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How do you think that ET!Frisk would react to Betty from Glitchtale?

They didn’t along too well…and I have no idea who would win so this isn’t going to be finished XD but since this Frisk is pretty good dodger after so much..ahem…practice, and magic isn’t their go-to…I dunno, they might last a little longer 

lol old comic 

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Hey! Would you mind telling me wcif the nose mask you used on the "love me some goops" post? I tried checking the wcif tag but that post is so old it'd take forever, sorry for that lol

i don’t think i used any nose masks back then and it was just a random skin overlay but 

that one from this set looks pretty similar 

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Could u please write some todomomo fluff? With like..*cough* soft smut * cough * thanks in advance!

A/N: H-hey anon…pretty sure this request is a thousand years old but uh…here it is! My first todomomo! When I think of todomomo I think of every shoujo manga trope under the sun. So here’s some shameless todomomo trash that was unreasonably hard to write (if you can successfully put fluff and any kind of smut together in one piece, then you’re a wizard, Harry) and isn’t that great but after many drafts, I had to eventually give up T_T. Anyway, hope you find this anon and sorry for the unreasonably long delay. Hope you enjoy! fyi they’re both pro-heroes/adults.

She is like a field of flowers after the summer rain. Like lavender lilies and white oleander and sun-colored chrysanthemums. Her scent reminds him of words unsaid, of a confession weighing inside of him with the weight of the years, and of a love so beautiful that it terrified him. (~1800 words)

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Really random question: what is ex-Cadmus!Alex's wardrobe like? Does she dress like E38 Alex or differently?

her wardrobe’s pretty mishmash because she tends to steal clothes from people. so like she’s got a jacket that absolutely swamps her because it used to be kara’s, and an old holey university sweater of lena’s, and like six of james’ beanies, and a pair of fingerless gloves that once belonged to winn (though they weren’t fingerless when he owned them), and a dress she took from cat’s office because she didn’t have anything to wear to kara’s birthday party (and that just happened to be exactly in alex’s size), and a scarf that m’gann picked up in paris in the 20s (and that’s probably worth a fortune tbh), and a couple dozen ncpd caps from maggie (maggie keeps replacing them and alex keeps stealing them), and a fake fbi windbreaker from j’onn

j’onn: you can only take this if you promise not to use it to impersonate a federal agent

alex: don’t worry, i’m never doing that again

j’onn: thank yo-

j’onn: again???

and a leather jacket from lucy

lucy: give it back. it was expensive and it doesn’t even fit you

alex: but it reminds me of you

lucy, choked up: you asshole

and honestly can you even call yourself a deo agent if alex hasn’t stolen a pair of your sunglasses?

the rest of it tends to swing between jet black and practical or wildly clashing and ridiculously impractical depending on her mood. or cheap supergirl merch if she wants to embarrass kara, or cheap l-corp merch if she wants to embarrass lena, or cheap catco merch if she wants to flatter cat. she has one badly made guardian t-shirt and winn cries every time he sees her in it because she won’t tell him where she got it.

all of her lab coats are in different colours, because she spent enough time surrounded by white ones thank you very much. she stole a box of lab coats from her old cadmus lab and whenever she’s having a bad day she destroys one in a different way (though she’s not allowed to set them on fire and roast marshmallows over them because her and winn did that once and they hallucinated for a good few hours after)

Got my hair cut short today 😁 Cue everyone thinking I’m like 16 again 😒 (If y’all didn’t/don’t know my age, how old would you think I look?)

All in all though, I’m pretty happy with how it came out! The blue surprisingly doesn’t look too bad, so I might just leave it, instead of dying it brown like I’d planned.

(Pls ignore my horrible selfie skills)

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Most likely to date a 98 liner? :)


  • Woojin
  • Jihoon 
  • Minhyun 
  • Seongwoo 
  • Jinyoung
  • Guan Lin
  • Daehwi
  • Jaehwan
  • Daniel
  • Sungwoon
  • Jisung


Woojin, Jihoon would be open to dating you and probably feel very comfortable around you since you two are close in age. Even though you are a noona to them, I don’t think they would be shy after you get to know each other and they will treat you as if you are the same age. 

Minhyun, Seongwoo like younger girls usually and since the age gap is only 3 years old, I believe they would date you. They will care very much for you and be more protective than they usually are, simply cause you are younger. 

Jinyoung, Guan Lin, Daehwi are all pretty young and inexperienced so, in my own opinion I feel like they won’t really go for a long-term and serious relationship with you. Sometimes the age gap would be noticeable, but most of the time they will try not to make it obvious they are years younger. Although, you would have “something” going on; like mutual feelings with no one confessing because you are both too shy. 

Jaehwan, Daniel  prefer older women, so I have to say that unfortunately they will pass. They would much rather stay as close friends and act like an older brother for you, rather than being your boyfriend. 

Sungwoon, Jisung are the older ones who even though like younger girls, they would be cautious when dating someone who is more than 1 or 2 years younger. I kind of feel that once you would be an adult legally, they might give it a try, but they would feel a little weird thinking that they are much older than you. However, if your personalities would match, it can definitely grow into something bigger.

I’ve already watched the new Ducktales 2 times, but I had to download the subtitles, so I can watch it and understand Donald. At this point I think I understood about 70% of his lines? I think it’s pretty good compared to a 4-20 years old me, that always assumed Donald doesn’t even say anything at all, he just quacks haha

Voltron Theory

I don’t think Lance is naturally good with aim. And I don’t think it’s an old skill he learned on earth. In the s2e4 when they have the spore fight, Lance completely misses Keith. Like it’s sad how off he was. Maybe that could have been just a silly little thing the writers decided to do to get them to all start fighting but I’m not gonna think that for the sake of me being right. So in the beginning he was a pretty bad aim. Now he is the team sharpshooter. So maybe Lance has been like secretly training or something when no one else is around. Trains so he can have an actual roll on the team. So he doesn’t feel like the seventh wheel. I know there are a lot of wholes in this but it’s 12am and I have school tomorrow but don’t want to sleep…so…yeah…

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have you heard the take on medusa that athena turned her into a gorgon to protect herself? that athena's hands were tied and she knew it would look bad on her to not punish medusa for "defiling" her temple, but she also didn't want it to happen to medusa again. idk i think it's an interesting take that fits well into a modern interpretation of greek myth

YES! I actually really like that interpretation. Because the old interpretation of punishing the victim is gross. But let’s face it, most Greek mythology themes are pretty gross.

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I completely agree w your opinion of hate accounts, especially for art. When I was younger, and less experienced as an artist, some of my classmates made fun of it and told me it looked like shit and that crushed me. I can't imagine what it would be like for a 12-13 year old artist today to see their art on some "cringe" account with hundreds of people talking about how shitty they think it is. Imo you have to be a special level of asshole to find that funny. (Sorry this is really ranty ahhh)

I 100% agree. I commented on the post where the person was asking people to follow their ‘Lindsey fanart flop account’ expressing how I felt about it and I’m pretty sure they ended up deleting the post. They have the most obnoxious and rude captions on their photos and all I can imagine when I see the account is some young artist who spent hours working on something that makes them want to continue creating only to find out someone is posting about how ‘shitty’ it is and to see all these people laughing in the comments… It’s horrible, I’ll never understand why people want to run accounts like that

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Why do you think you love Marvel? I know it may sound stupid but is a particular reason?

It’s not stupid at all! Though this is the first time someone has ever asked me this question so here’s a little story for you…

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always been interested in fantasy and fantasy worlds. Now, I wasn’t a very popular kid and I had about two close friends, but we always really liked to invent games and play superheroes, and even as I grew up, my love for fantasy scenarios stayed pretty much the same. I think for me, superheroes were part of the one “alternate” reality that was closer to ours, in a way that, yes, my eight year old self thought that there might be an Iron man suit one day. Pair that with my love for animated series and… ta da! you had a ten year old Sof watching Avengers and Spiderman cartoons (I remember there was an series as well that i used to ADORE).

Now, Marvel started releasing all those amazing movies and I guess that just made it for me, because the characters I used to love as a kid suddenly became all the more real. Not to mention, I was older then, and seeing real people portray the superheroes i used to be obsessed with kind of brought the magic back. I guess seeing the movies all these years later brought that love for fantasy back to life, and it gave it a foundation as well. Now those characters had real faces and were infinitely more complex than a cartoon, so I spiralled back into my love for marvel. Even as I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, seeing those movies made me happy. they got me out of my head for a while and into this intricate world that I could get myself immersed in for a couple of hours, and that might just have saved my life.

(Plus, I have to admit the actors *ahem* Sebastian and Chris and pretty much the entire cast *ahem* also played a huge part in keeping the interest alive).

Anyways… there it is! a short(ish) version of why I love Marvel so much

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How do you get such nice pics of your cresties? I handle mine inside his viv and he is constantly leaping off my hand, scurrying up my arm etc. I can't imagine bringing him out of the viv let alone placing him down on a surface, I'm sure he'd be off and I'd never see him again! I know people say they calm down as they get older but he's a year old now and still thinks he's an Olympic athlete. He's so pretty but I can't get nice photos inside the viv and I want to show him off!

Zevran is a wild child and is very hard to get pics of XD I basically have to catch him in the right mood or he will bolt away from the camera. Usually night time works the best because he is already awake :) Temmie is just naturally super calm. She isn’t much of a jumper :P A lot of it is patience too, for every good photo I get, there are about twenty blurry ones XD

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If everyone are talking about video games,I'm pretty sure you heard about (very old) game Fran Bow. I think you might like it(????)

I watched the let’s play already. 

Btw, how is a 2 years old game suddenly considered “very old”?? :”DDD


Tiny room in a 20x20cm wooden box.

I filled it with vintage things I’ve collected, put in wallpaper and a carpet and made the bedding and the tiny bear.

All of them are bi


The Baudelaire’s refusal to be grateful for their unfortunate events seemed like such a good message for kids - so I made a thing.