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Hey there Cor! Is it just me or does the weird smiley face under Sauko's ice cream on her TG calendar post look like Shikorae to you? Or perhaps it's just a stylistic choice...

Hi there! I’m so glad you sent this ask actually because today I also noticed that the same face was on Saiko’s blankets when she was first introduced:

I’m not sure if that’s a logo/symbol from a game or series outside TG (one from one of Saiko’s games or anime?) but you’re right, it does look a bit like Shikorae!

At first I thought it was a reference to a one eyed ghoul because of the cross over one eye. But you know what else the eyes look like? 

Playstation buttons. Which probably reminds you of another character:

Saiko was first introduced playing a PS too and if anyone hasn’t already read it, there’s the theory by @wanglang1313 here [x] that each of the Quinx are tied to a character with a corresponding colour in one of the colour art. Mutsuki was paired with Torso. Urie tied with Kanae. Shirazu with Nutcracker. And Saiko with Scarecrow.

If the face is meant to resemble Shikorae, there’s a few theories floating around tumblr that connect. 

Either way, I’d place my bets on that face being a reference to Scarecrow and foreshadowing Saiko’s involvement with that character!

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In your post about radiation in Junkertown I read that you think Junkrat must have been 3-5 years old when it happened. So theoretically speaking, do you think it's possible that Junkrat, Roadhog, and others survived after the explosion by living in the outskirts of the town (farther away from the gas)? And do you think Junkrat had a childhood? Because I see fics around that say he grew up without having one.

I’ll split my answer up to make it more coherent lmao

1. They had to have moved far away from the initial explosion because if they didn’t, they probably would have died along with the rest of the other people from ALF. I don’t believe Blizz when they say the Junkers took up residence in “the shadow of the omnium”. Maybe they’re close enough to not immediately die from the radiation so that they can scavenge the husk of the factory but… well, I already said my piece on it lmao 

2. Well… technically everyone has a childhood, don’t they? I based my timeline on that one fanmade timeline that’s floating around on Tumblr, and it’s estimated that Junkrat was indeed at the very most 5 years old when the explosion happened. Did he have a good childhood? Ehhhh probably not. But was it so bad? I guess it depends on what you believe, because Blizzard is– as usual –turning an American-centric eye towards things. They describe Junkertown as a lawless, cutthroat society but one quick lil Google search shows that Mateship is a cultural idiom that most Australians uphold, esp in the military. 

Knowing this, and knowing that it would also be fucking stupid to be senselessly violent in an already dire situation quickly changes what kind of society Junkertown truly is. Hyperindividualism is just an American “virtue” that we like to think is a good thing, esp in societies that lack “””””proper governments””””” but it’s about as useful as believing in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, or meritocracy.

Junkertown isn’t a lawless society, it should be a close-knit community… otherwise no one would survive, especially kids. So I think Junkrat had… not a great childhood, but he was taken care of as much as he could have been by those who could take him in. 

While my TruForce Kickstarter experience hasn’t been exactly perfect, what with my X-Kai figure missing (but hopefully soon on the way), I still am quite thrilled with the quality of the figures and the packaging they came in.

I held off on opening anything until I heard back on the status of my shorted merchandise, but finally got around to unwrapping what I do have today. As great as Bandai’s D-Arts line is, hot damn I’d love some more unique Megaman TruForce figs!

My print was a little bent in the bottom right corner, but wanted to scan it to preserve it, despite it probably already floating around in better quality out there among cyberspace.

Ride Chaser? It’s still the Acid Ace chopper to me. ;D

Hrmm…first time tumblr has told me my 600 DPI scans are too large to upload. Ah well. They’re always shrunk on me no matter what.

Scanned from: TruForce Collectibles MMX Kickstarter Backers Limited Edition Print, drawn by Keisuke Mizuno

Devlog 1.0

Firing up a test run posting here, I don’t normally write much text on Tumblr but here’s to new-old experiences!  I’ll mainly be chronicling the progress of my card game, Fields of Eleria, although much of it is already done it probably wouldn’t hurt to have some officially published stuff floating around and post up things on current and upcoming developments.

The premise of the game, the elevator pitch if you will, is that it’s a mini-MOBA in your pocket, a head-to-head customizable card game brawler, Magic: the Gathering meets Lord of the Rings meets League of Legends and DOTA2. It is a game of momentum, where your choices of heroes and minions clash against your opponent’s as you battle out for dominance of the six game fields and maneuver to destroy your opponent’s base. Design your deck, plan your strategies, and fight for your road to victory.

I wanted to create a customizable card game set in a high fantasy world of my creation, pooling from game systems that I love and admire but trying to give my own spin on mixing them together.  The decks are fully customizable, I have plans on releasing more card sets in the future to further expand upon the game’s story and deckbuilding options. I wanted to make the initial core set fully complete, no buying booster packs in hopes of landing that chase rare card, you just buy the set or a specific deck and you get all the cards, multiples so you can custom tailor your build experience to your liking.

My goal is to have offerings of card sets for each faction and then one complete core set that will have multiples of all the cards from the first core card set. The factions will have multiple copies of all that faction’s cards and various support cards. I’ll have to do a bit more research into specifically how many cards of each I’ll need to print at a minimum, but that’s my target goal.

That’s the general gist of it.  I’m mainly making a game for myself but I also hope that there are others who enjoy competitive head to head games who might also enjoy this, too.  Stay tuned for more updates and insights!  Thanks for checking this out.

For people struggling to find Pokemon that show up on the radar in Pokemon Go

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the tracker/radar you get in Pokemon Go as I’ve lost one too many Vulpix to that bugger, and this is what I’ve found.

So most people already know that the footprints represent how far away the Pokemon is, 3 footprints mean it’s still pretty far, and 0 means you’re right on top of it. But there’s a misconception I commonly see floating around tumblr that’s probably stopping people from successfully finding specific Pokemon in the list.

Firstly, the white pulse that comes from the radar simply means it’s updating.

It doesn’t mean that you’re getting closer to the Pokemon. Assuming it means you’re going the right way is false and you could actually be walking directly away from your desired Pokemon.

Now the best way to actually take advantage of the radar from what I’ve seen, is to have it open. Not only will it update where you can actually see it, but you can use it to tell how close you are to your target. With the radar open, choose a Pokemon you want to find. Don’t click it, as that’ll just minimize the tab back down and you won’t be able to use this method.

When you’ve made your choice, simply start walking in a direction. Eventually the list will seem to shuffle itself.

Now did your Pokemon move up or down the list?

If it went UP, then good news, you’re getting closer! If it moved further down you need to turn around and try a different direction as you’re moving away. The closest Pokemon in the list will always be at the top, which is what you’re taking advantage of. Obviously if there’s only one or two on the list it won’t work as well, I usually try this method around PokeStops with lures on them, or in busy cities where more Pokemon seem to appear (at least for me!).

Eventually you should be able to find your desired critter, and hopefully have better luck then with the other method.

Never thought i'd say that, but it's just about time to show the BBC that they shouldn't shit with us...

Dear fleshdom, you might have seen versions of this screencap of BBC3’s latest tweet floating around tumblr (I saw versions of the lovely simonsbdff and the amazing inthefleshcast):

As much as i support more (quality?) zombie shows on TV, this is shit.

Who got the idea “Oh hey, BBC3, a channel that will probably get taken off of telly soon…They got that one zombie show, right? The one that’s currently on ice? Aw, fuck that and it’s ever-growing fanbase, let’s make a new zombie show!”

Now, inthefleshcast have thankfully already organized a mass-tweeting on 8pm UK time today: (Check out their post about it here and REBLOG it, we need to spread the word as quickly as possible!)


BBC3 won’t answer our questions about a season 3? BBC as a whole lets us wait about ten months without any kind of decision, and we are still waiting?

Fine. Play-time is over in my opinion.

While tweeting tonight at 8pm UK time, make sure to add the hashtag #AnswerUsBBC3. It is really important that you tweet and that you add the hashtag if you do. We want to get this one trending tonight.

What also is important? As inthefleshcast said, send all your tweets under BBC3’s tweet about it!

I’m also thinking about making an online “signature collection”, not a petition to save the show, because this already exists, but just a form to show bbc(3) how many people actually care about that show. Once again. Because they still haven’t got it.

(I won’t do this without enough backup of the fandom though, because if we collect about 30 signatures? As much as i’d appreciate every single one of them, I’m not so sure they’d help us. This would be about numbers to show. So if you want me to do that? Send me a message and tell me so, once i’ve collected a few of those, I will.)


!I’m quite sure you know this blog as a peaceful one, maybe very enthusiastic regarding polls etc, but peaceful, and without spreading any hate. This will stay that way, don’t worry, but I can’t guarantee you won’t see a few “angry” posts in the next time. If you don’t want to see them for personal reasons, you can blacklist #wtfbbc and you should be safe.!

Let’s get started, fleshdom.

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I’m thinking of putting together a kind of LDS social media SWAT team to write about topics on a pretty regular basis, dispel rumors and refute falsehoods floating around on this site, and generally just create an increased positive Mormon presence on Tumblr (and Facebook, and other places as well probably). I already have a couple people on board, but I would like to have several more at least. Are any of you interested in participating in something like this?

So there’s probably already an answer for this floating around on tumblr, but I haven’t seen it. Why is Newt’s right wrist wrapped up? I don’t remember this from the book, I could just be forgetting, but obviously they’re taking care to cover up that particular wrist. Is it injured like his leg???? Is he hiding self harm scars????? Is there some practical purpose for it, or is he just like “The world may be a shit show, but there’s always time for style.”