this is pretty much canon


okay hear me out

I’ve been listening to these songs 1  2  that were cut from the musical (probably because they made it too long or because they talked about things that were later resumed in other songs) AND I’VE COLLECTED SOME THINGS

We can consider this canon, those are facts that don’t affect the plot and were made by the authors so I’m stuck with it.

1. In this song Cynthia says this: ‘ The missing pills from the medicine cabinet.
The missing kid found passed out in the park.’ so THANKS TO THAT WE NOW KNOW HOW AND WHEN HE DIED. Probably after that first day of school, because he was absent three days after someone found him, he grabbed those ‘missing pills’ and died due to pill overdose.

2. Also in that first song she says he ‘used to love jokes! when he was a little boy? ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ he had a million answers to that one!’ so, like any cheerful little kid he liked jokes that probably turned to bitter sarcasm with the years. 

3. There’s this other song in which Cynthia says ‘ Saw the counselors and the clinics
And the cures a mother tries
Cause maybe they could take away that anger in your eyes’ which means they were trying. He probably was on meds and probably was tired of psychiatrists. 

4. Both songs talk about how Cynthia and Connor fought after dinner every dinner and how Connor pulled himself away with every fight:  ‘ We went to battle every evening after dinner
I thought I knew some way that I’d get through to you,
In the bedroom down the hall
We fought a war where no one walked away a winner
Cause every day you pulled a little more away,
Remember?’ and ‘ All that I’ve thought about is how hard he would slam that bedroom door,
Every night after dinner.
Wild-eyed and weary, from all those nights of fighting a war
Where no one was the winner.’

5. Okay this is not about Connor but we now know Connor and Evan had one thing in common. Heidi about Evan: ‘In the bedroom down the hall
I surprised you with that comic book collection
Next Halloween,
I dressed you up like Wolverine,
Remember?’  and Cynthia about Connor  ‘The years of trick or treating, my spiderman, he stood at 4 foot 2, such a happy child.’

THEY BOTH LIKE COMICS!!! so they could have been friends they actually had things in common and thanks to these songs now we know Connor was a human and not a monster. Sure, he was mean and that’s not nice nor forgivable but at least we know (thanks to a little bit of light) that he was  really trying.

I wonder what would have been of them both if they had talked things out, Evan and Connor I mean. I know mental illnesses can not be magically cured by a lover but having someone by your side (as a friend too) really helps, and they were in the same position so maybe they would have been of help for each other.

anyway that’s all


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Opinion on Parker?

the bitsy spider is like… a mildly terrifying combo of steve and tony. he has all of steve’s moral uprightness and willingness to do what he believes is right, regardless of consequences, and all of tony’s i-will-do-science-and-thereby-solve-my-problems method of dealing with life. he’s good people though, despite an unfortunate tendency to eat pizza while sitting on the ceiling and drip hot cheese into my hair. not cool, peterbird.

what makes him kinda terrifying is that he physically looks like steve did pre-superjuice, plus a few inches and a few pounds, but he’s crazy strong. the only avengers who can beat him in sheer strength are hulk and thor. and neither of them really have a calculable upper limit on their strength, so.

but being able to kick both stevie and i across the room doesnt stop him from looking like he needs to be bundled in blankets and tucked in a corner where nobody can bully him. lemmie tell you, it plays merry hell on my nerves when somebody throws a bus at him and he catches it and throws it back


“ Ah- they’re actually right! “

andriel au:

Canon is pretty much the same but:

Neil and Andrew first meet in Oakland where Neil is enrolled in the local high school going by the named Alex.

Andrew is still with the Spears at this point and he becomes fascinated with Alex. After a few weeks they slowly become friends.

Alex finds out about Andrew’s scars and why he cuts, Alex lets Andrew believe he’s in the Witness Protection Program.

Andrew finds out about Aaron and talks about what he should do with Alex.

Mary finds out that Neil has been spending a lot of time with Andrew so she tells him that they have to leave.

Alex tells Andrew he’s leaving but that Andrew should stay safe.

The day after Alex leaves Oakland Andrew winds up in juvy.

A few months pass and Andrew winds up in Columbia with Aaron and Tilda. Seattle happens for Neil and he buries Mary in California.

Neil makes his way to Columbia because that’s where a safe house and a stash of fake id’s are.

Andrew kills Tilda and Nicky gets custody of the Twins.

Neil, going by Stephen, works as a busboy at Sweeties and meets Nicky.

Neil then sees Andrew for the first time in over a year.

They talk about what’s happened to them the past year.

Andrew: “I killed Tilda”

Stephen: “I figured. That was sloppy, you could have gotten yourself killed.”

Aaron instantly hates Stephen-for pretty much the same reasons as canon.

One night Nicky asks Stephen to come out to Eden’s Twilight with them. Stephen agrees and Andrew shoves a bag of clothes at Stephen:

Andrew: “Wear these.”

Stephen: “What I’m wearing is fine.”

Andrew: “It’s disgusting and I won;t be seen out in public with someone who looks homeless.”

They get to Eden’s Twilight and when they’re leaving a bunch of guys jump Nicky and Stephen helps Andrew beat the guys half to death.

When the cops show up Andrew tells Stephen to run because by this point Andrew knows that he’s not really in Witness Protection.

Andrew takes the fall for beating all the guys but Stephen makes sure that Andrew has the best lawyer money can buy and gets Andrew off with mandatory therapy and community service instead of the medication.

A week later Stephen sees on of his fathers men in Columbia and realizes he has to run.

At this point Andrew already turned down the Ravens and Coach Wymack just offered him a place at Palmetto. Stephen tells Andrew to take it when he tells him about it. Andrew forces Stephen to take a phone so they can keep in touch when Stephen runs off again.

Andrew: “You can’t run forever.”

Stephen: “I know.”

Andrew winds up at Palmetto with Nicky and Aaron.

Stephen, now Neil Josten, winds up at Millport and decides to join the Exy team. Neil and Andrew text occasionally, with Neil just letting Andrew know that he’s alive and whatnot. They open up a lot more over text and Andrew complains to Neil when he makes his deal with Kevin.

Andrew: “I’m going to kill him.”

Neil: “Don’t kill him. I don’t feel like bailing your short ass out of jail again”

Andrew: “Fuck off.”

Neil and Kevin were also-actually-childhood friends who’ve known each other for years before Neil went on the run.

Neil won’t tell Andrew where he is, but one morning Neil gets a text from Andrew telling him not to run. Neil is confused, but Andrew won’t text him back.

Two days later Wymack shows up at Millport.

Neil runs and Andrew hits him with his racket.

Andrew: “I told you not to run, rabbit”

Neil: “Fuck off.”

Wymack: “Do you know each other?”

Andrew: “I’ve never met Neil Josten in my life”

Andrew convinces Neil to sign with the Foxes and then canon remains pretty much the same except Neil and Andrew are close straight off the bat.

But in all seriousness please go see Wonder Woman

It’s a movie about a pretty much canonically Bisexual woman, with her team of a French-Moroccan (who talks about how he can’t be an actor because of his color), Native American (who talks about how he doesn’t have a side because white people already fucked up everything for him), Scotsman with PTSD (ok look it’s not the biggest issue out there but Thick Scottish Accents are like the White Whale of english-speaking accents in things just trust me), and token White Anglo Saxon Protestant, 

Saving the world through the principle of tikkun olam 

And coming to realize that humanity isn’t evil, but rather, that evil arises because humans have free will 

this is the most Jewish Super Hero movie I’ve ever seen please go see it

I think the best pairings are the ones of two characters who were never meant to be paired or have any kind of special interaction but then the writers realized what a good pairing they would make and what potential those two characters have together and just decide to go for it, and it happens completely coincidentally and unplanned just like in real life which I think is why those pairing work the best

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heyyyyyyy canni have some headcanons about kaz (figuratively) adopting wylan please????

  • there was this persistent nagging in the back of kaz’s mind to check in, check in, check in even when he knew wylan would be fine on his own
  • and he had jesper, jesper would help him
  • but like any concerned parent friend would worry about their child friend out there in the real world, he lost sleep wondering if wylan was handling the business okay
  • he staged a casual run in with wylan. complete with feigned surprise, i didn’t think i’d see you here, but the second he saw wylan’s gray ringed eyes he dropped the act and asked, “don’t you sleep?”
  • wylan blushed and looked away, muttering something about having too little time for himself these days and how stressful it was. kaz wanted to wring his neck for neglecting his health just as much as he wanted to get him tucked in bed
  • the reddening nose and the slight cough wylan had didn’t make matters any better
  • he ended up dragging wylan back home, and wylan, embarrassed, admitted he had paperwork to take care of but he was waiting for jesper to get home to read it to him
  • the two sat on the couch and kaz read wylan his papers, surprisingly soothing. by the end, wylan’s head drooped onto kaz’s shoulder and kaz went tense. but at least he’s sleeping, he thought. he remained there until he was struck with a bright idea and carefully readjusted wylan, arranging his head on a pillow, absently pushing curls from his eyes
  • kaz pulled blankets over him and forged his signature on the paperwork so he wouldn’t have to stress about writing, and he placed it on the coffee table where he could see it 
  • before leaving he told the servants wylan needed soup and to have an extra place setting at dinner that night because he’d be back
  • kaz returned with an overnight bag and a prepared lie for wylan and jesper’s questions, “the slat is leaking again. my room needs to be patched up.” he didn’t ask to stay, he simply brushed past them both before they could get in a word and he picked one of the guest rooms for himself
  • kaz would return often, stay a few days, help wylan where it was needed, but say things like “you have no idea how easy you’re making it for me to rip you and your new merch partners off.”
  • but wylan knew why kaz really came around as often as he did. he was worried, especially after he witnessed how bad wylan was adjusting to his new life. and wylan needed help, kaz could teach him so much
  • kaz knew wylan knew his true intentions, but neither of them said anything about it. they both appreciated the company of each other
i’ll never understand why midoriya is described as “plain” or “average-looking” or “unattractive”

it’s like

are we even looking at the same person?

his eyes are so passionate

look at him!

he’s so cute like c’mon

he’s so expressive and beautiful and i’m so confused

how anyone can possible think of him as unattractive?

he’s so frigging cool

and this is only a small fraction of all the amazing moments he has

i’m just in awe at how amazing and attractive and enjoyable he is

he’s encouraging and amazingly strong both mentally and physically

how on earth can anyone call him “plain-looking” when he’s so beautiful?

It kills me that it’s pretty much canon that tsukishima is one of those people who could be actually dying inside and you would never know unless you knew information about his situation beforehand or accidentally hit a landmine. This boy not only played volleyball but he played it well enough to be a regular. He showed up for every practice and every game properly and only complained about the workload when asked to do extra. All this while he was not only playing the sport that he believed broke his brother on the same team he believed broke him, he was also suffering from what seemed to be a pretty bad inferiority complex. And he felt massive emotional turmoil over it. Did it show? Did we know about how he felt until it was explicitly revealed? Nope. And it’s not that we didn’t know something was off either, everyone and their mom could see that tsukishima’s heart wasn’t into volleyball for some reason and he let little hints slip by his mental defenses (i.e. telling asahi that his role isn’t that important in volleyball, when kuroo stepped on a landmine). Other than those tiny hints though, no one had a clue.  And for the most part it was packed away as ‘just tsukishima things’. He didn’t lash out or shirk on his responsibilities or blow up at anyone so why would anyone question it too much? The hints he did drop didn’t make it seem like anything terrible was up either. In fact, tsukishima could have very well carried his fears and insecurities for all three years of high school and no one would’ve known because he wouldn’t give them any reason to dig. I mean, no wonder akiteru and yamaguchi keep such close eyes on tsukishima. They know him. He’s not going to express pain, he’s gonna bury it and either try to work through it all by himself or wait until it all tides over.

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