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Laucy Thoughts - start to finish

Knowing Lauren and Lucy has dated and now no longer does is like watching a great movie with a sad ending. It’s like being satisfied knowing how great it was, how special it was, even if it didn’t end as much as you hope for - because you know it happens to people. Some couples don’t last, but that doesn’t mean what they have wasn’t real.

It was real, romantic even. But It has ended. It’s tragically beautiful.

(rant - a long ass post)

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Meet the Vargas Familly (from left to right) 

Chiara, Romano, Feliciano, Felicia, Don Julius Daisy, Katarina, Veneziano and Lovino. They are one of the more influential mafia families. 

To break it down Don Julius had two sons who each had four children. (Both wives had quintuplets, a freak phenomenon.) Few years after the children are born both of Don’s Julius’s son and his daughter in laws are tragically killed. (One in a drive by and the other execution style.) Leaving Don Julius to care for all 8 children who he loves more than life itself and will not hesitating bribing, extortion or even killing for their happiness.

While those in the black ties (2P versions) are more than happy working for the family. Those in the white ties (1P versions) don’t don’t really have the drive or the brains to run the family and live normal-ish lives.

Here’s an example of normal-ish: After being turned down for every job Lovio and Fellaico ever applied for.They are accepted as meter maids (Who's always shorted on staff because almost everyone hates the parking authority.) Though it only takes a few days for the parking authority to notice they don’t actually carry out their duty while on patrol and threaten to fire them. It’s no surprise that the head of the parking authority gets a knock on his door 2 am in the morning and has a nice chat with Don Julius himself which just happens to change parking authority boss’s opinion on Lovio and Feliaico work ethic resulting in a pay raise of all things.

The same scenario pretty much goes with white tie gals as well. Though I’m not sure what they do. I think I’m going to make Daisy a waitress.



That fight me kid I’ve seen around pretty much is Kanji and Naoto’s kid lmao. krisrix, we thought of the same thing about that pic omg!!!

That’s my headcanon kid of theirs, Naoko. She’s like a carbon copy of Naoto but acts like teenager Kanji. Guess who’s spending a lot of time with their princess lol. 

[FAN ACCOUNT] 160618 ‘All Shook Up’ - Sunggyu

Hi all! Sorry it took so long to write this! I think I was going through after-musical depression. Anyway, I was able to go to Sunggyu’s first performance of ‘All Shook Up’ and I really enjoyed it! It was like a romcom musical and because of the popular Elvis songs, it was quite enjoyable for me. To be honest, I liked this one much more than ‘In the Heights’ but I think it’s cause I relate to this one more. I’m a rock girl at heart and my favorite movie is ‘Grease’ so… Anyway, I didn’t have a great seat since I wasn’t originally planning to go to this showing, so my view wasn’t the best. It was a small theater though so any view was pretty decent. There were lots of fan interaction between the cast and the audience. There were times where some characters walked around the front and there was even a part where Elvis comes down the stairs and serenades and kisses the hand of a lucky fan in the front while teaching another character how to win the ladies over lol.

Let’s just start with the look of everything first. Once again, it’s a pretty small theater so the set was quite small as well. Actually, if you go to the Playbill Facebook page that Infinite’s official twitter tweeted, you can see a condensed version of the first half of the musical. Just that alone can give you a good sense of the set design, costuming and overall acting. I’ve also seen some clips of the original English versions online. It seems to be pretty much the exact same thing except the main character Chad’s name became Elvis in this one lol. The whole goofiness is also kept throughout as well. Anyway, we can’t talk about looks without talking about Gyu. THAT HAIR THO… AM I RIGHT AM I RIGHT. Ugh… I knew that was gonna get to me. Even though I sat in the back, I could see that Gyu was wearing a lot of makeup too lol. You can kinda see how dark they make his eyes in the fancam pics of him leaving the theater. It’s nice seeing him in those leather jackets though. Every time he came out in a new outfit the whole crowd would swoon lol.

Speaking of swooning. Because this is based off ‘The Twelfth Night’ and the main girl character is pretty much swooning over the main guy character the whole time, it seems like the audience really connected with her lol. We would all swoon anytime she touched him or got close to him. I could even feel the hurt radiating off the audience when he would reject her and stuff. I don’t know, I mean all entertainment is supposed to make the audience feel what the artist is doing… but this feeling of sadness and desperate love really hit home for fangirls I think… or maybe that was just me… Aaaanyway, there was so much skinship dude. They even changed some parts from the practice video to add more skinship. Like when Natalie would sing and time was paused, she would kinda outline his butt or cling onto his leg. There were lots of inch-away-from-the-face-talking/singing/staring as well. Oh… everyone brace yourselves. There was also kissing. Two kisses in fact. Two real kisses. I died. Everyone died. I died again. Twice.

Mooooving on, the best thing about musicals is that you can really hear their voices without lots of MR. His voice is so beautiful. I can’t. It really suited the rock theme too. There were lots of silly scenes and Gyu did really well. It’s really hilarious to see him acting out situations we’d never get to see in real life. He really played up the pompous arrogant side the character has. It was very much the bad boy that’s still innocent but you wanna be with kinda style. I really wanna see him in a serious character or like as a true bad guy in his next role. I don’t know, I wanna see what else he can bring to the table. Can I love him anymore? Probably not. But once again, I thought that before seeing him and totally proved myself wrong… again.

I’d have to say that what surprised me is the scale of this show. It was very small. Compared to ‘In the Heights’ and a couple other shows I’ve been to, the theater was small, there wasn’t a lot of merchandise, I haven’t seen any ads besides the ones at the venue or anything. In the big scheme of things, this is a really small production. It just so happens to be a big thing in my, and I’m sure your, life as well lol. Another thing that kinda made my heart hurt (and when I mean kinda I mean my heart was crying enough tears to make a new ocean) was watching Gyu move. I don’t know if it’s just me overreacting and exaggerating but it still looked like he was… not in pain necessarily but maybe had a slight discomfort with his ankle. I’m not sure if it was just my fangirl love for him and his health but he was moving… not normally?? He just didn’t move in the same way that I feel like I’m used to seeing. Maybe it was part of the choreography or maybe that day he tweaked it so it was bad, or maybe I’m making it up in my head, but I hope he really rests on his days off. That boy deserves it. Musical. MC. Normal Infinite activities. This boy has his hands in all the pots right now.

Anyway, I feel like there isn’t too much to say really. The story is great, music is great, sticks to the original pretty well, his voice is ugh, his face is ugh, he’s ugh ugh. I’m sorry, I feel like this isn’t the best fan account I’ve written… If I think of any other details, I’ll definitely let you all know. Or if anyone has any questions please feel free to leave us an ask! Between the facebook vid and the practice vid, they actually give fans a huge peek into the musical! I definitely recommend watching both if you haven’t already!!!

Okay this one is going to be a loong one lol.

First of : thanks, I stumble upon your blog a couple days ago and now I check pretty much everyday. I’m French and I’m from Caribbean, and odly to know that kpop start might get interested in us makes me a lil confident.

Now onto the real things lol. This story is not mine, that’s why it’s going to be pretty long. I remembered seing a article where you said that you didn’t have much to say about UKiss, well here is something : in 2012 (yeah I know it was not recent but it is still good material) there has been this huge Muzic Bank in France that gathered groups like T-ara, B2st, 2pm and more. A (kinda) famous black girl named Felicia had won a contest to participate as a dancer to the concert during the T-ara part (as well as others girls) and she posted a summary about what she saw and what she experienced. It’s all in French so I don’t know if you want me to link it or not :/

What she said was basically they (she and the other girls) got a lot of stares from the male idols (some of the girls were black) and Kevin was litterally staring at one of her friends (who’s black lol). At lunch, they got to eat with the idols, and Kevin sat next to her friend and started to talk to her. Nothing much was said after that but I remembered that same day Kevin tweeted something like “I think I fell in love ^^” and everybody thought he talked about the fact that he loves Paris, but I’m pretty sure he was mentionning the girl he talked to :) There are a couple of pic in Felicia’s facebook (not with the Ukiss members though:/) but there is one really cute where 2pm are posing with the dancers ^^


I thought it would be cool to share that :)

Thanks again, your blog gives life !

KPMBW: Thank you! <3


It has been quite a week. I was able to be myself for at least part of the day everyday for seven days straight. (Explained elsewhere.. but my kids are still getting used to my transition so I attempt an androgynous ‘boy mode’ when I am with them). There are so many pics I am splitting up this update post about everything that happened this week.

First, last Sunday, I was “sporting“ my new White Sox top from Old Navy (got it for 40% off!).

On Monday, I had an evaluation appointment with a gender therapist, so I took the afternoon off and did some shopping afterwards. She is great by the way, and will help me with letters or anything I need when I am ready for surgery.

Monday evening I went to the salon which I already posted about earlier this week. I included one more photo with my hair straightened above.

On Tuesday (pic with Gray top), I picked up my daughter and drove her to her choir practice wearing what you see there but with my purple coat. She has been more close to being ready to see the real me. I mean, she practically does anyway. The only thing missing when I see her is my makeup and my different glasses to be honest (I usually where jeans and a simple sweatshirt when I see them). It was night time so she did not get the best look at me, but I was just wearing very light makeup as you can see from the photo. She was perfectly comfortable as we talked and laughed on the drive. Baby steps!! :-) 

As if that wasn’t already enough for a wonderful night.. while my daughter was in her practice session, I drove over to a local Victoria’s Secret and got officially fitted for some bras. The verdict.. I am a 38B! I bought a couple of bras and could not be happier with the service and the shopping experience there. I did take a photo or two in the fitting room, but I think I will refrain from posting those. *blush*

On Wednesday night, it was the night for my Dungeons and Dragons gaming group (see earlier post). This time I went in my Star Wars Movie Poster top (Rock and Republic) and I was wearing a cool black with silver glitter nail polish (the galaxy of course!). Sorry about the yellowish photo, the lighting in the bathroom at the event location is awful. Our group took on and defeated a dragon that was two levels above us (apparently). I am still a novice so I was basically pew pew-ing it with arrows and positioning myself carefully to take as little damage as possible. Our Bard really saved the day by buffing the heck out of us. It was a blast. As we were walking out I even made some tentative plans with some of my new friends in the group to get together for a table-top gaming night. We still need to ask some of the others and figure out the best night for it.

On Thursday, I was washing my jeans from the night before and I washed AND DRIED my favorite MAC lipstick! :-( I had fixed my lipstick right before that photo and slipped it into my jeans pocket (intending to put it back in my purse, but forgot!).

On Friday, I went to see Zootopia in IMAX 3D with an LGBTQ+ group. (The two photos after the lipstick pic). I met some very cool people. We walked to a restaurant after the show in a blustery snow storm. My hair got a little crazy but it looked pretty darn good when I got home and took those pics. After getting home I even messaged back and forth with one of the girls that was there. She is awesome and has the same Star Wars PJs I have, lol! She was reading my blog. (if you are reading this, Hey! ;)  I also had an unexpected message from one of the other girls that attended whom I did not have much opportunity to talk to. She just wanted to say Hi and paid me a super nice compliment. It was a great night and I highly encourage anyone that is transitioning to visit and try to find a similar group in their area. I should have done that a long time ago!! By the way Zootopia is outstanding and filled with great messages. I took my kids to see it the very next night!

On Saturday morning (last pic), I put on some light makeup and my pink lipstick (since my favorite one had died) and went to MAC to replace my beloved Captive lipstick. I also got a lip liner that will work with the pink color I am wearing in the pic. Saturday evening I took my kids to see Zootopia (in boy mode).

I had a fun outing today too, but will post about it later. I hope you all have a great week and I wish you all the best. I can’t tell you how great it is to be making some new friends out here that accept me for who I am. If you don’t have that where you are, it really is up to you to change that when you a ready (I know it took me time to feel ready for all of this). I believe you can do it!


anonymous asked:

You're like Lupita the only attractive thing people can say about you both is that they like your skin tone that's it lol. You pretty much look like a standard Black with the same facial expression in every photo.

You are bothered by the way I look … The way I look is SO Trivial to me.

But this is why you are so bothered …
You take time to pay attention to me. So now your mad because your obsessed bc your spent all your time assessing my pics so you could message me at 6:26 am early Sunday morning bc you couldn’t sleep because you were thinking about me 😂 that’s why you’re so bothered.

At 6:26 when you were wide awake thinking about me, I was deep in sleep probably dreaming about… ME
… and that’s why you’re so bothered.

Me and my standard blackness and same expression in every photo is enough to have you in my mail box early hours Sunday how standard is my blackness ?

The time u spent this morning trying to devalue me you actually devalued yourself.I distract you from yourself even at early hours of the morning …AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE SO BOTHERED.


[RadioSubs] DearGirl Stories #7

Advisory note: Please do not eat/drink and watch this at the same time

another episode done. No, I’m not on a row here. It’s just that I’m currently on winter break, and I left my gaming computer and ps3 behind so I have more time for this. These were pretty much done during the previous 2 weeks where I had no access to Youtube lol

Anyway, I found this episode pretty entertaining, that’s why the advisory note haha. Of course, not everyone finds the same things funny but hopefully you enjoy this all the same.

Pics found from Google Image are from their 2005 anime

Lord Cat from Pani Poni Dash! by Kamiya Hiroshi

Kunisaki Yukito from Air (anime) by Ono Daisuke

Since I’m still doing episodes from 2007, if you have interesting pics you wanna share, whether real-person or anime characters, please send me a note~ Otherwise, I’d just be searching around Google Image lol. (I will be skipping episodes after #11 or so)


Lol Idk if someone already mentioned it, but I saw this and I think the room in the pic with Luke and Arzaylea looks pretty much the same as the one where Eleanor Calder was (there were Snaps were you could see more of the room). Buuuut as you can see in her discription the @ goes to a hotel so Luke and Arzaylea were simply in a hotel room and they were alone there. It should look like a “Party” but isn’t one it was just the two of them. Then someone took the picture of these two and it seems like everything is acted out for publicity. Now the shading picture of Luke and mitchy look like he is imitating and making fun of the one with Arz. I still think she is a PR stunt. Thanks for your attention.