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I love Kirishima. A lot. And I love your blog because it mainly focus on him. I love how he brightens the show and how great his character is. But the thing is I saw some of your posts shipping him with bakugo. I don't ship him with bakugo though. I like their friendship and all. I think it's the most beautiful progress I have seen in BNHA. Their dynamic pair is good. May I know why you ship them? And please don't hate me.

Reasons to Ship Bakushima

Since you already like their friendship and think they make a good dynamic pair, you probably have a good idea of why people like their relationship. There are a countless number of reasons to ship them and their relationship has so much going for them, so I feel like whatever answer I give won’t be enough. I’ll try my best to answer this. Maybe it’s best if I list some of the main reasons why I ship them. 

1. Kirishima is important to Bakugou’s character development. 

Early on, he encourages Bakugou to have friends and allies by being a friend and ally to Bakugou himself.

Kirishima does such a good job making himself a friend and equal to Bakugou that he becomes the only classmate Bakugou can accept being rescued by without hurting Bakugou’s pride. This is a huge step for Bakugou’s character development because it shows Bakugou can learn how to accept help from someone without his ego being bruised. 

The character development Kirishima gives Bakugou helps Bakugou become a better hero by encouraging Bakugou to be a nicer individual and to work with other people. 

2. Bakugou CARES about Kirishima. 

Usually Bakugou doesn’t give a crap if someone is sad. However, Bakugou has been shown multiple times trying to cheer Kirishima up when Kirishima is sad, which is something he hasn’t done for other classmates. Bakugou cares about someone besides himself, and the classmate Bakugou cares about the most is Kirishima. 

Bakugou doesn’t care about people like a hero should. As Bakugou learns to care about Kirishima, he can become capable of caring about other people, further showing how Kirishima helps Bakugou become a better hero.

3. Despite Kirishima admiring Bakugou and wanting to be his friend, Kirishima doesn’t let Bakugou walk all over him. 

He’ll tease Bakugou like any friend would, even if Bakugou doesn’t like it. 

And he doesn’t let Bakugou get away with shit. He understands Bakugou needs to improve his behavior and will call Bakugou out on his bad behavior. 

Kirishima won’t let Bakugou get away with not calling him by his name either. Kirishima not only wants Bakugou to be his friend, he also wants Bakugou to treat him with respect. Kirishima doesn’t want to be Bakugou’s minion. He wants to be his equal. 

4. This point goes without saying, but similar to how Bakugou cares about Kirishima, Kirishima REALLY cares about Bakugou. 

Kirishima is one of the people who is most worried for Bakugou when Class 1-A hears the villains are after Bakugou.

And despite the dangers for him and his classmates, Kirishima is willing to break the rules to rescue Bakugou because he is one of the students hurt most by Bakugou’s capture. 

Kirishima checks to see if Bakugou passed the hero license exam and is worried about Bakugou when he sees Bakugou doesn’t pass.

5. Bakugou respects Kirishima. 

Bakugou sees Kirishima as a useful ally because their Quirks work well together and is willing to accept Kirishima into his cavalry battle team as a result. Then during that cavalry battle, he listens to Kirishima when Kirishima tells Bakugou to calm down, and Bakugou even refers to Kirishima by his name, something Bakugou rarely does and only does with people he respects. 

Kirishima puts up a good fight against Bakugou during the Sports Festival, showing Bakugou that he’s more than just his hardening Quirk, making Bakugou respect him even more. 

Not only does Bakugou respect Kirishima enough to be rescued by him without hurting his pride, but Bakugou remembers words Kirishima told him months later. Kirishima told Bakugou he’d be unshakable during the cavalry battle, and then Bakugou recalls those exact words months later. Bakugou doesn’t remember things unless they’re important. The things Kirishima says have a huge impact on Bakugou.

Furthermore, Bakugou thinks Kirishima is so strong that he states Kirishima can be unbreakable like All Might. Considering how highly Bakugou thinks of All Might, that’s a huge compliment and shows how much Bakugou respects Kirishima’s abilities. 

6. Bakugou is good for Kirishima’s character growth. 

Kirishima looks up to Bakugou for his unwavering determination and strength and tries to be a strong hero more like Bakugou. When Kirishima expresses how little he thinks of his Quirk and abilities, Bakugou gives Kirishima advice and helps Kirishima create his new super move, Red Riot Unbreakable. 

As demonstrated by Red Riot Unbreakable, Bakugou helps give Kirishima conviction and a more unbreakable spirit, making Kirishima more of an unyielding wall, which will improve Kirishima’s hero career. Kirishima wouldn’t be the mighty brute force he is now without Bakugou. In addition, the things Bakugou says improve Kirishima’s confidence. For instance, Red Riot Unbreakable raised Kirishima’s confidence and makes him feel stronger, which is important for Kirishima’s self-esteem. Keep in mind, Bakugou usually says things to hurt and lower other people’s confidence, so it’s very remarkable that the things he says helps Kirishima’s confidence instead. 

Although, it’s difficult for Bakugou’s threats and insults to faze Kirishima anyway. 

Considering Kirishima’s low self-esteem, Bakugou is an important person who’ll help raise Kirishima’s confidence. In addition, both Bakugou and Kirishima suffer from painful inferiority complexes, with Bakugou’s inferiority complex manifesting into a superiority complex. They can both relate to their issues and help each other. 

Overall, Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship gets lots of development throughout the series. They mean a lot to each other and help their characters grow. They’re arguably best friends. They’re so close that Iida automatically turns to Kirishima when asking about Bakugou’s whereabouts. 

I don’t expect this answer to convert you into a Bakushima shipper anon. It’s cool if you don’t ship it. This is a very loaded ask because there’s so much I can say about this. I don’t think this answer does this ship or their relationship justice because I can go on and on about why Bakugou and Kirishima are great for each other and why their relationship is important. If I didn’t list some reasons why I like them, then my answer would get disorganized and incoherent. By the way, thanks for asking this specific question. I’ve never really stated why I like Bakugou and Kirishima’s relationship, and it’s nice to finally get my thoughts out there. Although, I could still say more on the topic. 

NCT 127 reaction to you taking their sweater because it smells of them


Anon: Heyy, can you please do of NCT 127 members’ reaction to you taking their sweater because it smelled like them?

I’ve been lacking a lot of inspiration lately so decided to go for this fluffy reaction although tbh i suck at fluff lol so hopefully this’ll get the inspo flowing again. Also, thank you for 6.2k followers! Pretty good early birthday present tbh :’)

also hello i am back to doing requests and reactions instead of series :)


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Taeil, I honestly don’t see as having much of a reaction which is sometimes the case for people. He’d notice this habit of yours almost instantly, smiling fondly when your hands reach out to take his hoodie resting on his bed and then slip it on. He’s old enough to know, and probably has had this happen to him before, to know that that’s just what some people like to do. A bit of a shrug and okay, whatever situation. He’d have more a response if someone else pointed it out, asking you why you were wearing his hoodies. It wouldn’t be the question that’d make him flustered and make his heart flutter though – it’d be your reply. To him, it’d be so sweet and innocent and precious of you to say that you feel safe and comforted wearing it, knowing it reminded you of him. He’d probably make some odd sound, one between a wince and sigh, to cover up his inwards squeals of happiness, “Y/N, ah, why are you doing this to me?”


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I feel like it’d take a long time for Johnny to actually notice this because, of course, why on earth would you tell him this? Over the course of a few weeks/months, he’d notice how his sweaters would, one by one, start to vanish but then reappear in his wardrobe again a few days later. And he’d swear he’d have seen them somewhere within that time basically on u but he wouldn’t actually notice it lol Finding out would prompt a totally melodramatic and hysteric Johnny, wailing his arms about dramatically and wailing when he walks in on you trying to take one of his worn sweaters away with you. You, of course, would be startled at first and genuinely think that Johnny was upset and angry with you. But then you’d turn bored once you realise he was just being a drama queen. “Why would you do this to me!” “This is illegal, stealing is illegal, Y/N!” “My beloved sweaters! Stolen away from a random, little person in my bedroom! Help!” He’d honestly have such an exaggerated and ridiculous reaction to catching you in the act, but really, he’d find it quite cute and would only be acting like this to cover up any coo’s or aww’s and so that he looks like the big man and shit lol


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Taeyong would be so in love with you and shit that he’d probably ask you to wear them himself. “Sharing is caring, Y/N….And no, I don’t want your bright pink shorts, thanks…” would probably be how the whole thing kicked off and to be honest, you certainly didn’t mind taking his sweaters. He’d give them to you purely the fact he’d like seeing you in it but if you tell him you like wearing them because they smell of him, expect a very flushed and cutesy Taeyong. I’ve mentioned this about him before, but he’d ask a lot of questions as to why this or why that, a bit like a toddler does lmfao. He wouldn’t really know why he was asking this either, knowing fully well whatever the answer was, he’d just blush and turn all soft on you. It’d be something he’s quite proud of two, telling the other members how amazing and cute you are for taking his sweaters for that particular reason. Whoever’s listening probably just roles their eyes letting him go off on some kind of reminiscent talk about you and your relationship or something.


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You can be sure that Yuta will reap all the benefits he can and just roll about in your shyness and awkwardness. Like Taeil, he’d realise what you were doing pretty quickly and manage to suss out the reason why too, without even having to ask. He’d let you carry on a few more times before slowly starting to hide away any of his sweaters and stop wearing them as often. Just seeing your slightly shocked and upset face, the one of a guilty girlfriend who’s just realised she’s been caught out by her own boyfriend, would really make Yuta laugh and giggle. He’d tease you a lot, basically a bit of light taunting, but he’d only be messing about with you. Pinching your cheeks, cooing at you, excitedly twirling you around in circles, he’d just enjoy seeing you all flustered and awkward. But that’d the case a lot of the time and just a way of Yuta concealing his own awkwardness.


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I think Doyoung would react a lot like Johnny would, but in his typical, slightly pessimistic way that he has. He wouldn’t catch you in the middle of stealing one of his sweaters, but he’d casually notice you wearing one, one day and ask “hey, isn’t that mine?” You’d smile shyly and utter a reply, “yes…?” Dramatically, he’d sigh, throwing his arms up wildly. “How long have you been taking them? How many have you taken? Do you give them back?”, he’d ask quickly and your replies would just be, “a long time, I lost count and yes, I always give them back” – basically, a set of ideal answers, but not for Doyoung! “Ah, Y/N! I’m not made of money! Those things are 100% cotton and cost me my well-earned money. I’m not your local clothing store!”, he’d “rant” a little, trying to hide his smile but ultimately failing in the process too. If this was any other situation (or person), he’d manage to keep this act up a little bit longer and convince them he was genuinely annoyed. But he’d find this so adorable and unexpected, he wouldn’t be able to contain himself.


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Unlike a lot of the other members who would either a) tease you or b) be all awkward and stiff, Jaehyun’s reaction would be quite sweet and sincere. You, yourself, wouldn’t be shy of telling him that you were “secretly” taking his hoodies but you also wouldn’t be yodelling it from the top of the mountains either and he would just smile and hum in response, bringing you into a tight hug and reassuring you that you’re welcome to take any of his clothes whenever and wherever without doing it in secret. From then on, he’d start wearing oversized shirts and sweaters more often, sometimes giving you a few at a time if he hadn’t seen you in a few days, just so you could wear them and he could admire you in them. I think just sharing clothes in general would become the norm between you two as well; you’d have a lot of large sweaters in your own wardrobe and he’d sometimes take them because they’d smell of you too. The whole thing wouldn’t feel awkward or something to be shy or secretive about, it’d be rather cute and normal.


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At first, he’d find it a little odd, not really making the connection between you taking his clothes and why. Not saying anything, he’d ponder on it for a while, innocently asking another member why you might’ve done it. Their shocked and amused face would only confuse him more - but he’d honestly not realise the reason behind it and think perhaps you’ve taken it without realising well, you wouldn’t have told him either so- He’d end up randomly asking you one day why you keep taking his sweaters, just whilst you were doing something boring and ordinary together like washing the dishes or something. Hearing no reply and seeing how you had stopped in your tracks, he’d questioningly look at you, your cheeks flushed in embarrassment. You’d mutter the reason ever so quietly, but loud enough for him to hear, only for you to stand there together, hands soaked in dirty water and clutched onto cutlery and plates, faces red and blushed.


Originally posted by jaehyun-a

Mark is one of the youngest but I think he’d act pretty mature in this case – a little like Taeil. Seeing you engulfed in his clothes would just be a “okay, cool” kind of thing for him, not thinking much as to the reason why you might be doing or just the plain fact you were wearing his clothes. If someone else pointed it out, he might blush a bit, coughing out of awkwardness and not really saying/doing much in response. His weird and mixed reactions would confuse you a bit, you might start thinking that he actually doesn’t like you taking his clothes but isn’t saying anything to be polite. Slowly, you’d stop taking his sweaters over time, until it basically never happened again. But, Mark would notice this and he’d also be confused, not realising why you were now stopping. Innocently, he’d give you one of his sweaters, giving you a warm smile and sympathetic look, just hoping that you’d take it and wear it since he really did like seeing you on them. You’d take it and wear it, as he hoped, and take it as the okay to wear his things again.


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This would come as a complete and utter shock to Haechan. I don’t think the possibility of you taking his sweater anyway, let alone because it smelt of him, would have even crossed his mind. He’d think of it as something that only happen in movies or dramas and that no one in real life does it. Seeing you all wrapped up and practically swallowed by the thick material of his sweater, he’d blush profusely and turn away before you spotted him. He might have to take a few moments to himself to gather a few breathes and just calm down. He’s still super young so of course, naturally, he’s going to be flustered and his heart’ll be racing because he didn’t tin t was possible for you to look any cuter. Casually, he’d walk back in and just carry on with things as they were, not mentioning what he done. He wouldn’t bring it up or point you wearing his clothes out, but he might “accidentally” and subtly leave one of his sweaters at yours in hope that you’ll take it and wear it.

FIGHTER (Part 1)

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Walking out of your local supermarket, you looked up at the bleak, grey sky; it had seemed that way forever. Deeply, you sighed,there was never sunshine in your city. Carrying your heavy shopping bags on the way back home, you heard what sounded like a rough fight in the distance with cries of pain and cuss words screamed from two guy’s mouths. Fights weren’t uncommon where you were from, not since the wall was built. The stone wall at the edge of your city that split the next city apart from you was built of thick stone and was over 10 feet tall. The people from the next city weren’t allowed in. They were called ‘The Clan.’

The rumour had it that if a member of the clan so much as breathed near you, you would be overcome by evil thoughts and become a walking destruction machine. It all started in the early 1900′s when a great war broke out between the two cities and everyone the clan touched became obsessed with the person who changed them, doing whatever they pleased and killing the people from the opposite city. Of course, some parts weren’t true and the people over the wall would probably be safe, normal people but the government was so cautious and superstitious that the wall was built. In some places, it caused more anarchy and people still broke out in fights, scared that the other was in fact, an evil member of the clan. 

Walking through the dark alley as a short cut, the fighting sounds got closer and closer, filling your body with anxiety. You were tempted to run back and take the long road but that would cause you to walk an extra half hour that your hands couldn’t take due to the heavy shopping bags. You bit your lip, your heart thumping as you came to the end of the alley and finally, you could see the two men in a fight and one of them was being held up against a wall with a knife close to his neck. You gasped, never seeing such violence before. The vulnerable man had blood dripping from his busted lip, a gaze on his cheek and bruised hands. 

“I’m going to murder all of you good for nothing, waste of space bastards. You all will rot in hell.” 

The man holding the knife growled, scrunching his eyebrows and gritting his teeth in fury. As the knife was getting closer to the man’s neck, beads of sweat began to roll off your forehead, not knowing what to do. You couldn’t just let the man get killed when you knew you could change the situation. Gathering all the courage you could get, you began to walk lightly on your feat, your pulse racing, sneaking closer to the man with the knife. With all of your might, you swung the heavy, large shopping bag across the man’s head, causing him to cry out in pain and fall to the ground. You heard something crack as he hit the floor; you were sure he wasn’t dead but you were also pretty positive he wasn’t going to get up for a while. Bringing your hand to your heaving chest, you looked up at the man you’d saved. He was pretty close to the definition of beautiful. Disregarding his injuries, he had luscious plump lips, smooth looking milky skin, deep brown eyes and the most eye catching thing was his platinum blonde hair that faded in to a bright blue. No one dressed like that where you were from; it was a breath of fresh hair. The man still had fright in his eyes. He was staring at you like you were an alien. It confused you. Finally, he broke the silence. 

“Are you fucking crazy?! Why did you save me?!” 

He exclaimed, you never thought he’d be angry that you saved him. 

“You were about to have your throat cut open.” 

You raised an eyebrow, freaked out at his reaction. 

“I didn’t fucking need to be saved. I don’t need help from you guys. Don’t you get it?! If anyone saw you saving me, we’d both be shot on the spot! Get the fuck away before someone catches us.” 

You were speechless, looking at him blankly as you picked up your now battered shopping from the floor. It was odd just turning around and walking away from the guy you’d just saved from murder with no gratitude, just a scream at you. You knew he was one of them, one of the clan members and that didn’t bother you, you were just disappointed that you never even got a thank you. Looking back one last time, he was glaring at you as still as a statue in front of the unconscious man. It was an odd day to say the least. 

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As someone who wants to be a writer, like that's what I want to do with my life, I keep getting writers block and it'll last for months and is there any tips you've got to help me?

ahhhh I’m not really a writer so these might not work but I’ll do my best

  • prompts!! ask people on tumblr to send you some, or there are entire blogs devoted to it! just a short idea that you can put your own spin on and hopefully you’ll find something that’ll spark your creativity
  • try something different. take a step back form whatever project you’re struggling with and just write. describe your surroundings, describe people’s selfies (they’ll be more than willing if you offer!), write some poetry, just take a step back and try to make writing fun again
  • stop writing for a bit and try reading. that’s probably what sparked your love of writing in the first place and maybe it’ll give you some inspiration
  • try setting up a different writing schedule- a lot of people write early in the morning but try moving around your writing time to find what works best for you
  • maybe try starting a dream diary? it gets you writing and might offer some inspiration down the road
  • back to the earlier point of doing something different, just do anything creative! music, drawing, painting, any of that stuff. if you’re not much of an artist you could try keri smith’s books (they were v big on tumblr a few years ago) they’re designed to be fun and make you more creative so might help with writers block?
  • change where you write- maybe switch to writing in notes or even ditch the computer and do it by hand! gives you a fresh perspective on things

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148 for the drabble thing if u want?

You got it! 

Send me a number and a pairing

Klavier always looked so serene when he was asleep. He’d always just curl up on his side and stayed that way for the entire night. Apollo didn’t understand how, since he always tossed and turned throughout the entire night. He was frankly shocked he didn’t constantly wake Klavier up, but apparently the man slept like a rock.

Then again, Klavier did spend a large part of his late teens and early twenties living in a tour bus with at least four other people, so it was probably “become a heavy sleeper or die.” Apollo’s constant squirming was nothing compared to whatever the fuck went on in a tour bus. It also probably helped that he was jetlagged as hell since he’d only arrived in Khura’in yesterday, and was passed out on the couch in Apollo’s office. Apollo was trying to get caught up on the paperwork from the past few trials so he could maybe spend time with his boyfriend once Klavier slept off some of the jetlag.

His hair dangled off the side of the couch, just barely touching the floor. He hadn’t dyed it in a while, so he had about an inch of naturally black roots that would inevitably be bleached to his trademark blonde as soon as he returned to LA. The fact that he dyed his hair was just one of the many little things Apollo had the pleasure of learning about Klavier when they started dating.

He also learned that Klavier had a tattoo of a piano on his chest that he’d gotten on his eighteenth birthday, and that it was one of the most painful experiences of his life. Apollo thought that was hilarious, since he didn’t think any of his tattoos really hurt that bad. The one on his ribcage was probably the worst, but he certainly wouldn’t say it was one of the most painful experiences of his life.

Speaking of his tattoos, Klavier was certainly shocked to find out that Apollo had what Clay liked to call “a shit ton of ink.” He was even more shocked (well, confused is probably a better word for it) that Apollo spent half an hour every day putting concealer over the tattoos on his forearms rather than just rolling down his sleeves. Apollo didn’t really have a good answer for him.

He set the paper aside and walked over to where Klavier was sleeping. He prodded his shoulder a little. Klavier groaned, but unsurprisingly didn’t move. Apollo rolled his eyes and kissed Klavier lightly on the forehead. For some reason that woke him up, but incessant prodding did not.

“So are you fucking Sleeping Beauty now?” Apollo asked. “Waking up from a kiss?”

“Ja, mein Prince Forehead has come to rescue me,” he said. “Why do you only kiss me when I’m asleep?”

“You always beat me to it when you’re awake,” Apollo said. That wasn’t actually true, and Apollo definitely did kiss Klavier when he was awake, but it sounded sweet and poetic even if it was false.

“That was cheesy, Apollo,” Klavier said with a yawn. His eyes fluttered shut again, and Apollo figured he needed to go back to his paperwork.

This photo.  I’m dead.  I *just* joined Tumblr, so I hope I’m doing this right - I just wanted to share this story with everyone.

MegaCon Tampa 2016 was my (and my kids’) first con and it was the most amazing experience.  I was so nervous about the photos because I paid a LOT of money for the photo/autograph package and my kids tend to make silly faces in pictures and not smile.  My 3yo (mini doctor) does not like strangers (and I wasn’t sure whether, at his age, he would make the connection that this tall bearded man is the actor who plays “the spiky hair Doctor” on TV and therefore we love him.)  Afraid he would just see DT as “random bearded stranger”, I was envisioning an awkward disaster, but reminded myself that whatever happened would be a fun memory regardless.

I was elated to find out that our photos and autographs would be 1st thing in the morning since we had purchased the “Ultimate Fan Experience” package.  I knew at least the kids would be at their best and probably not cranky yet.  We arrived early and stood in line with some of the most amazing people.  My mini doctor was finally allowed to play with his sonic screwdriver, and everyone was very patient with his incessant “sonic-ing” at their costumes, jewelry, merchandise, and various body parts.

We walked into the photo “booth” with about 2 people in front of us, as David & Billie’s faces both lit up when they saw the kids in costume.  I think Billie even pointed at mini Rose.  I told the person in charge that it would be just the kids in the photo, and she motioned me to stand by the cameraman during the photo.  I am SO GLAD I was not in the photo because I got to see the entire scene unfold.


David bent down, opened his arms enthusiastically to my son, and said, “Come here!”  Then something magical happened - my son went right to him without hesitating and David picked him right up and turned toward the camera.  It was adorable and precious and so many other adjectives but mostly just random letters produced by flailing at the keyboard because adjectives don’t do it justice.  Both kids and myself were beaming as we stepped out of the booth to retrieve our photo - but the photo checker motioned us BACK INTO the booth (I’m guessing one of the kids blinked during the photo).  I was devastated - there was NO WAY the whole scene would go as well the second time.  We squeezed back into the area, and David again opened his arms to my little guy.  He practically ran into David’s arms, like he was greeting his daddy coming home after a long day at work.  It was incredible.  In fact, my mini doctor was so enamored with David, he forgot all about his precious sonic screwdriver until David reminded him, “Point the sonic!  Right there!  Right at the camera!”  It was just amazing seeing David so attentive to my son.  Several of the people behind us in line also got to witness the magic and have told me that the scene was one of the highlights of THEIR MegaCon as well!  And most of my fangirling has been over David, but the fact that my mini Rose is also smiling in this pic is a HUGE testament to Billie’s sweetness and friendliness. We had literally practiced making a nice smile for the photo and all I got was a blank stare.  Rose is by far my daughter’s favorite companion and I know she was completely thrilled at meeting Billie and how Billie squealed over her costume (On a side note, Eleven WAS her favorite Doctor - but I think she is a TEN convert now after meeting David!)

We moved on to the autograph line and waited while David and Billie finished the rest of the photos.  My 7yo (mini Rose) wanted to say something to David - I wasn’t sure we would have time to say much at all but when we got to David I said, “She wanted to tell you something” and he patiently leaned over the table to hear her and said, “What did you want to tell me?”  She told him she loved his performance in Much Ado, and I mentioned that she was a big fan of Shakespeare after watching him in Much Ado and Hamlet.  He said “Oh, I love hearing that!” 

She also got to ask him a question in the DT/BP panel at the end of the day, but I will save that for another post!

eighth day of the summer: “a little bit louder now (1)”

day 2 of my “movies that were gay but somehow weren’t” event: supercorp pitch perfect au, part 1. a lil nod to skimmons if you squint.

this fic is for @nerdaday because they’re cool and send me cute animal pictures thanks mate

Lena glares angrily at her pillow. Then at the wall. Then at the small hula girl figurine on her new roommate’s desk. Unfortunately, none of these items turn into a plane ticket to LA, preferably booked under a false name so Lillian can’t intercept her at the airport.

College. Ugh. Lena’s doesn’t need to be here, and more importantly, she doesn’t want to be here. She’d figured turning eighteen and graduating valedictorian of her high school would be enough to slacken her adoptive mother’s grip, but Lillian Luthor is still a vice around her life, all go-here, do-this, say-that.

Which is how she ended up at National City University, at Lionel’s alma mater, in a residential block named after her family, to have what Lillian calls “the traditional college experience”. And Lena wouldn’t have a problem with it if her mother was doing it for her own good, but Lena knows for a fact that she isn’t – Lillian just wants to ensure she can drag Lena kicking and screaming into a high-ranking position at Luthor-Corp the second she graduates, and to avoid accusations of nepotism while she does it.

All Lena wants, all she’s wanted since she was four years old and huddled in the orphanage basement with a stolen radio, is to make music. Is to take talent and sound and turn it into something spectacular. She even wrote her own software for mixing, and showed it to Lillian, hoping it would prove her dedication to her craft. All it proved was that Lillian could enrol her in an information technology degree at any school in the country in under an hour.

At least her roommate, Daisy, seems nice, if weirdly eager to join the biochemistry club for someone studying IT. She’d invited Lena to come with her to the Activities Fair several times, and Lena’s starting to wish she’d taken her up on it, because stewing in her own misery has lost its charm after forty-five minutes.

Sighing, Lena heaves herself up, puts on her darkest jacket and grumpiest scowl, and heads down to the quad. Who knows, maybe there’ll be some kind of DJ group she can join, though she can’t imagine anyone terribly serious about the music industry would be at this college, of all places.

/ / /

“Hi, would you like to join the Cliffs Notes?”

Lena would normally walk right by her, just as she has the other six people who have already accosted her. But this girl is blonde and pretty and has a wide, bright kind of smile, and all of a sudden, Lena finds herself in the mood to make an exception.

“Cliffs Notes?” she asks. “Like a study guide group?”

The girl pushes her glasses up her nose in a nervous sort of gesture, and is quick to clarify. “No, no. But if you need help, my sister Alex is very smart -” The tall, dark-haired girl in the booth behind them coughs. “Right. Cliffs Notes. We’re actually an acapella group. The name is just kind of a joke. All the teams have stupid puns like that.”

All the teams?” Lena raises an eyebrow. Who’d have thought collegiate acapella could possibly inspire enough teens to join that they’d have enough members for two groups? Although, now she thinks about it, with this girl recruiting, it’s definitely possible.

The blonde girl nods, her smile widening again. “Yes. I’m Kara, and that’s my sister, Alex. All the other Notes graduated, so we’re looking for lots of new members! Last year, we got to go to New York, which was awesome. It’s a great way to have fun, meet people, and make friends!” Lena suspects this last line is part of a pitch speech, if the way Alex mouths along to it with a slightly exhausted expression is anything to go by. Although Lena can hardly imagine the rest of that slightly rambling monologue with planned.

As cute as Kara is – and she is really, really cute – Lena was kind of un-sold by the threat of doing things, going places, and meeting people. It’ll only be a hot second before someone realises she’s “Lena as in Lena Luthor?”, and then everyone’s pre-packaged opinions about a billionaire family and a girl they’ve never met before today will ruin everything. Plus, music with no music? Not really Lena’s thing.

“Thanks but no thanks,” she says, and walks away quickly so Kara’s pout can’t change her mind.

She still takes the flyer with her, though.

/ / /

The only good thing about this dumb school is the college radio station, which Lena managed to score an internship at under the radar. She can only imagine she’ll be mysteriously redundant when Lillian inevitably finds out about it, but for now, she’s going to enjoy a little freedom.

Even if that freedom transpires to be stacking CDs with a babbling boy named Winn, who is, if you ask Lena, a bit too enthusiastic about life in general, and most importantly, college.

“… and I’m going to audition for the Trebleshooters – I met their captain, James, at the Activities Fair, and he made it sound awesome!”

“Is that like the Cliffs Notes?” Lena finds herself asking, even though, as she has sternly told herself, she doesn’t care. About acapella, or this boy, who seems determined to talk his way through their entire shift until they somehow level up into being friends.

Winn’s face lights up. “You’re in acapella, too? That’s so cool! I mean, we’ll be competing against each other, but still!”

Lena can just about see the exclamation marks popping up in the air around him, but it’s not giving her as much of a headache as she would’ve thought. “No,” she says. “I don’t sing.”

Winn’s expression falls for a moment, before his grins slides neatly back into place, and he’s suggesting she come watch the auditions anyway, because they’re “a laugh and a half”.

Lena shakes her head at him but she can’t seem to shake the idea just as easily.

/ / /

In her defence, Lena didn’t think anyone else would be in the showers this early, which makes her public singing a little more forgivable, she thinks. It’s hardly public if no one else can hear you, right?

Also in her defence, where Lena comes from, people don’t whip back the shower curtain and say, “You can sing! I knew it,” like some kind of crazy, acapella gotcha-journalism.

Lillian probably didn’t mean Lena singing a naked duet with some weird but adorable blonde girl from the Activities Fair when she talked about the traditional college experience, but whatever.

For the record, Lena is totally legit about the whole thing, and doesn’t peek once, keeping her eyes on the ceiling, and then on Kara’s blue ones.

“You have to audition for the Cliffs Notes,” Kara calls over her shoulder as she disappears as quickly as she arrived.

Lena’s brain is still short circuiting, and it takes her a while to remember she’s in the shower, and has plans for the rest of the day that involve not standing frozen in a shared bathroom stall for eternity.

/ / /

She lurks in the wings, watching the other singers, and swinging wildly from thinking “this is a terrible idea” and “what do I have to lose?”, which makes for a dizzying half hour.

Winn, as terrible as he is at filing CDs, actually has an awesome voice, and she can see the Trebleshooters nodding along in the corner where they’re all obnoxiously huddled around their three-foot-tall trophy. Lena feels a “compensating for something” joke rising in her throat but there’s no one to whisper it to, so she just smirks to herself and hums along.

Lena didn’t realise they were supposed to prepare a particular song, and while Alex watches her a little doubtfully, Kara assures her it’s okay.

And what do you know? It is.

/ / /

Winn is clearly more than a little drunk by the time he finds her in the stands, awkwardly observing some coming-of-age-movie-worthy underage drinking and general debauchery.

“Lena! My old friend, my CD-stacking sister-from-another-mister,” he rambles, and even though he’s being a little generous with the closeness of their relationship, she finds she doesn’t really mind all that much. Winn had been very clear about not caring about who people’s dads are, and she got the feeling he had something he didn’t want to talk about, either. She’s felt a lot more comfortable with him since that. A kind of solidarity, she guesses. A let’s be less shitty than the people who came before us sort of thing.

“Winn. How’s the lukewarm beer?”

He grins at her, his eyes slightly unfocused. “It is wonderful, Lena. You must have some. Ooh! Here! Have mine. I am so proud of us. Look – we’re hanging with the cool kids!” In his eagerness to point out some of the least-dorky acapella dorks, he nearly falls over. Lena manages to save him, but not his beer. Well, what she thought was beer. The way it hisses when it hits the concrete suggests it was brewed by some particularly enterprising and non-discriminating partygoers.

Winn eventually staggers away to go make a fool of himself on the dance floor, but Lena keeps an eye on him. It’s not like she cares, but, well – she’d hate to have to befriend a new radio intern.

It’s only a few minutes before Winn is replaced by none other than Kara Danvers, co-captain of the Cliffs Notes, as she’d introduced herself at their weird, Berry Farm-themed initiation ceremony.

“I think we’re gonna be fast friends,” she informs Lena, standing far too close. Or, really, not close enough.

hey kids, hope you liked it. there will be a part 2 tomorrow. don’t forget to hmu if you have anything you want written.

petricxhor-deactivated20171007  asked:

I think the Volturi could potentially be exposed, thanks to social media. Imagine a tourist posting a pic on Instagram about going to the Volturi Castle and then they're never seen again. Police could just start there and would probably put 2 and 2 together (unless they're just as clueless as Charlie, oops). They're all so old, I doubt that they're checking to see if anyone has a cell phone or an Instagram account.

I’m definitely curious about how up on social media the Volturi are.  Obviously they wouldn’t have lasted so long without being forward-thinking and savvy, but social media and technology is moving so fast that a lot of humans can’t even keep up, let alone vampires who move at a much slower pace (ie how Edward said it might be 30 years before the Volturi even thought of Bella again). I think if the vampire world does get exposed it will end up with something like that, although at first it won’t be taken seriously, seen as some sort of cruel prank or internet hoax or “there’s some logical explanation” and the Volturi will pull all their strings behind the scenes to cover it up.  For example, the police do investigate and trace it to this castle in Volturi and then they are paid off, or killed, or turned, or whatever, so they are kept quiet. Or some upper-level government person kills the investigation because they are in on the secret. Or whatever. 

But it might be even more likely that some nomad is the one who ends up being caught, having less awareness of the human world (why would they care about the gadgets the cattle have?) and thus not being as careful as the Volturi, and the story getting out to more people before being covered up by the Volturi machine. 

It would probably take a lot to convince most people. Of course there are enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists who would believe the early footage and jump to the vampire conclusion right away, but this sort of evidence would have to build up over time, and be presented by some reliable source (and what is that in the age of ‘fake news?’) for the majority of people to believe it. It would probably be stuck in the realm of Big Foot or alien abductions for a long time, barring some really dramatic footage (like, a vampire saying “I am a vampire” and eating the newscaster and camera crew on live TV). 

30 people in a small apartment on very little sleep = what is brain how do brain. I snuck out pretty early and am having that whole “I never want to talk to another human being again” thing, but it was objectively a Good Time. Got another total-newbie player (and possibly his boyfriend at some point?) for my D&D game! So far we’ve got a tiefling druid, a half-elf sorcerer, and an elf ranger, so whatever he picks will probably be a good pull. Gonna drag everyone over to my place once our ranger gets back from his business trip next week to build characters, and then it looks like possibly Friday nights as game night for as long as I can maintain a once-a-week pace. The folks who’d played before both mentioned a strong interest in an RP-heavy game, and the two new players thought that sounded great, so I am pretty excited to see what the heck happens with that.

New Perspective: A Solangelo Fanfiction

Drew’s the best and also the worst, and also I haven’t written a lot of witty dialogue lately, I missed that. So you know I had to bring back some of the snap. Also all the lube available and Nico with a ponytail. Cause you know, those things should never be mutually exclusive in fanfiction ;) 

(this fic takes place after the events of Lover-Cares)


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“Nico, what the heck?” Austin said, looking rather startled. “Did you seriously just refer to yourself in the third person.”              

“It’s never too early for some good old fashion dissociation and self-hatred my guy,” Nico said with a probably terrifying half-smile half-baring of teeth he cheers his coffee and downed it. Noting Kayla and Austin’s genuinely unamused faces, he scoffed. “My comedic skills are lost on you people, I swear.”

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…wow okay apparently a lot of my friends had an early Halloween party and just. Didn’t tell us. I probably couldn’t have gone anyway, along with the other two people who probably weren’t told, cause we had our smaller D&D campaign last night, but I don’t think the friends even knew that, they just didn’t tell us.

FANFIC: THE GROUPIE - a Kadam AU Saturday fic

This week’s Prompt:

Adam and Kurt have never met, but Adam is a huge fan of One Three Hill and can’t pass up the chance to meet their lead singer.

AN: This is already AU so just for the sake of simplicity, assume that Kurt never got back together with Blaine and is currently single.


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I was just wondering if you've got an kind of receipts on Halsey???


hello lil pal!!! this is going to be super fun and a little nerve wracking. (also this actually took me three days to make, fuck). 

(before i start, i’d like to thank leghannepinnock & englishgraffiti for helping me find all of these links because it wouldn’t have been possible without them tbh).

*this post generally excludes tweets because she has so many tweets, it’d be impossible to go back and read like a year of them. but if i find any specific links/tweets after I post this, it’ll be updated.*

Originally, I was going to make a super long post about how she broke the internet in 2012 and how people that have been in the 1D (and or the 5SOS) fandom since late 2012/early 2013 have known about her for ages and have some really strong opinions on her. 

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Calum is so deeply in love with all aspects of music I find myself in a state of awe every time I think of it. This boy chose music over God knows whatever else was to come his way. He writes music, breathes music, and even fucking reads about music just to grasp more of an understanding about his art. He puts so much dedication and passion into all of his music and I can only imagine how many nights have turned into early mornings whenever he’s writing because the song has to be perfect. Everything he does and probably ever will do, will somehow be tied to music. Some people may see Calum as just being the “bassist of 5sos,” but he’s so much more than that. Calum is one big chunk of the puzzle and without him, you’d never get to see the complete masterpiece that is created. 


Photos taken at a warehouse in Grangegorman where 30 people are living, and have created an incredible community, art space and garden. Some have been living there for a year and a half.
Two days ago the police arrived in the early morning in an illegal attempt to evict them. Residents were attacked, beaten, some seriously injured, some trapped in their homes and some trapped outside. They will be returning tomorrow, probably with eviction notices.
In Ireland, it’s more important that empty warehouses be empty than that the space be used creatively. Whatever the right or wrong, the life and the space that has been created here is incredible.

anonymous asked:

I'm honestly just.... Do you not think justin has had it hard? He's one of the most hates people, people have signed petitions to get him away from America??? Like I don't see petitions going around for ariana or Demi, idk i agree on the fact that women might have it harder but Jesus, Justin's had it hard as well? He's owned up to his mistakes and clearly grown up, maybe people actually see that and give him another choice

he hasn’t grown up tho lmao i’m always willing to forgive ppl who make mistakes but he keeps making them??? just this morning he started flipping chairs after being told to leave a restaurant in paris (which is what inspired that post), was it last week that he literally left a concert early bc some fans weren’t listening to him instead of just getting security to deal with them.. he keeps doing the same old shit and people literally talk about it for a day and move on. i know he’s apologised for some of those things but apologies start to mean less when you have to make them every day.

and i know he’s been hated publicly in the past but right now as far as i can see he’s not hated generally lol i know i shouldn’t judge how hated he is solely based on tumblr but using it as a gauge, i can tell you i’ve seen 2309482340 more hate posts about demi lovato for not being happy that a bad, photoshopped picture of her was being used as a meme than i have for justin bieber who is constantly doing intentionally rude and disrespectful things. i imagine if demi left a concert early because she was annoyed at some fans or started flipping chairs in restaurants, people would talk about it for longer and be more critical and it would probably become a widespread meme.

the fact is that whatever justin does, even if he does face consequences, he is forgiven for it sooner than he would if he wasn’t white or a male.  yeah, he was extremely hated in 2013, because he did things like piss in restaurant mop buckets. if he’s ‘had it hard’ it’s been completely because of things that he himself has done so i don’t have much sympathy for him. i don’t care if people are still fans of him and my post wasn’t even about disliking him, it was about finding it incredibly frustrating that he continues to get away with gross behaviour when many many other artists have been publicly crucified for a lot less.

1. My best friends smile, probably because I’ve seen tears for far too long
2. The way dogs wag whatever tale they have, I guess I just miss my pets some days
3. My favorite bands music blasting my headphones, because they exist, and I exist.
4. The way my boyfriends arms make me feel safe, in a way no one else’s ever quite have
5. My little brother talking about a future, because I remember the fear when he was born too early
6. Sitting and watching a crowd of people, realizing you will never be a part of their very intriquet lives.
7. The way smoke stings just a little the very first time you inhale, it reminds me my lungs weren’t meant for this
8. Old country songs that remind me of growing up and childhood
9. The look on kids face when they see Santa, because magic still exists for them
10. My own heart beat, because it fought the odds, and here it is still beating
—  A list of things I find extrodinary, that most people see ordinary