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hey youve been sortof quiet, is everything okay? is stuff still in the works or were there problems??

I’ve been quietly sorting through some personal issues, things that I don’t like to bother you guys with. But rest assured that I have been working on TBoA’s trailer. :)

I’ve recently closed TBoA’s casting call, received all of the files from my chosen VAs (except Hunter, who I was a little late to cast) and bought the license to the background music (which has changed from the two I posted on deviantArt!)

I’m a little less quiet on my Twitter, but the truth is I don’t like to bother you guys with my presence very often. I know seeing behind the scenes stuff can be exciting, but I’m often reminded of my limitations. A lot of the work isn’t visual and would probably be boring to someone who isn’t interested in sound design, writing, storyboarding and production. I wish I had more hands. Some days, it takes me 5 hours just to get through all my business correspondences! 

I’m not complaining, though. It’s just the nature of these things. Now that I’m close to done with a lot of technical stuff, you should hear more from me. Thank you to everyone who likes my work and cares about what I do! 

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omg this post that you wrote about "not having to think about a man" everytime you listen to album is exactly what i been thinking since it came out. i was so sick of those "omg they are so in love, hes making her happyyyy" posts under every lyric and comment. bless you for noticing it as well. can we please like separate her music from private life, thank

yes!!! like i literally got yelled at for relating gorgeous to bisexuality when it came out and i was just like, i’m sorry but i personally am not in love with joe alwyn so i’m not going to make this song about him? i’m not going to make any of her songs about him?

“can we please separate her music from private life” - it’s like everyone forgot this was a thing she wrote:

Listening to Jazz/cafe music

I can’t believe people are saying other bands saved the sm Halloween party when Kim kibum dressed as a whole Marge Simpson and jonghyun went as his fursona and Minho was ready to knock people out with his nunchucks

ok i know everyone loves it when keith calls shiro takashi or some variation thereof but what if keith is the one who originally came up with ‘shiro’ as his nickname and shiro loved it so much he just started using it?


anon asked: That picture you reblogged reminded me that I have a headcanon that, due to his childhood weight trouble, Prompto had some food aversion issues and wouldn’t eat ANY sweets or even snack when hungry. Cor noticed it and would buy him and Noctis small treats once in a while. Prompto would eat it because “The awesome guard senpai has noticed him.” It ended up teaching him moderation and rebuilding a healthy relationship with food. Ninja-Papa Leonis was pleased. Now I have feels. Papa-Cor feels. ♥

papa cor and son prompto feels all the way ♡
dedicated to this anon and @numinoceur