this is probably a lot of months too late


I can love you in the shower 
Both of our bodies dripping wet 
On the patio we can make a night you won’t forget 
On the kitchen floor 
As I softly pull your hair 
We can do it anywhere, anywhere…

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your comments on the "you are the light" scene made me realize that the anime does really romanticize it more than the manga did, what with the music and smiling killua. looking at the manga, it does seem to paint it as a more sad/upsetting event, since killua is knowingly feeding into gon's denial. but i think people tend to focus on it a lot because it first made them think "wow killua is so gay." and also some can definitely relate to his feelings in that scene. (while others just love angst)

cont.  whoops i put that ask in the wrong ask box! gonna go send it to the right person now sorry (although you can reply too if you want).

Ah you probably meant this to be for garefowl most likely since I believe she made a post about it a few months ago (sorry this is sorta late bro…).

Yeah the anime did really romanticize it, and I think this is mostly due to how they used the music in that scene. The bgm was touching and we see both Gon and Killua smiling. Without the actual context of the scene it actually seems very positive. However if we take the dialogue and what we already know about Kite, it doesn’t seem very… uh positive does it?

As you said anon, in a way it’s Killua feeding into Gon’s denial (and him also wishing that he could believe in it). In that chapter (199) 

Interestingly Gon only says “Kite is alive!” as a response to Killua admitting that he thinks it was his fault that Kite is dead. Also two pages later we see Kite’s head in Neferpitou’s lap (showing the readers that he is most definitely NOT alive). BUT anon Killua doesn’t actually know for sure that Kite is dead, what he does know is that Neferpitou is most definitely very powerful, and that Kite was so shaken that he didn’t think it was safe for Killua and Gon anymore.

I guess what a lot of people focus on is Killua’s little narrative after the fact. Here Killua is expressing how he wants to believe in what Gon is saying but he’s not sure of whether or not it is the truth, but this is also where we see Killua gaining an unhealthy dependence. Gon helps him to see that it’s not Killua’s fault they left Kite behind (because Kite had told him to, and even Gon said they were dragging him down) but Killua also calls Gon “the light”. THAT is where the problem is.

The anime takes this scene and adds lovely music, and has closeups of our main characters smiling at each other and deciding to train to become stronger. In the manga when I first read that, I was extremely unsettled. It felt wrong and out of place, and that’s what I think Togashi was aiming for. He had the protagonist saying the same shit with the same attitude but this time as the reader we know that what he’s saying isn’t even just overly-optimistic, it’s absolutely impossible, and that makes it unsettling.

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I finally saw The Noxious Avenger and read your review, and yes, Splinter's much angrier about the boys being seen than in Turtle Temper. Maybe it's because of the post-alien invasion context, like he's afraid that humans will be even more scared of and trigger-happy around mutants after God knows how many months of being Kraangified? Or maybe because, in Turtle Temper, the turtles' only enemies were the Kraang - Shredder wasn't in the picture yet. Or maybe I'm reading too much into a cartoon :P

I think we all read too much into a cartoon…hahaa.

I don’t know, Splinter just seems a lot more emotional in recent episodes. I think you’re right, it’s probably just because he’s been through so much lately that it’s wearing down on him.
I just think it’s interesting: like we’re so used to this calm, cool and collected Splinter…and we’ve seen him break that composure a few times recently. I wonder if we’re building up to something big with him?

Month of Saiyuki: Day 01

What is your favorite moment in Saiyuki?

I have to admit I have a lot of “favorite” moments in Saiyuki, but probably my most fave would be that one episode from Gunlock wherein Hakkai decided to run away from home for a day. I swear that episode was hilarious: Gojyo was attempting to cook a meal by putting anything he could find in it (which was pretty disgusting tbh XD), Sanzo misplacing his credit card (which resulted in them working at the restaurant to pay for their unpaid meals), Sanzo wearing an apron (੭ु˙꒳​˙)੭ु⁾⁾

Also, I hope I’m not too late to start this thing! I’m only starting this June since its my birth month (guess when my birthday is? XD)

Fic Prompt Friday

Hello everyone! Welcome to another edition of Fic Prompt Friday! Today’s Fic Friday is exclusively devoted to Wintershock fic prompts (or those that can be adapted to the ship or OT3s). Throughout the day, we’ll be posting the prompts we’ve received so far as well as others we’ve come across on Tumblr. If you get inspired by one of the prompts and fill the fic, be sure to tag it ‘wintershock’ so we can find it and reblog it here! The prior round of fic prompts can be found under the ‘fic prompts’ tag.

There are A LOT of fic prompts today, one every hour from 8am-11pm. Blacklist ‘fic prompts’ if you don’t want to see them (though you probably wouldn’t be following the blog if you weren’t interested ;D ).

Also, it’s not too late to submit your prompts. We’re hoping to do this once a month or so, so message, submit on the main page, or reblog with your idea, and we’ll post it on our next prompt day!

Mun: Okay two things… First I wanted to apologize for not being online much lately, probably this week I won’t be able to be as much as always ‘cause I’ll be kinda busy… So I’m letting you know and apologizing beforeand! and also!

I want to say a big thank you to all my amazing followers and specially for all the love I got today so out of the blue because d a m n… you really made my day! 

Thank you all!

Haven’t been feeling like myself lately.

Last Saturday, I managed to not look a whole lot like myself, too. Not sure if my new schedule is just getting to me. I already have a to-do list for this weekend and next, I’m starting to freak out just a little bit. :( 

My head is spinning, and I still haven’t caught up with my backlog. No shoots scheduled anytime soon, either. I’m probably gonna use the next month or so for working on props, let’s see how this goes. ; A ;

In the past, I’ve ended up unhappy because I don’t get to dress up. It’s not a thing where I feel like I’m entitled to being able to dress up. It’s more of this nagging feeling that I should get things done more efficiently so I can get around to dressing up. Hmmm…


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Hey guys! So um a few months ago u guys got an anon message question about knowing how you knew you were gay. You probably receive a lot but it was from a 15 year old girl. Hi, it's me again :). Im 16 now and I have a girlfriend. Thx u guys. A lot.

Oh yaaay! We’re so glad! And happy being 16 since we’re too late to wish you a happy birthday! 

alternative treatment: Day 1

Fuck. I should’ve taken notes. I met with a man for two hours today who will be leading me on a “journey” of self-discovery and renewal using “unconventional” medicine.

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2, 3, 8, 9, 10, 18, 22, 26, 37, 45

Thanks for asking!

2: Do you miss anyone?

Yes, quite a lot.

3: What if I told you that you were pretty?

I’d probably blush and say thank you. Hell, just the thought of it is making me blush now.

8: Honestly, has anyone seen you in your underwear in the past 3 months?


9: What were you doing at 12:30 this afternoon?

Sleeping. Memorial Day Weekend has my sleep schedule in the gutter.

10: Have you ever told somebody you loved them and not actually meant it?

Maybe. I’m not too sure how I feel about love lately.

18: Hold hands with anyone this week?

Yes, I’m a very touchy-feely person, I like holding hands with my friends and stuff.

22: Have you kissed three or more people in one night?

Nope, although it’s an interesting idea.

26: Who did you last share a bed with?

My Bes Frand, mickeyisweird. We’re in bed together right now ^_^

37: What is wrong with you right now?

… A lot. My house is kinda really stressful, my relationship status is complicated, I may have just lost a friend, my fin aid is being challenged, I miss my friends, I’m having self-esteem issues, etc. Like I said, it’s been a long day.

45: Have you kissed anyone in the last five days?


– Time seems to march forever onward; from the fast-paced seconds to the slow-paced hours of a day during the week.

Those weeks would go on to become months…and before anyone knew, another year would of come and gone.

In this case, young Tohru had begun to stare out of the window more than doing his actual studies as of late.
Despite his young age, there were a lot of thoughts spinning around in that head of his; thoughts that probably wouldn’t of been out of place in someone much older than himself.

They were in the last month of Spring…
Before long, the Summer months would begin; something that wasn’t too bad in itself as it meant more time for playing…but for the eight year old, it reminded him of his own timeline.
For it had been August when he had first arrived in the present in the previous year…would it also be the month where he finally returned home? – 

Late night thoughts..

It’s 1:25 am and I should be sleeping. Excuse the fact that o have to be in a few hours too.

I’ve been feeling pretty okay. Not happy but I’m okay. A lots been going on lately and I don’t know how to quite balance it. I’ve been depressed I would say for about a month & literally this is probably the most of I’ve drinking in a LONG time. No I don’t have drinking problem & no my daughter is not home when I am doing so.

For the heartbreak, I’m kind of over it. I’m just letting it be and whatever happens, you know happens. I’m doing my best to keep myself occupied and distracted but sometimes the thought of not one text between the different hours a day chews me up. It’s insane. I never was this way even with my daughters father.
It frustrates me so bad to know that you want me and I want you but you don’t know what you want right now. I read this quote a few days ago which basically said not everyone is going to be at the same level that you are in, you might want to settle down but the other might not even know what they are doing tomorrow. And it’s true. However, it’s too a certain extent.
I feel like I’m gaining myself again but at the same time I’m losing myself even more.

I feel so guilty that lately I haven’t been spending time with my daughter because I just been caught up in my own funk that I would rather go get drunk and lose myself between a cup of ciroc mixed with coconut. I feel like I’ve failed her because I haven’t been there for her as I have been since she was born.
I wanna change that, I wanna change the relationship I have with my little girl because I don’t want her to feel the same way I feel about my mom.

I just realized I completely switched into another topic of conversation. LOL

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I love this site and the mods but I feel like a lot of the anon hate towards Eikki is unfounded and probably by one or two of the same people. It isn't nice to jump on someone's insecurities like that especially when they've explained it to the world. Photoshop is bad if you don't own up to it. I feel like Eikki has become more open and more friendly lately (as in the last few months) and that's a step forward.. I just think while negative is okay, we should try to be positive here too? Sorry..

They’re never mentioned till they or Ethan bring them up, I already said by talking about it they’re summoning kblog satan, the topic takes a long time to die  ~Rose

You probably won’t read this but I’m just going to rant here as if I were talking to you.
I miss our relationship a lot, but neither of us were happy. I’m sorry you feel like I moved on super quickly, but 5 months isn’t all that quick to me. And I’m not even 100% moved on, but he makes me happy. He makes me feel wanted. You didn’t make me feel wanted until it was too late. I feel like you broke up with me with the thought in the back of your mind that I’ll always be there. I got tired of fucking around. I made you my priority with everything because that’s what you do for people you love. But the second I became your least important thing, I knew I deserved better.
Stop acting like I’m a horrible person. You’re the one who fucked up. YOU broke ME. I’m sorry I fixed myself quicker than you anticipated. I’m sorry I’m stronger than a heartbreak. I’m sorry I’m not going to let some stupid boy ruin my life because he didn’t want me. There are plenty of other people who do want me.
You pulled the trigger, stop acting like you’re the one who got shot.

Well the good news is i’ve been getting a lot of hours this month (in trade for my own sanity) 

having to cover a lot of shifts and stay late and shit 

so I’m getting my tanks back on track and spending entirely too much money on them but hey 

I’ll probably get shell dwellers sooner than I thought 

A brief shout out and a virtual high five to the people  who have no obligation to follow me ( = don’t actually know me in real life and have only hit follow because… well, I’ve no idea why, really), but who have stuck around despite the fact that I seem to spiral headfirst into new fandoms every six months and probably talk about things you lot don’t really care or know anything about. 

Especially the few of you who have hung around since my mad Sherlock days. You’re good people. And I do still love Sherlock, it’s just been a bit too exhausting to be super involved in the fandom, lately. I do read every mad conspiracy, though.