises coming out of his lip ringed mouth. You couldn’t help but adore the boy even more and feel so incredibly lucky to call this beautiful human yours. You had been more than willing to let Luke sleep for as long as he needed but I guess some weren’t.

Michael came bursting through the door like a bat out of hell. “Luke get your ass up!! We’ve got soundcheck! I reallllly don’t think you’d be happy to know they like hearing me sing more than you because let’s be honest. I have the voice of an angel. Oh and speaking of angels. Y/N is here.”

You couldn’t help but giggle at Michael’s intrusion but you knowing Luke all too well, he wouldn’t find it so funny.

“Yeah. Go ahead Michael. Not like I was trying to sleep or anything” It took Luke to register what Michael had said at the end but then he noticed your giggling smiling figure sitting next to him and a smile seemed to be permanently implanted on his face.

Luke took in a deep sleepy breath before noticing your presence and hand in his hair, “hmm baby, come cuddle me please” Seeing his pouty puckered lips and grabby hands had you feeling all sorts of emotions but ultimately you and him both knew that if you started cuddling, there would be no soundcheck for Luke as he wouldn’t want to let you go.

“You know there’s nothing more that I want to do baby but you and I both know you need to be on stage real soon.”

You did give him a kiss though. Kissing Luke would and could never get old. Feeling his thin but somewhat plump lips on yours was a feeling so indescribable and pleasant that no one would understand even if they tried. Luke groaned after you detached your wanting lips from his. He reluctantly got up from his sleeping position to sitting up on the couch and rubbed his eyes similar to what a toddler would do. Eventually he rose which allowed you to fully appreciate and take in his appearance. He was wearing his trusty black skinny jeans. The one with the holes in the knees. Along with his white New York Yankees World Series shirt and his small pendant necklace. His feet were adorned with only his socks which made you whine as he only seemed to be even more Cuddleble with no shoes one. His figure of course towered over you as you were only 5'6". His 6'4" height making you look just a tiny bit small. Ha. Who were you kidding this boy was a giant. But he was your giant.

Luke wrapped his long arms around your neck and rested his head on top of yours allowing you to inhale that scent you had missed way to much.

“Promise me that after sound check we can come right back here and cuddle before the show. I missed your cuddles more than anything”, Luke mumbled groggily through your hair.

You could just tell that he was pouting. You smiled and whispered back, “of course baby. However, only if you promise to kiss me over and over and over again” you responded back cheekily.

Luke pulled back from your body and gave you raised eyebrows. “Please. As if that wasn’t already on the agenda baby girl.”

You couldn’t help but blush at the pet name that would never get old. Luke kissed you on the lips one last time before slowly but surely making his way out to perform sound check.

“Luke Wait!” You yelled. Luke casually looked back at you down the long hallway silently asking what. “Don’t forget your shoes. You might need them” you said with a sly smile holding up his black shoes.

Luke walked back to you and grabbed his shoes out of your hands grumbling something along the line of don’t know what I would do without you before pecking you on the lips once more and making his way back to the stage. You couldn’t help but smile and feel so proud as you watched Luke climb the stairs to fulfill those few fans’ dreams who got to experience the pre show sound check.

This was your boy. And you couldn’t be any more In love. And you sure as hell couldn’t wait until after soundcheck to spend some well earned quality time with your love


Hello! My name is Kaci and while yes I’ve been on tumblr for a long time this is the first piece of writing I’ve ever submitted. I really would truly appreciate any feedback. Love it? Like it? even Hate It? Also if you would like me to continue with a follow up to this or if you have any requests? I could look into that! Happy Reading!

In the aftermath of this and this


Maybe her parents were right, Mabel thought.

Maybe the kids shouldn’t be around Dipper. 

She sat on the boards of the porch, and watched as Stan and Henry and the kids picked up litter that had gotten into the yard, and that Gompers hadn’t eaten yet.

She wanted to help but every time she got up, one of the kids or her husband would motion at her bandaged arms, and gently but firmly steer her back to the Shack, left alone with her thoughts. 

It had been three days since they saw Dipper, and not amount of summoning could get him to appear. It was probably, Mabel knew, going to be a while before they saw him again. Probably for the best, at least for another week or two; she wanted to break his stupid teeth. 

She didn’t even think of going inside and turning on the TV. They had made the mistake the first day after the quake of doing that; thankfully the kids hadn’t been in the room, but Henry ended up puking in the kitchen sink and Mabel…

Mabel hadn’t felt much of anything at all.

She knew, that her brother was a demon. Mabel was many things, but stupid wasn’t one of them, though it was pretty handy to let people think that she was.

She knew that Dipper had done awful things, terrible things, had even been there for some of that. 

But there was knowing that Dipper was a demon, and then there was Dipper who was there when California fell into the sea, did nothing to stop it happening as thousands died, did nothing to help those below him so caught up in the battle and the blood.

He always did have that problem of wanting to be better than everyone else around him, a part of her mind chimed in. 

Mabel firmly told that part of her that that was a good point, but also this was the worst possible time to say that so please shut up.

With her bandaged hands, she managed to lift her soda to her mouth to take a sip, and almost cursed as she dropped it trying to place it back on the little table they had pulled from the house.

She sighed and threw her head back, bumping it against the wall of the Shack.

What else could she have done, all those years ago? The idea of disowning Dipper, disowning her brother, her twin, made her as sick to her stomach as thinking about the events of the past week. 

She couldn’t imagine a life without her brother, imagine a life without Dipper taking care of the kids, a life without Henry and Dipper going on their bro-dates that they had long accepted were bro-dates. 

The worse thing was, she couldn’t bring herself to regret any of this, any bit of Dipper being in their lives, in her family. She never could and she never would.

She loved Dipper, and Henry loved Dipper, and the kids and Stan loved Dipper, and Dipper loved all of them, loved them so darkly and fervently she could feel it in the air, on their bond.

Love did nothing at all to change the fact that her brother just decimated the entire West Coast.   

Dipper was going to feel terrible about it when he finally came home, was probably already ripping himself to shreds, literally. Hell, he was probably there right now, helping as best as he could to fix his mistakes.

But feeling bad did sweet fuck all to change what Dipper had done, what Dipper would probably do again.

Mabel’s brother was a monster.

He hadn’t asked for it, none of them had, but he was still a monster, with the instincts and actions to go with it. A monster she loved, a monster who loved her, loved and was loved by her family, but at the end of a day, Mabel had thrown her lot in with a demon.

She…she could live with that, and that probably didn’t say anything good about her, but Mabel didn’t care. 

Still. It was one thing to have that as constant background knowledge, and another to have it thrown in your face.

“Mabes? Mabel honey, what’s wrong, you’re crying-”

Henry’s voice broke her reverie, and she got up to bury her face in her husband’s shirt.

(When Dipper came home a month later, Mabel punched him in the mouth and Henry broke his nose. But the night ended with Dipper asleep on the couch with the kids dog piled on him and a new sweater on.)