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Correct me if I’m wrong, but the Dalish are never described as being homophobic, are they? And like, how would a ~h*mosexual lifestyle~ be sinful? Idk, as a lesbian, the whole thing realllyyy rubbed me the wrong way? Like good job trying to hide your own homophobia, except not lmao

Um yeah no, as far as I know there has never been anything said on the Dalish being homophobic, nor does it make sense for them to be. If anything they’d probably be more open minded, considering their IRL inspirations. This person is most likely headcanon-ing it.

Also like two of their gods are lesbians FFS

“Enya herself FROWNS on homosexuality as most Dalish tribes do.”
Um. Maybe it’s because my own culture has historically been pretty cool with sexuality and gender and such, (and it freaked the Europeans out lmao) or maybe it’s because I’m also les, but this really rubs me the wrong way too.

…It was said that they encourage reproduction, but that is like a 100% different topic?

It’s literally the only place I can even think of that this person could have come up with such an idea, despite there being no necessary connection. 

And there’s the Sexuality in Thedas codex, which says this: “Typically, one’s sexual habits are considered natural and separate from matters of procreation, and only among the nobility, where procreation involves issues of inheritance and the union of powerful families, is it considered of vital importance. … Nowhere is it forbidden, and sex of any kind is only considered worthy of judgment when taken to awful excess or performed in the public eye.”

I feel so weird loving Lex so much because I feel like the only one who likes this version who is not romantically/sexually attracted and I get nervous people assume I am lD;; eep

Fun fact: I just googled “steamy ice chemical?” Because I couldn’t remember what dry ice was called 👌🏻 go Sam

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do you think it's innappropriate for adults to participate in certain aspects of shipping culture? mainly when it comes to shipping teenagers/children and thus reading/writing/drawing smut of said underage characters? this has gotten pretty bad in another fandom and im not sure how to tell these adults that they're making me uncomfortable, or if it's even my place to feel that way idk like i know it's fictional but these are real problems in the world and it feels like they are perpetuating them

I’ve spoken to adults and people twice my age on this site and most of them have been pretty cool, except one that sorta freaked me out a bit. Do I think it’s problematic if an adult ships Otae with someone? No, because she’s not a child, is extremely mature for her age, and is wayyyy too smart for some guy to ever take advantage of her. If an adult is shipping Kagura with someone way older than her, of course I’m going to avoid that. I’ve said many times on this blog that that kind of stuff isn’t for me. 

Now, you have every right to feel a certain way, you feel how you feel and have no control over that. However, telling those people that isn’t going to do anything and they’re not going to care. I’m not saying that to be mean, it’s just how it is. Why should those people care that what they enjoy makes you uncomfortable? They’re not asking you to view the content and it’s not their job to protect you from their content. Take responsibility for yourself and keep yourself safe. Get tumblr savior, blacklist them, blacklist key tags you don’t like, and keep your dash clear that way. What someone else enjoys is none of your business. If you don’t enjoy it, that’s fine! No one is asking you to. You can’t control other people, but you have every control over yourself and can filter what you see on your dash. I know that sounds so harsh and I hate that, but that’s really the way it is in fandoms. 

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Hello! About the tag search thing: what you gave shows posts that have 'local time' and 'anon' anywhere in the post or tags, but there /is/ a way to search for posts that have both as /tags/ sepcifically: you need to go to /tagged/TAG1?from_tag=TAG2 for instance /tagged/local-time?from_tag=anon

omg nonny - you just blew my mind!!!  

that’s pretty freaking cool and you are a superstar for sharing so – thank you so much for this!  – for all of you taggers and searchers out there this is a little gem of info!


Day 24: drop your ultimate wicdiv theory

Okay, so my theory has nothing to do with the series itself, but more on the writer Kieron Gillen. Basically my theory is that he’s good friends with Rick Riordan. I mean both of them have written about modern versions of mythology and both are pretty freaking cool. Also both of them have messed with their fandoms. Now I doubt that they’re good friends, but I still like to imagine them hanging out and talking about what they’re going to write next

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Alexandrite ??

Not My Type | Alright | Cute | Adorable | Pretty | Gorgeous | LORD MERCY

She BIG!!! Granted her mouth kinda freaks me out, it breathes FIRE, which is pretty cool!!! I like to think that she looks like a beautiful fire breathing goddess of some sort! 

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OK so I just stumbled across your blog and was wondering 'what is this' can you tell me about what you're doing?

Hey, thanks for stopping by!

This is a project that aims to create a Multiplayer game where you can play SBURB with your friends!

The story of the game will be built around you and your personalities, and alchemy will be present as a mechanic. (Which is pretty freaking cool, if you ask me.)

Actually, I’ll posting something on this topic soon. Do look out for it! :)


Back in highschool, I woke up every Saturday at 7am to grab the 8am carpool that would get us to school downtown for 9am where we would spend the next 3 ½ hours learning a foreign language. My friends and I, being into manga at the time, took Japanese and then I discovered how freaking cool kanji are and I pretty much dropped my goal of reading stuff untranslated. In third year, we were to write a page each week on a given topic, and then at the end of the year we made posters based off the now-corrected homework.

This probably took 20~ hours, but everyone I knew was rather in awe of it.

I brought it to my Japanese professor in first year of university, and she was quite impressed (or at least she said she was! (ouo;)). The last time I remember seeing it, though, was taking it home on the bus and sharing its poster tube with someone else’s poster, and I couldn’t find it for … five, six years? The horrifying thought that I’d given them the tube upon parting haunted me ….


(I’ll post close ups after my walk.)

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I don't know how this email thing works but if someone happens to get an email from Kelly clarkson personally I'd die.

Its for This month they changed it and require you to sign up with an email in order to download the songs. You can still stream them but if you want to download, just put your email address and they’ll email direct links to the songs. But if she personally emailed you, that’d be pretty cool…I’d freak out haha