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All members raji 3/24 (two mails)

Ruki (reading mail): “Ruki-san, Uruha-san, Aoi-san, Reita-san, Kai-san, good evening. I listen to the radio every week. This isn’t related to the theme –” They’re never related to the theme!!

Reita: Ye pretty much

(Kai giggling or some shit)

Ruki: “I just broke up with my boyfriend.”

Aoi: Hm.

Uruha: Awwww!

Ruki: “I know it’s probably not good to compare him with other people I’ve dated, but he really made me happier than I’ve ever felt before. I just can’t accept it, so I’m going to become a better woman and get him back. That’s all.”

Reita: Oh, so she was dumped?

Kai: Wait, that’s all? (giggling)

Ruki: It says “that’s all.”

Reita: Huh?

Kai: That’s all?

Ruki: Huh? – Oh, uh, “I have a question for you,”

Reita: (giggling) Okay…

Kai: Mhhuhu

Ruki: “What is your idea of a ‘good woman?’ I’m curious because I feel like men and women would have different answers……uhhh…..I’m really looking forward to Gudon no Sakura.”


Kai: Okay.

Ruki: You know even thought I read it I didn’t get any of that


Reita: That’s cause you’re bad at reading!

Ruki: What was it…

Uruha: What’s a good woman?

Kai: What’s a good woman?

(everyone is talking and then Aoi says something that makes everyone laugh but I didn’t get it :c)

Ruki (whining): But we’ve talked about girls so many times alreadyyyyy…

Uruha: We get asked every week!

Reita: It’s fiiiine!!

(everyone starts talking and laughing again)

Reita: We have to speak one by one!

Aoi: Do we have to start raising our hands?

Reita and Kai: No no it’s fine its fine (laughing)

Reita: We’ll do it with our faces

Kai: Yeah, ur face like “K IM GOING NOW”

Reita: Yep! Okay, so please answer one by one!

Uruha: But isn’t a good woman, you know, someone who doesn’t ask this kinda stuff?

Reita: Well said.

(Kai doing the Kai Laugh)

Reita: K NEXT

Kai: “What makes a good woman…”

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: But who’s going next!?

(everyone laughing)


Uruha: (laughing) “I’m going”

Aoi: I think you’re wonderful just the way you are~

Reita: I see.

Aoi: Thank yoooooou~

Reita: That’s not the kind of answer she wants fam

(everyone laughing)

Reita: Hai, Reita desu~ Well, like Uruha-kun said, I don’t think that’s something you should ask so blatantly. Just leave the guy alone.

Kai: Like, that’s a sign of a good woman?

Reita: Make him swim. Make him swim until he’s about to drown. Then once he’s about to drown, go help him.

Kai: AhhHHH

Uruha: AhhHHH

Reita: That’s it.

Kai: Ahhhh I see

Reita: Yes.

Kai: So, what about Ruki-kun?



Ruki: ……….. –Yep! Uhh, “Good evening, everyone~”

(everyone laughing)

Aoi: Good evening~

Ruki: “This happened to me recently at work” (HE SKIPPED THE QUESTION LMFAOOO) “But I’m not sure if you would call this a Dark Side Story, so please evaluate it!”

Everyone: Okay.

Ruki: It’s Dark Side Mail, I see. “At work, my superior was saying stuff like ‘I lost weight recently! Even though I was already thin…’ I smiled and said, ‘yeah, you were always thin!’ and then she smiled too and was laughing, so I thought she was happy. But then later that day my coworker was like, ‘hey, did you do something to [the superior]?’ and I’m like, ‘uh, no??’ and then my coworker showed me texts between the two of them, and the superior was saying stuff like ‘[the gazefan] said something rude to me today’, ‘i think she’s trying to start a fight with me,’ ‘she was laughing at me isn’t that awful?’ I was like, what!? Since that day I’ve decided not to make any more casual comments to my superior anymore.”


Ruki: “I’m sorry this was so long.”

(everyone bursts out laughing)

Kai: That’s it!?

Reita: That’s your fault! You’re so bad at reading!! [Ruck probably left a bunch of shit out lol]

Uruha: Wow, what a shitty person

Ruki and Aoi: Hmmmmm, yeh

Kai: Wait, who? The superior?

Ruki and Uruha: Yeah the superior


Kai: …Wait why? What?

Uruha: What do you mean what?

Ruki: Hm. 

Reita: Well she was thin, and you know some people have a complex about being thin, right?

Uruha: What!? Oh really….

Reita: Yeah I’m pretty sure.

Kai: Oh so that’s it?

Uruha: So what, she wanted to be told she was a little chubby?

Reita: Or that she just didn’t think she was that thin so when someone told her she was thin it actually felt like they were teasing her – yeah idk shit about women.

(Kai laughing)

Uruha: Women……

Kai: Maybe she was thinking that the other girl [the fan who wrote in] was thinner?

Reita: Oh I get it! So being told she was thin by someone even thinner than her…

Kai: Right, right, like it felt like maybe she was being made fun of

Uruha: Ahhh….

Ruki: I see…

Aoi: Then you can’t really talk to her can you?

Kai (laughing): Yeah, for sure!

Reita: Yeah, you can’t~

Aoi: I feel like that too. With the Gazemen

Reita and Kai: Hehe, what? h-huh? ur jokin…

Aoi: I just

Uruha: But you know

Aoi: I just love u guys……

Uruha: But do you really have to tell them [that you’re mad]?

Kai: No but she didn’t, she heard it from another friend. Like, this girl said this about you.

Ruki: Ahhh…

Kai: Yeah I don’t think she told her herself.

Aoi: Hmmmm….

(Everyone goes ah yes hmmmmm for like 5 seconds or so)

Ruki: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……………….

Reita: u ok?

(everyone gigglin)

Ruki: I’m just wondering what they want from us sending this mail. Like they’re not even like, what do you think – well whatever, her superior did that.

Kai: Do you want to read Abe-chan now? (laughs)

Ruki: Huhu, how many times have we read Abe-chan now?

Reita: We’ve read a lot.

Ruki: That much, huh! Then we don’t have to read Abe-chan, do we? It’s always the same thing.

(Everyone laughing)

(Ruki reads Abe-chan anyway tbc)

You’ll never guess where I went today.

I bought three pains au chocolat from Sabine Cheng. She’s let her hair grow out since the hiatus started.

Thanks, Alexiel from the wiki, for telling me about where it is! (At least, I think that was Alexiel, I can’t quite remember.)

Also, yes, I’m currently in Paris, and I’ll be here through the end of May! I’m planning to visit sites from pretty much every episode, and I’ll make sure to post photos!

dancing-thru-clouds  asked:

What was Juju like when you first got her? Was she always a sorta friendly alien or was she shy? Also how big was she? She's such a pretty girl

From the start, she was always curious. She wasn’t super keen on being touched at first, but she was never bitey and she realized pretty much immediately that I was where the food came from. She was always watching me- I think to assess if I was a threat or just this… weird thing in her home. And yes, it was clearly her home. That summer was a summer of storms- there were some weeks that it thundered every single night. She’s terrified of thunderstorms. I have no idea why, but when it started storming was when she started spending more time with me. I’d play video games on the couch at night and I’d have a blanket over my lap- and this was when I was letting her free roam all the time- so she’d hop up and hide under the blanket. Over the season, she started doing that when it wasn’t thundering- and eventually she really warmed right up to me. She’s always had a good temper- I really got lucky with her.

As for size, she was about nine and a half pounds- she’s grown to eleven now- and a bit over three feet long. She hasn’t got much longer, but she’s filled out and gotten pretty muscley. 

anonymous asked:

is there any angst writers u can reccomend? ive pretty much red all of ur fics and i need quality cry material

I do too man, I do too.

Lesseeeeeeeeeee, we gots the wonderful @seokjinaf who I know prolly has a tear jerker here or there 

I know @dailydoseofdia ‘s got lotsa good stuff and @inktae and @jin-oppa and @g-d0818 MY BABE and and and….

IDK man my followers have been assisting me with finding good shit in the past so like if any of y’all wanna gimmee more good stuff to send this lovely anons way I’d appreciate that!! 


I LOVES YOU!! <3 <3 <3

golly-god  asked:

Can- can we please talk about the depressing lack of normal life!au's for weecest/wincest there are? Like, John and Mary are still alive, no hunting and living in a constant house, dean's the perfect boy and sammy is the cute nerd that everyone just absolutely adores. Both men can have pretty much anyone they want, and yet they're dating each other. I mean, it's beautiful. And just the sneaking around and everything... UH i seriously need to finish my one au so i can write this shit. Talk ab it.

Honestly, the lack of these type of stories makes me sad. Yes, I do enjoy having the angsty wincest/weecest fics set in the Supernatural timeline, but normal life aus are the best.

I can just imagine Sam getting the best score of his class on a test, and coming home really happy. He’s just so excited, but he waits until dinner to announce it.When dinner comes, he pulls out the test from under himself where he hid it, making sure that the 100% is visible for everyone to see. John is beaming with pride because his boy is a genius, Mary, too, is proud of her son.

Dean is right next to Sam, his hand reaching out for his little brother’s, and when he finds it, he gives it a slight squeeze. He has nothing but love and pride in his eyes as he stares at Sam, the younger brother he loved so much. And when dinner is over, and they go up to the rooms they share (sam sleeps better with Dean around), Dean kisses Sam.

Agh, I could literally go on and on about this. I really need to write a one-shot on a modern AU because there just needs to be some happy weecest/wincest.


So many ideas for normal life AUs, and they need to be written.

wincest/weecest will be the end of me tbh

wip2: I like my trees but the parks canada sign makes me want to laugh and I’m not sure why, will have to see if I can fix it in the morning.

also yes you guys well see this pretty much step by step. wait until I get to the “fighters”.It’ll probably made you question what I’m doing in an art school lol or completely understand I can’t read minds.  

ladynorbert  asked:

You're the one who drew those adorable Rutherford family scenes! I saw them but couldn't remember the name of the artist. You are very talented and I love your work. :)

Yes, it looks like it’s me ^^
Thank you so much for the kind message, and I’m super sorry if I made you wait this much, life’s just being pretty happily busy :3

I’m also incredibly happy to know some of my artwork’s “fame” comes before me, it’s extremely satisfying <3
Thank you so much again, I wish you a lovely day!

judgement of all goat emojis on emojipedia you’ve seen this before you understand the mechanics

pretty accurate rendering of what a goat typically looks like. i enjoy the detail put into the shading you can tell whoever did this knows where the scapula on a goat goes. a fine emoji


i appreciate the graphic look to this goat. you look at this and you say, ‘yes, that is absolutely a goat’

i like the more cartoony look to this goat, however the terf bangs make me question the opinions this goat has so i’m just gunna move along

not.. my favorite. someone really went to town on the blur tool i’ll tell ya that much this is a goat thats been blended more than a protein smoothie

this one i have mixed feelings about. its lazy and just barely a goat but at least its simple and not like blendy mcblenderson up there 

very good!!!! a very good and solid goat!!! i love that its eye makes it look like its doing that one face, what are you hiding sweet friend!!!! i love you 

this is so……. lazy… guess we got a jerk out there who thinks learning how to design a goat is a waste of time. well screw you buddy i still love this goat regardless of your crap job 

only slightly better than twitter goat in that its actually cute and friendly and doesn’t look like a ditto pretending to be a goat pokemon. i’m so bitter what the hell twitter learn how to design a goat for petes sake 

i like that they’re smiling!!! they’re happy and thats all that matters to me

this is…. a goat.. thats for sure. its not the best but at least you can tell someone put work into it. thank you 

Translation: Dette er Even (This is Even) 01.12

Jonas: I’m pretty starving

Mahdi: Me too

Magnus: I’m really tired.

Jonas: Are you coming or not?

Isak: I’m not coming.

Jonas: Oh, come on!

Mahdi: It’s the best pizza ever!

Magnus: Just ask somebody in class if they can take notes for you?

Isak: It’s not so fucking simple. You guys don’t have to skip, but I’ll have to skip if I’m-

The guys: One hour??

Isak: Yes, one hour!

Magnus: You can just practice at home for that fucking test..!

Isak: No, I can’t..!

Jonas: You can, though.

Isak: No, research shows you learn much more by attending (a lecture).

(The guys laugh, and Even approaches)

Even: Hey boys.

Isak: Guys, this is Even. Even, this is the guys..

(Even shake hands with the guys)

Even: So, what’s up?

Mahdi: We’re ready to get some food, but he has one more class, so-

Even (mouthing): Too bad..

Mahdi: ..we’re trying to get him to join us, but he’s not so interested.

Magnus: OH! Oh, YOU’RE EVEN! Sorry, man, I’m Magnus! Nice to meet you!

Even: A pleasure.

Magnus: I completely forgot..! This is the guy who threw us out, right?

Jonas: Nah..

Magnus: No, it was him (Isak) who threw us out, because of him (Even) ! Yeah, you threw us out, because of this handsome lad.

Isak: I didn’t throw you out! They were going to a party.

Jonas: Yeah, with you.

Magnus: It was very sudden, like..”Guys, GET OUT! Even’s here!”

Isak: You were going to a party!

Magnus: Uhh yeah, with you. But then it didn’t happen ‘cause you wanted to hang out with him.

Even: Yeah, but I think it was for the best that you weren’t there.

(They laugh)

Mahdi: Totally agreed, we need to get laid, guys..

Magnus: Okay, done! We’re getting pizza.

Even: Enjoy, guys. Nice meeting you.

(they shake hands again)

Magnus: BYE! (goes in for a hug)

Even: Oh..! Bye..!

Magnus: Guuuys!

(Isak’s phone rings, no caller ID)

Isak: Hello, it’s Isak.

Sonja: Hello, it’s Sonja.

Isak (whispering): It’s Sonja?

(Even takes the phone)

Even: Don’t fucking call Isak.

Isak: What..why d’you do that?

Even: Don’t talk to her.

Isak: Why? What does she want?

Even: She wants to control you.

Isak: Control me? How can she control me?

Even: Because she doesn’t like people who lives freely and are genuine.

(Even kisses Isak, Isak pulls back)

Even: You’re so FUCKING HOT, Isak!

(Even leaves)


Flat Colored Commission of Saizo in modern clothing from Samurai Love Ballad Party and the cutie prince, Yoosung from Mystic Messenger for @suzunesays

Thank you so much for commissioning me! <3

For those interested in a commission, here’s a link to it here.


I think after a year of inactivity it’s more or less time to say goodnight to this blog.

I owe so much to this project, not only did it help me develop my art and narrative illustration skills, it’s also given me some of the best and longest lasting friendships I’ve ever had. I still love The Dolorosa and The Signless and their story, and I think I always will, but it’s time to move on to new things. Still I will always remember this very fondly. 

I want to say thank you so much to all of you who sent in questions and who supported me this whole time. I’m not deleting the blog, everything will stay up, and I may even post a doodle from time to time, but yes it’s pretty much over and i am so grateful to everyone who stuck around. 

So to mark the occasion, here are a selection of sketches/illustrations that I never got around to actually posting here.

Thank you. 

@caretaker-au Chara

So I did another Drawing of Caretaker Chara except this time it was actually supposed to look like a drawing that the actual creators made :P
I didn’t have the right colours so I only coloured in the eyes and cheeks but I’m still pretty happy with it!
Yes there are a lot of flaws but for someone who could barely even draw eyes about four months ago this is pretty good!


I saw this post by @kindafooey in the #billford tag, and simply HAD to make something for this.

The idea of giant Bill poking Fordsy like this was too perfect. The finger is pretty much traced from “Puella Magi Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: The Rebellion Story”, but all the Ford animation was by me.
Yes, it took a long time, haha.

I hope you like it, kindafooey! It was a blast to make!

Percival Graves won’t be back. 

I think, deep down, we all know that. We joke about it, we tweet Rowling, we stalk the Internet for articles and cry about how pretty he is, but I think -as much as it pains me to write this- that we won’t see his character again in the movies. The possibility is very slim. No news from Rowling, no words from Colin Farrell. 

Yes, it is a terrible waste. Yes, they should have handled his character better. Yes, I will also never get over it. 

But despite that. 

Despite that. 

Percival Graves, in a very short amount of time, has acquired a big fan base. We don’t know the real character. Perhaps we never will. But we invent. 

We create. 

We make fanarts and quotes and silly headcanons about his swearing all the time. We ship him with everything that breathes. We speculate about what his recovery would be like, we invent his family, we invent his habits, his history with other characters. We invent a future in which he takes revenge. We invent a future in which he finds friends and family. 

In a way, we get to raise him and make him become exactly what we want him to be. And maybe that’s for the best. 

They don’t care ? 

We will. And we will care better than they could have ever done in canon.  

OTP Prompt ft. my flatmates that have been together for 5 years

“Yes Dear” “Don’t Dear me” “Okay Dear”

*indignant voice* “I thought I trusted youuu”

“You’ve got a bruise on your face what is that?” *stares at* “It’s your bloody lipstick and you know it”

“That’s my spot” “You shouldn’t have moved th- aw cmon no don’t sit on me” “You’re comfy”

*puts cold hands on face* “I fucking hate you” *laugh* “Love you too” “I FUCKing ha-” *abrupt cut off*

“This is my garlic bread” “We’re in a relationship you have to share” “Noooo”

“Would you care if I died?” “Depends, have you wrote your will yet?”

“You’ve got a hole in your sock…” “…” “…” “Don’t you dare- nooo” *sock gets torn* “Why are you like this?” “Family tradition!” “I’m not family” “Not with that attitude”

“Put my rings back on for me” *does so* “Stop trying to put it on my wedding ring finger”

“I have soapy fingers” *wiggles them close to partner’s face* “Noooo”