this is probably a lot of months too late


Aaand I’m late to the party…

I’m Kata! I’ve been here for a few months now, I’m just too shy to make myself seen most of the time…

Ethan’s videos keep putting a smile on my face day after day (even through the roughest times), not to mention seeing someone else my age who also has ADHD and does the little things I do, yet is loved and legitimately adorable just means a lot, you know? Makes my little heart all happy

Anyways, here’s some of the things I’ve drawn of Ethan since they’re probably a lot nicer than my face

Husband! Doyoung

Request: hello :) could you do a husband!doyoung? love your writings♡

  • i swear we need more doyoung scenarios up here on tumblr
  • i probably read like every single one already wow i love him so much
  • so im here writing this up!!
  • i hope this isnt too bad though, i feel like my husband au’s are pretty similar to the boyfriend series
  • but let’s start

  • so this bunny’s been hinting you a lot lately for the past few months that he’s preparing something

  • and he makes it so obvious, you suspect everything he does is going to be the proposal
  • “babe how would you like me to propose to you”
  • “what do you think of getting a bigger apartment?”
  • “hmm would you prefer an old school typical ‘propose in a restaurant’ or something unusual?”
  • and everytime you answer with a “it’s up to you babe”
  • he gives you that one stare and acts like he’s pissed
  • because he really doesnt know what to do
  • but a few minutes later he’s cuddling up with you again so
  • so thanks to taeyong’s and johnny’s advice™
  • he finally thought of a cute and unique way to ask you
  • like always he’s packing lunch for you, waking up early in the morning to make you your favourite sandwiches
  • which you’re super thankful for
  • and before you leave for work,
  • he gives you a hug and pecks your forehead
  • “have a fun day at work baby”
  • and you give him a weird stare because he nevers say that to you, as compared to his usual “dont miss me too much at work” & “you could’ve stayed home with me today but you chose work i love you”
  • but he gives you the sweetest and cutest gummg smile and your heart flutters!!!! so you just give him a peck on the cheek
  • later at lunch when you open your lunch box to eat,
  • you were in shock because the foods were all cut up in the alphabets/letters ‘marry me?“
  • and you saw a small slip of paper beside the lunchbox
  • so you took it up to read
  • “no i’m not kidding babe, i’m serious, will you marry me?”
  • so being super happy and shocked at the same time you start calling him
  • “babe it’s lunch now and i just saw it. what- im super-”
  • “i know, turn around”
  • and when you do he’s over there with his arms wide open with flowers in his hand
  • so you run to him and say yes!!
  • he has the biggest smile again and all your colleagues are aw-ing & ooh-ing because you both are the sweetest
  • okay so him as a husband
  • sometimes he’d be the sweetest and most romantic person
  • but other times he’s just nagging & complaining 24/7
  • and because of that taeyong became your rant buddy because he can relate to you the most
  • which made doyoung even more pissed off because it’s taeyong
  • “you should’ve married him if you love talking to him that much”
  • “aw babe you’re jealous”
  • “no”
  • “but you’re so cute when you’re jealous though”
  • “dont make this move on me, it wont work-”
  • “i love you more than anyone else!!!”
  • and he becomes a blushing mess and trying to not giggle but fails
  • so he opens his arms wide for you to hug
  • but when he’s sweet you cant help but melt
  • because he doesnt hesitate to help you with anything
  • in fact he does most of the housework but doesnt complain
  • and loves buying you gifts and surprising you
  • he bought you a life-sized bunny plush toy because he felt that he was always busy with schedules and wasnt able to spend time with you
  • but when he finally has the time though, the both of you would spend the whole day just lying in the bed,
  • arms & legs tangled with one another
  • talking and catching up with everything
  • and he always updates you on the other members because like doyoung you love the others a lot and take care of them like kids
  • “mark wrote another song today and it was wonderful”
  • “aw as expected, it’s mark! is it going to be on the next album?”
  • “i hope so! the lyrics were really good though”
  • “time to compliment him when i see him the next time”
  • so whenever you go over to their dorms, you try to compliment the members because they’ve working hard
  • which is why they all love you and always teases doyoung about it
  • “yuta!! i heard you did great for the previous practice, good job hehe”
  • “aw thanks Y/N! how’d you know though? did doyoung tell you?”
  • “yeah! he said that even when he was watching you, he was staring in awe”
  • “DOYOUNG AH i didn’t know you love me that much”
  • “what did you tell him babe”
  • “i see you love talking about us to your wife and they’re all good things, unlike you in front of us!!”
  • “please yuta hyung don’t do this”
  • “be nicer to us more often like the words you say to her, i’d appreciate that”
  • “er no thanks”
  • but you all laugh about it in the end because it’s only a joke
  • okay but arguements and conflicts occur from time to time
  • mainly because the both of you disagree with something
  • and it gets really serious it turns into a big problem
  • one time you two didnt talk for two days straight
  • but after taeyong talked to him and some self reflections, he came up to you apologised
  • which made you cry because you felt bad for not understanding him
  • which also made him tear up because to him nothing hurts more than seeing you cry
  • but everything was settled and you were both happy again after cuddling for the whole night
  • loads of skinship
  • always has his hands on you somehow
  • and gives you kisses at the most random places
  • especially your neck
  • which always sends chills down your back
  • but he loves it
  • at the end of the day he’s thankful for you and your whole existence
  • without you he wouldn’t be able to be where he is right now
  • so he shows his gratitude to you by showering you with affection and love
  • and you’re glad you chose the right one
  • sweetest couple ever!!!

Ramadan Kareem to my beloved Muslim friends! ♡

I pray this month brings to you lots of joy and a stronger bond with the Faith and God. This will be my third fasting month on this blog, and I quite literally cannot wait to go to bed late (4 AM late), so that I can talk to people from other time zones. I don’t sleep after iftari, because what is the point, so I will probably be online or reading books. I’m making it a goal to finish my Al-Ghazali books this Ramadan.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. If you’re ill, please be kind to your body and mind. God is there, and He knows what is in your heart. It is okay to have bad days, and it is okay to walk at your own speed.

Be safe, and have a blessed month!

30 day summer study challenge - xvii/xxx

advice for new studyblrs

Hey lovelies! So today’s challenge was to list down some advice for new studyblrs/things I wish I knew when I was starting out. Quite a bit of what’ll be mentioned here has probably already been mentioned by other studyblrs, but let’s get to it! ヾ(❀╹◡╹)ノ゙

  • Make an introduction post - this is super important guys and admittedly a step I forgot to do oops! It let’s the community know that there’s a newcomer + get’s your studyblr out there. Tell us about yourself! From the basics like your year level to your hobbies and interests, we’d love to hear them! Tbh it helps a whole lot with my next tip! Also!! If you’re like me and have had a studyblr for MONTHS but never made an intro post, don’t hesitate to make one! It’s never too late!
  • Make friends! - this is probably one of the friendliest tumblr communities you will ever find, so don’t be afraid to reach out to the people here! If you’re shy, try participating in some ask games, or you can comment on original content! Don’t know what to say? Find studyblrs that share the same interests you do - I’m ridiculously awkward, but finding studyblrs who like the same things you do make most of that awkwardness/shyness disappear!
  • Make original content - while reblogging content is what helps inspire + keep the studyblr community going, remember that you have things you can contribute too! There are lots of things for you to contribute: you can add in pictures of you studying, your notes, or your bullet journal; you can make masterposts or give advice; you can even make motivational graphics or printables if you ave access to graphic design software/websites! Go crazy! If you don’t know where to start, try out some studyblr challenges - like the 100 days of productivity, the monthly challenges, or the one I’m doing right now! - since they encourage you to put out original content everyday! 
  • Don’t be afraid to tag other studyblrs - if you’re a new studyblr, getting original content noticed can be tricky. But a lot of studyblrs have a tag they track (I personally track #catstudies), so you can include them in your tags to give your posts more exposure! You can also tag things #studyblr or #studyspo
  • Play around with your theme + tagging system - this is something that is honestly super fun AND makes your studyblr more *aesthetically pleasing* °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° It’ll help set the mood for your blog and helps you learn a bit about coding if you want to hardcore customize things! In case anyone’s curious, my current theme is by @shythemes, while the updates tab is by @felinum, and they both have really lovely themes I see often in the studyblr community, along with @sorrism and @acuite! I also recommend setting up a navigation page/tagging system to keep your posts organized + easy to find! 

I hope this helps you lovelies out! Never hesitate to drop me a message if you have any questions or just want to chat! 

Update and also salad

Hey! Just a heads up that this month’s update of Spots Off will probably be a bit late, since it’s finals season and that just makes everything loads of fun.

In the meantime, here’s a my favorite salad recipe, because why not? 


  • Mixed greens
  • Dried cranberries
  • Candied pecans (I prefer mine chopped, but you can leave them whole if you want)
  • Feta cheese
  • Raspberry vinaigrette


  • Mix ingredients to taste 
  • Enjoy!

Warning: Due to the piecemeal nature of this salad, it is impossible to use up all of your ingredients at the same time. As a result, you may become trapped in an endless cycle of purchasing and using salad makings in the hopes that one day you will successfully rid yourself of all of them at once. This will never happen. Give up. Surrender to the salad. 

Doodle of the day — Neris makes use of her questions.

This comic’s joke is probably too late, but in light of the new DLC announcement, I wanted to make some kind of reaction, and distract myself from the other larger project. Stay mad, Neris, stay mad.

1 month celebration under the cut:

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☢️Speed Draw☢️ - Sans OC (Read Description Please)
**Please Read** So I am very hesitant about doing a speed draw on Youtube at all for my own Undertale Characters, because, no offense, some people can be ver...

//I’ve made a Speed draw of the Teenage Xenon I made. Please Listen! I didn’t put his name, my AU or my Tumblr name on there! Please don’t tell it or what AU he’s from. I really don’t want people knowing this on YouTube. 

I already have a lot of anxiety about doing my Undertale characters in a speed draw on Youtube, because Youtube has a lot of hate. But this helps me get the only money I can get right now! 

So please, maybe watch it! That’s all you have to do to actually help with my financial troubles. I’m in a state where I can’t make myself do longer dubs and that’s keeping me from getting to the limit they have to pay me, i’m probably too late this month anyway, but still! I pray i’m not, I really need it. I legit have $12 in my account and I need 100 to pay my insurance. 

Also, reblog this if you can! I need people to see it and i’m not sure if people will like it on Youtube. People here a so nice about my art, but i’m not sure about Youtube…

All the music is from NoCopyrightSounds and the music has been credited in the description. They all have free downloads on their channel! // 


Phili: I’m gonna go cook something!


  • Because of the trade restrictions and low tax rates imposed by Spain on the Philippines, the islands wasn’t generating enough income to maintain the colony. So Nueva España covers the deficit.
  • There was a Special Judicial court, the Residencia, that investigates the performance of the outgoing Ph Governor Generals to ascertain wether or not they had faithfully and honestly fulfilled their duties. This practice was discontinued by the 1800′s. (It is also impt to note that, although this was implemented with good intentions, it kinda backfired and encouraged more corruption)
  • There were a lot of missionaries sent to Philippines that watched over the natives and made sure they were not abused by the government officials. Though around this time, they were probably more lovable than those in the late 1800′s.
  • As previously stated [x], New Spain was mostly in charge of military defense.
  • A European author (I forgot who 0w0;;) said that Manila, the capital, was very lively when the Galleon ships return from Nueva España, it was practically a fiesta. It was for an obvious reasons, those ships bring a lot of money to the islands. 
  • After the ships leave, it gets boring again and everyone is broke from too much partying and gambling.

- 1700′s Philippines (7 human yrs old)

M!A: History Month (15/?)

Bubblegum & The Flower Power Series | Bisca Conell

For @atrailof-whispers, @kagero-assassin, @bad-at-adding and @alli-ie. Gr8 bebs. 

She got the power. She got the flowers. She got the right jeans. 

And I am aware I unconsciously made her pose exactly like bubblegumer Mirajane goddamnit ice. 

Remember when I said the men of the bubblegums were going to emerge? Well, I wasn’t kidding but Bisca needs to intervene our plans. She is too good I cannot pass her up. 

A few art projects are in the way; members of the Gruvia side of the fandom await your present from me, fans of @shirookita‘s YouLove await your present from me. A few nalu presents here and there yah know. Old art styles will have that spotlight they’ve been demanding lately. Lots and lots of positivity from me this month. Want more positivity? Follow @thepositivefairy. V creates a blog of sunshine and rainbows. You know you’ll love it. I know you’ll love it. Some guy from Poland probably loves it. shameless advertising i love yah v

That’s all from me bebs. 

So far in The Bubblegum Series; 

I-expect-to-be-tagged squad; @baerandish, @neato-ft, @acnomogia and waifu @doginshoe. Anyone else wanna be part of this squad? 

Can’t decide if i want to go to bed early or get myself a coffee from Starbucks. On the one hand I would like to treat myself to something nice today. On the other hand, I stayed up too late last night and I may as well repair my circadian rhythm. On the OTHER hand, I’ve spent a lot of money this month so far and I probably shouldn’t spend any more. And on the other hand, I want to play overwatch with my friends.

Love Hate (Jungkook, OC) Part 1

OC- Yun HanRae


That’s the one question Yun HanRae had been asking herself the moment she moved to Bangtan High. 

Why do we have to move?

Why does my parents have to break up?

Why am I even here?

It’s been six months since she’d started high school and it was probably too late to even ask these kinds of questions. But when you’re unhappy, it’s pretty difficult not to ask. 

Being a newbie, HanRae got a lot of attention. In fact, she got a little too much. She never understood why or how it happened but she had seemed to have caught the eye of the school’s kingkas…also know as BTS or Bangtan Sonyeondan. It may seem like a good thing, but to HanRae, it was one of the worst things that happened to her.

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I rode Johnny tonight for the first time in a long time. It’s probably been at least a month. I’ve honestly been incredibly depressed. My mental health has been declining a lot. I rode him in english tack which was the first time in since I purchased my western saddle. He did very very well especially since he hasn’t ridden in a while too. My posting has improved a lot which I think is mostly from self confidence because I haven’t been riding at all lately. I’m ready to try and get back into the swing of things and start living again.

The death of my mom has been very hard but I have not been proud of the way I have been living my life lately. Hopefully I’m making my start to get back on track. Mom would’ve been happy to see me wearing my tall boots. I hope she’s watching me ride.

It’s never too early for spooks and never too late for memes…
especially with Halloween just around the corner. shut up it’s not 2 months away

Jack is probably a lot more scared of Hiccup’s blood-curdling scream than he is anything in the haunted house. I have no good reason for this other than materiaman sent me a link with this stupid meme and I couldn’t stop myself.

Background credit: X

Say Yes To This AU| 1983|Lary


Mary had never been so anxious about anything in her life. She had taken part in procedures that could potentially save or end people’s lives and she’d been on the verge of death on multiple occasions but she was certain. None of those periods of her life had been as nerve wracking as what she was about to go through. As far as she was concerned, this evening could either make or break her future happiness.

She was going to as Lily Evan’s to marry her at last.

The thought had occurred a few months before, it had been the same as they had spent a lot of their nights over the past few years, cuddled up on the sofa watching reruns of old shows on the BBC. The thought came into her head like any other in passing but she spent the next few days mulling over it, days turned into weeks and now they were here. Mary had spent an entire month picking out the right ring. It probably wasn’t a particularly good idea to go to a muggle jewellers given the looks she got but she paid little attention. She just wanted it to be just right for Lily.

The dining table was set up in the most romantic way she could manage. There were candles, and roses and a lot of red. She started worrying if there was too much red or if she was too dressed up, but by the time she started worrying about the potentially over-the-top presentation it was far too late. Lily would be back from her shift any moment now. Mary made sure it was on a day when she wasn’t working too long so she wouldn’t be that tired. She had tried to time it as easily as possible for the two of them, to get the details just right.

When she heard the door her heard started beating rapidly and she stood up, then she sat back down again, not wanting to appear too eager, but then she decided to go to the hallway to greet her and regretted it almost immediately. “Hey, Lils. Good day?” she asked, trying to act casual but being far too enthusiastic.

#3 - “So, what? That was payback?” - Calum Hood One Shot

Summary: Calum likes you a lot but is too shy to tell you how he feels, so he uses Nia to make you jealous as a ploy to get you to tell him how you feel instead of him having to do it himself.

Pairing: Calum x Reader

Requested: Yes.

Warning: There’s some swears in here.

A/N: This is literally so late, the request has been sat in my ask for months. I’ve tried writing it ten times already and just couldn’t seem to get it right. Anyway, I’ve eventually settled on this which, to be honest, is probably not that great but it’s the best I could come up with. Send your requests in here x


You knew as soon as you saw the two of them together. The second you walked into the canteen backstage, is the second you knew that the boy you came to tell you had feelings for, was already ‘loved up’ with someone else. You could barely hide the bitterness and jealousy you were evidently feeling right now.  

Calum’s sat with Nia, legs completely intertwined with one another. She’s playing with a tuft of his hair as he strokes her hand with his thumb, talking to her intently about God knows what. Not only the sight of it, but the thought of seeing them together, feels like someone has taken a carving knife and stabbed it straight into your back. Oh how you wish you didn’t have to see this…or, even, how you wish it could be you in her shoes.  

You walk over to where Michael’s sitting with his feet up, and slump down next to him. He notices the way you flopped down onto the sofa, and turns to face you, observing the expression on your face before he says anything.

“Is everything okay?” He asks, glaring at you cautiously.

“Yeah” You say, not-so-convincingly.

He kicks his feet down and shuffles closer to you, jokingly nudging you, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing’s wrong” You shrug, “…so how long have Calum and Nia been together?”

You watch as he bites his lips and shrugs, “Dunno. I don’t really pay attention to my friend’s love lives”

You furrow your eyebrows, “Course you do. You’re his best friend, I’m sure you know what’s going on.”

“I know you like him” He reveals quietly from beside you.

“Doesn’t everyone?” You question, “Everyone…except for him.”

Michael puts an arm around you and pulls you into a hug, “I know it’s hard for you. But it’ll all work out in the end.”

“How? How can it possibly work out in the end?” You shoot back, “She’s on tour with him. She’s with him all the time, and I can only be with him for a few weeks. I’m never going to be able to give him what he wants. Not that he wants me like that, anyway. I think that’s pretty much a given.”

Michael sighs, “You’re wrong.”

“No, I’m not, Michael.” You object, but he bites his lip even harder this time, letting you know that he might be trying to tell you something, “What is it?”

“It’s just…” Michael begins, “What if I said…that Calum likes you back?”

“I’d tell you to look at all the evidence that points to him not liking me back, starting with the fact he’s sat opposite us, all over Nia” You reply.

“Okay so, take this hypothetically, but maybes - just maybes - Calum has feelings for you just as much as you have feelings for him, but he had no idea how to tell you that, so instead he’s trying to get you to tell him how you feel.” Michael explains, “Hypothetically”

“Are you trying to tell me that Calum’s using Nia to make me jealous?” You whisper, not wanting Calum to hear you.

Michael smiles, “Hypothetically? Yes.”

You smirk, “Interesting”

“What’s interesting? What are you planning, you little devil?” Michael asks, confused.

“How about you and I play Calum at his own little game?” You suggest.

Michael looks at you, puzzled is an understatement, but then a lightbulb must turn on somewhere inside of him, “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” 

You nod, grinning. He grins, alerting you that the game is definitely on. 

He leans in close to you and whispers in your ear, “Lean back and look relaxed. Follow my lead, angel”

You grin as you do as he says. The two of you lean back against the sofa, you facing each other. You start to have a pseudo-conversation - you’re actually just talking about fried chicken but you’re making it look like you’re talking about something else, talking in hushed voices and smiling blissfully at every chance you get - and Michael suddenly places a gentle hand on your knee. It takes you by surprise, but you roll with it, placing your hand on top of his. 

“Now laugh at something I said, as if it’s the funniest thing you’ve ever heard” Michael whispers to you, leading to you giggling like mad at him. His face lights up into a smile, and you couldn’t help but realise Calum’s attention turning to you and Michael.

“It’s working” You whisper, “Keep going”

He leans in closer to you, though you didn’t think it was possible, and he brushes a strand of hair out of your face and he places a single kiss on your forehead. Calum’s still staring at the two of you, and he doesn’t look happy.

“I’m…gonna go to the bathroom…I’ll be back in a sec” You tell Michael.

“Don’t be too long” He calls after you as you head towards the door. 

You head in the general direction of the girls room, but Calum’s voice calling after you causes you to stop. You smirk, before turning around and acting all innocent.

“What the hell was that all about?!” He questions.

“I could ask you the same thing” You spit.

“What do you mean?” He asks, furrowing his eyebrows.

“You know exactly what I mean. Michael told me about your little game to get me jealous” You shrug.

Calum sighs, “So, what? That was payback?”

You nod, “Yeah. Did it work?”

“I was ready to fucking deck him. He knows how much I like you.” Calum replies.

You laugh, “If it makes you feel any better, I was close to pouncing on Nia when I walked into the room and saw you two all cuddled up together” 

He smiles faintly, “I guess we’ve been a bit childish.”

You fake gasp, “Me? Childish? Never!”

He laughs, “Okay, so maybes I’ve been childish. I should have just…plucked up the courage and told you how I felt like any sane person would have.”

You nod, “Yeah. You should have.”

He sighs, “Could we…just pretend that’s how I did it? I really like you (Y/N), and I really wanna know if you’d consider being my girlfriend?”

“Before this little stunt? Yes. After?…” You reply, deliberately pausing before you give the answer you knew you were always going to give him, “100%”

He looks at you surprised, “Seriously? I thought you were going to say never in a million years.”

You giggle, “Well, you did go to all of that trouble just to get me to admit to how I felt for you” 

He grins, “So…how about I take you on an official date tomorrow night, seeing as it’s my night off?”

You nod, “I’d like that, Cal”

“Great” He blushes.

You kiss him on the cheek, before the two of you head back to the canteen together, with Calum’s arm draped around you. You nod to Michael, who salutes you, and you spend the rest of the day with Calum. Your boyfriend. By your side. Finally. As your boyfriend.


Request: Lazy Day

Request: hey, before asking anything, let me tell you you’re probably my favorite fanfiction writer of ALL times. You always cheer me up with your writing and your stories, so thanks! I’m on the time of the month where life is ugly and where you’re emotionally unstable (I hate this) so I was wondering if you could do one where the reader is the youngest sister and has cramps and Sam and Dean try to confort her. It would be awesome if it had a lot of fluff. Sorry for being too specific, thanks, anyway xx.

Word Count: 854

I know exactly how you feel:( I’m sorry this took so long, it’s probably a little late now, but I guess it’s there for next time:) Thank you so much, and have an awesome day<33

It takes your brothers a few moments to figure out what’s wrong when, one morning, you shuffle into the kitchen with your duvet wrapped tightly around your body. You look greyish and exhausted, but what strikes them is that you’re obviously in pain.

“Y/N?” Sam sees it first, seeing as Dean’s back is turned making pancakes that smell equal parts amazing and sickening, “What’s wrong?”

Dean twists sharply, “Are you hurt? Did someone-?”

You shake your head, “No, no, just… girl stuff.”

It takes a second, but realisation dawns on their faces at the exact same moment and there’s a collective sigh of ohh from both of them. It makes you smile, even just a little, and you sit down at the table where a mug of hot coffee already waits for you.

“Are you okay?” Sam asks, “Do you need anything?”

“Don’t worry, I’m covered.” You don’t miss the look of relief that crosses their features – the odd time you’ve had to send them for feminine products always had you in stitches, thanks to their lack of experience with the subject.

Dean glances around the kitchen, before reaching into a cupboard and pulling out a pack of painkillers, which he tosses over, “You sure you don’t need anything?”

“I’m fine. Happens every month, remember?” You down a couple of pills with your coffee, shooting them a nonchalant smile as they grimace in sympathy – they’ve said, time and time again, that they’re infinitely grateful that they don’t have to deal with that as well as hunting and don’t know how you do.

“You want some snacks?” Sam asks, draining the last of his coffee and standing up, “I need to go on a supply run anyway, so…?”

“If you bring pretzels I’ll love you forever.”

“Pretzels, gotcha. And Ice-cream?” At your nod, he asks, “Pistachio or mint-choc-chip?”


“Both it is.” He smiles brightly, patting your head. Before you can thank him, he’s gone, and Dean takes his seat in front of you.

“TV’s yours if you want it.” He offers – the arguments you have about TV are the most sibling-y things you do and this offer… it seems too good to be true.

“What’s the catch?” You ask, narrowing your eyes. Dean holds up his hands in defence, laughing at your accusation.

“No catch.”

“So I can watch Cake Boss without you taking the piss?” You ask, and Dean nods in concession. You grin, “You don’t have to pity me.”

“I don’t pity you. I just can’t be bothered with your whining right now.” He teases. You roll your eyes, picking up your mug and gathering the duvet around your shoulders.

“In that case, I’m out.”


You find an episode of Cake Boss and settle into the couch, duvet wrapped tightly around yourself. After a while, Dean slips into the room and takes a seat beside you, tucking his feet beneath your duvet. You glance at him, and he shrugs.

“The show isn’t that bad. Anyway, Sam’ll be back soon, and he’ll just sit here otherwise. And we had burritos last night, he’ll be windy.”

“Fair enough.” You laugh. You let the show play in silence for a few minutes, until Dean moves closer to you and holds out an arm, offering to let you lean into him. You narrow your eyes suspiciously.

“Dean, I’m twenty-eight, not thirteen. I’m fine.”

“I know you’re fine, but you’re still my baby sister.”

“I’m not your baby anything. Quit fussing.” You insist, but you lean into him nonetheless – he’s warm, and he smells familiar and soothing. Sometimes, with all of the shit that goes down on a seemingly daily basis, you feel like the three of you are drifting apart and it scares you more than anything you’ve ever done or seen.

He smiles smugly, “You’ll always be the baby. Perks of being born last.”

“Screw off, Dean.” You nudge him in the ribs, but he only laughs in response. Before he can formulate a reply witty enough to appease you, Sam leans in the doorway, holding out a bag that appears to be brimming with junk food.

“You two look cosy.” He teases, before glancing at the TV, “And is that Cake Boss?”

“Yeah. Problem?”

“Not at all.” He grins, tossing over a packet of pretzels and a couple of assorted candy bags, “Happy?”

“Very. Thank you, Sammy.”

“Anytime. I brought some DVDs they had on sale, too – I figured you’d benefit from a lazy day.”

“I really don’t need you to fuss!” You insist – however, you’re not complaining, “Then again, I think we all need it. Come sit down.”


You spend the day watching films, eating junk food, (you end up ordering like five pizzas later that night, because none of you can agree what toppings to get)  and, admittedly, falling asleep on each other. It brings back fond memories of your youth, before everything got hellishly complicated (no pun intended) and it was just the three of you for weeks at a time. Despite your brothers’ constant fussing, you find yourself appreciating the time you spend together more than anything else.

MBTI at a Party

ESTJ: Casually making their rounds, stopping to give each friend specific attention, before settling on the couch and getting into a vibrant conversation.

ESFJ: Going up to each individual attendee and sharing in-depth updates on what they and their spouse are planning to do within the next 2-3 months.

ESFP: Searching through the host’s playlist looking for the most appropriate party anthem to turn this place up.

ESTP: They’re in the backyard, literally setting off fireworks.

ISTJ: Honestly drinking too much and hardcore flirting with ESFP.

ISFJ: Replenishing the snacks and bringing everyone drinks.

ENFP: Chilling in the corner with their squad, making casual judgements on everyone else. They’ll probably start dancing on the table if the party runs late enough.

ISTP: Being a huge flirt.

ISFP: Sitting in the corner, making doodles on their iPad.

ENTP: Talking a lot, whilst simultaneously accepting compliments on their newest hair style. Occasionally pointing at and shouting out the name of INTP.

ENTJ: After listening to ESFJ talk about their financial struggles, they start drawing up a financial plan while making sure the ESFJ is aware of Groupon.

ENFJ: Passing out beers and complimenting ESFP’s music taste.

INTP: Hiding in one of the bedrooms on the laptop they snuck in. They would totally participate if it weren’t for the special event on their current MMO that only happens once a year. Really, this dragon isn’t going to slay itself. They’re only here because ENFP made them come.

INFP: Sitting next to ISFP, comparing doodles.

INTJ: Sitting by themselves in the second farthest seat, reasoning that it’s not antisocial as long as its not the farthest.

INFJ: They’re only here because their extroverted spouse wanted to come.

BD Scott

I got a late start in life with something I always wanted to do, but as they say “ it’s never too late”. Now, I’m having a wonderful time just taking photos.  I let the camera take me to places that I ignored for so many years.  Places that were passed by, but now reach out and grab me after a casual glimpse.  And whatever it may be, I’ll probably take a shot.  I still have a lot to learn after about 18 months of self-teaching, and trial & error.  Maybe you’ll find some of my efforts pleasing to your eye. If so, then it will give validation to what I’ve learned so far.

Christie’s Crazes

Hello everyone! So first let me say hi, my name is Christie (creator of christiescloset here on Tumblr) and welcome to a new little column for Reef Magazine: Christie’s Crazes! Basically every month I’m going to write a column about what I’ve been loving during the previous month; from beauty, to fashion, to other things such as music or books. This August has gone seriously fast…I know now its time to settle down for school and what not, which is why this month’s favorites are leaning more towards the upcoming fall season.

So first things first…fashion. If you do keep your eye on my blog or Instagram (holla @ you and thank you!) you probably know that my new obsession is hats. I love all the different sizes, colors, and styles…they add the cutest little touch to literally any outfit. From Urban to Etsy, its no lie that stores know it too; tons of companies even dedicated to making hats are popping up a lot lately, and just in time for autumn. This month I’ve also been really into street style and just overall simple pieces, such as a nice pair of jeans, a quality t shirt and leather jacket, with pointy heels. I’ve always been a fan of simplicity, but never as much as this month. 

When it comes to makeup I tend to have oily skin, which is why I’m keeping Nars sheer foundation in my holy grail. I decided to try it out one day and haven’t looked back since. It has a very nice, airy feeling to it, and great coverage without looking too crazy. If you’re looking for a new foundation for back to school, Nars is the brand to go to…which leads me into my other beauty love, the Tea Tree line by the Body Shop. I’ve been using the facial wash, toner, and lotion as my nightly ritual, and it still hasn’t failed me. It keeps my skin looking totally clear and under control, so its a definite recommendation from me…for this month and every month after!

As for books and music, I fell in love with a new novel by Stephanie Perkins, Anna and the French Kiss. It made me want to go to Paris and fall in love but also it really made me think about things, just life in general, and is full of great lessons and overall is an unbelievable, clever, and intriguing story about two people falling in love. What more could you want? As for music, besides the usual 1975 and Strokes jams, I’ve been loving Milky Chance. You might have heard his single ‘Stolen Dance’ (an amazing song to road trip to), but the rest of the songs on his EP are just as great. Alt-J’s new album, This Is All Yours, definitely deserves a listen as well. If you’re into the whole Frank Ocean and The Weeknd vibes, I definitely recommend FKA twigs, a new beauty who is slowly taking the music industry by storm with her originality and eye for real art. Welp, that’s about it for this month, see you in September!

Xoxo, Christie.