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The Night Crew // Chapter 1

hi, I suck at updating bUUUT I hope u enjoy this chapter,, and amber will probably be in the next one more. /// prologue 

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I woke up the next morning, sitting up, I rubbed her head, and looked around the room, immediately noticing the sleeping body next to me.

“Oh, fuck.” I quietly groaned, quietly and quickly trying to get out of the bed without disturbing the body next to me. I immediately stiffened when Amber started to move around, but as soon as she stopped and started snoring again, I relaxed. 

“Now where did she throw my clothes?” I whispered to myself, looking around on the floor, she soon found the dress that she wore to the club and immediately put it back on, debating on whether or not to put my underwear on. ‘Nah, she should keep them, let her have a reminder of what she had for a night,’ I thought, after I put my dress back on and picked up my heels and my phone, and saw 5 missed calls from Yoongi, and 4 texts from Jimin. Before responding to Jimin, I looked at Amber one more time, and noticed that she look fucking gorgeous with the morning sun shining on her tan skin making her look like a goddess, more than she was already. I quickly shook my head and texted Jimin back and got out of the room. 

As soon as I exited the room, my phone vibrated, letting me know that Jimin had texted me back. 

I immediately felt my blood run cold, even if Jimin was telling me he’s fine, I still felt bad that I wasn’t there for him. I respond and started walking towards the elevator, and after pressing the button, I heard the ding that my phone made. Jimin and I talked for a moment before the elevator doors finally opened, after locking my phone and walking in, I returned to the conversation.

After finally reaching the lobby, I started walking towards the front doors, ignoring the looks I got, and focused on getting to the coffee shop that Jimin was picking me up from.

I heard Jimin’s voice yell, “(Y/n)!” causing me to snap my head up, and look around, I finally spotted the car, and quickly walked over, getting in and shutting the door, and Jimin had a smirk on his face. 

“What?” I asked, tone slightly bitter. 

“You have a hickey on your neck.” He said, before busting out into giggles, pointing at my neck. 

“Are you fucking-” I said, as I quickly pulled down the sun visor to look in the mirror, “Oh, god fuck.”

“The boys are never gonna let you hear the end of this, you know that right?” He said, with a chuckle, as he started to drive. 

“They will if they wanna keep their fucking lives,” I grumbled, slamming the sun visor up, “Why on my neck of all places? It’s huge as well! I’ve never even let someone give me a tiny hickey before!”

“She must really be something, huh boss?” He said, stretching out the ‘e’ in 'really’. 

“Yeah, and that’s what scares me,” I replied, putting a hand to my forehead, “Also give this to JK when we get there,” I tell him, holding up the food and drink I bought him, “I got to change and take care of this hickey.”

Walking into the “mansion” that we call our headquarters, I immediately walked towards my office, wanting to get out of these clothes, and hid this god forsaken hickey. Walking into my office, and locking the door shut, I took off my heels, walking towards the dresser the I kept hidden in the back of the room. Opening the drawer, I found the clothes I wanted to wear, socks, and my boots next to the dresser. Once putting them on, I walked towards my desk to find my makeup, and cover this hickey. Once it was finally finished, I heard a knock at my door, forcing myself up, I walk to the door and unlocked it, opening it to see it was Yoongi. 

“Oh, so you are alive. What did you do last night that was so much more important that my phone calls?” he asked, his eyebrow raising as he waltz into my office, grabbing a water bottle from my mini fridge lazily sat down on one of the chairs in front of my desk, and started drinking the water. 

“Sex. Sex is more important,” I said, jokingly, but still causing him to choke on the water, and his head whipping around to meet mine. 

“Wait, you actually had sex? I thought Jimin was joking,” he said, his eyes slightly watery after him just choking. 

“Jimin told you?!” Looking at him wide eyed, “I’m gonna fucking kill him,” bring a hand up to rub my eyes. 

“Well, yes and no. I honestly forced it out of him, but when he said you had sex, I didn’t believe him because you usually don’t get laid,” he shrugged, turning back around in the chair, and bring the water bottle back to his lips. 

I started walking towards my desk, muttering, “Yeah, do you know how hard it is to find a girl to have sex with nowadays?“ 

Yoongi choked on his water again, making me comment, "How many times are you gonna choke on that, huh?”

Cause him to glare at me. “I mean, if you stop saying shit that’s shocking to me, I would,” he retaliated, putting the cap on the water bottle and sitting it down. 

I took a seat at my chair, and looked at him, “Did you not know I liked girls, or?” Raising my eyesbrows, and my tone curious. 

“Honestly? No, but then again, I can’t make assumptions,” He shrugged, before continuing, “Also JK is in his, "room”, and he’s on some pain meds that Jin hyung gave him.“ 

"Thank you, Yoongi. Were you hurt as well, or just JK?” I asked, before leaning back in my chair. 

“I got a few scrapes, but I’ll probably die,” he said sarcastically, “Anyway, I have a few errands to run, see you boss,” he said, grabbing the water bottle, rising out of the seat, and started walking towards the door. 

“Yoongi?” My voice rung out, making him stop in his tracks. “Yeah?” He turned around to look at me. 

“A few things. One, thank you. Two, Please be careful, I don’t trust the people that you’re going to meet. Three, send Jin in here, please.” I said, my voice, more friendlier than usual. 

“Boss, I’m always careful, JK isn’t always careful, although he should be, and yeah, I’ll send him in.” And with that he was out and shutting the door leaving me to my papers. 

“Well, let’s work on these till Jin gets here,” I muttered to myself, as I started rearranging the papers, and starting on them.

After about 20 minutes of working on some papers, I heard a knock at the door. 

“Come in!” I yelled out, and Jin poked his head in. 

“Hey, you wanted to see me?” his voice sounding nervous.

“Yeah, come in and shut the door, please,” I responded, after he shut the door, I added, “Jin, you have no reason to be nervous. I just want ask you something, is all." 

I saw him visibly relax, "Oh, thank god, I thought I was in trouble,” he said with a chuckle, “but what is it?" 

I took a deep breath and leaned back in my chair, "How had are JK’s wounds? I heard they aren’t bad, but I wanna heard them from the doctor himself,” Worry evident in my voice. 

Jin sat in the chairs in front of my desk before responding, “They’re not too bad. He didn’t need surgery, thank god, but I did have to pull the bullet out,” a slight grimace passed across my face, causing him to chuckle, “Yeah, that was JK’s reaction too, but he should be healed within 6 weeks? So go easy on him." 

"You mean, give him paper work?” I asked, raising my eyebrow, before laughing, then realizing he wasn’t laughing, but there was a smile on his face, “Oh shit, you’re serious. Look dude, I’d love to give JK my paper work and shit, but I don’t trust him to handle all of this. Hell, Joon barely can, and I mean barely. He rather go do some errands before he does paperwork.”

“That’s saying a lot,” Jin said, chuckling, “Joon hates errands with a passion." 

"You see what I mean? I can always get him to help on somethings around the headquarters, but he’s not doing paperwork." 

"Oh, so thoughtful of you,” Jin said, sarcastically.

“What? You think i’m gonna let him sit on his ass the entire time? As long as his arm isn’t in too much pain, he can help around my office,” I responded, rolling my eyes, “and unless you have anything to talk about or ask me, you’re free to go, unless you wanna nap in here or something." 

"That’s more Yoongi’s thing than mine, but do you want to come with me while I go check on JK? I need to change his bandages,” Jin asked me, standing up. 

“Actually, yeah. Also,” I said, as I stood up from my chair and went around the desk to meet him, “remind me to pay you double for the shit you do around here. He wouldn’t be alive without you." 

"Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be, and I don’t mind getting paid double, so you bet your ass I will remind you,” He said, smirking, and put his arm in front gesturing to go ahead, “lead the way boss.”

Arriving at JK’s "room”, I knocked on the door before hearing a, “come in,” ring out. I opened the door and saw JK sitting on his bed, his left arm wrapped up in bandages, and him looking at the TV. 

“Hey hyung, hey noona,” he said as he turned towards us.

“Hey, JK, how’s the pain?” I heard Jin ask from behind me after he shut the door. “About a 6? Maybe? I don’t know, I’m just trying to ignore it now,” he said with a grimace, then looking at me, “what were you doing while I got shot?” he asked, his voice salty.

“I swear the one time, that I’m busy, one of you gets hurt, and don’t use that tone with me, JK. I’m still your boss.” I said, a slight dominance to my voice. 

“Sorry, noona. It’s just, i’m used to you being there, and I felt alone, you know? I’m still the youngest, and as much as I benefit from my hyungs, i’m still closer with you.” He said, his voice trailing off at the end, and his head immediately being hung, like he was getting scolded, immediately making me feel bad.

“Ah, fuck, JK. You know that I didn’t do it on purpose,” I said, walking towards his bed and pulling his chair from his desk to next to the bed, “As soon as I saw the texts from Jimin, and the missed calls from Yoongi, I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t want to think too much until I knew, and once I did, trust me. They immediately assured me that you were okay, so I wouldn’t freak. I think of you as my little brother, so please be more careful, okay?" 

He grabbed my hand, "Okay noona, I’m sorry for scaring you though." 

"Don’t be, the little bastard that hurt you is gonna pay, don’t worry,” I said, as I squeezed his hand.

“Okay, I hate to break up the little family reunion,” Jin said, as I immediately glared at him, “But I need to change his bandages, so unless you wanna see this stitches that he has, I suggest you leave." 

"Okay, chill Jin, I get it,” I said laughing, which he returned with a smile, “I’ll check on you later, okay?” I told JK, and smiled at him, which I received one in response. 

“See you, noona,” I heard JK say.

“Bye JK, bye Jin,” I waved, stood up and walked towards the door.

After shutting JK’s door and walking down the hall a bit, I felt my phone vibrate. Pulling my phone out of my pocket, and seeing the message I got, I felt my heart drop. 

Oh fuck.

ieg’s kdrama list

completed (favs bolded): cheese in the trap, weightlifting fairy kim bok joo, strong woman do bong soon, w, uncontrollably fond, jealousy incarnate, you who came from the stars, oh my venus, age of youth, drinking solo, reply 1988, it’s ok thats love, cheer up, reply 1994, reply 1997

watching: bride of the water god, the best hit, oh my ghost (maybe???)

partially watched/on hold/probably will never finish: doctors, goblin, signal, introverted boss, the liar and his lover, tomorrow with you

to watch: she was pretty, the lover, healer, queen of mystery, love in the moonlight, stranger, be arrogant, the producers, fight for my way


I walked into the boss’s office.

“Do you know why I called you in here?” He asked but I already knew the answer.

“Because I accidentally sent you a dick pic” he grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine

“Accidentally?” He asked while pouring the drinks

“Well yeah..Why would I send you dick pics?” I asked while trying to hide my face from view

“Come on buddy we all know why you did it..And frankly I like how your backing down now” He saw right through my lie.

What can I do now?! I could just get up and leave…Then again i dont think he’ll let me..And I know I sent those pics when I was still sober…But..I couldn’t tell him that I’m into guys he’ll probably fire me.

“John as your boss I suggest you tell me why you really took those pics” he looked right into my eyes

“They were for my…Girl?..Friend?” I said while heating my ass off

“Oh really?” He asked still looking at my face

“Yes…” The moment I answered he got up and walked to the mic for the building

“Everyone it 8:56pm it’s best you take this night off just with a 2% cut off from your check, ask why and I’ll deduce more Goodbye!” And within​ 2 minutes the whole office was empty

He walked up to me and said “follow me”

Even though I didn’t want to be alone with him because of my embarrassment, I went just because I can’t resist his voice.

He walked me to his car and told me to get in…He could be fucking kidnapping me but I know what to do in that situation. Maybe he’s gonna send me to those camps they make for ‘not raised right’ children. Who knows what’s gonna happen…But I guess I’m ready.

I didn’t expect to end up back at his house. What are we doing here?

“Why did you bring me he-” I was shocked really.

My boss…Well never know as the Evan Fong was kissing me.

It was so unexpected..But I wanted it so bad for a while

I felt my lungs burning up for Oxygen and we pulled apart.

“I knew you liked me from the start John..Just didn’t think you’d send nudes so fast” he said as we got out car.

I blushed at this wanting to punch him in his fucking hot ass face of his. Until he grabbed my waist and pulled me towards his hot body.

“How about i treat you tonight..And show you a good time” I looked at him his eyes were full of lust and he looked right into my eyes.

“ I wanna see what you got boss boy” I whispered in his ear

That’s when we forced into a kiss as he carried me to his room. He plopped me on his bed and started making out with me. The room felt heated. I wanted his clothes off now. I tugged at his jeans and he knew exactly what I wanted.

We stopped making out and I reached to take those cock blockers off.

“Why do you wear a fucking belt?!” I said as I finally got the dam thing off.

“I have to look professional at work” he said.

I don’t want him to talk about work..I wanted to make him feel good so he’ll k ow how much I loved him.

Down to only his boxers I saw him little snake came out the hole. I pumped him through those fucking clothes for a little bit.

“J-John..Stop fucking teasing” I pulled those boxers off in a swift movement and saw that his cock was quiet huge.

I grabbed it and pumped it, watching Evan look at me and moan. I stuck his cock in my mouth and started bobbing and giving him the best blow job of his life.

“F-F-fuuck! Jon…Yo-you really are fucking great” he said as he came down my throat.

“You taste fucking great Ev~” he pinned me to the bed and started making out with me again.

“Now it’s my turn” he said in between the kisses.

He started taking off my clothes while I took off his shirt. In the minute that passed, we were both naked making out like crazy. He stood up for a little bit and walked over to his nightstand.

“Lube of course” he said as he grabbed a red bottle and came back to the bed.

He was about to put the lube on himself until I grabbed it and pumped some on him.

“J-John your doing to much work let me d-do something for a while” he said as I finished up

“But you are my boss and boss’s do the big work” I said as he kissed me and layed me back down

He positioned himself at my entrance and looked up at me. I nodded blushing at how he cared. Then a wave of pain came through me as he went in. “Tell me when to move” he said as I cried out.

Finally the pain turned into pleasure and I nodded for him to move. “I’m don’t want to be too rough” he said as he started moving slowly. I moaned at how good it felt but I wanted him to faster. So I made him slam into me.

“E-e-Evan go faster” I moaned out.

He speeding up. Trust after trust until he hit a certain spot that made me feel so good.

“E-e-Evan right t-there!” I moaned out as he went harder in the same spot.

I was a moaning mess. “Evan oh right there!” He started moaning out as well.

“E-E-EVAN I m about to-” I said as I came onto our chests. He kept pounding into me for a little longer until he came inside me.

He pulled out and layed down next to me.

“T-that was fucking great.” I said as he put his arms around me while I layed on his chest.

“Round 2?” He asked me

“Tomorrow..Right now let’s just go to bed” he pulled me closer and pulled a blanket over us.

“I love you” he said as he kissed my cheek

“I love you too Evy~” I kissed his lips and we both fell asleep right there.

Game of Chess(P.9)

Title: Game of Chess(P.9)
Pairing: Reader x many pairings(But seriously, many, like…the reader is so bad xD)(Dylan O’Brien mainly in the end)
Warnings: Smut, Age difference, Boss-employee relationship, cussing, murder, drug mentions, dark themes.
Summary: O’Brien’s is a large banking company that is overtaking the credit card industries. Their rival Pan Banking has been hitting the company hard with different tactics, taking their employees, lowering their costs to consume more customers. Y/N gets a job as Mr. O’Brien’s new assistant and he’s quite impressed with her, but there is a lot more to her past and Pan banking then Dylan had expected. But even in the twists and turns of this dangerous game, he might not care about the past she has.

Dylan’s eyes flicked up as the door to his office opened. He was almost hoping it was Y/N so he could apologize for how he reacted. It’s not like they were together, she wasn’t with him or Thomas so…if there was someone else, he didn’t have a right to treat her like that. 

Of course he was jealous. Jealous of Thomas, but this other person…the one who left a mark like that? He wasn’t jealous, he was furious. How dare someone hurt her in such a way?! 

Now, instead of wanting to apologize, he wanted to force an answer from her on who it was, but the person who walked in, wasn’t Y/N.

“Hey…” Thomas said as he shut the door. “You seem pissed. What’s up?”

Dylan shook his head, waving a hand. “That meeting just put me on edge is all.” He frowned before leaning over his desk. “What are you doing here? Thought you’d be pulling Y/N into an empty broom closet.”

Saying that put an awful taste in his mouth, but he’d say anything to mask how he was feeling. Thomas’s nose scrunched, the Brit shrugging some before sitting down on one of the chairs in the office. “That’s not gonna happen again. She’s probably never gonna look at me again, let alone touch me.”

It actually almost made Dylan happy in a smug way to know that Y/N wasn’t going to fool around with his best friend anymore, but he looked up a bit confused. “What? Why not?”

Thomas sighed. “She met Phoenix.”

Dylan raised a brow slowly. “She…didn’t know about her?”

“What? Of course not!” Thomas seemed to be shocked that Dylan would ask such a question, but his boss only snorted in response. 

“I thought you guys had some sort of open agreement. You have Phoenix, she has…whoever that jackass is…”

Thomas was quiet for a moment, it only took a few seconds for Dylan to realize what he said, but the blonde started talking before he could. “Wait…who is she seeing?”

Dylan shrugged. “I don’t know.”

The male furrowed his brow. “Then how do you know she’s seeing someone?”

“We had a moment.” When he didn’t elaborate, Thomas raised an eyebrow, expecting him to continue. Dylan sighed. “An intimate moment and…she has this bruise…a wicked mark on her shoulder. It’s a bite.” 

Thomas got an angered look on his face, but Dylan only continued. “She said it wasn’t from you, so it has to be someone else…And I shouldn’t have gotten mad, but I did and…I don’t know, I probably screwed up any chance now, but…Whoever did that…”

Thomas stood up quickly from his chair. “I have to go.”

“Wait, now you’re mad at me too?” Dylan was a bit astonished. Thomas had a fiancee and here he was getting pissed because Dylan had feelings for a girl that didn’t have them for him?

“No.” Thomas said quickly, shaking his head. “No, I’m not mad, but…I have to go deal with something.”

“Deal with what?” Dylan’s brow furrowed. “Does this have to do with Y/N?”

Thomas nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, it does.” 

“I’m coming with then.” Dylan stood up to grab his jacket. “She got off about fifteen minutes a go, she’s probably home already.”

As soon as I walked into the door, it slammed behind me, Robbie’s hand pressed against it to keep it shut. I followed the arm and moved my gaze to his face, fear welling up inside me when I saw the angered look on his face.

“This plan is over.” He growled, pulling his arm from the door to grab my wrist. “You’re leaving that job tomorrow, coming back to work as my assistant and you’re staying away from both of them, Thomas as well as that fucking boss of yours.”

I swallowed, trying to keep any feelings I had in check. “B-But what about the plan to bring them down from the ins–”

He laughed, shoving me roughly against the wall. “Do you think I need that anymore? Bullshit! I can bring them down brick by fucking brick! I don’t need your help.” His body pressed against mine, eyes full of anger. “I’m not putting what we have at risk. I can already see there’s something between you and that fucking….”

He growled, his head dipping into my neck. “You’re supposed to be mine, Y/N…” His hands traveled over my sides, his touch was rough and full of anger. “You’re only supposed to love me.”

The fear and need in his voice made me realize that if I even tried to tell him I felt differently now, I’d put myself as well as Dylan in danger. He was back to where he used to be, back to that short-tempered boy that I once knew. He was dangerous. 

“I do love you, Robbie.” I cooed, bringing a hand up to run it over his cheek. “Only you. There’s nothing–”

“Don’t!” He hissed, slamming my hand against the wall to pin it above me. “Don’t lie to me about how there’s nothing between you and Dylan! I saw it.”

He brought his lips against my neck, growling as he nipped at it. “I won’t risk losing you, Y/N. I refuse to let you go.”

I shut my eyes, trying to keep myself from showing any fear or to cry. I didn’t want to anger him any further. I shuddered as he pressed up against me. “Show me you love me, Y/N.”

I opened my eyes to see him gazing into them, his green hues filled with lust, anger and even if it was very little…love. “Robbie…”

My tone wasn’t what I wanted it to be, I had shown a sign of fear, something that Robbie didn’t want to see or hear from me. “Do you?!” 

His hands slammed against the wall on either side of me, his forehead pressed against my own. “Do you, Y/N?!” 

A knock on the door pulled him away from me. I swallowed as he looked out the window, a dark grin on his face. “Look who it is.” My eyes widened when he moved away from the door and over to his bag on the table. 

He dug through it, searching for something. I peered out the window, eyes full of fear and surprise when I saw Dylan and Thomas at the front step. Thomas reached out to knock again. “Let them in.”

I spun around to the sound of Robbie’s voice. He was holding a gun in his hand. I rushed over, grabbing the weapon in my hand and pulling him towards me, my lips finding his. I kissed him roughly, passionately. I put everything I felt for him and Dylan and Thomas all in that one kiss and then I pulled back. “You, okay? It’s only you. Me and you. Go upstairs. The plan is still on, okay? We can do this.”

Robbie shuddered, his lips lingering on mine before he let me take the gun, pressing his forehead to mine. “We can.” He replied, kissing me again. “I’m sorry, love.”

“It’s okay.” I pressed my hands to either side of his cheeks, the gun still in one hand. “It’s okay, we’re okay.” When I let go, I set the gun back in his bag before handing the whole thing to him. “Go upstairs. I’ll take care of it.”

He nodded, shoving the bag over his shoulder before sneaking upstairs to the room. I wiped at my tear filled eyes, shutting my eyes to regain my thoughts and composure before I opened the door. “Mr. O’Brien…Thomas?”

They both looked at each other and then at me. “Hey…Can we come in?” Thomas asked, looking around for some sort of sign of Robbie. I nodded and stepped out of their way.

“Listen, Dylan told me about the mark on your shoulder.”

I shot a glance to Dylan who only averted his gaze away from me. “Yeah?”

Thomas frowned. “Y/N, if someone is hurting you…please tell me.” His voice was pleading, I knew he was trying to get me to tell him that I was still seeing Robbie, that the mark was from him.

My anger towards Thomas at the moment kept my resolve strong as I crossed my arms. “Tch, go home to your fiancee, Thomas. I’m fine.”

“Come on, Y/N…” Dylan finally said, frowning some as he stepped towards me. “A bite like that isn’t good…”

I nodded. “Well if you had let me explain instead of making me leave…I’d have told you that the bite was from Robbie’s assistant. We had a night of what he called ‘fun’, in exchange for the meeting with Robbie…He was a bit rougher then I expected him to be.” 

A look of guilt flashed across Dylan’s face. “Y/N…you didn’t have too–” 

“I did what I did so we could get a face to face meeting with Mr. Kay. It may not have gone the way you wanted it too, but the Intel was worth it.” I took a step back when Dylan tried to reach out for me. “Now can you two please leave? It’s been a long day and I’d like to get some sleep tonight before work tomorrow.”

“Take the day off.” He said softly. “I’m really sorry…”

I gave him a hard look and then moved to open the door. “Goodnight.”

Thomas frowned, giving me a look that said he didn’t believe me, but he stepped through the opening anyways and headed down the front steps. 

Dylan paused in front of me, placing a hand on my cheek. “I really am sorry, Y/N…I should have let you explain.” 

I tried to keep myself strong, as much as I wanted to reach up and kiss him, as much as I wanted to tell him how scared I was of the person upstairs in my bedroom, as much as I wanted to tell him to take me with him…I only nodded, smiling some. “It’ll be okay. I’ll see you at work.”

“Day after tomorrow. Get some rest.” He smiled back, leaning down to kiss the top of my forehead. “Goodnight.”

He followed after Tommy and I shut the door behind him, making my way up the stairs, I tugged off my dress and pulled my hair from the ponytail it was in.

I shoved my door open, eyes finding Robbie as he laid across my bed. “Do you want me to show you how much I love you, Robbie?”

I loved him enough to send Dylan away, enough to ignore the dull throb of my shoulder, enough to know that he had a gun in his bag, but I still came up here, I loved him enough to stay. No matter how much I didn’t want too.

He sat up a small smirk on his face before he opened his arms. “Come here, love. Let me show you how much I love you instead.”

Snowed In

TITLE: Snowed In
AUTHOR: nakedchrisevans
GENRE: fluff
FIC SUMMARY: Tom and OC are snowed in but they have mixed reactions.
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: I really want to write another chapter of Oops My Bed but the plot bunnies are not coming out to play and I am as dry as a desert.

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Stockholm Syndrome - Ch 1

I know they’ll be coming to find me soon

But my Stockholm Syndrome is in your room


Lost. Hurt. Violated. Stolen.

Those are just a few of the things I’m feeling right now, sitting in the back seat of a stranger’s car, taken away from everything I know and the people I love. I was so close to calling the police and I blew the shot. I could be safe instead of on the way to my own doom. I could be in my boyfriend’s arms right now instead of worrying about how this strange man, my kidnapper, is going to kill me. He’s obviously a psychopath if he managed to kidnap me in the middle of a grocery store. The whole story is so stupid.

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