this is probably early for some people but whatever

1. My best friends smile, probably because I’ve seen tears for far too long
2. The way dogs wag whatever tale they have, I guess I just miss my pets some days
3. My favorite bands music blasting my headphones, because they exist, and I exist.
4. The way my boyfriends arms make me feel safe, in a way no one else’s ever quite have
5. My little brother talking about a future, because I remember the fear when he was born too early
6. Sitting and watching a crowd of people, realizing you will never be a part of their very intriquet lives.
7. The way smoke stings just a little the very first time you inhale, it reminds me my lungs weren’t meant for this
8. Old country songs that remind me of growing up and childhood
9. The look on kids face when they see Santa, because magic still exists for them
10. My own heart beat, because it fought the odds, and here it is still beating
—  A list of things I find extrodinary, that most people see ordinary

Calum is so deeply in love with all aspects of music I find myself in a state of awe every time I think of it. This boy chose music over God knows whatever else was to come his way. He writes music, breathes music, and even fucking reads about music just to grasp more of an understanding about his art. He puts so much dedication and passion into all of his music and I can only imagine how many nights have turned into early mornings whenever he’s writing because the song has to be perfect. Everything he does and probably ever will do, will somehow be tied to music. Some people may see Calum as just being the “bassist of 5sos,” but he’s so much more than that. Calum is one big chunk of the puzzle and without him, you’d never get to see the complete masterpiece that is created.