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Imagine #88

Character: Minho

Rating: K

Words: 1,197

Warning: nothing really

Request: Maybe change it around that y/n gets struck by lightning instead and he helps her and realise that he loves her and doesn't want to lose her?


Minho x Reader they like each other but they don’t know that the other likes them until they just come out and say it! Don’t know if that makes sense but please make it cute! Thank you

A/N: So not many of you answered but you guys seem to want a Minho one so tada! I was actually working on an entirely different Minho imagine last night but I got this request and then I couldn't focus on the other one I was writing because I really wanted to write this one, so enjoy!


It wasn’t the greatest thing waking up to Thomas screaming, especially when you felt like you had barely fallen asleep. You were huddled around the other Gladers, sleeping on a flat plain in the middle of the desert. 

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ficlet: He Hates Photoshoots (Olicity, All Ages)

OHP Prompt: Photographer AU
Team: Queen Smoak
Words: 1,065

Oliver really hated photoshoots. Which was kind of a terrible coincidence considering he was a male model. But on the whole, he really did enjoy his job.  He was successful enough that he got to have his pick of projects and sometimes was even let in on the creative process, planning out each spread and arranging the particulars.  He enjoyed seeing himself in magazines, on billboards, on television commercials… He worked hard for this body of his and there was some gratification in showing it off. 

But photoshoots?  He hated them.  The photographers often made ridiculous demands of him, wanting him to contort into the strangest poses or do something else nonsensical.  They never seemed to care one bit about him, instead were always focused on the shot.  Oliver even had a list of photographers he refused to work with again that he left with his agent, the experiences had been that bad. 

So it was with no small amount of trepidation that Oliver stepped into the studio where he was going to be doing today’s shoot.  It was a loft on the east side of town, located on the top floor of a charming old brick building. The walls were bare and stark, lighting equipment and sheets and other technical equipment littered the floor.  He wasn’t sure if the photographer lived here as well as or not.  He stood uncertainly at the top of the stars, scanning around the enormous space for the photographer he was supposed to meet. She’d buzzed him in when he’d called from the street so he knew she was here.

“Just make yourself at home, I’ll be with you in a minute!” a feminine voice called out. 

“Alright,” he called back.  

“I’m making some coffee, could you like some?”

He paused.  The most he was usually offered was a bottle of water.  It was pretty early, just past dawn actually, and he could definitely use the caffeine.  

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Things couldn't be worse [Continuation]

And so they set off, they got challenged twice by groups of Sableye but Grovyle defeated them without mercy. Soon they arrived in the Dark Dusk forest where Celebi lived “Only a little bit more” Grovyle said calmly. They walked into a clearing and Grovyle was in front “Celebi?” He called out, now answer. “I got a bad feeling about this” He said.

Out of the shadows leapt a large group of Sableye, roughly fifty and Dusknoir. [C] They fanned out and practically circled the three. Behind them, Celebi was in a cage. Their only way out was trapped. The area was dark, but still bright enough to see the cruel expressions in the faces of the Sableye. Daniel and Grovyle took a step forward, standing beside each other as they prepared for the worst. “Today is as good a day to die as any other” Daniel said to Grovyle “You ready?”

Grovyle nodded quietly, the leaves on his arms growing and beginning to glow as he prepared his leaf blades. Electricity began to charge around Daniel, he was final going to get to release all his sadness and anger.

Dusknoir looked at the Trio “You’ve come far… I have to congratulate you all… But your shenanigans are about to come to an end!” He said coldly “You have been on the run for too long Grovyle… Turn yourself in and face your punishment! As for you, Daniel… Do you think that this is what Sly would have wanted!? You to challenge the rightful authority!? And dragging a child into your scheme!?” He shouted

He glared at the three as the Sableye began to slowly approach “Give up… And your deaths will be swift!” He told them. Before his words could even stop echoing around a loud milk curdling roar could be heard. It came again and a large shadow passed overhead before, upon a large rock ,Primal Dialga landed with a loud thud. Where in his body normally it would be blue it was a pulsing red. He let out another roar and glared at the Trio. He has a cruel and almost mocking expression on his face.

Daniel began to shake quietly. Fear coursing through him until he shoved it somewhere less noticeable. “What would Sly want me to do!?” He shouted back, the anger rich in his voice “It would be to stop you and your worthless servants and to restore time to how it SHOULD be! Not to abandon everyone I know and love into a universal of sadness and despair!” He shouted

Grovyle bristled angrily at the comment directed to him and the one directed to Aura. “You leave her the fuck alone you wretched demon… It’s probably your fault that she’s here, isn’t it!? You saw her as a threat and decided to try to stem her life before it could truly begin!” He said, his tone calm. But it hid a masked fury.

“If you don’t want her to get hurt, then give her to Dial-” Dusknoir began before Daniel cut him off “How about you shut up?” He asked calmly, his tone was strained. He didn’t even sound angry any more. But something else. Something far worse for Dusknoir and his goons.“If you wanted to do something like that you should have done it when you first kidnapped her, because now she has two people who will die to protect her…” He said coldly


csheary  asked:

ahhhh hope your exam goes well!! i don't really have any ideas for a prompt but how about...a ghost au...(for either patater or nurseydex i dont mind)

It went pretty great man thanks!! See I could make this really angsty but lbr… it’s me and I just wrote angst so have some patater ghost fluff!! (still a little angsty lol whoops)

Alexei doesn’t mind being dead, really. He could have chosen a nicer way to go than dying in a car accident, but the afterlife isn’t really so bad. He haunts his little section of road and is pretty content. He’s right by a forest and he finds the trees and the sounds of wildlife calming. 

It’s a bit lonely though.

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