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What would Nobu do in a modern AU? What would he favorite food be? How old is he supposedly in SLBP? Huehue ~ is it Wednesday there? Happy hump day *wiggles eyebrows*

First of all, I miss you HAHHA, and I haven’t done much scrolling on my dash these days–i post and run off to work (which I should also be doing now, but I’m having a midnight snack and it makes a pretty lame excuse). It’s still Tuesday, 11:37pm, so the humping can wait for later. LOL

I cant believe you indulge me so much on my Nobu obsession XD. Haha *blows you many kisses :>*

Okay let’s see: CANON STUFF FIRST

Nobu in his modern epilogue is a politician. He could also be a lawyer since he’s wearing this golden pin for distinction. 

He has a thing for… sweets. The guy has a massive sweet tooth. Cakes and candies, he loves them. Konpeito (sugar stars) is his favorite (it’s also a major element in his story haha). Don’t give him any alcohol. He’ll either fall flat asleep, or sing and dance out loud. XD


Us in the fandom see Nobu as either a business man (CEO of everything), or a Popstar Diva so he can get all the attention he wants (hahah, plus he can be such a primadonna)

His age, idk, matters of age are hardly brought up in the game, but I believe him to be around 28 onwards.

In his sequel, he said he hasn’t seen his mother in ten years. That’s after his father died. I believe him to be in his late teens when he became head of the family, so yeah. 

Kabby rant / random thoughts

Tbh, I’m 2 episodes behind now (just keeping up via Tumblr/Twitter/YT clips) and I’m done watching until Kabby gets back together. Meaning same location, sharing screen time, dialog, etc.

I mean, I like the overall story, but I’m fine with binge watching later. I’m here for Kabby, though.

The writers haven’t cared about them this season after ep 2 - and even then we were too distracted by the canon coupling to realize the writers were kind of wrapping up the Kabby storyline for the season.

And c'mon! They didn’t even show us how they transitioned to lovers. Skipping that part was pretty lame. Can you imagine if one day Bellarke was just in bed together with no scene showing how that happened? It’s super lazy writing. And a sign that Kabby just isn’t important to this show.

Because teens and young adults don’t care about grown ups, right? (Eye roll emoji)

I loved how The 100 reminded me of BSG at first. But on that show, all the characters were treated equally. They had their own back stories and relationships. And the leaders - the space parents lol (Bill & Laura) - had one of the best storylines of all. I thought The 100 would be similar but NOPE.

I get that the writers threw Kabby fans a bone with the last radio convo and the whole Kane/Clarke thing - and it’s a testament to the actors how much raw emotion was on display then.

But Kabby is a team that I want to see together. In action. Together. There was no need for this “Kabby in different locations!” plot line to stretch over the majority of this season.

And frankly, I’m kinda feeling bad for Bellarkers too, for the same reasons. Really, how long do they want to play the friend zone thing given the show’s shaky ground?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved Clexa, but I knew the actress playing Lexa had another show and would be temporary to this cast. But at least the show told a good story there. (Until the end, ugh.)

I also get the sense that the writing team has been swapped around on this show a bit. Some great Kabby eps were written by a guy who no longer works there I think? Bruce Miller? Where’d he go?

Other writers are clearly less interested in character development and more interested in things like: shocking twists! Fights! Danger!

But guys, that shit only works though when you genuinely care about the characters (cough, BSG) and aren’t constantly taunted how anyone - even your favorites/the leads - could die at any time.

Look, The 100 got another season. I’m still hoping they can turn it around. S3 was bad, S4 is just okay. But they need to look at S2 and even most of S1 (except first few) and see what was working.

It wasn’t that the characters were in danger, or fighting to survive, it was their humanity, to snag a Kabby tagline. Remember when the people volunteered to die on the arc, and then Kane’s absolute breakdown when he realized earth was survivable? Okay, compare that to Clarke’s stone cold, “well dude’s gotta die so we can live” radiation test (saw this scene via Tumblr, maybe she cried later?).

I mean, is she a robot now or a monster? At least Abby seemed to still wrestle with her morals.

I don’t know guys. I miss the good times. And Kabby. I miss them.

tl;dr wake me up if Kabby returns