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a couple fights & lonely nights

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a/n: my rebelcaptain secret valentine fic for @ardentaislinn! her prompt was: jyn and cassian stranded on a mission together. this definitely got away from me, but i’m pretty happy with how it turned out. i spent the better part of a month working on this, so i hope you all enjoy! (oh, and the title is from “no matter where you are” by us the duo, which i listened to on loop while writing this)

The twin suns of Tatooine beat down on Cassian’s back, making the trek to Mos Espa that much more grueling. Jyn follows behind a few paces, no doubt searching the sand dunes for hostiles. He’s got his own blaster tucked beneath the dark poncho he’d been outfitted with back on base. It’s a formality, really. They aren’t expecting much trouble right now.

Then again, the rebels never expect trouble.

“How much farther?” Jyn asks, voice lost a little in the wind coming off the rocky cliffs to the north.

In fairness, it’s been a long day already. Their ship landed in Mos Eisley too many hours ago to count, Kaytoo explaining the discrepancy between mission location and landing site with a clipped, “Well, you don’t want your target to see you coming, do you?” They’re supposed to rendezvous in two days and make the return to Hoth.

“Not long,” Cassian answers. He stops to riffle through the bag slung over his back to look for binoculars, but Jyn’s already handing them to him. “Thank you,” he says, hefting the bag back between his shoulders.

“Anytime, Captain.”

There’s a bite to her words that stings like sand in his eye. Jyn didn’t want to go on this mission. She made that abundantly clear when he briefed her. “I don’t know what use I’d be. I’m not a spy,” she had said, sitting across from him and Kaytoo. It took an order from Draven to finally get Jyn to say yes to coming to Tatooine.

Cassian can’t say he’s that surprised, honestly. He’s been avoiding her since Scarif.

That was three months ago.

So, when he approached her about a simple reconnaissance mission involving the Hutt mob and their ties to the empire, Cassian knew it would take convincing. He wanted her to come, wants her to be here, really, because she’s…because, no matter what, he trusts her. It doesn’t hurt that she’s scrappy as a Jawa, to boot.

For better or worse, she eventually gave in.

“I’d say we’re maybe an hour’s walk away.” He can just make out the ridge that should come before the city, if Kay’s map is correct.

“Let’s get this show on the road.”

Her words hurt the spot right between his ribs, but, clenching his jaw, Cassian continues along in the warm sand.

finish on ao3 (it’s like…7k)

(special thanks to @cassianperalta, @cptcassianandorable, and @reylukeanakins for reading, editing, and generally being there for me while i wrote this monster!!)

After realizing that I’m not really in the Steam Powered Giraffe fandom anymore, I went through my tag to delete any posts that I honestly didn’t find interesting/funny/attractive anymore, and boy howdy…

I had 53 pages of SPG posts,

and now I have 15 pages.

The majority of it was me reblogging photos upon photos of Bunny/Rabbit and saying in the tags how much of a role model/inspiration she was to me and screaming about how attractive/hot she was.

She’s still pretty attractive, not saying I think she’s physically ugly now, but, after learning some awful/immature bts stuff about her and David, I’m definitely turned off by the twins as people right now. Bunny is now ugly due to her hidden selfish personality. So, I still listen to their music, they’re still one of my favorite bands, but, when it comes to the actual fandom I’ve completely fallen out of it. I don’t even follow any SPG fans anymore… So whatever the fandom is up too is a *loud shrug* for me. The only time I’ll pop into the fandom again is whenever the new album comes out, so, until then, peace ✌️